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tv   Jamal Khashoggi The Silencing Of A Journalist  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2019 4:00am-5:02am +03

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green water and we've got some extension as well so when we saw this helicopter people were very happy the world food program brought two tons of high nutritional food much to the relief of the villages who lost everything in the psych lone homes crops possessions and some their loved ones this aid is coming just in the nick of time for these people their food had run out they were cut off for twelve days the water's only receded here four days ago they still need flour they still need oil and they still need medicine but for now they're ok they're going to survive but there are other isolated pockets like these around the country who still need help in this area they're used to flooding but not with such ferocious winds and we're going to win before and we didn't expect the cycling to be so bad it was frightening when we were told that the winds will be more than two hundred kilometers per hour we didn't take it seriously that's why so many people suffered . five people from the community were swept away in drowning clued in a young boy most are now having to live in
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a local school. aid agencies estimate that they have reached six hundred thousand people so far but they need to get to another one million who need assistance there a lot of risk we really need to make a lot of efforts we need more money argentina to be able to bring here on the ground before their water systems that make these things that we need to distribute on time because now bang for its offices. just a few days ago the land below was covered in water after two days without rain the levels are receding more roads and tracks are becoming passable and that allows the more effective and cheaper way of delivering aid involved. but that help will need to be long term is harvest season in this region but the villages abroad are like tens of thousands of others have no crops to harvest no fish left to catch today they will eat but what will the future bring. many cycling victims will be
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dependent on international support for the forseeable future. tony virtually al-jazeera or rather central mozambique. still ahead on the program venezuela's opposition leader calls the new protests amid a second blackout which he says has affected ninety one percent of the country. and why social media apps a threatening some of the world's top tourism spots. hello there there's also a fine dry weather to be found across europe at the moment the crisis whether it's towards the west where the temperatures are rising for us as well london that should get up to around sixteen degrees as we head through the day on thursday. further east there is more in the way of cloud here and it's not feeling quite so warm and that cold weather is now taking
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a bit further south to the west this weather there is down in the southeast corner for some of us in the southern parts of italy and through percy greece it really doesn't very wet and warm under that system either as that moves out the way with even colder weather make its way in so for athens the maximum temperature there on friday would just be eleven degrees and that area of rain will be working its way across parts of turkey where it will be turning increasingly wintery for the other side of the mediterranean we're also seeing a little bit just the tail end of that same system so for some of us in libya will be rather gray but dusty at times as well further west it's not that warm for us look at algiers a maximum temperature just of fifteen degrees the temperatures will increase though as we head into friday back up to seventy or about quite nice there around twenty three for the central belt of africa plenty of showers here at the moment some particularly heavy ones in parts of uganda that are just rumbling their way towards the west and further west now for west africa there's also a handful of showers to be expected at times. the in.
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in the country playing political capital games with europe and russia the people are trying to find their voice. but under the un free struve the super cool glance dictator of europe voicing any opposition is risky. the penalties can be serving. the better route still a weakness documentary. on al-jazeera. or the back counter minder of the top stories on al-jazeera british m.p.'s are
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currently voting on eight different options the country's withdrawal from the e.u. on minister trees america's promise to policy should step down if her withdrawal agreement is delivered. algeria's ruling party has blocked a call by the military trimming the president of the disease because flicka from office the army chief has suggested the eighty two year old could be declared unfit for office if all his weeks of antigovernment protests. and five cases of cholera have been confirmed to mozambique's badly damaged port city of berra two weeks off the cycling he died swept through the area the world health organization has warned of an impending disaster if the disease isn't contained. seven people including four children have been killed in an ass strike on a hospital in yemen the charity save the children says it's only ground when the missile hit a clinic in the city of sodom saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are leading
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a military coalition in yemen against the iranian backed hoofy fight has warned yemen began four years ago this week. the u.s. secretary of state says the trumpet ministration is working to identify anyone responsible for the murder of a saudi genest jamal khashoggi want pumpin made the comments at a congressional hearing when he was being questioned about foreign policy and there is also in jordan is life in washington d.c. for us right now so i'll tell us what's been going on well the secretary has been on capitol hill on wednesday to basically argue why the op reposed state department budget for fiscal year two thousand and twenty should be approved but of course legislators are asking him about the administration's foreign policy one of the many topics that has come up has been the murder of journalist. last october this is what the secretary of state mike pompei o had to say when
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congressman gerry connolly put the question it to him about accountability we are continuing all across the government certainly and over it means that all the tools that we have in our capacity to learn more facts about this president drum as made very clear that we will continue to work to identify those who are responsible for democracy is murder and hold them accountable we will stand by that today now there hasn't been really any follow up to get details of what this accountability looks like does that mean more sanctions does it mean trying to actually bring criminal charges in u.s. courts against those who might be responsible really no detail in part because the representatives holding this budget hearing are asking about any number of foreign policy concerns for the united states not just the murder of. all right there in washington d.c. thank you. the political leader of hamas has made his first public appearance in
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girls or since his office was bombed small her nears office was one of a number of buildings destroyed on monday and tuesday night by israeli jets dozens of rockets also fired into israel hermia has declared victory and says a cease fire brokered by egypt is now in place. in resistance kept its word and israeli enemy received the message the resistance can deliver its message in the proper time and place i call on our people to commemorate the naacp our anniversary to refresh their belonging to their land not especially as the great march of return started a year ago i would like to greet our egyptian brothers for their efforts to reach the ceasefire understanding and for stopping the israeli aggression and gaza venezuela's opposition leader is in his supporters to protest this weekend against latest latest nationwide blackout which is driving into a third day says the blackout has affected ninety one percent of the country that
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is the second major power outage this month president nicolas maduro accuses the united states on the venezuelan opposition of sabotaging the country's to power system schools and state offices were closed on wednesday because of the outages. that meant that. forget not there they're starving us to death because if there's no electricity and the banks are not operating there's no internet there's nothing people are walking around like mummies trying to get where they need to go without knowing how they will go out looking for food but then they can't buy any because there aren't any jobs. but any one formula is a people have food in their refrigerators and it goes bad i can't go to work i come here to take the bus i get there and they send us away because there is no electricity it's a last day. as wife has met u.s. president donald trump at the white house fabiano those are as says there's been
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a wave of attacks against her husband since he declared himself as late as legitimate leader in january the u.s. fifty other countries have recognized as the country's interim president. it's only a mole to say migrants have hijacked a merchant ship that rescued them off the coast of libya and it's now heading to malta one hundred eight migrants were picked up by a cargo ship and is said to taken control of the vessel after discovering it was taking them back to libya we while the e.u. has been criticized by rights groups after it agreed to withdraw ships patrolling the mediterranean for migrants it took that decision to member states we called their rescue ships although it will still conduct air patrols italy has refused to allow those picked up by the operation to disembark at its ports. the european parliament has voted to push through a ban on a range of single use plastics ten products including plastic plates straws cutlery
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and casa buds will be prohibited across the e.u. by twenty twenty one the e.u. law aims for ninety percent of plastic drink bottles to be collected for recycling by twenty twenty nine and all bottles are to consist of at least thirty percent recycled material by twenty thirty european commission for the legislation last year after its research found that plastics made up eighty percent of europe's marine litter posing a major threat to its coastal biodiversity. well david is eli is the director of the environmental health program at the center for international environmental board says the legislation is groundbreaking the ban is very significant both in terms of environment because it will save quite a large amount of plastic going into the environment i think according to the commission's estimate it's going to save about twenty two billion euros in environmental damages by twenty thirty i think it's a very critical first step will it be enough to address the amount of plastic
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pollutions in the ocean in land in air probably not but you know in every long journey the first step is always one of the most important to take thailand's main opposition parties have formed an alliance claiming enough seats to form a government but a prime ministry party has also claimed the right to govern the country the final results still haven't been announced in sunday's election which was time's first vote since the military took over five years ago scott hyla has more from bangkok. thailand's lead opposition party has formed a democratic front coalition in the lower house along with six other parties they have two hundred fifty five seats and claim to have a majority and right to form a government the heads of each party signed an agreement that we are seven parties that have the majority of votes from people who have trusted us to walk in the
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house up hippy said to teach we are signing the joystick to stop the power with the completion of the one. a new party that ran on the goal of reducing the military's grip on government is part of the coalition the leader of future forward saying the poor thais candidate for prime minister deserves the job that sudar is to most suitable and dignify candidate for the prime minister to the thai party the military backed party announced it is working on forming a coalition of its own it's looking to keep prime minister prayer in office the two hundred fifty members of senate will be appointed by the military government and the democratic front to gain some of their support to form its own government and that's not going to be easy once they see who will be in the scene is they can negotiate or lobby or do something you know that to get favor from subsidy at this but it's not promising so that's going to be
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a matter that they have coming up and with senators not expected to be announced until after official election results are released in early may the democratic front of won't have much time to form a government even if they can get support it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok. india's prime minister narendra modi says his country is now part of the space superleague gulf it successfully shot down a satellite india is the fourth country to use an anti-satellite weapons to the us russia and china modi's announcement comes just two weeks before india's election so how wrong and how small from you danny. what the prime minister said was that within the last twenty four hours he could confirm that india become the fourth nation in the world along with the us china and russia and satellite technology it had shot down successfully one of its own satellites in orbit and that he wanted to tell the nation of course is a policy that was started back in two thousand and twelve under the former prime minister manmohan singh's so india's space development through isro the indian
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space research organization has been developing space technology for decades now but it's a huge further in the prime minister's cap operation shock the was launched. over in addition to reaching the east of the country so certainly a major announcement by a sitting prime minister which has reverberations and repercussions at this present moment in time in india social media giant facebook has announced a ban on praise support for representation of white nationalism scrutiny of the company increased after a gunman in new zealand use facebook to lifestream his attacks on the change people who search for terms associated with white supremacy and instead see a link to a nonprofit organization which helps people lead such groups social media apps like instagram or encouraging more people to travel cities like reykjavik or sites like match a pitch and have seen an influx of visitors but that's not always a good thing as rob reynolds reports. you can blame social media for spreading fake
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news compromising your privacy and giving your kids nightmares now some are blaming it for ruining some of the world's prettiest places once visitors would travel to stunning sites to gaze in admiration now these attractions are often just a backdrop for selfies tweeted out for bragging rights there's no question the instagram effect on tourism is powerful in new zealand the lakeside town of one aka saw tourism increase by fourteen percent when tourism promoters invited social media influencers to visit now local residents are ball king at tax increases proposed to bolster tourism infrastructure over tourism and inadequate sewage treatment led to a six month shutdown of boracay island in the philippines beginning last year when orders of president rhodri go detected
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a what up to is he says. is destroying the environment of that it public will be freely been in iceland officials are asking visitors to please him some of the most instagram downed over crowded spots like reykjavik blue lagoon two million tourists went to iceland last year dwarfing the country's population of three hundred fifty thousand much of the increase is attributed to social media masses looking for the perfect selfie spot threaten the ancient ruins of much you picchu one point two million people swarmed the site in two thousand and fourteen this year peruvian officials instituted a strict ticketing policy giving visitors access for a limited number of hours cities like washington d.c. where big crowds flock to see the cherry blossoms each spring have the necessary infrastructure to handle such an influx but that's not the case in remote areas
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like thailand's p.p.i. . because of attention raised on social media the beach received five thousand visitors a day causing severe environmental damage the spot is now closed indefinitely rising living conditions in one's impoverished countries mean more and more people are traveling the world but they may find a growing number of restrictions and outright closures in the places everyone wants to visit rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles on this much more many of the stories we're covering all the website al-jazeera dulko. undermined for the top stories on al-jazeera u.k. prime minister theresa may has promised members of her policies she'll step down if her deal on the european union is delivered and they didn't give a timetable but says she'll resign before the next phase of. well they says british
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m.p.'s are facing on eight alternative options to her with full agreement full time and has more from central london. the expectation well hope at least of theresa may is that this offer to quit and it is only on offer at this stage might sway some euro skeptic that is to support her they they believe she is calculating that they don't trust her to do the second stage of the negotiations the future trading relationship with the european union she knows that they don't like the deal that she's done. various ruling party has bought to call by the military to remove president of the lizzie's beautifully from office the army chief suggested using a constitutional provision to remove the president on medical grounds alone policy says it supports the plan in order to quote protect the country from danger ontario has seen weeks of protests against the thickest twenty year rule. mozambique has
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confirmed the first five cases of cholera in the psychodrama city of port city struggling to provide clean water and sanitation of the edo hits twelve days ago the storm killed more than four hundred sixty people in mozambique and one point eight million in need of urgent help the world health organization is warning of a second disaster if cholera spreads through the region the u.s. secretary of state says the trumpet ministration is working to identify anyone responsible for the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi might compare made the comments of a congressional hearing where he was grilled about foreign policy. the political leader of hamas has made his first public appearance in gaza since his office was bombed its mamma mia his office was one of a number of buildings destroyed or monday and tuesday nights by israeli jets dozens of rockets were also fired into israel and air has declared victory and says a ceasefire brokered by egypt is now in place and those were latest headlines here
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on al-jazeera more in twenty five minutes but the stream is next to stay with us. hi anthony ok and you are in the stream as exxon is adjusting to life under a new president after north as a by have unexpectedly stood down what lies in store for millions of young people who have never known any other leader send your thoughts via twitter but today show .
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for twenty nine yes no sultan as a by f. has been front and center of public life in kazakstan but that changed a week ago when he announced he was handing the presidency to casting joel la talk a f a trusted loyalist his decision shock as it stalin and central asia here's how knesset i left it at his resignation sure. today i appeal to you as i always did in the important moments in the history of i was states which we have built and are building together but my appeal today is special i have made it difficult decision to retire from responsibility of the president of the kazakhstan republican president that is probably if your system yeah no they don't startle so i was granted the status of the first president leader of the nation i remain chairman of the security council to which the law serious power in determining interior and foreign policy i remain chairman of the no zero time party
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mostly and a member of the constitutional council chairman chris. one of the first major decisions by another by your successor was to rename kazik stance capital on saturday a new small town became the new name for a stunner a city that was rebuilt into one of central asia is because trade and tourism hobbs and has a bias rule but what does the surprise handover of the presidency after three decades me for young people in kazakstan to talk about this we have that they are costner's of editor in chief of step that's an independent digital media outlet he joins us from our maty also in our t. is i am totally young of over a freelance journalist who has written widely on kazakh politics colleague ash cabot over is a researcher an advocate on gender rights and sexual education she joins us from little tam the kazakh capital recently named from aston and from prague we have
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total cooled off he is has our service director radio free europe radio liberty good to have you here everybody hi much to nineteen you're not going to forget that date in a hurry hello everybody so good to have you that date see it in your memory i'm looking at a tweet here from europe ought didn't have internet connection for the last day the minute i got connected my phone started buzzing i had six hundred twenty eight are read messages on my whatsapp on the resignation of the president of catholic stan i was in a state of shock for a second after all he's been there all my life has tagged as a bias torak or what is your story of when you found out how you found out your reaction. it was really. a shock their first impression and reaction was for us for many people in cars are people who have been following the news and events and custom it has that has that been
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a shock because as you are. very rightly pointed out at the beginning of the shoulder. the country and the young people under thirty there have never seen another leader and this is a three day kates when one person on the main position suddenly he announced as the east up and down it was that shock but the shock was changed on the next day with probably main the disappointment after their newly appointed. interim president doesn't have much in our most initiated renaming the. name of the capital after innocent by oath yeah because many people far seen in that as a big old scion of cult of personality that is some good bike left kind of gas where were you when did you find out that your current president on your past
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present was was about to hand over power. yes i was actually only cation traveling in kurdistan you know as i'm following the news and then my friend texted me and everybody learned this news already kept asking me my greatest friends like how do you feel how is it your president step down you know as they say i. kind of don't feel anything right now. i better wait out and see only time can tell in the next day we had another news which was not that doesn't present as the first news if i can him you try to sum up that shocking to an actual article that you wrote for the independent and catholic stomp the last soviet era president has suddenly resigned and this is what it means for my people . tell us. so i might tell you right now and i want to
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know mighty when i read them years it was maybe one hour before actual announcement that the president has urgent at urgent address to the nation so i was a bit intrigued what he has to say because there were several it addressed those to the nation previously and sometimes people were weighted with the shocking resignation but it didn't happen so a good start and i wasn't prepared for that when i was recently there started talking. it was seven zero one pm when he said that he's going to step out and yeah i couldn't believe my ears to be honest and definitely i had some. mixture of emotions at that time and there.
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and then after a few days i have thought it over and rode them out a coat. danny it feels like thought the whole the whole nation was in some kind of trauma and getting over it together and then no sooner if they find out that the president the capitol name was changing so on march the twenty second march twenty third people what happened they were talking about this let me give you some idea of the comments that people were sharing. and i could talk to the issues i view rename the city very negatively because the name aston a is a brand i think nursultan is not right at all we have never sold ten st ten university and now the capital city nursultan i think that is over but are you sure you approach the. i am against renaming us to now to nor sultan because us tonight is a world brand everyone knows us enough from expo twenty seventeen zero a c international summit and such things. we are
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happy that they named the capital after the first president this was day in history for the next generation to my grandchildren. that i wonder if this might be a signing the more so tight it is still going to be around the former president is still going to be around there still may be some way that he's influencing current politics in kazakstan what do you think. well exactly i totally agree with you in the sense that. an expert committee basically everyone was discussing what would be dissin areas and i think the last year a new law on the security council has been approved so the president moves as the chairman of the security council with many important kind of tools that leverage is he has on foreign policy on security and the mess the politics as well so now he controls basically all of the key critical areas and we'll look as
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the sort of immediate mediator as a transcendental figure that will basically you know control all the important processes in the country i think is really interesting that this is the year of use in kazakstan exactly everything and just go ahead present the republic of cash to sponsor can twenty nine thousand the least and more than two thousand cabinet students and faculty members gathered at the tightest uses for the opening of year how's it going so i saw yes well. well the u.s. is generally is not interested in politics and i think it's a global trend but. there is kind of a cause of the logic in this in the sense that the youth had lived only under the one president and they get used to him so what they really think is that. well so many important issues are solved. where there are enough sana in the capital and
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not on the local level so my opinion is generally disregarded or ignored so this is the attitude we have but you know with this event happening with the resign a side of the president i think the day has we have in mind shift now so people now know that actually this president could leave and the other president could trump so there's definitely a new interesting ideas could pop up in their heads how to leave and how to talk about politics talk oh go ahead. yes unberth has done your measure and not many things will be changed and we because if you mention about the security council powerful now a body which has given cause additional power. after the law was a factor into the fact last year it also applies to that he received to the nets and
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both receive the title of first president almost nineteen years ago and the leader of the nation one years ago. two years ago he was announced as the bus there which means a habit of nation or people in cars out language and it was because of his historic mission he was given that. lifelong right to give initiatives on state building that you mentioned domestic and foreign policy national security what's more a color state bodies are obliged now to conceal their nose or bios proposals what is very very important nazarbayev himself and his family and their property and back accounts have also being given full immunity from prosecution in addition a he's also chairman of their ruling party now and. what is interesting that even now the interim president customs of the cove is just
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a member of that party colleague at let me bring you back into the conversation at a pace that you wrote quite recently the crisis afflicting kazakstan sleuth. and that was that was a little while ago excuse me and you're talking about this crisis for the u.s. but now we're in the year of. what do you think the biggest issue as for young people. well i think that despite the fact that this is a year of use now that the government is ready for a politically active youth at least know the youth knows how to be active when they're of course there are a lot of. young voices now can be heard and i hope they'll be positive changes in this but it's just we still have this legacy that really just decide for young people instead of listening to them and letting them. say what they think and
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how they would like to be treated and what they would like to do. so let me add something to that well i agree with what carl is actually saying in the sense that . well the uses lot that active as we remain one in the sense that unfortunately only are what their last allow as the major base it is that could actually that that is the places where the younger generation could practice some of the activists. in our activist movements and so on but on the other head we should not ignore the social media as i have written in some of the papers there says the actually only one of the viable places without so much censorship or without so much control so many of the people are feeling much more comfortable themselves in this in expressing that they ideas in social media and get to have
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something of your back to say that i. used to when we talk about you it's this is actually the. heart more than even the health of the population of gaza. unemployment is one of the main problems is that we now discovering official statistics say for example the rate of unemployment is less than five percent but in the reality might be much higher the recent events in sinai was an town that as you know was that was because the stamp showed that especially in the rural places the situation might be completely different. in the recent weeks thousands of young people have been protesting there was several weeks in front of the local administration they were demanding jobs and not many media actually no media has been covering the event for quite
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a long time and we are from radio free rental because our service sent our reporters there. to cover their purses and to show their. voices yes but it ended up actually it was short of the rest of our journalists there by police. and we what they were released later and the journalists don't back to hear those people and we showed it definitely and there are people who were mainly there were young people and they were demanding jobs and was since it was things that we moved to be even happy to have a salary you know chuck was a salary of about four hundred u.s.d. talker let me share this with you this is from t.j. and today is picking up where you were discussing just a moment ago i personally think that unemployment high level of poverty and also infrastructure is the major headache of the young in kazakstan what does
4:37 am
infrastructure actually mean what are the lessons that. one of them can i just jump think so i can he take that yes sure bent well going back to the question about the role of yours. being a young person myself i think it's very important for young people to understand what role they can play in the development of their future of their country and right now it's it's been very unclear and as we can see is there a limit of options to birth this big political race social and economic and people i've seen many young people who really love their country and they want to contribute but there are so many barriers that they can't live up actually and they can't. go forward and. use their potential to help develop the country and some of them leave the country unfortunately so i came in
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one t.j. it says that unemployment poverty and infrastructure way told out infrastructure never trains etc but how does that impact young people and has it stopped infrastructure i think this person meant that because the extent is really a big country it's a nice biggest country in the world and we really have some interest dr problems in terms of very expensive domestic supplies and along. like you have a very long time you have to spend a lot of times traveling inside of ca's x. them for example to take the train from east to the west might take even today source three days so that's i think what this person meant by infrastructure we need some more. quicker ways to get to that place this and more affordable ways to
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get there even though you're. if i'm going to continue it i think that person all some. accommodation for people because it was one of the major major problems for especially young specialists or so or middle class people because surjit is quite difficult now because i started especially in big cities to get your own house or flat or it meant very great interest rates and mortgages that is why it isn't present as a both some time ago about two years ago i think if entered used his own position program which later was also criticized for not working well but this is one of the major problems for use i think it's also kind of sarcastic that we're having. a
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you're a human embryo was this paper airplane was it oh no i think it was a paper bird but then people started making jokes that it actually paper airplane because young people they don't have much opportunity as uncovered and they're just leaving because they get different churned out or disappointed so far in our own country so i guess something that we haven't touched on quite yet is how able young people actually anybody in kazakstan is able to. talk about that descent talk about the issues talk about the challenges talk about the politics so i want to introduce into this conversation bata jutta many she actually now is living in exile she was a lawyer who helped people who were being put in prison for protesting she helped them for human rights issues and she brings up something that we haven't talked about yet have a listen. well usually are you going to leave protest. strongly
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stands out it's not see. the future does not reduce speech or freedom of assembly in kazakhstan's who by participating in to protest young people giving you time out of university is arrested in june so that's that who is seriously mitigations political indeed you do have young people in kazakhstan i guess are you comfortable with sharing those experiences and kazakstan are you able to speak freely for instance or maybe a media person working in one of the line media. of course we usually consider what should we talk and how should we talk but generally our editorial policy is not to talk about politics since many other outlets are talking about that so our main mission and focus for example is to make people feel believe that
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they could you know invest in themselves and develop and do something even if there is there are many problems in the country so they could so you know contribute to the society and the country that we are. i just want to let you just touch on social media before we move on if i may rather than the other some of the you've gone deep into hash tag activism use social media politics in kazakstan this is where the young people are able to have a voice what do they say. yeah that's true i mean they're quite aware of having a flying. activism risk so they quite aware they could be you know centers or so on so they move gradually to such platforms as you to for example to voice their concerns and at least formulate their easy as their grievances and disappointments so there's also i think one of the important steps in developments we have in the
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country i want to. want something to look to the borders of the mindset about the expression of phone. views not only among young people but for all the people who somehow might criticize actions of of forty's this is truly we would enter this becoming a dangerous kind of work because of stuff we didn't we didn't go far just last week on friday several people in a lot of the in astana mainly they were organizing small protest meetings against the renaming the capsule sitting in about twenty at least twenty people who were arrested. all over journalists from radios up took her out of here else they were covering hand and. though they were group of young people. probably
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used by it of foreign to us they were trying to. stop preventing our generals from covering the event and blocking our way yeah i want to show that if i might you would you tweeted this out this video out i'm just going to shake just for a little moment here so you can see i have a genesis trying to what end. this is no gentleman exactly all right i see that as you see this happened this is the latest example of how this kind of or this meeting certain place in custom anyways i have to ask you this question because we're almost at the end of the show age as ever and it is those watching this he's following on you tube he wanted to ask you this question how can you change the name of your capital to a person's name was he loved so much he wants to take. you're stuck. i think people were not asked just i don't think that
4:45 am
if they were that we would do that because of the u.s. it's already a brand and we are already invested so much time and resources into building those brands and some people say that it's illegal the woman said. you want to put our presence first president's name into our history but you're already has a lot of weaknesses or you think we didn't have to do this with a couple owning. thank you so much she's been so interesting having all of your thoughts here from young people from kazakhstan we really appreciate that one comment here from mohammed to here who works for radio free europe radio liberty as well and he talks about the protests against the main change are the protests of land reform or workers' a mother's protest reactions to get the government's inaction on the situation and change lang and wondering how the leadership change will affect this trend let me remind you what that leadership change is you can see just behind me this is the
4:46 am
old guard handing over to actually the old guard what next for kazakstan thanks so much for being part of this program thank you guess for being part of the show us the next time on the street. to. you to. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and nice sheet name off trash and you know the next
4:47 am
not in a significant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as it crime gag down very significant by dictating the government and the fucked up policy the dow shall not kill the radicalized series on al-jazeera and monday put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the rural. africa most populous nation a block just economy has a youth unemployment problem in a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital ion go to this folder we bring you the stories to the shaping the
4:48 am
economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera britain's prime minister to resign me has promised she will step down if her deal on leaving the european union is the livered she didn't give a timetable but said she will resign before the next phase of breaks in the go see a sions right now votes are being counted up to members of parliament voted on
4:49 am
eight other breaks are options they're trying to find an alternative to may's twice defeated withdrawal agreement politicians have taken control of the bricks of the bait to hold the so-called indicative votes to go live to four brennan that was outside the british parliament for a says so paul those theories are a maze a promise make it more likely that her deal will pass. it certainly seems that the sounds are shifting so night yes there are several brick city or tory m.p.'s who now appear more willing to support the prime minister's deal than they previously were that said there is a hard core of the european research group these really purist brick cities who are still not budging there's an estimate of around thirty of those m.p.'s who are standing firm and say they won't vote for the prime minister's deal and any question under any circumstances but it is a momentous day you know the prime minister of the of the u.k. opting to offer her resignation if it means her deal goes through she said and i
4:50 am
quote i know that there is a desire for a new approach and new leadership and i won't stand in the way of that but it remains to be seen whether that's enough to get her deal across the line. now members of parliament are voting on the so-called in the case here votes tell us when we're likely to get results and crucially what we're looking for yes the voting started at seven o'clock finished as half past seven so about half an hour ago now the tellers are tossing up these votes and it's an unusual procedure for them normally m.p.'s go into corridors to be time to literally have a head count this is on paper using pen and paper to indicate which options for bret's if they would prefer we're expecting the results somewhere around nine o'clock it could happen a little earlier of the counting goes quickly but around nine o'clock we're expecting those eight options to be whittled down to perhaps three or four and they will then go to another day where the m.p.'s take control away from the government
4:51 am
away from the executive most likely on monday afternoon and those three or four options would then be debated in more detail that said the prime minister said she's not bound to accept anything that these m.p.'s actually put before her paul brennan outside the parliament in westminster paul thank you. algeria's ruling party has backed the call by the military to remove president. from office the army chief has suggested using a constitutional provision to remove the president on medical grounds the ruling f.l.n. party says it supports the plan in order to protect the country from danger area has seen weeks of protests against the beautifully because twenty year rule. authorities in mozambique have confirmed to the first five cases of cholera in the cyclon ravaged city of bayda the port city is struggling to provide clean water and sanitation after a cyclon either i hate twelve days ago the storm killed more than four hundred sixty people in mozambique the world health organization is warning of
4:52 am
a second disaster if cholera spreads through the region. you have to expect. the community. to prevent. the events. of the four that. we organize in a place to meet the patients. the police. the political leader of hamas says made his first public appearance in gaza since his office was bombed israel has office was one of a number of buildings destroyed on monday and tuesday night by israeli jets dozens of rockets were also fired into israel and he has the clear victory and says a ceasefire brokered by egypt is now in place. for you in half an hour coming up
4:53 am
next it's witness by. and then of course time seems to have frozen. three. point zero alexander discussion k. a former co-host has held so since one thousand nine hundred thirty told him to keep it simple but i think. the omnipotent presidency shows national pride and continuously says up the idea of
4:54 am
a western quote. a theme more sensitive than that of a fool in a country living under the constant surveillance of what's going on in fear of a civil war like the one that has fallen upon its ukraine and made since two thousand and fourteen. will grow somewhat didn't go it's not a bill or worse or national growing it's muck up the roots of your notice in the early. parts i see it still who should side you have to go to school because that is me shouts of you and their boss but i want it's a boy you will change the minority sport sure now she looked at any doubt they got moment but it but you might suppose with good disability which helps the local to stay on the. by the more super is not too much but i believe the digital is airbus pitching a bizarre buster suggested ops. i think the. i was.
4:55 am
think. it. was a. week the people celebrate the eternal victory against the aggressor and stand up to the us who are designated as enemies of the nation those who dare to doubt resist or contradict the orders of the must. be enemies from within remain the main targets. the lies of the families of those considered as traitors are in limbo. we start classes like. pretty much at the most because it's annoying. or just a dumb wish for bush to dislike and that the presidency would at those sit in the
4:56 am
bathroom and yet sears let the law that was peeing on that bus in the months and the guns go into the house that the most innocent and it's just a chore in some way the device. from last night caused them to come for the kids just doesn't appear that the press corps. was poking them. he chose to do the fastest. and it's been that ski a tireless human rights defender spent three years in prison. he knows that he can be arrested again at any moment. the apartment of that is natasha keeps the memory of the dark days the days of confinement but also the thousands of letters from around the world that they received light on this was in prison. and the treasured memory of newfound freedom. he will talk to which is sure for him to open to pray
4:57 am
for them to do and this is one. i don't want them to looking for guys that he's so . up in the earth and up with all this priscilla's so quit is. good in your book and you've already said that isn't it is because those of. us decided to get that audience today on talk of the venue of the. new worse than a new have as much of that and if a movie yet there will a switch on give it a shot and it's not the one you missed and you might see one you're set in motion it's. over you. sent for months at best love facebook and you just missed out some new but it's had thoughts that are slow here within the ones that it doesn't belong mustn't on the air more. lucid of the facility of a visit by him this.
4:58 am
lonely. business is not a thing. what's the will of the quibble going on since our war there. i mean yeah. with them or without. reason. i dispute that scheme is a symbol in his country and around the world. often compared to. his imprisonment sparked an international wave of protest.
4:59 am
he became the political prisoner symbolizing alexander discussion because headlong rush into the security measures. that the new post the slower the border since they are near the border then the ocean watching the skies and in ways reason you know that but we sure are still bored is it just about. a treat your sister had going to push through the usual. ship of. goodwill to peterson yes they yeah knew that there was talk about what struck her. near deserts in the desert studio looks at this issue with the desert surest english the bread there says knowledge you more than oceans stronger can you might not see it's. more precious to octavius the smut that eats it is the way we
5:00 am
did see on this news collective knishes this he would say was the wars that are going to war is was most of the stigma took us as a bucket to meet. with god bushnell done nothing you can see the sun are good when the going gets below your homes that is if you want warm things you can say well he's the whole of asia. but you know the question of what would. you feel if they go on you to fuck with them wishes me bushnell's they from the world. we would be. even school. you know guys if you don't move.
5:01 am
you can sort of. the question goes. up with. a yes. or no. and you should. notch. at the but yeah the. at the. end of when you knew. they should have that then you. should.


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