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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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well into this matter and certainly their efforts to try to get more information from the trumpet ministration continue. to come here in al-jazeera including a desperate journey turned into a desperate situation after refugees hi jackers should. killer robots the stuff of science fiction which could soon become reality exposed growing calls for a band born that states. hello there we've got plenty of settled weather across north america at the moment in the east the skies are more or less clear further west we are seeing more cloud that's working its way in from the pacific not really a great deal of wet weather with this though the weather system we're watching is this one this is giving us a fatty having very and is gradually edging its way inland as we head through thursday turning increasingly wintery as it does say and that snowy weather just nudging
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a little bit further east with still as we head through friday i don't friday we're also going to see more cloud or rain begin to pick up and some of this is likely to be rather heavy but what it's also doing is dragging the winds up from the south of the temperatures have really rowing washington d.c. up to twenty one degrees and for new york we're up at sixteen which is sixty warning fahrenheit even further towards the south and here we've got quite a few shasta to caylee i reports of cuba and hispan yoga those showers that need to stick around as we head through the day on friday but breaking up a little bit so few more joyous lots are expected here for the south and for some of us in colombia it's looking pretty wet at the moment are those showers are stretching for the south as well we're seeing some very heavy downpours through parts of peru this cause quite a bit of flooding as it has in bolivia as well so this whole region looking pretty wet at the moment for the saudis hot in asuncion and the temperatures will be rising of reporters are east.
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it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and mishit you off trashing you know. not insignificant in the embers that insignificant ideologically that insignificant even as a crime against the very significant by dictating big government and the fucked up policy he vows shall not kill no part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera. talk about to come out of the top stories here that the british parliament has failed to agree on an alternative for prime minister to resign most brigs
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a plan on wednesday and peace to control the process for meeting the latest promising to step down with a vote in favor of the deal. algeria's ruling f.l.n. parties backing the army's call the presence of the disease but difficult to step down on monday the army chief said yes two year old should be declared unfit for office. on syrian state news reporting a number of the strikes targeting the northern city of aleppo the syrian arab news agency says the incident was on his radio claim that syria's air defenses intercepted several missiles. the u.s. energy secretary has authorized several companies to sell nuclear power technology to saudi arabia that's according to media reports the reuters news agency says the company's a request to the deals be kept secret russia south korea and the u.s. are all competing to strike a deal with the kingdom which is planning to build at least two nuclear plants there are concerns it could fuel a nuclear arms race in the middle east but we'll see a trend is a nuclear security specialist he says saudi arabia cannot be trusted with any type
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of nuclear technology. there's a pretty big difference between the iran nuclear deal and the trumpet ministrations attempts to sell nuclear technology to the saudi arabians the nuclear technology that we want to sell to saudi arabia is civilian it's for their civilian energy program which is a big difference than what we suspected that iran was trying to do so the concern now is that saudi arabia might go down the same path that they might use this technology that they would be acquiring for their civilian nuclear energy program for development of a weapons program down the line but a year ago mohamed bin solomon the crown prince of saudi arabia when it's all on national television he told reporters that if iran were to develop a nuclear weapon that saudi arabia would also develop a nuclear weapon full stop no ambiguity there whatsoever the problem is now that
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the united states has decided that it wants to withdraw from the j c p a way of the nuclear deal that we had with iran preventing them from developing a nuclear weapon that has become a more likely scenario going back to that discussion that was happening in the united states congress a month ago brad sherman made the point he's a congressman brad sherman made the point that if we can't trust mohammad bin solomon with a bone saw how can we trust him with nuclear technology now that's a completely fair point and it's a valid concern. if even if we can get to this type of one two three agreement that guarantees that saudi arabia won't develop a nuclear weapon can we really rely on them to keep their word. questions have been raised in the u.k. parliament about british involvement in the war in yemen the opposition labor party is demanding answers after british media reported that special forces have been involved in firefights with yemen's who are the rebels the government's also been
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questioned of the allegations that british forces may have provided support the child soldiers as part of the saudi u.a.e. colonization there is one especially disturbing allegation in the may on sunday's report which was that our forces are providing support to locally recruited saudi funded militia where many of the fighters up to forty percent it was alleged are children as young as thirteen years old so i would ask the minister of state if that is in any way true because if he is then he will confirm and off forces are not just a party to this conflict but witnesses to war crimes in that we get to the bottom of those allegations again i am very keen also not to in any way miss mislead the house. but they are issues that were made in relation to any engagement that involves bringing child soldiers on board would be i think it would be appalling
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jolly angela has more now from london. this source of these allegations is a mail on sunday newspaper article which alleges that elite special boat service troops are present in yemen and five were injured after battles inside if true it would wholly contradict the government promises that the u.k. is not participating in the conflict but just providing logistical support to the saudis in riyadh now back in february there were some reports on social media suggesting british soldiers had been injured in a firefight and the daily express newspaper claimed two s.a.'s members had been injured during a humanitarian operation the difference with these new revelations is that the man on sunday is claiming the special boat service squadron were not involved in humanitarian operations but they were providing mentoring teens in yemen translators medics and forward at command whose role is to request air support from
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the saudis the u.s. federal aviation administration says it's absolutely confident in the safety of the boeing seven three seven max a to craft following two recent crashes that left three hundred forty six people did. get administrator spoke at a congressional hearing is looking into its oversight of boeing the company also says it doesn't see a need to overhaul the way developes airplanes or u.s. jury has awarded eighty million dollars to a man who says his cancer was caused by exposure to a popular weed killer coal roundup edwin hardiman sued the german pharmaceutical company bayer which was found liable for not warning customers about the products health risks they abort monsanto the maker of roundup last year for sixty three billion dollars more than eleven thousand lawsuits involved in the weed killer had been filed lawsuits go to trial in the u.s. . it's only a move to say migrants have hijacked a merchant ship that rescued them at and off the coast of libya the ship is believed to be heading towards malta one hundred eight migrants were picked up by
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a cargo ship and i said to have taken control of the vessel after they realized it was taking them back to libya. has been following developments from tripoli. italy's interior minister salvini accuses the migrants of hijacking the tanker tanker picked up the migrants in the international waters and according to a survey me it was loaded with the migrants and was sent back to the libyan capital tripoli we understand that the international waters were the migrants were picked up or risk you'd. patrolled by libya's coast guard and libya's coast guard officials say it's their right to have them a grants and send them back to libya because they believe that the migrants have violated libya's sovereignty by first of all entering get libya
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illegally and second by sailing of libya insurance also illegally according to salvini the tanker was sent back to tripoli but when it was about six no tickle my eyes away from the capital tripoli it changes its course and turned it back to to the north and we understand that the migrants my. fear being sent back to tripoli because they're afraid that the in my face the same violations the usually face at the hands of people smugglers and that includes extortion beatings and in some cases killing rape. a court in chile has over the roman catholic church to pay compensation to three victims of the country's most notorious paedophile priest
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the appeals court ruling means the church will pay one hundred fifty thousand dollars each to the three men however the judge dismissed criminal charges against the priest fernando. because the statute of limitations expired. now ukrainians will vote on sunday in a tightly for presidential election more than forty candidates are running but it's really a three horse race president petro poroshenko is seeking reelection for the first time since coming to power in twenty fourteen he's up against opposition leader yulia tymoshenko a former prime minister popular amongst older voters she's promising a three fold increase in pensions the wild card though is this man a lot of ms lewinsky is a comedian who plays a fictional president in a popular t.v. series he's tapped into growing discontent over corruption and he appears to be leading in the polls the winning candidate will need at least fifty percent of the votes to avoid
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a run. for all this is happening against the backdrop of the conflict in the east with russian backed fighters now in its fifth year the war has hurt ukraine's most economically important region drain public resources and exhausted voters and there's no end in sight al-jazeera has journal reports in the city of mariupol but the conflict is never far away. crane's war zone a new breed of entrepreneurs. alexi used his disability payout as an injured veteran to set up a pizza business. being given to much of it people are happy to spend their money rather than save it because they know anything can happen at any moment. he's not particularly enthusiastic about the upcoming presidential election. but i'm back. because of their spinelessness it took volunteers to protect this country where the leadership was too weak to protect it it's all soldiers like alexi from the port
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city of mariupol formed the hours of but tally and in two thousand and fourteen famous for preventing russian backed separatists from extending their territorial gains in the donbass region all the way to the sea but mario poll has paid a heavy price it's once busy port sits idle empty of the cargo ships that carried steel and coal produced here to international markets russia's efforts to disrupt sea traffic off the annexed crimea peninsula include illegal cargo inspections and a bridge built across the current strait that's too low for larger vessels heading for mariupol to pass beneath you more but if. they can forgive that our country is in the band until zenda stands that ukraine is a free and democratic country and unfortunately it will be hard to establish these . then late last year an unprovoked russian attack on three ukrainian navy
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boats twenty four captured ukrainian sailors are still being held in moscow and international shipping is far less frequently seen in these waters since last november's attacks on those ukrainian naval vessel suggested russia had new territorial designs by strangling traded ukraine's two main port from the sea of as of russia has taken effective control of this inland sea off the coast of crimea. in response president petro poroshenko declared martial law in the east if he thought that would win him votes he was wrong with more than thirteen thousand dead this country is no longer united behind a war it can't win anna knows that despite losing her brother on the front line in two thousand and fifteen she says it's time for peace. he died for ukraine to be trained for the ukrainian language to be spoken and crane to be an equal strong european country that hope of
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a bright future has begun to fade on the shores and battlefields of eastern ukraine jonah hold al-jazeera maria paul mozambique has confirmed the first cases of cholera in the city of barrow which was badly damaged by cycle. of artes haven't been able to provide clean water and sanitation since the storm hit two weeks ago it's killed more than four hundred sixty people in mozambique and left one point eight million in the need of urgent help. scientists and healthcare professionals are the letter to the u.n. calling for an international ban on so-called killer robots that don't exist yet but campaigners say they're just a year or two away twenty eight countries have signed up so far but the u.s. and russia are among those resisting our science and technology editor marilyn honda has more. mention killer robots and many of us saying. of this i'm ashamed able to think feel and kill we have no way of knowing whether the
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kind of artificial general intelligence needed to create a scene tiant robot like this will ever be possible but here's what we already have sameeh autonomous machines drawings tanks aircraft robots big and small machines that can be weaponized even programmed to find targets but the final decision of whether to take a life lies with us so-called killer robots fully autonomous weapons that can select and kill without human intervention well they don't exist. here we don't want to see killing outsourced to machines on the battlefield or in policing or in border control an obvious circumstances this is why we call for a preemptive ban on the development production and use of killer robots as soon as possible we already have facial recognition technology to on low cal fire and they could be used by a fully autonomous weapon and trying say to identify and then attack a target without
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a human heavy in the final say but what if it kills the wrong person or the machine malfunctions and continues to hunt and kill long after a conflict has been resolved whose responsibility is it when a fully autonomous weapon gets it wrong so everybody's got their experience with computers not working with barnes and i pads failing. and that's an inconvenience at best imagine that when you have the weapon system which is failing which is spending to turn off killer robots could be hacked and then used by your enemy forces against you and against your population and that they could be programmed to target a certain popular part of the population to go out there and to seek all military age males. you know her and determined them to be legitimate targets and fire upon them sixty one percent of people polled in twenty six countries last year oppose fully autonomous weapons twenty eight countries have signed up to
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a ban take companies scientists researches and engineers and their thousands have over the years pledged not to knowingly create killer robots but plenty a lot of those are embracing artificial intelligence and will fear and states like israel russia south korea and the united states are among those resisting the ban countries my agree we're all better off without killer robots but no one wants to be left behind on the battlefield. time for a quick check of the headlines here on the al-jazeera the british parliament has failed to agree on an alternative for prime minister to resign as brigs of plan on wednesday and he's took control of the process from leaving the mayor's promising to step down if the vote in favor of a deal for britain has the latest now from westminster. nobody expected that any of
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the base at this early stage would get a clear majority there will be another votes round on monday of next week that was already part of the process that the m.p.'s wrote into it when they seized control of this seven window of opportunity today so they're going to have another go on monday i think what's interesting is the margins that we're looking at here and the idea that the customs union for example was only beaten by a majority of eight votes now that's very tight indeed when you consider that the government's own brecht's a deal was last put before parliament and was defeated by one hundred forty nine votes you can see there actually you know the customs union came a lot closer to securing a majority than the government's. deal did generous zooming f.l.n. parties backing the army's call for president abdelaziz bouteflika to step down on monday the army chief said the eighty two year old should be declared unfit for
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office. the u.s. secretary of state says the trumpet ministration is still working to identify anyone responsible for the murder of the saudi journalist. mike pompei and made the comments at a congressional hearing. we are continuing all across the government certainly an overt means and all the tools that we have in our capacity to learn more facts about this president. as made very clear that we will continue to work to identify those who are responsible for democracy murder and hold them accountable we will i stand by that today syrian state news is reporting a number of their strikes targeting the northern city of aleppo the syrian arab news agency says the incident was an israeli attack complain that syria's a defense is intercepted several missiles. the u.s. energy secretary has secretly authorized several companies to sell nuclear technology to saudi arabia that's according to media reports russia south korea and the u.s. are all competing to strike a deal with the kingdom which is planning to build at least two plots. well those
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are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after a radicalized youth not killed state you've done so much. there's no one way of telling. keeping it right and. it's great to get to know the person for me. or over there. and i mean you know. with the level of the water they did a good thing it will that it was never going to be they're doing. a show where the way we get out ahead of it you know. but to be out
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there with and have him out of my nose to go to the. woods i deny to me i'm one of those if. you're going to move in with. a gun going to. be. a. god. or god. your moment in the gulf with them on.
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all of them all of. the whole game should go all the deal with them also that the nemeth mission must. manage with the law with the. i'll be in lock was a king someone. i just thought about misled all of him and. you not sure i'm. you don't know what's going to come. along and i thought then of
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course i should so i thought oh no honey put i'm sending money and i'm only in hock in place. and. i said i know that. this is the reason it's me i've been working in the field of human rights here in israel palestine for about twenty three years it can be in the courts it can be civil disobedience and. it can be accompanying farmers or shepherds to protect them from settlers. the settlers are a very very group some of them are not violent at all although they often nevertheless turn a blind eye when others are being violent. but some of them are more violence and some of them are very violent the most violent perhaps are the so-called hilltop
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youth. if i like and i'm so. stoked in a way and second that with local how the second at an end. but he deliberately i did not know i didn't hold could have been out the. minority in michigan no i didn't i mean a j h o minute a short thought. i wish i could show the series into three one a bit of job loss i think you know government commerce and kind of government almost see it. in more fit. and been real money able then ko-ko with above it i got i'm. definitely such a god human terms that. mean today we have a very right wing government which supports the settlers doesn't matter to them
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whether the israelis are acting legally or illegally peacefully or violently. the people that live out here. more that's the same population that attacked us very violently in april of two thousand and seventeen. the hilltop youth are young they are do wells who kind of drop out of every system they see themselves as being x. remotely religious so that the messiah will come and we god's kingdom here but they don't even respect the rabbis of the settlements who they are is a natural outgrowth of what we've created here. most of the other settlers and the police and the army they owe all this own they all reject they all criticize this hilltop youth and it's very in some ways comfortable for them to
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say well we're not them. but they maybe were becoming. their police now they sometimes i don't know why they didn't. when amish you know you pay when you must loss. when they're on the fence going to give ah when he was there but then i think or showed earlier. in this saying. thank you dang bigler cut it off i say again with asean the whole thing an income sourcing the day i learned a little i must put him there and i'm with
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a. i think if well but i'm going to show they're going to shave in a shadow so i will i mean that's a paper we let something we give up as a way not separate that as a. sequel or this off and say if i could give up. your shame him going by vain and fighting about it but i'm famous don't put me in office voldemort's actually name was fake all of us are saying. and name calling the a lot because they're very. odd is a ition danish a really kind of a thing with the novel that the people who support some of these terrible actions can go to the bible they can go to the thomas they can find support for their their values as well. but what these people have done is they've elevated. about any
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other value. the land of israel. killing is not always forbid in the core of the jewish tradition murder is and how do you draw that line but of course it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home.
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she met. the week of the omanis i think some of you who missed. the seventeen of them but i don't know them live there and it doesn't feed it. will a lot of them and. a senator that deadline the thing that i think did it can feel even bit more to the commotion going on that side can with a bit i'm going to live with how to get on with. the i did because i did but then. that is that i look in the truth they only. just know dude make you to not can you. can slide to the business.
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and then there's some of the state with walker and then it does if. you know. the name. then chamish. can the pub do what i can and there you know my who most of the mean no ship you know at the inn what the gullible share from any. i don't.
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know how i got out i don't know. who made the call of the matter if you should buy them a lot of them up first and then the. name of the vessel is he a law or how. long will. they even really do. fit them in home and we're going live at the good in the middle of your home. or move to new who are literally in the home of most of the folks who come.
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i was typical american in the eighty's that i had at the sea a rabbi kahane came to our campus and he made me think that the something else i could do in my life other than just go to work and make money in something else that was a single fellow at twenty seven years old and now i'm with eight children and with meaning in my life and i'm sure if i stayed america i would not have this kind of life rather god saw the problem and he that defy the problem and he had it and he gave an answer the answer for him was to expel the arabs from israel. to two thousand years of living under the gentiles we said thank you but no thanks we've come back to our country so now we've come back and we have a people inside us who want it who can turn it into palestine through the marker see with through babies and not bullets and who can protest that it's democracy so there's a big.


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