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tv   Rendition Revisited P1  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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i. mean. i'm not on that i have a gun to my live bob bob said and says you didn't feed your beefy daddy how can i would. then feed you good. person i'll bring them. to the state. department know that the ship was going for bob which is the financial debacle because it wasn't given look at them a world of our leisure and for some of them fifty men bought it a tsunami of what the left and on and on we all washed out of us all but then i
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spoke about what was it on because of the little bit of both of us you know that offended most of the so we're going to smash it and how do you shut up. event hell you shit up a bet and he had a ten i said at the to him. he. could have us as that other to sit out there and campaign as and said i did for sure and that's the message then i think this is the method and if so a lot of knesset walked on the wall which a lot of nest fickle. young men and women. see out of the men and. see no. one how will the ending of a man of the. opposition
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from some of this comes. as services as jeff you know i mean. award shows is with us again with the thought that. something should. come from a special. issue of the. paid for the. village and had to be negative about the sure something is that it just. was. into the vision that it was going to disappear was beginning to push or something. you know would have left her lie down in. the shahid if she doesn't look at what she is definitely going to. do to defend somebody they say that because remember what i mean. is that if it bit them and guess what i was really sick and. said that i would simply.
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feel a little left a bit the cloudy and innocent that i would add to what i had. none in this believe so a bit of a cut of that investment to look good as they have and with the numbers that i would have been at the middle to defend them with this is it bob that they should not go down the aisle nothing less will be able to put it well you just like and they. will get on the bus i'm going to. report you never knew you know most of them were going on was innocent of murder you're going to. fall off at. this hour but that is it i thought i was on my mother actually officially on the list that was just let me get it all and give her the sauce that she sure would
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just love to share does it usually move to pursue ownership of god's. will for the end. today with all the good that i mean how will she get into the most needy in the media and cheap in the bar and had the most viewed nationally from saw that movie. the moment that it may not. be true from a good lad will soon not something. be it should bad for the lead at some of the better than if of the new stuff but not serviceable but didn't want their mother at the well understood. and those who were in the office knew each other you know so this was going to hurt. their care. of michigan so. it was in the sea of governor bush jr all of them and in the us he did nothing to get this wrong but when our series of catch up
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. just was sold to a lady that given a. the mushroom show that without yams i'll be the shit the end of the shopping center is . again and that's going to have been inflicted often over that sizable bar that i don't see other than this for the. get ahead in the sun the bulk of the budget some are in the bunny a good yes a little bit c.n. and me just. love to. sit holding. the gun. sun at a bar and have a look. that most of us know what up on.
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the bottom of. the first book. so you know what the love of. nigga did and that's the problem it's the mislead by the. bosh comes to. the bridge good comes on the bridge becomes so the can look. up so be it cannot be given to those who are down over the fool but if you open. your eyes and it will probably it will be the hook in the phone and i feel it to the other my head of the government problem for a guy who doesn't have the funds to. fill. out a little bit of the last of the work that met the man and i think it ended up just i was about to have it mission accomplished what good did. it get to see to get out
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but made a mess i don't know i'll go to some of the others although i was a little busy as all the. and i'm sure my understand your. silly question should i just cannot govern. but means i'm going to be. going to. some buswell book really going to be on the bus and i know this and i'm so. fired up about. callin everywhere that. where there are. no civil about the. job of. how to deal with. the job you know with a lot of the. you can but somebody you can work. with a lot of the time in their shemesh kind of fight or mash about the overall mission
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when you. look at i know what i know you don't have enough over one hundred two hundred given good business and i think that most of them see me they look to. understand how the mother comes to me and. whether the president can you know. a lot better than i did to the math. and i can clearly still. mad that you can learn one of the things and i bet you can there are the. last. lot of a. chance of the for. an ounce of the fork in your. house. will look we're in the mold of the little yourself your what if selfish are where some shot in sydney you wish they are what i'm going to send me if they have
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a life but it. is a fear that over hug. your seat as if you think your see. so you have because i was the book i know how hard it is listen never does i do it i know that i got the book about the bottle because i want to know i should have one of the lowest in a lot of books about now but thought of of the little throw you in the shove them together in the just a battle buddy it will close out of college i'm going to feel government i'm going to tell me got the bloody good about the film come out of the can i shut up get out of the office all folk who thought somehow that i'm sorry didn't open up a shot of jerry it and it has yeah hi jerry look when i get a little but then how to get it out with their mug. on in the shadow of the. home and on the show before i saw them you said filomena we identified as you one of them being that well well well if that i'm still
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a bit of an. awful lot of bolivia evolvement to do all sorts of. human jim i had to man you see what you need to put. in i don't blow yet that which i gots to ship shape as the show. hole and other parts. i had. to put down here. at the bottom. and up on but on the economy at them and i've been in them does anybody and i persuade them.
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that i'm not the kind onus of a novel hallo. make them does and ahead by yemeni germano heloc seven mike and we head for north and chill fanny are the doc what a mission from what i thought of her daughter and shared something. let alone a few mostly about a loudmouth as the jimmy view shared with me that we shared one misstep that you the love so hard what they did get bought and yes you love them ok and yet the how well engineer or not you know me better way to get our letter in one issue of the kentucky iowa shot of i am saddened at the instant of a shock some. of the areas where there.
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should be able to assume most should the usher of the general million tonight more shark jumping be any good little obama will for her little better than the as a man was. a linux would never sell a lot even as you know but. they are going to get a grip. on . the money from.
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another in a semi session in just thirty hour walk about in the part. yeah according to ny and nj is it taking your bad i said be a wash and you know i'm in bed you have one leg and i still get up well enough. chair and went. back to where you know this is a visit i was that i had it. and i love
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a mess that i'm caught in the silken lead as if the malema in the litter had been provisionals. i should guess they forgot that i liked a. lot of some. of them. lavish and i'm going to anyway. fair enough for us. to let you know for. me in jazz and is the physical. meadow and i had an i feel what's the rock into. the hold lay it on. the hill.
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imagine a little more. of a seven helpful incentive. in a country playing political cottonmouths games with europe and russia the people are trying to find their voice. but under the unfree strew of the so-called last dictator of europe voicing any opposition is risky. and the penalties can be severe. the better roost dilemma the weakness documentary. on al-jazeera.
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it's facing a separatist push in the east russians in crimea and major economic challenges now ukraine is getting ready to elect a new leader from thirty nine candidates what course will the country take join us for special coverage of the ukrainian presidential election. algeria's ruling party sides with the army urging the removal of president up the disease but a freak. elephant oh how everyone on kimmel santamaria and this is the world news from al-jazeera.
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many of the scientists up to forty percent it was attached to children as young as thirteen years old questions are raised in the british parliament over the role of the military in yemen. british m.p.'s meanwhile getting ready to vote on several options for braggs it after taking control of the whole process. and celebrating a nation's past and present qatar opens the doors to its new national museum. so our ruling party v.f.l. and has come out and backed an army call to remove the president from office you'll remember on monday when the army chief suggested the use of a constitutional provision to have president abdelaziz bouteflika declared unfit for office that intervention from the military followed weeks of protests against the president and his backers. following things from. i mean surely the writing is
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on the wall now. yes come out i think now the f.l.n. when the moment it saw that the biggest and the most powerful most organized situation in the army is the sensing itself from the president decided to do the same thing and so are many many many key figures now in like i am of the here who was a key ally of president of the exhibits of the the us saying the man must step aside and the army must go ahead with triggering article one two so the man is now becoming more isolated than ever and we are most likely going to see in the coming days more lies of the president saying that it's about time to turn his chops which is going to further pave the way for the constitutional council to go ahead as soon as possible with a trigger in article one two and declaring the man unfit to rule on syria and then
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what because we were making the point yesterday that even though this is an army intervention it is very much an intervention going by the book. it is. creating some problem in azalea to the point where the army today issued another statement saying that all its actions are within the framework of the us constitution and that is surrounded by an unstable environment and political landscape and therefore the reason why the they had to step in yesterday was basically to safeguard the nation of algeria by suggesting something within the framework of the constitution but however that own vision for the future of a jury is not necessarily in sync with what the opposition of the thousands of algerian protesters have been proposing which is basically they say it's no longer an issue of which of era is over however we don't trust the constitutional council
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because it's been appointed by the with don't trust the government because the government was appointed when i was there for the political establishment is. full of many people who are as our clients what we need is an dependent personality and to leave the got the country for a transitional period and appoint on its own a new government and i think this is going to be the top issue to be debated between the army and the opposition in the coming days. in tunis thank you two other news and questions have been raised in the u.k. parliament about british involvement in the war in yemen the opposition labor party has demanded answers after media reports the that british special forces had been involved in gun battles against yemen's rebels the party's representative on foreign affairs only formally also pressed the government over allegations that british forces may have provided support for child soldiers as part of the saudi
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coalition. there is one especially disturbing allegation in the mail on sunday's report which was that all forces are providing support to locally recruited saudi funded militia where many of the fighters up to forty percent it was alleged are children as young as thirteen years old so i would ask the minister of state if that is in any way true because if he is then he will confirm the offices are not just a party to this conflict but witnesses to war crimes in that we get to the bottom of those allegations again i am very keen also not to in any way mis mislead the house. but the allegations that were made in relation to any engagement that involves bringing child soldiers on board would be i think it would be appalling more on this switch in london. this source of these allegations is
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a mail on sunday newspaper article which alleges that elite special boat service troops are present in yemen five were injured after battles insider if true it would wholly contradict the government promises that the u.k. is not participating in the conflict but just providing logistical support to the saudis in riyadh now back in february there were some reports on social media suggesting british soldiers had been injured in a firefight and the daily express newspaper claimed two s.e.'s members had been injured during a humanitarian operation the difference with this these new revelations is that the mail on sunday is claiming the special boat service squadron were not involved in humanitarian operations but they were providing mentoring teens in yemen translators medics and forward air command whose role is to request air support from the saudis. u.k.
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parliament has begun debating several options for a briggs that deals after prime minister theresa may address the group but still insisted her plan was the best even though it's been rejected twice by m.p.'s may defended her agreement in her first weekly question time in parliament since m.p.'s voted to take back control of briggs at negotiations we are continuing to work to ensure that we can deliver great sit for the british people and guarantee that we deliver bricks it for the british people we have a deal which councils are you membership fee which stops are you making our laws which gives us our own immigration policy then the common agricultural policy for good and is a common fisheries policy for good other options don't do that other options would lead to delay to uncertainty and risk now for delivering. earlier this week this is the business minister resigned from the government saying the government's approach to brics it was playing roulette with the lives of livelihoods of the vast majority of the people on. this country why is she prepared
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to carry on risking jobson industry in another attempt to yet again run down the clock and try to blackmail the m.p.'s behind into supporting a deal that's already been twice rejected more with paul brennan now who is outside the houses of parliament in london paul eight potential scenarios on the table now as far as indicative votes go and yet to resign may still hanging on to her deal as well that is her deal still in play. it is a deal is very much still in play options in a period of time a window of opportunity for the m.p.'s where the government is no longer in charge in the building behind me in parliament control has been taken away from the executive and put briefly for about a seven hour period into the hands of m.p.'s and they're making the most of it there have seven options which have been selected by the speaker of the house john bercow ranging from leaving the european union with no deal that can't there's
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another option for a kind of common market two point zero other one other option is for a come from a saree put people's vote on whatever deal comes through several other options that cover a spectrum in between all of those options now they will debate triple seven pm and then have a usual written very much on piece of paper which will then be counted up in the result known by nine pm now to analyze this unprecedented situation is joining me is mostly saying he's a former special advisor to the minister on the rudd former staff inside downing street you know this place very well. any of the options that stick out to you in particular yes i think the idea of a cafe maci referendum that seems to be going legs and there was mostly from labor but also from the conservative side now as well and this is very much the idea of would have a deal is agreed getting that public law and i kind of sign off on the people it's not without risk it could end up being
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a lot more divisive but he seems to be where i think and he's a coalescing around at the moment now to resubmit his deal is not one of the eight options she's keeping that in the back office there was talk of it being brought back for a meaningful vote perhaps thursday maybe even friday but the speaker of the house as well he's put a spanner into that works hasn't say yes he has he's asked for that species going to change the motion i think the government thinking very carefully you read to me about what that change should be how do they bring it back because it's very much it's no one without the us. the reason that the two plates are in a way healthful to the government is because they will help focus minds of the heart of bricks tears he or she is who will then think actually the will of parliament means anything else will be soft so as much as we don't like the prime minister's deal who hold on nose to grin and bear it will vote for him because that means that on twenty second of may we get to leave but without that option still being in play that does street the sense is that they could be scooped into
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supporting the prime minister's deal despite the fact that they've posted previously that the prime minister self is fighting i suppose for a future she's meeting the nine hundred twenty two committee as it's called it backbench members of foreign policy and that she might even offer to resign yes that's speculation american partly want to say we've been here before we've seen some speculation before i think you know there are some people say to me. given we where we are now you know one had to be. for the future relationship negotiation and. said no let's let's see what she says i do you know what will you change changing the figurehead does it change the parliament you if you take no really does he change the substance of the withdrawal of the moon which some people say he said to games you know really what is the do you piece response that's still to be seen i think we're going to hear from them later on today so you i'm not sure what that would achieve in the longer term but in the words of the prime minister's you said the many times before nothing has changed thank you indeed most who say the
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volume has been ramping up here the tension inside ramping up as well thank you paul brennan in london still ahead for you on al-jazeera keeping the military outside a new opposition alliance in thailand claims a majority in the first vote since a coup five years ago. and why tourists are threatening the beauty spots that tracked them in the first place. how the weather does still look rather disturbed across many parts of the middle east and in northern sections of the middle east somewhat dry weather now making its way into iran the wettest weather is pushing through a swiss towards of kind of down towards pakistan but you can see this is what we had make its way across terra recently we are going to see it telling a little drier.


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