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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 50  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2019 7:33am-8:01am +03

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on the shelves. in the margin of a grocery list. was held without any explanation the cia realized very soon that they got the wrong man but it took more than four months before he was released they put him on a plane to albania drove him to a remote location and then dumped him on the underfunded road. in the not for lawson or for and. he gave. them the. horse today he is free but still paying the price suffering severe psychological trauma and whilst macedonia has apologized for its road and his friend issued he's received no apology from the u.s. he's now mounting the latest in a series of legal cases against the u.s.
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administration sense to share in this mission should just kind of just come. under the. earth. can do with carolina campaigners are determined that no victim of rendition is forgotten. italian citizen. was seized in pakistan in two thousand and two and rented on an average night to moral case where he was subjected to horrendous abuse before being freed a full nine years later. today his wife anna speaks on his behalf the trauma of his experience has left him unable to relive this ordeal. well.
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enough. so. in twenty fourteen after years of investigation the us senate intelligence committee compiled a report into cia torture. but those who hate america was finally going to tell the full story about this period to be disappointed all that was made public this heavily redacted executive summary the entire report it was six thousand pages to this day remain secret. we ought to warn to see those six thousand pages of the full report because if the executive summaries any indication that report does to
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a standing things categorically it says torture not more and it says we tortured and we tortured extensively we even murdered people the ultimate torture that report should come out in the main reason it didn't come out as a north carolinian by the name of richard burr who is chairman of the senate select committee on intelligence prevented that report from being read by the american people and as far as i'm concerned that's complicit with war crimes. yes because what's reported in that report. war. senator byrd declined our request for comment. earlier this year senator byrd a republican also chaired the confirmation hearing for president donald trump's controversial nominee as the new head of the cia or jena high school true.
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mccain has opposed confirmation hearings here back in may reignited controversy over the cia's pace nine eleven torture program not least her a record hitting a detention facility in thailand in two thousand and two where a detainee with water boarded. the. do you believe in hindsight that those techniques were immoral senator what i believe sitting here today is that i support the higher moral standard we have decided to hold ourselves to is answer the question. and i think i've answered the question if not as you know i'm strong supporter of your nomination to be director of the central intelligence agency you may in fact be the most qualified nominee ever nominated for this role here in our june thank you mr chairman. tina hospitals appointment was
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approved. colonel steve kleinman was a career military intelligence officer he's recognized as a leading expert on the interrogation of terror suspects the message we send in the world that some years of all the torture has been rewarded again with most arguably one of the most prestigious if not the most prestigious position on tells us merely how how can we sending our cia director who have all the torture to work with with a senior intelligence official from another part of the world where torture is common and for for her to ever tried to chastise them to try to get a different way that well they'll say well you did it. yes but she says she says she wouldn't she wouldn't that the cia did. well on i'm sorry i don't believe are the critics ask what would she do if donald trump was to go to the cia to reintroduce torture. they said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we
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absolutely need it we should have it and if we can't we should have worse. no doubt doll trump would get her out of the way posthaste if she objected and put someone in there who wouldn't do. the hard fact is that during his election campaign president trump faced down obamacare opposition to torture torture works ok folks torture but you don't have these guys torture doesn't work believe me it works ok waterboarding is your minor form some people say it's not actually torture let's assume it is but they asked me the question what do you think waterboarding absolutely fine but we should go much stronger than waterboarding that's the way i feel not fallon has more than thirty years experience as a special agent with the n.c.a.a.'s the u.s. naval criminal investigative service he's investigated some of the made significant terrorist operations in u.s.
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history he's wrong and while torture does work. for what if your propaganda if i want to tell if i want to get you to tell me something that i want to hear i can get are you torture you what it's in effect about is getting the truth torture as a tactic is not only ineffective it's counterproductive it's dangerous it cost lives and those to experts we spoke to agreed as a means of getting accurate intelligence torture simply doesn't work victims will say anything to stop the torture including full screen fashions and fabrications if you look through the history of torture it was used for one thing and one of the only political or religious oppression to intimidate to threaten the key people why . the white house declined to comment on president trump's endorsement of torture the cia declined to respond to questions about gina hospital suitability for her cia role and referred us to her confirmation hearings where she said i would not
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support the use of enhanced interrogation techniques when asked what she do if the president gave her a direct order to waterboard a terrorist suspect she said i do not believe the president would ask me to do that . in september twenty eighth north carolina's campaign is a major report on their state's role in facilitating the cia's torture program it was the culmination of eighteen months of detailed investigations public hearings and the contribution of dozens of expert witnesses including the former un rapporteurs on torture and a former guantanamo detainee who have a dual slahi. the report was a devastating indictment calling on the state governor lingle thora to his and politicians to finally take
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a stand against torture with their methods loudly and clear under no. they are what we tolerate then you remain true. other human being. it also calls for an investigation into the north carolina company erik contract is . are they participating in the illegal kidnapping and disappearance of prisoners overseas we have no idea and they certainly could do it again if a future us administration introduced this program. we wanted to ask eric contract his about their business today offering what they call specialized past. and cargo transport haitian solutions to customers around the globe we rate to three former pilots and even called on them but no one would speak. i'm sorry is not. could we talk to him.
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not there. we also contacted every contract his management who didn't reply so we called on lawyer lamar armstrong listed for many years as a senior management representative of every contract is we wanted to get his reaction to the revelations in the north carolina reporting to torture and the stated role of eric. we sent an e-mail to mr armstrong mr lamar armstrong representative of eric tractors. thank you very much thanks a lot josh bolton was you not interested because he's just not right he's going to call the police. he doesn't want to talk about the aircraft operated by eric contractors that played a federal role in the torture program a seven three seven boeing business jet originally numbered yet only three one
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three if. i has the belief. my name sarah spiller from al-jazeera television the ago who talked with us as he was. so mr armstrong threatened to call the police when we asked him for an interview as a representative of eric contractors' and indeed he has called the police not just one or two cars have a right here i may thank you good to meet you thank you but by that same day at the courthouse in smithfield north carolina campaigners distributed copies of their report to lay cool elected county commissioners over the years campaigners have improved these commissions to investigate activities at the local airport. a respected local minister tried to ask a simple question about what companies say is north carolina's complicity in torture and we are here tonight to ask you smithfield county commissioners can
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you say with us we are wrong. a knife. think that. in the face of silence we put our questions when making a film about the secret cia rendition pay them do commission is believe that torture is morally acceptable i know you think that is missing and. i didn't say anything about torture be accepted was think there was anything illegal going on on that area or so i asked the chairman of the benito choppering opt out here for a question my answer is of your do this your opinion i'm glad i got there wasn't any opinion not about me a question seemed think that corporate naive question on the is there anything else in bias respect or dresses for work pertaining to just kill business.
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despite the deafening silence here the demands for the truth about the cia program about torture continue. and the next part of this investigation we visit to guantanamo bay cuba the new torrijos u.s. naval base u.s. president trump has vowed to keep open. we investigate claims that secrecy about past torture is impeding the quest for justice after nine eleven. and we traveled to morocco to meet the family ever going ton in a prisoner cleared for release but like others still incarcerated by the u.s. administration and we are asking what the future holds under president donald j. trump. president trump who is a man rode with torture who has
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a thirst for calorie i'm afraid that we're setting the conditions to return back to practice of brutality and state sponsored torture as we did done in the past. africa's most populous nation the bloodiest economy has a youth unemployment problem in a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital ion go to this folder we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you are. a city
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defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here with the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains the can only project that's what we defuse it was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation this could mean nation injustice this is apartheid in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm how long he'd seen this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes prior. to the british m.p.'s reject
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all eight cell turn to to see to resume his bricks and deal with the e.u. but the prime minister earlier announcing plans to stand down in. algeria some really f.l.n. party joins the army's call for president but a flicker to be removed from office. many of the fighters up to forty percent it was a day just a chilled. as young as thirteen years old. questions in the u.k. parliament over revelations about british military personnel and yemen's war. and the first cases of cholera are confirmed in the city of beirut in mozambique with water and sanitation services hit by cycle. well the british parliament's move to wrest control of the brics that process from prime minister to resign may has ended in chaos with no agreements on an
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alternative for her deal with the e.u. . over the past year as m.p.'s rejected all eight options for the country's withdrawal from the european union earlier may promise she'd step day if her deal is passed by parliament and piece of already rejected it twice by huge margins she didn't give a timetable for stepping down but said she would resign for the next phase of breaks it negotiations the house has today considered a wide variety of options as a way forward and they didn't straits that there were no easy options here there is no simple way forward the deal the government has negotiated is a compromise both with the e.u. and with members across this house that is the nature of complex negotiations. the result so the process this house has gone through today
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strengthens our view that the deal the government has negotiated is the best option . well paul brennan joins us now live from westminster he's outside parliament's poll many perhaps hoping for clarity instead it appears the chaos. yeah i think chaos might be overstating it just a touch i mean nobody expected that any of the ace at this early stage would get a clear majority there will be another indicative votes round on monday of next week that was already part of the process that the m.p.'s wrote in to it when they seized control of this seven hour window of opportunity today so they're going to have another go on monday i think what's interesting is the margins that we're looking at here the idea that the customs union for example was only beaten by
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a majority of eight votes now that's very tight indeed when you consider that the government's own bret's a deal was last put before parliament and was defeated by one hundred forty nine votes you can see that actually you know the customs union came along closer to securing a majority than the government's. deal did listen to look at the analysis in a bit more detail i'm joined by guest judge jackson because he's from the bingham center for the rule of law and he's a procedural specialist and used to work inside the house of commons jack where do you think we stands in ice as far as clarity as far as potential move forward how are we looking i think most of the headlines will focus on the fact that the eight propositions for the house will all defeated and i think that's right that's right that will be the main headline but i think there is a more positive story underlying that in the m.p.'s did show that they could engineer a process where we would actually find out more about what m.p.'s think beyond the
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deal and where the options could be for the government to go if they wanted to get the deal over the line so i think the main headline is m.p.'s have it all have offered a glimmer of hope for the government if they wanted to follow it where they could shift to to get the deal over the lawn but the numbers are still very much against the government because the prime minister offered to resign if m.p.'s were prepared to back a deal she made it contingent on the backing a deal. and then the policy that props up the minority government to do you. said no i'm sorry that's still not enough we are not going to back the deal so the prime minister's deal on the arithmetic at least looks to be a nonstarter doesn't it but i think you're right to say that the relationship with the d.p. has books to read but we've always known that if she tapped the other side to there was a cost and you know what the opposition that would be a possible advantage but that would breach one of her red lines now the important thing is when you actually look at the deal there is actually within the deal there is a potential to have
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a customs union compatible with the ritual agreement now what this would need the government to do is show a to shift its red lines but bielsa bit of ingenuity when we get to the next meaningful vote to maybe present the deal in a different way to has been presented up to now trying to emphasize the possibility of a softer brix it further down the line and that potentially could get the film side but again we've seen from series of may so far she's not willing to shift her redlines and we don't know whether or not the fact that she's announced this timetable will change of the jacksons again thank you very much indeed for joining us so as you hear that i think a lot of things are still in play here i don't think any of the eights have been out rightly rejected i think there are some that are unlikely to come back because they have been they didn't do very well it's whole the prime minister's deal is still in play and i think with jack says some ingenuity and some cajoling it might not need that prime minister to resign but certainly some changes in approach
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yeah we could see some movement let's put it that way next week. joining us live from westminster thank you. algeria's ruling f.l.n. party is backing the army's call for president of the seas beautifully to step down on monday the army chief said the eighty two year old should be declared unfit for office pacifica has already agreed not to stand for a fifth term after weeks of protest talks have begun and drafts are going to constitution and setting a date for elections. has more from neighboring tunisia. the man who has ruled algeria for twenty years is facing more isolation than ever the army has decided to trigger article one two and now the party of the president itself the front of national liberation is saying that it's in the horses the move made by the army therefore distancing itself further from the president many key
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allies of president. are saying this about time for the man to step aside but whether the opposition and the protestors in algeria are of the view that this is not the core issue now is your ear and that are the result of the a yes he has to go but there needs to be a new personality someone with an impeccable track record to lead the nation for a transitional period draft a new constitution and then. declare and organize new parliamentary and presidential elections now many key figures in the opposition including. you who is a leading human rights activists and one of the leaders of the protest movement is saying that he is concerned the move by the army could be just a ploy to further contain the pro-democracy sentiment that has been building up a mountain in algeria insisting that the protests will continue on friday and i
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think this would leave the country in a very delicate situation with the army the one hand and the protesters on the other hand will try to find the a common ground about how to and the political impasse in the area and start a new chapter. a session of the united nations security council is currently underway to discuss u.s. president donald trump's recognition of the occupied golan heights as israeli territory they urgently sing comes out requests on the syrian government's on monday trump signed a proclamation in which the us will recognize israel's an accession off the area as despite its un resolutions recognizing the goal line is really key point territory israel or by the golan heights from syria during the one nine hundred sixty seven arab israeli war words at the massacre at st james joins us now from the united nations our james this meeting takes place just tape days after trump's
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announcements and came after a request from syria. yes the syrian ambassador is actually speaking at the security council now as this meeting comes towards an end syria called for a meeting syria can't because it's not a member of the security council actually called a meeting and i think it's the calling of this meeting that will probably infuriate the united states because after syria said that they would like a meeting it was france who is the current president of the security council that called the meeting any member of the security council can call a meeting a meeting where we've seen basically fourteen against one around the security council table all of the security council members apart from the u.s. obviously condemning president trumps action in recognizing israeli sovereignty over the go. you might be mistaken for thinking that this feels
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a little bit here and it certainly does to me like the movie groundhog day because actually we had twenty four hours ago very similar statements made by all the security council in a meeting about the middle east peace process and then just about six hours ago in a meeting about the political situation in syria and i think it shows the fact that france as the president the security council pushed another meeting specifically on goal and it shows i think the armies of the french about where the u.s. have now gone and of other key allies of the united states including germany and the u.k. their key european partners they're worried i think about the implications for the middle east peace process but also the implications of the precedent that this sets for international law that israel in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven took a land of another country militarily and the trump administration seems to be
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trying to reward them with sovereignty that goes against u.n. security council resolutions and the u.n. charter which has been the standard for international peace and security since the second world war. in space here and thank you for bringing us up to date. says political leader ismail haniyeh has made his first public appearance in gaza since his office was bombs israeli jets destroyed a number of buildings on monday and she say nights dozens of rockets were fired since israel and he has declared victory and says a cease fire brokered by egypt is now in place. palestinian resistance kept its word and the israeli enemy received the message the resistance can deliver its message in the proper time and place i call on our people to commemorate the not by anniversary.


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