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tv   Thou Shalt Not Kill  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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i gave a straight go i was a speaker it's very it's very disappointing my. eyes. it is of course of a great disappointment that the house has not chosen to find a majority for any proposition however those of us who put this proposal forward as a way of proceeding predicted that we would not this evening reach i don't know and indeed for that very reason put forward a business of the house question designed to allow the house to reconsider these matters on monday was that it was ok that the past colleagues would do the right tone ripple gentleman to see yes i say to the right owner both gentleman the member for top should dale's i'm not asking you i'm telling him that the writer will gentleman will be down the carrot to say no being hurried that is the beginning and the end of the matter
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so i'll never let wade. thank you for speaking if if on monday the house ease able to reach a majority view oh i think that would be in the way interests of all the teacher it was. crazy but i was crazy but i personally continue to harbor the hope that my are all noble and right honorable colleagues will see fit to vote in favor of a government motion between now and place to play ok was. which meant albeit the necessity for a further such a vote on monday yeah a thank you yes the structure of state thanks to the european union put it was a further twenty points of order from the member for west dorset the house. today
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considered a wide variety of options as a way forward and a dildo straits that there were no easy options here there is no simple way forward the deal the government has negotiated is a compromise both with the e.u. and with members across this house that is the nature of complex negotiations here the results of the process this house has gone through today strengthens our view that the deal that government has negotiated is the best option headed. for the no mr speaker. must be heard the secretary of state. furthermore mr speaker though this was not a significant feature of today's debates any deal must include a withdrawal agreement it is the government's first wish to get the ritual
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agreement approved by this house and all members no matter the view and what the future relationship should be if you believe in delivering on the referendum results by leaving the you with a deal then it's necessary to back that we draw all agree met and if we do not do that then there are no guarantees about where this process will end. it is for that reason that i call on all members from across this house in the national interest to back the prime minister is it on to employees he has a point of order missourian back. thank you very much mr speaker of it will says even the c.d.s. movement for all of us we have to reflect that this house of commons must try to find a way through the. crisis over the last few bugs and we have feel. we need to
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fight to the fire so that when the government talks of vote rigging the deal. that had two occasions the government got two hundred two and two hundred forty two votes not the you should be did indeed people support got two hundred sixty votes and i know we didn't win but we got more votes for the people's voice than the government could focus and. i think it is becoming increasingly clear that this house cannot find if we forward this government this prime minister has failed to provide leadership the only thing we should note be doing is going back to the people or do you make i'm not sure that i should. buy. the house of commons bear reacting to the results of indicative votes the eight other options that parliament was considering other then. amaze exit deal
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from the e.u. let's go straight live outside parliament to paul brennan following all the elements of their support was an unexpected that none of them obviously at past but interesting to see which ones actually out had a narrow or difference between the yes and the no yes yes and i think that's where we're going to have to try and take some hope some comfort from this process i mean it was as you say it would be unlikely for any one option to gain a clear majority at this relatively early stage of the indicated votes process there was always going to be a second day on monday of next week where there would be a narrowing down the hope and it'll be interesting now to see how the process proceeds from here whether some of the auctions which were soundly rejected for the way now it's left to the ones where the margin. tween the eyes and the nose was
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a little closer whether they selected to come back on monday and have another attempt but as you say as things stand now the teresa mayes deal nor any of the eight options which were selected by the speaker which cost that was sorry crossed a huge range a huge spectrum of the political appetite in the parliament nothing has secured a majority now jack simpson cat who's the from the bingham sense of for the rule of law is still with us where does this leave us jack as far as trying to divine the will of parliament and where a compromise might be achieved so i think is the main standout result is that we've got the biggest support for a customs union which had to six a full time clocks a motion to join the customs union and then i think surprisingly the referendum was the second closest in terms of securing to six full votes and this is a numbers game the magic number we're looking for is three hundred seventeen and pieces which is what you need for majority so they're still far off that but you
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can see that they're close that they're certainly close to the may steal goal last time in the meaningful vote so i think it does tell us that if you wanted a route towards get a majority then those two things all the possible options that could get you towards that magic number of three seventeen and just for those viewers who aren't totally familiar with the arithmetic the margin of those rejections at this stage were much smaller than the rejection that the has been for teresa mayes did in the past that that's basically what we have to look at exactly exactly right so yeah there was a very large majority to reject the deal meaningful vote last two times and i think it's a much closer. difference between these two that the customs union and the second one and having a referendum and to resign may offer to resign before the second stage of the directive process tonight in order to try to persuade m.p.'s to back her a deal. then the off kind of fell on tin is as far as the d u p party this.
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the party that props her up in her minority government they have said that they will not abstain and they will vote against her deal where does that leave her deal tonight she was hoping to have another go at presenting its opponents trying to get it right you know what we're going to find out soon i think whether or not they're going to have another go this week looks like a book kind of ruled out earlier today but i still think there's a sneaking suspicion that that she could have another go but i think the problem is as you say the g.d.p. the numbers don't add up to really the indicative votes have really helped her either because we know that deep feeling and support but the only way that they she could get more support is switching tack which she's so no indication of being willing to do and i think now really all eyes are probably going to be on monday when we go to the nit potentially the next round of indicative votes where if we do not go down the options i think there's more of a chance of a majority on monday once you knock out some of the weaker options and yet she perhaps change the system a bit so the m.p.'s could actually move towards nearer to a majority thank you jack now it's been said that the m.p.'s are essentially making
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this up as they go along and it's true because the process is unfamiliar to them normally the voting takes place in person they go into separate corridors that had counted essentially this was on paper pencil and paper and expressing preferences to the counts of longer than expected they're going to now have to work out whether they say eliminate some of the less popular options and simply narrow it down to three or four of the more likely possibilities it's all to play for but as jack says and as you know i think it's pretty obvious that the margin for a softer breck's it now looks to have a better chance than teresa mayes deal as things stand tonight with the arithmetic of the commons the m.p.'s standing the way it does. paul brennan there outside westminster hall this may be crossing live here for more reaction for the moment thank you and mandela is a director of came a change in europe and a professor of european politics and foreign affairs at king's college london joins
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me now in the city thank you so much for being with us it's quite a complicated situation none of those eight options you got a majority obviously some closer then there is what do you make of all of it and where does this leave the reason why i think i mean ironically the most important thing this happens in arts in terms of where we're going is that statement from the u.p.a. because by saying they're not going to going to vote against this deal in the next time means that it's very very hard to see how to reason may's deal can pass the house of commons which makes these indicative votes all the more important because it looks like we're going to be looking for an alternative even if she brings that deal back on friday. of these eight then because none of them have a majority but which how does it work now which ones are likely to be discussed on monday well as you correspond with saying polo is making it up as it goes along we don't know how many they'll pick and we don't know what system will use to try because that step three are all soft bricks or second referendum option well what is the can for the confirmation referendum after i was surprised by how many votes
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that got but that got the most votes of the six and the other two as you say are softer forms of bricks it when it comes to the labor plan i think what you'll find is party politics kicking in in the sense that conservatives are less likely to vote for a flood if you notice with three hundred seven votes against the labor plan even though it got a lot of support it got a lot of opposition as well not policy bubbles exhaust aspects. if i were to look at these just on the surface i would say it's can close amendments about a customs union that looks the most likely to go through how they are really about can close customs union of of the courses it's perfectly compatible with the reason why is deal that is to say you can say you can sign up to to reason may still and still have a customs union in fact many people would argue that the backstop that everyone's argue about in effect is a customs union but it looks like that's the direction of travel the. problem for the prime minister is many in her own party simply will not back a customs union and that's the dilemma if she goes with and says this is what i'll do she responds in the conservatives i mean what's interesting is that i think the most resoundingly no vote was for the u.k.
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leaving the un april twelfth without a deal yet as things stand is that actually still the most realistic option. no i don't think so it is legally the easiest option still because of course that's the default if nothing happens between now and then that is what will happen what britain needs to do is either pass the deal because under the terms of the european council if we pass the deal then we've got so may twenty second or go back to brussels and say look we've got all sorts of blood the problem is i don't know where this prime minister will go but with an alternative plan that is a softer bricks and involving a customs union and just to say we are waiting we think that the reason they will speak at some point in power of course and cross live to that now where does this all the or all of it leave the european union itself because obviously the last thing they want to guess is a hard. but what do you think they're thinking looking at all of this. well i mean it's hard to think they're still surprised by that they've been watching this
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unfold and i don't think anyone really expected anything to emerge with the majority tonight but to be fair to them i think you know the european council is made up of heads of state government the politicians and what they'll understand is what we're seeing here is real visceral politics of a divided nation playing out in parliament so i think in that sense if we were to go back and say we're embarked on a journey somewhere we're going to we're going to identify an alternative they will extend the deadline because over the past weekend there was a lot of speculation that actually to resume was going to step down a machine noun station a promise that she would have a deal goes through but over the weekend speculation that she would you think that that would make any difference changing prime minister now leader of the conservative party with it make any difference well i think it already has made a difference because if you look at the news reports is even a load of conservative m.p.'s who would voice their implacable opposition deal a suddenly come out and said oh if she's going i'll vote for it then so she's won herself some more support for her deal by announcing this what was ordered unfortunate for the prime minister is this all happened before the d p statements
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and that rather rubbed the shine off the fact that she was winning these votes because without the do you still hard to see this going through even with the other votes because she's leaving and i'm going to have to leave it there for now we're just going to a quick break of course we will then come back and talk about this. detail we'll have the latest. and more analysis stay with us. it's facing a separatist push in the east russians in crimea and major economic challenges now ukraine is getting ready to elect a new dieter from thirty nine candidates what course will the country take join us
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for special coverage of the ukrainian presidential election announces the euro. given the problem for your child that he will have a health question mark over it but he does have a corruption question mark over him join me man the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories are big issues here on al-jazeera around ten million yemenis are on the edge of balance examining the headlines netanyahu is looking at charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust setting the discussions you're denying that he was beaten by the police i did not deny sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire you and it's all good but the world is watching on al-jazeera. rewinds continues to care bring your people back to life start
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with updates on the best of all diseases documentaries the struggle continues book from to. use distance revisiting the suv of friends we're going back to a poor south african neighborhood where music and tradition come together in an annual competition for the people with the only reward on al-jazeera. chaos in the british parliament as m.p.'s reject all eight different breaks that options. hello i'm barbara sorry this is the al jazeera live from london also coming out algeria's ruling party backs the military's call to the clear president to freak
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out unfit for office the first the color cases are confirmed in beirut the mozambique in port city devastated by cycle. and the e.u. parliament overwhelmingly approves a ban and single use plastic products like straws cutlery and cotton buds. an attempt to take back control of the brakes a process has left britain's parliament in chaos and have rejected all eight options for the country's withdrawal from the e.u. here is a live shot of parliament. trying to find an alternative to the prime minister's twice the featured withdrawal agreement the reason may has promised members of her party she will step down and for a deal needing the european union is the livered she didn't give a timetable but said that she will resign before the next phase of breaks in negotiations to go live now to paul brennan who is outside the british parliament
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so all the options have been rejected you know some with a narrow margin so i guess some of the ones who got the most votes would perhaps indicate a slightly softer breaks it in light of that is there any hope for to resume may's deal especially in light of the fact that she said that she would resign if it passed. yes it's all coming crystal clear isn't it barbara. no it's not at all all of the eight options failed to secure a majority we know for a fact that previous to meaningful votes the teresa mayes deal has been put through resulted in a resounding rejection by m.p.'s by a whopping majority and so we're now left with a second stage which will take place on monday of next week when it appears these same options will be put again in the hope that the some movements in m.p.'s now i'm looking down the list as to which options seem to come closest and
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a motion by kenneth clark to leave the european union with a customs union came pretty close to securing a majority that was defeated only by eight votes so there's potential for that one and there was also option m. which was seeking a second come from a three referendum that was there was only a thirty votes in that defeat so there's a possibility that others were more resoundingly rejected the idea of leaving with no deal on april the twelfth was defeated by more than two hundred forty votes now to try and pick our way through this mess frankly ejections and ted from the being i'm sensing for the rule of law jack you've looked at the results the eight options we weren't expecting to be realistic a majority for any of them tonight but where do you think it leaves us in the search for some kind of consensus i think there is a clear step forward in the sense that we know that there's nothing with the
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majority but we have got some sense of where you would have to go in order to build that majority so be that a combination of these options of what is needed to actually build something which could come on overall support i think it's good that we've had some options more roundly rejected and i think that offer some promise for the next stage on monday in terms of building a majority but much will turn on the process that they have to come up. with filmmaking the next stage the knockout round if you like of all of indicative and the problem is is that m.p.'s have to think of this on the hoof between now and monday and that's going to be very difficult to do every said a few minutes ago that they were kind of making it up as they go along because they haven't had a process like this before i had another m.p. describe it as trying to mend the car as it's actually driving down the road very difficult indeed i'm putting you on the spot here we don't know exactly what the process is going to be on monday but where do you think there might be a process to find a majority they don't have to also the the method yeah i think people are talking about some sort preferential system where you rank preferences rather than just
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saying. oh no yes or no you can actually run one two three four so therefore you can build sort of all sufficiently if you like you can build a potential majority and of course these votes on binding so there's no real harm in trying again to see if you could get a majority of through that route i mean that's the thing i think that's bucking all of the let wins innovation because we need to innovate because there are no other options a general election is what we would normally have in this situation but the simply isn't time to do that before the deadline of april the twelfth so we really have to keep trying these innovative options to see will happen the key question really is do the results tonight change people's position to m.p.'s shift position does the government shift position in reaction to these results that's what they were designed to do but we just don't know whether or not anyone will shift position well something's got to give hasn't it something has to change if there has to be compromise we don't know where it's going to come from but there has to be compromise to find a majority and poll and there has been some shift because
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a lot of the conservative m.p.'s who were very very pro breaks it actually did intimate earlier today that they might vote for terrorism means the u.p.a. really that it all hinges on because if they were to factories amaze the presumably they would go through. yes yes and no actually first of all some of the purist city is the one sewer absolute just want bricks it regardless of the consequences or the date they would smoke for example used a phrase that my mother used to use a long time ago half a loaf is better than no bread he hates the deal but he'd rather vote for it than risk the idea of of no bricks it that said though a lot was hanging on the d u p this northern ireland policy the to recently relies upon because she's in a minority government on the day you pick came out with a bombshell tonight saying that they would not abstain and they would not vote with to rescind may now brought to tears were hoping to do you would switch sides and
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that would allow them to switch sides comfortably but with the do you piece standing firm a lot of those brick cities who look like they might switch sides are now well they're caught in a very difficult place yes there has been some shifting sands some brits it is have decided to back to resubmit his deal as a kind of reluctant worst case scenario but unfortunately willing others are going to stand firm because the d u p are very complicated and literally changing by the hour paul brennan outside westminster thank you for making sense of it for us thank . you know the news out gerry is really hard he has backed the call by the military to remove president of bell as he's beautifully cut from office on monday the army chief suggested using a constitutional provision of the president on medical grounds the ruling f.l.n. party says it supports the plan in order to protect the country from danger but all
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position groups say it doesn't go far enough has seen weeks of protests against to free as a twin for you. of our has more now from neighboring tunisia. the man who has ruled algeria for twenty years is facing more isolation than ever the army has decided to trigger article one two and now the party of the president itself the front of national liberation is saying that it's in the horses the move made by the army therefore distancing itself further from the president many key allies of president lies would have a part are saying this about time for the man to step aside but whether the opposition and the protesters in algeria are of the view that this is not the core issue and as your ear and that are the result of the yes he has to go but there needs to be a new personality someone with
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a better able track record to leave the nation for a transitional period draft a new constitution and then. declare and organize new parliamentary and presidential elections now many key figures in the opposition including most often we shall see who is a leading human rights activists and one of the leaders of the protest movement is saying that he's concerned the move by the army could be just a ploy to further contain the pro-democracy sentiment that has been building up a mountain in algeria insisting that the protests will continue on friday and i think this would leave the country in a very delicate situation with the army the one hand and the protesters on the other hand will try to find a a common ground about how to and the political impasse in the area and start a new chapter. the first cases of cholera have been confirmed in the cycle ravaged city of beirut in mozambique the port city is still struggling to provide
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clean water and sanitation so far cyclon a day is known to have killed more than four hundred sixty people just in mozambique and left one point eight million in need of urgent help the world health organization is warning of a second disaster if cholera spreads through the devastated region because you know quality is an epidemic situation you see when you have one case you have to expect that you will have more cases in the community therefore. the community is what carries communities outorganized them how to prevent how to treat the water and everything to prevent the streets of the father and other parts of that we organize in a place to what needs to assist the patients who are coming severe in severe conditions with place where people should be treated food and medical supplies have been slow
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to reach people in isolated areas tony berkeley traveled to one community that's been cut off since the cycle struck twelve days ago. it's a race against time to reach isolated cycling survivors before and disease breaking out helicopters are scouring the three thousand square kilometer disaster zone central mozambique searching for the vulnerable and overlooked who desperately need help. in a village a grade or two hundred kilometers from deraa they found a thousand hungry people if they ate something once a day they were among the more fortunate we are very happy very happy because it's food. a clean water station as well so when we saw the so-called girl people were very happy. the world food programme brought two tons of high nutritional food much to the relief of the villagers who lost everything in the psych loan homes crops possessions and some their loved ones this aid is coming just in the nick of time
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for these people their food had run out they were cut off for twelve days the water's only receded here four days ago they still need flour they still need oil and they still need medicine but for now they're ok they're going to survive but there are other isolated pockets like these around the country who still need help in this area they're used to flooding but not with such ferocious winds and we're going to win before and we didn't expect the cycling to be so bad it was frightening when we were told that the winds will be more than two hundred kilometers per hour and we didn't take it seriously that's why so many people suffered five people from the community were swept away in drowning clued in a young boy most are now having to live in a local school. aid agencies estimate that they have reached six hundred thousand people so far but they need to get to another one million who need assistance a lot of risk we really need to make a lot of efforts we need more money argentina to be able to.


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