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tv   The Belarus Dilemma  Al Jazeera  March 27, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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why india's prime minister narendra modi is hailing a breakthrough in its space program. we've got more heavy downpours community central parts of china at the moment thickening clapp just rolling in here that will push its way a little further south which in these words as we go through the next couple of days for thursday that wetter weather is up to was just to the south of shanghai sixteen self-sustained shanghai south of that is generally settle hong kong gets up to twenty seven celsius or so over the next couple of days but you can see how the wetter weather will make its way a little further south which is because through friday petering out a little bit but still widespread showers certainly a possibility for many maybe wanted to. make their way across pakistan as the
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fall north of india but for much of india the skies are clear and stay that way as we go on through the next couple of days that in ourselves just for hyderabad a similar value to four not poor as that increasing cloud just spilling out of pakistan makes this where a little further eastward as we go on through friday afghanistan could see some wet and it's always wintry weather over the past of odd north of pakistan too but otherwise it does look like a drying up situation prussia thirty four celsius so it's just as michelle was just around the u.e.a. northern parts of a mon as we go on through thursday but here in cots this taste fine and sunny. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depĂ´t structure that maintains the color project that's what we refuse it was one of the founders of the settlement we this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people
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segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. you're watching out is there a time to recap headlines now questions have been raised in the british parliament about the united kingdom's involvement in the war in yemen the opposition labor party is pressed the government on allegations british special forces may have provided support for child soldiers who are part of the saudi led coalition. the british prime minister is insisting the break the deal she negotiated with the e.u.
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is still the best option available even though m.p.'s have already rejected it twice parliament will hold a series of votes later to test which breaks it option gets a majority. hylands main opposition party has formed a coalition with six other parties after sunday's election the leader of poor thais says the coalition will have enough seats to control the large house but will not have enough to nominate a prime minister. and scott hyde law has more from bangkok. thailand's lead office party has formed a democratic front coalition in the lower house along with six other parties they have two hundred fifty five seats and claim to have a majority and right to form a government the heads of each party signed an agreement that we are seven parties that happen the majority of votes from people who have trusted us to walk in the
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house up hippest entity we are signing the choice to stop the power with the station off to. a new party that ran on the goal of reducing the military's grip on government as part of the coalition the leader of future forward saying the poor candidate for prime minister deserves the job that. is to most suitable and dignify candidate for the prime minister put hypot in the military backed party announce it is working on forming a coalition of its own it's looking to keep prime minister prayer in office. the two hundred fifty members of senate will be appointed by the military government and the democratic front to gain some of their support to form its own government and that's not going to be easy once this. they can negotiate or lobby or do something in order to get fair were from. but it's not promising so that's going to be. coming up and with senators not expected to be announced
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until after official election results are released in early may the democratic front of won't have much time to form a government even if they can get support it's got harder al-jazeera. and then a geisha in from egypt is trying to enter the gaza strip to mediate a cease fire between hamas and israel the two sides have continued to attack each other sporadically prime minister binyamin netanyahu says he'll take further action against hamas israel's military has increased its presence along the gaza border its continued to carry out airstrikes on gaza overnight rockets were fired from the street. stephanie decker joins us live now from the border fence between israel and gaza understand. has now appeared on gaza streets what's his message being. he has he went to visit his office which is has been completely destroyed and one of those air strikes that israel carried out it was empty at the time but his
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message was one of steadfastness he said we are steadfast we will rebuild this office again and he also called on all palestinians to take to the streets on march thirtieth and protest of course that is the one year anniversary of what was the line day marsh's called the great march of return which is when we've seen thousands tens of thousands of palestinians protest along gaza's border i think is very significant to remind people actually we're not inside gaza because errors border crossing that the border crossing controlled by israel has been closed for the last three days only for humanitarian cases but also international journal we haven't been able to go in since that long range missile was launched but this weekend you will have a very significant anniversary for the palestinians they are expected to come out in their tens of thousands and i was just talking to our producer inside gaza ossie about the preparations and he was saying while there is a lot of angry youth you know i've covered those protests extensively and you can
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sense the frustration the desperation amongst the young people of gaza you sense a desperation amongst the old people because they see no opportunity for their children so they're really seeing this as a last chance because they have sacrificed so much over the past year you see the youth young men m q tainted legs and you will see them return to the border again and again because they will tell you when it started cliche sami they will tell you that we have nothing left to booze and they haven't really gained anything we talk about egyptian mediation united nations mediation nothing has changed so i think that is it's going to be a real science how those go and whether we're going to then see an escalation between israel and gaza but i think certainly the message is my heinie is you're mentioning there was that he wanted as many people as possible to come out and protest and highlight of course the misery that it is for them living inside the besieged gaza strip something to launch on for them this weekend thanks so much stephanie deck of the. five cases of cholera have been confirmed in mozambique's
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badly damaged port city of by a raft or psychs only die killed more than seven hundred people across southern africa the u.n. fears the disease will spread says it needs nearly three hundred million dollars in aid to help mozambique's one point seven million storm victims tony bertie traveled to one community there's been cut off for twelve days. it's a race against time to reach isolated psychoses five years before my nutrition and disease break out helicopters are scouring the three thousand square kilometer disaster zone in central mozambique searching for the vulnerable and overlooked who desperately need help. in the village a grade or two hundred kilometers from deraa they found a thousand hungry people if they ate something once a day they were among the more fortunate we are very happy very happy because of the many bears without food without clean water and without any suggestion as well so when we saw this helicopter people were very happy the world food program
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brought two tons of high nutritional food much to the relief of the villages who lost everything in the psych loan homes crops possessions and some their loved ones this aid is coming just in the nick of time for these people their food had run out they were cut off for twelve days the water's only receded here four days ago they still need flour they still need oil and they still need medicine but for now they're ok they're going to survive but there are other isolated pockets like these around the country who still need help in this area they're used to flooding but not with such ferocious winds more into went for when we didn't expect the cycling to be so bad it was frightening when we were told that the winds will be more than two hundred kilometers per hour and we didn't take it seriously that's why so many people suffered. five people from the community were swept away in drowning clued in a young boy most are now having to live in a local school. aid agencies estimate that they have reached six hundred thousand
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people so far but they need to get to another one million who need assistance a lot of risk we really need to make a lot of efforts we need more money argentina to be able to bring here on the ground before what it what assistance the medicine that we need to distribute on time because now banging for its offices. just a few days ago the land below was covered in water after two days without rain the levels are receding more roads and tracks are becoming passable and that allows the more effective and cheaper way of delivering aid involved. but that help will need to be long term it's harvest season in this region but the villages abroad are like tens of thousands of others have no crops to harvest no fish left to catch today they will eat but what will the future bring many cycling victims will be dependent on international support for the forseeable future. tony virtually al-jazeera
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varada central mozambique. india's prime minister says his country is now a space superpower shot down a satellite as part of a test it's become only the fourth country to do so when the motives announcement comes just two weeks before indians vote in the general election there are. several died i want to assure the global community that this new ability that we have achieved is not against anyone it is a defensive initiative of a fast moving india india has always been against the space arms race and this hasn't changed our policy more now from al jazeera so how raman who is in new delhi . what the prime minister said was that within the last twenty four hours he could confirm that india become the fourth nation in the world along with the us china and russia and satellite technology it had shot down successfully one of its own
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satellites in orbit and that he wanted to tell the nation of course is a policy that was started back in two thousand and twelve under the former prime minister manmohan singh's so india's space development through isro the indian space research organization has been developing space technology for decades now but it's a huge feather in the prime minister's cap operation shock the was launched. over in addition regionally east of the country so certainly a major announcement by a sitting prime minister which has reverberations and repercussions at this present moment in time in india twelve years after the civil war in nepal ended some of those who suffered during it are still waiting for justice process for whom place to deal with the crimes committed has made little progress sabina shuster has more from katmandu. supporters of the maoist rebels who fought the government forces for ten years gathered in the palace capital on wednesday to celebrate the anniversary
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of what was known as the people's war the conflict began in one thousand nine hundred six when maoists launched a campaign against the country's constitutional monarchy which ruled the country more than seventeen thousand people were killed and thirteen hundred remain missing the so-called disappear i think this is the end of an era after a little revolution and the beginning often air after development. but away from the celebrations some survivors of the conflict are worried davy carter was a maoist party member at seventeen she was arrested by the nepal police. a group of police training for guerrilla warfare reaped me it was a war cry and it may have survived as carry a roll and not only the state but even the then rebels have not acknowledged. carter says she decided to revisit her painful ordeal to make sure of victims of the conflict i heard one of our side pacey with the rebels in two thousand and six
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a commitment was made to address war crimes but both sides of the conflict are in power political parties and the army have tried to push for an amnesty to perpetrators supreme court struck down an amnesty cross as unconstitutional in twenty fourteen but victims as well as the international community are still concerned in january eight western embassies and dustman do the european union and the united nations released a joint statement which angered the government we support a process that is consistent with the country's obligations under international law members of the international community are also united in the view that any solution should have the needs of the victim at its heart only then can the peace process move forward on a strong foundation. the truth and reconciliation commission set up to address walk right has more than sixty three thousand complaints but it has not completed a full investigation into a single case it has only one commissioner and his mandate runs out in april the
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victims were concerned that the truth and reconciliation act would be pro perpetrators and this has been challenged in the supreme court the international community also has been questioning some points of the act it is true that there has not been full trust on the commission but victims are still engaging with us critically. as a zero sum nepalese and his family members who disappeared by the government and the rebels one concern is there is no law to protect victims and witnesses people are scared to talk people are being threatened by the army the police and the palmer rebels not to keep pressing this issue the victim still waiting for justice fear powerful forces are conspiring to ensure they don't see it to be other see or do. our county in the u.s. state of new york has declared a state of emergency over an outbreak of means that the u.s. eradicated the disease in two thousand but it's only recently experienced several
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outbreaks local officials are banning unvaccinated children from public spaces and pulling six thousand children out of school violation risks a five hundred dollars fine and up to six months in jail the outbreak has been largely concentrated in an ultra-orthodox jewish community where vaccination rates are lower. the u.s. is struggling with an opioid addiction that the damage that's killed more than two hundred thousand people in two decades and now a company blamed for helping fuel that crisis as agreed to pay two hundred seventy million dollars to settle a lawsuit al-jazeera as alan fischer reports it is a new day in oklahoma. and for the nation in our battle against addiction. it's estimated one hundred thirty americans die every day from an opioid overdose the president has declared it
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a public health emergency nobody has seen anything like what's going on now as americans we cannot allow this to continue several states including oklahoma say big pharmaceutical companies have pushed opioids to boost profits the insist they don't play the risk of addiction while claiming their drugs would treat a wide range of conditions and while thousands die each year many more are struggling through addiction which has led to serious social problems including a spread of hiv and hepatitis c. dealing with the consequences cost states millions of dollars a year this is the first settlement in more than sixteen hundred claims perdue faces from states and cities and individual american counties the company says it might be forced to consider bankruptcy other major companies have so far refused to settle the first trial involving other companies ish edgel in oklahoma in me in the coming weeks. this team and i will continue preparing for trial where we
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intend to hold the other defendants in this case accountable. for their role in creating the worst a public health crisis our state and nation has ever seen the settlement in oklahoma provides millions for addiction rehabilitation and treatment the pharma companies will come under. pressure to reach a nation white settlement with state and local governments possibly along similar lines alan fischer al jazeera. and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera questions have been raised in the british parliament about the united kingdom's involvement in the war in yemen the opposition labor party has demanded answers after reports in local media that british special forces have been involved in gun battles with yemen's who three rebels earlier on wednesday seven people including four children were
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killed in an air strike on a hospital in yemen the charity save the children says its staff were on the ground supporting the medical team at the time it happened near the city of cider the british prime minister insists the break that deal she negotiated with the e.u. is still the best option available even though it's been rejected twice by m.p.'s she once again defended her agreement in her first weekly question time in parliament since m.p.'s voted to take control of bragg's it negotiations parliament is to hold a series of votes to choose an alternative. we are continuing to work to ensure that we can deliver great sit for the british people and guarantee that we deliver breaks for the british people we have a deal which cancels our you membership fee which stops the you making our law which gives us our own immigration policy and the common agricultural policy for good and is a common fisheries policy for good other options don't do that other actions would
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lead to delay to uncertainty and never delivering. position groups in algeria say a call by the military to have friends and abdelaziz bouteflika declared unfit for office doesn't go far enough on monday the army chief suggested the use of a constitutional provision to remove the president on medical grounds most political parties want more changes calling for the entire government to be replaced highlands main opposition party has formed a coalition with six other parties of the sunday's election the leader of poor says the coalition will have enough seats to control the lower house not enough to nominate a prime minister delegation from egypt is trying to enter the gaza strip to mediate a cease fire between hamas and israel the two sides have continued to attack each other sporadically prime minister binyamin netanyahu says he'll take further action against hamas. the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream
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stay with us. we believe personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case listen if you want to be relations with india that's not exactly my point we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter how does iraq. i have a me ok today is space the next military battleground where discussing what a galactic arms race would mean for the planet join the conversation twitters or leave a comment in our live chat and if it's good you can read a story. the
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popular us television show star trek may have been a right when it declared space the final frontier this week officials from twenty five countries are meeting in switzerland in an effort to prevent a military conflicts from breaking out in space the closed door talks are seen as a test of goodwill bought it all twenty five countries do not agree and the treaty won't be formalized joining us to talk about this is a poor old japan consumer tosa zuki he's a member of the international editorial board at the space policy journal in geneva switzerland daniel paris he's a space security fellow at the u.n. institute for disarmament research and in the studio victoria samson she's the washington office director for the secure well foundation hello everybody it's really good to have you certainly is a member the public in a civilian when we talk about the militarization of space we think so i find any explosions or battles but i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality one of the conflicts have there been any in space that you know about.
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i mean it's just it's not that sexy and unfortunately i never know his thing so you know you have starship troopers coming around and yeah doc right in space but really what we're looking at is interfering with satellites and that could be anything from deliberately shooting one down but what's happening now is actually just jamming radio frequency interference preventing the satellite by kassam missions from getting to a target audience who's that was with what and it's you know which country right now only recently that you can tell us about well i think there are not so much enemies as a potential threat and frankly in my colleagues can definitely interrupt me if they disagree but i think right now the united states china and russia are obviously keeping an eye on what each others do have because it's so i jamming each other one of those say well they can jam each other they don't necessarily do that all the
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time the point is that you can jam the signals from satellites towards this satellite but those so you can jam locally for example that north korea has jammed g.p.s. signals around the border with south korea so that makes it very hard for the airplanes and cars to run around so that sort of you know disruption that's being really serious is so jeff with that ground planes when it just being incredibly inconvenient it makes it very complete convenient and often the case that you know those airports catch the shutdown because of that. interference and you know you can you can create all sorts of you know civil economic destructions interfering signals that it sounds more like mischief them warm.
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well at the moment while we do have certain levels of mischief we are already seeing that because space assets and space systems are so important for the military these days various countries are trying to find ways to negate some of those capabilities it's just a simple way of trying to neutralize the field and to gain an advantage over a rival our biggest concern of the moment is that while we haven't seen conflict break out in space yet the potential for escuela torrie situation is there so we don't want the situation to get any worse and we certainly know that as victoria said the u.s. russia china and maybe some other players are also trying to develop new abilities that could be a lot more disruptive or potentially destructive and of course one of the big concerns that we have is that when you have destructive capability for space you make a lot of trash and the trash doesn't come down it stays in orbit it could potentially
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render some of our orbit unusable. the toy right i mean just building off daniel's thought it people think of space debris and they think maybe the movie wall-e. were eventually they're going to bring a trash circling the planet and this eventually the rock is going to pop out through the surface that's not what we have to worry about with the worry about as a certain point it's me too costly to use certain orbits and certain orbits or altitudes every so for a very specific task on earth and so that means we lose as capabilities surrounded by a ton of trash that's just so. even just bumping into satellites that we using for everyday use as well that actually happened in two thousand and nine in an old russian satellite to do an act of u.s. satellite right now there are that's called space ration awareness and there are organizations that are tracking this sort of thing but it's difficult because if you have a piece of trash or debris approaching an active satellite you can call the salad owner and say hey you got to move this but if you have two pieces of debris approaching each other we're doing it is either one of the can move because they do
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. you broke you broke it down for us about the possibilities of the kind of war for a mage a conflict that can be had in space you brought it down and then we made a very simple animation just a top people three let's start with the best option so the first option is a space based weapons and a satellite sensing another satellite tell us more about what's possible that. well something i can shoot at us not i but most likely that you get an approach to the other side right and take them down together so it's not a suicidal just listen to it yeah yeah crash into it or you can't take down to the you know going to get into orbit where egypt you don't have to you know destroy something that if you can just disable descent that i you can you know gave me a a you know some ecstatic pulse to you know it's disable the some you know communication devices or you know i'm telling us that you are screening donna why
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are you grinning. well this is. now i suppose i'm just grinning because these are some of the issues that we're dealing with on a daily basis and as people are developing these technologies. some of it is useful some of the technologies like on orbit service vehicles which are like little maneuverable satellites but can approach other objects as technologies and it's helped clean up debris or potentially to extend the life satellite right however at the moment because of the sort of situation between some of the big powers in the world there's a lack of trust yeah and so you know we automatically think the worst case scenario you know i hate it when we can maneuver these satellites close to turn over we think if they're going to crash them and take them down another option possibility about militarization in space is ground to space so something happening down on the
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ground shooting satellites in space is it a tell us more about that yeah that happened going to happen. well it happened in two thousand and seven and china demonstrated the capability of shooting down the sucker right from the ground by using a miss out and any it's a missile defense capabilities can't do that for the low so it will show up so if you. having a sucker right in a close region to earth it can be targeted well i the missiles which are designed to shoot out of you know another incoming missile but also you can take down the sucker right as well because you have mentioned a two thousand and seven tiny's anti-satellite test actually the united states did one in two thousand and eight where we used modified interceptor from our missile defense system to shoot down and i'm going to tell him that i know every single
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what you just said and i'm not into i don't have any to do when i explain in layman's tabs on a woman stand there you go lay persons so the united states used interceptor basically a rocket that's intended to run into something else like to shoot down one of its own satellites and it took it from our ballistic missile defense program the idea they were trying to intercept the incoming rocket bullet with a bullet yeah and in theory of missile defenses suppose just intercept rockets and spits out lights yeah yeah but in two thousand and eight we launched an intelligence satellite that didn't work for you as say yeah the united states launched an intelligence satellite didn't go where they had intended it to go and they said well actually it has a lot of that chemicals in it if a d. orbits and we don't know where it lands a very bad for people on the ground you better shoot it down and so they did and it was successful fashion got it got it they did it at a lower altitude than the chinese did the chinese two thousand and seven and has
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test left a lot of debris piece of trash in a very active orbit yeah yeah the states do thousand they did it alone. orbits of the the debris all came back down the planetary pole can bring the debris down to burns up and down the sphere but definitely it is something that has been done right so many possibilities one mall which is a space based missile defense system he's an animation just very quick. sort of tell us about the us well the missile defense will be very effective if it's done in early stage so when the resell one notch from somewhere else and it's coming then it's better to shoot down in space rather than it's coming down to you so the united states proposed the idea to shoot down the you know incoming it's out in space based on you know using day space based. space based site that out so a space based weapons their problem is that you never know when the sun
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missed out a scene coming. in order to prepare to shoot down those missiles you have to have sat as in since i was a mess of satellites to shoot them down and which is very very expensive and it's economically and it's unfeasible so it's it's not there yet and it's not going to i don't think it's going to happen. if you had look ahead i was just going to add on to outlook as he was saying one of the big problems with space based missile defense is that one it creates the potential for not just being able to intercept missiles but as victoria was saying earlier missile interceptors can have a variety of uses min so a number of other countries are very concerned that space based missile interceptors might not be used for missile interceptors at all but rather to try and strike targets on the ground right so that in turn causes other actors to say
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that the united states are thinking about putting missiles in space we need to be able to destroy those those missiles so they continue to develop their own capabilities to shoot down to satellites or platforms so that's the potential what's possible in terms of militarization. we are live on each and right now victoria i got the sea change commenting space is in international waters or international space i think i mean to say it's for everyone to stand on the well i mean that's a great upon concept when they signed the outer space treaty and one hundred sixty seven that was when the tenets of that space is available to everyone for peaceful uses everyone has a right to it has the ability to utilize it. so but the concern is it's a shared domain so the actions of one country or entity or salad operator can affect the ability of everyone to use it yeah daniel this one i've got cataracts just a bit. i actually want to flee most important aspect of you know thinking about the
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militarization of space he said you can't. you can't put other people out from space if you want to you know not such a right then you have to right to do so and it's so it's more than an international water international what do you have you can't territorially you don't prevent step someone is coming but in space you can't really stop someone you know or beating you started out around you so. you know it's really hard to reject a other people to use base and that's more open and it's it's a commons floor for anyone that nobody i want this you see it coming to you so many all talks about space not what role do you think it will play in preventing countries from militarizing space that is what you're trying to welcome lisa the truth take on this what's now what should go in the tracing. yeah well first of all
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let me just make one clarification there's a difference between the militarization of outer space and the weaponization of outer space ok the militarization of outer space that began from the moment that we human beings started conducting space activities and that means that the military uses space to augment certain services so for example they have satellites that they can use that for telecommunications between troops they have satellites that facilitate targeting they have satellites for reconnaissance and so in a sense the military is ation of outer space already happened and has been happening for a long time and back those services are considered to be you know in accordance with the outer space treaty now the weaponization of outer space is the concept that people will start developing he believes to you do attacks or hostile or hostile actions in outer space and potentially striking some of the satellites that we have in orbit so what we're trying to work on right now is it's an agenda item
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that the night. mission has been looking for about forty years so actually longer than i've been alive for the prevention of an arms race in outer space and that's where we think that there are any there are any provisions in the existing space law that speak directly to for example the climate of space based missile interceptors the outer space treaty that we have which is been around since one nine hundred sixty seven the only thing that it prohibits is the placement of nuclear weapons weapons of mass destruction in our space so we're concerned about other things that might get put in space or used in outer space and so that's what we're trying to work out now how's it going there's any drama yet. we are of i know that yeah yeah there's always drama behind this topic but one of the great things that's happening now is that we see so much investment in space and i do pendency on space and space systems is becoming much greater so i think a lot of leaders around the world are starting to realize that this we really cannot afford to have open conflict in space that could potentially shut down some
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of these systems and it would impact us in ways that we don't necessarily think about so for example financial transactions are dependent on g.p.s. because they have to have a time signature that specifies a very precise hour precise moment when the financial transactions take place if something were to happen to a g.p.s. to the g.p.s. network it could be potentially catastrophic in not just necessarily in space but for everyone down here on earth i don't think i didn't notice when i asked you about drama you didn't actually mention any particular countries for instance i am sad that china. is perhaps out of step with some of the other countries what it one of the areas that the wrestling with right now because to get everybody on board correct me i'm not there you know that daniel but you know every import everybody has to agree to this it can't be twenty four countries or twenty three as we'll twenty five. well actually if we could just get certain players on certain big players to agree on some of these things would probably probably be ok because we
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are the ninety united nations and we want everyone to be represented we try to give a voice to people who may not have the technology to conduct more in space but that they do have an interest in our space so for example even though countries like nigeria and brazil and argentina don't necessarily have missile defense systems that can destroy satellites if there were conflict in space and they could still suffer the consequences so we develop a forum where we have a forum here where everyone can voice their concerns and try to come to some kind of an agreement that everyone can be onboard with and it's not easy not easy and. it is not we're not saying well he's not going to tell us how hard it is to tell you how i will say the united nations discuss a space in two different areas they have the conference disarmament which is where daniel was and then they have the committee on peaceful uses of outer space yeah and that deals with civil space and that means in vienna last year in june of two thousand and eighteen. copus to this committee been read to twenty one guidelines
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for the long term sustainable use of outer space now this is a consensus driven documents of them that you have every single member of copas had agree us russia china iran everyone had to agree so that's a big deal as it is possible i have faith daniel i know you can do this. i just say let's be realistic about the idea of a treaty so everyone has to sign up to everyone has to agree to it and then everyone has to keep to it to say to is that possible from what we know about the international treaties that exist so far in the world well we already have an outer space treaty and i think as i said the space is so sort of a global commons it's for everyone and everyone is affected and as daniel said we all depend on the space based services like g.p.s. . for the international financial transactions so basically i think they ease
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a common ground for everyone to make sure that space is safe and space is you know usable for everybody so on that point i think he as before he mentions that there was a twenty one points of agreements that can be shared with most of the countries the program remains is that because the space is very useful everyone then if you shoot down the satellite so if you take out two space capabilities then you can make a hard for others and that makes you know that sort of an stimulates who are some countries that we want to maintain the capability of disrupting those services to make other people on zero eight or you know to make sure that you know if they attack us i can you know we can attack them back by disrupting those services so
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that's sort of a you know security side east where they ease a problem but on to safety side you know using the space will come in goods is i think it's their. i have this suggestion half of them tell you who andre is andre is the u.s. russian relations and middle east at center and he's also a co-host as well so he knows a lot about what we've been talking about his the suggestion victoria nonna first deployment is an idea that if everyone played she is not to be the first to put weapons in space and then sticks to it there be no weapons in space even without a legally binding treaty that would end the u.s. doesn't seem interested in yeah so that's a very sheltered liberation at the end point yeah the russians been pushing that for some time so no treaty let's just say nobody's going to put it on i mean you could always do a unilateral action no one stopping any country from saying that i think one of the criticisms of the russian proposal for a no first placement it's like why first that when it is
11:42 pm
a no placement if you're really serious it seems i've heard people from the western block they were really with russia isn't serious when they propose this they're more doing it to make everyone look bad because they know there's no way the rest of us and on their own have access to actually doing about it but first we're serious russia is totally capable of saying you know we're just going to do it you know how they're going to side no place in the weapons space but they have not decided that they have not said that well in addition to that there is a problem of definition of what is based weapon because space weapon yeah you can you can put to me so soon the space or you can raise our but any space space objects or satellites can we can't get into a weapons so it is rather difficult to define what space weapon means and yes you can say i'm not going to be so as all rays are in space but well if
11:43 pm
you know push come to shove their i.q. placed mark you know i can put myself. under the sucker right so that can be a weapon but technically. possible this is if i can follow up on that as well daniels right well the another problem with that create that because we cannot define what a space weapon is we also can't necessarily verify that people are abiding by any agreements that we might come to so this is actually something that i'm looking into at the moment which is where our capabilities there are trying certain compliance with obligations and space and unfortunately because things are in outer space it's very difficult to tell what if someone puts up a satellite what are its capabilities what can it do what can it not do and it's very difficult to determine you know really at the moment very few countries might have even the potential to be able to determine that little and to share it with others so part of the challenges that we're facing here the united nations is
11:44 pm
trying to figure out if we do come to some kind of an agreement how do we even verify that people are complying with. an addition to that i think days the problem of defining or identifying tension ok they once had their ideas heating and other such that i think is it because of an accident or is it because it did give or moves to attack on notice something so that's another issue of verifying it and i did defying the intent. here's a a comment from charles victoria what about nuclear non armament treaties as a model if most spacefaring nation signed on could have a question of effect on russia china and the us to play nice i mean the problem with treaties for space is that basically is because it has said it's hard to define what you want to do work on nuclear issues and disarm of people do you want people to have a capability you say ok we want people have nuclear weapons no fissile material for
11:45 pm
you but with space it's hard because we're going to ban the technology is the technology it's the intent it's what you're doing with it that's threatening and so there's a real debate in the international community do you try to have norms about behavior or do you try to ban technology frankly i think it's more beneficial to talk about norms of behavior and try and look at ok what is responsible space act are going to be doing and that actually allows you to stop having the same argument we've been having for decades now. and this might be the one of the few times i disagree with victoria but i think this is this is where our line in the show may make it count. go for it there are other options for a treaty so for example one option i've been thinking about for a while now is why not have a treaty on preventing certain types of use of force in outer space so people can defend themselves in space but what if we at least agree the same way that we agree
11:46 pm
that other some types of weapons or biological weapons chemical weapons are so terrible that we never want to resort to them thank you if we all sat in your car see it ending on a positive suggestion an alternative turn to tell suzuki of victoria samson thank you say so very much for talking about the militarization of space on the street. nothing.
11:47 pm
three years after the u.k. voted to leave the european union accept is yet to take form and camp britain seen through its divorce from its european may best cloak of the whole process still be revived stay with al-jazeera for the latest. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided attempts into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers at the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove. witness on al-jazeera.
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it is murder when you throw a firebomb into someone's home and eat shit in a off trash heap you know the next not insignificant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as a crime gag down very significant by dictating big government and the fucked up policy dows shalt not kill part of the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. a live from doha everyone on kimmel santamaria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera. many of the fighters up to forty percent it was a day just. our children as young as thirteen years old questions are raised in the
11:49 pm
u.k. parliament over the role of british military in yemen. in this regard we need to find a solution to sort out this crisis and to respond to the demands of algeria and. those protesters in algeria so the military's call for the president to step down isn't enough they want the entire government gone. the government still negotiated with the european union delivers the benefits of a customs union while enabling us to have an independent free trade policy to negotiate free trade agreements in my interest and tourism a remaining defiant as british m.p. is prepared to take charge of the u.k. is exempt from the european union and support well number one now back jock which has suffered another surprise defeat which has been knocked out in the fourth round of the miami open by spain's were told by a team that good. questions
11:50 pm
have been raised in the u.k. parliament about british involvement in the war and yet the opposition labor party has demanded answers after media reports that british special forces had been involved in gun battles with yemen's hutu rebels the party's representative on foreign affairs any foreign real surprise the government over allegations that british forces may have provided support for child soldiers as part of the saudi un coalition. there is one especially disturbing allegation in the mail on sunday as report which was that our forces are providing support to locally recruited saudi funded militia where many of the fighters up to forty percent it was alleged are children as young as thirteen years old so i would ask the minister of state.
11:51 pm
if that is in any way true because if he is then he will confirm the offices are not just a party to this conflict but witnesses to war crimes i feel that we get to the bottom of those allegations again i am very keen also not to in any way mis mislead the house. but they are occasions that were made in relation to any engagement that involves bringing child soldiers on board would be i think it would be appalling. charlie angelus following this one for us from london charlie can you give us any more background on this i mean the stories just sort of seems to come out of nowhere. so a well actually just off to that quote you have from the foreign minister mark vaile who's actually only been in his job for a day he went on to say that the government's going to investigate these allegations which is quite unusual because government policy is not to comment on any special forces operations but the source of these allegations is the mail on
11:52 pm
sunday newspaper which alleges that elite special boat service troops the s.b.s. are present in yemen and five were injured in gun battles inside and if true that would wholly contradict the british position that this government is not participating in the conflict only providing the just tickle support to the saudis in riyadh back in february there were reports on social media that british soldiers had been injured in firefights during a humanitarian operation in yemen but what the mail on sunday is claiming is that these s.b.s. soldiers were not just involved in humanitarian operations but actually providing mentoring in yemen that's medics translators and forward support whose job it is to request support from the saudis out in the article the s.b.s. source says and i quote the s.b.s. his role is mainly training and mentoring but on occasions they found themselves in firefights and some british troops have been shot obviously nothing about the mission will be confirmed publicly by the ministry of defense unless the u.k.
11:53 pm
soldier is killed well you had the opposition foreign minister any former that saying that time and time again britain has said that it is not party to the conflict in that in yemen and that phrase has been used to explain why it cannot assess any individual violations of humanitarian law but if these allegations of boots on the ground prove true it will completely undermine the official position that britain has which is that there is no military solution to this conflict a new political one. and yet believe the word you use we're general logistical support is what the british say they have been providing to the saudis i mean that does constitute sort of some sort of involvement i guess what is logistical support really mean. well as you know the u.k. surprise billions of dollars worth of arms to the saudis so that could be that could be assessed as providing exit explaining how these arms operate but you're
11:54 pm
absolutely right to pick up on that phrase by saying we are not bridges and saying it is not party to the conflict but it has a supportive role and that is now what ministers want to unpick what does this supportive role actually involve there was also allegations in that man on sunday article that to roll for servicemen were injured in saudi by a drawing and if that also proves true then they would be questions as to why arya servicemen were on the runway in saudi when they should be behind the desk offering logistical support only very interesting thank you charlie angela in london for us there well earlier on wednesday seven people including four children were killed in an airstrike on a hospital in yemen the charity save the children says its staff were on the ground supporting the medical team at the time near the city of sada well years of conflict of wrecked yemen's health care system more than half the hospitals and
11:55 pm
clinics have been destroyed and there's also a shortage of medicines and those that are available too expensive for most yemenis priyanka gupta has more on this yemenis khan to food to be sick have eat has a dozen books because of his injured spine on top of that he had to sell the family home to buy medicine for his father and his brother. as his brother's condition worsens and medical bills are piling up their rented house in the capital sanaa doesn't have much the only thing for leap to sell is the television. ten dollars isn't enough to buy medicine at. my brother's in very bad health sometimes he goes into a coma and sometimes he vomits blood to the extent that i am ready to sell all or part of my body to save him. even when yemenis have money to spend there not enough medicines to buy abdulhakim muhammad has been queuing for hours to get treatment
11:56 pm
for his diabetic wife. but as a many days since the war began up the again returns home with half of what his wife needs. about you mark of the my wife also needs medication for high blood pressure but i didn't find it so i will have to buy it from a pharmacy where it's almost three times more expensive the plight of yemen's almost thirty five thousand cancer patients is especially acute. center's main cancer hospital receives more than six hundred cases a month doctors are facing a severe shortage of drugs the war has destroyed more than half of yemen's hospitals and clinics the journey to the once that remain open is often long and expensive for patients it workers say many are dying at home without treatment i just came back from yemen and what we've seen is that many dialysis patients have been limited to only one one treatment
11:57 pm
a week and that puts them at much greater risk of additional diseases and certainly death certainly people with cancer as well with very very concerned about the situation there over thirty thousand to thirty five thousand people with. with cancer across the board many of them with treatable kits that in normal circumstances we should be able to cure in cities such as thais the cost of water has sold whales have dried up and supplies are restricted because of fighting some yemenis are forced to drink dirty water health workers say the number of cholera cases has risen in pies and seven other provinces since the beginning of the year since then close to one hundred seventy yemenis are reported to have died and with the rainy season due to begin in a few weeks it's feared the cholera crisis will become even worse priyanka gupta is here. well the news and opposition groups in algeria say a call by the military to have president abilities put
11:58 pm
a figure declared unfit for office doesn't go far enough on monday the army chief suggested the use of a constitutional provision to remove the president on medical grounds but most political parties want the entire government to be replaced the military's direct intervention follows weeks of protests against the president and his supporters a whole bar an hour in tunisia to bring us up to date on this i mean this is what we were talking about yesterday was an ash and the fact that the people want real change they want deep change not just one man gone. indeed to come out and i think the reason why people have been concerned about the move by the army yesterday is basically they are saying that if we go by that direction which has been suggested by the military yesterday it's means that the constitutional council which many people say is affiliated with the president. will have to decide and then it's the government which is mostly affiliated with the. will oversee any upcoming election
11:59 pm
in the future so they say against this backdrop we don't have any faith in the establishment which is prevailing in algeria other the only way out as i leave it at least who is one of the key opposition members you know. initially to appoint an independent candidate with an impeccable track record who can reach out to all sections of the society bring all the people together and start a radical change in algeria with a transitional period that's the way out not just. bring in someone from the upper chamber of the parliament to oversee the transition obviously having two narratives here one perspective from a minute from the army which is saying that it's better to maintain the basic tenets of the state and the narrative of the people which says we want all of that establishment to dissolve. tell me about the state of the opposition in algeria because we talk about the protesters of the opposition it's not quite as simple as
12:00 am
that isn't. it is because the. did come out because the ultimate leave the opposition in syria has been has been weakened over the last. two decades and what you see recently is that the same time we've seen the pro-democracy movement gaining ground it's the one which has started this protest movement. on february in february it is the one which is now trying to tilt the balance in favor of the thousands of young algerians disillusioned with the political establishment this illusion with the policies that have been made over the last few years and saying that we're becoming poorer and unemployment is skyrocketing and this is an indication that the government has failed its own people now this is going to put more pressure on the opposition in.


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