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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 50  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2019 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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reports in the city of mariupol where the conflicts is never far away. in ukraine's war zone a new breed of entrepreneurs. alexi used his disability payout as an injured veteran to set up a pizza business. being given a month of it people are happy to spend their money rather than save it because they know anything can happen at any moment. he's not particularly enthusiastic about the upcoming presidential election. i don't think. because of their spinelessness it took volunteers to protect this country where the leadership was too weak to protect it at all soldiers like alexi from the port city of mariupol formed the hours off but tally in in two thousand and fourteen famous for preventing russian backed separatists from extending their territorial gains in the donbass region all the way to the sea but mario poll has paid
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a heavy price its once busy port sits idle empty of the cargo ships that carried steel and coal produced here to international markets russia's efforts to disrupt sea traffic off the annexed crimea peninsula include illegal cargo inspections and a bridge built across the curch strait that's too low for larger vessels heading for mariupol to pass beneath you more but if. they can forgive us that our country is in the band until zenda stands that ukraine is a free and democratic country unfortunately it will be hard to establish these. then late last year an unprovoked russian attack on three ukrainian navy boats twenty four captured ukrainian sailors are still being held in moscow and international shipping is far less frequently seen in these waters since last november's attacks on those ukrainian naval vessel suggested russia had new
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territorial designs by strangling traded ukraine's two main force on the sea of as of russia has taken effective control of this inland sea off the coast of crimea. in response president petro poroshenko declared martial law in the east if he thought that would win him votes he was wrong with more than thirteen thousand dead this country is no longer united behind a war it can't win anna knows that despite losing her brother on the front line in two thousand and fifteen she says it's time for peace and. he died for ukraine to be trained for the ukrainian language to be spoken and the crane to be an equal strong european country that hope of a bright future has begun to fade on the shores and battlefields of eastern ukraine jonah hold al-jazeera mario paul. a u.s. jury has awarded eighty million dollars to a man who says his cancer was caused by exposure to
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a popular weed killer called runs up as one hardman see the german pharmaceutical company barrier which was fined liable for not warning customers about the products health risks are bought and santal the baker of runs up last year for sixty three billion dollars more than eleven thousand lawsuits involving the week killer have been filed and are set to go to trial in the u.s. . a qatar has a new national museum a space spanning the size of nearly nine football fields with an exterior of stunning structural engineers see the interior charts the history of the country and these people with symbolism and tech will parts of the buildings design a sob and generate has more from doha. dug from the sands of cutter this fossil is more than two million years old an essential part of the country's cultural heritage and
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a natural exhibit for the new national museum this extraordinary building is designed inside and out to mimic the intersecting discs of a desert rose. each space showcases a different theme designed by a renowned french architect to create to love the sun rose. to a large scale something very difficult to do when you know that he's as soon as he said to have it was restrung technology be aren't so he's a centauri series and he said imagine the russian ship was an eternity of the desert and the modern e.-t. of today. it's taken eight years to complete the building and its contents are intended to educate and inspire visitors at their ease to foreign workers and tourists. the nomads of arabia will tell you that the desert rose symbolizes hope that there is water underneath and that is the message that organizers at this museum would like people to take away with them. building
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was still underway even for arab countries imposed by land air and sea blockade. now the museum's creators want to use it to illustrate the region's shared history . we believe that. culture should really stay away from any political tension between countries and it is a really open in fact we have a team of from from the blockading countries are working with us and us and this is very great when you work with people who believe in the culture and they believe that culture attache should have no boundaries innovation in design can be seen everywhere here the idea is to give equal prominence to each and every exhibit to help visitors understand the global significance of carter's history. qatar has some of the most significant pearls and they were used to design european tayo as you will see in the galleries and also by the road a car but they came from the bar edge of the road that was supposed to be gifted as
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a cover for the tomb of the prophet muhammad so the brotherhood is always in dialogue with the rest of the world and therefore i don't believe in importing any culture i think cultures are always in dialogue and exchanging knowledge between east west you can even say norse i was. before the oil and gas pool diving drill but there's economy the country's relationship with water is another key theme it's my first divorce of film it's the first time i've used this kind of pretty futuristic technology stitched cameras it's shot entirely in catheter we've got thirty's curators also want to highlight the role of women in company society this is not the first time we've had the national museum and we were the first museum in the gulf and this is something that is very interesting for a series reopen and actually show the public our heritage all the research we've been doing for years really find this very interesting to be able to bring all
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these stories together and actually not not say everything which is why the exhibit is to actually immerse ourselves into expounding on different topics using the architect of the national museum of but there wants to do stand for centuries a shared ambition between those who planned and built the vision of a grand desert draws osama bin job it down to zero. so it's come on al-jazeera finds its way this junk food bowl player missed a penalty on purpose we'll have that story coming up shortly.
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it's time for the sports here's farai thanks very much byron munich and signed french world cup winning defender lucas hernandez in a record breaking deal join the business lead aside from a majority in july the ninety million dollars fee makes him the most expensive player in the history of germany's top division in addition to the world cup the twenty three year old has also won the league and has been a champions league final list. former manchester united in england captain bryan robson has suggested that only gunners still share its chances of being named to permanent boss at all trafford on united finishing in the top four in the e.p.l. and sealing champions league qualification the norwegian is in term control with united two points off fourth and into the champions league quarter finals he's got the players play with called for to use a bit of freedom to go forwards the funds are really happy with it. bunches united have a. big decision to make to the way to the end of the season. either for
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you or lee or to play somebody else hopefully. we can be a lawyer and go further forward in the job is really what is really important that we at least finishing the top four. simona halep is on course to reclaim top spot in the women's world rankings the romanian tennis star is through to the semifinals of the miami open she got there by beating chinese player wang chang in straight sets six four seven five on wednesday is currently ranked third in the world winning this tournaments will lift her to number one it's very beautiful here playing against semifinals this is going to be a big challenge and maybe i can play my best i can do my best result here playing the finals but there is going to be a big match makes it around so i would be just ready we thought we enjoy in the plane this beautiful crowd these beautiful quarter because it's only a pleasure to come here. roger federer is reached the quarterfinals in miami the
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world number five daniel and medvedev is in straight sets to get there federer is looking to win the tournament for a fourth time the swiss will face south africa's kevin anderson next. the new york yankees haven't won a world series since two thousand and nine but baseball pundits are betting on them winning the championship this season and a pitcher mushing hero to knock out will start opening day as they begin their twenty one thousand regular season against the baltimore orioles on thursday it's the fourth time the japanese right hander will be pitching the season opener for the yankees but the thirty year old will be looking for a different outcome after losing the first three times. definitely the the tension like getting high i guess you can tell by just how many people are here in this room a lot of aa is there on this game so yeah i'm very looking forward to it but as far as you know how i spend the next twenty four hours i'll just take it as a regular season game and try not to do something out of the norm. have sealed
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a one day series victory over poc son in the way they won the third o.d.i. to take an unassailable three nil leave aaron's finish top scored with ninety as the aussies posted two hundred and sixty six they then made short work of pakistan's batters bowling them out for one hundred eighty six to win by eighty runs it's now back to back series wins over india and pakistan with the world cup just two months away. britain's adam yates has won stage three of cycling's volta catalonia in spain to move him to second in the overall race and everyone fared while sharing the one hundred and seventy nine kilometer race was fastest in the final sprint to the finish line is now just twenty seven seconds behind race leader thomson. yeah it's more we're going to have to stage and it is possible the first stage would. so far so good did a super job today to look after me so we have more of a sense of our. olympic champion caster semenya has hit back at comments made by
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the head of world athletics sebastian coe so many as challenging in effort to bring in new rules that will restrict testosterone levels and female runners in a newspaper interview co said the reason we have gender class cation is because if you didn't the no woman would ever win another title or break and other record that so many has issued this response via her lawyers the scars that mr mannion has developed over the past decade randeep reading the comments of mr coe this weekend open those old wounds mr coe is wrong to think ms mannion is a threat to women's sport and the spirit of fair play is alive and well among young footballers in turkey the captain of gala tests arise under fourteen team missed a penalty on purpose followed what he believed was the wrong call by the referee thirteen year old back now as bekoff fell inside the box and was awarded a penalty and instead of trying to double his side's lead he kicked the ball out of
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play his team though did go on to win three nil. and that's all your support for now more later. i'm not around so this is news or do stay with us here on al-jazeera though daryn jordan is all with you next with more of the day's news. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers and what the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove . witness. bunch of
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latin america that most of the world was a cloud cover included todd's tragedies of quakes and that was it but not so how could will feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway five and a half months of demanding it when it's a case of system that was introduced to. latin america to zero has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby we've been employing it was me and you got to really. reveal secret see what messaging out there will be bought great you know. and connections some don't want exponents many in legacy media form the last shingles duck next week night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks as well as the
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police investigation the prime minister says there will also be a national inquiry with detailed coverage of the arms trade with saudi arabia is going to be a very important components of life in post-breakfast of britain. from around the world that outline is a symbol also must multiplied and its europeans have their full support behind. our. british m.p.'s reject the real target is to to reason most breaks that deal as the u.k. prime minister indicates he plans to step down.
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along down jordan the saudis their own lives and also coming up algeria is ruling f.l.n. party joins the army has called for president bush to freak out to be removed from office. many of the fighters up to forty percent it was a day our children as young as thirteen years old and questions in the u.k. parliament to the revelations about british special forces fighting in yemen's war plus. i'm joined now in. still fighting russia which the rest of the country with. would rather forget. the british. prime minister brags that plan projected different options for the country's withdrawal from the e.u. will. step down if the deal she agreed with the e.u. last november is passed by parliament but it's already failed twice. from
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westminster the world's cameras are trained on the british parliament waiting for a breakthrough protesters are permanently on patrol on the pavement outside for many the workings of. mystifying but after months of. could things be starting to move in a closed meeting with conservative m.p.'s theresa may said she's prepared to make the ultimate move and step down as prime minister after she's delivered. i know there is a desire for a new approach a new leadership in the second phase of the brakes at negotiations he said and i won't stand in the way if that but we need to get the deal through and deliver breaks it i'm prepared to leave this job earlier than i intended in order to do what is right for our country and our party she concluded by asking everyone in the room to back a deal to allow for a smooth and orderly breaks it but. but so far the u.k.'s departure has been
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anything but a deal's been resoundingly rejected twice but on wednesday she once again championed her plan we have a deal which cancels our your membership fee we don't see you making our laws which gives us our own immigration policy and the common agricultural policy for good and is a common fisheries policy for good other options don't do that other options would lead to delay to uncertainty and never delivering threats to. the opposition labor leaders call the government's handling of bragg's it chaotic and incompetent why is she prepared to carry on risking jobson industry in another attempt to yet again run down the clock and try to blackmail the m.p.'s behind into supporting a deal that's already been twice rejected but to reasoning's deal isn't dead yet fears of parliament pushing for a much softer breaks it although breaks it a tall could spook hardline bracks of tears into now backing her plan although
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northern ireland's democratic unionist party that props up may's government has said it will not support the deal in another vote may well have to do some careful calculations before giving her a deal a third go then we more m.p.'s have taken unprecedented steps of their own gaining control of parliamentary for seedings to vote an alternative to teresa mayes bricks that plan there were eight options none secured a majority but two of the proposals for a customs union with the e.u. . a public vote on a deal gained more support than to resume a plan m.p.'s will vote again on monday the government and parliamentary locked in a bitter struggle for control of the brics a process there are multiple visions for the future of the country some of them conflicting some of them contradictory but a question that unites both remain as i'm leavers is whether making the ultimate political sacrifice or benefit to reason may is cause. westminster.
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algeria's ruling f.l.n. party is backing the army's calls of president abdelaziz bouteflika to step down on monday the army chief said the eighty two year old should be declared unfit for office but if leaker has already agreed not to stand for a fifth term after weeks of protests talks have begun drafting a new constitution and setting a date for elections has moved neighboring tunisia. the man who has ruled algeria for twenty years is facing more isolation than ever the army has decided to trigger article one zero two and now the party of the president itself the front of national liberation is saying that it's in the horses the move made by the army therefore distancing itself further from the president many key allies of president lies with of it are saying this about time for the man to step aside but whether the opposition and the protestors in algeria are of the view that this is not the
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core issue now is your ear and that are the result of the yes he has to go but there needs to be a new personality someone with an impeccable track record to lead the nation for a transitional period draft a new constitution and then. declare and organize new parliamentary and presidential elections now many key figures in the opposition including most of it was shashi who is a leading human rights activists and one of the leaders of the protest movement is saying that he is concerned the move by the army could be just a ploy to further contain the pro-democracy sentiment that has been building up a mountain in algeria insisting that the protests will continue on friday and i think this would leave the country in a very delicate situation with the army the one hand and the protesters on the other hand will try to find a
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a common ground about how to and the political impasse in the area and start a new chapter syrian state news is reporting a number of airstrikes targeting the northern city of aleppo. the syrian arab news agency says the incident was an israeli attack and added that syria's air defenses intercepted several missiles videos have been shared on social media showing explosions in aleppo al-jazeera has not yet been able to verify the claims. the united nations security council has held a session to discuss u.s. president donald trump's recognition of the occupied golan heights as israeli territory the urgent meeting came at the request of the syrian government on monday trump signed a proclamation in which the us recognized israel's annexation of the area that's despite u.n. resolutions that call the golan heights an israeli occupied territory israel occupied the area from syria during the one thousand six or seven hour of israeli war. as political leader ismail haniya has made his first public appearance in gaza
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since his office was bombed israeli jets destroyed a number of buildings on monday and tuesday night dozens of rockets were fired into israel and they have declared victory and says a cease fire brokered by egypt is now in place. palestinian resistance kept its word and israeli enemy received the message the resistance can deliver its message in the proper time and place i call on our people to commemorate the naacp our anniversary to refresh their belonging to their land especially as the great march of return started a year ago i would like to greet our egyptian brothers for their efforts to reach the ceasefire understanding and for stopping the israeli aggression and gaza. stuff has more now from the israel gaza border. the real test will come this weekend when palestinians in gaza mark one year since the start of the great more should return which has seen tens of thousands of palestinians protest along the border fence the
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real issues that they've been wanting to highlight is that they need to improve how they're living living under blockade by both israel and egypt there are no opportunities people will tell you that it is the worst that it's been in years why because of the economic situation the lack of opportunities and it simply seems to be getting worse now there's been huge sacrifices made throughout this year many have lost their limbs because of israeli sniper fire many have been killed there have been active negotiations mediated by egypt in the united nations to try and increase the flow of goods into gaza to increase the opportunities for people freedom of movement across the borders extending the fishings and there are multiple things that need to be addressed but none of that seems palpable and this is why we understand from our colleagues inside gaza at the moment we call enter because the official border crossing remains closed including to journalists other than from humanitarian issues is that they are seeing this as a lost opportunity where expecting a huge amount of people to come out and protest along that border fence how is
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israel going to react is going to lead to yet another escalation we're going to have to wait and see the u.s. secretary of state says the trumpet ministration is still working to identify anyone responsible of the mode of the saudi john. mark pompei i made the comments at a congressional hearing where he was being questioned of a foreign policy goals in jordan has more now from washington d.c. . u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is on capitol hill on wednesday to argue for the upcoming years budget for the state department but it's not just a matter of deciding how many diplomats should be hired or how many facilities should be remodeled in the coming fiscal year the secretary of state also took questions on a number of foreign policy concerns including the investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi a saudi journalist who had been living and working in the united states this is what my pompei o told the committee on wednesday we are continuing all across the
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government certainly an overt means that all the tools that we have in our capacity to learn more facts about this president. has made very clear that we will continue to work to identify those who are responsible for murder and hold them accountable we will i stand by that today because representatives are interested in a number of foreign policy concerns including israel palestine venezuela and north korea there hasn't been much follow up when having mike pompei o before them on precisely how the u.s. is holding saudi officials responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi but that aside members of congress are still very much interested in trying to hold all those responsible including the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sol mun they've already passed a number of resolutions and legislation that would cite him and hold him personally responsible but the full force of congressional anger has yet to be brought on to
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this matter and certainly their efforts to try to get more information from the trumpet ministration continue. lots more to come here and al-jazeera including a desperate journey turned into a desperate situation after refugees hijack a ship. killer robots the stuff of science fiction which could soon become reality explode growing calls for a bad boy that stay with us. and we've got plenty of settled weather across north america at the moment in the east the skies are more or less clear further west we are seeing more cloud that's working its way in from the pacific not really a great deal of wet weather with this though the weather system we're watching is this one this is giving us a fatty having very and is gradually edging its way inland as we head through thursday turning increasingly wintery as it does say and that snowy weather just now.


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