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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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some very important anniversary is coming up this year in china the thirtieth anniversary of the june the fourth massacre and of course october the first of the is a seventieth anniversary of the founding of the people's republic this is a year when china's leaders have to appear strong and tough and uncompromising and you know president xi jinping and other leaders frequently cite what they call the one hundred years of humiliation when china in previous trade negotiations was forced to surrender to foreign powers this happened in the nineteenth and twentieth century and led to things like the opium war and that is still something that chinese people feel very strongly here so yes this is not a year when china's leaders can appear weak or at aden brown there in beijing agent thank you. for a short break here not just iraq when we come back a desperate journey turns into a desperate situation as rescue refugees hijack a ship. and celebrating the nation's past and present qatar opens the doors to its
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new national museum or not stable. hello there we've still got our violent weather system with us across the middle east at the moment if we take a look at the satellite picture we can see the huge area of cloud that's given us all flooding in parts of iran and stretching all the way up towards the northeastern parts of our map now that system still going to be with us as we head through the day on says day still a few poky outbreaks of rain but it really gets going again as we head through friday friday looks like that what weather really will be quite heavy for some of us in afghanistan and could cause quite a few problems towards the west on friday we're also going to see another weather system push in here so for some of us in turkey in syria will be a lot of rain and some of that will still be turning to snow i mean for the towards
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the south in the cloud that we've seen over the arabian peninsula is now here for the day so that is over parts of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. just about stretching into man as well as we head into friday that system breaks up so most of us returning to the sunshine doha well we're getting up to a pleasant twenty eight degrees at the moment which is eighty two in fahrenheit i mean further towards the south of the many of us in the southern parts of africa the weather is not causing us too many additional problems now we see a few showers there over parts of madagascar there's a stretching out through tons an area and across towards the west for some of us and angola looks like it will be over today on friday. whether sponsored by qatar in. the war on truth whether on line t.v. and it's taught us is to be able to concise expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs. or if you join us on saturday israel is an apartheid
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state engaged in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join a global conversation. welcome back to the top stories here on al-jazeera the british parliament has failed to agree on an alternative to prime minister to resign my regular class on wednesday and pleased to control the process from even the most promising to step down a deal. algebras ruling african parties back in the army's call for president of the disease to be declared unfit for office on monday the army chief suggested that
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an article from the constitution could be triggered which could force but if he could to step down on grounds to help. on syrian state news reporting a number of strikes at the northern city of aleppo the syrian arab news agency says they were an israeli attack and claimed it was a defense is intercepted several missiles. now the u.s. secretary of state says the trumpet ministrations still working to identify who was responsible for the murder of the saudi john this. might pompei i made the comments of a congressional hearing where he was being questioned of a foreign policy roles in jordan as more from washington d.c. . u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is on capitol hill on wednesday to argue for the upcoming years budget for the state department but it's not just a matter of deciding how many diplomats should be hired or how many facilities should be remodeled in the coming fiscal year the secretary of state also took questions on a number of foreign policy concerns including the investigation into the murder of
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jamal khashoggi a saudi journalist who had been living and working in the united states this is what my pompei o told the committee on wednesday we are continuing all across the government certainly an overt means and all the tools that we have in our capacity to learn more facts about this president. as made very clear that we will continue to work to identify those who are responsible for murder and hold them accountable we will i stand by that today because representatives are interested in a number of foreign policy concerns including israel palestine venezuela and north korea there hasn't been much follow up when having my calm pale before them on precisely how the u.s. is holding saudi officials responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi but that aside members of congress are still very much interested in trying to hold all those responsible including the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sol mun they've
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already passed a number of resolutions and legislation that would cite him and hold him personally responsible but the full force of congressional anger has yet to be brought on to this matter and certainly their efforts to try to get more information from the trumpet ministration continue. italy and malta say migrants have hijacked a merchant ship that rescued them it happened off the coast of libya the ship is believed to be heading towards malta one hundred eight migrants were picked up by the cargo ship and i said to have seized control of they realized it was taking them back to libya mahmoud of the war had been following developments from tripoli . italy's interior minister salvini accuses the migrants of hijacking the tanker tanker picked up the migrants in the international waters and according to a sylvania it was loaded with the migrants and was sent back to the libyan
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capital tripoli we understand that the international waters were the migrants were picked up or risk you'd. patrolled by libya's coast to god and libya's coast guard officials say it's their right to risk you there may grants and send them back to libya because they believe that the migrants have violated libya's sovereignty by first of all entering libya illegally and second by sailing of libyan sure. also illegally according to salvini the tanker was sent back to tripoli but when it was about six no tickle my eyes away from the capital tripoli it changes its course and turned it back to to the north and we understand that the migrants
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my. fear being sent back to tripoli because they're afraid that the in my face the same violations the usually face at the hands of people of smugglers and that includes extortion beatings and in some cases killing three. a court in chile has over the roman catholic church to pay compensation to three victims of the country's most notorious paedophile priest the appeals court ruling means the church will pay one hundred fifty thousand dollars each to the three men however the judge dismissed criminal charges against the priest fun and. because of the statute of limitations questions have been raised in the u.k. parliament about british involvement in the war in yemen the opposition labor party is demanding answers after british media reported that special forces had been involved in firefights with yemen's who the rebels the government's also been
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questioned in the allegations that british forces may have provided support for child soldiers as part of the soudan you a coalition. there is one especially disturbing allegation in the mail on sunday's report which was that our forces are providing support to locally recruited saudi funded militia where many of the fighters up to forty percent it was alleged are children as young as thirteen years old so i would ask the minister of state if that is in any way true because if he is then he will confirm the offices are not just a party to this conflict but witnesses to war crimes i'm hearing that we get to the bottom of those allegations again i am very keen also not to in any way mis mislead the house. but there are issues that were made in relation to any engagement that involves bringing child soldiers on board would be i think it would be appalling charlie rangel has more now from london. this source of these allegations is
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a mail on sunday newspaper article which alleges that elite special boat service troops are present in yemen five were injured after battles insider if true it would wholly contradict the government promises that the u.k. is not participating in the conflict but just providing logistical support to the saudis in riyadh now back in february there were some reports on social media suggesting british soldiers had been injured in a firefight and the daily express newspaper claimed two s.a.'s members had been injured during a humanitarian operation the difference with this these new revelations is that the mail on sunday is claiming the special boat service squadron were not involved in humanitarian operations but they were providing mentoring teens in yemen translators medics and forward air command whose role is to request air support from the saudis a u.s.
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jury has awarded eighty million dollars demand who says his cancer was caused by exposure to a popular weed killer called roundup edwin hardiman sued the german pharmaceutical company bayer which was found liable for not warning customers about the products health risks more than eleven thousand lawsuits and more than the week killer had been filed on a set to go to trial in the u.s. five cases of cholera have been confirmed in mozambique's badly damaged for city of beirut two weeks after he died devastated the area the site and killed more than seven hundred people across southern africa tony burke who traveled to one community in mozambique has been cut off for twelve days. it's a race against time to reach isolated side closer vive years before and disease breaking out. helicopters are scouring the three thousand square kilometer disaster zone in central mozambique searching for the vulnerable and overlooked who desperately need help. in the village of breda two hundred kilometers from deraa
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they found a thousand hungry people if they ate something once a day they were among the more fortunate we are very happy very happy because of the many bears we got forward we got a clean water and we got an extension as well so when we saw this helicopter people were very happy the world food program brought two tons of high nutritional food much to the relief for the villagers who lost everything in the psych loan homes crops possessions and some their loved ones this aid is coming just in the nick of time for these people their food had run out they were cut off for twelve days the waters only receded here four days ago they still need flour they still need oil and they still need medicine but for now they're ok they're going to survive but there are other isolated pockets like these around the country who still need help in this area they're used to flooding but not with such ferocious winds and more into went for and we didn't expect the cycling to be so bad it was frightening when
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we were told that the winds will be more than two hundred kilometers per hour we didn't take it seriously that's why so many people suffered five people from the community were swept away in drowning clued in a young boy most are now having to live in a local school aid agencies estimate that they have reached six hundred thousand people so far but they need to get to another one million who need assistance there a lot of risk we really need to make a lot of efforts we need more money argentina to be able to bring here on the ground before what it what assistance the medicine things that we need to distribute on time because now banging for is of essence. just a few days ago the land below was covered in water after two days without rain the levels are receding more roads and tracks are becoming passable and that allows the more effective and cheaper way of delivering aid in bulk. but that help will need to be long term it's harvest season in this region for the villages
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a broader like tens of thousands of others have no crops to harvest no fish left to catch today they will eat but what will the future bring many cycling victims will be dependent on international support for the foreseeable future. tony virtually al-jazeera varada central mozambique. the u.s. education secretary is facing a backlash after proposing to cut funding for the special olympics that's a device argues the organization doesn't need federal funding because it can successfully raise private contributions the proposed budget would eliminate twenty nine programs saving around six billion dollars the boss has criticized the media for spinning the facts to claim her department doesn't support students with disabilities. well qatar has a new national museum spanning the size of a million nine football fields inside the charts the history of the country and its people solomon jade has more.
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dug from the sands of cutter this fossil is more than two million years old an essential part of the country's cultural heritage and a natural exhibit for the new national museum this extraordinary building is designed inside and out to mimic the intersecting discs of a desert rose. each space showcases a different theme designed by a renowned french architect to create too long the sun rose. to latch on to scale something very difficult to do when you know they're using a suspension he said driving the phrase strong technology be aren't so user centanni cities and he said imagine the russian ship was an eternity of your desert and the modern e.t.a. of today it's taken eight years to complete the building and its contents are intended to educate and inspire visitors arteries to foreign workers and tourists the nomads of arabia will tell you that the desert rose symbolizes the hope that
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there is water underneath and that is the message that organizers at this museum would like people to take away with them. ham building was still underway even for arab countries imposed by land air and sea blockade on other now the museum's creators want to use it to illustrate the region's shared history. we believe that. culture should really stay away from any political tension between countries and it is a really open in fact we have a team from from the blockading countries are working with us and us and this is very great when you work with the people who believe in the culture and and they believe that culture attache should have no boundaries innovation in design can be seen everywhere here the idea is to give equal prominence to each and every exhibit to help with it is understand the global significance of potter's history. qatar has some of the most significant pearls and they were used to design
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a european tailor as you'll see in the galleries and also a pair o. deckard but they came from the bar edge of the road that was supposed to be gifted as a cover for the tomb of the prophet muhammad so the brotherhood is always in dialogue with the rest of the world and therefore i don't believe in importing any culture i think cultures are always in dialogue and exchanging knowledge between east west you can even say norse i was. before the oil and gas pool diving drill but there's economy the country's relationship with water is another key theme it's my first divorce of film it's the first time i've used this kind of pretty futuristic technology stitched cameras it's shot entirely in covered with cut thirty's curators also want to highlight the role of women in a free society this is not the first time we've had the national museum and we were
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the first museum in the gulf and this is something that is very interesting for a series reopen and actually show the public our heritage all the research we've been doing for years really find this very interesting to be able to bring all these stories together and actually not not say everything which is why the exhibit is to actually inmarsat ourselves into expanding on different topics and using the architect of the national museum of but there wants to do stand for centuries a shared ambition between those who planned and built the vision of a grand desert draws osama bin. tough a quick check of the headlines here that the british parliament has failed to agree on the turn of jobs and prime minister to resume his principal out on wednesday and he has to control the process from leaving the main sponsor to step down if they've bought. one and has the latest from westminster. nobody expected
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that any of the ace at this early stage would get a clear majority there will be another votes round on monday of next week that was already part of the process that the m.p.'s wrote into it when they seized control of this seven hour window of opportunity today so they're going to have another go on monday i think what's interesting is the margins that we're looking at here and the idea that the customs union for example was only beaten by a majority of eight votes now that's very tight indeed when you consider that the government's own deal was last put before parliament and was defeated by one hundred forty nine votes you can see there actually you know the customs union came a lot closer to securing a majority than the government's. deal did algeria's ruling f.l.n. parties backing the army's calls for president i've been aziz but
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a fee to be declared unfit for office on monday the army chief suggested that an article from the constitution could be triggered and forced which if he could to step down and grounds of ill health the president has already agreed not to stand for a thief term after weeks of protests the u.s. secretary of state says the trump administration still working to identify who's responsible of the murder of saudi journalism. mike pumpin made the comments at a congressional hearing we are continuing all across the government certainly an overt means and all the tools that we have in our capacity to learn more facts about this president. as made very clear that we will continue to work to identify those who are responsible for jamal khashoggi his murder and hold them accountable we will i stand by that today syrian state news is reporting a number of their strikes have hit the northern city of aleppo. the syrian arab news agency says they were an israeli attack and claim that syria's
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advances intercepted several missiles well those are the headlines news continues on al-jazeera off to the stream state you. hi i'm femi oke a and you are in the stream as exxon is adjusting to life under a new president off the new small town as a by have unexpectedly stood down what is install for millions of young people who
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have never known any other leader send your thoughts via twitter but today. for twenty nine yes no full time as a by f. has been front and center of public life in kazakstan but that changed a week ago when he announced he was handing the presidency to cassim yeth a trusted loyalist his decision. and central asia his how and that's why you have to cause his resignation. sure. today i appeal to you as i always did in the important moments in the history of our state which we have built and are building together but my appeal today is special i have made it difficult decision to retire from responsibility of the president of the kazakhstan republic that is probably a few years of storm yet another lunar startles i was granted the status of the first president leader of the nation i remain chairman of the security council to
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which the law grants serious power in determining interior and foreign policy i remain chairman of the no party and a member of the constitutional council. one of the first major decisions by now by your successor was to rename kazik stones capital on saturday a new satanic became the new name for ass donna a city that was rebuilt into one of central asia is because trade and tourism hobbs' by s. rule but what does the surprise handover of the presidency after three decades me for young people in cabinet start to talk about this we have. of editor in chief of step that's an independent digital media outlet he joins us from almaty or so now what is i got him to learn you know how nova a freelance journalist who has written widely on kazakh politics colleague ash is a researcher at advocate on gender rights and sexual education she joins us from
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mosul tam the kazakh capital recently named from aston and from prague we have total cooled off he is has a service director radio free europe radio liberty good to have you here everybody high much nineteen or you're not going to get to that date in a hurry hello everybody so you get to have your that date set in your memory i'm looking at a tweet here from europe but didn't have internet connection for the last day the minute i got connected my phone started buzzing i had six hundred. twenty eight i read messages on my whatsapp on the resignation of the press and a catholic star i was in a state a shop for a second after all has been that all my life has tagged as a by last torak or what is your story of when you found out how you found out your reaction. was we. suck the first impression and reaction was for us for many people in our cars are people
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who have been telling the news and events and custom it has that have been a shock because as you are. very rightly pointed out at the beginning of the show all the. country and the young people under thirty either have never seen another leader and this is a three day kates when one person on the main position suddenly he announced as the starting down it was that shot but the stock was changed on the next worth probably main the disappointment after their newly appointed. interim president doesn't have much of a gnome's initiated the renaming as name of the capital of to nasm by oath yeah because many people far seen that the auld side of
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the cult of personality sure that is some good bike left kind of gas where were you when did you find out that your current president your past president was was about to hand over power. yes i was actually a location traveling in kurdistan you know as out following the news and then my friend texted me and everybody learned this news would you get asking me my greatest friends like how do you feel how is it your prose that step down. a i. kind of don't feel anything right now i. had better wait out and see only time can tell in the next day we had another news which was not that wasn't pleasant as the first news if i can him you try to sum up that shocking to an actual article that you wrote for the independent and catholic stomp the last
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soviet era president has suddenly resigned and this is what it means for my people . i might tell you right now and i want to know mighty when i read them years it was maybe one hour before actual announcement that the president has urgent at or germs address to the nation so i was a bit intrigued what he has to say because there were several addresses to the mission previously and sometimes people were weighted with the shocking resignation but it didn't happen so a good start and i wasn't prepared for that when i was least in the first started talking look it was seven zero one pm when he said that he's going to step out and yeah i couldn't believe my ears to be honest and beth and
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i had some weird mixture of emotions at that time and there. and then after a few days i have thought it over and wrote him out a coach. danny it feels like they are the whole the whole nation was in some kind of trauma and getting over it together and then no sooner if they find out that the president the capital name was changing so on march the twenty second march twenty third people weren't happy they were talking about this let me give you some idea of the comments that people were sharing. the shoes of you rename the city very negatively because the name aston a is a brand i think nursultan is not right at all we have never sold ten st ten university and now the capital city nursultan i think that is over. so i am against renaming to newer sultan because us tonight is a world brand everyone knows us enough from expo twenty seventeen zero s c
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international summit and such things. we are happy that they named the capital after the first president this was day in history for the next generation to my grandchildren. my. that i wonder if this might be assigning the muscle tired it is still going to be a round the former president is still going to be around there still may be some way that he's influencing current politics in kazakstan what do you think. well exactly i totally agree with you in the sense that. in expert community basically everyone was discussing what would be dissin areas and. i think the last year a new law on the security council has been approved so the president moves now as the chairman of the security council was many important kind of tools at a level just he has or in foreign policy on security and domestic politics as well
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so now he controls basically all of the key critical areas and will look as the sort of immediate mediator as a transcendental figure that will basically you know control all the important processes in the country i think think it's really interesting that this is the year of youth in kazakstan exactly everything i've just got here president of the republic of castle standing twenty nine thousand the year he for more than two thousand casmir students and faculty members gathered at the palace to students for the opening of the east year how's it going so far yes. well the u.s. is generally is not interested in politics and i think it's a global threat. there is kind of a kazakhstan a logic in this in the sense that the us had lived totally under the well president and they get to use that have so what they really think is that well many
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important issues are solved where there are enough in the capital and not on the local level so my opinion is generally disregarded or even more so this is the attitude we have bad you know with this event happening with the resignation of the president i think the they have we have a mind shift now and so people now know that actually this president could leave and the other president put south so there's definitely a new interesting ideas could pop up in their heads how to live and how to talk about politics talk ok. yes i think the person you're mentioned not many things will be changed and we because he mentioned about a security council powerful now a party which has given constitutional power. after the war
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was into fact last year it also plans to cuba sieved to the nuts and most receive the title of first president almost one thousand years ago and the leader of the nation one years ago. two years ago he was announced as the bus there which means a habit of nation or people in cars out language and it was because of his historic mission he was giving the. lifelong right to give initiatives on state building but you mentioned domestic and foreign policy and national security what's more. cars are state bodies are obliged. now to consider it wasn't a bios proposals what is very very important was about himself and his family and their property and back accounts have also being given full immunity from prosecution and that isn't that he's also chairman of the ruling party now and.
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what is interesting that even now in terms of them customs a lot of it is just a member of that party colleague at let me bring you back into the conversation a piece that you wrote quite recently the crisis afflicting kazakstan city youth. and that was that was a little while ago excuse me and you're talking about this crisis for the u.s. but now we're in the year of the year what do you think the biggest issue is for young people. despite the fact that this is a year if you think that the government is ready for a politically active youth at least know the youth knows how to be active when they're of course there are a lot of. young voices now can be heard and i hope there will be positive changes in this but it's just we still have this legacy. we just decide for
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young people instead of listening to them and letting them. see what they think and how they would like to be treated and what they would like to do. i just saw there something to that well i grew but what carla got to say and the sense that. well they used to slap that active as we may want in the sense that unfortunately only are not there not as the major big cities that could actually bet that is the place where the young generation could practice some of the activist. activist movements and so on abdullah the head we should not ignore the social media as i have written in some of the papers there says the actually one of the rabble places without so much censorship or was out so much control so many of
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the people are feeling much more comfortable themselves and in expressing that they ideas and social media desaturated had something of value or of artistic battle but when you have that when we talk about you of this is actually there. more than even the whole of the population of kazakhstan yeah. unemployment is one of the main problems is this we may discover an official statistics say for example the rate of unemployment is less than five percent but in the reality it might be much higher the recent events and i was sent on this as a note was the western culture stunt show that especially in the google places of the situation might be completely different. in the recent weeks dozens of young people have been protesting there for several weeks in front of the local administrations and they were demanding jobs. not many media actually no
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media has been covering the event for quite a long time and we are from radio free were deliberately cause our service sent our reporters there. to cover their purses and to show their. voices yes but. actually it was short of the rest of our journalists there by police. and we what they were released later and the journalists don't back to hear those people and we showed them sleep and their people were mainly young people and they were demanding jobs and was it was things that we wouldn't be even happy to have a salary you know job was a salary of about four hundred u.s.d. talk or let me share this with you this is from t.j. and today is picking up where you were discussing just
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a moment that i personally think that unemployment high level of poverty and also infrastructure is the major headache of the young in kazakstan what does infrastructure actually mean what are the issues that. all of them can then just jumping so i don't you take that yes you're bent well going back to the question about the role of yours. being a young person myself i think it's very important for young people to understand what role they can play in the development of their future of their country and right now it's it's been very unclear as we can see there are limited options to participate or a socially and economically and people i've seen many young people who really love their country and they want to contribute but there are so many barriers that they can't live up actually and they can't. go forward and. use their
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potential to help develop the country and some of them leave the country unfortunately so i came in when t.j. says that unemployment poverty and infrastructure we told our infrastructure never trains etc but how does that impact young people in cars and stuff infrastructure i think this person meant that because the extent is really a big country it's a nine speakers country in the world and we really have some interest dr problems in terms of their very expensive domestic supplies and along. like you have a very long time you have to spend a lot tyrants traveling inside of ca's expense for example to take the train from east to the west might take even today source three days so that's i think what
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this person meant by interest truck sure we need some more. grieco ways to get to places and more affordable ways to get there. if i'm going to continue i think that person all some. accommodation for people because it was one of the major major problems for especially young specialists. or so or middle class people because surjit is quite difficult now because i started especially in big cities to get your all our sort of argument very high rate of interest rates. mortgages that is very even present those are both some time ago about two years ago i think if otoh you used his own position which later was also criticized for not working well but
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this is one of the major problems we use i think it's also kind of sarcastic that we're having. and you're a huge emblem was this paper airplane was it oh no i think it was a paper bird but then people started making jokes that they actually paper airplane because young people they don't have much opportunity or some cover and then they're just leaving because they get different chand or disappointed so far in the country so i guess something that we haven't touched on quite yet is how able young people actually anybody in kazakstan is able to. talk about that descent talk about the issues talk about the challenges talk about the politics so i want to introduce into this conversation bata jutta mally she as she now is living in exile she was a lawyer who helped people who were being put in prison for protesting she helped them for human rights issues and she brings up something that we haven't talked
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about yet have a listen. well you sleep you protest. to understand that it's not see who are. huge now there's no freedom of speech or freedom of assembly in kazakhstan's who by participating in the protest are young people who give you time out to receive just is resident from eugene so that's that who is seriously mitigations political in teaching young people classics than yes are you comfortable with sharing those experiences and kazakstan are you able to speak freely for instance or maybe the media person working in one of the line media is. of course really consider what should we talk and how should return but generally our
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editorial policy is not to talk about politics since many other outlets are talking about that so our main mission and focus for example is to make people feel believe that they could you know invest in themselves and develop and do something even if there is there are many problems in the country so they could so you know contribute to the society and the country that we are. happy i just want to let you just touch on social media before we move on if i may danny other some of the you've gone deep into hash tag activism use social media politics in kazakstan this is where the young people are able to have a voice what do they say. yeah that's true i mean they're quite aware of having a fly in activism risk so they quite aware they could be you know centers or so on and so they move gradually to such platforms as you to for example to voice their
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concerns and at least formulate darry the as they are the group and disappointment so there's also i think one of the important steps and developments we have in the country i don't. want something to look to the borders of the mother said about the expression of phone. views not only among young people but for all the people who somehow might criticize actions of of forty's this is truly a we live dangerously becoming a dangerous kind of war because of that we don't go far just last week on friday several people in a lot of the in astana mainly they were of organizing small protest meetings against the renaming the capsule sitting at about twenty at least twenty people who were arrested. all are journalists from radios up the out of carols they were
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covering and. earlier there were groups of young people though probably used by it of foreign to these they were trying to. stop preventing i would join us from covering that event and blocking our way yeah i want to show that if i might you know when you tweeted this out this video out i'm just going to shake just for a little moment here so you can see i have a genesis trying to and this is now a journalist zachary i i see that as you see it just happened this is a latest example of hardy's kind of or this meeting so taking place in class. on the words i have to ask you this question because we're almost at the end of this show age as ever out of it is as watching this he's following on you tube he wanted to ask you all this question how can you change the name of your capital to a person's name was he loved so much he was to take.
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your stuff. i think people were not just i don't think that if they were the we would do that because of the u.s. it's already a brand and we are already invested so much time in resources into building those brands and some people say that the. woman said. do you want to put a president's first president's name into our history but security has a lot of me going through so we didn't have to do this with a couple owning. thank you so much she's been so interesting having all of your thoughts here from young people from kazakstan we really appreciate that one comment here from mohammed to here who works for radio free europe radio liberty as well and he talks about the protests against the main change of the protests of the land reform or workers' a mother's protest reactions or get the government's inaction on the situation and
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change jang and wondering how the leadership change will affect this trend let me remind you what that leadership change is you can see just behind me this is the old guard handing over to actually the old guard what next for kazakstan thanks so much for being part of this program thank you guess for being part of the show us the next time on the street. april on al-jazeera nato leaders will gather to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the alliance in washington d.c. madam husain engages in rigorous debates cutting through the headlines on up front twenty five years on from the genocide that killed nearly a million people rolonda has rebuilt but how far of its people have been reconciled
1:47 pm
the emmy award winning show phone lines is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories israel is to hold an early election on the ninth of april but with a corruption scandal looming will benjamin netanyahu extend his ten years as prime minister april on al-jazeera. and africa's technological at the center been awful us and group of a team to live side by side. in its last episode life ops challenges kenya up developers to help small scale farmers cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it's a starting point because it's all over the board people talk about life outside silicon savannah on al-jazeera. by making a dish every week a new cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through
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the eyes of the world's janin ace that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were told on the stories that matter the most in bad news a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. british m.p.'s reject only alternatives to.
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coming up. party supports the army is called. to be declared physically unfit for office. i'm joined now in eastern ukraine where they're still fighting a war with russia which the rest of the country with an election looming would rather forget. killer robots. which could soon become reality. the british parliament has failed to agree on an alternative to prime minister to resign briggs a plan m.p.'s rejected eight different options for the country's withdrawal from the e.u. but earlier may promise should step down if the deal she agreed to the e.u. last november is passed by parliament but it's already failed twice the barker reports from westminster. the world's cameras are trained on the british parliament waiting for a break sit breakthrough protestors an hour permanently on patrol on the pavements
1:50 pm
outside for many the workings of this house appearing creasing li mystifying but after months of bricks of paralysis could things be starting to move in a closed meeting with conservative m.p.'s theresa may said she's prepared to make the ultimate move and step down as prime minister after she's delivered breck's it i know there is a desire for a new approach a new leadership in the second phase of the brakes at negotiations he said and i won't stand in the way if that but we need to get the deal through and deliver breaks it i'm prepared to leave this job earlier than i intended in order to do what is right for our country and our party she concluded by asking everyone in the room to back a deal to allow for a smooth and orderly breaks it. but so far the u.k.'s departure has been anything but a deal's been resoundingly rejected twice but on wednesday she once again championed her plan we have
1:51 pm
a deal which cancels our your membership fee which stops e.u. making our laws which gives us our own immigration policy and is a common agricultural policy for goods and is a common fisheries policy for good other options don't do that other options would lead to delay to uncertainty and not for delivering threats and. the opposition labor leaders call the government's handling of bragg's it chaotic and incompetent why is she prepared to carry on risking jobs in industry in another attempt to yet again run down the clock and try to blackmail the m.p.'s behind into supporting a deal that's already been twice rejected but to reason deal isn't dead yet fears of parliament pushing for a much softer bracks it although bracks a tall could spook city is into now backing her plan although northern. lives democratic unionist party that props up may's government has said it will not support the deal in another vote may well have to do some careful calculations
1:52 pm
before giving her a deal a third go. more m.p.'s have taken unprecedented steps of their road gaining control of parliamentary for seedings to vote an alternative to teresa mayes bricks that plan they were eight options non-security majority but two of the proposals for a customs union with the e.u. and a public vote on a deal gained more support than to resume a plan m.p.'s will vote again on monday the government and parliament and locked in a bitter struggle for control of the brics a process there are multiple visions for the future of the country some of them conflicting some of them contradictory but a question that unites both remain as i'm leavers is whether making the ultimate political sacrifice or benefit to reason may is cause. westminster. algeria's ruling f.l.n. party is backing the army's call for president abdelaziz bouteflika to be declared unfit for office on monday the army chief suggested that an article from the
1:53 pm
constitution could be triggered which could force beautifully get to step down for health reasons the president has already agreed not to stand for a fifth term after weeks of protests talks have begun on drafting a new constitution and setting a date for elections. as more from neighboring tunisia. the man who has ruled algeria for twenty years is facing more isolation than ever the army has decided to trigger article one zero two and now the party of the president itself the front of national liberation is saying that it's in the horses the move made by the army therefore distancing itself further from the president many key allies of president lies a bit of a par are saying this about time for the man to step aside but whether the opposition and the protestors in algeria are of the view that this is not the
1:54 pm
core issue and as your ear and that are the result of the yes he has to go but there needs to be a new personality someone with an impeccable track record to lead the nation for a transitional period draft a new constitution and then. declare and organize new parliamentary and presidential elections now many key figures in the opposition including most of it was shashi who is a leading human rights activists and one of the leaders of the protest movement is saying that he is concerned the move by the army could be just a ploy to further contain the pro-democracy sentiment that has been building up a mountain in algeria insisting that the protests will continue on friday and i think this would leave the country in a very delicate situation with the army the one hand and the protesters on the other hand will try to find a a common ground about how to and the political impasse in the area and start
1:55 pm
a new chapter syrian state news is reporting a number of their strikes have hit the northern city of aleppo. the syrian arab news agency says there an israeli attack and syria's air defenses intercepted several missiles videos have been shared on social media showing explosions just. there has not been able to verify the claims. made all the united nations security council has been holding a session to discuss u.s. president donald trump's recognition of the occupied golan heights as israeli territory urgent meeting was requested by the syrian government on monday trump signed a proclamation in which the us recognized israel's an extension of the area that's despite u.n. resolutions that call the golan heights an israeli occupied territory israel sees the golan heights from syria in the one nine hundred sixty seven arab israeli war. hamas as political leader ismail haniya has made his first public appearance in gaza since his office was bombed israeli jets destroyed
1:56 pm
a number of buildings on monday and tuesday night dozens of rockets fired into israel declared victory and says a ceasefire brokered by egypt is now in place. palestinian resistance kept its word and the israeli enemy received the message the resistance can deliver its message in the proper time and place i call on our people to commemorate the naacp our anniversary to refresh their belonging to their land especially as the great march of return started a year ago i would like to greet our egyptian brothers for their efforts to reach the ceasefire understanding and for stopping the israeli aggression and gaza stephanie decker has more from the israel gaza border. the real test will come this weekend when palestinians in gaza mark one year since the start of the great more should return which has seen tens of thousands of palestinians protest along the border fence the real issue that they've been wanting to highlight is that they need to improve how they're living living under blockade by both israel and egypt
1:57 pm
there are no opportunities people will tell you that it is the worst that it's been in nears why because of the economic situation the lack of opportunities and it simply seems to be getting worse now there's been huge sacrifices made throughout this year many have lost their limbs because of israeli sniper fire many have been killed there have been active negotiations mediated by egypt in the united nations to try and increase the flow of goods into gaza to increase the opportunities for people freedom of movement across the borders extending the fishings and there are multiple things that need to be addressed but none of that seems palpable and this is why we understand from our colleagues inside gaza at the moment we call enter because the official border crossing remains closed including to journalists of them from humanitarian issues is that they are seeing this as a lost opportunity where expecting a huge amount of people to come out and protest along that border fence how is israel going to react is going to lead to yet another escalation we're going to have to wait and see how the u.s.
1:58 pm
says progress has been made in this latest round of trade talks with china although there are some sticking points trade war between beijing and washington began eight months ago when both sides imposed tiresome billions of dollars worth of goods brown has the latest from beijing. yes well it is exactly two hundred sixty five days since the tariff dispute between china and the united states began and these are the eighth round of negotiations now taking place here in beijing now according to the reuters news agency quoting four u.s. officials who requested anonymity the chinese side are showing greater flexibility particularly on the issue of forced technology transfer this is a situation whereby u.s. companies working in china are often forced to hand over their intellectual property their know how as a condition for doing business here but there doesn't appear to have been much flexibility it seems over the issue of subsidies the money that china's government
1:59 pm
gives its state owned corporations particularly those involved in technologies of the future now this is very much a year when chinese leaders have to appear strong we have a number of emotionally charged anniversaries coming up the thirtieth anniversary of the june the fourth massacre and the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china so this is a year when chinese leaders cannot afford to appear weak especially in the area of trade the u.s. secretary of state says the trump of ministration is still working to identify who is responsible for the murder of the saudi journalist. might bump a are made the comments of a congressional hearing where he was being questioned about foreign policy roles in jordan has more now from washington d.c. . u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is on capitol hill on wednesday to argue for the upcoming years budget for the state department but it's not just
2:00 pm
a matter of deciding how many diplomats should be hired or how many facilities should be remodeled in the coming fiscal year the secretary of state also took questions on a number of foreign policy concerns including the investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi a saudi journalist who had been living and working in the united states this is what my pompei o told the committee on wednesday we are continuing all across the government certainly and overt means and all the tools that we have in our capacity to learn more facts about this president. as made very clear that we will continue to work to identify those who are responsible for murder and hold them accountable we will i stand by that today because representatives are interested in a number of foreign policy concerns including israel palestine venezuela and north korea there hasn't been much follow up when having my call pale before them on precisely how the u.s. is holding.


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