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and more key figures about think it's about time to remove the president and appoint a good with less money however the opposition and the protesters are of the view that the trigger triggering article one hundred two won't solve the problems of algeria and that one needs to be done is to find someone else they are now talking about potential candidates like former president lee evans or well like. ben bate toure to lead a transitional council to draft a new constitution and then pave the ground for new parliamentary and presidential elections now local media is talking about key businessmen athletes and with the president who are barred from leaving the country it could be a sign that the army is sending reassurances of the people that while it is committed to trigger article one knows what the same time is it is telling the people that anyone who has been found guilty of wrongdoing or of babbling public phones will definitely face justice in the near future but as we speak the
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political crisis continues to deepen and that the agreements between the army on one hand the opposition and the protests on the other hand about a new roadmap for algeria well if you will in algeria we'd like you to help us tell this story get in touch with us on whatsapp or on telegram especially if you're attending a protest or if you want to share a video comment the number is plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine. well weather is next month still ahead on al-jazeera soon we will be with you . and enjoy all in the living musical. tributes at a national service tremendous victims of the new zealand mosque attacks. and relics of the post in ukraine but why the issue of corruption won't go away i had of sunday's presidential election.
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how i once again welcome saw the look of the international full cost of a lousy dry weather across eastern parts of the u.s. pushed into the east side of canada it'll change over the next couple days is there is a cloud are making their way from the west to a so some lobby downpours just coming into the plains as we go on through friday flooding concerns remain in place of course for the west we've got some snow that's making its way down to the cascades cross the northern rockies and just sliding down across the mountain states as we go on through the day west coast will be lousy driving getting up to twenty two celsius in l.a. sixteen sales of san francisco and for seattle and similar to temperatures similar said because as we go on through saturday little more cloud out towards the southwest and cola with more cloud into central areas as i said it will turn a little one settle day which was the eastern seaboard as we go on through the next
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couple of days and there we go or cloud coming in here rain and ice is the snow on the northern flank of that so winter hasn't quite done with this just yet most of the winter across the caribbean of course is what sunshine pretty much all the way but there is somewhat weather in place we got some heavy showers there just around hispaniola pushing down towards jamaica some of it as we go on through saturday but it should tell a little i brought a most. what waterboarding i said i absolutely believe that we should get to the. people in power investigates the private companies in the us and legit be complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation some euros once a day. or not a few are in the hands of. you can make the song. rendition visited.
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a reminder of the news this hour three female activists have been temporarily released in saudi arabia spending ten months in prison they have been freed after the second hearing of their trial which is still continuing. a u.n. investigator is calling for the eleven suspects in the mud of saudi journalists to be put on public trial the special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions i. said the closed door hearings in saudi arabia fall short of international standards. and chinese telecommunications giant huawei has reported a boost in profits despite
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a us campaign to blacklist the company over security concerns the company's twenty eight thousand profits rose by twenty five percent with total sales crossing over one hundred billion dollars. while al-jazeera is adrian brown joins us now live from beijing adrian given all the company's been through all these results a surprise. well let's put this into perspective i mean these are the two hundred eighteen results and for most of two hundred eighteen while we didn't have any serious problems with the united states with new zealand with australia and britain and other countries that have raised concerns security concerns over its equipment it's only in the last few months of two hundred eighteen that it's had these problems and going into two thousand and nineteen the figures to watch will be those for two hundred nineteen but this still proves that while away remains a symbol in many ways of all that china has achieved in the past thirty years it
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really is the crown jewels of china's economy tech is forefront of china's economy at the moment and while away is at the center of that nice figures demonstrate that way is now one of the most profitable companies in the world in spite of that campaign that's been led by the united states which has been trying to get while away blacklisted weiwei in many ways i think is trying to say look we are a transparent company we have nothing to hide and also these figures demonstrate something else that while sales of its equipment are not doing particularly well it's smartphones and tablets are and they're selling well not just in china but also in the developing world especially in africa where consumers don't have the same concerns that consumers in other countries do they see why our way is being a very cheap product cheaper than apple and samsung and also very efficient and cheap to use well adrian even though you say what way is the jewel of the china the
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chinese economy while his image does appear to have been tarnished by the campaign led by the us how is the family countering that especially abroad. well they are courting the western media i mean almost every week there are foreign journalists being taken on tours of of wire ways vast campus al jazeera was just a few weeks ago we attended a press conference where the senior executives of war way took questions from journalists of these questions interestingly were vetted in advance which is what normally happens press conferences here in china and i was asked to i was able to ask the there were toting their toting chairman of war away what his company would do if they received a request from the chinese government to hand over information in the interests of national security and the rotating chairman insisted that they never had any
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approach from the chinese government although if it was in the interests of national security then they would oblige and of course they would have no alternative but to oblige because of a security law that was passed here recently that forces all companies in china to comply with the country's security services if they receive a request for information but while way i think wants to demonstrate that actually as i say it has nothing to hide and i think this media offensive is going to continue at least i think until mongering joe the chief executive officer who's now being held in canada pending extradition to the united states is returned here to china is there is a jim brown there live for us in beijing thank you adrian. four days after the disputed election in the indian ocean island nation of kamar us four gunmen have been killed in a shootout with the military close to the capital morani local reports say the men were a group of soldiers accused of attempting a coup separately
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a presidential candidate solely he mohammed has been arrested mohammed who came fourth in sunday's election accuses the government of rigging the results he was hoping to unseat president mr money. on new zealand's prime minister has led a service of remembrance in christchurch to remember the fifty people who died in the last attacks are there as andrew thomas was there. what words to the prime minister can adequately express the pain and suffering of new zealand's darkest day what words captured the anguish of muslim communities targeted by hatred and violence what words expressed the grief of the city of christchurch and then she found them a salaam aleikum peace be upon you they were words just cinderella durned said she'd heard repeatedly over the last fourteen days but even the ugliest of viruses
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can exist in places they are not welcome. racism exists but it is not welcome here this service exactly two weeks off to be al gore and linwood mosques were targeted by a white extremist gunman was broadcast on big screens around the country representatives from more than fifty countries came to hear islamic welcomes and prayers. and then the slow recital of the names of those killed all fifty of them. among them was her made her husband survived on stage he spoke of forgiveness i don't support is the only action but at the same time i can not deny the fact that he is my human brother the daughter of another victim spoke to about her father he was a really nice man. thank you. i
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. there were performances to from local singers i was the use of islam cat stevens who sang about peace. to leave. me home twenty two people remain in hospital following march the fifteenth attack for them recovery will be slow the new zealand to this national remembrance has had a fema came up again and again in the speeches on stage and the theme was unity whether the divides people rally in opposition from the top of the program to the. we all one hundred thomas al-jazeera cross-check. well when ukraine's president petro poroshenko came to power five years ago he vowed to tackle corruption and with an election looming on sunday that promise could come back to haunt him
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corruption remains widespread and he's trailing in the polls john holl reports from kids on why it's such an important campaign issue and a warning viewers may find some of the images in this report distressing. this is the house that viktor yanukovych built on a sprawling estate costing an estimated four hundred million dollars all stolen from the taxpayer it's now a museum of corruption on a colossal scale but five years since ukraine's former president was forced to flee into exile in russia corruption remains an evil the country can't seem to shake off . reform where all there. is a state all the institutions are corrupt it's another day in court for vitale shaaban in a prominent activist who's made plenty of enemies investigating corruption among officials a chemical substance thrown at him last year did no lasting damage but it could
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have been worse another anti corruption activist catarina truck was the victim of an acid attack that killed her slowly after three agonizing months in hospital you're willing to die. but of course i'm looking today but for the job but you accept that that is a risk inherent in what you do in this country of course it's a risk the classic car collection of the young cop which is state is a testament to boundless greed and try as they did the protesters on kiev's my down square in two thousand and fourteen weren't able to wipe away the stain of corruption altogether. people are coming here to say that they cannot tolerate corruption in ukraine corruption clears the future alexander downer look was ukraine's finance minister until last summer when he was fired for refusing to be part of a government scheme to buy the votes of m.p.'s in parliament clearly wasn't prepared
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to play the game actually i was prepared and i was playing against these games dirty games of making money of stealing taxpayers' money corruption cannot stop in the middle otherwise it's not the corruption. it always goes up other words it's unsustainable the claim that corruption goes all the way to the top is nothing new in ukraine where animals in your new car which is private zoo bear witness to that . there are allegations directed at all close to the three leading candidates in this weekend's presidential election and a new law aimed at criminalizing the illegal enrichment of officials has been held up in the constitutional court the man who built all this former president viktor younger coverage now lives a life of obscurity in russia but despite efforts to reform it there are still traces of the system he left behind people who feel that a position in parliament a position in government are certain routes to easy riches and possibly in
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ukraine there always will be jonah hold al-jazeera kiev or thirty's in malta say they are back in control of a ship that was hijacked by asylum seekers off the coast of libya the migrants allegedly took over the edge he blew one after being told they wouldn't be going to europe maltese police are questioning five men who were on the vessel and immigration deputy prime minister mateo salvini has welcomed maltese intervention scientists are in geneva to discuss a global ban on so-called killer robots little lethal autonomous weapons that can kill and hunt without a human involved they don't exist yet but the debate has drawn attention to tech giants and their role in developing military artificial intelligence that might cross an ethical line our science and technology editor and the other hand has more . all we have here is our primary test facility i was driving around twenty four
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hours a day seven days a week robots road here being tested to deliver discover to do what they're programmed to do. but what you want to find here is a so-called kill of robot a fully autonomous weapon designed to hunt and kill without a human involved as far as we know they don't exist yet but canadian company clear path insists killer robots have no place on the battlefield we feel that that there is a a line which is being crossed with this technology we feel that on top of being riskier than anyone that actually appreciates right now there is a disconnect from there is an ethical and moral disconnect from. from war we think that these weapon systems are going to be used in all sorts of dangerous ways both by major powers and non-state actors alike i love. the risks
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of say i'm ashamed killing the wrong person of being hacked of engaging with another machine in a conflict a some of the reasons the company says it took a stand in two thousand and fourteen it has committed to not knowingly at least create fully autonomous weapons thousands of scientists engineers to companies and out official intelligence experts have done the same but they not shunning military contracts completely they say ai can be a valuable tool. the pentagon just last month called on big companies to help develop its ai capabilities russia and china are already investing in military ai technology i think it really first comes down to the responsibility of every engineer and developer to ensure that. the governments around the
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world are aware of the risks in the use of this technology and that these decisions are being made in a rational considered way and then from there perhaps they can start having conversations about. if their company in particular themselves in particular should work on these this technology take work as a demanding transparency is the bosses i knew had potentially lucrative defense contracts some of them have chosen to leave and work for companies like cleopatra it all boils down to wanting to know what they create and whether it's technology that could kill all save lives medium hond al-jazeera. hello i'm a stasi a ten doha with the headlines on al-jazeera three female activists have been temporarily released in saudi arabia to spending ten months in prison they've been
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freed after the second hearing of their trial which is still continuing there among eleven women arrested almost a year ago for the human rights work and united nations investigation is calling for the eleven suspects in the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi to be put on public trial the special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions and yes kalamata says the closed door hearings in saudi arabia for short of international standards . police in the philippines have a rest of the chief executive of the news website rappler the government says maria ressa violated laws which require all media to be one hundred percent filipino owned rappler has been critical of president ford rekers detesting chinese telecommunications giant huawei has reported a big boost in profits and sales shrugging off accusations its complicit in government spying the company's twenty eight hundred sales rose by almost twenty percent to more than one hundred billion dollars the u.s.
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and other western countries have recently moved to block while way technology citing security concerns denies accusations its technology can be manipulated by the chinese government. the pressure on algeria as president to step down is none ting some members of the opposition say they want more than. his resignation there demanding the removal of the entire regime four days after the disputed election in the indian ocean island nation of camorra us four gunmen have been killed in a shootout with the military close to the capital moroni local reports say the men were a group of soldiers accused of attempting a crew separately a presidential candidate story he solely he mohammed has been arrested mohammed who came forth in sunday's election accuses the government of rigging the results he was hoping to unseat president use or money or thirty's and also say they are back in control of a ship that was hijacked by asylum seekers off the coast of libya the migrants
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allegedly took over took over the el hebrew one after being told they wouldn't be going to europe well those are the headlines and i'll be back with more news here after people in power. africa's most populous nation the blah just economy has a youth unemployment problem and a bit to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital ion co-incidence folding we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on ounces era. america's president from the police told should workers he's pledged to keep the contaminated detention facility opens and is said to bring back to pull the suspects so in the first of a special two project best to go. into the u.s.
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state that was once the halls of america's illegal program offering dish and tools to ask whether the u.s. could be about to return to a dog chapter in the nation's history. smithfield's north carolina. a quiet backwater in america's south. on the face of it an unremarkable bible belt town talk timid rural wooded countryside. but thirteen years ago stories started to emerge
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suggesting something sinister was going on. mysterious flights leaving from the lives an airport. people were being seized from their homes and streets around the world transported to foreign prisons and secret cia interrogation camps known as black sites. you feel some sort of them would give often. reported in the book for. somebody for. the covert operation officially called extraordinary rendition took place in the years between two thousand and two to two thousand and nine. in north carolina labels began calling the flights from their local airports torture taxes this was a planned orchestrated program of kidnapping for torture i found that to be just
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intolerable we spoke to a woman whose husband was another victim of rendition. to this day the truth about the cia's rendition program and the role of north carolina's airports remains officially shrouded in secrecy. get out your ass if you think tonight from al-jazeera television we're making a program about cia or indifferent. i and investigations aren't welcome. thore well you think you. know her. nor all question i mean he's going to start with he's going to call the police yet he's not interested in the. nine eleven the deadliest
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attack ever on american soil the mass murder of nearly three thousand people a defining moment in american history which was to leave a toxic legacy in its wake the u.s. launched a global war on terror including a convert program of kidnap and torture the secretary of state at the time was general colin powell his chief of staff was colonel larry wilkerson today he says that operation was a terrible mistake and still doing irreparable damage to the united states moral position in the world as a leader of human rights and human dignity and rule of law and so forth we no longer are seen as a leader indeed by more than two billion people in the world according to polls were considered the number one threat to their future. alison case in lives near johnston regional airport one of the two north carolina
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airports used to say good rendition flights she took me that. so if you will down there that's aero contractors. are a contract is are really cool firm that supplied planes for the secret cia program . in the years following two thousand and five allison and her friends began to investigate every contract is she realized that some of the people involved with the company people she knew one was an attorney to. had children the same age as my always and it was shocking because they were prominent members of the community so they put themselves out there as being you know. standard of morality. it took
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real courage for these local women and their supporters to investigate and to confront what was being done in the state. of the. city was. done to confront it they did you see that were contacting them here to ask them to come out and meet with us which they did not do the whole way take. us senate intelligence committee figures suggest one hundred nineteen individuals held by the cia nearly a quarter of whom were later found to be improperly detained in much of the program and the possibly many hundreds more seized remains unnamed. but what's clear air a contract has played a central role transporting forty nine individuals for interrogation.
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on the other side of the world in london i think makes at westminster university have pieced together how the program worked aero contractors maintained and operated to their profit in particular which was central to the war on terror and the torture program the evidence is absolutely inconscious. the torture program took place and it violated their math ignorance national law many many points and that north carolina air was central to about program. we traveled to gratz nostra to meet khalid el masry in late two thousand and three he was arrested on holiday at the macedonian border he was then taken to a small hotel room where an official accused him of being a member of al qaeda and certainly should be punished. from the mother
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who's in the school. with jesus i. can see them dressed in. college was telling the truth he was not a member of al qaeda shockingly this was a case of mistaken identity but they came was he was hunted a wity us agents and bundled onto an air a contract his plane. from. america should have been done for fear for life even our. own human. unnamed to him his destination was a site in afghanistan used for cia interrogation one of the network of foreign prisons and secret so-called cia black sites places where suspected terrorists many of whom turned out to be innocent was systematically tortured in a brutal theater to gain intelligence.
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this man was a career cia operative his name is glenn hall he vividly remembers his first impression of one cia interrogation cound in an unnamed country. inside it is immediately. pitch black. as black as any darkness you have ever experienced. you cannot see. you you could not see your fingers here in front of absolute darkness. and disorienting and deafening. silence a brutal regime designed to undermine prisoners sense of self and induce helpless dependent. we think unconsciously that. the sun will rise once
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a day and then sets into the day that's one of the defining unthought of realities of life not if you're in the hands of the cia we can make the sun shine or not. when he had been assigned to interrogate a captured prison and he didn't have to nature out what he was expected to do. so the instructions were you will do whatever it takes to get him to talk do you understand and then it was pressure him pressure him it was the word frequently used pressure him turn up the pressure on him. be creative and i was literally literally stunned i responded we don't do that he said well we do not know
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my thought was pardon me for this and i thought these are this is very clear my thought was hold it this is clearly one of the critical moments in the history of the united states we're talking about torturing and that is illegal. and. i wouldn't do it declassified documents prison as accounts and reports outline a regime of abuse euphemistically named as enhanced interrogation subsequently denounced as torture techniques included waterboarding simulated drowning rule slamming sleep deprivation extreme stress positions and sexual and psychological abuse. is as or best man did be that europe has or not it's all or them even dimensions or see the fact that some are done via the
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finish the necessary. to god be a strong shock the nagas fights you as ignorant as a guard. unarmed in which os it. was first. on the shelves. in the modern aggressiveness. of su dismissal my colleague was held without any explanation the cia realized very soon that they got the wrong man but it took more than four months before he was released they put him on a plane to albania drove him to a remote location and then dumped him on the underfunded in ireland. and the not for lawson or friendly and. moneys or who gave. them the vial. today he is free but still paying the price suffering severe psychological trauma
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and whilst macedonia has apologized for its road and his friend issues he.


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