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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 87  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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in ukraine corruption kills the future alexander downer look who was ukraine's finance minister until last summer when he was fired for refusing to be part of a government scheme to buy the votes of peas in parliament clearly i wasn't prepared to play the game actually i was rebirth and i was playing against this game soon a dirty game a sort of making money of stealing taxpayers' money corruption cannot stop in the middle otherwise it's not the corruption it always goes up otherwise it's unsustainable the claim that corruption goes all the way to the top is nothing new in ukraine which animals in your new car which is private zoo bear witness to that . there are allegations directed at all close to the three leading candidates in this weekend's presidential election and a new law aimed at criminalizing the illegal enrichment of officials has been held up in the constitutional court the man who built all this former president viktor younger coverage now lives
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a life of obscurity in russia but despite efforts to reform it there are still traces of the system he left behind people who feel that a position in parliament a position in government are certain routes to easy riches and possibly in ukraine there always will be jonah hold al-jazeera kiev. british and specter say that they found significant security problems with software supplied by chinese telecom giant huawei their report identifies defects which they say could be exploited by hackers but it stops short of calling for an outright ban on the firm's equipment the united states is pushing european nations to ban huawei for next generation mobile networks to be introduced in the coming weeks well john biggs is a reporter for tech crunch an online publication on the tech industry he says the u.k. government's problems with weiwei are nothing. what they've described here is
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a an active refusal to fix problems that were announced it sounded like even five or six years ago and also a information that there are some open holes here they call these zero days these call they call these these exploits holes that could be used by hackers down the line ideally all these are patched up before these things go into production but in this very specific case looks like why hasn't patched those up the concern there is that if you have these switches and they're really fair they're giant machines the things that that we don't even expect to see anymore but these massive switches are fairly complicated because they have to route all our calls. in the past the you had nokia you had siemens you had a number of companies doing this and now it looks like wall weighs the number one and whatever your number one you people are going to start taking potshots at you. do they deserve. potentially that they're undercutting competitors in the each one of these countries and that's
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a problem but if there are actual holes here that we're dealing with and that's a very big deal so they should be able to fix that and they should fix that as quickly as possible. scientists say that they've discovered a new genetic mutation in the seventy one year old woman who barely feels pain or stress joe cameron has never needed pain relief despite experiencing broken lames cuts burns and childbirth that researchers say cameron's d.n.a. has two mutations that suppress pain and anxiety while boosting happiness forgetfulness and wound healing that they hope to discovery could pave the way for treating people who suffer from chronic pain amazing story well that's it from london let's go back to come out lindo ha thank you barbara and more with barbara in the team at the top of the hour meanwhile new zealand's prime minister welcomed facebook's decision to ban any support praise or misrepresentation of white nationalism on both sides the social media giant came under increased scrutiny
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after a gunman used facebook to live stream an attack on a new zealand mosque under the change people who search for terms associated with white supremacy will instead see a link to a nonprofit organization that helps people leave such groups ok we're going to talk about killer robots now because scientists and health care professionals have written a letter to the u.n. calling for an international ban on them but they don't yet exist campaigners say they're only a year or two away science and technology at a meeting at a honda. mention killer robots and many of us saying. of this i'm ashamed able to think feel and kill we have no way of knowing whether the kind of artificial general intelligence needed to create a scene tiant robot like this will ever be possible but here's what we already have sameeh autonomous machines dryers tanks aircraft robots big and small machines that
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can be wittman ised even programmed to find targets but the final decision of whether to take a life lies with us so-called killer robots fully autonomous weapons that can select and kill without human intervention well they don't exist. here we don't want to see killing outsourced to machines on the battlefield or in policing or in border control an obvious circumstances this is why we call for a preemptive ban on the development production and use of killer robots as soon as possible we already have facial recognition technology to unlock hellfire and they could be used by a fully autonomous weapon and trying say to identify and then attack a target without a human heavy lift final say but what if it kills the wrong person or the machine malfunctions and continues to hunt and kill long after a conflict has been resolved whose responsibility is it when a fully autonomous weapon gets it wrong so everybody's got their experience with
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computers not working with barns and i pads failing. and that's an inconvenience at best imagine that when you have the weapon system which is failing which is failing to turn off killer robots could be hacked and then used by your enemy forces against you and against your population and that they could be programmed to target a certain popular part of the population to go out there and to seek all military age males you. and determined them to be legitimate targets and fire upon them sixty one percent of people polled in twenty six countries last year oppose fully autonomous weapons twenty eight countries have signed up to a ban to companies scientists researches and engineers in their thousands have over the years pledged not to knowingly create killer robots but plenty of that those are embracing artificial intelligence and war fia and states like israel russia
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south korea and the united states are among those resisting the ban countries may agree we're all better off without killer robots but no one wants to be left behind on the battlefield. yes.
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is here now with a look at your support of our high kemal all they gave us soldier has been confirmed as manager of manchester united on a permanent basis he signed a three year contract at old trafford so sure originally replaced josie marino as interim boss until the end of the season but united have lost just one premier league game and reached the quarter finals of the champions league this is been my course ultimate dream all the time. and maybe a naive dream but. always have the dream in my mind to have this responsibility for this huge from the thoughts of the family with the book. and so on and i'm privileged to be given this fantastic responsibility to lead us forward southampton's manager is blocking why fire team hotels to stop his players becoming daming addicks fast and huddle took similar
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measures at his old club in germany and believes it's a very serious problem but that's a small problem of think because. if you be honest then it's the same like alcoholism or getting addicted to drugs or something but it's something you get addicted to and and that means you have to protect the players it's something we have to do as a club. to the system. to this. to protect their means. and help them to choose not to spend so much time and as long as it's not the surely for the government it illness then we have to to protect them in our way. bahrain shake solomon is guaranteed another four years as a president of asian football will stand unopposed and next saturday's election after the only remaining challenger kept her so would the hunted he withdrew he's pledged his support to someone who's happy job since two thousand and thirteen.
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about valtteri bottas will be feeling the pressure at this week's barring grand prix after not winning a single race last season mercedes driver had a stunning start by winning the season opener expectations will be high though after clinching victory in australia baltar's has shown he can be a serious contender to teammate and defending champion lewis hamilton i can sure say that something in my mindset has changed for the year. to prepare preparation over the winter and just the way of how i feel and think about things have changed and. it's quite difficult to explain in detail but i feel different to yours before. so how it is closing in on the tennis world number one spot how it needs one more win at the miami open to replace naomi osaka at the top of the ranks the next eddie richardson reports i simona halep is within sight of her first final appearance at the miami open under
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a return to the top of the world rankings her quarterfinal win over china's one child wasn't without its difficulties howlett found herself five one down in the second set the twenty seven year old responded by winning six trite games she'll face carlina pliska for in the last four however only needs to reach saturday's final to replace japan's niamey osaka as the world number one. was it's but i have to win this tournament i'm not going to think about that if i play or well if i play my best tennis i have a better chance to become number one again. in the men's draw roger federer has stayed on course for a fourth miami title i thirty seven year old needed barely an hour to beat daniel medvedev and set up a quarterfinal this south africa's kevin anderson he's got a great serve so. you go back to big serve mentality to try to hold
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your own service games first before thinking about how to break kevan. i had a tough one against him in wimbledon when i lost. was able to come back and play a good match against him in london when i really had to already through to the last four as a player who wasn't born when federal was making his first appearance at this event canada's felix aujali assume became the youngest semifinalist in the thirty five year history of the tournament but just win over born a church of croatia thanks to the eighteen year old next take on defending champion jonas no i mean richardson algy zero. colombian cyclist miguel and gallo perez has taken the overall lead in the well to catalonia in spain after one hundred fifty kilometers in three big climbs the twenty five year old star rider one stage four by sixteen seconds that puts him fourteen seconds clear britain's adam needs overall. and that's all your sport for now much more coming up later but for now
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it's back to you thank you so much yes more sport with far lighter but i'm done for today thank you for your company barbara starr and the team in london will have the latest news from about two minutes time an update on the latest brags that situation and operation used to do with saudi arabia. if the war on truth where there are nine white t.v.'s taught us is to be able to be concise be in expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs
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. or if you join us on sat israel is an apartheid state and the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from to join a clovelly conversation amount is era in twenty sixty one a one east revealed that girls from me in march some as young as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work as main it's illegal and costing lives so why does it still continue when law abiding singapore one zero one east on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current of friends that matter to. al-jazeera. rewinds continues to care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of all
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diseases documentaries the struggle continues but from positive to no use distance revisiting this silver face we're going back to a poor south african neighborhood where music and tradition come together in an annual competition. to people who know you're really walking on al-jazeera. saudi arabia temporarily release says three female activists who have spent ten months in prison. alone barbara are you watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up at least
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nineteen dead after a high rise office building catches fire in the bangladeshi capital. maltese troops to recapture a tanker hijacked by migrants it had rescued at sea in venezuela's opposition leader one way though is banned from holding public office for fifteen years plus they've already rejected three's a maze breck's a deal twice now british politicians are set to vote on part of it again. thank you for joining us we begin the program in saudi arabia were three female activists have been granted temporary release after spending ten months in prison they've been freed after the second hearing of their trial which still can't bring their among eleven women arrested in may last year for their human rights work and having contacts with foreign journalists and diplomats there are reports the others will be released on sunday the women say they've been sexually harassed given
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electric shocks and flogged by prison guards saudi arabia's government denies that the women have been mistreated while in maloof is research director for the middle east that amnesty international she has welcomed the situation to release the women . we have been calling for this we've been hoping for this is all our thoughts of course are with the three women who have been released they will be able to finally be in their homes in a safe space with their loved ones and this is all that we've been calling for and all that we've been wanting and we do hope that the rest of the woman who are still being detained in an arbitrary fashion will be released this is one of the cases that has really tested. narrative of the crown prince's reforms visions of before him in social liberalization and all of the steps to encourage economic investors and for and vestments in the country and this is been one case along with
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the merger of similar that has completely. gone against if you ones. that the narrative of reforms. a united nations investigator is calling for the eleven suspects in the murder of the saudi journalist from other shoji to be put on public trial the special rapporteur on extrajudicial execution i guess calen laugh says the closed door hearings that have been taking place in saudi arabia fall short of international standards she also called on the saudis to release the names of the defendants ashaji was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october. at least nineteen people have died in a large fire in a twenty two story building in bangladesh capital dhaka the navy and air force were
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drafted in to help firefighters tackle the blaze more than one hundred people were rescued using ladders and helicopters some managed to jump from the roof to a neighboring building this comes just over a month after seventy one people were killed in a fire in another part of the city. from the scene earlier the rescue operation is still going on here you can see behind me there are fire trucks that. the building fire department told us that. tomorrow morning they expect to find more bodies. among the many are critically. the situation here people gathered here the fire department complaint. buildings also many up to twenty years old there were. some of them do. coping with.
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seventy people died. in explosion at a chemical. residential and commercial. situation. at least eighteen people have been killed after a car bomb exploded in the capital mogadishu and went off outside a crowded restaurant in the district the armed group which is linked to al qaida is claiming responsibility has been fighting the government for more than a decade and regularly launches attacks in the capital. good luck on the explosion happened in between restaurant some people were having lunch at the restaurant all the victims were civilians there was no government official or soldiers with the explosion happened eighteen bodies and twelve injured people being carried from the street. the number of cases of ebola in the democratic republic of congo since the latest outbreak began in august has there passed
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a thousand it comes as new research finds that a quarter of people interviewed in the east of the country do not even believe that the virus is real. quick has war more than six hundred people have been reported dead from the boehner virus in the democratic republic of congo since the outbreak was declared seven months ago in the north eastern provinces of north kivu and it makes it the second worst outbreak since the virus was first discovered in one thousand nine hundred seventy six in the d.r. c. and sudan the virus is fought to be transmitted to people for wild animals it spreads between humans through direct contact with blood and body fluids the worst outbreak was five years ago when it spread through five west african countries and across into the u.k. spain and the u.s. eleven thousand people died it prompted global health organizations to fast track
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an experimental vaccine and five experimental drugs which are being given with informed consent violence in east india arcee has hampered efforts to contain the virus and forced a bone to treatment centers to close the new report in the medical journal the lancet known levels of trust in the origins in the region are also a factor a quarter of people surveyed did not believe the virus was real nor that vaccination could protect them. mozambique is preparing to roll out color of vaccinations in areas devastated by cycle need a hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of water borne diseases two weeks after the storm tore into the port city of bayda so far more than seven hundred people are noble died across those and zimbabwe and malawi but some areas are still cattle. so we have nine hundred thousand doses of vaccine coming in
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we're talking nine hundred thousand people per person which means that we'll get them three months protection. but it means we will probably have to do for the vaccination to be discussed and we have to see how this goes four days after the disputed election in the indian ocean island nation of kamar us four gunmen have been killed in a shoot out with the military close to the capital morani local reports say the men were a group of soldiers accused of attempting a coup who broke out of prison separately presidential candidate mohammed has been arrested mohamed came forth in sunday's election and he accuses the government of rigging the results he'd been named head of an opposition transitional authority hoping to unseat president. money. the multis armed forces have taken control of a ship that was hijacked by migrants off the coast of libya the migrants allegedly took over the blue one no which had one hundred five people on board after being
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told they would be taken back to libya maltese police have arrested five men who were on the vessel and are now questioned italy's anti immigration deputy prime minister met vini has welcomed the maltese intervention but would have been well he has more now from tripoli. the maltese government is expected to conduct an investigation with the migrants who are accused of hijacking get the vessel but it depends on where the crime was committed and some of those migrants could be proved innocent because the captain of the vessel according to the maltese navy stated that he and the other crew members were threatened by the migrants and force it to change the vessels course back to the north we understand that the migrants are afraid they could be returning to libya because the fear that they
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could face the same violations the usually face at the hands of people smugglers in libya multis prime minister joseph muscat. that. is going to follow the international rules in this respect but as for libyan coast guard libya's coast guard officials say that it's their right to capture the migrants as long as they have entered libya illegally and have sailed of libyan sure illegally we understand that some of those migrants could be proved innocent and they can apply for asylum in malta but some others will probably be guilty because they are accused of hijacking. the vessel. venezuela's opposition leader one bill has been barred from holding
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public office for. the country's oldest her general says there are irregularities and personal financial disclosures it's another effort by president nicolas for the us government the sideline who's been recognized by the u.s. and sixty other countries as venezuela's interim president let's get more on this from my son who is in my cower in northern colombia so listen to what effect could this announcement actually have well barbara i think that this will turn out to be mostly a sort of symbolic punishment against the something that a part of the chinese leadership wanted they want to go after got quite a dog but they feel they can't read them because of course with the anger in particularly the united states and president donald trump so what they're doing here is punishing him but it's unclear what kind of practical effects group they
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have because they're barring him from running an institution the opposition control national assembly that the government that nicolas maduro already consider is illegitimate so it's difficult to understand exactly what it takes that this could have short of course of trying to arrest him but do you think it can in any way affect the stalemate that we're seeing currently in venezuela and have been seen for a couple of weeks. probably probably not and actually the only there's probably been a long. one in self. interest in president we've seen these challenges continuing challenges against the government and the collapse and i do though it's difficult to see how this could be affected and why door already responded to this and now.


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