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hundreds have clearly put on the table a peace plan that once was says we will exist peacefully with israel with normal relations secure borders and all that so the the israelis and the arabs have an opportunity to negotiate a comprehensive and just peace that's just to both sides the arabs are not in any situation where they're going to attack israel anybody who attacks in israel with its nuclear weapons and american support is going to be nuts so nobody is going to act israel this is very a traditional pro right wing zionist israeli propaganda and we're hearing it all the time a wrong statement here royal house and it's really his attitude to the conflict as a peace agreement eugene usually has mentioned he is here i can tell you here i mean. yes he did it it yes it injured seven people in israel israel has injured thirty one thousand palestinians in the last year and killed over two hundred thirty one thousand palestinians have been injured mostly along the guise of
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a border so there is a war going on people are going to keep attacking each other we want to stop the war we don't want to create conditions on the ground of permanent occupation and the kind of a tax of israel that's after it will have their answers ago that kills thousands and thousands of people like i say we're running out of time we're going to bottom in all of that if you. just want to put to you that the trumpet has move unilaterally in the middle east on several occasions flying in the face of international opinion perhaps this is a smart move off the year is if there are progress in the region just shake things up and see if we can get some reaction towards peace. i mean he is shaking things up doesn't mean that it's going to be of the way he wants i mean george bush shook things up when he invaded iraq at the time the u.s. standing in the region was relatively good at the end today the u.s. standing in the region actually is quite weak and the iranians are now actually in a stronger position than they were back then eyes for see something very similar
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happening here whereby we have very short term solutions being pushed down the throat of everyone in the region to the benefit to their right wing israelis not even the whole benefit of the situation what happens when they annex the area c. and start having questions about can you be a jewish state or a democracy there is plenty of questions and let us not forget that the issue here of the go and night is not so much security in military terms the way that it is pretreated because with the new drones and the revolutionary in military affairs with satellites and imagery and the possibility of negotiating a no man's land and so on and so forth it's not really about that it's about access to water and water is drying up fast in the region we work on climate change at the idea and i can tell you that in the region water is going to disappear quite rapidly the golan heights is one of the very few sources there it provides thirty percent of israel's water seventy percent of its portable water this is why israel
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wants the golan heights more than anything in right well water generals resigning ogi when water is one of the issues gentlemen we have run out of time i'm sorry we're going to have to jump in there but do appreciate your perspectives on this thank you to all our guests to rami khouri to agree i'm sure on using contour of which thank you to you for watching you can see this program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com ford slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me nick luck and the whole team here it is good bye for now. i . nearly three years after the cold voted to leave the european union. is yet to take for. camp britain seen through its divorce from its european neighbors the whole process still be revived
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to stay with al-jazeera for the latest. it is murder when you throw a firebomb into someone's home and need sheet off traffic you know. not in significant numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as a crime gag very significant by dictating big government in the fucked up policy now shall not kill the radicalized series on al-jazeera it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every beauty's is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass
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a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it brittany's happiness is what we ensure it's if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has. early isn't forty five for real football fans who don't think about the opening goal of the experiment when real madrid it's love worth five hundred million euros or expresses a position on something like the world anti-doping agency has to take notice if you don't know. in part two of this series to news to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports to bring the endless chain on all jazeera. the latest news as it breaks as well as the police investigation the prime minister says there will also be a national inquiry with detailed coverage the arms trade with saudi arabia is going
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to be a very important components of life in post brooks in britain. from around the world that outlines the symbol also must fight this europeans. full support behind. thailand's opposition party say they have a majority in the first election since a military coup five years ago. michel carry this out as their life until coming out for children have been killed in an air strike on a hospital and yemen. a serious army chief calls for the president to be rolled unfit for office but opposition groups say that it's not enough us. one nation
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could get in a meeting. and al-jazeera investigation exposes attempts by an australian right brained party to get money from the us gun lobby. thailand's main opposition groups have formed a coalition after sunday's inclusive election to take on the military backed ruling party added that its high party says the coalition will have two hundred fifty five out of five hundred seats in the house of representatives the final results still haven't been announced it was hylands first vote since the military took over five years ago scotland has more from bangkok thailand main opposition party has said that they have formed a coalition with six other parties and something called a democratic front that they have joined together to counter the influence in the control that the military government has here in thailand and they say mainly because the elections on sunday were for the lower house five hundred members of
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the lower house they say with this coalition they have two hundred fifty five thus gaining control of it the party that's fronted by the military government says that they have a coalition form that they can also control so obviously each party each coalition saying that they will have control we expect unofficial results to come out on friday right now the numbers are very close it appears as though that it does have the numbers that they say they need to form this coalition. has said that they do what's going to be interesting because the two hundred fifty member of senate is completely appointed by the military government in this coalition says that they have the right to form a government because their members were elected by the people not appointed by the military government so these unofficial results or are due out on friday official results will come out come out until may ninth so a lot can happen between now and then but right now both parties lead parties saying that they have the right to control and have the majority in the lower house
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. the charity save the children says seven people including four children were killed in an airstrike on a hospital at supporting in yemen and happening district about one hundred kilometers from the city of sata saudi arabia the u.a.e. are leading the coalition which has been fighting who is the forces for four years as hardy on reports rubble and debris cover what's usually a busy street in the yemen patients and medical staff were arriving in a key top hospital near the city of santa when it was hit by an airstrike. the attack is believed to have been carried out by the saudi led coalition fighting who the rebels in the country the coalition has complete control of yemeni air space the facility supported by the charity save the children serve more than five thousand people it had been opened for thirty minutes before the attack at least seven people were killed four of them children among those that were killed included two minister of health staff as well and of the four children that died
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all boys ranging between eight and fourteen years old why did this week marks four years since the start of yemen's war thousands rallied in the capital on tuesday to mark the anniversary of the conflict millions have been displaced much of the country is on the brink of famine the united nations says is the worst place to be a child we're hearing of children that have being killed and maimed by air strikes and shelling but then also there's the reverberating affix in the last couple of weeks there has been. a resurgent caller and suspected cholera cases where thousands of children each week being suspected to have cholera and save the children has estimated that over eighty five thousand children may have died since the conflict if skule didn't two thousand and fifteen dozens of children died last august when a school bus was hit by an air raid led by the saudi u.a.e.
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coalition that same month another hospital was attacked in her data several cease fires have been agreed on yet they consistently crumble. as a war continues into yet another year it's often the most vulnerable who are left to pick up the pieces katia locus of the young al-jazeera. opposition groups in algeria say a call by the army chief to have present been a fake a declared unfit for office doesn't go far enough are calling for a bigger change the military's direct intervention powers weeks or protests against but i think there are reports that the algerian army breaks its silence it demands the country's ailing president. be declared unfit to rule it was on me as chief of staff left in and general. who made the demand. in this regard we need to find
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a solution to sort out this crisis and to respond to the demands of all jury and within the constitution and within the sovereignty of the country in order to achieve that consensus and to achieve something that is accepted by all parties by triggering article one to the constitutional council would have to declare the president unfit to lead the country a step that would pave the way for the chairman of the opportunity but in the parliament. to take over as interim president until elections are held. the army chief widely seen as a key ally of president of the law. has in the past warned against instability as the anti-government rallies gained momentum. the protests continue it even went with a clear cut made a few concessions we shuffled the government called for
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a national dialogue and not to see if. his was dismissed by the opposition leader as a ploy by the establishment to take the steam out of the protests but a move for twenty years but in two thousand and thirteen has suffered a stroke and of us. since i was rarely seen in public algeria's have been calling for a national unity government that would lead the country for a transitional period draft and you can situation and reinvigorate an economy in tatters if we followed the constitutions then more or less disown people who are alone in the country at the moment we've been in it for the foreseeable future and forty five days to ninety days depending on the situation the elections are that we would make in major constitutional or legal arrangements so the game we produce
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will be will be played according to the rules that exist today and this is what the people in algeria have been calling for or against basically they don't want the politics to continue under the same rules which in oil and natural gas algeria as economy has struggled as oil prices declined over the last few years the government slashed social development programs to tackle recession but unemployment sought and anger spread. algeria has for decades used its political and financial influence to shape policies in the a frickin continent of the isle of weld but today the country faces a huge challenges as it distances itself from with a fleet of cars legacy and what's up as the us will be closely watched by algeria's neighbors and particularly the league which is holding its annual beating in tunisia. zero tunis and egyptian delegation is trying to enter the gaza strip to
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mediate a cease fire between a mosque and israel but the sides have continued to each act attack each other sporadically minister benjamin netanyahu says he'll take further action against hamas israel's military is increasing its presence along the gaza border israel continued to carry out air strikes on gaza overnight rockets were fired from the occupied territory stephanie decker has more from the israel gaza border fence. things are relatively calm around the border areas the restrictions that the army placed on the border communities have been lifted despite that there is an increased troops presence tanks we've seen them on the road just stagnant on standby if you will what we understand now from media reports that there is an egyptian delegation of course the egyptians have been mediating between the two sides between israel and hamas for quite some time but they are expected to come and speak to both sides to try and find some kind of middle ground the real test now moving forward is this weekend when we have the one year anniversary of the
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great march of return those are of course those border protests that have put immense pressure on israel israel wants them to stop hamas doesn't see that it is achieved anything pop of all over the last year it is also facing pressure from the people inside there's been a fledgling but important protest movement on happiness how much at the same time minutes you know who the prime minister facing a lot of pressure he's two weeks away from a hotly contested election is being seen as weak for not doing more here the situation remains very fragile it is possible to go any either way but we're going to have to wait and see how things develop over the next couple of days a new report has found human traffickers may have committed crimes against humanity in malaysia and thailand between two thousand and twelve and two thousand and fifteen the joint human rights commission of malaysia and forty rights group says the crimes are committed against her henchmen men women and children at sea and of human trafficking camps report talking bents how criminals to save her head to
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refugees to board ships later abusing them and slaving them and in some cases murdering them anywhere found in mass graves and malaysia. a three year al-jazeera investigation into the u.s. gun lobby has uncovered efforts by a political party in australia to secure twenty million dollars some pro-gun advocates in america a one nation party visited washington d.c. in september of last year seeking funds from the national rifle association peter charlie from our investigative unit has part two of the story. which is here is investigate if you need film to covertly about pulling henson from one nation visited the u.s. to attend a series of meetings with gun lobby representatives i was the one nation delegation was made up of the party's chief of staff james ashby and steve dixon the leader of the party in the astringent state of queensland. right through and a million dollars a week when i hate to say plush was safe for the senate there were hoping that if
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he donations from the gun lobby would help them secure the balance of power in a strenuous parliament in an upcoming federal election then we would we. really don't know the truth to see you know. you don't know what our record. really. if you want one to tell you we've given you it over the last house and you would have felt that. while seeking millions from the gun lobby one nation said it was prepared to soften strict gun control legislation in australia that the n.r.a. has frequently criticized the bill without. it. you'll be there during a visit to the us dixon and ashby attended a series of meetings in which they were offered advise by gun lobby groups on how to prepare the is trillion public for an easing of the strict gun laws you have
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somebody who maybe at least a year or so i worked at a newspaper was covering city hall or order a little bit of stories about people who were. at the poles invasion or whatever it might be that could help out there and that's going to be the first words and we've got a right to go to five of those are we. pulling hanson's one nation party has developed an official gun policy. that proposes a softening of the strict gun laws the destroy you put in place following a massacre in the town of port arthur in nine hundred ninety six but in secretly recorded meetings.


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