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it's in black and white in the political declaration that it's being angry but we've also been clear he he ends his question he ends his question and i'm hearing this other trait sectarian side entry position. about the way she is about listening to parliament what we're going to do on workers' rights in say there's actually no we won't simply accept automatically what the european union does we will listen to parliament and give parliament a say in that i thought he wanted parliament to have a say in these. sounds awfully like your recipe for aggression away from those standards and damaging work is right is to speak you're after the two largest defeats ever in parliamentary history surely the prime minister should be listening to parliament she didn't answer my question about whether or not an agreement reached in this house would become the negotiating position of the government i think the house and perhaps more importantly the whole country deserves to know the answer to that question this is make sure this country is on hold while the
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government is in complete paralysis the vital issues facing our country from the devastation of public services to homelessness to knife crime have been neglected the prime minister is failing to deliver breaks it because she can't build a consensus is unable to compromise and unable to reunite the country instead she's stoking further do business if she's unable to resolve the central issues facing britain today and she is frankly unable to govern and the prime minister faces mr speaker a very clear choice the one indorsed by the country many of her own party either listen and change course or go which is it to be yes you. can i can i just say the right honorable gentleman raises the question of the indicative votes tonight i actually answered that question in this house earlier this week but he might want to talk to his shadow bricks it sector has now. well
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actually the labor party won't commit to supporting the results of any of the indicative votes tonight i mean he talks about how many troops about when he talks about what's happening in this country well let's just look at what is going to be happening in this country next week. nearly a billion pounds extra for the police one point told me i have. a one hundred billion pounds extra for our schools not the fuel duty free i now the rise in national living wage not our tax cut that sunder the conservative base but we're going to give us he wants to scrap tried and he wants to pull out of nato it would give us a good give us capital flight to run on the pound dropping living style which i think is the biggest threat to our standing in the world to our defense and to our economy is shifting all the way about how do.
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you make what i write and it's taken seriously all the goodness of my kitchen system you wish to play outside of a very fine signatures from across. the country can produce an accurate reflection of public opinion on important issues such as your book you know two fifty and these are democracy a potentially under threat from the manipulator from foreign states the press. conference raised a very important issue. can i just say that unlike the traditional paper petition system we do need to ensure to have any petition system that aims to strike a balance between allowing people to easily recognize their support register their support for issues which are important to the ball discovered dishonesty in taking place. been assured that the government digital service is being constantly
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monitoring signing patterns to check to forge interactivity but i'm sure that while the french will understand that i can't comment in more detail about the security measures that are taken but protections are subject to checks as part of due diligence here but any other option will lead to an uncertainty and risk losing the brakes at the words there of tory's in law and christ by the leader of the opposition jeremy called and asking whether she had a plan b. deal a deal which of course parliament has already rejected twice in. world witnessing a lively exchange in the british parliament this is question time for the prime minister taking questions at a very critical time of course where parliament today will start the process of what we're calling an indicative vote to try and find an alternative an unprecedented development in british parliamentary history where it is basically taking the initiative to discuss setting time aside for
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a finding of policy forward on this this issue brigs it. we saw an exchange then which the prime minister tried to repeatedly plug the deal saying the deal delivers all the benefits of a custom union but retains independent trade policy and ended well it's still going on but the the exchange between the prime minister and the leader of the opposition ended with with the leader of the opposition jeremy corbin accusing her of playing roulette with the lives and livelihoods of the people of this country who have made has been listening in she's in london right outside our manhunter a very lively exchange if you're expecting one you got it today. yes absolutely and you can see the amount of pressure. is there and maybe one could
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even argue that at the moment she's not really trying not giving the convincing. that the piece want to hear from her and i think you had that same frustration actually last week in brussels you had several of the e.u. leaders after the behind closed door session with her who said that they weren't convinced that she knew what she was doing and especially the french president the money went back home at the time said we can't understand what she's thinking and what this her plan b. now she was asked today just now what is your plan b. and she again. that question she was even asked if she would take on board any of the motions that should be voted on in the house of commons those are non indicative votes we have to underline but she also dodged that question i think she is sticking at the moment to her position my deal is the best deal harder perhaps is the reason some of these reports that say well some members of parliament have
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started to change their mind and might be backing more of the maybe backing her deal is that what she's holding out for the the eyes of all the analysts that. well the government is holding consultations all the time and reaching out all the time trying to bring more people on board more m.p.'s on board and certainly the crucially trying to also bring into the fold the p. which is basically the northern ireland supporters of the government we did hear certain. surgeon m.p.'s that they might be willing to back them to their deal some of them. sort of linking a cheap maybe tourism a giving a day with his ignition date others are saying well we'll see what they do you see that northern ireland party will do and then we will see what we do but i mean you have some key figures sort of hard core bricks it appears who so far have been very giving her a really hard time and over the last twenty four hours you hear them making making
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statements either on twitter or in radio interviews indicating that they could change their opinion now she's seventy five of those whereas she's going to get the seventy five's. in the next coming days is something that we can't really predict at this stage because it's really been a very unpredictable process remember today who weekly prime minister. prime minister's question session well that was supposed to be the last session before exiting the e.u. because the official date was on friday march twenty ninth now that date has got to april twelfth or jimmy twenty second at this stage nobody really knows and it will take probably this week and into early next week to maybe figure out what's going on in the meantime she taken under term of passing her withdrawal agreement putting it for the third meaningful vote in the house of commons she said she she will we
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don't know when the e.u. said that any delay was pending on the outcome of that vote so the at the moment you have many balls in the air and nobody really knows how all of these balls will land and what really will be. finally i'd go ask anyone here anyone you speak to. tell you that at this stage they are confused and they don't know when what is going on in the country and when will this breaks it happen or how it will happen it does defy expectations thanks so much to me. now in other news thailand's main opposition groups are formed a coalition to take on the military backed through and party head of the new type party says the coalition will have two hundred fifty five thousand five hundred seats in the house of representatives the final results of sunday's elections still haven't been announced it was thailand's first vote since the military took over
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five years ago scott highlight has more from bangkok. tallinn's main opposition party has said that they have formed a coalition with six other parties and something called a democratic front that they have joined together to counter the influence in the control that the military government has here in thailand and they say mainly because the elections on sunday were for the lower house five hundred members of the lower house they say with this coalition they have two hundred fifty five that's gaining control of it the party that's fronted by the military govern power in parts that are says that they have a coalition form that they can also control so obviously each party each coalition saying that they will have control we expect unofficial results to come out on friday right now the numbers are very close it appears as though that it does have the numbers that they say they need to form this coalition. has said that they do what's going to be interesting because the two hundred fifty member of senate is
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completely appointed by the military government in this coalition says that they have the right to form a government because their members were elected by the people not appointed by the military government so these unofficial results or are due out on friday official results will come out come out until may ninth so a lot can happen between now and then but right now both parties lead parties saying that they have the right to control and have a majority in the lower house seven people including four children have been killed in their strike on the hospital in yemen the charity save the children says its staff were on the ground supporting the medical team at the time it happened near the city of saud the saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are leading the coalition in yemen against iran backed toothy forces in a war which began four years ago this week. the head of the algerian army says he wants president up there as these beautifully declared unfit for office comes after weeks of demonstrations calling on beautifully in this government to go
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and opposition figures are already suggesting the army chiefs comments won't be enough to stop the protests a delegation from egypt is trying to enter the gaza strip to mediate a cease fire between hamas and israel the two sides have continued to attack each other sporadically prime minister binyamin netanyahu says he will take further action against hamas israel's military is increasing its presence along the gaza border and israel has continued to carry out air strikes on gaza over night. rockets who are also five from the strip stephanie decker has more from the israel gaza border fence. things are relatively calm around the border areas the restrictions that the army placed on the border communities have been lifted despite that there is an increased troops presence tanks we've seen them on the road just stagnant on standby if you will what we understand now from media reports
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that there is an egyptian delegation of course the egyptians have been mediating between the two sides between israel and hamas for quite some time but they are expected to come and speak to both sides to try and find some kind of middle ground the real test now moving forward is this weekend when we have the one year anniversary of the great march of return those are of course those border protests that have put immense pressure on israel israel wants them to stop hamas doesn't see that it is achieved anything pop of all over the last year it is also facing pressure from the people inside there's been a fledgling but important protest movement on happiness at how much at the same time minutes you know who the prime minister facing a lot of pressure his two weeks away from a hotly contested election he's being seen as weak for not doing more here the situation remains very fragile it is possible to go any either way but we're going to have to wait and see how things develop over the next couple of days india's prime minister says his country is now a space superpower shot down
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a satellite is part of a test is now become only the fourth country to do so there in the modis announcement comes just two weeks before indians votes in a general election so how raman has more from new delhi. what the prime minister said was that within the last twenty four hours he could confirm that india become the fourth nation in the world along with the us china and russia and satellite technology it had shot down successfully one of its own satellites in orbit and that he wanted to tell the nation of course is a policy that was started back in two thousand and twelve under the former prime minister manmohan singh's so india's space development through isro the indian space research organization has been developing space technology for decades now but it's a huge feather in the prime minister's cap operation the shock he was launched. over in addition regionally east of the country so certainly a major announcement by
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a sitting prime minister which has reverberations and repercussions at this present moment in time in india. the u.n. says it needs nearly three hundred million dollars in aid over the next three months to help more than one million cyclon victims in mozambique president philippe nusi is expected to address the nation on wednesday to talk about what the government is doing to help those affected by the storm tony birds they travel to one community that's been cut off for twelve days. it's a race against time to reach isolated psycho survivors before mt nutrition and disease break out helicopters are scouring the three thousand square kilometer disaster zone in central mozambique searching for the vulnerable and overlooked who desperately need help. in the village of greater two hundred kilometers from deraa they found a thousand hungry people if they ate something once a day they were among the more fortunate we are very happy very happy because of
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the many bears without food without clean water and we got an extension as well so when we saw this helicopter people were very happy. the world food program brought two tons of high nutritional food much to the relief for the villagers who lost everything in the psych loan homes crops possessions and some their loved ones this aid is coming just in the nick of time for these people their food had run out they were cut off for twelve days the waters only receded here four days ago they still need flour they still need oil and they still need medicine but for now they're ok they're going to survive but there are other isolated pockets like these around the country who still need help. in this area they're used to flooding but not with such ferocious winds more into meant for and we didn't expect the cycling to be so bad it was frightening when we were told that the winds will be more than two hundred kilometers per hour we didn't take it seriously that's why so many people suffered. five people from the community were swept away in drowning clued in
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a young boy most are now having to live in a local school. aid agencies estimate that they have reached six hundred thousand people so far but they need to get to another one million who need assistance a lot of risk we really need to make a lot of efforts we need more money argentina to be able to bring here on the ground before what they what distance tens that maybe things that we need to distribute on time because now bang for its office in. just a few days ago the land below was covered in water after two days without rain the levels are receding more roads and tracks are becoming passable and that allows the more effective and cheaper way of delivering aid involved. but that help will need to be long term it's harvest season in this region for the villages a barrage like tens of thousands of others have no crops to harvest no fish left to catch today they will eat but what will the future bring. many cycling victims will
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be dependent on international support for the forseeable future. tony virtually al-jazeera varada central mozambique. venezuela's opposition leader why though as describe the country's second major blackout this month as a new tragedy he blamed president nicolas maduro for the power outage the government declared tuesday and national holiday to help cope with the outage but do know is again accuse the u.s. backed opponents of sabotaging a dam that provides most of the country's electricity. let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now britain's prime minister and labor leader jeremy corbin had a fiery exchange during her weekly question time in parliament it was the first schedule question period since m.p.'s stripped to reason they have control of brags
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that negotiations may stood by her claims that a deal was the best one available corben disagreed earlier this week this is their business minister resigned from the government saying the government's approach to break it was playing roulette with the lives and livelihoods of the vast majority of the people of this country why she prepared to carry on risking jobson industry in another attempt to get again run down the clock and try to blackmail the m.p.'s behind into supporting a deal that's already been twice rejected. thailand's main opposition party has joined forces with six other parties after sunday's elections the leader of the few thais says the coalition will have enough seats to control the lower house that still will not be enough for them to choose one of their members as prime minister seven people including four children have been killed in an airstrike on a hospital in the amman the military coalition led by saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
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is being blamed india's prime minister narendra modi says his country is now a space superpower after it shot down a satellite as part of a test in outspent comes just two weeks before a general election my arch. i want to assure the global community that this new ability that we have achieved is not against anyone it is a defensive initiative of a fast moving india india has always been into the space arms race and this hasn't changed our policy. a delegation from egypt is trying to enter the gaza strip to mediate a ceasefire between hamas and israel the two sides have continued to attack each other sporadically prime minister binyamin netanyahu says he'll take further action against hamas the head of the algerian army is called the president of the lizzie's was a vehicle to be declared unfit for office follows weeks of mass protests opposition groups say even more change is needed. headlines the news continues.
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to rewind. hello and welcome again to rewind. since the launch of al-jazeera english back in
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two thousand and six a library of award winning film. and we're very visiting some of the best of them today we're reminded to two thousand and thirteen when we went undercover on a wildlife smuggling trail stretching from madagascar off the southeast coast of africa across asia to malaysia on the trail of a man known as the pablo escobar of reptile smuggling or global wildlife trafficking is estimated to be worth billions of dollars every year almost as lucrative as the trade and illegal drugs and arms a key destination for wildlife trafficking madagascar over ninety percent of the country's animals aren't found anywhere else making them a prize catch for smugglers including anson wong the man nicknamed the lizard king were jailed after a sting operation in one thousand nine hundred eight he was soon back in business before being arrested again in malaysia and two thousand and ten at an al jazeera
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investigation in two thousand and thirteen driven. that those arrests and subsequent convictions did not put an end to his smuggling korea from the one who won. his return. in all his years of trying to get there is one place the lizard king has always returned to. valley bay lies in a remote corner of madagascar off the southeast coast of africa. it's home to the ploughshare the world's rarest tortoise that distinction makes him target number one france and walk. with members of a conservation group spearheading the fight to save the species. to fight a. robber brew and his team used radio
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receivers to track the ones they've managed to tag it's estimated there are only four hundred adults left in the wild the ploughshare are made especially vulnerable because they're only found in this small area of sand bamboo and scrub and. the first we come upon it's a tiny one turns out to be just a few months old. and. some of those who worked with ants and long in the past tell us that because a rare species he collects goodies. is perhaps the most valuable of all goodies when this guy or girl grows up to be an adult he or she could be worth tens of thousands of u.s. dollars. because we're back. darrelle says there is including wong started coming to these shores in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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just as the group was publishing reports over how endangered species had become. endangered means high profits for poachers and the rule believes one has made millions selling plowshares off to be illegal pet trade. their beautiful shells make it easy to see why they are considered the jewel in the crown of the reptile world. so when you hear about people like ants and long. making lots of money from these passionate tortoises. what does that do in your mind and to your heart in my mind is it's not that there are but i want to take a gun and kill him if you feel that strongly about a. nearby breeding and rescue center we find pens full of our shares that were saved from poachers. the rate of smuggling is so high this year madagascar's government for bid the
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group from releasing any back into the wild. in the lab there is a photo warning workers to be on the lookout for this man it's anson was. that photograph is there in terms of you know if this man turns up. be careful. in one nine hundred ninety six seventy two plow shares restored him from this center in the most brazen reptile robbery in history. while no one was ever caught one was later found trying to sell a number of them. he's almost public enemy number one for us in terms of his reputation even if half the stories are true then the scale of operation this man's been operating around the world and this and in madagascar is you know as mine born . it was a shipment of plough shares to the u.s. among some other exotic animals that led to the lizard king's first arrest in one
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thousand nine hundred eight. it followed a five year undercover sting where wildlife officers posed as dealers to lure one a malaysian citizen to america. in court officers testified one promised them he could get anything from anywhere. in the end he pled guilty to forty counts of illegally importing endangered species and was sentenced to almost six years in prison. is all i'm going to market here are armed. or and reckless you know walker. who doesn't foster who. this man who we'll call x worked with long for years and describes what drives him is more more concern suzhou or news. corp. besides the ploughshare madagascar is also home to many other unique species.
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ninety percent of the country's animals are found nowhere else in the world. an irresistible draw says that's for the lizard king. and so is in madagascar as capital we begin gaining access to his network and tracking down a man who since being harmed has learned to be far more elusive and. we're off to meet someone who's promised to take us to some smugglers and his job is to pack the tortoise's before shipment we told him that we're interested buyers he believes that he's taking some customers to meet his bosses. and give them a. reason not appearing nervous the man guides us through the crowded streets to a factory. i know next to your head but it mario introduces himself as
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a businessman. using hitting cameras we film his operation which he says exports seafood and reptiles. we also learn he's the son of a presidential candidate. i'm going to. my home in his office mario is the first to mention the man we're after. ok ok you know i know you know him then. and. mario offers to put us in touch with one of his associates. the next evening we meet that associate in a hotel room where he presents us with samples. per. their radiated tortoises the second most endangered in madagascar according to international law exploiting them from the country is illegal or. steal the deal of
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promise is not only a steady supply but hundreds per. shipment. peter. he also says his contacts at the airport will ensure they get through security checks. are. prepared to. hear. it confirm something extort us earlier. one of our customs in all these countries or. they're paid off. we're going to get something. what you can get but they're supposed to be in for. your forces or. both x. and the dealer explained the typical route for smuggling same carriers or mules checking the tortoise's in suitcases in madagascar. from there he says the bags transit through
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a number of other cities by darussalam and to bar before entering asia. shipments we're told end up in his home country of malaysia where they are then sold on to buyers around the world. of india. sirus a honda resort says she was once an unwilling participant in long criminal dealings a student from madagascar desperate for money she says she agreed to meet him at this hotel. back in twenty ten sara says she and another woman were taken to a room and offered four hundred dollars each to carry shipments for wong to malaysia the cases she says were packed without her involvement. subtlety tooley knew it was animals i didn't ask the details as to which kind of any laws were inside. while her first trip in two thousand and ten proved uneventful sarah says it was her second trip to malaysia a few weeks later that things went wrong. soon after. touching down customs
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officials singled her out. to soften the before we could take away the luggage it was picked by suspection and they saw it was not simple luggage but less full of anyone else. among the cash authorities found three hundred radiated tortoises and a number of ploughshare. sarah was convicted of smuggling and was jailed for eight months. the same year the sarah was arrested the lizard king himself ran afoul of the law. in a separate incident one was caught with dozens of snakes on a plane for which he had no license for. a raid of his properties uncovered even more. a malaysian judge gave him a five year sentence but he served just seventeen months. according to sources one of the loser kings biggest customers lives in indonesia
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bustling capital. we arrive just of the city is hosting a reptile exhibit. which. despite this being a government sanctioned event it doesn't take long for us to find illegal animals for sale. in the research including tortoises from madagascar. still undercover as a dealer we head for one of the biggest booths. but we sit down for a meeting you know with daniel and you we judge or you know as and how do you know us and all. of you not only does daniel readily admit that to work together but we notice he's also wearing a shirt from madagascar and doesn't go on her so still to still doing our there
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there then something that surprises even us gentlemen. the two thousand and ten shipment of snakes which landed anson in prison was destined for his shot even hero . hero yeah he's my. my friend. if you think i hate you they go. pick your biggest or manny main thing they were your snakes there are i read about that. daniel also claims that after his last conviction as wife is increasingly taking over the operations he way he went for the. tiles ok there it works out it's time to get a little closer. our first stop is once rural property in penang is back hills. we need to see whether he's returned to his life of crime as some say or leading a reform life. twenty ten when law enforcement officers busted into this
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place he found two things tigers as well as the crocodile in question now it's his that sort of thing still going on here. an hour later after hiking through the hills we stumble on a number of cages. and then we spot an enclosure. there's a tortoise inside. evidence that is at least keeping animals. for the wrong we find a row of newer enclosures it's hard to make out what they are so we creep closer. the animals have distinctive ears we show our photos later to experts who tell us these are servile cats from north africa. following his twenty ten conviction malaysia's government banned wang and his wife
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. from holding business. and wildlife trading permits. yet someone in government did knowingly sign off on new licenses are search for public records found that both anson and his wife at had several business permits renewed from the bookit jumbo reptile sanctuary. to errol flynn. to c.b.s. wildlife. posing as customers we visit the penang address listed for the company. where we find answers wife being she almost immediately she confirms she and her husband are still trading informally rewritten rather. are documents search also and covers another company gronow wild life it was formed after wong's twenty ten conviction listed owner is a name we don't recognize. but trading permits show it exports the same animals as
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anson did to the same us customers he had before his arrest. i think the door might be open so. rose address is listed on the upper floor of a commercial strip in the name of somebody near shore. from the street we can make out aquariums and cages leading us to believe animals are being kept there. and there. we find a worker or i have a horror now where. whatever that was more than happy to show off his current start. there are many albino pythons some thirty feet long all of them require permits. and then we confirmed the real person behind. your boss is mr. mr wall. and.
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we show our findings to and surrendering. and opposition member of parliament in malaysia the fact that is being open again indicates corruption for years surrendering has publicly raised the need to investigate the country's wildlife department. accusing them of aiding and abetting one so he seems to be able to operate above the law and beyond the law in malaysia how is that possible it is impossible without the complicity of all the authorities throughout our year long investigation which involved lengthy stakeouts in several countries we never caught sight of the lizard king this despite frequent reports from sources that he was in the area. finally we tracked him down in the name mr wong steve chow from the program went to any star you would love to ask you a question if we can know are you still involved in the trade. to talk to you sir can you tell us what role no wildlife here is.
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and why why are there albino pythons rhona wildlife and according to the government you are not supposed to be trading in wildlife the loss of the woman. are you admitting ask the government are you saying you're doing nothing wrong. and i have no comment. off of the jumble as always that your company. company. several companies including our own a wildlife do you know comment. sir are you still involved in the trade directing an endangered species loss if. you understood one of his workers along with his wife and tries to stop us from filming oh yes you've served time in jail sir wall grows increasingly aggressive obligations well we're on public property sir so we're out there because you're behind you're on public
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property don't push us or you're on public property. or we're on the property. just as quickly though. sir and can you tell us what this box is for. sir these are serious questions we understand that you have served time for a number of these crimes and the question is are you still involved in the trade of endangered species it's the most we'll get from here sir but not once did long denied he was back in the reptile trade. some questions left unanswered is whether his dealings would be possible without the help of authorities and wide. spite her obvious involvement his wife has never been brought up on charges so you are the official owner of the no no no wildlife. you know. why is that ma'am.
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what is clear is that the lizard king and his associates continue to operate just as we have for decades. trading in selling off the world's most endangered creatures at will. well that was return of the lizard king from one of one east back in two thousand and thirteen little is known today of ants and was whereabouts but he seems to have lost his standing as the kingpin of wildlife trafficking joining us now from kuala lumpur is steve child followed one for a year and steve you went undercover over the course of the year following wall why was it so important for you to make this film and take the risks that you took while elizabeth we were hearing from a lot of environmental groups around the world about how serious the wildlife trafficking situation was becoming many people were linking the wildlife trafficking trade to other major crimes like the trafficking of arms and the trafficking of drugs and saying that it was on the same level and that organized
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crime syndicates were getting involved that was sort of the impetus for us to start looking at this and then when we're trying to sort of target or pinpoint people who are involved in the trade and since we're and someone's name kept coming up so we decided to try to infiltrate his network and find out what was going on whether he is still involved in wildlife trafficking we simply do not know what we do know is that after we ran our film malaysian authorities did charge the director of a company that hanssen long was affiliated or linked to as well as they did also charge his former wife for possession of endangered animals after several years of delays in the courts that malaysian. director of that company pled guilty to possession and willingly agreed to pay a fine of ten thousand u.s. dollars plus of the prosecution however dropped the charges against and ones former wife so the film did have some impact but of course not the kind of impact that's
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need and where do things stand in malaysia now stephen where does that figure and global wildlife trafficking malaysia still remains a key transit hub for evil legal wildlife being trafficked the way it works we understand is that poachers there are poaching wildlife from africa or other parts of asia are shipping it through malaysia as well as other countries in southeast asia on to destination points in terms of places where buyers are are acquiring this so malaysia still remains a problem country there has been a lot of work done by the un and others to train customs officers here and to create more of a diligence if you will to keep tabs on customs officers so that they aren't on the take however that is a challenge we understand throughout much of the world especially in southeast asia so what we're seeing is that a lot of the cultures there there trafficking their goods through these places and once authorities seize some of the shipments then that is switched to another countries some of the key countries are seeing you know the continually popping up
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are malaysia thailand laos vietnam and these are just some of them that are key problem cities countries if you will and steve who is driving the market. well that's a very good question it is extremely varied depending on the wildlife and the type of wildlife we're talking about if we're talking about wildlife use for the descent all purposes such as pangolin scales or rhino horns that are rubbed down into medicine the key markets are vietnam and china predominately as well as other parts of asia if we're talking about the trafficking of pets you know pets illegally taken from places that then that becomes much more global so we're talking about you know interest out of collectors in the middle east collectors in europe the u.s. and also in parts of asia as well in terms of how much this illicit trade is worth annually we are dealing with a tsunami the numbers are staggering we're talking about upwards of two hundred
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species of flora and fauna that are going extinct every twenty four hours that's about one thousand times the natural progression if you will of any extinction that we've seen on the planet and a lot of that is attributed to wildlife trafficking we know what more can be done about it you know the key people say is corruption corruption corruption is the main problem if you know customs officials if the government officials in various countries you know stop you know taking in the bribes if they actually you know stop the shipments then perhaps we can put an end to this but at this moment it's not happening richard lewis you know we spent some time with him in madagascar for this film and when we were out in the jungles with him you know we we looked at the ploughshare tortoise one of these very wanted you know animals and at the time of filming there were about four hundred ploughshare tortoises left in the wild only four hundred but as of now we understand that number is down to fifty and that
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species is on the brink of extinction and that's the heartbreaking part thank you very much steve and that's it from us but do join us again next week and check out the rewind page at al-jazeera dot com for more films from the scene for now thanks for joining us and see you again seven. you're playing new. heights of fear. war. a rich and diverse culture explored through its music istanbul songs of the city on al-jazeera.
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we've got some big downpours coming in across the amazon basin at the moment lots of shower clad shang up here that popcorn clad like clouds making a fair bit of a way into peru we have say more yet more flooding coming through here people least children in freising on their way to get cisco the floodwaters remain high they will remain high as we go through the next few days a lot small showers coming through in the forecast that weather stretching across a good part of proof still some downpours there coming back into believing a bit to the south of that it is generally dry much of power quite looks dry argentina again lousy dry more says we go on through thursday the believer looks a little fly by that stage show the showers say will continue right through the amazon basin yes you can see more heavy shouting across the eastern side of peru father the west is a tad dry at lossie dry clothes a good part of the caribbean as well but we got some rather heavy showers long
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spells of rain just stretching their way down across the hispaniola in particular so much of weather just coming out surface southern cuba stretching across haiti has been yellow and that does pick up as we go on through thursday to the east of that of the u.s. around his little lodge the settle and sunny a few showers there for jamaica. the weather sponsored by qatar and. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes. many of the fighters up to forty percent it was attached children as young as thirteen years
9:49 pm
old. questions in the u.k. parliament over the role of its military in yemen plus. in this regard we need to find a solution to sort out this crisis and to respond to the demands of all jury and. protesters in algeria say the military's call for the president to step down is not in the entire government plus. the government's deal negotiated with the european union delivers the benefits of a customs union but enabling us to have an independent free trade policy to negotiate free trade agreements in france. to reason mainstays defined peace from head to take charge of it. and they mean to keep them in a tree out a new opposition on since island claims a majority in the first votes and so goofy five years ago. and this ball well
9:50 pm
number one now that joke of a test suffered another surprise defeat has been knocked out in the fourth round of the miami open by spain's they're all there too but the. question. as have been raised in the british parliament about the united kingdom's involvement in the war in yemen the opposition labor party has demanded answers after reports in local media that british special forces have been involved in gun battles with yemen's who three rebels the party's spokeswoman on foreign affairs emily thornberry also pressed the government on allegations british forces may have provided support for child soldiers part of the saudi led coalition there is one especially disturbing allegation in the may on sunday's report which was that our forces are providing support to locally recruited saudi funded militia
9:51 pm
where many of the fighters up to forty percent it was alleged are children as young as thirteen years old so i would ask the minister of state if that is in any way true because if he is then he will confirm and our forces are not just a party to this conflict but witnesses to war crimes here we go to the bottom of those allegations again i am very keen also not to in any way mis mislead the house . but the allegations that were made in relation to any engagement that involves bringing child soldiers on board would be i think it would be appalling. charlie angela joins us now live from london and charlie the public the wider public didn't have an official confirmation that british special forces were even in the amman up until this point did they i mean how barrus thing is this. well we still don't have
9:52 pm
official confirmation what that new foreign or an office minister mark feel to saying he's going to be. me investigating these allegations now it's worth noting he only took over the job on monday after his predecessor resigned he has got a lot of catching up to do on the subject but this source of these allegations is a mail on sunday newspaper article which alleges that elite special boat service troops are present in yemen five were injured after battles inside that if true it would wholly contradict the government promises that the u.k. is not participating in the conflict but just providing logistical support to the saudis in riyadh now back in february there were some reports on social media suggesting british soldiers had been injured in a firefight and the daily express newspaper claimed two s.a.'s members had been injured during a humanitarian operation the difference with this new revelations is that the man
9:53 pm
on sunday is claiming the special boat service squadron we're not involved in humanitarian operations but they were providing mentoring teens in yemen translated as medics and forward at command whose role is to request support from the saudis and in the article a special boat service source says and i quote the s.p.s. his role is mainly training and mentoring but on occasions they found themselves in firefights and some british troops have been shot in a contact a few weeks ago an s.p.s. guy was shot in the hand another guy was shot in the leg their injuries were minor that this is a very dangerous assignment obviously nothing about the mission will be confirmed publicly by the ministry of defense unless u.k. soldiers killed they'd have to announce now that now these revelations would be incredibly embarrassing for the m a d and were rightly brought up by the shadow foreign minister emily former you heard her that asking that if these reports are accurate all brit why british forces being put in harm's way trying to deliver
9:54 pm
a military solution that the britain says is not even possible. there is a good question is no charlie rangel over thanks so much for that sammy handy is editor in chief of international interest of current affairs magazine he joins us now live from ankara want to pick apart here let's start first of all with the claims the allegations that british special forces are actually fighting and engaging in yemen how much of a new revelation is that. i don't think it would be that much of a revelation i mean a lot of the there are many international forces that are involved in yemen some of them fighting on the ground some of them providing logistical support what i will say is that of using child soldiers if it's true and it it's likely that it is true it is as serious a war crime as other war crimes that have been committed in yemen by the hutus and by the saudis and would be in fact a direct result of the incoherent strategy from the international community and the
9:55 pm
general apathy towards the idea of justice in other words the idea that has equated the aggressor which other ruthie's with the victim who are the yemeni people and the internationally recognized government and i think also it would also cement the reality that their government in yemen is struggling against the ots it is struggling to find forces to push against the who are these the southern tribes are not interested in going north and they are divided in between themselves the saudis don't want to commit their field army into yemen they want to provide airstrikes and want to standing army within yemen itself made up of human components in order to fight the horses in the absence of such a component i wouldn't be surprised that given the dire economic situation in yemen there are families who are saying that because we want to buy a simple bread we want the basic necessities to live let my son go and fight with the saudis even if he's thirteen years of age in exchange for that money yemen is in a very dire situation i mean if we don't have a child so amnesty international had
9:56 pm
a report out in february two thousand and eighteen that said who sees we're recruiting child soldiers without even the permission of their families i mean is that aspect a surprise that in a place like yemen where you know the the line between childhood and adult hold is quite often blurred that we find you know reports claiming now that the basically acting as soldiers even perhaps forced recruitment perhaps. perhaps that could be but i do think that if you are the saudis or yemen or the other hoodies you want big grown straw. meant to fight for you i think the problem with yemen is that there aren't really general tight alliances between the different tribes there isn't a united front against the whole season there isn't a united front against the yemeni government everybody is using this chaos in order to carve out their own territories in order to carve out their own spheres of influence the reason being is that because there was a failure from the international community to protect the national dialogue that everybody agreed on every party now believes that any agreement they do agree on is
9:57 pm
not binding because international community could not force the who things to respect an agreement that everybody agreed on every all the tribes and all the parties believe that the only solution left is brute force the only thing that the international community will recognize is brute force and let's be honest here if whose he takes over all of yemen remember who he was on the gates of addon and the international community did not move at all saudi moved unilaterally in order to push the ruthie's back because who these know that if they take over yemen u.s. will recognize and the internet community recognizing because they deal with who is in power then imagine how the tribes in the south are thinking they are thinking if we can cover our own state with power with brute force the intel community will recognize us because the international community still has not decided whether it wants to uphold the international dialogue and this is why focus on the issues of child soldiers of the humanitarian crisis of these other issues these are in reality side issues because if you don't solve the key factor if you do not teach the yemeni parties do you don't teach the who sees that an agreement is binding for
9:58 pm
the sake of the stability of yemen then even if tomorrow you have a new agreement five years down the line don't be surprised if another party takes up arms the interest continues to decide what it wants in yemen does it want a lasting peace or does it want the yemen off off the shelf and wants the media to start reporting on it because it's a difficult issue this is the problem an incoherent strategy and apathy to justice and this is why i would not be surprised if we find that there are child soldiers in yemen and it would be a direct consequence of the absence of such a start humvee that thanks for your analysis from ankara. earlier on wednesday seven people including four children were killed in an airstrike on a hospital in the area a charity save the children says its staff were on the ground supporting the medical team at the time it happened near the city of sidon years of conflict have wrecked yemen's health care system more than half of the hospitals and clinics have been destroyed there's also a shortage of medicine and those that are available too expensive for most yemenis
9:59 pm
branco gupta reports. yemenis can't afford to be sick have it has a doesn't because of his injured spying on top of that he had to sell the family home to buy medicine for his father and his brother. as his brother's condition worsens and medical bills are piling up their rented house in the capital sanaa doesn't have much the only thing for leap to sell is the television. ten dollars isn't enough to buy medicine at the. my brother's in very bad health sometimes he goes into a coma and sometimes he vomits blood to the extent that i am ready to sell all or part of my body to save him. even when yemenis have money to spend there not enough medicines to buy abdul ahad mohammad has been queuing for hours to get treatment for his diabetic wife but as a many days since the war began up though again returns home with half of what his
10:00 pm
wife needs. about you mark of the my wife also needs medication for high blood pressure but i didn't find it so i will have to buy it from a pharmacy where it's almost three times more expensive the plight of yemen's almost thirty five thousand cancer patients is especially acute. mean cancer hospital receives more than six hundred cases a month doctors are facing a severe shortage of drugs the war has destroyed more than half of yemen's hospitals and clinics the journey to the wants that remain open is often long and expensive for patients it workers say many are dying at home without treatment i just come back from yemen and what we've seen is that many dialysis patients have been limited to only one one treatment a week and that puts them at much greater risk of additional diseases and certainly death.


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