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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 27, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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now the right is going to put out to fire those are we. pulling hanson's one nation party has developed an official gun policy. that proposes a softening of the strict gun laws the destroy you put in place following a messenger in the town of port arthur in nine hundred ninety six but in secretly recorded meetings steve dixon promised to work to reverse the laws if we don't times thing people are going to go. god help them to get him out of not having gotten to talk of them to get him politically correct puff and if it is it for poison or you know it will poison our whole life we stop it before charlie al-jazeera sydney. the u.s. is struggling with an opioid addiction epidemic that's killed more than two hundred thousand people in two decades now a company blamed for helping fuel that crisis has agreed to pay two hundred seventy million dollars in fines al-jazeera as alan fischer reports it is
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a new day in oklahoma. and for the nation in our battle against addiction. it's estimated one hundred thirty americans die every day from an opioid overdose the president has declared it a public health emergency nobody has seen anything like what's going on now as americans we cannot allow this to continue several states including oklahoma say big pharmaceutical companies have pushed opioids to boost profits the insist they don't play the risk of addiction while claiming their drugs would treat a wide range of conditions and while thousands die each year many more are struggling through addiction which has led to serious social problems including a spread of hiv and hepatitis c. dealing with the consequences cost states millions of dollars a year this is the first settlement in more than sixteen hundred claims perdue faces from states and cities and individual american counties the company says it
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might be forced to consider bankruptcy other major companies have so far refused to settle the first trial involving other companies is shared in oklahoma in me in the coming weeks. this team and i will continue preparing for trial where we intend to hold the other defendants in this case accountable. for their role in creating the worst a public health crisis our state and nation has ever seen the settlement in oklahoma provides millions for addiction rehabilitation and treatment the pharma companies will come under renewed pressure to reach a nation white settlement with state and local governments possibly along similar lines alan fischer al-jazeera. still ahead and al just zero. one of his most controversial plays keeps his opponent guessing that.
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sports fans catch up with all the tennis news great shots of. where i play tennis just like in my dreams in my dreams. oh well number one know about it djokovic has suffered another surprise defeat for the second straight to djokovic has failed to make it beyond the fourth. this time he was beaten by roberto but disto goods at the miami open adversus and house. all is not entirely well in the world of novak
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djokovic. the game's top ranked player has suffered another early tournament exit last week he went house in round three to indian wells miami six time champion is heading home after round four. beaten in three sets by world number twenty five reports about easter a good spank i was kind of match should have lost them in so many opportunities and just way too many ways through the opportunities and this is what happens when you when you don't capitalize. australia's nick curiosus had an eventful few days underarm serves well one tactic in his last much and he kept croatia's borna church guessing in this encounter was curious later admitted to getting bored during the second set and was deducted a point from old a blip senate seat he went on so lose in three sets was me don't play for two hours
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and twenty minutes and regardless he owes me a lot like play some tennis like i'm not going to take. you to him probably not. maybe that's why when you competing in this heat in the moment of paranoia when you're canadian seen an agent felix assume is having the best week of his young career the eighteen year old is in the quarterfinals of a masters event for the first time. i feel like this extra pressure this like attention that i gave maybe last year the year before through to the odd comes to the media's that's a bit behind you know we're in the way we're are able really to stay in the present and really focus on what i have to do in the core. another canadian teenager is also through to the last eight then a shapovalov eventually getting the better of stefana sits a pass at just before two am local time on the richardson al-jazeera. the joke
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of its of a has missed her chance to become a well no one for the first time in her career the world number two needed to win the miami title to show she took the top spot from now me also but give it to that has been beaten in the quarterfinals by australia's ashley barty it means some on a holiday but could regain the top ranking if she wins the title. europe's leading clubs a say they will boycott revamped at club world cup but that is set to launch in twenty twenty one feet a president who wants to make it a twenty four team tournament held in june and july at the moment it's a seven team event at this stage in december valving just one european club. we as europeans way from or dca have a greater rate of that we didn't want the proposal to be brought up at the council in miami it was brought up the position was as it sounds today and we as the ca
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clubs will confirm that we are not willing to participate in this competition at this moment in time because of the congested calender. fans of chelsea's women's team have been assured it will be safe for them to travel to france for the second leg of their champions league quarter finals with. chelsea have a two nil advantage up from the first game in london the first leg so police are turning fifty p.s.u. fans away from the kings meadows stadium weapons fireworks and drugs were confiscated from supporters a coach. be a peaceful occasion i don't see why not in our parish shaw do their best to support their team without causing any trouble. you know i just hope that now it's a noisy atmosphere and one where the players in the sports can enjoy tiger woods is getting ready to tee off at the world championship matchplay event for the first
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time in six years to win this match for a title woods will have to get through seven rounds in five days. i haven't played a whole lot of match play you know since two thousand and thirteen and i'm looking for a term looking for the. fighter i'd skip to focus on one guy. each and every shots different and you don't really care what the rest of the feels doing i just have to be the guy sitting in front me. it helps he to me while he walks out got the better of the houston rockets all eyes were on this season's front runners to be named the n.b.a.'s most valuable player and james harden and danny's untypical but it was the bucs eric let so top a scored with twenty five points to help the bucs the hundred eight to ninety four when. that's it for me sammy buying song was ok so the bad news is the news hours over about three for the good news is richelle is back that all the four
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shows stay with us. in the country playing political cottonmouths games with europe and russia the people are trying to find their voice. but under the yawn free strew of the soon cool gloss dictator of europe voicing any opposition is risky. but the penalties can be severe. the better roost in the emma weakness documentary. on al-jazeera new leaders plays children in this refugee camp
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the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence ten year olds the book his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions. and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. and africa's technological and be sent into an awful us and group over to live side by side. in its first episode life ups challenges kenya up developers to help small scale farmers cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change interest but simply
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because it's a little bit bold people to go out silicon savannah for knowledge is even. the main opposition in thailand warns forces with six other parties to form what it calls a democratic front as voters await the results of sunday's election. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in this book that you know in this regard we need to find a solution to sort out this crisis and to respond to the demands of all jury and adjustors in algeria so the military is called for the president to step down is not enough they want the entire government on plus telling a breakthrough in the space program india's prime minister says it's joined the
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space soberly also. with a group of police training for guerrilla warfare deep to me it was a war crime and seeking justice more than a decade after the civil war and nepal. thailand's main opposition groups have formed a coalition to take on the military backed ruling party that of the party says the coalition will have two hundred fifty five out of five hundred seats in the house of representatives vinyl results of sunday's elections still have not been announced it was thailand's first vote since the militia military that is took over five years ago scott heiler has more from bangkok. tallinn's main opposition party has said that they have formed a coalition with six other parties and something called a democratic front that they have joined together to counter the influence in the control that the military government has here in thailand and they say mainly because the elections on sunday were for the lower house five hundred members of
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the lower house they say with this coalition they have two hundred fifty five that's gaining control of it the party that's fronted by the military government says that they have a coalition form that they can also control so obviously each party each coalition saying that they will have control we expect unofficial results to come out on friday right now the numbers are very close it appears as though that it does have the numbers that they say they need to form this coalition. has said that they do what's going to be interesting because the two hundred fifty member of senate is completely appointed by the military government in this coalition says that they have the right to form a government because their members were elected by the people not appointed by the military government so these unofficial results or are due out on friday official results will come out come out until may ninth so a lot can happen between now and then but right now both parties lead parties saying that they have the right to control and have
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a majority in the lower house struck us as a story and author he writes extensively on thailand and joins us now from content on skype thank you so much for your time what is your take on why it has been so difficult to get election results. that's a good question. the military government was overseeing the election with the election electoral come commission that was set up with also appointed by the so there's a lot of questions with irregularities and some hanky panky going on none of that has been proved yet but there's a lot of question. it makes a difference because if it does then up to be a democratic coalition that means that that has more than two hundred fifty members and the house of representatives that means that they should have the right to have their own prime minister nominated with the help of the senate it's possible that the present. prime minister under the military government could
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theoretically become the prime minister it would be a very strange the duration in that case what do you make of these coalitions forming well yesterday the democratic. front said that they had more than two hundred fifty and today the military government the military party the proxy party said that they had enough votes to form a coalition so i mean on the problem would be the military party did form that coalition will be a lot of questions about how the numbers could change so much during election day and why it was necessary to delay the official results and not just a day or two but until may night that's that'll be very contentious so first election in five years what what do you see is the takeaway from how this is all played out. the first takeaway is that the military government with all the time
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in the world five years to set up what they wanted to have their leaders on the. machine the government and with a lot of money put into the election they were only able to get twenty six percent of the vote that means seventy four percent of people voted against the military government the military party. that's number one number two. fresh new party that's made up of activists and pro-democracy persons who don't like the connection with talks and the main party this future forward party has made a very impressive. bid looks like they'll be the one that could help or be part of forming this new government it's young people of the new generation people are excited but that means if the military party forms
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a coalition they're going to be very dissatisfied ok we'll have to see how this all plays out they would suck but thank you so much thank you. seven people including four children have been killed in an air strike on a hospital in yemen a charity save the children says its staff are on the ground supporting the medical team at the time at happened in the city of sodom saudi arabia and the lady are leading a military coalition in yemen against the backed iran backed with the rebels that isn't a war which began four years ago this week and the prime minister narendra modi says his country is now facing superpower after it shot down a satellite as part of a test and he has now become only the fourth country to do so in nonstick comes just two weeks before indians vote in a general election. this was several diago v i want to assure the global community that this new ability that we have achieved is not against anyone it is a defensive initiative of
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a fast moving india india has always been against the space arms race and this hasn't changed our policy. so how raman has more from new delhi or the prime minister said was that within the last twenty four hours he could confirm that india become the fourth nation in the world along with the us china and russia anti satellite technology it had shot down successfully one of its own satellites in orbit and that he wanted to tell the nation of course is a policy that was started back in two thousand and twelve under the former prime minister manmohan singh so india's space development through isro the indian space research organization has been developing space technology for decades now but it's a huge feather in the prime in.


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