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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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as a government senior government official during the ninety's muslim for example leading human rights activist and lawyer one of the leaders of the prophecy movement is widely seen as a person who could potentially reach out to the people now people are talking about other alternatives like i said there goes the young vibrant businessman who were who was barred from taking part in the election by the constitutional council but the problem is that you need to have everyone on board including the army but the obvious as we speak seems to be in favor of triggering the article one which will automatically pave the way for the of the the whole is the chairman of the opportunity of the parliament to take over the only problem with this move is that people say if we trigger article one hundred two and we allow our the to take over this man represents the old establishment of the government which is going to oversee the elections of the future will be a government that has been picked by. president bush to flee
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a car we want radical change for us to be able to trust that there is a genuine fresh start in algeria all about that old guard isn't it hash my whole barrel with the latest on algeria thank you if you happen to be in algeria we're looking for your help to tell this story looking for pictures and videos of what's happening on the streets get in touch with us what several telegram if you're at a protest you can share it pictures or video comment the numbers plus nine seven four five one triple one one. at least sixteen people have died in a large fire in a nineteen story building in bangladesh capital nineteen fine fighting teams are now trying to put it out with the help of the navy and the air force it is believed some people may be trapped inside the latest on that now here is tom via child to bring us up to date on their. ok i can confirm you know the death toll has went up to nineteen and at least seventy people are injured some are severely you can see there is
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a rescue operation still going on behind me it's a very active situation and i spoke to the director of fire department mr zulfikar he said that we're going to continue this operation till morning because they expect to find more bodies because within the last one and a half hours ago even they were carrying some dead bodies from the building situation is quite grave. although the number of fire trucks has disappeared there's at least a dozen more still here there is no fire in the building but there's still smoke situation prevailing in the adjoining building as well as the f.b.i. tower which is completely destroyed a very tragic situation indeed out here and what was the building there the talking an office block all residential. come again i'm sorry i got a bad reception just wondering what type of building is it. is it residential.
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it's a semi commercial area actually a place where we are standing within both side of this alley there's at least twenty high rise building some of them are old. building at least as a decade old you know and some of them are new many of them don't actually have fire exit you know this but they call a building at five time had another fire incident at least forty hours ago in the basement i was a massive fire now you'd expect them to have a better pick question another building just a block from me had a fire incident about year and a half ago now this is a mega city with a very densely populated and congested area this is an upscale neighborhood with a lot of commercial office building and the fire brigade there told me that it's very difficult to operate when there is heavy traffic and thousands of onlookers not totally a-q. of they have several trucks with that can reach high rise building up to twenty two stories still lack of acumen and manpower and resource safety is not enforced because on manpower and resources people are also not very aware in these areas
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about fire drill how to skate many old building as i told you don't have fire exits that system installed those just to give you a context within the last two decades incident a fire increased threefold like at least fifty three fire incidents now happens every day across bangladesh the latest been about a month back in old dhaka where at least seventy people were killed in a fire incident in a chemical where i was within the residential and commercial area. in duncan thank you for that update. here's what's coming up for you on this news hour the fate of fourteen thousand syrians trapped in a remote becomes a major topic at the united nations. we need to teach people that they need to learn how to use their own food needs to be. taking matters into their own hands venezuelan citizens prepare for u.s. sanctions that could cripple their food supply. in sports we've got a canadian teenager making history at the miami.
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our main border crossing between gaza and israel has opened four days after being shut down the erez crossing one of gaza's lifelines israel closed its borders after a house north of tel aviv was hit by a rocket and israeli jets attacked targets that means that we cannot talk to my german has gotten through to gaza city mohammed an update from you on just how how things have been now as we say four days after the initial attack and then the airstrikes by israel. come out i think the best way to describe the atmosphere the mood here in gaza at this hour is that it is one of relative calm but extreme worry . it is a lot calmer than it's been life has seemingly gone back to normal the schools are
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open the shops are open people are out and about but everybody you speak with is deeply concerned that things could escalate out of control at any moment they are telling us they believe that there could be more israeli airstrikes at any moment things could flare up they're also concerned because saturday is going to mark the first year anniversary of the great march of return those are those protests that go on on gaza's border with israel they've been going on for a year now now it's expected there will be a large crowd on saturday not clear how large the people that are organizing the protest are saying that they believe that it will be a huge amount of people that will be gathering and they have called on the israeli government to take precautions to not fire on civilians who are demonstrating that day all that being said this is all playing out in the backdrop of these negotiations that have been going on to try to deescalate the situation we know that this team of this egyptian delegation that is trying to negotiate
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a cease fire between hamas and other groups here and israeli officials they have left gaza we're told they are now heading to tel aviv they will be meeting with israeli officials this evening we're told in order to discuss the headway that they made or did not make with groups like hamas here on the ground in gaza since yesterday but we are also told that it is expected that this delegation will return to gaza either later tonight or tomorrow and the thinking here in gaza by a lot of the people we're speaking with is that if those egyptians come back if that delegation comes back it will try it will basically deescalate the situation that it will bring some kind of a calmness that has been lacking here. because it is believed that if they are here groups like hamas islamic jihad other groups that they will also try to calm things down in the coming days look i can tell you that everybody we've spoken with here has said they do not want to see the outbreak of another war like what happened in
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two thousand and fourteen also there is a growing frustration amongst the people in gaza with groups like hamas because they don't believe they are being taken care of they don't believe their interests are being served so it's kind of a wait and see right now it's calm but everybody we spoke with said they believe that things could flare up at any second come up. with the update from gaza thank you syria's state news agency is reporting a number of and strikes that have hit the northern city of aleppo. the syrian arab news agency says it was an israeli attack and syria's air defenses intercepted several missiles videos have been shared on social media showing these explosions in aleppo al-jazeera has not yet been able to verify the claims when meetings are taking place there to decide the fate of forty thousand syrians trapped in a remote camp the u.n. is taking part in discussions with the russian military the syrian government and representatives of those at the top on camp near the borders with jordan and iraq
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the u.n. told al-jazeera the majority want to leave but they've not been given any security guarantees so you know what this report from beirut. it's no place for children is how the united nations describes camp makeshift schools provide some sense of normalcy but since the beginning of the year twelve children among their newborns have died of malnutrition and preventable diseases conditions are desperate for the forty thousand syrians stranded in this remote corner of syria last month damascus and its ally russia opened core doors to allow people to leave a few families left but the majority were too afraid the only route is to what are now government held areas of homs province according to the united nations damascus has yet to provide security guarantees despite people wanting to leave. protection comes to be addressed among these. families being some pretense their own people
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feel they could face legal challenges. military duty the united nations is now involved in the dialogue between the russian military the syrian government and representatives of the camp it calls the talks a positive first step but while it waits for a sustainable solution the u.n. wants to continue to have humanitarian access to the camp the last aid delivery was in february a united nations survey shows most of the camp's residents want to return to their homes in government controlled territories but they all expressed concerns about their safety and security the united nations says those concerns are justified it has repeatedly criticized the lack of legal protections and it has been calling on the syrian government to granted access to all parts of the country where the displaced and refugees have returned. conditions are making it harder for those in rico band to survive smuggling routes have been closed by government forces so
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goods that to reach the camp are too expensive the displaced fear the situation will only get worse little progress was made in their talks with government officials. that are obstacles other slowing down the return of one of them is the dull story does have still not given security clearances and even if they get this clearance many count leave because they can't afford to pay for transportation the syrian government is negotiating from a position of strength it won't guarantee unimpeded access for aid deliveries and it won't open safe routes to the rebel controlled north for now rock bands population is given the choice of living in misery or returning home without security guarantees. beirut. a car bombs exploded in somalia's capital killing at least eighteen people it happened outside a crowded restaurant in mogadishu's well betty district the al qaeda linked group often targets high profile areas in the city with such suicide bombing us
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a merchant ship that was hijacked by migrants that had rescued has docked in malta earlier on thursday multis forces boarded the boat and took control and are trying to investigate what happened the one hundred eight people on board a believed to have hijacked the ship after they realized they were being taken back to libya. now the official overseeing u.s. funded reconstructions in afghanistan has warned of risks to stability in the country even if a peace deal is agreed the report by john comes as washington questions its role in afghanistan after the withdrawal of its fourteen thousand troops so close is the risks include reintegrating as many as six hundred thousand taliban fighters who may be expecting dividends from any peace agreement the report also warns economic stability or instability could impact security if paychecks for forces and police are delayed and it's further u.s.
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support could be at risk if women's rights in afghanistan are not protected eighteen years worth of assumptions that often turned out to be false have left us where we are with a dependent afghan government facing a stalemate on the battlefield now while the winds of optimism about peace wax and wane bombs continue to go on. killing soldiers and civilians alike with us from kabul now into who is a political analyst and a lecturer at monash university nice to have you with us does any of this actually surprise you the fact that there are such deep issues which come with any peace deal or any reconstruction things which may not have been thought of before. well i'm not surprised because i'm living in afghanistan and for the last fifteen years the number of strategic mistakes has been to happen by the international community
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by the afghan government and by the afghan investors we have not been strategic i still remember cigar the way this said that he wanted five percent of dollar has been went back to the american pockets or maybe someone somewhere is in the international community so afghanistan has not been a country where we will enjoy the foundation of development a development that has not been interrupted nor chip i'm not sure the government is up to that does that they will be able to deliver what they expected to so i'm sure it's quite clear but i'm not sure if he's come to afghanistan still it will be same for the coming ten to fifteen years if the afghan government and the international community including the taliban will take that is sponsibility to institutionalize developing the country i think that's possible but at least for five years after the peace deal or taliban we all mean they don't national community the united stated afghan government should be insuring our kids for five years there should be
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international donations and what i also think about is the fact that all up we've got how many years has it been eighteen years of war in afghanistan since the u.s. the invasion of two thousand and one you've got a whole young generation now who have only grown up in that environment they will think that all this instability is is normal they will have it all built into them trying to. meet their expectations for a better afghanistan bet's a whole other issue as well. well that's true that's true of many members two years ago there has been around four hundred thousand youngsters there have been a big brain flee from afghanistan or brain drain from ghana sun why because they were not seeing did a positive in a happy future in afghanistan the afghan government would not providing them jobs security happy life the amenities in the country why not yes of course there are some mystic about their future also that if you were being report you may have heard that. the afghan you were producing over four hundred thousand
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youngsters from you the worst is that going goldman is not up to doctors that they should provide the jobs for them so yes there is that there is a mixed feelings maybe a happy future in maybe a bad future with the youngsters afghanistan are happy about the peace deal that will happen between that the taliban and afghan government but the same time we're concerned about their future if there is no thirty movement initiative board by the international community by the afghan government i think the future will be look like dark so that's why it's an immediate problem we have to find a solution for that into something really interesting talking to you about the stanky for your time. still ahead for you on this news on killer robots could be hacked and then used by your enemy forces against you. and apparently that's not just the same from a science fiction movie the call is going out for an international ban on so-called killer robots and in sports
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a close to perfect night one of the n.b.a.'s biggest stars will abandon the rest of the sport of late. and i'm pleased to say we've got some dry weather now make his way into iran i'm afraid it isn't going to last we got a fair bit of cloud which will see the eastern side of adoration here just pushing for pakistan afghanistan making its way towards the himalayan plateau not a little area cloud just sliding outof iraq and you can just see the eastern side of the mediterranean what's in store for the early part of next week friday sees that cloud of rain making its way across northern parts of syria snow over the turkish mountains just a celsius there for ankara a couple will get up to about twenty five degrees but increasing cloud just making its way through that area cloud that we have across afghanistan will produce them
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outbreaks of rain sleet and snow for a time as you go through saturday right discuss come back in tehran at about eighteen celsius and then we still have that system just drifting across that eastern side of the med pushing across into syria on saturday eventually early next week i'm afraid that will pop up the make its way to the western side of iran so that's something to watch out for meanwhile we come down into the robin peninsula funded by for the most part twenty celsius here and some of the temperatures to go on through sassed a little bit of cloud across northern parts of the gulf could produce one of two spots of rain. time off change in discovery. time to forge an identity not saying anything bad about accepting the baby to mean your whole life plans get ruined one thousand nine hundred nine south africa up revisits the
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children of apartheid seventy years on as they grow and develop their country fourteen up south africa part two on our just. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations was that so many nationalities. just that we all come to different places but it's what that gives us and gives us the ability to identify with the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. this
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is the news from al-jazeera these are our top stories saudi arabia has announced it will release three female activists have been jailed for their human rights worker here in this held on several activists. about abuse being detained. the pressure on algerians president to step down continues to mount some members of the opposition say they want more than his resignation demanding the removal of the entire old regime and at least nineteen people have died in a large fire in a nine hundred story building in bangladesh capital one thousand five hundred taken to trying to put it out with the help of the navy and the air force it is believed there may still be some people trapped inside. british inspectors say they have found significant security problems with software supplied by the chinese telecom giant while way their report identifies defects which they say could be exploited by hackers but it stops short of calling for an outright ban on the firms equipment
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the u.s. is pushing european allies to ban huawei from next generation mobile networks which are being introduced in the coming year let's talk to john biggs about this report of the tech crunch an online publication focusing on the take industry he's on skype from brooklyn new york hi jon what's your take on this one as compared to other controversies involving huawei this just seems to be a well this could happen is what the british service this seems like a. i mean look the key here is this this hardware and software that they're going to be providing is going to be the backbone. of the future five g. mobile networks so it's vitally important that there are any. holes here what it sounds like is that they've discovered some mistakes in the code. when it's a when it's a game or it's microsoft word a mistake is ok but if we're talking about a global network of mobile phones connecting to central switches that's not ok so
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this is that's exactly what they're talking about right now but what is the insinuation that it is a weak link which could be exploited by anyone or that it's a weak link that is there which the chinese maybe even know about and want to be there you know i think i think this is a what they describe here is a an active refusal to fix problems that were announced it sounded like even five or six years ago and also a information that there are some open holes here they call the zero days these call they call these these exploits holes that could be used by hackers down the line ideally all these are patched up before these things go into production but in this very specific case looks like why hasn't patched those up and you talked about it being almost a pylon while i did take us through the other places are maybe hearing about new zealand and australia taking some pretty strong action against weiwei as well on a on a similar in a similar vein. a number of countries are doing this the u.s.
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is doing this as well the concern there is that if you have these weiwei switches and they're really serious they're giant machines the things that we don't even expect to see anymore but these massive switches are fairly complicated because they have to route all our calls. in the past the you have nokia you had seen with this you had a number of companies doing this and now it looks like wow is the number one and whatever your number one you people are going to start taking potshots at you. do they deserve. potentially that they're undercutting competitors in the each one of these countries and that's a problem but if there are actual holes here that we're dealing with that's a very big deal so they took that and they should fix it as quickly as possible john biggs great to talk to you about this thank you for your time. the british government is hinting there might be another vote on bragg said but it's not clear exactly what m.p.'s would vote on on wednesday the british prime minister to resign i did promise she would step down if her twice rejected deal is
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finally passed by parliament was. there but she saw one word and see the british parliament's move to wrest control of the brain the process back from theresa may ended pretty much in k.l. same piece with eight options which were put to me about to talk to her up to her made outside the houses of parliament in london high order so what could the next vote be on. well we don't know whether they will be voted no what we do know is this is going to be a debate in parliament on the withdrawal agreement and that could lead to a vote even though it's not set in stone you have to hear from the speaker of parliament when. has convinced him that she is coming back with substantial change as he put it what we are hearing is that she might there's two parts
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basically to what she has been negotiating with brussels with joint agreement in itself which is the five hundred eighty five pages document which deals with the gallery of how to exit. and then you have a twenty six page document which is called the political declaration which is non-binding and which basically spells out. future relations with so what we are hearing is not confirmed but this is what's been thought to moment here in london is that she might just tell. the parliament you mustn't forget about the political declaration we're not going to deal with that now you're going to just deal with the withdrawal agreement we are fine by that this document we have to pass it we have to vote for it before eleven pm because that's the deadline given by the e.u. last week in brussels doing that summit this is what we think at the moment things
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could change been like that ever since i arrived here but this is it right now as i understand predictably unpredictable isn't it hard. to say bimbette the process is effectively back in the hands of juries and i am the government after all the fuss about it being taken back by parliament i mean parliament rejected a possible proposals does it just basically go back to the government's hands. well. you have two process that have been going on at the same time as i understand you have to resign me trying to push forward here withdraw an agreement have parliamentary says no we're in charge now they tried to pass yesterday. indicative those that are known by we went in any shape or form there with eight options put forward all of them no no no no no but among those there are some that fared better than others some that got more support than it is now it is thought
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that if the political the clear. to decide at the moment the only concentrate under with it then those known indicative could be held again on monday which was the initial plan and maybe now it's down to three or four if we have to again hear from to speaker of parliament you know what will happen next and those could have an effect on the political declaration i'm sorry there's no easy way to explain all of this but me go a step ahead you seem to also go back a few steps back and you think you're reaching some sort of solution isn't a whole other set of if and buts that come to table what i think you did it terrific job of explaining it thank you for that heart of the harm he does in westminster. now when ukraine's president petro poroshenko came to power five years ago he vowed to tackle corruption with an election coming up on sunday that promise has come back to haunt
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him corruption remains widespread and he is trailing in the polls on a whole reports now on why it's such an important campaign issue and just a warning to you is that may find some of the images in this report distressing this is the house. built on the sprawling you state costing an estimated four hundred million dollars stolen from the taxpayer it's now a museum of corruption on a colossal scale. but five years since ukraine's former president was forced to flee into exile in russia corruption remains an evil the country can't seem to shake off reform where all there. is a state all the institutions are corrupt it's another day in court for vitale sabun in a prominent activist who's made plenty of enemies investigating corruption among officials a chemical substance thrown at him last year did no lasting damage but it could
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have been worse another anti corruption activist catarina truck was the victim of an acid attack that killed her slowly after three agonizing months in hospital you're willing to die. but of course i'm looking today but for the job but you accept that that is a risk inherent in what you do in this country of course it's a risk the classic car collection of the young converts estate is a testament to boundless greed and try as they did the protesters on kiev's my down square in two thousand and fourteen weren't able to wipe away the stain of corruption altogether. people are coming here to say that they cannot tolerate corruption in ukraine corruption clears the future alexander downer look was ukraine's finance minister until last summer when he was fired for refusing to be part of a government scheme to buy the votes of m.p.'s in parliament clearly i wasn't prepared to play the game actually i was prepared and i was playing against this
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game's dirty games of making money of stealing taxpayers' money corruption cannot stop in the middle otherwise it's not the corruption. it always goes up otherwise it's unsustainable the claim that corruption goes all the way to the top is nothing new in ukraine how animals in your new car which is private zubair witness to that . there are allegations directed at or close to the three leading candidates in this weekend's presidential election and a new law aimed at criminalizing the illegal enrichment of officials has been held up in the constitutional court the man who built all this former president viktor younger coverage now lives a life of obscurity in russia but despite efforts to reform it there are still traces of the system he left behind people who feel that a position in parliament a position in government are certain routes to easy riches.
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that. was.
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getting enough third even to survive continues to be a big problem in venezuela the oil rich nation produces only twenty percent of its own food and with the latest u.s.
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oil sanctions starting to hit its economy some hope community farms will get them through these tough times to raise support reports now from caracas. difficulties are everywhere in venezuela these days the economic crisis has millions struggling but people in a level one i'd say they're ready to fight back by producing their own food they have turned this small farming back us into an agricole logical project where they can grow fruits vegetables and even fish. he says the situation will likely deteriorate in the country when the new us sanctions take effect. that there is an economic war against us and we try to supply our families in the hospital in the area with displays we can feed seventy people every day. there are three families living here and with what they produce they're helping a local hospital people here say that they need to be ready for what's coming.
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on the people say that in this place they can produce almost everything to survive . on a linux is there over twenty thousand projects like this one in venezuela but that they need more government support. we need to teach people that they need to learn how to produce their own food this needs to be public policy we need to tell the government the budget that is invested in food production must be the same as the one invested in the armed forces. venezuela imports most of the food it consumes the us has impose new sanctions that will make it tougher for the government to sell oil and get much needed cash it has on the part of america and we rescind the leon says there are real sanctions begin now. the sentence we saw by the united states in the past were affecting individuals but they were not against the state
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against p.d.s.a. it was against people related to the government the sanctions were light we're going to see now is an embargo and this is going to be tough demolishing. the m.d.s. has been breeding rabbits in the farm he says people see them as pets but they could be a crucial source of protein. there also needs to be self-criticism the government doesn't know how to plan how to get organized the enormous corruption because the state continues to operate like all agog what we want to eradicate is still and it's up to our social movements to make change in this production as a way to protest. the government says people need to start focusing on producing food but many believe it will not be enough to help the vast majority of the population very struggling to meet every day. comes to this in the state of every day she says it's difficult for her to find food even though she gets
12:36 am
a six dollars pension every month. government is the worst i have ever seen i thin many things but this is the worst ever i don't even get medicine now i have this fish and i hope things change. most families say the situation will deteriorate in the next few months becoming self-sufficient is the only way many venezuelans will have to deal with their everyday life. new zealand's prime minister's welcome facebook's decision to ban any support praise or representation of white nationalism on this site for social media giant came under increased scrutiny after a gunman used facebook to live stream an attack on a new zealand mosque under the change people who search for terms associated with white supremacy will instead see a link to a nonprofit organization that helps people leave such groups we heard from julian york earlier director for international freedom of expression at the electronic
12:37 am
frontier foundation who said facebook must be transparent about content being removed. in this case what we're seeing is really just an expansion of an existing policy which is the ban on hate speech so facebook has decided to include other things in that definition in terms of keeping track of it and i think that that's really the concern that i have it's not so much that facebook can't ban the content of course they have the right to ban whatever they want but we when we want to make sure that they're always being transparent to their users and doing so and also giving their users a part of recourse when they inevitably take down content that does not violate policy and we have to remember that legally we don't have freedom of speech on these platforms because these are companies based in the u.s. the law says that companies also have the right to speech which enables them to take down really whatever they want as we know you know facebook has very restrictive policies around anonymity or nudity even though those things are not illegal so in this case you know i think that we have to think about really just
12:38 am
ensuring again that the companies are being transparent and being clear with their users about what's banned and i think we also you know need to start thinking about what constitutes real harm versus you know what kind of content really doesn't need to be taken down. time for a look at a sport now has fara come out thank you so much only got our sole share has officially been named as match the united. the norwegian has happened job on an interim basis since last december the former united striker has signed a three year contract since replacing josie marie neo the team of lost just once in the primarily sole share has also guided united into the last eight of the european champions league. it is again a guy that you like to study to to learn everything about. the open and you know. and the way he's doing it and i'm no surprise he's he's a very good guy good professional he was a very good professional and i and you can see that as
12:39 am
a coach he's the same way. gaming addictions among athletes is a worrying trend that's making its way across different sports disciplines baseball coaches are having to impose curfews on playing video games while one football coach in the premier league is also calling for more player protection but that's a small problem of think because. if you be honest then it's the same like our colusa more getting addicted to drugs or something but it's something you get addicted to and and that means you have to protect the players it's something we have to do as a club. to the system. to this. to protect the means. to help them to tuesday not to spend so much time and as long as it's not really for the government to illness then we have to protect them you know your way or barring shake solomon is guaranteed another four year as asian football
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president after is only remaining challenger pulled out of the race cats are as i would allen muhammad the has stepped aside and pledged his support to someone who's had the job since two thousand and thirteen help me unopposed at the next saturday's election in kuala lumpur are you east mohamad called find the pulled out last week. so to help is closing in on the world number one spot talent needs one more win at the miami open to replace naomi osaka at the top of the rankings and the richardson reports i simona halep is within sight of her first final appearance at the miami open under a return to the top of the world rankings her quarterfinal win over china's one child wasn't without its difficulties howlett found herself five one down in the second set the twenty seven year old responded by winning six trite games she'll face carlina pliska over in the last four however only needs to reach saturday's
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final to replace japan's niamey osaka as the world number one. was it's but i have to win this tournament and are going to think about that if i play a well if i play my best tennis i have a better chance to become number one again. in the men's draw roger federer has stayed on course for a fourth miami title i thirty seven year old needed barely an hour to beat daniel medvedev and set up a quarterfinal with south africa's kevin anderson he's got a great serve so. you go back to big serve mentality to try to hold your own service games first before thinking about how to break kevan. i had a tough one against him in wimbledon when i last. was able to come back a bloody good match against him in london what i really had to already through to the last four was a player who wasn't born when federer it was making his first appearance at this
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event canada's felix only a simple became the youngest semifinalist in the thirty five year history of the tournament that use win over paul in a church of croatia. the eighteen year old who makes take on defending champion johnny snow on the richardson algy zero. tiger woods has made a winning return to the world match play championship making his first appearance since two thousand and thirteen woods beat aaron weiss three in one in austin the event as a group format for the first three days with the quarterfinals taking that. kevin has there are produced one of the shots of the day in his match with two thousand and eleven champion in water as chip gave him a go on the sixteenth but it still wasn't enough for the american his english rival birdie the final two holes to win two up kevin durant's looks to be heading top form just in time for the playoffs to rant at the best shooting night after his n.b.a. career and a close to perfect performance he scored from twelve of his thirteen shots in the
12:43 am
golden state warriors one hundred eighteen to one hundred three win over the memphis grizzlies. and that's all your sport for one more layer back to you thank you so much finally we're going to talk about killer robots because scientists and health care professionals have actually written a letter to the u.n. calling for an international ban on them although they technically don't yet exist campaigners say the art is only a year or two away science and technology editor many of the home boards. mention killer robots and many of us saying. of this a machine able to think feel and kill we have no way of knowing whether the kind of artificial general intelligence needed to create a scene tiant robot like this will ever be possible but here's what we already have sameeh autonomous machines dryers tanks aircraft robots big and small machines that
12:44 am
can be wittman ised even programmed to find targets but the final decision of whether to take a life lies with us so-called killer robots fully autonomous weapons that can select and kill without human intervention well they don't exist. here we don't want to see killing outsourced to machines on the battlefield or in policing or in border control and of a circumstances this is why we call for a preemptive ban on the development production and use of killer robots as soon as possible we already have facial recognition technology to unlock hellfire and they could be years by a fully autonomous weapon and trying say to identify and then attack a target without a human heading the final say but what if it kills the wrong person or the machine malfunctions and continues to hunt and kill long after a conflict has been resolved whose responsibility is it when
12:45 am
a fully autonomous weapon gets it wrong so everybody's got their experience with computers not working with barns and i pads failing. and that's an inconvenience at best imagine that when you have the weapon system which is failing which is spending to turn off killer robots could be hacked and then used by your enemy forces against you and against your population and that they could be programmed to target a certain popular part of the population to go out there and to seek all military age males you know and determine them to be legitimate targets and fire upon them. sixty one percent of people polled in twenty six countries last year oppose fully autonomous weapons twenty eight countries have signed up to a ban take companies scientists research as an engine is in their thousands have over the years pledged not to knowingly create killer robots but plenty of that are embracing artificial intelligence and war fia and states like israel russia south
12:46 am
korea and the united states are among those resisting the ban countries may agree we're all better off without killer robots but no one wants to be left behind on the battlefield goodness me right when i park in a moment with another political news on al-jazeera see in a few minutes. it is a war where on line what tina's taught us is to be able to lean concise expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs. or if you join us on
12:47 am
saturday israel is an apartheid state and the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from neil joyner colobus conversation. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but the default structure that meant there is because on a project that's what we refuse it was one of the sounders of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation
12:48 am
occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera nearly three years after the u.k. voted to leave the european union accept is yet to take for its camp britain seen through its divorce from its european a best cloak of the whole process still be revived to stay with al-jazeera for the latest. saudi arabia announces it has released three female rights activists after months of tension at least temporarily. everyone i'm kemal santa maria and this is the world news from al-jazeera at least
12:49 am
nineteen people been killed in a fire in an office tower in the bangladeshi capital dhaka. an oil tanker migrants and a rescue at sea of the pursuit of a better life turned into a hijacking in the mediterranean. and facebook says no to hate the mass shooting in new zealand brings change to the social media site. so developing news to tell you about first of all saudi arabia has announced it has released three female activists who've been jailed for their human rights campaigns the activists were arrested weeks before a ban on women driving cars in the conservative kingdom was lifted last june there was a hearing held on wednesday the women had previously said they had been sexually harassed given electric shocks and flogged by prison guards at least one of the ten the detained women tried to commit suicide the saudi government for its part denies the
12:50 am
women were tortured or we spoke to lynn maloof earlier the research director for the middle east at amnesty international who says the decision to release the women is a positive step. we're absolutely in houston. the news right here we have been calling for this we've been hoping for this is all our thoughts of course are with the three women who have been released they will be able to finally be in their homes in a safe space with their loved ones and this is all that we've been calling for and all that we've been wanting and we do hope that the rest of the women who are still being detained in an arbitrary vashon would be released today the second session of the trial of these women which opened last last. last week until then these women have been detained without any charges they have to have no access to a defense lawyer what we know also is that it's been we're only here for did
12:51 am
a couple of hours the day before this session so yesterday just sit down with the court appointed defense lawyers to prepare for their defense and today out of the trial session it seems that he was in and had who was one of the activists who did call for him she asked for. longer periods of time to prepare for the defense she is one of the woman who reportedly has been released today. it just certainly a positive step and this is one of the cases that has really tested. narrative of the crown prince's reforms visions of before him and social liberalization and all of the steps to encourage economic investors and for and vestments in the country and this is been one emblematic case along with the murder of someone has seen that has completely. gone
12:52 am
against if you ones. that the narrative of reforms this case of these women has incredible international attention and the popular mobilization and the lobbying efforts and the diplomatic pressure have been key in probably in what we saw today in the release of these were. just since we've come on air a couple of developments concerning saudi arabia and this is to do with the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi you might remember the united nations investigator for extrajudicial executions she's now said that saadi arabia's closed door hearings on the murder fall short of international standards and once the made public all so just checking on the wires here warning that diplomats from major powers who've attended the murder trial hearings risk being participants in a potential miscarriage of justice or even complicit in it and one final call for the names of the eleven defendants who were put on trial focus should use murder to
12:53 am
actually be made public says and strong demands from the u.n. investigator into extrajudicial executions who looked very closely at the murder of jamal khashoggi went to turkey to investigate directly there and is now saying that the closed door hearings in saudi arabia fell short of international standards and anyone who was involved there could actually be complicit in the whole operation so we'll keep an eye on that one bring you any more developments as they come there is actually still more news on saudi arabia here the u.s. energy secretary has authorized several companies to sell nuclear power technology to saudi arabia that's coming from the reuters news agency which also says the companies have requested the deals be kept secret the kingdom is planning to build two nuclear plants and russia south korea and the u.s. are all competing to strike a deal but there are concerns it could fuel a nuclear arms race in the middle east's more on this one with kimberly how it outside the white house and washington d.c.
12:54 am
what is it particularly here kimberly that is so controversial and can we even bring in the motor in the general relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia and the scrutiny that's been on. yeah well the concern for lawmakers here in washington is secrecy once again when it comes to the trumpet ministration and saudi arabia with this latest deal the concern is that these approvals were done in secrecy we reached out to the department of energy to ask why and the department of energy said the reason is it was a company request of these companies that are potentially in volved in building these projects that they asked that these deals be kept secret and salissa loud them to begin working on the projects but that they're probably hiding terry information that allows them to stay competitive that would not be made public and could hurt them in some way so the department benjy says this is the reason that
12:55 am
this request for secrecy was granted but i can tell you that answer is not sitting well with members and capitol hill both democrats and republicans the reason they're concerned is because they say they've seen a lot of secrecy before particularly when it comes to the killing shows she of they have pushed this administration to hold the highest levels of the saudi government accountable for that killing that they feel that the administration has fallen short of their obligations not only to for there to be accountability but also in terms of reports to congress under the global magnitsky act so there's this feeling here in washington that when it comes to saudi arabia we've seen this before so what the lawmakers on capitol hill are now doing democrats and republicans is they've sent a letter to the general accountability office and this is a nonpartisan office that conducts investigations that office has in fact accepted that request and is now looking into this matter and again what's significant about
12:56 am
this is given there is a divided united states divided on capitol hill and so many issues on this one there seems to be bipartisan concern about secrecy from the trumpet ministration again with respect to deals being granted to saudi arabia kimberly how could how the white house thank you. the british government is hinting there might be another vote on briggs it but it's not actually clear what m.p.'s would be voting on on wednesday the british prime minister terry said i promised she would step down if her twice reject a deal was passed by parliament. i'd. also like wednesday the british parliament moved to wrest control of the break that promise is from some reason i pretty much ended in chaos what impedes rejecting all i options which were put to a vote paul brennan is in london for us this hour paul is there really going to be a third attempt to get this through after two failures. it's
12:57 am
possible and in fact you know the prime minister would like to undertake needs to whether or not the speaker of the house john bercow you just saw in the clip that shouting or doubt whether he will allow it is another matter he's told the government that they can't keep bringing the same motion back unless they substantially change it so that needs to be changed then there's been a steady trickle of cabinet ministers going into downing street during the course of the last couple of hours there are clearly discussions ongoing and andrea led some who's the m.p. who's job is the leader of the house she sets out to the business for the following day we're expecting an announcement from her at around five o'clock this afternoon but it may not clearly there will be a vote she's already indicated that whether it's a full meaningful vote on the prime minister's deal is another matter one conservative m.p. that we've heard speaking to one of the domestic channels here was asked what the prospects were for tomorrow he said look the moments we know about tomorrow is that it's called friday if the nation of the lack of clarity goodness may end parliament
12:58 am
i mean there was all this fuss about parliament taking back control and then these eight motions there they all get to fate or does that mean bottom it doesn't have control anymore. i can well no it doesn't because there is a certain like clarity about that the architect of yesterday's seizure of control an m.p. calls all of the left when as part of yesterday's procedure carved out more time for m.p.'s to essentially do the same thing again on monday of next week so it's going to go back to those m.p.'s to see whether a new consensus can be formed what's not clear is how the process of that will work yesterday it was a yes no kind of votes with the swap it and make it transferable votes in the hope that you can narrow down some of the options by transferring second preferences for example on to other options that's not clear yet because he hasn't announced it and
12:59 am
the other thing is of course if the government can get its meaningful vote through if it chooses to to do so i'm guessing he's successful then frankly the the options for the m.p.'s to try and find another way are redundant anyway so there's a lot of different mechanisms in place here and it's all to play for in relation to the direction of bricks at the moment. paul brennan thank you so much for that pulls outside the parliament in westminster now at least nineteen people have died in a large fire in one thousand stories building in bangladesh's capital. constant in one thousand five hundred ten james trying to put it out with the help of the navy and the air force and it is believed some people might still be trapped inside the town via chandra's they are in dhaka for us. we can confirm at least nineteen people are dead and at least seventy people in this is according to fire department and other authorities the rescue operation is still going on here you can see
1:00 am
behind me there are fire trucks that are still trying to salvage bodies from inside the building the fire department told us that this is going to continue till tomorrow morning they expect to find more bodies the casualty figure possibly could go up among the seventy injured many are critically injured and taken to hospitals now the situation here thousands of people gathered here the fire department complained to us that there's so many buildings also many up this twenty years old they don't have fire exit or sprinkler system some of them do bangladesh has been coping with fire for the last one decade up in many major incident just a month ago seventy people died in old dhaka in an explosion at a chemical when i was within residential and commercial zone many areas are residential with semi commercial areas but their office building and the highly congested.


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