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sneak in legacy media bomb. blasts shingles documents work night and al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a down this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes israeli tanks on the border after as strikes on gaza prime minister arrived home early from the u.s. . criticism from across the world after don trump officially recognizes israel's claim over the occupied golan heights. it's time for
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parliament to take control a crushing blow for the u.k.'s prime minister take charge of the brakes and agenda . we need to. do to put. what we need to what will be will tell us self. cleaning are only die some survivors in mozambique think the government is forgetting about them because their opposition support. one of the most watched and most controversial fights is of recent years announces his retirement. champion economy greg claims he's quitting mixed martial arts. israel's prime minister is rushing back cutting short his visit to the u.s. after a flare up in violence and egyptian brokered ceasefire is in place the israeli army
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says it's been hitting several hamas targets in gaza overnight we have two correspondents on this developing story stephanie is live in west jerusalem ari force it on the israel gaza border. go to them in a bit but first here's a report by laura birdman lay on the flare up in tensions since monday morning's rocket attack on a house north of tel aviv. explosions throughout the night in gaza as israel launched air strikes. on neighbors told us that israeli intelligence had told them to recreate the building we fled and later it was hit was ourselves in the first rockets which was a warning was fired then the second and third were fired to the north and east of the building five minutes later the whole building was hit and we didn't know where to go israel says it was targeting her mass internal security and intelligence base
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in gaza. this included a multi-story building housing offices used by hamas leader ismail haniyeh. the as strikes followed the firing of a rocket the landed north of tel aviv hitting his radio family home and injuring seven people that attack prompted prime minister benjamin netanyahu to cut short his visit to washington and return to israel he promised a forceful reaction israel will not tolerate this i will not tolerate and as we speak. as i told you mr president just now israel is responding forcefully to this wanton aggression the israeli army also deployed more troops to the gaza border it reported more rockets being fired from gaza into israel many were intercepted the rest fell in rural areas netanyahu is in the midst of an election campaign where he's been criticised by the main rival army chief benny
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gantz for not being able to contain the situation in gaza there are no good options at this point in time for prime minister nasser now i think he's ignored this for a long time he played lots of games with a gyptian zone the palestinians over the last several months and he couldn't reach a long term ceasefire as it was expected with egyptian assistance israel has also close to vital border crossings into the gaza strip a lifeline the provides food a medical supplies to the coastal enclave laura baron manly out to sara. joins us now from the border fence between israel and gaza and harry how calm are things now. well certainly there hasn't been any. order bhel airstrikes throughout the course of the morning and fights nothing coming out of gaza either so a calm is in place for now but it's
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a long way i think from the ability to declare that this is entirely over certainly hamas is talking about trying to engineer in accordance with the egyptians a sort of a refreshing ceasefire after declaring that a cease fire last night was going to be in force from ten pm on words that wasn't really the case we saw. just before that cease fire some thirty rockets coming out of gaza thirty projectiles coming out of gaza and after that there were further israeli airstrikes israeli military says there was another barrage of about thirty rockets around three am and again there were further air strikes later in the early hours of this morning as well so that has happened before after a strikes we have seen sort of a gradual reduction. after a cease fire a gradual reduction in the amounts of munitions going each way before things come to a halt however we do have this contradictory sign as well of
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a major military presence continuing threats and the fact that israeli ministers themselves are denying that a cease fire is in place so we wait to see exactly how things progress during the course of the day how many what exactly has been hit in the exchange for both rockets and air strikes. well i think there are two classifications you can broadly put the air strikes into one is the kind of thing that we've been seeing over recent months and indeed just assert ten or eleven days ago when there was another double rocket attack on television of which hamas and israel both ended up saying was a fire in error and it led to some one hundred targets being struck around gaza they were pretty much exclusively empty military training camps bases seaports and
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the like and that was certainly done overnight last night but also we saw three significantly different targets we saw an insurance building totally leveled in the middle of gaza city which is really military said was associated with or was a secret headquarters for hamas military intelligence among other things another building to the west which they said was used by internal security and for the first time since twenty twelve they decided to destroy the office of the political leader of hamas is a male honey or so that could be enough potentially for benjamin netanyahu to say it's a significant enough response to what happened earlier on monday however there are some should be discussing with steffan a minute many political pressures on him that may feel that he's under criticism that that that he should be doing something significantly different so we wait to see how things play out during the course of today we'll be discussing all of that
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with staff so let's thank her it falls in there at the gaza border stephanie decker joins us now live from west jerusalem we understand as soon as the israeli prime minister arrives he's going straight into some three meetings no doubt a message being sent there right stephanie. absolutely we're expecting him to land within the hour and then yes he will be heading straight to the fence ministry tel aviv to meet with his security cabinet where they will be briefed by top military men about what the situation is what the options are of course he is under a lot of pressure as you heard harry say there were two weeks away from elections that people were expecting a stronger response certainly if you look at the past of escalations comparatively let's say you could say that this was somewhat of a the cease fire was achieved far quicker even though it's been a gradual silence this morning is silent so we're going to have to wait and see whether they decide if that is going to be sufficient he's going to be asked hard
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questions as to why he thinks because there's an issue here that of to terence that a lot of critics of benjamin netanyahu over the time he says that he has lost his terence when it comes to have masses lost control of keeping them contained in gaza or if they're going to broaden it out to a wider military escalation including perhaps things like ground forces but that is something that of course israeli public and israeli prime minister do not want to do would be seen as a last resort so i think at the moment as you heard harry say there it is a fragile cease fire whether this security cabinet is going to change the course of that we're going to probably know in the next coming hours or so are good stuff there from stephanie decker in west jerusalem now all of this comes with these radio elections of course looming on april ninth let's remind you of all that some folded in the past twenty four hours or so and before boarding is playing as in you know who is at the white house where don't trump officially recognized israel's claim to sovereignty over the occupied golan heights criticism was quick to come
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from the un syria and a host of other nations. single rocket had hit a house north of tel aviv the israeli army said it came from gaza and warplanes launched multiple strikes on targets in the gaza strip hamas launched at least ten rocket. towards israel before a ceasefire was brokered by egypt nice and now who is fighting to retain power the israeli elections now just fourteen days away nicest opinion polls show he's the could party neck and neck with rival benny gantz a centrist blue and white party. is a massive fish only joins us now live from gaza good to have you with us first of all have you reached an understanding to end this round of confrontations with israel. this is not the first round of confrontation i will not be the last one i think the seeds of the confrontation and
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conflict and the clashes still existed because of the it patient because of the the siege imposing gaza so i have a good dove that this will last for a long time and list we. can bleed to cease fire agreement a list sieges lift and look it was live and people learn joy he did have freedom did a possibility open it again and the freedom of access i think that they will see you would witness another round of confrontation in gaza i think israel would think that if they continue to do. sanction on gaza people will bow down people will suffer and but i think that there is a just there is right now egypt has not brokered an understanding indirectly between you and israel to to end this round of confrontation look i think is that i will achieve nothing is what i just did all kinds of sanctions and
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military strikes against gaza in two thousand thousand well i understand i'm saying has egypt broken an understanding to end the confrontation for now between you and israel. i think now a dish just to try to convince both sides now to stop all military activities but i could not i could not see that it is there now an agreement no one has i mean understanding then that the egyptians are trying to broker i think i think open to all policy infraction all committed to the understanding have been the last night but now i am talking about the shall cease fire agreement truth was managed by the egyptians to mediators we expect that the egyptian will continue and use their talks because i said unless we have. a ceasefire agreement then the closure is the disputes that tension will continue in gaza so i think israel should understand that without resolving the problem with down to lifting the siege
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and the book in gaza there will be more rounds of a tension more hours of confrontation who launched a rocket on monday which has a house north of tel aviv and wounded seven civilians look at no one i think of us are still making a distinction for this maybe as some people said that. it's not it's not the straightest not the first time you know even if when you say it had lasted no launch the rocket i don't know to know i don't know but as a civilian it look. like yesterday i am expecting to have a delegation misters and while it will have a bubble of meat existing gaza so i think it's not their logic that a mouse will launch. a rocket in there did out a weird thing for the egyptian delegation to come to gaza what would you like to recover it's not and would you like to express any regret for the civilian casualties that were caused by that rocket fire so
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again sorry do you have any regret for the civilian casualties would you like to express any regret for the civilian casualties caused by that rocket fire ended up wounding seven civilians. yeah look i said that it's not just to. kill people were injured people damage from buildings but. they never achieve any political all military achievement in gaza because they think if they do anything and i understand that's what i'm asking is israel has been condemned by so many u.n. reports for indiscriminate loss of palestinian civilian life there are also been un reports that have condemned palestinian rocket fire and incendiary balloon only in july of two thousand and eighteen we had a statement from the u.n. high commissioner for human rights do you agree with that we had i should not be a loss of any civilian life on either side i think people should not should not
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make any kind of comparison between the the power of the policy of affection and the power of israel which has a very technical. points and they could do their own person in this specific points i think it's not easy for the policy of infection maybe we'll try to defend ourselves on the mountain however what about the human kind to make of god no no i think we have no intention to directed the delegates to their disobedience or to the summer homes i think people have tried to to direct this to their military targets but maybe sometimes they could not do that because then they have no technical power technical or tool to do that but they said our principle is to avoid targeting and incivility and i think this is a military confrontation with the with the israeli army with a completion forces so we have tried to focus in the military points which is a sometimes there could succeed sometimes film all right it's been interesting
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discussion thank you so much as the how might that now the tensions in gaza and the u.s. recognition of israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights was discussed at the united nations are they trying to get it james spader's reports. the u.n. secretary general here in new york is watching the situation in gaza with great concern. he's long warned of the dangers of a new conflict a new conflict now underway the secretary general is gravely concerned by the latest developments regarding gaza today's firing of a rocket from gaza towards israel is a serious and unacceptable violation we're also where of the latest reports of firing on gaza in a monitoring events we urge all sides to exercise maximum restraint so the very moment the secretary general spokesman was briefing reporters president trump was signing his declaration recognizing israel's sovereignty over the go land
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a direct challenge to the international consensus on the issue for the secretary general it is clear that the status of golan is not change the u.s. policy on the golan is reflected in the relevant resolutions of the security council you may notice a reticence to criticize president trump even though there's little doubt his proclamation is in breach of international law this will be a difficult issue too for the u.s. is close allies on the u.n. security council which meets to discuss israel palestine on choose day since the start of the trumpet ministration the council has allowed the u.s. to lead diplomacy on this file but there is growing unease among diplomats on gaza don't expect any action other than council members adding their voices to the calls for restraint on gaulin don't expect any action a tall other council members of very unhappy about president trump's decision but even if they wanted to come up with a statement condemning it the u.s.
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would block it james pays out his era of the united nations the decision on occupied golan heights has been described by syria as a blatant attack on its sovereignty and territorial integrity the mascot says it has a right to reclaim the territory russia warned the move would further deteriorate the situation in the region so he called the decision unacceptable and plans to take action against the move and saudi arabia said it's a violation of international law. dar is a columnist for a monitor and he joins us on skype from tel aviv good to have you with us let's start first of all since we've ended on the issue of golan heights many un resolutions many international organizations say this is an occupation do you think it's going to help israel even if it gets the united states on board to say hey this is not an occupation well he definitely can help netanyahu to win the
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elections i'm not sure if this is equal to have it doesn't help israel in the long term of israel and i don't think that it will have actually under contrary. just assume that we will reach an agreement with the palestinians which is more urgent just look at what's happening in gaza and it may even sometimes it starts in ground zero and there it is followed by violence in the west bank and in east jerusalem but let's be optimistic and think believe that trumps. deal will be. implemented and it will be on the table ok. it is quite clear it will be more difficult for the palestinians let alone the arab league to sign and support such an agreement with out. offering any solution to be going to heights which is in accordance with you and
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resolutions as well as was the our recent issue which is about to be discussed i believe in tunis in about one week so actually this is minimizing the maneuverability of the peace camp in israel and palestine and even the united states trump card in his own hands by doing this all right let's also talk about the conflict going on over gaza now we've been through this cycle before the prime minister of israel is being criticized now for not being able to quote unquote contain gaza's armed groups i guess my basic question is. can this conflict ever be contained all resolved without recognizing one basic thing the knesset see to end the occupation of palestinian so they can enjoy the same sort of normal civil rights that you and i and many others around the world enjoy
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are citizens of a free state and i absolutely agree with you but i think i would say that we need to work on true signal to honestly to work on two tracks one is a senior security which is interested in a two state solution and committed to the oslo agreement and two other documents. that were. supported by the united states and all you say mr and out to those who say well is ours never really seriously done that if you look at for example the continuous settlement building that's gone on all throughout the more than two decades of negotiations and peace talks. and this is now fully supported by the trumpet ministration move the embassy and doing everything to undermine the process so actually we need here at least three to
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tango we need another israeli government and hopefully this is going to happen in two weeks as you mention and what we need is a strong pristine austerity of the p.l.o. that will be able at the same time to negotiate where is a good different israeli government and to convince and they have the means probably convince the palestinian public opinion to contain hamas because i don't think the promise is really interesting and actually they are very clear about it in a two state solution it's all or nothing so what probably we will need to do is to lift the closure on gaza and do what i call on kind of managing the conflict with the hamas and trying to resolve the conflict with the. p.l.o.
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with the good guys don't just be in ramallah and it has to go hand by hand but we'll have to leave it there and do the same right yeah i just was. by saying that israel should not repeat the mistake that john has done by and unilateral withdrawal from gaza or try to use more force when force doesn't really work of course somewhat the question whether there's been a full withdrawal from gaza given that the electromagnetic faz face and since spaces you know are all still according to the u.n. controlled in occupied by israel anyway we'll leave it there for now thank you so much akiva eldar absolutely writes and thank you. plenty more still ahead on the news. and. pretty. much. the end of the could be just the beginning of legal problems plus.
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serious concern. over. politicians. for the european football championships. and we will be here with that story. in an unprecedented move m.p.'s in britain the voted to take control of the braggs agenda from the government politicians say they want to make progress after the government was defeated by three hundred twenty nine votes to three hundred two on amendments to it that agreement on wednesday politicians will begin the process of deciding on a series of alternatives to prime ministers reason made deal she's been rejected twice. and the barber joins us now from outside the u.k.
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parliament in london what do we know will happen exactly in parliament this week take us through it all. ossama is not precisely clear but we do know that your reason may suffered another big defeat in the commons on monday night she had actually had government had whipped members of excessive party against voting for this amendment but it was approved and it means that on wednesday parliament now takes control of the agenda and they will be able from wednesday to start a series of what they're calling indicative votes on ways forward with bricks it which alternatives to cerys a maze deal a deal which is grown increasingly unpopular now the government has said that this sets a dangerous precedent but there were thirty conservative rebels who voted for the amendment three ministers among them who resigned to do so and one of them in the last couple of hours has said this it's absurd that now we're in
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a position of political impasse and parliament hasn't actually talked about it on the floor of the house of commons that's what i call a democratic deficit and parliament has got to talk about it well talk about it they will wednesday probably just i'm going through various options including a softer breck's it with a customs union but also including the idea of a second referendum and revoking article fifty all of the all of these things to be discussed not clear whether it will be a free vote some people expect ventre lead to another process next monday of narrowing it down to see a parliament can actually decide on one option that's far from certain also far from certain is whether the government will respect some m.p.'s or selling three they say of treason he doesn't listen then they'll try to introduce legislation to force it to act upon whatever they decide but as i was saying it's not clear if they will actually come to any decision now all of that may be fine the dbo let's
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face it on a few days left before so where does that leave the chances of a simple crash out no deal breaks it. well that's a question lots of people are asking themselves it's hard to know right now the european commission said on monday it believes the prospects of a no deal breaks it were growing that was after they gave the government here a deadline a hard deadline now of april the twelfth to either come back with an approved deal or a plan b. or simply crush out to some people could it put it leave the e.u. without a deal to reason he says that can't happen without parliament approving it they voted against it before but in effect that is the default position a default position which is worrying lots of businesses and now the e.u. is warning that for example in that scenario u.k. citizens going on holiday to the european union will not be able to join of course the e.u. q when it comes to immigration possible controls they'll be asked to prove that
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they have the finances to to keep themselves going jury in their stay in an e.u. country they'll have to they'll be given visas for up to ninety days only so just spelling out in fact some of the term or which might be faced in that scenario the government insisting it doesn't want to know deal jeremy corbin the leader of the opposition saying that's a red line for him as well and saying that if it came to it he his party might support a second referendum so slight movement there but how does the country avoid a new deal breaks that nobody really knows right now all right thanks so much and of their own six hundred thousand people have signed an online petition calling for the impeachment of thailand's election commission it follows allegations of widespread irregularities during sunday's votes preliminary results point to a close race between the party backed by military government and the main opposition party neither of which have managed to win a majority of seats it may be winks before final results are released.
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flash flooding in southern iran has killed at least seventeen people dozens of others have been injured near the city of shiraz tens of thousands are affected by days of torrential rain. in a few moments we'll have all the weather but also still ahead here on al-jazeera tech giants are on alert the european union considers new copyright rules could drastically. reduce what's displayed social media websites. in sports simona halep stays on course to reclaim the world number one spot now the miami.
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hello there let's take a look at the close a look at the flooding that we've seen over parts of iran recently it's not only around the scene some pretty heavy rain over the past couple of days many parts of the middle east have you see the cloud that's working its way out of parts of saudi arabia and then stretching its way northward across many parts of iran and up towards afghanistan as well for afghanistan this is good news because we are in a drought at the moment and for iran we've just had too much rain in a too short a period shiraz that's the place we were talking about just there forty seven millimeters is what it took to cause us our flooding here doesn't sound like too much but the average for the entire month is only forty eight millimeters and we have this forty seven in just a few hours so of course it did cause quite a few problems in fact is quite a dry place and we only expect around two hundred twenty millimeters of rain in the entire year so really forty seven is quite a lot and just a little bit further up the road we've actually seen one hundred fifty one millimeters of rain elsewhere so you can see why we had such
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a phenomenal amount of rain and the problems that it caused now this system is all part of this wave in front moving up towards the northeast stringing out there the whole thing is working its way eastward so after some more very heavy showers today it looks like the worship be over. in the country playing political cottonmouths games with europe and russia the people are trying to find their voice. but under the un frist rule of the soon called last dictator of europe voicing any opposition is risky. and the penalties can be survey where. the better roost in lamma own weakness documentary. on al-jazeera around ten million yemenis are on the edge of balance examining the headlines netanyahu is looking at charges of bribery fraud and breach
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of trust setting the discussions you're denying that he was beaten by the police i did not deny sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire you and that it's all good by the world is watching on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines israel's prime minister is returning home early to handle tensions with gaza ahead of elections as strikes were launched by israel across the gaza strip amassed launched at least ten rockets
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into southern israel attacks began on monday after a rocket attack north of tel aviv world leaders have condemned donald trump's decision to recognize israeli control of the occupied golan heights syria is calling it a blatant attack on its sovereignty while russia turkey and saudi arabia also opposed the move. before he headed back to israel israel's prime minister was the u.s. president donald trump guest of all are in the white house and also he was also there rather to attend the annual gathering of the pro israel group known as a pac it was the u.s. vice president and secretary of state who are warmly welcomed they both addressed the conference and vowed to fight they call anti semitism by camera ports i tumultuous applause for u.s. vice president mike pence the trumpet ministration is wildly popular in israel and this reflected in what is nominally a bipartisan lobbying organization pen seizing the opportunity to hammer democratic
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party members who stayed away from the gathering in pointed protest against the methods of the pro israeli lobby eight democratic candidates for president are actually boycotting this very conference so let me be clear on this point. anyone who aspires to the highest office in the land should not be afraid to stand with the strongest supporters of israel in america restrained applause from the democratic party leaders that did turn up including both the senate minority leader and speaker of the house. the major event of the day though took place down the road where prime minister benjamin netanyahu arrived for a meeting with the u.s. president. to mark the occasion by signing a presidential decree recognizing israel's claim to suffering teeth over the occupied golan heights. were met by the israeli prime minister's breathless
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gratitude this president over the use israel has been blessed to have many friends who sat in the oval office but israel has never heard a better friend the new israeli opposition leader benny gantz as grateful as the prime minister for the u.s. move but at the same time warning against israel taking sides in the u.s. political process we want all of america republicans and democrats all of america's republican and democrats to move forward with us in this spirit of true bipartisanship that they saved out that served us so well in the past all delegates here are keenly aware of the elections taking place in israel next month many will be voting in that one but a significant number two will also have a say in the u.s.
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electoral process in twenty twenty and president trumps a city was pro israel policy perhaps a recognition of this lebanese influence in that process or hunch mike hanna al-jazeera washington. president trump is claiming complaints and total exoneration in the mall are appalled but his legal war is a far from over family his business and his inaugural committee or may in the subject of several ongoing investigations of his era as kristen salumi takes a closer look. of all the lawsuits and investigations hanging over the trump presidency experts say the biggest threat could be here at the federal court in manhattan southern district that's where trump had his campaign it's where most of his businesses are based and it's where many of his children live so they've got direct oversight and jurisdiction over him second of all the southern district of new york is highly independent notoriously independent there the president's former
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lawyer pleaded guilty to making illegal campaign contributions and implicated the president testifying he made payments at the president's direction in an effort to silence an adult film star who claims she had an affair with him federal prosecutors have signed immunity deals with the trump organizations chief financial officer and the publisher of the national enquirer to obtain their cooperation and they've subpoenaed information from the president's inaugural committee that could be used to look at how it raised and spent a record one hundred seven million dollars more than twice as much as for any other inauguration. is there any other wrongdoing or illegal act that you are aware of regarding donald trump that we haven't yet discussed today yes in michael cohen's testimony before congress has raised speculation about a possible third line is investigation related to the president's business dealings
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. the southern district a well known independence has earned the nickname the sovereign district but current justice department regulations prohibit federal investigators from indicting a sitting president state officials face no such restrictions however and they are currently looking into the president's foundation as well as his taxes and the attorney general of the state of new york who's pretty powerfully antitrust may decide i want to test the legalities of indicting the president they could indict lots of the president's associates and he has no pardon power over crimes in the state of new york federal prosecutors could wait until president trump is out of office to press charges either way the unresolved cases are likely to cloud next year's presidential election christen salumi al jazeera new york. now part of the fun of going online is finding something to share with your friends
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photos news stories anything of interest but what if that material is now legally protected by copyright you see members of the european parliament are due to vote on new legislation that could change once shared online if the law is passed you tube twitter facebook other social media companies will be legally required to remove illegally shared material the law may also require them to sign licensing agreements with musicians writers and journalists and face fees for republishing copyrighted content some protesters say the legislation is taking censorship too far others welcome the law for media companies artists and content creators essentially means they'll get paid or standing in the ahl is european business and finance correspondent for the economist he joins us now live from paris so are you celebrating this development well i think we should say as
1:40 pm
journalists were fundamentally conflicted on this because our owners are have a stake in this that's why i want to. stop this interview and post it on you tube maybe you'll get some money out of it on the other hand you know with all this restrictions coming in maybe no one will see it in the end. well that's exactly right i mean what we're seeing actually is a titanic fight between two very powerful lobbies on one hand you have the content makers that includes you and me by the way but also musicians filmmakers and artists and on the other side the dreaded the googles amazon facebook apple that the tech companies that kind of control the internet. and both of them both sides basically want to change the way the money that's made from people watching the
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internet is split right now the feeling is that too much of that goes to these american tact companies and the creators of content think they can get a little bit more than a little bit more would would be fair frankly speaking though how would it work if there's supposed to be licensing agreements is it enough i mean when i try to break this down and think of it if we if someone clips up this interview and puts it on you tube for example is it enough that you tube signs an agreement with the content provider or what about if someone else shares it what if it's shared from you tube to another player i mean how does this actually work is there a way for this to work practically speaking. so there is a way for it to work so for example if if somebody puts off a video on you tube and it includes music that they don't own the rights to you tube can automatically detect that and use it and when that video is viewed the rights creator will get a tiny sliver of
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a tiny sliver of money from every time the video is viewed the question is can that work at scale the real concern that people have is you know what if you chub or twitter or facebook don't have an agreement to share money with a content creator can anyone still upload anything they want onto the internet for a lot of people that's a really fundamental rights that you and i should be able to put put something up on the internet even if we don't own the rights maybe were maybe it's protected because of parody so anybody can you know copyright doesn't apply to things like parody it does often doesn't apply to things like news. and the concern is that you would have really crude filters the likes of you tube would have to put up there basically ban people from putting up things that they want to put up and that that is a genuine concern that people have it isn't the thanks for sharing your thoughts on this so much and infineon. straightest prime minister says he's very
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concerned about zeros investigations showing links between the us gun lobby and in a strangely in political policy we have reports that one nation officials by sickly sought to sell a strategy is gun laws to the highest bidders to a foreign buyer and i find that apart when john howard put those laws in the coalition government i will put in to protect the strivings. officials from the n.r.a. were filmed investigative unit advising australia as one nation party on how to deal with public opinion in the wake of a mass shooting peter charlie reports. on a visit to washington last attempt by a team from pauline hanson's one nation party sort of help from the n.r.a. in order to changes trillions strict gun control laws in the country where you live
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on this. in a series of meetings one nation was given advice on how best to prepare a stranger for a change to its laws i think beneficial they are and they take steps in the right direction to start providing protection to people and again that helps us. with. a look at us. astray or severely restricted the sale of semiautomatic and automatic guns following a massacre in the tasmanian town of port arthur in one thousand nine hundred six. thirty five people were murdered by a gunman using an fifteen assault rifle six hundred fifty thousand weapons were confiscated and destroyed you probably don't really get called to wipe out a national gun ban overnight but if you can work around the market where there goes eight improve the lives of going on
1:45 pm
a daily basis it does demonstrate that we begin tonight in the kids hope you can start making a difference after a break down the narrative so that people who need a reaction to going to use it make it. history is strict gun control laws are problematic for the n.r.a. is officials have said they fear success could be used to limit gun ownership in america it's the left wing anti gun owners who literally point to wash trail you as this shining model as to why we need gun bans and gun confiscation in the run up to the port arthur massacre strider was tracking on the liberal and right now shootings as the americans since not having any six their brain zero mass shootings people would not be silent in stride if. one nation was coached on how to react if soft a gun was a village to another measure in a strenuous n.r.a. officials suggested to one nation that they smear advocates of gun control for
1:46 pm
exploiting the massacre there used to raise children but. if your policy isn't good enough to stand. there you there. for. the really good let's agree with the n.r.a. playbook also included planting articles there's a lot of times we're right now for like a local sheriff in wisconsin or whatever and we'll drop dead or she will have to strap it will do a lot of the leg work because these people are busy and this is our job so we'll help them and then they'll submit it with their name on it so that it looks organic you know that it's coming from that community we will have we're all behind this charlie al-jazeera sydney you can watch the full program from al-jazeera is investigative unit how to sell a massacre why here on al-jazeera on tuesday at twelve hundred g.m.t. . survivors of cyclonic are trying to get their lives back to normal after last
1:47 pm
week's storm left a trail of destruction in southern africa zimbabwe in malawi and the city of beirut in mozambique are all particularly hard hit tony berkeley's seeing how the city's long running up support for the opposition may be affecting the government's recovery effort. on the streets of fear of the clean up of cycling he dies destruction has begun it's a massive task volunteers a very ground to try and restore a sense of normality to this ravaged city. is the hands on met who gets up every day at five am to supervise the operation and try and restore hope we also try to tell the people there's no food. but we need to work we need to what farmers we need to rebuild our selves people are living in schools and on street corners it's a miserable existence even for families familiar with hardship before the cyc loan
1:48 pm
struck this region had an unemployment rate of seventy percent with forty percent of those making living on the streets the majority of big companies that employ most a beer is full time work force have been devastated by it i many have gone bust and getting the economy back up and running is now one of the top priorities it's been a climatic battleground here but also a political one vera has been hard core opposition and is voted five times against the ruling for lemo government in parliamentary and presidential elections and some people here believe they're paying a price for that opposition critics accuse government leaders in the capital much of previously failing to invest in infrastructure including schools and hospitals and of not doing enough to help victims of the disaster there so question i asked grogs god why are you breaking cycle and here i want to get. only
1:49 pm
god can tell me that. i'm saying the same that all of the central government can't that's what i do a lot giving us. government supporters maintaining all it can with limited funds and that. funding is allocated regardless of which party is governing all provinces what is important is the direction of the country and not the party. but politics is a game that few of mozambique's poor and destitute play their lives have always been a struggle humbert who has been unemployed for twenty five years he lived in a shack and survived a lot of jobs the cycle only left him with nothing. and did at least i had a home before the psych on of my life was a little normal even though i didn't have much but now i have lost everything it's not just me sleeping here the streets are full of families with children. many of beer is new street well as don't know what even care this is an election year in mozambique for them life is about if and when they will next eat not when they'll
1:50 pm
vote. we did i don't care about politics we just need help there's nothing to eat and we don't have medication we don't even have pots and plates. the misery for many of mozambique's cycling victims won't end until help arrives tony berkeley al-jazeera veera.
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
or go back it's time to catch up with all the sports drama and here's andy thank you so much sammy one of the most watched and most controversial fights as of recent years says he's retiring from mixed martial arts form at sea weight u.f.c. champion khana mcgregor made the announcement on social media the thirty year old hasn't fought since last october when he lost a lightweight champion could be no the matter of he was suspended for six months after the fight ended in a mask or mcgregor's social media statement came just hours after a t.v. appearance in which he discussed his hopes of fighting again later on this year well here's what he had to say hey guys quick announcement i've decided to retire from the sport formally known as mixed martial arts a day i wish all my old colleagues well going forward in competition i now join my former partners on this friendship already in retirement's what if this really is the end the arsenal will leave the sport with a twenty one four win loss record mcgregor was the biggest pay per view draw during
1:53 pm
his u.f.c. career headlining four of the sixth highest selling events mcgregor also ventured into boxing to fight unbeaten american floyd mayweather jr that bounce was the second most sport pape if you fight in boxing history with four point three million buys it is though it's to be remembered he has actually retired before in april twenty sixth the macgregor said it decided to quit the sport young only to then go on and fight night diaz a few months later well it's so not so sports correspondent who joins us from london just how seriously should we take this announcement. well of oath this is not the first time in the economy gregor has retired from mixed martial arts and not the first time that he's retired on social media and that other time in twenty six dany of course very quickly said that he regrets that he was falling out with the sports bosses came back and forth again obviously we live in and this idea of
1:54 pm
social media where someone can come out and say something that they then go back home quickly box even if this was an official press conference he thought it through and said it what has happened throughout history not just mixed martial arts but also in boxing is a long history of fight is retiring they don't find anything to say they'll never be back it's so often the payday that will bring them back and it all adds to the for the circus feel around as well i have mixed martial arts is a very serious side to it obviously the level of interest has grown extraordinarily but it's also about big paydays and if something was offered anywhere close to the thirty million dollars he was said to have made we've got boxing match before my whether even something far less than that it could tempt or not it's all part of being able to sell fights and u.f.c. events and just how important has he been in the growth of u.f.c. . always been here is the sort of step by step done with together he has been the
1:55 pm
biggest draw the biggest star his fighting goes beyond mixed martial arts people know who he is particularly because of that extraordinary boxing match against floyd mayweather in twenty seven tame i mean he has had a lot of controversy around him of course he has just recently he was arrested again off of smashing a friend's mobile phone and there was a time where he attacked a bus with obviously u.f.c. fighters on board of course that number got covered up being that happened last year when he was fighting with the finally of kobe. as well as the support staff but all of this brings attention and that is something that the sport likes as well as the very serious side of who wins and who loses the willing is joining us there from london thank you so much late well the english football association has made a complaint to the game's european governing body after claiming their players were the victims of racist abuse during
1:56 pm
a game in montenegro england won the euro two thousand and twenty qualifier five one goal scorer for him standing there cupping is is towards the loudest section of home support the manchester city star later said your wife should close stadiums where such incidents take place danny rose and callum hudson a daughter also targeted with monkey chants during that game. when you hear insufferable from the funds is not right is unacceptable and hopefully you wait for deliver properly because obviously when i was over the media rosie heard it those same monkey stuff saw this stuff so you can't get to just keep our heads people from going to the. christian or an elder is facing some time on the sidelines after picking up a hamstring injury during portugal's game against serbia the thirty four year old is making just his second international appearance since last year's world cup events a strike a says he's now i mean city fits in time for the italian clubs champions league quarter final against i.x. on april the tenth. that's twenty years on from his first appearance at the miami
1:57 pm
open roger federer is still winning matches at the events the thirty seven year old beating phillip cryonic of serbia in straight sets to advance in the last sixteen federer ends when the start of the all time. someone to help still on course to reclaim the world number one spot after her latest win in miami the remaining beating venus williams here in straight sets to claim her all straight victory over the american how it needs to win this time to return to the start of the rankings. trick of it's over there also has the chance to replace nondairy soccer's world number one the second seed also into the last eight after beating france's callen garcia here in straight sets it's part of her and how it breaks down when we rank. ok more sport for me throughout the day but that is it for now stop buying so on sandy you had for this news i'll be back or actually i won't be back my colleague
1:58 pm
rachelle well with another full of news so do stay with us. nothing.
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new leaders please children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence ten year olds work his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here with the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but the default structure of the main things because on a project that's what we refuse it was one of the founders of the settlement we this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation
2:00 pm
occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. israeli tanks on the border after air strikes in gaza israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu flies early from the u.s. . and criticism from across the world after the top officially recognizes israel's claim over the occupied golan heights. i'm richelle carey this is al-jazeera life from tel also coming up. it's time mr speaker for parliament to take control a crushing blow for prime minister theresa may as m.p.'s take charge of.


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