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well you should know of but the rather the dissolution dissolving in sort of zoller the result of. the palestinian question by getting gov countries like the u.a.e. and saudi arabia to contribute money to the palestinians under occupation so that they can live better under israeli control that's of course not acceptable to the person ians but i think daley and others now will in the end next few weeks and i'm not sure if they're going to bring it up tomorrow and the foreign foreign ministers meetings or in the arab summit on sunday you know we will of course look for the. senior political analyst thank you one more element to fold into this and that is the u.s. energy secretary who has authorized several companies to sell nuclear power technology to saudi arabia and others according to the reuters news agency which says the companies have actually requested the deals be kept secret the kingdom is planning to build two nuclear plants and russia south korea and the u.s.
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are all competing to strike a deal but there are concerns about fueling a nuclear arms race in the middle east kimberley hellcats keeping an eye on this story for us from washington d.c. based on what my one and i've been talking about already kimberly in the way that so many of these issues to do with the united states and saudi arabia are interwoven how can we weave this one in as well. well we can weave this in in that there is always a concern about transparency when it comes to the trump administration and its relationship with saudi arabia and this is been the concern not just around the world but also here in the united states particularly when it comes to the murder of jim. members of congress long felt that this administration did not fulfill its requirements of the global magnitsky act to get to the bottom of holding the highest levels of the saudi kingdom responsible for that killing they point to the
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saudi crown prince following cia briefings so members of congress are now doubling down on that frustration and anger when it comes to these latest deals reports that there have been secret authorizations by the trumpet ministration to allow for the selling of nuclear power technology to saudi arabia now we did reach out to the department of energy to ask about this they said look at we're not going to confirm or deny that there were these secret approvals that were put forward approved by the energy secretary but if that did happen it would only happen because this is just protect the u.s. companies and their proprietary business information to allow them to stay competitive and this is only to allow them to work ahead on a project but none of this equipment that might be constructed for the construction of a nuclear power plant one of two potentially in the kingdom none of that has actually occurred or would occur but this is not sitting well for members of congress they're not happy with that in fact they're concerned not only because they feel
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that this is ministration is not good for the company but as you point forthcoming but as you point out there are also concerns just with regard to transparency so the administration that there's the belief is trying to evade members of congress has questions on this that's why they have put forward to the government accountability office which is a non partisan organization that does investigate these kinds of concerns they are looking at the concerns from both democrats and republicans were told that investigation is now under way kimberly how could a white house correspondent thank you for that. the rest of the day's news coming up on this news hour including an oil tanker migrants' on a rescue at sea the pursuit of a better life turned into a hijacking in the mediterranean also a potential setback for the opposition leader was the venezuelan government moves to ban him from holding political office and in sports after a stunning start to the season can therefore driver be
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a serious contender to take on the world champion. ok let's get an update on briggs that developments now barbara starr is in our london. thank you well the speaker of the u.k. parliament says he will now allow prime minister to resign may to hold a vote on part of her brakes if the alone friday john bercow says the vote will only cover the withdrawal agreement element of the country's european union exit package the speaker had previously prevented me putting her deal to parliament for a third time because of its two previous heats well let's speak to paul brennan who is outside the british parliament for us so as we've just said the deal failed to twice of course a lot has happened in the past few weeks and the specially days in breaks that land so to speak so any chance of that the almight past now. well it's up in the air frankly i mean this is another attempt by the government to get its deal through it
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perhaps the last roll of the dice for the prime minister given the shortness of time that there is before the deadline that has been set by the european union on this i mean they had to have a vote by the end of this week according to the communique that was issued in the summit took place so you know the government's deadline was it was very much there and had to be observed the question now is whether they have the votes and joining me to discuss that is patrick diamond he's a senior lecturer in politics of queen mary university and a former head of policy planning in downing street under tony blair and gordon brown patrick this is tactically very risky for the prime minister isn't it i described as the last roll of the dice talk to me about some of the difficulties and challenges that she's going to face on with this photo more well i think you're absolutely right that she has done this because she's got literally almost nothing left in the bank in terms of trying to drive this deal through the house of commons so it is a last throw the dice i don't think it's going to work for the very simple reason
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that the focus is just not there for this deal there are very very few labor m.p.'s who are likely to bank this we know that there's a very small number maybe half a dozen marks but then the d.p. have said again that they will not support this they believe that this deal represents a threat to the unity of the united kingdom and therefore for treason make it looks almost impossible to get this vote through even though she has as you say taken a risk in terms of separating the withdrawal bream and i don't want to lose our international viewers but the opposition labor party is also in a very difficult position because almost seems as though to recent days looking for defections from their labor is absolutely insistent that it won't unless it's m.p.'s votes for just the withdrawal agreement because as far as it's concern theresa may said no it's a package deal with all agreements on the political declarations well yes all of the discussion around breaks it focuses on the disunity within the conservative party the truth is the labor party is almost if not. more split in the conservatives there's a huge divide within the party between the membership in the leadership on the question of the membership very and he breaks it the leadership perhaps more can't
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see it come through but also in terms of voters labor voters are completely split down the middle some of them alternately opposed to bragg's it others want to see britain leave the european union and the leadership parties found it very difficult to keep the two sides together as a consequence when these values happen you have labor m.p.'s splitting off in all sorts of directions from the bench resignations as we saw last night so i think the story here is of a very divided labor party it's not just the conservatives time has beaten us now time is almost beating the prime minister there with the vote will be two thirty on friday afternoon and like i say it really is almost a last throw of the dice to get this brics a deal through thank you paul brennan outside westminster thank you now authorities are malta say they have taken control of a ship that was hijacked by migrants off the coast of libya the migrants allegedly took over the blue one which had one hundred five people on board after being told that they would not be taken to europe maltese police have arrested five men who
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were on the vessel and are now questioning them italy's anti immigration deputy prime minister mahathir salvini has welcomed multis intervention record that then will he there's more now for us from tripoli. the maltese government is expected to conduct an investigation with the migrants who are accused of hijacking get the vessel but it depends on where the crime was committed and some of those migrants could be proved innocent because the captain of the vessel according to the maltese navy stated that he and the other crew members were threatened by the migrants and force it to change the vessels course back to the north we understand that the migrants are afraid they could be returned to libya because the fear that they could face the same violations the usually face at the hands of
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people smugglers in libya. is prime minister joseph muscat. that. is going to follow the international rules in this respect but as for libyan coast guard libya's coast guard officials say that it's their right to capture the migrants as long as they have entered libya illegally and have sailed of libyan sure illegally we understand that some of those migrants could be proved innocent and they can apply for asylum in malta but some others will probably be guilty because they are accused of hijacking. the vessel. more from london a little later in the news hour now let's go back to come out in doha barbara thank you
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a main border crossing between gaza and israel has opened four days after being shut down the area's crossing one of gaza's lifelines which israel closed after a house north of tel aviv was hit by a rocket and then israeli jets attacked. targets we've got harry for sit in west jerusalem to talk through this one what is the latest. yes quite honestly here in gaza city the latest down here is that the situation remains relatively calm after what was a pretty major escalation you just referring to earlier in the week however the next couple of days are likely to be pretty tense friday and especially saturday the first anniversary of the great march of return protests which have taken so much attention at the border. more than two hundred fifty people have died because of israeli sniper fire more than six and a half thousand injured and this is going to be according to hamas a big protest to mark that event now on the other side of the border fence you have
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what has been a pretty major israeli military build up the prime minister benjamin netanyahu was down the earlier on thursday afternoon talking about having mobilized these action troops to make sure that israel could carry out a much broader response but said they would only do so if all other options had been exhausted in those other options are focused very much on an egyptian delegation which has been in gaza went for talks inside israel and is now back in gaza again having talks with hamas leadership they it's understood continuing to look for some kind of longer term deal there is speculation that that deal might entail easing restrictions on fishing on imports potentially job job creation with u.n. assistance those kinds of things so the question is whether they can come to some kind of arrangement and more importantly what happens on saturday with a big protest planned and a major israeli military presence on the other side harry to go back to the source
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of all this latest tension the the initial rocket fire that started it is there is there more information coming out about that yet. there is it it's a familiar sounding story you might remember a couple of weeks ago of course there were there was a double rocket launch both of those rockets falling in open ground around television at that point of the israeli army and hamas both said that those were accidental launches now this evening the are some brigades the hamas military wing has talked about a decision being made to put rockets on the cell for early launch status because they said they were worried about israeli aggression ahead of the israeli elections coming up on the ninth of april so that seems to be a similar kind of explanation being given there and the haaretz newspaper has a story as well tonight saying that israeli defense officials believe that this too might have been an accidental launch although saying that they may have been
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reticent about that given that the israeli public was skeptical about that explanation the first time let alone twice in the space of two weeks yet nonetheless that does seem to be the message similar kind of story coming out from both sides of the conflict sorry force that in gaza city thank you syria's state news agency is reporting a number of air strikes have hit the northern city of aleppo. syria an arab news agency says it was an israeli attack and syria's air defenses intercepted several missiles videos have been shared on social media showing these explosions in aleppo but to zero is yet to verify the claims meetings are also taking place to decide the fate of forty thousand syrians trapped in a remote camp the u.n. is taking part in discussions with the russian military the syrian government and representatives of those at the rock band camp near the border with jordan and iraq the u.n. told are busy with the majority want to leave but not been given any security
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guarantees so you know what the reports now from beirut. it's no place for children is how the united nations describes camp makeshift schools provide some sense of normalcy but since the beginning of the year twelve children among their newborns have died of malnutrition and preventable diseases conditions are desperate for the forty thousand syrians stranded in this remote corner of syria last month damascus and its ally russia opened core doors to allow people to leave a few families left but the majority were too afraid the only route is to what are now government held areas of homs province according to the united nations damascus has yet to provide security guarantees despite people wanting to leave. protection comes to be addressed among these. families being some pretense their own people.
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could face legal challenges. military duty the united nations is now involved in the dialogue between the russian military the syrian government and representatives of the camp it calls the talks a positive first step but while it waits for a sustainable solution the u.n. wants to continue to have humanitarian access to the camp the last aid delivery was in february a united nations survey shows most of the camp's residents want to return to their homes in government controlled territories but they all expressed concerns about their safety and security the united nations says those concerns are justified it has repeatedly criticized the lack of legal protections and it has been calling on the syrian government to granted access to all parts of the country where the displaced and refugees have returned. conditions are making it harder for those in rico band to survive smuggling routes have been closed by government forces so goods that to reach the camp are too expensive the displaced fear the situation
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will only get worse little progress was made in their talks with government officials. there are obstacles other slowing down the return one of them is the dull story does have still not given security clearances and even if they get this clearance many count leave because they can't afford to pay for transportation the syrian government is negotiating from a position of strength it won't guarantee unimpeded access for aid deliveries and it won't open safe routes to the rebel controlled north for now rock bands population is given the choice of living in misery or returning home without security guarantees. beirut. still ahead for you on this news hour barriers to stability the u.s. warns what could go wrong in afghanistan if a peace deal is struck with the taliban. killer robots could be hacked and then used by your enemy forces against you sounds like a scene from
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a science fiction movie but apparently not anymore the cold goes out for an international ban on so-called killer robots and sport a look at this canadian teenager making history at the miami. when i'm pleased to say we've got some dry weather now make his way into iran i'm afraid it isn't going to last we got a fair bit of cloud which will see the eastern side of adoration here just pushing for pakistan afghanistan making its way towards the not a little area cloud just sliding out of iraq and you can just see the eastern side of the mediterranean what's in store for the early part of next week friday sees that cloud of rain making its way across northern parts of syria snow over the turkish mountains just. for ankara
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a couple will get up to about twenty five degrees but increasing cloud just making its way through that area that we have across afghanistan will produce them outbreaks of rain sleet and snow for a time through as we go through saturday by discuss come back into iran at about eighteen celsius and then we still have that system just drifting across that eastern side of the med pushing across into syria on saturday eventually early next week i'm afraid that will pop up to make its way into the western side of iran so that's something to watch out for meanwhile we come down into the robin peninsula funded by for the most part twenty celsius here and some of the temperatures to go on through sassed a little bit of cloud across northern parts of the gulf could produce one of two spots of rain. the arab world is going through some unprecedented changes from the saudi u.a.e. led war in yemen to the conflict in syria and protests in algeria. the
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arab league will hold its first chief summit in the two newseum capital tunis after a nearly eight year absence will syria return to the leak join us for up to date coverage and in-depth analyses announce his era. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby have been employing it was making sure it's got a really. reveal secret see what. sitting out there i mean people out there you know. and connections some don't want exposed many in legacy media. last. documents like night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera.
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here on the news are here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories study arabia has released three women in jail for their human rights campaign and the activists were arrested before the ban on women driving in the kingdom was lifted last june. they are still awaiting a final ruling on their case. and u.n. investigator meanwhile is calling on riyadh to publicly open the trial of eleven suspects accused in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi the special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions agnes kalama also said the kingdom should release the names of the defendants and the speaker of the u.k. parliament says he will allow. i'm going to hold a vote on part of it breaks that deal on friday. the vote will only cover the withdrawal agreement element of the country's european union exit package. the
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pressure on algeria's president to step down continues to mount some members of the opposition say they want more than his resignation there demanding the removal of the entire old regime that would include the army chief who was the one who suggested the constitutional measure to remove the president on medical grounds his proposal was backed up by the ruling f.l. in part on weapon state monitoring events for us from here is. president abdelaziz bouteflika is practically left alone the mother of the presidential palace has been abandoned by the army by his own party the national liberation of france by some hovey t. our allies like the former prime minister ahmed here by a big trade union and more key figures are now think it's about time to remove the president and appoint a good with less money however the opposition and the protesters out of the view that triggered an triggering article one to one solve the problems of algeria and
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that one needs to be done is to find someone else they are now talking about potential candidates like former president lee i mean like. ben bait to to lead a transitional council to draft a new constitution and then pave the ground for new parliamentary and presidential elections now local media is talking about key businessmen isolated with the president who are barred from leaving the country it could be a sign that the army is sending reassurances of the people that while it is committed to trigger article one knows what the same time is it is telling the people that anyone who has been found guilty of wrongdoing or abandoning public phones will definitely face justice in the near future but as we speak the political crisis continues to deepen and that the agreements between the army on one hand the opposition and the protesters on the other hand about a new road map for algeria and if you're in algeria we do want your help with this
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story get in touch with us what's up with telegram maybe you've gone to a protest you can send us a video message or any pictures from those protests just one seven four five zero one triple one four nine on either of those messaging platforms. now a top venezuelan financial official has barred the opposition leader one word over from holding public office for fifteen years i was under the s.c. in monaco in northern colombia to take us through this one. how can he do that. one of the many questions of course about the. general. looking into crimes or issues defining. and bar him from office this has happened many times.
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for example one of the leaders of the opposition was barred from he wasn't able to run for an election right now it's unclear what kind of practical consequences this . could have. a leader. the opposition control national assembly which the government. already recognized. that they do not recognize and actually already answer to that. along with pretty much how can somebody who do not recognize that could control the general who was appointed. position that recognizes the. constitutional assembly bar me from anything so what we're seeing here is more this sort of parallel institution ality going on.
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who doesn't move any levels of power in the country but has been recognized by the united states and. western countries. continuing to challenge the government. most likely will be a. punishment that will not have major practical consequences. politically speaking. just basically still in the stalemate i remember we've spoken to you some weeks and months about this and every time it was just two men who are . and i think that will remain. just keeps getting worse they have to go through this sort of. only
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electricity but also water. on. the streets to see. more people in. their position. in the country. or. so far we haven't seen i believe. in any way to leave. now at least twenty five people died in a large fire in
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a high rise building in bangladesh. teams are trying to put it out with the help of the. it is believed people may still be trapped inside but the latest. the rescue operation is still going on here you can see behind me there are fire trucks that are still trying to salvage bodies from inside the building the fire department told us that this is going to continue till tomorrow morning they expect to find more bodies the casualty figure possibly could go among the seventy injured many are critically. the situation here thousands of people gathered here the fire department complained to us that there's so many buildings also many up this twenty years old they don't have sprinklers system some of them do. coping with fire for the last decade. just a month ago seventy people died in old. explosion at a chemical way within residential and commercial zone many areas are residential
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with commercial areas but their office building the highly congested situation is quite grey mare that this operation is going to continue more as time goes. the official who's overseeing u.s. funded reconstruction in afghanistan has warned of risks to stability in that country even if a peace deal is agreed the report from john soco comes as washington questions its role in afghanistan after of the troll of its fourteen thousand troops the risks include reintegrating as many as six hundred thousand taliban find his who may be expecting dividends from any peace agreement the report also warns of economic instability that could impact security for example of pay checks for armed forces and police were delayed and it says further u.s. support would be at risk if women's rights in afghanistan are not protected for some analysis we spoke to intice out of the team who's a political analyst and lecturer at university who told us afghans especially the
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youth are really hoping peace talks will lead to some economic development. if the afghan government the international community including the taliban will take that is sponsibility to institutionalize economic developing the country i think that's possible but at least for five years after the taliban we all mean they've had national unity the united states and afghan government has been storing at least for five years that should be international the nation. the afghan unit worst is that producing over four hundred thousand youngsters from universities that can go in is not after that does that they should provide the jobs for them so yes there is that there is a mixed feelings maybe a happy future in maybe a bad future with the youngsters afghanistan are happy about the peace deal that will happen between the taliban and afghan government but the same time we're concerned about their future if there is no strategic movement and initiative board by the international community by the afghan government i think the future will be will look like dark so that's why it's an immediate problem we have to find
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a solution for that. let's get some more news from europe now shall we banks about preserving london come out thanks when ukraine's president petro poroshenko came to power five years ago he vowed to tackle corruption now with an election looming on sunday that promise could come back to haunt him corruption remains widespread and he's trailing in the polls from kiev here's john a whole list is the house the trick too young to cover each built on a sprawling estate costing an estimated four hundred million dollars all stolen from the taxpayer it's now a museum of corruption on a colossal scale. but five years since ukraine's former president was forced to flee into exile in russia corruption remains an evil the country can't seem to shake off. reform where all there. is
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a state all the institutions are corrupt it's another day in court for vitale shaaban in a prominent activist who's made plenty of enemies investigating corruption among officials a chemical substance thrown at him last year did no lasting damage but it could have been worse another anti corruption activist catarina and chuck was the victim of an acid attack that killed her slowly after three agonizing months in hospital you're willing to die i hope but of course i'm looking for a day but for the job but you accept that that is a risk inherent in what you do in this country of course it's a risk the classic car collection of the young cop which estate is a testament to boundless greed and try as they did the protesters on kiev's my down square in two thousand and fourteen weren't able to wipe away the stain of corruption all together. people are coming here to say that they cannot tolerate corruption in ukraine corruption kills the future aleksandr danny look was
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ukraine's finance minister until last summer when he was fired for refusing to be part of a government scheme to buy the votes of m.p.'s in parliament clearly i wasn't prepared to play the game actually i was prepared and i was playing against this game soon and that the game is sort of making money are stealing taxpayers' money corruption cannot stop in the middle. otherwise it's not the corruption it always goes up are the words it's unsustainable the claim that corruption goes all the way to the torpor is nothing new in ukraine. where animals in your new coat which is private zoo bear witness to that. there are allegations directed at all close to the three leading candidates in this weekend's presidential election and a new law aimed at criminalizing the illegal enrichment of officials has been held up in the constitutional court the man who built all this former president big to younger coverage now lives
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a life of obscurity in russia but despite efforts to reform it there are still traces of the system he left behind people who feel that a position in parliament a position in government are certain routes to easy riches and possibly in ukraine there always will be jonah hold al-jazeera keo. british and specter say that they found significant security problems with software supplied by chinese telecom giant huawei their report identifies defects which they say could be exploited by hackers but it stops short of calling for an outright ban on the firm's equipment the united states is pushing european nations to ban huawei for next generation mobile networks to be introduced in the coming weeks while john biggs is a reporter for tech crunch an online publication of the tech industry he says the u.k. government's problems with weiwei are nothing new what they describe.


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