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this is al-jazeera. hello i'm hella mohit scene this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes algeria as army chief triggers a constitutional move to ice president up to those he's pacifica from office responding to weeks of protests tensions remain high after israeli airstrikes and palestinian rocket fire as israel boosts its military forces along
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the border. four children are among seven people killed scepter a missile hits a hospital in yemen supported by the save the children charity. one nation in. an exclusive al jazeera investigation reveals how it was truly as one nation party sought cash from the u.s. gun lobby so of course trix firearms laws. the heads of all jarius army has triggered a constitutional move that would see president of the seas beautifully could declare its own fate for office the direct intervention by the military falls weeks of protest against the eighty two year old has led the country for twenty years but has rarely been seen since the stroke six years ago. reports.
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the algae. an army breaks its silence it demands the country's ailing president. be declared unfit to rule it was army's chief or staff left in a general comment gates who made the demand. in this regard we need to find a solution to sort out this crisis and to respond to the demands of algeria within the constitution and within the sovereignty of the country in order to achieve that consensus and to achieve something that is accepted by all parties by triggering article one zero two the constitutional council will have to declare the president unfit to lead the country a step that would pave the way for the chairman of the opportunity but in the parliament. to take over as interim president until elections are held. the army chief widely seen as a key ally of president of the law. has in the past warned against instability
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as the anti government rallies gained momentum. the protests continue it even when both are clear can made a few concessions we shuffled the government called for a national dialogue and not to see if. his office was dismissed by a key opposition leader as a ploy by the establishment to take the steam out of the protests what a move for twenty years but in two thousand and thirteen has suffered a stroke and ever since was rarely seen in public algeria's have been calling for a national unity government that would lead the country for a transitional period draft and you can situation and reinvigorate an economy in tatters if we followed the constitutions more or less. so you people who are alone
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in the country at the moment would be on the need for the foreseeable future and forty five days to ninety days depending on the situation the elections are. we would make him a drill constitutional or legal arrangement so the game we put it would be would be played according to the rules that exist today and this is what the people have been calling for or against basically they don't want the politics to continue under the same rules which in oil and natural gas algeria's economy has struggled as oil prices declined over the last few years the government slashed social development programs to tackle recession but unemployment sought and anger spread algeria has for decades used as political and financial influence to shape policies in the african continent and the arab world but today the country faces
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a huge challenges as it distances itself from what a flea has legacy and what happens next will be closely watched by algeria's neighbors and particularly the arab league which is holding its annual meeting here into his ear. turn this. well the mass protests against the old jimmy and presidents began on february twenty second when a beautifully nine states bids to run for a fifth term in office the eighteen year olds had been in power for the past two decades or for three weekends in a row thousands of algeria is living across france also took to the streets demanding its afic a step down by march eleventh the president's was forced to reverse his reelection bid but he. pulls polls also means the interior minister is new prime minister and promised political reforms but that's
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a little to convince protesters who say they want a national government of consensus instead of the army to manage the transition periods well i mean of of china bisan activists with the citizen movement she says the algerian government is running out of alternatives to resolve the ongoing crisis. today really what's happening here that the regime is exploring all its option after. trying to get a fifth term after delaying the election now it is going for a constitutional route after it has violated the constitution multiple times ironically now it is. trying to make us believe that their way out for us is the constitution and we know what would happen if it is impeached. declared unfit what will happen is that the constitutional council will take over
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then the national council with mr bin saleh will be will take control and they will organize presidential elections within three months they will continue to hold the ropes of the of the regime i've seen i have not been hearing anyone around me and abroad. celebrating this as any kind of accomplishment the only positive aspect is that citizens a voice is does have power proves that the regime is totally going trying to leave disturbed but wait what is going on and they're trying to find a way out. israel's prime minister is threatening further action against gaza after airstrikes on monday and palestinian rocket fire from the strip tensions remain
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high despite senate gyptian brokered cease fire very false it has more from the gaza border. after a night of israeli bombardments and rocket fire from gaza israeli tanks remain close to the border on tuesday israel had warned of a broader response than in recent escalations that threat was very much on show despite relative calm and talk from hamas of a cease fire the increased tension caused israel's prime minister to return home early from his u.s. trip a speech he'd planned to give to the influential apac jewish lobby conference in washington was instead delivered by video link we are prepared to do a lot more we will do what is necessary to defend our people and to defend our state. the israeli air force struck targets throughout the besieged strip on monday night including multi-story buildings in the heart of gaza city. the first rockets which was
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a warning was fired then the second and third were fired to the north and east of the building five minutes later the whole building was hit and we didn't know where to go. among the destroyed buildings the office of hamas is political leader ismail haniya and insurance headquarters that israel said housed hamas military intelligence and a building belonging to its internal security all that following a rocket launched from gaza that struck a family home north of tel aviv early on monday seven people were injured. earlier this month hamas said two rockets that landed in tel aviv were fired accidentally is investigating this latest launch i think we have no intention do it today that it gets today i add to this immediate or to be some homes i think people are tied to to die to this to the military targets and there but maybe sometimes they could not do that because they have no technical politicking the. tools to do
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that. the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has condemned what he called the israeli escalation the p.l.o. leadership accuse the israeli prime minister of trying to use the situation to his benefit before next month's general election. benjamin netanyahu has been criticized by opponents from the right and left of israeli politics over his gaza policy his main rival in the election the former army chief benny gantz accused him of failing to contain and deter hamas of sufficiently strong military action netanyahu options a fraud most analysts agree he doesn't want an unpredictable war on the eve of an election but at the same time he's under pressure to project military strength israel's domestic politics adding to the volatile mix on its border with gaza are a force that al-jazeera southern israel. well jazeera stephanie decker has more now from west jerusalem this is the kind of pressure that benjamin netanyahu did not
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want he had to race back to israel ofter what he really wanted to play as a golden egg for his election campaign the u.s. president recognizing israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights at the moment a shaky cease fire is in place but there's all the criticism here of the prime minister that he hasn't done enough he hasn't played a tough enough hand on gaza and on how massed we are to wait two weeks away from a hotly contested israeli election three of the men in the party that are giving him the closest run for his money are x. chiefs of staff but again netanyahu is a very savvy political operator he's also facing a lot of pressure about corruption cases cases that he will be indicted for in the future so he's facing what many people will tell you the strongest challenge to his role is premier in a decade but again he's a savvy political operator he's played as well and says everything seems to be
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under control. well the u.n. secretary general has called for a deescalation intentions in gaza meanwhile some u.s. allies have been voicing their opposition at the un to president trump's declaration but they'll keep on google on height sorry israeli territory he made the announcement steering this know his visit to washington despite the annexation in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven breaching international law or diplomats james bays has more. the security council is watching the fast moving events on the ground but seems no closer to taking any action despite a grim briefing from the top u.n. official normally based in jerusalem a new conflict will be devastating for the palestinian people it will have consequences for israelis who live in the vicinity of the gaza perimeter and it is likely to have regional repercussions as he spoke inside the security council his boss was answering reporters' questions outside the chamber and can we have your
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comments on the current bombardment in gaza and can you tell us whether you believe that the recognition by president trump of the golan heights as israeli will hinder peace efforts we were clear in the condemnation of the rocket attack but now we believe it's absolutely necessary to avoid any scaling up and to have restraint and i would appeal is forty strain on the other hand i think that to seeing this connected but it our position in relation to the golan heights is very clear it comes clearly established by the resolutions of the security council and on that issue some of the u.s. is closest allies the five e.u. members of the council terry read out a joint statement making it clear they disagreed with the president trumps action any declare ation of for unilateral border change goes against the foundation of
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the rules based international order and the u.n. charter. comments like that. in washington from the u.s. secretary of state case we're simply recognizing facts on the ground and the reality and doing the right thing we hope those nations will join us to understand how important it is how right it is ever since president trump took office the security council hasn't passed any resolutions or made any statements on this issue they've been ceding the main diplomatic role to the administration and in particular to the president's son in law jarrad cushion however increasingly ambassadors are becoming an easy in the security council meeting the french ambassador said the silence of this council on this issue is becoming deafening james zero at the united nations well let's stay with the situation in gaza dave hearten is managing director of the georgetown strategy creep and he
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joins us now from washington d.c. mr harbison what spying this latest escalation in your view. well i think there are a number of factors that are play here first we can't ignore the fact that hamas has had the message challenges and but the massive protests in the last few weeks and i think they're challenged on the right hand side by more extremist elements and also more broadly at the population level who are just tired of kind of failed governance and a lack of opportunity and so i think that these are fundamental challenges that hamas has control over gaza and it's not uncommon in these situations for the. to launch a strike and so that's what i think that we have seen in the last few days so that you don't think their claim that these strikes are accidental there has much credibility than. i mean the strikes on march fourteenth
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i think were widely acknowledged to be an accidental strike. and also that was shot down so there were there wasn't any damages but i think the one just the other day that hit near basically the heart of israel. goes beyond just accidental so i don't i mean hamas has has pretty substantial control over most of gaza and so i think you know the first time you could excuse it the second time it reflects something less than accidental it's a purposeful strike in terms of high stakes perhaps for hamas but but also this is high stakes since eventually from the israeli side also particularly given the political situation and the and the and the elections which are shortly about state place yeah absolutely i totally agree i mean i think that there's a real risk of overreach here by netanyahu he's going to have to comment very strong in terms of the response to gaza he's getting challenges both from the left
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and the right on his gaza power policy which has by august been a failure and. so the risk is right before these elections he'll lean and very strongly against gaza and o.b. the people actually on both sides a green line in gaza. that will suffer so this is ripe for us question i'm glad that the jetsons have been have been able to kind of broker a cease fire but i think in the long run this situation will not hold in terms of netanyahu is response to this situation given he said in such a tight race to me what options does he have particularly if he decides to weigh in quite strongly with a a strong military response is that no harm in him in the selection. i think that a strong reaction in gaza does not harm his political chances i think it probably
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emboldens. diverts questions about corruption and governance. and kind of social discontent within israel so i think he's probably in a stronger position by going in hard but of course. it's also unpredictable i mean if if there are casualties on the israeli side that will come back to haunt him but again the situation is completely unsustainable and while the election is forming a lot of the response right now i think over the long run the has gaza policy has been dismal and not successful in the least if there is a risk of escalation here which may impact the it may impact the elections it will certainly impact the lives of people who directly affected by this what would you say is egypt's effectiveness as a power as a peace broker in the region and should we be leaning more on the egyptians to help
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to help intervene. the egypt sions are an indispensable party during this time absolutely that's the case but it's also the case that they're negotiating and brokering role will be short lived and we've gone through so many wars in gaza this point it's very unlikely that we're going to get a solution that's going to be amenable to the palestinian people and to the israeli people over the course of this election season and so you know and i'm thankful for the egyptian role but i don't think it will hold until there's a fundamental shift in the dynamics of the of gaza which will not have been between now and the israeli elections ok dave harden thank you very much for joining us from washington d.c. managing director of the georgetown strategy thank you. plenty more still to come on this news hour including the lies ahead for the u.k.
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prime minister to resign may as m.p.'s prepare to votes on a range of alternatives to her bricks it deal. and i said i'm on the border between long been a swearer where did you not in nations open the first four camp for venezuelans fleeing the worsening social and economic crisis in their country. and a man convicted of stabbing this double wimbledon champion is sentenced to eight years in prison story coming up later in sports. a three year old to see a investigation into the u.s. gun lobby has uncovered efforts by a political party and a strain to secure twenty million dollars from pro-gun activists acts of advocates for in america the party pauline hanson's one nation party visited washington d.c.
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in september of last year seeking funds from the national rifle association he said charlie from our investigative units reports. al-jazeera has investigative unit film to covertly about pauline hanson's one nation visited the u.s. to attend a series of meetings with gun lobby representatives i. the one nation delegation was made up of the party's chief of staff james ashby and steve dixon the leader of the party in the estrangement state of queensland. right through the million dollars us win a seat plush seats in the senate they were hoping that fifty donations from the gun lobby would help them secure the balance of power industry is parliament in an upcoming federal election there we will we. will tell. the truth to see. if you know what. i reckon that. if you went to you would you would
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you would own a lot of houses and you would have to tell them about that. while seeking millions from the gun lobby one nation said it was prepared to soften stricter gun control legislation in australia that the n.r.a. has frequently criticized the bill whether or not. you'll be there during a visit to the u.s. dixon and ashby attended a series of meetings in which they were often advised by gun lobby groups on how to prepare the is trillion public for an easing but strict gun laws you have somebody who maybe at least your son i worked at a newspaper or maybe was covering city hall or primary or a little print stories about people who were robbed at the polls and be a shouldn't be whatever it might be that could help out there and that's going to be the stores and that's where you've got the right is going to go to five of those
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are we. pulling hanson's one nation party has developed an official gun policy. that proposes a softening of the strict gun the english the destroy you put in place following a message from in the town of port arthur in ninety ninety six but in secretly recorded meetings steve dixon promised to work to reverse the laws if we don't understand people are going to go god help them to get him. to talk of them to get him politically correct puff and if it is it's one portion or you know it will poison the whole unless we stop it while peter charlie joins us now live from sydney a pizza after what's just happened in new zealand what sort of reaction has your investigation how it's been a strain leah. it's had an absolutely immense reaction here front page news in every newspaper leading story and every television
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and radio reports the prime minister and the attorney general have both commented on it the attorney general says there needs to be an inquiry or investigation into into the revelations it's just a very very large story here it's taken a story of a storm and let's look at the political fallout in more detail you mentioned the prime minister has no school can i tell you did tell us more about the political reaction to see that investigation. well there is a great sense of unease surrounding the revelations contained in the documentary. most of the commentary has been directed very negatively towards the one nation party with people calling for the party to come clean with what it was really doing to hold a press conference yesterday claiming that would drunk they didn't really know what they were saying. denied that they were looking for money they're well though the
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videotape clearly shows them asking for money and in the second part yet to be aired there is more detail of that for the revelations for the video showing them asking for money both from the n.r.a. being coached by other members of the gun lobby on how to try to get money from gun manufacturers in the united states and the video also shows one nation approaching the koch industries koch brothers who donated very heavily towards trump's campaign . asking them for money and making the extraordinary offer to change its strategy is voting system change the way people operate in australia the way they vote if they get money from the codes. in terms of your report there's a lot of focus on the one nation party but it's also shades ing lights on the gun lobby itself in history of the m.e. just hype big. powerful are they.
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well the gun lobby in a stroller is a has a force of its own but nothing of the nature of the national rifle association in the united states i mean that is of course in a mentally powerful gun lobby group that pressures members of congress to toe to toe the pro-gun line they're reaching into a strategy in in some was an intern new zealand to incidentally which is causing big news here as well in the wake of the appalling atrocity in cross church but the gun lobby and his failure is a growing force which makes this story all the more potent here starlin's do not want the gun lobby interfering in these failing gun laws that will put in place following the port arthur message in ninety ninety six very rigid gun control laws that most historians feel very proud of and terms of the history of the in public
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reaction from this report we understand it's made an incredible splash in the media industry ilia but has there been any reaction from from from members of the public in terms of backlash against either the one nation party or this this this gun lobby in australia. well there isn't a very strong back closure against one nation just reading social media posts for example and references in the of the local press this morning very very strong reaction against the notion a sense of betrayal in in some areas that this party would even attempt to seek money from the gun lobby let alone in the process to soften gun laws here that were put in place to prevent mass killings from occurring and they have proven over time that they have been effective there have been no mass shootings in
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australia since those strict gun control laws were put in place in nineteen ninety six starlin's do not want to changed and the fact that one nation is even hinting at changing it is very upsetting to the people of australia peace or we'll have to leave it there but thanks very much for joining us live from sydney we will look forward to seeing what's in part c but for now you can watch the full program from al-jazeera as investigative units how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera on thursday the twenty eighth of march will be airing at six am gnc. the charity save the children says seven people including four children have been killed in an air strike on a hospital it supports yemen saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are leading a coalition fighting rebel who see forces in a war which began four years ago this week castillo pia's a u.n. reports rubble and debris cover what's usually
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a busy street in the yemen patients and medical staff were arriving a key top hospital near the city of sunda when it was hit by an airstrike. the attack is believed to have been carried out by the saudi led coalition fighting who the rebels in the country the coalition has complete control of yemeni air space the facility supported by the charity save the children serve more than five thousand people it had been opened for thirty minutes before the attack at least seven people were killed four of them children among those that were killed included two minister of health staff as well and of the four children that died all boys ranging between eight and fourteen years old my dad this week marks four years since the start of yemen's war thousands rallied in the capital on tuesday to mark the anniversary of the conflict millions have been displaced much of the country is on the brink of famine the united nations says is the worst place to be
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a child we're hearing of children that have being killed and maimed by air strikes and shelling but then also there is there of ever aiding a fix in the last couple of weeks there has been. a resurgent color and suspected cholera cases where thousands of children each week being suspected to have cholera and save the children has estimated that over eighty five thousand children may have died since the conflict if skule didn't two thousand and fifteen dozens of children died last august when a school bus was hit by an air raid led by the saudi u.a.e. coalition that same month another hospital was attacked in her data several cease fires have been agreed on yet they consistently crumble. as a war continues into yet another year it's often the most vulnerable who are left to pick up the pieces carcillo poso the yuan al-jazeera.
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the british m.p.'s are preparing to votes on a range of alternative brecht's that options on whedon's stay. after parliament voted to take control of the process of the u.k. leaving the european union it's a major defeat for prime minister to resign may still hoping to get her brecht's that withdrawal deal through parliament this week that's despite the agreement being rejected by u.k. m.p.'s twice already rich alan's reports. persons ministers are in a hurry these days often with little time for questions threats if you know what. we compromised then peace they had to emergency downing street meetings cabinet meetings parliamentary sessions but whether taking the country still isn't clear despite the haste britain's government is paralyzed big ben's newly restored clockface was revealed this week a reminder as if m.p.'s needed one that time is ticking on wednesday they'll hold
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so-called indicative votes and attempt to choose an alternative to to reason may's withdrawal agreement the divorce deal with the e.u. that parliament has rejected twice but will she listen to them says the prime minister ways been clear that it's a negotiation between ourselves here in the department expressed a view it may be entirely on deliverable thank you so what's our parliaments brecht's it options that the prime minister may or may not agree to m.p.'s have voted against no deal already but it's still the default if they can't agree on anything else by a pull the twelfth nearly six million people have signed a petition urging them to revoke article fifty staying in the customs union wouldn't please iraq skeptics they want complete trade independence the softest of albrecht's it's would keep the u.k. in the customs union and the common market but it couldn't help make the rules anymore a canada style deal really would cut ties but trade deals take years to negotiate
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and the irish border would still be a problem a second referendum could reappear if m.p.'s want to put whatever they choose to the people with staying in the e.u. as the alternative and then there's the deal that won't die most m.p.'s hate it in the commons speaker doesn't want it back but the reason may could try again anyway some of the deals fiercest critics are softening the bricks a tear em pay jacob riis morgue suggests he might support it if the alternative is stay in the e.u. the. i think becomes the choice eventual whether we're there yet is another matter but i've always thought that no deal is better than mrs may's deal with mrs may's deal is better than not leaving at all still as there are many politicians including those from northern ireland's democratic unionist party who remain opposed to the prime minister doesn't yet have the numbers on wednesday she will meet with conservative party backbenchers and there is speculation that this most
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doget of leaders will tell them when should resign perhaps that's the price of getting her deal over the line helen's al-jazeera london. still to come on al-jazeera. the billionaire did a scene forced to pay for their connection to the deaths of five isn't americans. and the investigation that alleges that drug smugglers have access to the highest levels of the philippine government. and this is trillions sports team fights back against racism all the details coming up in sports. hello again a welcome back to international weather forecasts all across china we have been seeing some areas of rain over the last few days that's going to continue as we go
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through midweek what we're really is going to be happening is the temperatures coming up to the high twenty's some locations even getting to thirty thirty by the time we get to thursday but for joe twenty eight degrees few there you can see why we're seeing those winds coming in from the south and southwest rain up here toward shanghai but here we go on thursday we do expect to see from joe at thirty one degrees there over towards taipei you'll also be seeing about thirty two degrees in your forecast and also humid day five for hong kong at twenty seven degrees well across the philippines dollars into bad up here towards the north we're going to be seeing some clouds coming into play here across parts of the south you see those areas showers making their way in so for men to now heavy rain for you over the next few days for thailand you have been seeing some very heavy rain over the last few days things are getting a little bit better but we'll see some scattered showers across much of the area down towards singapore it is going to be a mostly cloudy day with a temperature of thirty three degrees there and also some clouds across the northern part of india that's going to be skirting across katmandu getting
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a little bit better there over the next few days we do expect to see a temperature of twenty three degrees but down towards kolkata temptress few at about thirty two degrees there. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. and africa's technological at the center urban awful us and google poverty live side by side. in its first episode life ups challenges kenya up developers to help small scale farmers cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it was putting people into because it's all over the board people to go live outside silicon savannah on al-jazeera. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and mishits layoffs crashing you know. that's not insignificant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically but it is significant
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even as a crime gag down very significantly by dictating the government's if they fucked up policy shalt not kill the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a quick reminder all of our top stories this hour. the heads of the algerian army has triggered the constitutional process that would declare president abdul aziz which of the unfits for office if there was weeks of mass protests demanding he quits. israel's prime minister is threatening further action against gaza after
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airstrikes on monday and a rocket far from the strip tension remains high after the biggest israeli palestinian military escalation in recent. munce. the charity save the children says seven people including four children have been killed sin an airstrike on a hospital in supports in yemen the organization says a missile struck a gas station near the entrance to the key tough hospital just outside the city of saga in the northwest of the country the venezuelan as opposition leader one goh idol has described the country's second major bloc at this month as a new tragedy addressing the national assembly or it will blames presidents nicolas maduro for the power outage the government declared choose day and national holiday to help cope with the blackouts that iran has again blamed his u.s. back to paul ince of sabotaging a dam that provides most of the country's electricity. well the political and
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economic turmoil in venezuela has created latin america's worst ever refugee crisis of the three million people who fled in recent years one million have left for neighboring colombia that's where the un's refugee agency has set up its first center to receive venezuelans who the scape the crisis. here to report from michael . it's an image more often associated with countries real refugees are fleeing from war while these tents in the desert of northern colombia might seem a surprising sight they could become an increasingly common one like thousands of others yet became unable to feed their three children in neighboring venice where she took a chance moving them here and soon ended up sleeping on the dusty streets of the border city of michel i've looked at us and we slept on the sidewalk for three it was scary and it was difficult to find feet i would skip meals to feed them i need
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to eat to feed the little one and cry until they brought me to this camp. this is the first camp the united nations refugee agency has built in colombia where more than a million venezuelans have sought refuge from hunger and shortages. the un's not calling it a refugee camp but a migrant center where the most vulnerable state temporarily to gather their strength. diana sorry ass is relieved to leave the desperation back home behind her and says every meal for her daughter bring to their joy was. when we were screened they told me she was underweight thank god she gained weight since be brought here and is recovering fairly well until recently the colombian authorities had resisted the idea of opening camps like this one fearing they would have convince more people to have more and more families arriving from venezuela and ending up. but on the streets local authorities decided something needed to be done
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hundreds of people of families are now still living in the streets on my couch or due to the lack of alternatives and lack of shelter solutions. the local authorities to. unity are too to intervene exhaustion is palpable among the arrivals but no one is giving up seventy four year old daniel was an engineer for venezuela's state oil company after losing his pension for protesting against the government he's selling chocolates on the streets to support his wife back home. your maybe. i came without knowing what i was going to achieve but i've always been strong and i'm going to perseverance a sentiment of resilience echoed here again and again with venezuelans happy with their brief response in life however fleetingly feels
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a little bit better alison. a former senior police officer in the philippines says president rodrigo deter has been photographed with two chinese men allegedly involved in illegal drugs jimmy the island organ reports . former police senior superintendent eduardo are shared to face the media afraid but to find he has been in hiding for several months and has received death threats but now he's presenting the results of an investigation he led before being dismissed from his job last year. the report which was submitted to senior police officials in the summer two thousand and seventeen details the alleged involvement of two chinese nationals in the smuggling of illegal drugs into the philippines the former police officer says one of the men also helped set up an
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illicit drugs laboratory in dabao city the hometown of president rodrigo detective in two thousand and four the chinese national was appointed economic adviser to the government and was often seen in the president's company. that is what scared me is the president even aware of the background of this person my conclusion is that the drugs in the group have already penetrated the top levels of power but the group or conduits in the importation of illegal drugs in the country are sure to says he did consider at one point that the terror to wasn't aware the chinese national was a suspected drug lord despite his report. when the president mentioned that michael young was just a drug user or a pusher because at that time they already had a copy of the report so i don't report. by someone close to the president or if they submitted
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a different report to the president when the turtle was sworn into office he promised to end the presence of illegal drugs within the first six months. more than two years on thousands of filipinos have been killed in the president's so-called war on drugs the fifty years allegation and ironic is that in spite of the report given to. be with the president michael young was a point this is economic manager or economic advisor of the president the government denies the allegations a spokesperson says they have cleared the chinese national of drug links. the government also says a share to himself as answer allegations he was involved in a major drug smuggling operation last year i don't think michael young was ever involved otherwise he would have been shoot or would have been on the norco list but the government has yet to explain the process it uses to decide the jails or
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otherwise of suspected drug lords the dossier about the chinese nationals alleged involvement goes back fifteen years and it includes detailed information about associates in the philippines and other countries dogon al jazeera manila. as the us struggles with a national opioids addiction epidemic that has killed more than two hundred thousand people in two decades a company blamed for fuelling the crisis has agreed to pay two hundred and seventy million dollars per day pharma and its owners the billionaire sackler family were accused of using to septa practices to push their drugs all to serious on fisher reports it is a new day in oklahoma. and for the nation in our battle against the addiction. it's estimated one hundred thirty americans die every day from an opioid overdue the president has declared it a public health emergency nobody has seen anything like what's going on now
5:46 am
as americans we cannot allow this to continue several states including oklahoma city big pharmaceutical companies have pushed opioids to boost profits the insist they don't play the risk of addiction while claiming their drugs would treat a wide range of conditions and while thousands die each year many more are struggling through addiction which has led to serious social problems including a spread of hiv and hepatitis c. dealing with the consequences cost states millions of dollars a year this is the first settlement in more than six. one hundred claims perdue faces from states and cities and individual american counties the company says it might be forced to consider bankruptcy other major companies have so far refused to settle the first trial involving other companies ish edgel in oklahoma in me in the coming weeks. this team and i will continue preparing for trial where we
5:47 am
intend to hold the other defendants in this case accountable. for their role in creating the worst a public health crisis our state and nation has ever seen the settlement in oklahoma provides millions for addiction rehabilitation and treatment the pharma companies will come under renewed pressure to reach a nation white settlement with state and local governments possibly along similar lines alan fischer i'll just read it. the pentagon has authorized the transfer of one billion dollars to get build a wall along the us mexico border the phones are the first son's of the national emergency declared by president donald trump to bypass congress and build the barrier he pledged during his election campaign democrats protested against the money for the house of representatives fails to overwrite trump's veto of
5:48 am
a resolution c. ends the border will emergency she have residency has more now from washington d.c. . so the democratic leadership would fail to get a two thirds majority in order to override the presidential veto was never in doubt but this was a symbolic vote and we can perhaps expect more symbolic votes in congress to register the opposition to the declaration of an emergency as this now moves to the courts perhaps to the supreme court the argument isn't about the necessity of having a war it's about whether the president's emergency declaration is constitutional whether it actually breaks the rules of a separation of powers whereby congress appropriates from the president according to members of congress simply appropriate funds really appropriate funds having failed to win the argument on capitol hill to get the money for his war so that's the argument will be argued in the courts and by congress consistently showing its
5:49 am
opposition to the presidential emergency declaration the democratic leadership and some republicans hope they can win the day in court now that that's where this argument will be played out. the u.s. says blacklisted members of a network of friends say they feel working to circumvent the country's sanctions against iran. has more from washington d.c. . the u.s. treasury says it is sanctioning more people and trying to cripple the iranian economy and now they're far focusing on twenty five different people and entities not only in iran but in turkey and the united arab emirates the department alleges that these people in these companies were helping to trade the iranian reale and turn those into u.s. dollars and euros more than a billion dollars worth and they believe that was used to help the revolutionary guard so this is all part of the trump administration's continue to attempt to try and hurt the reading economy just last friday they issued more saying sions against
5:50 am
the effect the iranian weapons development teams so again trying to put pressure on iran but this time someone unusually going outside of a red in targeting people and companies inside both turkey and the united arab emirates. people in the occupied west bank are staging citizens in solidarity with thousands of palestinians in israeli jails who are threatening to go on hunger strike in april over conditions need abraham has more from ramallah in the occupied west bank. families here fear for the lives of their loved ones in israeli jails particularly after the latest round of tension their son has been in prison for the past fifteen years and she follows his news closely. we are concerned for their health these three prison service is ready to a skillet for that we call upon human rights organizations to stand by them to pressure the israelis not to harm the prisoners but i thought the current
5:51 am
escalation started when israel prison service began installing signal jamming devices in prisons while they say it's an attempt to stop palestinian prisoners from using cellular phones palestinians see it in to isolate them further and cause cancer. oh. the this issue is very close to the hearts of many palestinians hundreds of thousands of them have been imprisoned at some point in their lives in the past few decades and palestinian officials say that around five thousand five hundred palestinians are currently in jail. zero one of the fee for president's landmark plans is facing major resistance and sports.
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time for sports here is far. thanks very much italy recorded a huge win in euro two thousand and twenty qualifying on choose day they thrashed liechtenstein fixed nil. scored twice as these talents made it to add to that result puts italy top of group j they're trying to make the euros after failing to qualify for last year's world cup. spain have also secured a second straight when they beat malta to no and now top group af and in the scandinavian darby sweden and norway drew three three european clubs have repeated their intentions to boycott the revamped club world cup which is set to launch in two thousand and twenty one for present confirmed plans for the new book tournaments at a council meeting in miami earlier this month and plan is for it to feature twenty four teams and replace the confederations cup the european club association is
5:54 am
concerned about congestion in the international match calendar the position was a stance of a sense today and we as you see a clubs will confirm that we are not willing to participate in this competition at this moment in time because of the congested calendar before we actually address the revamping of the club world cup there were and are still a matter of topics that we want to discuss and agree with sheaffer and they all saw under the umbrella of the international much tighter montenegro's football association has been charged by you a for over racist fan behavior it happened during their home loss to england in monday's qualifiers derogatory chants were aimed at england's black players while similar abuse has also been a major issue and australia the rules star liam ryan seen on the right has been on the receiving end of racist posts on social media referred to him as
5:55 am
a monkey earlier his team the west coast eagles released this video in response we do not accept don't tolerate rice use them when will this and the term monkey or i can be same as just now i'm calling for aboriginal people because it's much much deeper than that it is a throwback to really sentiment. when this land was settled on the turn all or no man's land the reason for that is because aboriginal people were thought of as human beings. but matt who attacked two time wimbledon champion petra committed has been sentenced to eight years in prison a check court ruled that thirty three year old radom saundra cause committed a serious bodily harm when he attacked her in her apartment back in december two thousand and sixteen the twenty nine year old suffered severe stab wounds on her left playing arm world number two returned to tennis just five months after that
5:56 am
attack is currently competing at the miami open former two weight you have seen champion conor mcgregor says he's retiring from mixed martial arts a thirty year old irishman hasn't fought since last october when he lost a lightweight champion could be he was suspended for six months after that fight ended in a mass brawl gregor made the statement on social media just hours after a t.v. appearance in which he discussed his hopes of fighting again later this year our sports correspondent lee wellings has more. one of those this is not the first time the economy gregor has retired from mixed martial arts and not the first time that he's retired on social media and that all the time in twenty six they knew who's very quickly said that he regrets he was falling out with the sports bosses kind back and forth again obviously we're giving them this idea of social media where someone can come out and say something that by day and go back home quickly even if
5:57 am
this was an official press conference he thought it through and said it what has happened throughout history not just mixed martial arts but also a boxing is a long history of fights is retiring i don't sign anything to say they'll never be back it's so often the payday that will bring them back and it all adds to the sort of circus feel around for live mixed martial arts is a very serious side to it obviously the level of interest has grown extraordinarily but it's also about big paydays and if something was offered anywhere close to the thirty million dollars he was said to my boxing match with floyd mayweather even something far less than not it could tend to not it's all part of being able to settle fights and sell us the events and that's all your sport for now more later. and that is it for this news arbor day stay with us here on al-jazeera daryn georgeson is up next with all your latest world news i'm out what is it with the.
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plan i made every week a new cycle going to see any simple breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts janel ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel but that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were told on the stories that matter the most in battery is a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. april on al-jazeera nato leaders will gather to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the alliance in washington d.c. madam husain engages in rigorous debates cutting through the headlines on up front twenty five years on from the genocide that killed nearly
5:59 am
a million people rolonda has rebuilt but how far of its people have been reconciled the emmy award winning show phone lines is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories israel is to hold an early election on the ninth of april but with a corruption scandal looming will benjamin netanyahu extend his ten years as prime minister april on al-jazeera. they said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it we should have it and if we catch we should have more people in power investigates the private companies and rule us towns and logically complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day and then sets not a future in the hands of the cia you can make the sun shine or not rendition movies or ted caught on out is iraq.
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al jazeera. where every. cheap trick is a constitutional move to oust the president from office responding to weeks of protests. hello i'm daryn jordan the saudis they are live from doha coming up tensions remain high in gaza after israeli airstrikes and palestinian rocket fire as israel boose its military forces along the border. four children among seven people dead after a missile it's all split yemen supported by the save the children charity plus. one nation could get paid.


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