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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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and for example only kingdoms. and other countries to address this question squarely at the recent conclusion of a kind of coming to understanding the lumber of. european governments on this issue suggests that the european governments a lot all following the united states. as a kind of one size fits all. tactic banding while all that because really there are there are the replacements and of course there are concerns well i think while quite a while working with governments to address them and how long that speaking to us from hong kong and independent china as us thank you andrew. thank you very much of the. weather is next but still ahead on al jazeera arrested again the journalist whose news site has criticized the philippines government. and dramatic rescue
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attempts as fire and gulf the taliban and bangladesh its capital. we've got something of a law in the weather across the middle east at the moment so we have got some dry weather coming into iran but if it is iran of course but i'm afraid there are more showers along the spoils of rain in the forecast if a bit of cloud over towards pakistan towards afghanistan this next day every cloud just store around and east side of iraq than another weather system which will make its way into that eastern side of the med pushing across the levant as we go through friday snow with all the flank of that so parts of turkey still see some wintry weather is that clear weather there for much of around toronto sixteen celsius we go on into saturday the cloud will increase temperatures to pick up the
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tarantula eighteen celsius he says that it is generally dry but to the west of that we've got more heavy rain possibility of some localized flooding pushing into parts of lebannon easing across into syria that will gradually make its way into iran as we go into the early part of next week and it will bring further flooding i fear across the web in finnish air it's generally dry little bits and pieces of cloud around here that travel thicken up over towards the gulf as we go on through us as they fit a few spots of right possible about it might even catch you out show here in. who wasn't sponsored by qatar and. isn't the problem for your crown that they really don't have a hell of course jim oberg good but he does have a corruption question really doesn't look good for the image that it appears that there are people who really will have known voters will decide to be with you get while there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.s. across the globe to for that is called for
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a bridge doesn't build those who breaks will join me in front of my guests from around the world and we debate the week's top stories are the issues here and i'll just it. hello again i'm. reminded of the news this hour three female activists have been temporarily released in saudi arabia after spending ten months in prison and they've been freed after a second hearing and their trial which is still going on. a united nations investigator is calling for the eleven suspects in the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi to be tried in public the special rapporteur on extrajudicial
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executions i mean it's kind of odd says the closed door hearings in saudi arabia fall short of international standards. and chinese telecommunications giant huawei has reported a boost in profits despite a u.s. campaign to blacklist the company over security concerns raised twenty eight hundred profits rose by twenty five percent with total sales of more than one hundred billion dollars. police in the philippines have arrested the chief executive of the news website rappler the government says maria ressa violated laws requiring all media to be completely filipino and has repeatedly denied its news agency receives foreign funding supporters of ressa say the arrest is an attack on free speech to melinda going to has more from manila. maria ressa was arrested this morning shortly after she landed from san francisco where it was met by police the warrant was issued yesterday it was one of the many cases that maria and several
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members of rappler of the local news outlets is facing in different courts across manila she is able to post bail and in a few hours she should be released already she has released a statement basically through her lawyers saying that she has no intention of invading a rests or moving to a different country to avoid prosecution she said that she will face these cases in court fairly and squarely in the hopes the truth will prevail in the end but there are critics media experts who believe that the case is filed against her and rappler has a stronger broader impact on how journalists operate in the field across the country more than ninety percent of journalists killed in the philippines are community journalists those who work in the provinces without enough legal and physical protection and this is what everybody wants to protect really the long term impact of harris meant against journalists however the philippine government say all the mario ressa has to do together with other members of rappler is to
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really phase all these charges fairly and squarely in different courts the un security council is meeting to discuss the deteriorating situation in mali while some contributing countries are scaling back their operations there the u.n. is calling for more resources and troops as fighting intensifies nicholas hype reports. we're in camp cast or in northern mali and this is a base where there are more than thirty nationalities you have canadian forces swedish el salvador bangladeshi forces just to name a few make no mistake this is an international effort to try to bring back peace in mali and beyond its borders but the situation is deteriorating on sunday more than a hundred villagers were killed in what appears to be a form of ethnics cleansing the international criminal court will investigate what is happening here but this is also the deadliest peacekeeping operation ever for
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the united nations more blue helmets are here than in any other previous mission their lifeline are the canadian forces who are in charge of mehdi backing frontline troops now they are expected to leave in july their mission and that in an unprecedented move the united nations have asked them to stay on the macos the government and the army there are unable to control the borders of this vast country and the region here that is as big as the european union and a lot is that seek to try to disrupt the migration routes through europe the drug trafficking and human trafficking through as well as well as bringing back peace and security in this region the u.n. security council is meeting to try to get more troops on the ground but make no mistake the u.n. alone cannot fix this at stake is the lives of millions of people not just in mali but beyond its borders who are victim of an unending conflict. and gyptian
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delegation has been in israel and gaza trying to negotiate a peace deal they have as it follows and major escalation this week between israel and hamas out of there is how a force that has more now from gaza city. well after the latest escalation earlier in the week another relatively calm day in gaza but the next two days friday and particularly saturday could well be a lot more tense saturday is the first anniversary of the great march of return the massive border protests that have taken so much attention during the course of the last twelve months i have seen so much bloodshed more than six and a half thousand people injured by israeli sniper fire more than two hundred fifty palestinians killed during the course of those protests and hamas is calling on a major mobilization of people to go and protest again on saturdays and mark that anniversary at the same time as there's been a big mobilization of israeli forces on the other side the prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu was visiting those troops today saying that he had mobilized extra forces to ensure that israel could carry out a broader military operation if so required but said that would only take place if all other options had been exhausted and those other options really center on the progress being made or otherwise of egyptian medias who are now mediators rather who are now back inside gaza having been inside israel earlier on thursday trying to come to some kind of long term truce between hamas and israel as they have been for many months now the speculation is about some kind of a deal involving easing of import restrictions into gaza easing of fishing restrictions job creation in alliance with the united nations but the israeli government the israeli prime minister in particular is under a good deal of pressure given that he's just a couple of weeks away from an election to project strength rather than give hamas too much already he's been criticized for not having done enough in response to a rocket launch earlier this week and so there is
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a big military presence on the israeli side and we're expecting a big protest on the gaza side on saturday so that does make for a very volatile mix. well the pressure on algeria as president to step down is increasing some members of the opposition say they want more than underlies a specific his resignation they're demanding the removal of the entire regime and that includes the army chief he has suggested a constitutional measure that could remove the president on medical grounds his proposal was backed up by the ruling f.l.n. party on wednesday has an arm bar has more from neighboring tunisia president abdelaziz bouteflika is practically left alone the mother of the presidential palace has been abandoned by the army by his own party the national liberation front by somehow these are lies like the former prime minister ahmed here by a big trade union and more key figures are now thinking it's about time to remove
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the president appoint a week with glassman however the opposition and the protestors are of the view that it triggered a triggering article one no two won't solve the problems of algeria and that one needs to be done is to find someone else they are now talking about potential candidates like former president lee i mean like. ben bate toure to lead a transitional council to draft a new constitution and then pave the ground for a new parliamentary and presidential election now local media is talking about key business men affiliated with the president who are barred from leaving the country it could be a fine but the army is sending reassurances to the people that while it is committed to trigger article one or two bodies same time it is telling the people that anyone who has been found guilty of wrongdoing ordered babblings public phones will definitely face justice in the near future but as we speak the political
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crisis continues to deepen and that the agreements between the army on one hand the opposition and the protesters on the other hand about a new road map for algeria. four days after the disputed election in the indian ocean island nation of camorra us four gunmen have been killed in a shootout with the military close to the capital morani local reports say the men were a group of soldiers accused of attempting a crew separately a presidential candidate solely he mohammad has been arrested mohammed who came fourth in sunday's election accuses the government of rigging the results he was hoping to unseat president. at least nineteen people have died in a large fire in a tower block and bangladesh's capital dhaka firefighters along with teams from the air force and navy spent hours trying to put out the blaze. as crews battle to bring the fire that engulfed this high rise building in dhaka on
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to control the many in the commercial area of the city it was a ready too late. some felt trying to escape others climb down anyway they can't let me go to plano it's only only a because we noticed that in the beginning there was fire on one floor only in floor six or seven it was possible to stop the fire on the floor of steps were taken quickly with a guy jumping out of maybe like the seven of the eight or eight ninth floor there was like a lot of smoke and i was probably suffocating them so he literally just jumped off watching from the pack streets below crowds gathered desperate for news of those trapped inside a smoke rose to each of the towers nineteen close and connecting building. the bangladeshi navy and air force join the rescue effort and lifting some who managed to make it to the rooftop that present it with more than five equipment we can gauge just with the two started building but. beyond that we cannot go.
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more than eighteen million people live in dhaka it's one of the world's most densely populated cities the city has struggled to enforce fire safety codes especially in older buildings. last month more than seventy people were killed in a fire in an old neighborhood of dhaka and nine years ago another quiet killed more than one hundred people due to an illegal chemicals warehouse near a residential area now as emergency crews searched the wreckage of the latest fire they say it's still a rescue operation until everyone. it's the counter. or thirty's and mull to say they are back in control of a ship that was hijacked by asylum seekers off the coast of libya the migrants allegedly took over the el he blew one after being told they wouldn't be going to europe police questioning five men who were on board italy's and immigration deputy
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prime minister has welcomed malta's intervention well to cause one of the world's most congested cities will finally get its first mass rapid transit system the project has been stalled for decades but it's one of several infrastructure projects that the government hopes will promote economic growth florence really has more from jakarta. jakarta's long awaited mass rapid train system is finally here was and it's proving a hit more than ten million people work and live in the indonesian capital and the m r t goes a long way in easing the city's notorious traffic congestion. this is a massive in the nation finally has a name marty just like other country that has been heavy get for years it is also i am very proud moment i usually take an old bus to office but no i'm provided with these very comfortable public transportation i hope people who make cars to office
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will use this facility. there's only one line at the moment running from south jakarta to the city center covering a distance of sixteen kilometers the plan is to expand this to eventually cover one hundred twelve kilometers with more than sixty stations by twenty twenty five since coming to power in two thousand and fourteen president joe kudo's administration has prioritized infrastructure development like this one as one of the ways to unlock the country's economic potential other projects include the construction of ports roads power plants and oil refineries since the country is moving from the commodity base to the manufacturing base producing more high value at products it needs quite calm but the. system exporting goods from any genre or just sending them around the country is expensive logistics costs make up around twenty
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four percent of g.d.p. much higher than the regional average but the infrastructure projects also come at a price they're estimated to cost four hundred billion dollars over five years adding to government debt levels but the government says that the debt is manageable by law we are allowed to go to sixty percent but remember percent. number two all the loan that we got to be a look at the productive projects or begin to be from the project to the lord so i don't see that much problem but the economic growth that was supposed to happen on the back of infrastructure development hasn't yet materialized g.d.p. growth has hovered around five percent in the last five years while that can be considered a pretty solid number for some countries it's below the government's target of seven percent and it's not enough for indonesia's development needs and ambition. condiments generally agree indonesia has to keep spending and not just on building
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roads railways and other facilities but we also need the soft infrastructure what i mean about this stuff infrastructure is for instance capital human capital to float one which. is one of the top by at the of the government education in health care for instance have been given bigger allocations in the state budget physical infrastructure but jakarta's newly opened m.r.c. is only part of what indonesia needs to boost its economy flaunts al-jazeera jakarta. hello i missed doha with the headlines on al-jazeera three female activists have been temporarily released in saudi arabia after spending ten months in prison they have been freed after a second hearing in their trial which is still going on and united nations
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investigation is calling for the eleven suspects in the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi to be tried in public the special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions on yes says the closed door hearings in saudi arabia fall short of international standards. chinese telecommunications giant huawei has reported a boost in profits despite a u.s. campaign to blacklist the company over security concerns quote weighs twenty eight hundred profits rose by twenty five percent with total sales of more than one hundred billion dollars. police in the philippines have a rest of the chief executive of the news websites rappler the government says maria ressa violated laws requiring all media to be completely filipino and rappler has been critical of president ford ricotta tatay jamila. has more from the nella maria ressa was arrested this morning shortly after she landed from san francisco where it was met by police the warrant was issued yesterday it was one of the many
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cases that maria and several members of rappler the local news outlets is facing in different courts across manila she is able to post bail and in a few hours she should be released already she has released a statement basically through her lawyers saying that she has no intention of arrests or moving to a different country to avoid prosecution she said that she will face these cases in court fairly and squarely in the hopes the truth will prevail in the end the pressure on algeria as president to step down is increasing some members of the opposition say they want more than. his resignation there demanding the removal of the entire regime four days after the disputed election in the indian ocean island nation of camorra us four gunmen have been killed in a shootout with the military tries to the capital moroni local reports say the men were a group of soldiers accused of attempting a crew separately
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a presidential candidate mohammed has been arrested those are the headlines next stop the stream to stay with us. amnesty international an organization focused on human rights around the world now amnesty itself is facing allegations of abuse and mistreatment by its own staff has honesty fall into the lowest point in its history do you think misty's secretary general could mean i do talks to al-jazeera. i our family ok our enjoying the strain we are live on al-jazeera. today changing the way society looks at people with disabilities we look at a viral hash tag that's challenging misconceptions of disability dating and body image. but in the interview and i'm the disability aware
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father and the creator of the disabled blair i asked her you know are in the student. body positive hashtags like disabled people i hope it's ad hoc person will share of being shared on social media to highlight and aspects of people with disabilities that isn't represented in popular culture disabled unsexy this is what disability awareness consultant as a he just saw had to say about the hash tag he created. this exam twitter and i just didn't get it will be really hard and i got the notification that this has never been in before and i thought wow there's something i can do with this i ran with it i did a really quick tweet saying if you have if you're disabled and you have a picture of yourself to make you feel good sexy happy. that you're proud of the simple reason post here using the hash tag and i didn't think anything of it. you
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know trivial thing going to things are always are also put out there didn't take in . and i went to an early release morning which was blowing up with mentions with tabs like. i think that disabled people just wanted another outlet to justin's out they think they're all of this stuff was happening before my has that in my hashtag certainly not the creation of legs taken silly of course not but it gave us an elder lead to do that it was permission to say yeah i did actually today i do feel sensual today i do feel really good about myself today as a disabled person and i'm going to protect your back and i think it's amazing to me that it's gone so far all over the world around people they were harmed as they were going the other is we did tare story plea to disabled people or. to be considered in time we can tell and show going to be continued non-sexual is actual . and we are afraid that by making them sexual. they are
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too much like the ones who are really us who are afraid to admit that somebody who is who has a badly difference or who has really could be considered exactly that scared us as a society because one day disability is going to affect all of us and that and that really will tear muscle to think something that was considered wrong is that. has talked more about these issues on set lawrence carter long director of communications for the disability rights education and defense fund he's based in berkeley california in essex in the u.k. admiral foodless strike she is a power limp a welsh and racer and disability rights activist adie monterrey mexico money and hell gas the us a disability and diversity activist she's also the founder of the nonprofit mexican women with disabilities i guess it is so good to have you here so much to talk
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about let me start here with mommy cough a mommy cough says this hash tag is really fun made me smile i think it does raise the issue in a non-contentious way the issuance is what well i think the issue for me what this illustrates what andrew's story illustrates is that disabled people are asking for anybody's permission anymore we're the owners were claiming or we're putting it out there into the world you know for most of human history disability was just the diagnosis that's all you got yeah what andrew's story and i think what the popularity of these hashtags street is that if you ask disabled people what the word means to them you're going to get a variety of responses we're going to get history you're going to get community you're going to get constituency you're going to get identity and you're going to get sexy and i think that really shows how far we've come and how far were coming in society and how those changes are being made in that people are claiming it for themselves and that. you know access to top post we have to identify that
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actually disability is not a problem it's not a shortcoming. and people with disabilities i just saw tired of being put in a box and global and you know our disability people don't have feelings disability people don't do this and that and i think we've reached a time where we want to come out of that box you know out of the out of the cool and sort of just be ourselves express who we are and also let me say let me in you say that i think it goes just be hard to beyond the hash tag. it doesn't end there because we're not just about the hashtag we are more than that but the hashtag has created a very good conversation actually accepted the challenge oh ok oh it let me just see what the auto i have here we have a very good looking bunch of guests here the only time i will ever say to string guess i guess you look hot so let me just see what i have here this is a beautiful picture and. tell us about the speech and what was behind it.
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but you know when you when you look at this picture what do you see do you just see and ricin chair i look at that body look at my mass was look at my hair when i eat you see a presentation of someone who loves ourself and and that's that's who i am i love myself have never actually let my disability hold me back or prevent me from enjoying life doing the things that any other woman would like to do i'm just thinking about what you do in my own hell which is help people who have disabilities you take pictures of them you make them feel powerful why do you do that how does that help you think. are all already awake. or we are i don't think we need going again. by now. but a very important part of. when. people feel.
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the need of the military you can be really proud of your disability and the only other way to be heard and not happy with having a disability for one thing that i do think it's important that we all wanted and want we all too well and to feel that we we can be ours and we wanted this. hearing and make sure you are there and that labeling yourself that in your. area you could also be that as any other that you want because you could be anything we want . at the same yourself that you are out and you out of it and here is our hope and in need that you go through the legacy whatever and actually. there are. and i really like what marianne you're saying because it's not just about the outsides you know or the outward appearance the outlook is you know empowerment
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must come from within so when you're feeling good about your sash on the inside you has sought to express it on the outside and you know you look at yourself you look at your reflection in the mirror and you look at this beautiful gorgeous passed on and it's not just outright you know it's comes from inside and to need that is empowerment the most important part of this i think is one people gets who when they see the pictures and they see the hash tag disabled people are hard one they can be see themselves in that picture somewhere they can start to think of themselves a little differently in a way that they've never had the opportunity to do before i'll be fifty two years old this year i did not get involved the disability community until i was about thirty five other people shouldn't have to wait that was what we're starting to see with people claiming it themselves putting it out there for themselves is you know the sentence is nothing about us without us that that has to go to community as kind of adopted other social justice movements abusive what we're starting to see now. is an updated version of that which basically says nothing without us period
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right so it could be jobs it could be employment it could be education we're also saying we're clearly norway it's in our stake to be a part of everything that you folks non-disabled folks take for granted and i think that's the real power of these campaigns i'm going to show you thought i got another comment and how tough a moment i have to show everybody the way that i call to know your light switches as a doll yes i did say to us adults right xplain as we look at your south hand so just no you know i'm so. surprised i had more hair among. people you don't like thinking disability in the world heart don't go together they didn't think disability in a word dance go together either and it's so little over a decade ago i was involved with a project with a choreographer in new york city high lasky we called the show because we knew that i walked a little different way we know people do disability know who they are and what
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their situations are this was a troop of people who are disabled and disabled we toured the world reopen the dublin dance festival we went to katmandu we did lincoln nebraska we were leading a challenge people's perceptions down a level people who are. disabled can't and don't well there's a swan motion right that says well anybody can dance well that's true anybody can dance in the living room anybody can sing in the shower not everybody there is going to be an on stage performer that everybody is going to have people paid to see that performance so we had to be better than good at all these assumptions about all that's so nice that since we know that so we're looking for a sense here and another thing you've got to bring that intensity to it themselves and that intensity itself right that passion that power that's something to say will people know we hang out we talk to each other we sort of bring that every day this is something this is a glimpse of our world that the non-disabled community haven't seen before and they're just starting to get them i have to. introduce guest tom shakes me into
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this conversation there is a very famous professor of disability research he wants the bust a few misconceptions that non-disabled people have about disabled people here yes biggest myth that disabled people face is a myth or they sexuality it's the water in the media and in just ordinary life that we're no instant sex that we don't need sex education that we don't have babies that we don't have side effects it's a myth that's not true the evidence is that in britain and around the world people with disabilities have sex so bury the myth that they sexuality please i guess a smiling we were priceless catherine a mother of one. how do you how do you respond to what thomas saying let me just tell you something you know i really like what he's saying i remember when when i was pregnant you know i was once you know sort of like willing myself in the
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street and i saw these women looking at me with some really weird eyes and one of them whispered to the other who is that horrible man who did this to this woman and you know i looked at them and i was like oh i you talking about my going off my bomb you know and i was like nah actually for someone to have a baby you have sex and i mean sex is between a man and a woman but if you are having to conceive a baby and it was in the natural way and this just shows that actually when we talk about sexuality and attractiveness and beauty these are these are three different things because. you know when you can be attracted to people in a different way you don't get attracted to someone just because they're disabled or because they're just a size zero or because they're blonde or what i think is more that make someone attractive and in my case i think for me to really go ahead and. find
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a man you know and with a man and have a baby that was a miracle to some people but i look at it and i'm like no i am a woman and it happens because disability does not take that away or is it about as natural as anything can that right you can't get much more natural than that i mean i just had time shakespeare and one of his compatriots penny pepper in the u.k. talks about it if you can imagine people with disabilities in the regions i've worked every having sex being sexy that says more about your lack of imagination than it says about people with disabilities and i'm thinking the penny pepper writes fiction or rather a writer he writes erotica is able disability or disability or to write this is this is interesting what is the porn and inspiration porn if you want to consider now if that were the i know there are. clashing here you know little also just say that actually attraction is between two people and it could be between two people who are you know who both have a disability it could be between someone with
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a disability and someone without and it's ability so we need to kill or this misconceptions are disabled people don't have sex or disabled people are only attracted to other disabled people you know we need to clear on that let me ask you one very personal question if i may your hubby. is disabled or non-disabled. the father of my child is not is not disabled it doesn't have a disability and you know actually you know that i've always said this funny story that when i was growing up enough and being a woman with a disability i was a third class citizen you know double jeopardy i'm not just a woman you know but woman with a disability oh my good. just me that was so about who would want to get married to a disabled woman i couldn't go to the river am i couldn't look after my husband i couldn't bear cubes that is what it was you just yet you were written off as a camel with with disabilities you had no future i was completely written off and i
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tell you what the one men who are attracted to me and as soon as they would sort of let's try to get a little bit serious their families will discourage them why because this was just something very different stamp how can you bring a man with a disability in our home or into our family. let me show up there put this to my own hell this is from holly greta on twitter she says it is unbelievable that in twenty nineteen we still believe that disability is the end of the world that we as disabled people are not worthy of basic human emotions and needs we are still believed to be so different an able person which is untrue and i'm going to just click on a picture of you with your man looking very happy. yeah how does it ok with you. then go ahead i mean it almost feels like today where stating the obvious but it's not obvious for many people why and how so how would you ever extrapolate a little bit more for us. i do think that the green tweet by the way i just think
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that what we're talking about disability and i think the main like to live in the enemy issue about it is that the focus on our the narrative about this is valid and the way that we think about in the galaxy is mostly comes from e.d.m. pop culture if we don't have the education or the concepts of positive conflict about our identities being in in what will they or the way we live or the spread that we have then we absorb everything from media and culture so to me else mean that apply that unacceptable lotty look why not is able or you media tell me that we're all in the psychic you never the leading lady in the movie and we cannot fall in love and in mexico and i know about a fellow that you know the bad guy at the end of having a belly like it's some kind of art so that that's the first narrative that we have in our mind when even. you know that the person was ability to believe that and i
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regret when i when i was young i actually leaving when the fifteen that i've never who have been recalled one of the was a girl who could not dance was in a wheelchair and this narrative that we believe. and i have because i know my life relationships and i have a relationship and i do think it's something that doesn't it hurt people but it all the active mostly come from able people and the second by our idea that. yeah we get. people that matter and for that people it would be a woman and a woman or a man and a man and and different way that that is like the different way people. look at me and i ran away about which way to all that like everybody had different way of doing that it's not like. that and sometimes believe
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that if we think that that old men or able people will get it and you third. that obviously you're going to then you have that they're going to you're going to think that you're not going to be able and that is not and i would have met you but that is one of the things. because we exist in a world and in different cultures that don't have one built with us in mind disabled people are masters of innovation we're really good it improv our daily lives are like jazz we have to just lay it out as we go along and so you know if you're playing some coltrane some magic is going to happen and that's what goes down and the same is true when it comes to our intimate relationships i think part of the the lesson here if we were speaking particularly to non-disabled people and disabled people i could maybe have never been introduced to it before is you've got to release those expectations right you've got to liberate yourself from those
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close minded notions you've got to expand the possibilities of what your life and what those opportunities can be now there are two different ways to do that write one you're a disabled person get to know other disabled people they can show you the ropes they've been there longer they've been doing it that's very important like i said i was thirty five before i did that i've had cerebral palsy my entire life the other thing is be there for somebody else right if you got a foot in the door if you got an opportunity if you got away and open that door invite other people have might be that mentor be that. cord for somebody else to think people need to understand that this is everybody right but do we not disabled people needed states eighty percent of those who are disabled become disabled later in life not everybody is lucky as i am to be born with a disability and so what we've got to do is find ways in for those people not the wait till it directly effects you right till your son is born with autism or a daughter born with that with down syndrome or till your cousin comes back from
1:41 pm
iraq or afghanistan missing away i'm i have to show you this because it just makes it exactly the point you're making craig haynes is watching right now and you i can't wait to watch this story i've been in the chair for eleven years i woke up one day how lies from the chest down i have t.v.'s. so not entire life of disability but at one point then you became part of the fifteen percent there's three percent in the when and if you're lucky enough right what was said was age in the disability right at some point the hearings that as good as they used to be start to go early here for a little walking so what that forces you to do is get creative right so you can stand up to now you know do not say yes i do know what i say disability does not come with a manual it doesn't come with a manual and i say yeah we're so innovative when i disability knocks or when you acquire disability when they go on with it on a time like you just have to go on with life i've always said to people that sometimes you eva seen all right you know but also let us not forget about all
1:42 pm
those disabled people who are not actually consenting to sex but they're being abused or they're being taken as a whole new angle yes i mean we need to hear that and we need to ask for that and i think that is something that's really really. angers me you know this is this is a group of that is what people have been forgotten we are here we can't speak for ourselves because we know what to do we you know you can sort of have an and a fan you know like you can go out and what it is you know and robert culp. what she knew right now and he says i knew two people without disability often tell us with disabilities how to do things instead of listening to us first we had best how to cope with that individual situation that goes not just for this personal intimate conversation we're having but in the way that you actually run your entire lives there's something that i've just done if i may i just need it in from the university of sheffield have a listen to christy lydia out because she's part of that force is trying to change
1:43 pm
people's hearts and minds have a listen and i like even a project called living life to the fullest with disabled john people who know exactly who to trust in one interviews about sexuality and inclusion and what better sex education and they want space to go about into the same sex and love and support to do so they don't want to shame around sexuality that often may need to feel you they don't want to be defined by how the media representation is that position the same people as largely i sexual on desire to own to marry they just want support an acknowledgement of the sexuality is from others under news around the why and how you'll get a way to change the way people see they've all disabilities how do we do the whole . i do think it's very important that we have that and that there is not a single disability story. it's something that we have to get into our minds
1:44 pm
because i was just saying that even though i'm a mexican woman we have this ability with a minority to. have everything i'm more exposed to to being. in the sexual abuse in life and i still have the privilege because i have the opportunity to be here if i had a college like if there is a difference that we have to understand that we all have different visions or that a belief in different story show and if we have that in mind easier for us to understand why you have so important stories i tell my what only other day what i will almost at the end of the one show marianne how something else you just tell us that that story in forty seconds of how. i guess i was something to offend was ability a girl and she cannot run we're talking about that and talking about how is it for me that i can actually move my arms but how for her that she can and i will tell her like you have or you have to talk about it because the power that has the
1:45 pm
particular areas in the being hot it was the thing that made people belong like everybody and they could belong to the whole story that was similar to that so i just think that what we need are doing telling our story that we need more platforms and i think where there's a presentation of our stories and and making a community through that are i as going back to social just from moment but to reach a pal subject like campaign and yes they are hot complement to the guests we are never going to say how to get them or very. how to write about i'm blushing a little bit today i don't see why disabled people wouldn't be attractive people are people things like you are resonating with that audience in a sentence lawrence wright a software. we're all better off when we have a diverse group of people together in the same room in the same world in the same community sharing their experiences and learning from each other the bottom line i
1:46 pm
got to go back to it once again it's not nothing with about us without us it's nothing without us period if you're not involving disabled people you're missing out that's what adenhart me and hal thank yous seven much for bringing a hot mess to the school today we appreciate it that's a lesson everybody. the above. in africa's technological at the center been awful us and brutal poverty to live side by side. in its first episode life ups challenges kenya up developers to help small scale farmers cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it's us but simply because it's all over the board for people to go live outside silicon savannah on al-jazeera.
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with bureaus running six continents across the globe. al-jazeera as correspondents live and bring the stories they tell all of this was not a good use of us not the lesser scale. we're at they were still barraged out for palestinian brothers al-jazeera fluent in world news. and a time off change in discovery dead things that it dated and then. you see a time to forge an identity not saying anything bad about accepting the baby fact i mean your whole life plans get really disgusting nine hundred ninety nine south africa up revisits the children of apartheid seventy years on as they grow and develop their countries fourteen up south africa part two on al-jazeera.
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rewinds continues to care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of all diseases documentaries the struggle continual book from bug did to now or is distance revisiting this silver friends we're going back to a poor south african neighborhood where music and tradition come together in an annual competition looking forward to only a reward all knowledge is ear. three female activists are granted temporary released from jail in saudi arabia the women say they were abused in prison. hello i missed audiotape and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the
1:49 pm
u.n. calls on saudi arabia to make public the trials held over the matter of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. chinese tech giant trois way reports a boost in profits despite a u.s. campaign to blacklist the company. and . tributes. to remember the victims of the new zealand's last attack. three female activists in saudi arabia have been granted temporary release after spending ten months in prison they've been freed after the second hearing of the a trial which is still continuing there among eleven women arrested almost a year ago for the human rights work and having contacts with foreign journalists and diplomats there are reports that others will be released on sunday the women
1:50 pm
say they've been sexually harassed given electric shocks and flogged by prison guards saudi arabia's government denies the women have been mistreated well arsalan iftikhar is an international human rights lawyer and a senior fellow at georgetown university he welcomes the temporary releases but says the international community needs to keep pressure on saudi arabia. her new release didn't temporarily rest released they've been given court appointed public defender you know you cannot use their own attorneys so they're going to have to have your record together again this is a very tiny urls symbolic to very large human rights groups. you know so you know it doesn't record when it comes to human rights you know it could be assassination of journalists. and so again releasing three hundred eleven you know i think this is you know somebody else that let's not forget these women keening electrocuting waterboarding are forced to break their fathers' ramadan and so this is something
1:51 pm
that we will get to more releases but i do think that there's been so much political pressure in the wake of the. you know fear well it's in germany are you you knew. you know there's been enough pressure on and do you think this is that small gesture but again there needs to be a lot more done to get this going to be released they need to release nearly eight of the most. well a u.n. investigator is calling on riyadh to publicly open the trial of eleven suspects accused of being involved in the matter of journalist jamal khashoggi the special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions and yes kalamata says the closed door hearings are falling short of international standards she's also adding the kingdom to release the names of the defendants. dresses the u.n. representative amnesty international she says saudi arabia is trying to treat the trial as an internal matter. this is a trial that they are you know that's taking place in saudi arabia they've invited
1:52 pm
various representatives from france from the u.k. from russia from china from the u.s. to observe this trial and they are following international standards here is the un special rapporteur coming out with this statement today saying that it is fully below international standards that this is not an internal affair when you decide to monitor a journalist on foreign territory in a foreign consulate and so it's a very strong statement by the u.n. let's hope that it doesn't fall completely deaf is the saudi arabia saying that we've identified these eleven people and this is a fair trial that we've invited some foreigners to even it so that if they have nothing to be afraid of then why not actually open it up why not allow for human rights observers for the u.n. themselves to come and to come in and observe for journalists the last time time
1:53 pm
again to the trial why don't they let them in as well so you know you can't have it both ways you can't stand there and say we are following our judicial process we have nothing to hide why don't fight these people who are to blame but then also not allow any sort of transparency you know the fact is that when this trial you know comes to its end so i'm sure you will expect that this whole matter goes to bed because they you know how their trial and they and they have their proceedings there's no way that the international community will accept this and if indeed there has been no transparency in the trial and that's what we really have to remember here and germany has extended a ban on arms exports to saudi arabia for another six months government spokesman says no new contracts will be approved between now and the end of september a temporary ban was put in place in november. she was mad and it was due to a. this month germany accounts for less than two percent of the total arms exports
1:54 pm
to saudi arabia but the ban will affect saudi defense deals with other e.u. countries among them is a thirteen billion dollars deal for the year if i said typhoon german manufacturers were expected to supply nearly a third of the parts for the fighter jet france has criticized germany's response the french ambassador to berlin caught earlier warned the decision could jeopardize defense cooperation in europe. chinese telecommunications giant while away has reported a boost in profits and sales shrugging off accusations its complicit in government spying the company's twenty eighteen profits rose by almost twenty five percent while sales crossed one hundred billion dollars that's despite a u.s. campaign to blacklist the tech giant of a security concerns denies its technology can be used by the chinese government if a spy ing al-jazeera is aging brown joins us now from beijing adrian all these
1:55 pm
results a surprise given all that the company's been through. well i think yes in a way they are because this is a company that has been demonized by the trumpet ministration that as you pointed out in your introduction has been leading the campaign to try to blacklist weiwei but now we have these astonishing figures that show that its sales topped more than one hundred billion dollars last year an extraordinary figure that means that while away is now one of the most successful companies anywhere in the world out there with amazon you know while away was already a symbol for all that china has succeeded in the past thirty years and you know in chinese wall waves to name means success of the chinese people and these figures really sort of help to bear that out but while ways carry a business was down those figures were not so good well well way has been making money is with the sales of its smartphones and tablets and they've been doing
1:56 pm
particularly well in the developing world in africa in particular also in southeast asia and the philippines and here you know consumers don't have any qualms about using wild ways of quipping they don't worry about the fact that the chinese government could be using that equipment to potentially spy on individuals and companies while away denies all of that and of course it's in places like the philippines and elsewhere in africa the way has signed contracts to provide equipment for five g. networks in those countries the united states meanwhile of course has been barring a government service servants from using huawei equipment which is why while away is now suing the u.s. government now on friday at its press conference in chen zen where these figures were announced by weiwei officials the rotating chairman of wa wait coopting once more defended wild ways commitment to security and one small again suggested that
1:57 pm
the united states in many ways was envious of. ways success because while away now is at the forefront of you know five g. technology further ahead than us companies but the trumpet ministration makes this continue continuous charge of the reason why one way is doing so well is because its success is based on par rooted technology not true says while away but that is the sort of you know charge that wall way is now getting used to as there is a brown mess speaking to us from beijing thank you adrian police in the philippines have a rest of the chief executive of the news website rappler the government says maria ressa violated the laws which require all media to be one hundred percent filipino earned al-jazeera as jamil and i are going to reports from manila the philippine government says maria ressa has broken the law and must be held accountable but her
1:58 pm
supporters say the recent spate of cases filed against her amounts to harris meant maria ressa is one of the most high profile journalists in the philippines she co-founded an online news site called rappler known for being critical of the philippine government and president of the good character in its reporting reza was arrested for alleged violation of the government's anti dummy law she was also previously arrested under a cyber libel law and charged along with another journalist the case related to an article involving a filipino businessman which was published on the website in two thousand and twelve this brings the number of cases filed against rappler to eleven for me it's about two things abuse of power and weaponization of the law you know this isn't just about me and it's not just about rappler but if you look at the facts. whole were done in accordance with the law what she
1:59 pm
wants if she wants to be treated differently. but in a country considered one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists many worry that restless arrest will have a broader impact on how filipino journalists who are in the field especially those in the provinces it's a very important case but i think that's not the only case of media pressure on there in a war a. possible consequence or practice at the community level the center for media freedom and responsibility says more than one hundred sixty filipino journalists have been killed since one thousand nine hundred eighty six more than ninety percent of them work in the provinces and most of those killed were reporting on the illegal drugs trade corruption and criminal syndicates the original philippine libel law written in one thousand nine hundred thirty two was
2:00 pm
described by the united nations human rights council as excessive now the cyber crime prevention act of two thousand and twelve has been added to it penalties for criminal libel have been increased with offenders facing up to eight years in prison many see this as a move towards a further eroding press freedom making it even more difficult for journalists to do their job the media also has another obstacle to overcome apathy from the general public many filipinos are on the aware of the work that journalists do in holding government to account and that an attack on press freedom is an attack on whatever remains of democracy. dogon al jazeera mandela while the weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera dramatic rescue attempts as fire and the tower block and bangladesh's capital. and thirty five nations are displaying their paintings at an art fair.


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