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tv   Rendition Revisited P1  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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robot scary for seven that's the idea of what is the significance of trump choosing grand rapids michigan for this small campaigns to haul romney. well you know this is not a big town but it's a very significant place because until strong one in twenty sixty six consecutive presidential elections for six consecutive presidential elections michigan had gone democratic and trump won here by a very thin eleven thousand votes out of clearly six million votes cast so this was a big upset for rob and it is part of the. coalition of states that he needs to keep together behind him if he is going to reassemble is is winning slew of states for twenty twenty rope and. now scientists in the u.k. say they found a genetic mutation in
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a seventy one year old woman who feels virtually no pain or stress to spice on a ray of injuries joe cameron has rarely needed pain relief i hope that discovery could help in the future treatment of people who suffer chronic pain charlie angela reports. imagine a life with no pain this is being joe cameron's existence here she's eating hot chili cheese with her husband and doctor not batting an eyelid. can see. that yes there's been broken limbs burns childbirth surgeries but no need for pain relief i put my arm on something and only realized it's burning when i can smell fresh burning so it's not comes in the no reaction issue you cut yourself or burn yourself once maybe twice then you avoid that because your brain says don't do that or my brain just trade. and that's not good that's not good at all is it i haven't i haven't got the normal the normal sort of safeguards in
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a normal body specialized nerves respond to tissue damage and send signals to the brain it's important in terms of self-preservation but roughly seven percent of the population have ongoing chronic pain so finding mutations that lead to painlessness could help scientists develop new painkilling drugs for them when easy recovery from hip surgery puzzle doctors she was referred to a pain geneticist at university college london there they found she had two notable new taishan one in a previously unidentified gene as we understand it her body is awash with fatty acids through various receptors to her pain sense sensation so that's the difference and this is a consequence of losing the activity resumes out so she is unique the discovery has caused joe cameron to reflect it explains why cuts and bruises always healed quickly for her and why she's had memory lapses throughout her life and also why she's always been happy her mutation means she's never felt much stress or anxiety
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scientists say the implications of these findings are immense child out of their london. we can speak now to abdullah mohammed had been who's the author of the research into the genetic mutation good to have you with us on the program. where it's all actually unheard of is it for some people to pretty much be impervious to pain but she has been described as unique why is her case so different. she is unique in that. cameron she. although she sounds touch special doesn't feel pain and what's most makes her unique is the other patients that we've found so far they have no problem in terms of the sense of fear john cameron is unique in that she doesn't even feel not only pain but she does have the sense of fear she will this is makes her rather unique compared to other patients
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would be working so far how big a breakthrough could this be for people like. incredibly exciting because we were working on the aspect of fear and now we've found a gene that regulates not only pain but also. a sense of fear that it's not something very new we haven't have any person so far we worked with these two types of behavior given this is a relatively new discovery what are your hopes and thoughts about what this discovery could actually lead to in terms of medication for pain or medication in the frank stasio panic attacks is there a possibility that the discovery of what's happening in joe's body could lead to something new. yes that's our hope one of the first of all these type of individuals that are very rare to come across they give us
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insight which we don't have previously and do that will give us much better knowledge to understand how the pain mechanism works and with that knowledge we'll be able to develop a better treatment for the millions but i'm assuming that is many years into the future. it's very hard to put numbers on this how how so it will come but we hoping that every new knowledge of such significance will bring us closer to be able to develop a new drug jo didn't appear until very late in life to realize that there was something different and special about her how likely is it that there are other people out there who have similar things happening in their body similar gene mutations that you could also be using for research.
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the things i mean these individuals because they do not have pain they don't come across i mean they don't come to the hospitals as much as a normal people do but and these type of. information going out to the wider population will allow those individuals who do have this pain insensitivity to be able to come and contact researchers like us and around the world and to allow us with to further our research and knowledge so that we get closer to develop a new treatment it's absolutely fascinating abdullah mohammed had the joining us there from also years in doha thanks so much. coming up in a couple of minutes. from
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. a home. business update.
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business. model. now again mexico has raised the alert level for the public at a pastoral volcano as activity intensifies the volcano erupted late on tuesday spewing out burning fragments which cause follows on surrounding lands it's seen a lot of activity in recent years a major eruption in two thousand force evacuation of nearly fifty thousand residents in three states surrounding the peak or at some of the sport now with sarah. felicity thank you so much ole gunnar soul share has been confirmed as
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manager of manchester united on a permanent basis he's signed a three year contract at old trafford so sure originally replaced josie marino as in term boss until the end of this season by united have lost just one premier league game and reached the quarter finals of the champions league this is been my course ultimate dream all the time. and maybe a naive dream but i. always have the dream in my mind to have this responsibility for this huge from thoughts of the family with the book. and so on and i'm privileged to be given this fantastic responsibility to lead us forward so she is old club in norway more than need to get used to life without him there managing director is confident they can cope oh
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life's problem and we have to move. focus on the football club for the next. for decision the season start on sunday so we have to be prepared to undertake to be our. scored one of the most famous goals in united's history to win the champions league back in one nine hundred ninety nine why york was part of that trouble winning squad and says united made the right choice but certainly what we have seen on the guard of all are going to. bring the best out of the of the players they're playing with the desire and passion that we expect these players we know that they're talented players and now we're seeing it on the ali i don't think when you look at city and you look at you know liverpool they were one stage in the season it was sixteen points ahead of us i didn't see that at all and now we have seen the real potential of our players southampton's managers block a wife i
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a team hotels to stop this players becoming gaming addicks roughhouse and it would still took similar measures at his old club in germany and believes it's a very serious problem but not a small problem i think because. if you be honest then it's the same like a collision more getting addicted to drugs or something but it's something you get addicted to it and that means you have to protect the players it's something we have to do as a club. to the system. to this. to protect their means. and help them to choose not to spend so much time and as long as it's not of the surely for the government to illness then we have to protect them in our way. barnes shake solomon is guaranteed another four years as president of asian football will stand unopposed in next saturday's election after the only remaining challenger captors so. withdrew he's pledged his support to solomon who's
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had the job since twenty thirteen. valtteri bottas will be feeling the pressure at this week's bahrain grand prix after not win a single race last season the mercedes driver had a stunning start by winning the season opener expectations will be high though after clinching victory in australia the shown he can be a serious contender teammate and defending champion lewis hamilton are going for sure say that something in my mindset has changed for the year. to prepare preparation over the winter and just the way of how i feel and think about things have changed. it's quite difficult to explain in detail but i feel different to yours before the two time champion ferdinando alonso world has with mclaren after sunday's grand prix is when you're left f one of the end of last season but remains close to the team as an adviser mclaren want alonso's thoughts
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on their revamped car is twenty eight teens had a serious design flaw and major league baseball the new york yankees started off their twenty nine hundred season with a big win over the baltimore orioles at yankee stadium the yankees little voice hit a three run home run in the bottom of the first inning to put them three nothing up and they never looked back japanese pitcher a musher hero ten aka three eighty three pitches struck out five and allowed just two runs the yankees winning seventy two. californias horseracing board has taken steps to affectively banned the use of whips following several horse deaths in santa anita twenty two horses died in less than three months of the breeders cup venue jockeys argued whips had nothing to do with it but the board disagreed and passed a rule which only allows them to be used jockey or horse safety is in question that changes won't come into force straight away there will be forty five days of further debate and
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a second votes. and that's all you sweat for now it's now back to felicity and london far thanks so much watch a quick mind and plug for our website where you can find much more of our news and sports stories simply head to the web site al jazeera dot com al jazeera dot com the latest international news and sports outset from this particular news hour join us though again in a couple of minutes. africa's most populous nation the bloodiest economy as a youth unemployment problem in a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital i am told so this fall that we bring you the stories that are
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shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capitol of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains the color project that's what we diffuse it was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. the arab world. he is going through some unprecedented
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changes from the saudi u.a.e. led war in yemen to the conflict in syria and protests in algeria. the arab league will hold its thirtieth summit in the tunisian capital tunis after a nearly eight year absence will syria return to the leak join us for up to date coverage and in-depth analyses on al-jazeera. saudi arabia temporarily releases three female activists who spent ten months in prison. on it i'm going to see barger watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up
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at least nineteen dead after a high rise office building catches fire in the bangladeshi capital. venezuela's opposition leader one quite a ways by from holding public office the fifteen years. meets the british wonder woman with a gene mutation which means she's impervious to pay. we begin in saudi arabia where three female activists have been granted temporary release after spending ten months in prison they've been freed after the second hearing of their trial which is still continuing there among eleven women arrested in may last year for the human rights work and having contacts with foreign journalists and diplomats there are reports the others will be released on sunday women say they've been sexually harassed given electric shocks on float by prison guards saudi arabia's government denies the women have been mistreated well yes i
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mean hassan is the executive director of equality now that's an organization that addresses violence and discrimination against women around the world she says the detention of female activists in riyadh is illegal and immoral. well we are hoping that the international pressure on this and the international press on this will have an effect on what happens to these women going forward we are we out delighted that they are not going before the specialist court on terrorism charges but they're still going before a criminal court and this move has been very fast and we don't know quite what to make of it these women have not been given access to lawyers they have not been able to see their families there has been a chilling effect all around saudi arabia on activism and women's rights so we are watching with bated breath but we are going to continue with the activism on their behalf to shine a light on their cases and we hope that that will have a positive effect on their on their cases people are not supposed to be tortured in prison anywhere a prison is a and you're supposed to have a trial and
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a punishment that then needs to be carried out these women were held without trial this has been a long period and so everything that's been happening to them is extrajudicial and it is illegal and immoral the united nations investigator is calling for the eleven suspects in the murder of the saudi journalist to be put on public trial the special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions i. said be closed door hearings in saudi arabia for short of international standards she also called on the saudis to release the names of the defendants sheltie was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october a senior official in the united arab emirates says arab nations should be more open to israel on wall gosh the minister of state for foreign affairs said the countries were wrong when they decided not to have formal relations with israel syria senior political analyst mo when bashar has more on his comments. a number of countries
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have been opening up publicly or clandestinely towards israel and we have been waiting for a law like syria and saudi arabia not to cough it up as you know and just say that now with the minister of state for foreign affairs in the united arab emirates have done exactly that and why is he doing that now well because it's just a few weeks ago president trump's son and low judge question i was in the area in order to sell his deal of the century or you know it's now we all know that this is the trap of the century and the deal of the century and yet a number of arab leaders feel they must appease the united states they must accept american diktats in order to. save their own regimes in order to empower their own and their likes in the region that's why now president sisi of
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egypt is going to the united states by the middle of april in order to discuss the deal of the u.a.e. and saudi arabia are on board for the century and what is the deal of the century well we know it's more of the same so-called the economics of peace no palestinian state no right of return no is jerusalem as capital of a protestant said that does not exist anyway no wonder it turned to the one thousand nine hundred seven war there is no dismantling of the settlements so basically the din of the century is. the occupation under a new name and the arab countries like the u.a.e. despite all of that want to normalize relations and egyptian delegation is shuttling between israel and same goals at mediating between the two sides after a flare up of violence between the two this week israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he would be prepared to launch military action in gaza his comments come ahead of the one year anniversary of gaza protests on the border on saturday
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at least nineteen people have died in a huge fire in a tower block in bangladesh's capital dhaka the navy and air force joint firefighting teams to help put it out how much has more. just. as crews battle to bring the fire that engulfed this high rise building in dhaka and to control the many in the commercial area of the city it was a ready too late. some felt trying to escape others climb down any way they could that money go to plan i thought oh yeah we have to get we noticed that in the beginning there was fire on one floor only in floor six or seven it was possible to stop the fire on the floor of steps were taken quickly with a guy jumping off only to be allowed to serve in the danger zone a ninth floor there was like a lot of a small crowd that was probably suffocating them so he literally just jumped off watching from the pack streets below crowds gathered desperate for news of those trapped inside
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a smoke rose to each of the towers nineteen close and connecting building. the bangladeshi navy and air force join the rescue effort and lifting some who managed to make it to the rooftop of that prison if it with more than fighting equipment we can gauge opcodes when to do started building but. beyond that we come up with was more than eighteen million people live in dhaka it's one of the world's most densely populated cities the city has struggled to enforce fire safety codes especially in older buildings. last month more than seventy people were killed in a fire in an old neighborhood of dhaka and nine years ago another friend killed more than one hundred people due to an illegal chemicals warehouse near a residential area now as emergency crews search the wreckage of the latest fire they say it's still a rescue operation until everyone is accounted for him hommage al jazeera.
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venezuela's opposition leader who has been barred from holding public office for fifteen years the country's order to general says that all irregularities inquiries personal financial disclosures thoughts by president nicolas maduro as government to sideline quite oh he's been recognized by the u.s. on fifty other countries us venezuela's interim president. at least eighteen people have been killed in somalia when a car bomb exploded in the capital mogadishu went off outside a crowded restaurant in the war barre districts of group which is linked to al qaida is claiming responsibility. has been fighting the government for more than a decade and regularly launches a tox in the capital. good luck that the explosion happened in between restaurants
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some people were having lunch at the restaurant all the victims were civilians there was no government official or soldiers with the explosion happened eighteen bodies and twelve injured people being carried from the scene of. the number of cases of ebola in the democratic republic of congo since the latest outbreak began in august has now passed a thousand new research found that a quarter of people interviewed in the east of the country don't even believe the virus israel. has more more than six hundred people have been reported dead from the boehner virus in the democratic republic of congo since the outbreak was declared seven months ago in the north eastern provinces of north kivu and it makes it the second worst outbreak since the virus was first discovered in one thousand nine hundred seventy six in the days and sudan the virus is thought to be transmitted to people from wild animals it spreads between humans through direct
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contact with blood and body fluids the worst outbreak was five years ago when it spread through five west african countries and across into the u.k. spain and the u.s. eleven thousand people died. it prompted global health organizations to fast track an experimental vaccine and five experimental drugs which are being given with informed consent violence in east india has hundred efforts to contain the virus and forced a bone to treatment centers to close but a new report in the medical journal the lancet says no levels of trust in the storage fees in the region are also of that a quarter of people surveyed did not believe the virus was real nor that vaccination could protect them mozambique is preparing to roll out cholera vaccinations in areas devastated by cyclometer i hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of water borne diseases two weeks after the storm swept through the
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port city of barrier so far more than seven hundred people are known to have died across mozambique zimbabwe. and some areas are still cut off hundreds of protesters have been back on the streets of algeria demanding changes to the political system as well as the resignation of president beautifully cup some leaders of the protest movement just stayed five weeks of peaceful demonstrations are rejecting the army's transition plan earlier this week the army chief suggested a constitutional measure to remove the eighty two year old president on medical grounds but the constitutional council has not yet held any meeting to decide on who to ficus fate. the u.k. parliament will hold another vote on friday on the withdrawal agreement for britain's exit from the european union parliament speaker of the house a previously stopped prime minister trees of may putting her deal to parliament for
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a third time unless it changed significantly evocate reports from london. efforts to secure backing for teresa mayes deal are intensifying with senior government ministers urging m.p.c. give the twice defeated divorce deal another go this off to may promise to resign if a proposal is passed those tipped to replace a say now is the time to back the deal and seventeen point four million people of this leave the european union have a chance to make sure that we do that's why everyone should support the prime minister's deal with. the speaker of the house told the government that it could only put the deal before parliament again if it was fundamentally different but i do expect the government to meet the test of change so the government devised a plan to split the deal already agreed with the e.u. into its two constituent parts the withdrawal agreement and the political declaration the would draw agreement.


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