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tv   Gaza Between Fire Sea  Al Jazeera  March 27, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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prime minister narendra modi says his country is now a space superpower after it shot down a satellite as part of a test and he has now become only the fourth country to do so in nonstick comes just two weeks before and dns vote in the general election may arch. go v i want to assure the global community that this new ability that we have achieved is not against anyone it is a defensive initiative of a fast moving india india has always been against the space arms race and this hasn't changed our policy. so how raman has more from new delhi where the prime minister said was that within the last twenty four hours he could confirm that india become the fourth nation in the world along with the us china and russia and satellite technology it had shot down successfully one of its own satellites in orbit and that he wanted to tell the nation of course is a policy that was started back in two thousand and twelve under the former prime minister manmohan singh so india's space development through isro the indian space
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research organization has been developing space technology for decades now but it's a huge further in the prime minister's operation to shut the words. over in addition to reaching the east of the country so certainly a major announcement by a sitting prime minister which has reverberations and repercussions at this present moment in time in india the british prime minister is preparing for her weekly question time in parliament after m.p.'s voted that they would take charge of alternative bracks options on monday it's a major defeat for a tourism a who's still hoping to get her back so withdraw all agreement passed this week parliament has already rejected made steel on two occasions and the president they are paying council in strasbourg made a personal plea to members of the e.u. over bracks said calling for their support you cannot be trade the six million people who signed a petition to revoke article fifty. there one million people. who marched
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for a people's vote all the increasing majority of people who wants to remain in the european union. they may feel that they are not sufficiently represented by the u.k. parliament but they must feel that they are represented by you in this chamber because of the europeans and more now from head of bellamy who joins us live from london so what is supposed to happen today. well there's a lot of activities happening today here at westminster as you said in less than an hour it's the reason may we'll be. holding this weekly prime minister's question she's probably going to be facing some very tough questions and we'll have to give some convincing on servers she is still trying to put forward her withdrawal agreement where third vote for this time
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a yes vote indication that more and more m.p.'s are starting to think that maybe it's better her a deal than actually having nothing on the table but she needs to convince at least seventy five people so that's quite a long shot for her and probably a lot will depend on what answer she will be giving today now parallel to that in the house of commons many m.p.'s are putting forward to do speaker. him any of their options he was going to shoes among those options six or seven and put them forward. for an indicative vote which is nonbinding for two reason may at this stage later on in the day at around nineteen g.m.t. now out of the six or seven votes he will see those who got the most. yes votes and put that again to another vote on monday it's quite complicated process but basically all the options are still on the table where there is still
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no deal revoke article fifty hold a second referendum so many m.p.'s have different ideas on the way forward and as you recall now it's the house of commons who actually has taken control of the parliamentarian agenda so that's what they're doing now there's no easy way to explain it but basically they're going to put forward these ideas out of these ideas you get three that will be that would have gotten the more yes votes and then those will be put forward again to a second vote in the meantime farrelly to that terrorism may will continue trying to convince as many as being as she can that her deal is the best deal ok how to tell made live for us in atlanta and how to thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera we are very happy very happy because i've been a member. for. a green want to cut off for days. one of the isolated communities. believe one nation could get everything we need to
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know that al-jazeera investigation exposes attempts by an australian party to get money from us. the weather remains still quite mobile all across japan at the moment bands of plants sliding through the sea of japan nudging a little further east with the same some wintry flowers from time to time and we see the bits and pieces of cloud at times right it's a little bit of snow from time to time temp this is a poor struggle to get to just one degree celsius is a nineteen there for turkey zero sheltered by the mountains not too bad at all but see some rain in some snow over the tops from time to time some heavy rain there just pushing back into q shit it will make its way further. clearer weather trying to come in but southern parts will still see some wet weather some parts of the
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craven asia who also see some clouds and possibly some rain just not too terrific there for beijing possibility a little bit of a cloud maybe a wintry flare into northern parts of china may come further south well here we do have some really wet weather into central parts of china hong kong's doing quite nicely temperatures picking up to twenty seven celsius on thursday and the date on friday that cloud and rain will sink a little further southwards so you can see some wet weather eventually heading towards southern parts of the country wanted to show was there in indochina quite a scattering of showers across a good parts of southeast asia with rain at times for the philippines. isn't the problem for your town that they really don't have a health question moberg good for you goes on the corruption question really doesn't look good for the news business i think you're never going to do it we will tell you no new mother told you so i mean really you get one there's
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a lot of disillusionment with the u.s. across the globe to follow the is called for the bridge doesn't build those who breaks will join me near the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here and i'll just. watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now thailand's main opposition party has formed a coalition with six other parties after sunday's election the leader of the party says the coalition will have enough seats to control the lower house and its prime minister says his country is now a space superpower after a shot down a satellite as part of a test and it's now become only the fourth country to do so medicine ounce mccombs
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just two weeks before indians vote and a general election and the british prime minister is preparing for her first weekly question time in parliament since m.p.'s voted to take charge of alternative parks an option that was a major defeat for a theresa may who is still hoping to get her breakfast with paul agreement passed this week. a member about jarius ruling coalition is urging president that if they get to step down after the army's chief call for him to be declared unfit for office but some opposition groups say the demand doesn't go far enough a calling for bigger change the military is direct intervention follows weeks of protests against politically and his backers are reports. army breaks its silence it demands the country's ailing president. be declared unfit to rule it was army's chief of staff left in a general comment gates who made the demand. in this regard we need to
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find a solution to sort out this crisis and to respond to the demands of algeria within the constitution and within the sovereignty of the country in order to achieve that consensus and to achieve something that is accepted by all parties by triggering article one zero two the constitutional council will have to declare the president unfit to lead the country a step that would pave the way for the chairman of the opposition but in the parliament. to take over as interim president until elections are held. the army chief widely seen as a key ally of president of the law as he. has in the past warned against instability as the anti-government rallies gained momentum. the protests continue it even went with a clear cut made
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a few concessions was shuffled the government called for a national dialogue and not to see if. his office was dismissed by key opposition leaders as a ploy by the establishment to take the steam out of the protests what a move for twenty years but in two thousand and thirteen has suffered a stroke and ever since i was rarely seen in public algeria's have been calling for a national unity government that would lead the country for a transitional period draft a new constitution and reinvigorate an economy in tatters if we followed the constitutions more or less do so in. people who are allowed in the country at the moment would build on the need for the foreseeable future and forty five days to ninety days depending on the situation the elections. we would make you major constitutional or legal arrangements so the game we produce will be would be
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played according to deludes that exist today and this is what the people have been calling for or against basically they don't want the politics to continue under the same rules which in oil and natural gas algeria's economy has struggled as oil prices declined over the last few years the government slashed social development programs to tackle recession but unemployment sought and spread algeria has for decades used its political and financial influence to shape policies in the african continent of the world but today the country faces a huge challenges as it distances itself from what a legacy and what happens there will be closely watched by algeria's neighbors and particularly the arab league which is holding its annual meeting here in tunisia.
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tunis there and says it needs nearly three hundred million dollars in aid over the next three months to help mozambique's one quite seven million cyclon victims present fully expected to address the nation on wednesday to talk about what the government is doing to help those affected by the storm neighborly travel to one community that's and cut off or twelve day. it's a race against time to reach isolated something closer vive years before my nutrition and disease break out. helicopters are scouring the three thousand square kilometer disaster zone in central mozambique searching for the vulnerable and overlooked who desperately need help. in the village of greater two hundred kilometers from deraa they found a thousand hungry people if they ate something once a day they were among the more fortunate we are very happy very happy because of the many bears we got for what we got a clean water and we got an extension as well so when we saw this helicopter people
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were very happy. the world food program brought two tons of high nutritional food much to the relief for the villages who lost everything in the psych loan homes crops possessions and some their loved ones this aid is coming just in the nick of time for these people their food had run out they were cut off for twelve days the water's only receded here four days ago they still need flour they still need oil and they still need medicine but for now they're ok they're going to survive but there are other isolated pockets like these around the country who still need help in this area they're used to flooding but not with such ferocious winds and we're going to win before and we didn't expect the cycling to be so bad it was frightening when we were told that the winds will be more than two hundred kilometers per hour and we didn't take it seriously that's why so many people suffered. five people from the community were swept away in drowning clued in a young boy most are now having to live in a local school. aid agencies estimate that they have reached six hundred thousand
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people so far but they need to get to another one million who need assistance there are a lot of reasons we really need to make a lot of efforts we need more money argentina to be able to bring here on the ground before what they what distance things that made these things that we need to distribute on time because now playing for itself if things. just a few days ago the land below was covered in water after two days without rain the levels are receding more roads and tracks are becoming passable and that allows the more effective and cheaper way of delivering aid involved. but that help will need to be long term it's harvest season in this region for the villages abroad or like tens of thousands of others have no crops to harvest no fish left to catch today they will eat but what will the future bring. many cycling victims will be dependent on international support for the foreseeable future. tony virtually
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al-jazeera or rather central mozambique. and as wales opposition leader one quite hour has described the country's second major blackout the start as a new tragedy addressing the national assembly president nicolas maduro for the power outage the government declared tuesday and national holiday to help cope with the outage there as again blame the us act opponents or sabotaging it and that provides most of the country's electricity. a three year al-jazeera investigation into the u.s. gun lobby has uncovered efforts by a political party in australia to seek or twenty million dollars from pro-gun advocates an america the one nation party visited washington d.c. in september of last year seeking the national rifle association or charlie from our investigative unit has part two of the story. and which is here is investigative unit film decoded politically about pulling one since one nation visited the u.s. to attend a series of meetings with gun lobby representatives i think. the one nation
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delegation was made up of the party's chief of staff james ashby and steve dixon the leader of the party in the astringent state of queensland. right through the million dollars us when people say it was safe for the senate they were hoping that if the donations from the gun lobby would help them secure the balance of power industry news parliament in an upcoming federal election there we would we think you know. if we were to see you know. you know what i reckon that. really. if you were going to do you would you would you would rather a lot of house and offer you would have to go that route. while seeking.


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