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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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we created gun rights a stranger as a front in order to infiltrate the pro-gun lobby and understand how they operate a guy's budget yeah right i won here in louisville at the n.r.a. conference two thousand and seventeen at our i conference to get a look at the website by soliciting season. road to used concealed cameras to film officials from the n.r.a. even broke shoulders with donald trump jr. he briefed me on what he'd seen and heard. over a period of three years project handed over hundreds of hours of cuban camera recordings. ace in twenty eighteen roger attended a one nation function in sydney. and i read it needs education and we knew we increased the time the school or in the sense that.
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when roger introduced himself to james ashby and told him about his powerful us context the one nation chief of staff said he wanted to meet the. people he thought might fund the party as it prepares for the polls with the promise to loosen the strain used gun laws. guys. look at a special guest that i state dixon is the head of the one nation party here in queensland and a senate candidate they don't stay at for pleasure to measure. so i stay futilely a little bit more about the one nation gun policy well first right before we are we are prague on the ugly people in this country awning on one nation's proposed review of jungle was was devised by steve dixon. he's a former state government minister now one nation's party leader in queensland mine and he's running for office. in the senate in a strenuous upcoming elections i had
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a week actually mike the difference between you know an astrology and also the tactical unsensible a more people can actually get involved in shooting or thank you god and think if he always. said it harry say you know i'm nice with me just might mind i. miswrote you infiltrated the one nation party the leaders wanted him to plan a trip to america to forge contacts with the n.r.a. . it was invited to the party headquarters and was greeted by james ashby. it's been. thirty one. topis here. should this be why is it i feel such passion about america sometimes i'll be in
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a very crowded room in the country one of the struggle. is for my country you know but really like oh well i mean one of us right here the two got is that was our weather conditions here. are it we're going to run. dixon says he dreams of changing history used jungle was to make them more like those in america. i watched them break away. but there were more one bottle of this. one and now you can do it and once you find out how it is because that's what it's like monitor to be quiet kid in the eighty's go through anything. if you package it up with some other good lords a bit. better there he said harry.
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the death toll continues to rise at port arthur where a gunman today when time random shooting spree the nightmare unfolded around half populations are moving again in a cafe but come up before a lot of the time was right gunman stormed around the area and challenged people his victims in this trying to break. the laws dixon proposes to soften or put in place following a message or a new strain in town a quarter of a nine hundred ninety six. odd neighborhood it got in the fall so my immediate thought was that it was a car backfiring. window. in what was then one of the worst measure things ever recorded in the world so he five people were mowed. i'm saying people. being shot and then i saw him and he had this mess if very. large military were awful. and he was coming up
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behind my daughter. the killer was using an a.o.l. fifteen assault rifle it would become a weapon of choice in mass killings in america for years to come. no one's running no one's screaming. but with every shot that's fired is another life go on. and there's another life. and it's not a lot gone. and you feel you're right most. it will cost myself and my daughter i'm on the floor shoots in the back. and he shot my two shot in the back. and i could see his fate asking. the atrocity led to a swift and radical revision of history use guns always. i will do everything humanly
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possible to get an effective tightening up a gun control situation in this country must strike as we find it. absolutely unacceptable. that weapons of it's gone a little bit about semiautomatic automatic and simian automatic firearms were banned and what became known as the national firearms agreement more than six hundred fifty thousand guns were destroyed. the gun laws of probably the standout social reform but not in not its stride and in fact the club is significant because a striker is able to demonstrate a before and after a change of his skull in the run up to the point often meska a struggle is trying to learn sign labels and write metrics as the americans but since not in ninety six and zero pressure of people but not known to be silent in stride. the poet author of paints is etched into the
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minds of anyone with a lot of that time it was a pivotal event to establish saif gunnels for astride the national firearms agreement covers everything from the style of our arms the ownership the responsible use and all around us. and it's a very very fond document that will strike in some crowd and it keeps us safe. but we want your public. that is really the nuts and bolts because we've tried everything this. one nation is excited about traveling to the u.s. and what a meeting with the n.r.a. might deliver. to get pretty good thing not want to get through you're it. right
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three million dollars us when he said question about statesmanship you might be a good model michael we are going to go you need on your leg a decision today. dixon asks for guidance on how best to deal with the american gun lobby. it's better that we not you know we've been getting on it. just because that's not the reason we got. that i launched out of the absolutely good list right up and up people are good i'm getting that with. i asked roger to hopes that you'll the n.r.a. is indorsement of pulling henson. we need to want to them this is about cold cases that are trying to getting if we get stronger they can actually work and we grew up with you know a lot of stipes in the why did you know it's right because a lot of wind the investment you know it's a bunch of atoms and i'm going to go into too much difference maybe. it's the left
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wing anti gunners who literally point to australia using the mainstream media as this shining model as to why we need gun bans and gun confiscation. the n.r.a. is so troubled by his trail use strict firearms laws that it's targeted the issue in videos like this. suggesting that a stranger's national firearms agreement is a failure and must be scrapped america we have and americans will not stand for a government any government trampling our rights. dixon says that by funding is social media campaign the n.r.a. could promote one nation without handing over any cash. we can get a million dollars fuck you it just struck me. i don't even need the money i just need one if we get one that special just for you. i don't need to touch the.
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that way the n.r.a. would promote one nation's social media content while providing cover for their financial contributions just gives them the odd hunch we're giving up. on it and they were i mean if. this is going to dixon believes that as a veteran politician he knows how to make deals like that have been. very. experienced and the portraits of him. on the. really forever many would. say oh. it's that and then we got to go. see it in the know it. in all of history there's always been a time at a place when patriots stand up and rise up against the decree of the elites
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and shout no more. and the n.r.a. convention in twenty sixteen roger witnessed the power of the gun lobby's messaging and influence in u.s. politics. i'm officially announcing the honorees indorsement of donald trump for present. law last. my sons have been members of the n.r.a. for many many years and they're incredible they have so many rifles and so many guns sometimes even i get a little bit concerned is that that's a lot. too would be president will go in an hour a script america's second amendment the right to view as citizens to carry a gun is under threat. and he will make sure nobody ever takes anybody's guns away
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. i will not let you down remember that i will not let ya. honorees messaging to the gun community increasingly has been built on fear government's going to take away your guns they often use the united nations as a demon as they have demonized brooke obama and hillary clinton and bill clinton before them and using fear to gin up support fund raising new members and guns. hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment just remember that we're not talking about changes she wants to abolish the second amendment show we're not going to let that happen i can tell you that right now. from the inside roger learns the n.r.a. has playbook for influencing public opinion. but i.
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i'm in the states a bit so maybe you should be right and we got a fight so i thought i got lost me. one nation landed in washington d.c. roger was there to meet them oh i got. it to say it's a yes he had set up meetings for dixon and ashby using his tongue will be clean tech say. i'm going to get it used dixon's first visit to the united states. the thing that will fix feel the big apple is that is the washington monument.
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the trip is timed so they can attend one of the gun lobby's most influential gatherings of the here. the dinner is organized by the congressional sportsman's foundation. for. yes. those. weapons of auction to raise cash for the gun lobby.
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the one nation visitors regale guests with tales of life down under. would not be allowed on guns in a study to show protection to women and i believe that might be true in saigon that we've been in when it was mostly just got it we got quarry delta coming to you know like you got it when he bought it then it really kind of. like you know it was fun because it might be back in church doing people but it's stealing their everything going on. in the country is going to trial. they told them soul says front row cheerleaders to the u.s. president donald trump i mean we've still got a nice i mean it's in the good stead of al assad of america and we were out there on a bet with sam i know all of the parishes we were back i don't find recall my old boss and i kind of went over it it was your child. she adds i don't think i wish and
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it's a central. thought on. my own times and i'm not. gonna block. the one nation visitors till potential donors to their party that they want to change jungles banks. the people the men in that country it's really yours but it's wrong because. dixon discusses the strenuous firearms laws with congressman ted but here we are back to the much perfect bit of the population working the gun obligation if you ever do commit to it every time he gives congressman a warning the banning of automatic weapons in a stretch is the beginning of a trend that threatens to take hold in the u.s.
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yet a bellwether now. when do you think that you'll be back. you get a look at the bottom of the. box like honestly what paperback if that's what's you know it's you know might. make it a big year there except for. the benefit of having a little we heard it live. impromptu one nation gets advice from the n.r.a. on how to sell a message of smear the critiques of gun ownership. various of those children were of joe yeah well senators. and they discuss how an injection of cash would affect one nation's chances in the upcoming elections you're on a lot of house and off the bat of the. polls.
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they said what do you think you're going to board i said i think we absolutely need it we should have and if we can get. people in power investigates the private companies in the u.s. towns allegedly complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation sunrise once a day in sets or not if you're in the hands of the cia. you can make the sun shine or not rendition you visited current war on al jazeera. m how he did it in doha the top stories on al-jazeera three female activists something temporarily released in saudi arabia have just spending ten months in prison they've been freed after the second hearing over their trial which is still continuing there among eleven women arrested almost a year ago for their human rights work yes i mean her son is the executive director
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of equality know an organization that addresses violence and discrimination against women around the world she says the detention of female activists in riyadh's is illegal and immoral but we are delighted that they are not going before the specialist court on terrorism charges but they're still going before a criminal court and this move has been very fast and we don't know quite what to make of it these women have not been given access to lawyers they have not been able to see their families there has been a chilling effect all around saudi arabia on activism and women's rights so we are watching but bated breath but we are going to continue with the activism on their behalf to shine a light on their cases and we hope that that will have a positive effect on their on their cases. a united nations investigator is calling for the eleven suspects in the murder or thirty journalists to mark a shirt to be put on public trial the special rapporteur on extrajudicial
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executions agnes kalam art says the closed door hearings in saudi arabia fall short of international standards germany has extended a ban on arms exports to saudi arabia for another six months a government spokesman says no new contracts will be approved she named and the end of september a temporary ban was put in place in the vendor after the murder of jamal khashoggi an egyptian delegation has been in israel and gaza trying to broker a peace deal it comes after a major escalation earlier this week between hamas and israel the pressure on algeria as president to step down as main saying that some members of the opposition say they want more than a blood sees beautifully because resignation it demands in the removal of the entire regime and authorities in malta say they're back in control of a ship that was hijacked by asylum seekers off the coast of libya the migrants allegedly took over the vessel after being told they wouldn't be going to europe maltese police are questioning five men morals are the headlines now it's time to
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go back to al-jazeera investigations stay with us. they're like thank you so much for how as. a right way and these people that. i and then i had a vision that they would make a decision on triumph i thank you we even got the glory to tell you the things you do. in america's midwest and iraq is a gathering to help promote the organizations newly endorsed presidential candidate . rogers rebut why it's all good you have. yours there are enough of you know the police chief that is all you got to get those drugs that shit out of your. rojo funds are recurring mysie to much those assembled here destroy use strict jungle
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was said a disturbing international precedent and it's imperative that the legislation be changed. because we want you to come back i'm sure you get a workable with one shot of my life right now to turn into a big city i did that and that guy and i'll send yours and i. will donate i'm doing a great job and i thought my social lives are going to be that the start of the house i don't want i seriously i get everything. the volunteers told roger hell the n.r.a. sways public opinion. play hollowed on the foam or ability of women women women you know women protecting themselves she angle is it shouldn't she be allowed to protect your child just so why are you trying to take this away from her somehow put it into the context i can ruin your view but i take away her choice
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detectorists did what kind of barbarian i'll use to write. that. my name is dave and i'm on tour with the. they ask if you question the watch. following a script written for them by the n.r.a. the ohio volunteer group will make hundreds of calls tonight the honorees are george donald trump with us from us to do everything in his power to protect our second amendment rights are you planning on or. one of the volunteers he's just twelve years old and has been working the phones in ohio for weeks. i doubt they saw. our shit or you know thank you god for. his mother says he's now made more than two thousand coolers urging voters to put donald trump in the white house. stage up to the finals yeah and then find a balance here in the epilogue is that chris thank you for taking the time to speak
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to us as callers pay. for. it thank you never greeting. the head of the n.r.a. recorded a widely broadcast message to its members celebrating trump's victory. on november eighth you the five million men and women of the national rifle association of america are more than tens of millions of gun owners all over this country who followed your lead achieved a truly extraordinary story even a hard growing accomplishment you were the special forces that swung this selection and sent donald trump and mike pence to the white house. but in fact friday night i'm gonna focus on a case i live on and i'm so happy about it because this is putting out a famous speech to everyone around the world that the people have is now happening .
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the one nation team gathers of the hotel. so was the sister. well it was just a lot of the time. they have meetings lined up and they're feeling buoyant. so you that was sitting in . washington they say to set the story we're talking about how we want you to. ashby calculates how far money from the gun lobby can push one nation's future. it would be changed you know now if we look to see you know now. you know i read that.
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if you were a twenty judge you would you would you in on a lot of house after you the results that. jessica trip might be that. we thought if one nation should get in here you know it's got to be because my state senate seats get bored easily don't tell me i'm in the bed of. the next day i should be a nixon visit the and i raise institute for legislative action if i'm fired so. brandy graham is a senior n.r.a. lobbyist it's a good job to make sure congress maintains a pro-gun agenda. the united states a lot of times they don't look at all stronger than half of what we have to make to
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knowing. she has a tip for one nation on how to mobilize pro-gun advocates work from the ground up. i don't care if you will. only have six of your buddies i'm writing on the far back and share them as long as they're twenty. four they sure whatever it is try to write if we have it both need to spend forty dollars or more and that's the reason it was. going to struggle is probably one of the most important thing it's a roy first brother saw it comes with i would lose both drugs if you're trying to play. the n.r.a. would welcome one nation using the right to self-defense as an argument to change a stranger's jungle was. i think it would be very beneficial if you are all able to take steps in the right direction to start providing protection chair people then again that helps us because the biggest hurdle i would get from feds it's
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a look at australia. that continually attack the us that's never ending. but we want to kill al that's a plan we don't charge that if we're going to go over this further go dark then go . they have to go to a politically correct problem and it is it's one portion or you know it will order the whole one which told. and to help stop that kicks in and asks for brandy graham's assistance with all the meetings in washington. people who might be aware of her have seen one symbol in for. people sitting good in stopping this impressions of her if you can portion or groups that people can you talk to we like to think we like money we do our people on the ground. graham offers to connect one nation to energy giant industries whose message of
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political donations put donald trump into wealth as. if he can talk about if that. you've got all sins and the other issue is that. whenever there was. a crowd quarrel. but graham has a warning for one nation guests public support for gun rights can carry a risk particularly when news breaks of another mess killing the. bus really is up and this is how we start a death that's which is crazy you know these people they hate guns but they're hollering they're going to shoot us it was. a gunman fires more than a thousand rounds from his hotel suite. coming. into a crowd attending a music concert followed by that was. everybody
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got a crack at. fifty nine with the molecule and in full heart before he won oh . my god the less vegas massacre is one of three hundred forty six mesh shootings the took place in the us that year. a children are being killed every day in this country over you know three hundred forty people are being shot every day. thirty nine thousand seven hundred seventy three people were shot dead in america in twenty seventeen. well if you were just if we get your gun my sure stupid you go unconscious trial date of how much the one nation visitors are meeting the n.r.a. is p.r.t.
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i watch after just there the people who deal with reporters when a mess shooting takes place. so you go out. as you see there's this big on the wall that says the size of my head. at the lowest dose side is one of the rays senior media liaison officers if another measure happens in a strain he advises one nation to smear supporters of gun control by accusing them of exploiting the tragedy there used to raise those children or. not is that if you. if your see isn't good enough to stand still oh. there. or. the really good that's a good we're able to always do the right behind it and want to drag him into it and there's a bad story might give a child gives further shock when. they want to call the n.r.a.
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first for a home what do we have to do with this. that's remote. part of the and i'll raise public relations team. we will not comment because we don't want our media that story they have nothing to do. so we generally just what. they do comment the n.r.a. has a blueprint for managing the media hafetz office and that is an effective communication strategy and that's what the n.r.a. gets very well read the people have had it we've had it with your narratives your propaganda your fake news. the n.r.a. attempt to critiques in the media it accuses them of being part of a detached elite. and being out of touch with main street america. we try very hard to promote that the n.r.a. is made up of average americans that look and sound like the rest of america that
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we're not like some sort of outlier one of the related. you have a bit the farmers the cowboys the loggers the drug grabbers you don't know the mountain the live on the land or the brave cops who fight the good fight in the war zone the national rifle association of america. predicts safest place and we've had it with your pretentious tone deaf assertion that you are in any way truth or fact based journalism. the big thing right now is to get your message out there on filter. we want to speak directly to our members and supporters. social media allows you. i pass through this. we're going to fisk the new york times and find out just what deep rich means to this old grey had we're going to laser focus on your so-called honest pursuit of truth.


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