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might be at another vote on breaks it but it's not clear exactly what the m.p.'s so vote on wednesday british prime minister terrorism a promise that she would step down and for twice reject a deal is a problem and also monday the british parliament's move to wrest control of the braggs it crosses from terrorism a and in chaos m.p.'s rejected all eight options which were put to vote we can now bring our correspondent joins us live from a westminster so. possibly a nother vote do tell us more. possibly but that's really not confirmed we do know is that. debate tomorrow in the house of commons that's actually quite unusually unusual because parliament here does not sit on a friday she did book time so all the employees will be back at work tomorrow we are presuming that she will discuss that but what we don't know at this stage is what how if she convinces him to speaker of parliament that there is
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a substantial change to be put forward to the m.p.'s or something they could vote on that is different than before now there is speculation in the local media that they're trying to put the plan of the government is basically to split this agreement in two parts the withdrawal treaty which basically deals with the legality of exiting the five hundred eighty five pages document and then you have the so-called political declaration which is non-binding and which sort of spells out the future relations with the so it could be what we're hearing but it's still not confirmed that those two would be split and that only do with agreement so the legalities exiting the you will be discussed now we still have to hear from to speak of the parliament he has the final word on this
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but then even if he says yes there are several problems ahead for example the labor party has already indicated that it will vote against if the so-called political declaration is not part of a meaningful vote and then remember last night do you see which is the northern ireland. political party allied to to reason has said that they cannot back the deal at this stage and has indicated today that they were no further negotiations so even if she convinces the speaker. to parliament we still don't know whether she will actually have the numbers to put that you know one of the out of the heated discussion i think few people were surprised that nothing much came out of it nothing could be the big surprise was that to resume said that she would resign if the deal was passed through is that offer still on the table
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that offer is still on the table and she was under a lot of pressure to resign since a while and yesterday we heard that over and over again during the prime minister's questions session she sort of conceded that if the her breaks a deal goes through then she will resign and give the second part of the negotiations to ever will take her position as far as we understand that is still under the table but we have to always remember that all of this nothing is set in stone things can change at any time and literally this has been a process where. every step is negotiated and not every step leaves to an improvement sometimes it takes two three steps back so we are at the cliff edge there because you have to remember that the e.u. told clearly to resume last week that she had until eleven pm friday to have a meaningful yes vote passed through parliament that is a little more than twenty four hours friday tomorrow was supposed to be did
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a day britain celebrated coming out of the e.u. well with tomorrow they're still trying to figure out how to come out of the e.u. and when to come out of the hole that homemade keeping track of that very convoluted breakfast process spencer thank you very much. a car bomb has exploded in somalia's capital killing at least eighteen people it happened outside a crowded restaurant in mogadishu barre district the al qaeda linked al-shabaab group often targets high profile areas in the city with suicide bombings we will have plenty more ahead this news hour including. we need to teach people that they need to learn how to produce their own food needs to be public. taking matters into their own hands venezuelan citizens prepare for u.s. sanctions that could cripple their food supply. as horrific stories of torture and
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abuse from the courtroom and saudi arabia. and later in sports can tiger woods find his range at the world match play championship and i will have the answer. keep border crossing between gaza and israel has opened four days after being shot down the air is crossing is one of gaza us lifelines and israel closed its borders softer house north of tel aviv was hit with a rocket and israeli jets then attacked hamas targets we cannot cross over to mama john june who is joining us from gaza city. so mohammed can you set the scene there and give us the latest details. at the moment i would describe the atmosphere here is being relatively calm but
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extremely tense the fact that it's calm really highlighted by the fact that air is crossing has reopened you had this egyptian delegation that came in yesterday we are told that they have left gaza in the past hour that they are now on their way to tell of eve where they will speak to israeli government officials about what headway they may have made or may not have made with members of hamas with members of this damage i had with members of the popular resistance committee while they were here in gaza we're expecting to get more details about this sort of ongoing negotiation in the hours to come but it's extremely tense because everybody here really believes that things could escalate at any moment i'll give you a prime example of that the hospitals in town they are preparing trauma wards triano centers in case there are israeli airstrikes in the days to come and also because there is the planned year anniversary the first year anniversary of the great more to return the protests that happened on gaza's border with israel that's
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going to be happening on saturday and there is a lot of concern that that may escalate that that could turn violent as it has many times in the past year or so there are members of the organizing committee of the great march of return that have called upon the israeli government to not react with too much strength of too much force on saturday to not shoot at protesters that will be gathering along the border as they have every weekend for the past year but really at the moment it's anybody's guess as to what exactly is going to happen on that day there was a huge build up to what's going to happen on saturday many people being encouraged to come out to show solidarity with that movement all that being said it is expected that those officials as egyptian officials a delegation that have that are now as we are being told on their way to tel aviv that they are expected to return to gaza tomorrow that they will resume discussions and really what we're hearing. from people here is that they believe that if those egyptians do return that means that that will have they believe
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a calming effect on the situation here in gaza and they hope that that will really escalate these tensions that have been building here the past few weeks give your knowledge on german gaza city for us thank you. a group of jailed saudi women who long campaign for the right to drive have spoken of the torture and abuse they faced while detained at a hearing on wednesday the women said that been sexually harassed to give an electric shocks and flogged by prison guards at least one of the detained women tried to commit suicide the government denies the women were tortured or harassed we can now speak to the middle east research director for amnesty international and joins us on skype for from beirut thank you for speaking to us firstly can you tell us what you know about the situation the women are in their face court. sure first i'd like to start by saying that we have to be very little information
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yesterday. diplomats and we were going to the sounds of the room what we do know is that women tend of the trial session yesterday which was the second session most of the. court appointed defense lawyers with what we know is that they didn't have enough time to prepare for the defense one and. not to this region had requested actually more time to prepare for the defense what we know is that they had. two hours to prepare for defense with little here and there a day of the trail session and what do we know of the charges that they are actually facing and whether they have any representation as far as a legal representation goes. so what we know about the charges is that they have to pay for another designer. specifically under article six the
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accusations are accusations of being in contact with diplomats with the media with the international organizations including honesty international for conducting human rights work for calling for. greater women's rights and the ends of the guardianship system so these are all charges accusations for regular human rights work so they just show how bogus charges are and the fact that the saudi authorities really are using the judiciary as a tool to silence critics so from where we're sitting it seems that the women have no recourse they're being charged given charges which have no basis and they have no legal representation of what it seems so what are you calling on the international community to do or what kind of pressure can the rest of the world put on on them to support these women. so there has been building momentum and pressure just recently about three dozen states including all of the european
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parliament's days all called on saudi arabia to release the group of women activists and human rights defenders unconditionally this is what amnesty has been calling for this is what other human rights organizations have been calling for and what we do what we are also calling for is that pending their release. independent monitors should be allowed to attend these trials and he said since this is the barrier that can happen at this stage in time and of course for the defendants to be hard to write to the point of their own lawyers so right now what we know is that they have court appointed divans we do know that all of the women have accepted yours but it is absolutely and they're going to be good to be appointing their own lawyers and distance. from amnesty international thank you very much. u.s.
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secretary of state's trumpet ministration is still working to identify who's responsible for the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi by compare made those comments at a congressional hearing while being questioned over foreign policy our correspondent roslyn jordan has more details from washington d.c. . u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is on capitol hill on wednesday to argue for the upcoming years budget for the state department but it's not just a matter of deciding how many diplomats should be hired or how many facilities should be remodeled in the coming fiscal year the secretary of state also took questions on a number of foreign policy concerns including the investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi a saudi journalist who had been living and working in the united states this is what my pompei o told the committee on wednesday we are continuing all across the government certainly and overt means and all the tools that we have in our capacity
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to learn more facts about this president. has made very clear that we will continue to work to identify those who are responsible for murder and hold them accountable we will i stand by that today because representatives are interested in a number of foreign policy concerns including israel palestine venezuela and north korea there hasn't been much follow up when having my pump a zero before them on precisely how the u.s. is holding saudi officials responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi but that aside members of congress are still very much interested in trying to hold all those responsible including the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sol mun they've already passed a number of resolutions and legislation that would cite him and hold him personally responsible but the full force of congressional anger has yet to be brought on to this matter and certainly their efforts to try to get more information from the
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trumpet ministration continue it. the u.s. president donald trump is demanding russia withdraw its forces from venezuela he made a call during a meeting with the wife of the opposition leader fund why joe at the white house wants to as confirmed it has sent two military planes loaded with treats and supplies to venezuela last weekend has the latest from moscow russia has every right to be infamous away land that's a response here in moscow after donald trump sat russia has to get out he said language between russia and the united states about fairness a way law has been exchanged since two russian military cargo planes arrived in caracas last weekend carrying around hundred military personnel and equipment immediately there was talk about a possible russian military intervention but as some have pointed out to cargo planes wouldn't make an intervention very effective moscow immediately sat there was nothing mysterious about the mission they were only there for maintenance work
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and it was all within the scope of bilateral relations between the two countries the foreign affairs spokeswoman said that it wouldn't change the balance of power in the region and that russia isn't threatening anyone unlike the united states but still there's a lot at stake for russia invaded kuwait the russian oil company of us nafta has invested around nine billion u.s. dollars in the country and also politically venezuela is an important foothold for president putin in south america in the hemisphere of the united states so besides these repair works the arrival of the two cargo planes is also seen as an important symbolic gesture by russia to show that they wouldn't cut loose the embattled leader often is away any time soon. well getting enough food even to survive continues to be a big problem in venezuela or oil rich nation produces only twenty percent of its own food and with the latest u.s.
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oil sanctions starting to hurt the economy some hope the community farms will get them through these tough times ahead so as a bird has this report from caracas. difficulties are everywhere in venezuela these days the economy crisis as millions struggling but people in the united say they're ready to fight back by producing their own food they have turned this small farming back us into an agricole logical project where they can grow fruit vegetables and even fish. he says the situation will likely deteriorate in the country when the new us sanctions take effect. there is an economic war against us and we try to supply our families in the hospital in the area with this place we can feed seventy people every day. there are three families living here and with what they produce they're helping a local hospital people here say that they need to be ready for what's coming.
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on the people say that in this place they can produce almost everything to survive . on a linux is there over twenty thousand projects like this one in venezuela but that they need more government support. we need to teach people that they need to learn how to produce their own food this needs to be public policy and we need to tell the government the budget that is invested in food production must be the same as the one invested in the armed forces. venezuela imports most of the food it consumes the us has impose new sanctions that will make it tougher for the government to sell oil and get much needed cash it has on the part of america and we rescind the on says there are real sanctions begin now. the same things we saw by the united states in the past were affecting individuals but they were not against the state against p.d.s.a.
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it was against people related to the government the sanctions were light we're going to see now is an embargo and this is going to be tough demolishing. the m.d.s. has been breeding rabbits in the farm he says people see them as pets but they could be a crucial source of protein. there also needs to be self-criticism the government doesn't know how to plan how to get organized the enormous corruption because the state continues to operate like all agog what we want to eradicate is still and it's up to us social movements to make change in this production as a way to protest. the government says people need to start focusing on producing food but many believe it will not be enough to help the vast majority of the population that is struggling to meet every day. comes to this in the state of us what they do every day she says it's difficult for her to find food even though
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she gets a six dollars pension every month. this government is the worst i have ever seen i see many things but this is the worst ever i don't even get medicine now i have this fish and i hope things change. most analysts say the situation will deteriorate in the next few months becoming self-sufficient is the only way many venezuelans will have to deal with their everyday life. and it is now time for the weather and here is the average send how's it looking for us here it's pretty quiet for most of us a lot of warm spring sunshine but we have got some rather lovely weather in the eastern side of the mediterranean as you take a look at the satellite picture you can see this last little clump of cloud just around greece easing over towards turkey further north this large city clear skies early morning mist and folks still remains a problem just around the continent but because of the high pressure in charge in
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light winds clear skies there's the warm sun so well look at that area of low pressure which is causing some pretty tricky situations at least nasty conditions there into that eastern side of the med choppy waters for some with the strong winds and athens will struggle to get to twelve degrees celsius try to right is making its way further east was further north it is largely clear there's the the warm up towards the northwest and colder seventeen celsius for london and for paris we got some wetter and cooler weather making its way out to the far northwest of europe just cause more knowledge pushing into scotland as we go into the early part of next week so that's something to watch out for but back down into the southeast where that wet weather just makes its way further east words cyprus seeing some pretty heavy rain possibility some flooding here could see some rather nasty conditions continuing across southern parts of turkey will eventually make its way back into the levant so not looking to britain here over the next couple days for the flooding problems come in but also behind it stays warm dry and sunny. i
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applaud him while still ahead on. the fate of forty thousand syrians trapped in a remote cab becomes a major topic at the u.n. plus. it's a celebration of qatar's fifty thousand year history the door so the new national museum of art thou open. and in sports a close to perfect night for one of the n.b.a.'s biggest stars. in the war where on line. it's taught us is to be able to be concise expressing that exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs. or if you join us on say israel is an apartheid state in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has
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a voice and we want to hear from you join a colobus conversation on al-jazeera. and africa's technological and peace and urban awful us and group over to live side by side. in its first episode life ops challenges kenya up developers to help small scale farmers cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it was putting people into because it's all over the board people to go out silicon savannah on al-jazeera.
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any watching our desire let me take you through our top stories this hour the c.e.o. of a t.v. channel critical of jerry and president. has been arrested for the supports of the army's call to have the president declared unfit for office. at least seven people have died in a large foreign in one thousand nine. hundred firefighting teams are trying to put it out with the help of the navy and air force it's believed that some people may still be trapped inside. and a car bomb has exploded in somalia's capital killing at least eighteen people went off outside a crowded restaurant in mogadishu bury district. group al shabaab often targets high profile areas in the city with suicide bombings. the meetings are taking place to decide the fate of forty thousand syrians trapped in a remote camp the united nations is holding discussions with the russian military
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the syrian government and representatives of those camps which is near the border with jordan and iran the un told al-jazeera most syrians want to leave but they have not been given any guarantee of security reports from beirut. it's no place for children is how the united nations describes camp makeshift schools provide some sense of normalcy but since the beginning of the year twelve children among the newborns have died of malnutrition and preventable diseases conditions are desperate for the forty thousand syrians stranded in this remote corner of syria last month damascus and its ally russia opened core doors to allow people to leave a few families left but the majority were too afraid the only route is to what are now government held areas of homs province according to the united nations damascus has yet to provide security guarantees despite people wanting to leave. protection
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comes to be addressed among these. families bringing some pretense their own people feel they could face legal challenges. military duty the united nations is now involved in the dialogue between the russian military the syrian government and representatives of the camp it calls the talks a positive first step but while it waits for a sustainable solution the u.n. wants to continue to have humanitarian access to the camp the last aid delivery was in february a united nations survey shows most of the camp's residents want to return to their homes in government controlled territories but they all expressed concerns about their safety and security the united nations says those concerns are justified it has repeatedly criticized the lack of legal protections and it has been calling on the syrian government to granted access to all parts of the country where the displaced and refugees have returned. the teary rating conditions are making it
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harder for those in iraq about to survive smuggling routes have been closed by government forces so goods that do reach the camp are too expensive the displaced fear the situation will only get worse little progress was made in their talks with government officials. there are obstacles other slowing down the return of one of them is the dull story does have still not given security clearances for all and even if they get this clearance many count leave because they can't afford to pay for transportation the syrian government is negotiating from a position of strength it won't guarantee unimpeded access for aid deliveries and it won't open safe routes to the rebel controlled north for now rock bands population is given the choice of living in misery or returning home without security guarantees that. beirut. new zealanders welcomed facebook's decision to ban any supports praise or representation of white nationalism on and services
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the social media giant is facing increased scrutiny after gunmen use facebook to live stream as attack on two mosques in christchurch under schapelle this report. since the christ church mosque shootings two weeks ago new zealand's government has been calling on social media platforms to take responsibility for any hate speech posted on their platforms well now facebook has announced it will make changes to its services next week and on instagram now the company says it's always blocks hateful comments about people based on their race ethnicity or religion but it also banned any praise support or representation of white nationalism and white separatism in a statement the company says we didn't originally apply the same rationale to expressions of white nationalism and white separatism because we were thinking about broader concepts of nationalism and separatism things like american pride and separatism which are an important part of people's identity but over the past three months our conversations with members of civil society and academics who are
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experts in race relations around the world have confirmed that white nationalism and white separatism cannot be meaningfully separated from white supremacy and organized hate groups well using content moderators machine learning and artificial intelligence to find and remove hate speech the company says it will also start directing people to resources that counter white supremacist ideology based on their searches now new zealand's prime minister just into art and has welcomed the decision but says she wants greater action internationally and the international community to press forward with the conversation about whether or not enough has been done so that no one will have to learn those lessons again. states withstand it haitian hate speech defended the promotion of white nationalism the white citizens are you cater gracious always welcome within the guidelines stage even release it's positive the clarification is now we need in a way the take here so this brings up
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a lot of questions what about the other platforms facebook owns whatsapp well it's a i dip into our messages what about you tube and twitter anti-semitism and. islamophobia now the organization we counter hate says anti muslim speech spiked after the shootings on twitter read sweets of anti muslim hate speech jumped ninety one percent in the three days after the shootings while likes increased by more than one hundred twenty five percent some people seem to think that activity is private it's not and as bad as those statistics look look at this and muslim hate speech increased eight hundred percent on twitter in the three days following the shootings now we counter hate has built a hate speech fighting machine that works to counter white supremacy on twitter it's artificial intelligence identifies hateful comments like this one replies to them and then millions of other hateful tweets each and every year and then the organization uses them to raise money for charity still in new york as director for
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the international freedom of expression at electronic fun tree or foundation and she joins us on skype from berlin thank you very much for speaking to us so seemingly overnight the remains of what's going to be policed are removed from social media sites has just increased a huge amount how tricky is it now going to be to keep track of what is now allowed on the internet and what's not allowed. so i think that in this case what we're seeing is really just an expansion of an existing policy which is the ban on hate speech so facebook has decided to include other things in that definition in terms of keeping track of it and i think that that's really the concern that i have it's not so much that facebook can't ban the content of course they have the right to ban whatever they want but we will we want to make sure that they're always being transparent to their users and doing so and also giving their users a path of recourse when william negatively take down content that does not violate policy and there are some concerns now about freedom of speech saying that this
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remit has just widened incredibly and then the definition of what what constitutes hates are what is just opinion or nationalism so how much of a danger is it that it is going to impinge on freedom of speech sure so i mean we have to remember that legally we don't have freedom of speech on these platforms because these are companies based in the u.s. the law says that companies also have the right to speech which enables them to take down really whatever they want as we know you know facebook has very restrictive policies around anonymity or nudity even though those things are not illegal so in this case you know i think that we have to think about really just ensuring again that the companies are being transparent and being clear with their users about what's banned and i think we also need to start thinking about what constitutes real harm versus you know what kind of content really doesn't need to be taken down thank you very much julia new york speaking to us from berlin thank
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you. scientists and health care professionals have written a letter to the u.n. calling for an international ban on so-called killer robots although they don't exist yet campaigners say they're only a year or two away twenty eight countries have signed up so far but the u.s. and russia are among those resisting our technology science and technology editor mariana han has more. i mentioned killer robots and many of us saying. of this i'm ashamed able to think feel and kill we have no way of knowing whether the kind of artificial general intelligence needed to create a scene tiant robot like this will ever be possible but here's what we already have sameeh autonomous machines dryers tanks aircraft robots big and small machines that can be witnessed even programmed to find targets but the final decision of whether
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to take a life lies with us so-called killer robots fully autonomous weapons that can select and kill without human intervention well they don't exist. here we don't want to see killing outsourced to machines on the battlefield or in policing or in border control an obvious circumstances this is why we call for a preemptive ban on the development production and use of killer robots as soon as possible we already have facial recognition technology to unlock health firearms they could be used by a fully autonomous weapon and trying say to identify and then attack a target without a human heaven the final say but what if it kills the wrong person or the machine malfunctions and continues to hunt and kill long after a conflict has been resolved whose responsibility is it when a fully autonomous weapon gets it wrong.


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