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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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in the three thousand square kilometer disaster zone in central mozambique searching for the vulnerable and overlooked we desperately need help. in the village a grade or two hundred kilometers from deraa they found a thousand hungry people if they ate something once a day they were among the more fortunate we are very happy very happy because of the many bets we got forward we got a clean water and we got some extension as well so when we saw this helicopter people were very happy. the world food program brought two tons of high nutritional food much to the relief of the villagers who lost everything in the psych loan homes crops possessions and some their loved ones this aid is coming just in the nick of time for these people their food had run out they were cut off for twelve days the water's only receded here four days ago they still need flour they still need oil and they still need medicine but for now they're ok they're going to survive but there are other isolated pockets like these around the country who still need help in this area they're used to flooding but not with such ferocious
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winds and we're going to win before and we didn't expect the cycling to be so bad it was frightening when we were told that the winds will be more than two hundred kilometers per hour and we didn't take it seriously that's why so many people suffered. five people from the community were swept away in drowning clued in a young boy most are now having to live in a local school. aid agencies estimate that they have reached six hundred thousand people so far but they need to get to another one million who need assistance a lot of we really need to make a lot of efforts and we need more money argentina to be able to bring here on the ground before their water systems that made these things that we need to distribute on time because now banging for is of essence. just a few days ago the land below was covered in water after two days without rain the levels are receding more roads and tracks are becoming passable and that allows the
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more effective and cheaper way of delivering aid involved. but that help will need to be long term it's harvest season in this region for the villages a barrage like tens of thousands of others have no crops to harvest no fish left to catch today they will eat but what will the future bring. many cycling victims will be dependent on international support for the forseeable future. tony virtually al-jazeera varada central mozambique. coming up in this news hour from london as venezuela's opposition leader calls for protests against the latest nationwide blackout his wife feeds us president on the trunk of the white house a coalition of opposition parties and the pro-military party both claim the right to form thailand's next government after the election and then sports the olympic champion caster semenya hits back in her legal fight with world pathetics governing
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body. but first the political leader of hamas has made his first public appearance in gaza since his office was bombed is. office was one of a number of buildings destroyed tuesday night. dozens of rockets were also fired into israel and the air has declared victory and says a ceasefire brokered by egypt is now in place. palestinian resistance kept its would and israeli enemy received the message the resistance can deliver its message in the proper time and place i call on our people to commemorate the anniversary to refresh their belonging to their land especially as the great march of return started a year ago i would like to greet our egyptian brothers for the efforts to reach the ceasefire understanding and to stopping the israeli aggression and gaza.
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border fence. the real test will come this weekend when palestinians in gaza mark one year since the start of the great more should return which has seen tens of thousands of palestinians protest along the border fence the real issue that they've been wanting to highlight is that they need to improve how they're living living under blockade by both israel and egypt there are no opportunities people will tell you that it is the worst that it's been in years why because of the economic situation the lack of opportunities and it simply seems to be getting worse now there's been huge sacrifices made throughout this year many have lost their limbs because of israeli sniper fire many have been killed there have been active negotiations mediated by egypt in the united nations to try and increase the flow of goods into gaza to increase the opportunities for people freedom of movement across the borders extending the fishings and there are multiple things that need to be addressed but none of that seems palpable and this is why we
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understand from our colleagues inside gaza at the moment we call enter because the official border crossing remains closed including to journalists other than from humanitarian issues is that they are seeing this as a lost opportunity where expecting a huge amount of people to come out and protest along that border fence how is israel going to react is going to lead to yet another escalation we're going to have to wait and see. venezuela's opposition leader is urging his supporters to protest this weekend against the latest nationwide blackout which is dragging into a third day says the blackout has affected ninety one percent of the country it's the second the major power outage the smogs president nicolas maduro accuses the united states and the venezuelan opposition of sabotaging the country's. schools and state offices were closed on wednesday because of the outages. but it bored. with starving us today because if there's no electricity the banks are not
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operating there's no internet there's nothing people are walking around like mummies trying to get with any to go without knowing how they will go out looking for food but then they can't buy any because there aren't any jobs. but many. people have food in their refrigerators and it goes bad i can't go to work i come here to take the bus i get there and they send us away because there is no electricity it's a last day well meanwhile one way those wife has met the u.s. president at the white house the u.s. and fifty other countries have recognized as the country's interim president and though are trying to introduce. venezuela's first lady she says there's been a wave of attacks against her husband since he declared himself in his will as leader in game one. we want to warn the world that what we are seeing is attacks against the president my husband repression there's prison and
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what i want is to attack him we are fighting for life and death and we know that what will triumph in the end is life. a joint report has found that human traffickers may have committed crimes against humanity in malaysia and thailand the human rights commission of malaysia and forty five rights group say the crimes were mostly committed against men women and children at sea and then human trafficking camps the report documents how a criminal network the sieved refugees to board boats then they to abuse them in slave them and in some cases murder them a mass grave believed to contain the bodies of more than thirty and bangladeshi refugees was found in thailand in two thousand and fifteen one hundred thirty nine graves were also the scabbard in malaysia. i can't thank you straight now to the house of commons in london to get the results of those in because it's one hundred five so the guys have it the oh i have it all and. i will
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now suspend the house until the outcome of votes on motions. let me let me advise the house let me advise the house that it was very much the hope of our extremely dedicated professional stuff. that they would be able to provide the results of the indicative votes to be announced to me the after the results of this division but that does not prove possible i don't expect the suspension to be very long but i will spend hours into the outcome of votes on motions relating to united beings withdrawal from for its relationship with the european union are available the division will be rung two minutes before the house when you order. or. ok so obviously we're not quite getting at those another vote that we got the
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results for but the eight options m.p.'s of voting on the so-called indicative votes basically the other options apart from terry's amazing exit deal from the the you know we still haven't had the results you heard the speaker there john bercow. that it was an able you know that they were able to get the results at this point we are of course keeping an eye on what's going on in parliament and we'll bring those results to you as soon as we get them. ok take a look at some of the day's other news thailand's main opposition parties have formed an alliance claiming enough seats to form a government but a pro-military party has also claimed a right to govern the country the final results still haven't been announced in sunday's election which was thailand's first vote since the military took over five years ago scott hydel has more now from bangkok. thailand's lead opposition party has formed
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a democratic front coalition in the lower house along with six other parties they have two hundred fifty five seats and claim to have a majority and right to form a government the heads of each party signed an agreement on how we are seven parties that happen the majority of votes from people who have trusted us to walk in the house up hippy said to teach we are signing the choice they made to stop the power with the station up to one. a new party that ran on the goal of reducing the military's grip on government as part of the coalition the leader of future forward saying the poor thais candidate for prime minister deserves the job that. is to most suitable and dignify candidate for the prime minister to the thai party the military backed party announced it is working on forming a coalition of its own it's looking to keep prime minister prayer in office. the two hundred fifty members of senate will be appointed by the military government
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and the democratic front to gain some of their support to form its own government and that's not going to be easy once this. they can negotiate or lobby or do something you know to get favor from subsidy it is but it's not promising so that's going to be not it they have coming up and with senators not expected to be announced until after official election results are released in early may the democratic front of won't have much time to form a government even if they can get support it's got harder al-jazeera banker. the group behind the raid on north korea's embassy in the dreaded has released the video of the incident cho name a civil defense says it's there to cater to overthrowing kim jong il and in a statement the group announced that it carried out last month's raid to protect those who seek their help the intruders reportedly fled with computers a phone and hard disks. india's prime minister and they're under modi says this
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country is now part of the space super league after it successfully shut down a satellite it's the fourth country to use an anti satellite weapon after the united states russia and china well it is announcement comes just two weeks before india's election. arch. i want to assure the global community that this new ability that we have achieved is not against anyone it is a defensive initiative of a fast moving india india has always been against the space arms race and this hasn't changed our policy so hell raman has more now from new delhi. what the prime minister said was that within the last twenty four hours he could confirm that india become the fourth nation in the world along with the us china and russia and satellite technology it had shot down successfully one of its own satellites in orbit and that he wanted to tell the nation of course is a policy that was started back in two thousand and twelve under the former prime
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minister manmohan singh so india's space development through isro the indian space research organization has been developing space technology for decades now but it's a huge feather in the prime minister's cap operation to shock the words. over in addition to reaching the east of the country so certainly a major announcement by a sitting prime minister which has reverberations and repercussions at this present moment in time in india. voters in ukraine go to the polls on sunday in a closely fought presidential election president petro poroshenko is seeking reelection he's up against the former prime minister yulia timoshenko but leading the polls is volodymyr is alien skin comedian who plays a fictional president in a popular t.v. series the election is happening against the backdrop of a war with russian backed fighters now in its fifth year from the city of mariupol
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reports. in ukraine's war zone a new breed of entrepreneurs. alexi used his disability payout as an injured veteran to set up a pizza business. being given a month of it people are happy to spend their money rather than save it because they know anything can happen at any moment. he's not particularly enthusiastic about the upcoming presidential election. i don't think. because of their spinelessness it took volunteers to protect this country where the leadership was too weak to protect it it's all soldiers like alexi from the port city of mariupol formed the hours of but talon in two thousand and fourteen famous for preventing russian backed separatists from extending their territorial gains in the donbass region all the way to the sea but mario poll has paid
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a heavy price its once busy port sits idle empty of the cargo ships that carried steel and coal produced here to international markets russia's efforts to disrupt sea traffic off the annexed crimea peninsula include illegal cargo inspections and a bridge built across the curch strait that's too low for larger vessels heading for mariupol to pass beneath you more but if. they can forgive us that our country is in the band until zenda stands that ukraine is a free and democratic country unfortunately it will be hard to establish these. then late last year an unprovoked russian attack on three ukrainian navy boats twenty four captured ukrainian sailors are still being held in moscow and international shipping is far less frequently seen in these waters since last november's attacks on those ukrainian naval vessel suggested russia has new
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territorial designs by strangling traded ukraine's two main port from the sea of as of russia has taken effective control of this inland sea off the coast of crimea in response president petro poroshenko declared martial law in the east if he thought that would win him votes he was wrong with more than thirteen thousand dead this country is no longer united behind a war it can't win. anna knows that despite losing her brother on the frontline in two thousand and fifteen she says it's time for peace. he died for ukraine to be trained for the ukrainian language to be spoken to the crane to be an equal strong european country that hope of a bright future has begun to fade on the shores and battlefields of eastern ukraine join a whole al-jazeera mario paul. still to come this hour we have an exclusive report on why and how one the stringy and rightwing party sold cash for the u.s.
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government be and in sports find out why this young football player list a penalty on purpose we'll have that story coming up shortly. to to. the on. the. hello there there's also a fine dry weather to be found across europe at the moment the crisis weather is towards the west where the temperatures are rising forces well london they should get up to around sixteen degrees as we head through the day on thursday further east there is more in the way of cloud here and it's not fading quite so warm and that cold weather is now taking a bit further south to the west us whether there is down in the southeast corner for some of us in the southern parts of italy and through puzzle greece it really doesn't very wet and warm under that system either as that moves out the way we'll see even colder weather make its way in say for athens the maximum temperature
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there on friday will just be eleven degrees and that area of rain will be working its way across parts of turkey where it will be turning increasingly wintery for the other side of the mediterranean we're also seeing a little bit just the tail end of that same system say for some of us in libya will be rather gray but dusty at times as well for the west it is not that warm for us like algy is a maximum temperature just a fifteen degrees the temperatures will increase though as we head into friday back up to seventy or about quite nice there at around twenty three for the central belt of africa plenty of showers here at the moment some particularly heavy ones in parts of uganda that are just rumbling their way towards the west and further west now for west africa there's also a handful of showers to be expected a time. in the. a three year investigation into the program we've been hearing is meeting which is going to really. reveal secret see what point messaging out there will be
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people outraged you know. and connection some don't want to expose psni in legacy media love mass she leaves. me with my al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. to. talk to their own. you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case we listen for you want to be a solution within your that's not exactly my point we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera british m.p.'s have been voting on a different options for the country's withdrawal from the e.u. meanwhile the prime minister to resign may has promised her party that she'll stepped out if her withdrawal agreement is the liver and algeria's ruling party has backed the call by the military to declare president abilities with a fake out unfit for office the army chief suggestion follows weeks of antigovernment protests and five cases of cholera have been confirmed in mozambique's badly damaged port city of beta two weeks after the need ice swept through the area. well yemen is already battling a color outbreak forty years of war have wrecked the healthcare system there the story more than half of the country's hospitals and clinics the latest is
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a hospital near sun saga which was hit by an air strike on tuesday there's also a shortage of medicine and what's available is too expensive for most yemenis priyanka gupta reports yemenis khan to food to be sick hobby because a dozen because of injured spine on top of that he had to sell the family home to buy medicine his father and his brother. as his brother's condition worsens and medical bills are piling up their rented house in the capital sanaa doesn't have much the only thing for leap to sell is the television. ten dollars is it enough to buy medicine at the not my brother's in very bad health sometimes he goes into a coma and sometimes he vomits blood to the extent that i am ready to sell all or part of my body to save him. even when yemenis have money to spend there not enough
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medicines to buy abdul ahad mohammad has been queuing for hours to get treatment for his diabetic wife but as a many days since the war began up the again returns home with half of what his wife needs. about you mark of the my wife also needs medication for high blood pressure but i didn't find it so i will have to buy it from a pharmacy where it's almost three times more expensive the plight of yemen's almost thirty five thousand cancer patients is especially acute. as mean cancer hospital receives more than six hundred cases a month doctors are facing a severe shortage of drugs the war has destroyed more than half of yemen's hospitals and clinics the journey to the ones that remain open is often long and expensive for patients aid workers say many are dying at home without treatment i just came back from yemen and what we've seen is that many dialysis patients have
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been limited to only one one treatment a week and that puts them at much greater risk of additional diseases and certainly death certainly people with cancer as well we are very very concerned about the situation there are over thirty thousand to be five thousand people with. with cancer across the board many of them with treatable kits that in normal circumstances we should be able to cure in cities such as thais the cost of water. has sold whales have dried up and supplies are restricted because of fighting some yemenis are forced to drink dirty water health workers say the number of cholera cases has risen empires and seven other provinces since the beginning of the year since then close to one hundred seventy yemenis are reported to have died and with the release season due to begin in a few weeks it's feared the cholera crisis will become even worse priyanka gupta
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zeer. the un envoy from libya has accused saudi arabia and at least nine other countries of meddling in libyan internal affairs the warning coincides with riyadh hosting the renegade libyan warlord honey for half tar the saudi foreign ministry says king solomon made assurances the have to add that the kingdom is keen on libya's security and stability. let you know how i see that that healthy libya that are about to come through and meddling in libya and working closely with the secretary general and i keep him post to do whatever information it received as a result of interference by dostoevsky requests to them in turn to advise the security council on this issue. the european parliament has voted to push through a ban on a range of single use plastics ten products including plastic plates straws cutlery and cotton buds will be prohibited across the e.u. by twenty twenty one the e.u. will also aims for ninety percent of plastic drink bottles to be collected for
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recycling by twenty twenty nine and all bottles are seconds it consists of at least thirty percent recycled material by twenty thirty the european commission put forward the legislation last year after its research found that plastics made up eighty percent of europe's marine litter posing a major threat to its coastal biodiversity well for more on this let's speak the green technology expert sharon george she joins us now via skype from the english town of market rate and madam thank you so much for joining us here on out zero i guess you know for anyone who cares about the environment this is that from the a good first step from the european parliament this focus on the timings first of all i guess you know would always i'm presuming you wanted to be as soon as possible but how realistic are a lot of these that lines i mean it sounds an awful long way away but we're talking about changing the infrastructure in a way that businesses are doing as manufacturer and huge companies manufacturing.
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billions of plastic bottles and you need to change those manufacturing processes and put those infrastructures and to get back costed back and then we process in the products is not going to happen. so it is quite it's quite an ambitious stare and it really calm soon are these things. is these plastics really. funny and they do need to be stopped as quickly as possible but i guess the key point is to use less and to produce less and obviously not not throw it in the ocean or be part of the environment recycling is a key issue as well but just in the past year china for example has said it will stop importing any plastic waste and a lot of third world countries are sort of thinking of that as well how ready is europe then when the a lot of the developed world when it comes to recycling it's all plastic but you can't just end the u.k. alone and the twelve months up to october twenty eighth in the u.k.
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x forty six hundred eleven thousand tons of plastic for recycling and that that's just the u.k. and we've just found that all the inside clean systems were broken and we thought there recycling was you know we we were doing the right thing recycling the public recycle plastic it wasn't going to where we thought it was and is and in the back of the environment to be dumped in many cases and so there's recycling systems at the moment are broken and so we do desperately desperately need infrastructures and small business settle to to be recycled plastic in viable way so that the these things for doesn't happen in these the pollution can stop just the kind of you know go perhaps on a more optimistic direction do you think that this is worth celebrating not just that you know legal procedures are being put in place but that this really shows
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that the social attitude is changing towards a certainly single use plastic oh absolutely i know and if you think how quickly this wave of couplets or. to to embrace change and to get rid of this kind of plastic is happened you know a court that in fact you just see those those emotive images coming out of blue. money and the pope and could really got behind these actors to do something good to make in situation back then and something having these changes it's going to really make a difference and you know it's like that their example i was he says it's like when it really we were in the back of the tub somebody had milk in the wall without turning tops and this move to go some way to at least slowly apps down. sharing georgia green technology expert madam thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us and let's just take you straight now out of the house of commons
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the speaker let's listen in. and keep your relationship with the european union. in respect of mr batteries may she be. brackets new deal the. one hundred sixty the will four hundred or so and have it be a year in respect of mr nichols polls motion the common market two point zero the one hundred eighty eight the no two hundred eighty three. have it in respect of georgia eustace's motion age f. and the way the is was sixty five the no three hundred seventy seven so the news have it in respect to mr.
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j. customs union the. two hundred sixty four the were two hundred seventy two who have it in respect of the leader of the opposition's motion k. labor's alternative plan the two hundred thirty seven the no one three hundred and service. average in respect of joe out of charity its motion. revocation to avoid new deal the is what one hundred eighty four. two hundred ninety three so the have it in respect to a margaret beckett motion. conformation republic vote the two hundred sixty eight. two hundred ninety five.
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have it in respect to marcus motion. contingent preferential arrangements the. oh i one hundred thirty nine the name is well four hundred twenty two was so the news havoc i want to ask god to not want to know i do i finish a god term i'd rather see my statement i don't require any at all from a heaven she where the nice sharing how. should listen the less than this she showing how on robo and right honorable members very jade will be published in the usual. website and in. point of all this role of a letter when i give a straight go i was
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a speaker it's very it's very disappointing my. eyes. it is a course of a great disappointment that the house has not chosen to find a majority for any proposition however those of us who put this proposal forward as a way of proceeding predicted that we would not this evening reach i don't know and indeed for that very reason put forward a business of the house question designed to allow the house to reconsider these matters on monday and i was thinking i was i was saying that but i think that it was the first colleagues would do the right tone ripple gentleman the kid to see yes i say to the right owner both gentlemen the member of the top should dale's i'm not asking you and i'm telling him the writer will gentleman will be down the courage to say no being hurried that
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is the beginning and the end of the matter. all of us. thank you for speaking if if on monday the house ees able to reach him. the georgian view oh i think that would be in the way interests of all this featurette i was. right but i was crazy but i personally continue to harbor the hope that my real noble and right honorable colleagues will see fit to vote in favor of a government motion between now and pleasure. was which meant albeit the necessity for a further such a vote on monday yeah a thank you yes the structure of state thanks to the european union put it was a further twenty points of order from the member of the west dorset the house.


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