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tv   14 Up South Africa P2  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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matter of the as easily method of the head of the head squats. and so have to buy a forensic expert believe to have been responsible for later dismembering a ship just but it also involves the head of saudi intelligence in istanbul. talk to cut isabella an opossum unit or this up with a majestic mr bushell's. cities or their villages or while it is a major was anxious. a trip to enter. upon. its thumb on the good of your children or michelin the. service and the. direction the stumble are sought on all to.
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do. the bell get up or to do or the used to be a goodish may appear rather. the. i want information is that. flew to the heart to receive the plan a from saudi did beauty intelligence chief. and musing even told the saudi consul in istanbul mohammad in the table of the. save button and i mean i feel as if i threatened i asked him if he had come across operations like this while he was in saudi arabia anybody. so all the while as to what artists already here. sillies least put out some you'll be in the chest and talk the sht to me or that i live in your poem or. your miniatures in the middle east on a canal dish the absolute mission of the fuck we've done so this pilot because
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that's the aggressive theory that none. sued the scientists did they spot them washing the sustanon all seated there will be young's cover was a car bomb they had been killed in car that he really. has in the muslim the russian city of all all us. a middle man on stuff going to be named the saudi jews do the second difficult job of the hit squad achieved out of their hotels. at eleven am all fifteen of them meet at the saudi consumate. at one fourteen b. . he walked into the consulate in the now famous speech and was ambushed. burned. through all that colon of the lot of the jewel that it is our couldn't push
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it get you to a compass and the devil and you are also in a couple of. match of show that it's your been doing us them hostile jerry letterman us the odds and look up at manger a multicultural to do push it to it should all the bus councils and all this and so they're the only member extant manya surve did the day on a big mission all the time sort of yet or said you will learn. all of that was the mortgage and mohamed el to worry who was them build them. a sword or just a germ dear chest may wish to. us that we're. on the phone thought earth sallah or should it in the near to the thumbs or the chuckle near. the parts of the yes at that or just unfortunate that a queer one of those them by learn a little push at that
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a while the. wall is an inch an echo ulas. janai a tenth o'boyle. must say the thoughts along muster up the schmidt which of south syria. at three zero zero eight be civil to bloom or to cars lift the consulate taking different routes. someone to the house of this would be consul not far from the consulate. the duty security was cities put forward for possible options as to what had been to his ship just body. one based on movements of some of the hit squad was that it was dumped in the fast billy great forest.
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to that it was taken to the sewer the capital riyadh and the private sudesh it. this is based on i remark the former saudi royal court of pfizer so do qahtani is reported to have made in a leaked record these kind of conversation yes bring me his head. three based on the idea put out by this would be government video was a nuchal collaborator and that the body was taken somewhere into decay. and for the body was taken to the city council's house a theory we would return to later. energy. lenity even your own. but though the warble. in a seat see the where the who are in their pool and in bad luck up down one thousand
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and eleven. in the less the weather and what are some who are the lemon holy energy ruskell and god would you with us with us and she would watch the talk this is. not. katan and did any a lot of us in the case of money getting to be if i decide what. it is it because those. of us on the get even if i this on it but on it's not in them it is that mates i was so that i was so me diplomacy going to some they demist. it's not all mines are just typical are considered there you suggest take them a couple some discipline on them so that they're. most often mad and he was
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a member of the saudi disquiets he was seen on the c.c.t.v. leaving the city consulate and walking around the streets of istanbul wearing that it is the clones. i met then he even went to another man the same time i am a district would he changed his close look at taxi and went back to his hotel. i tracked down the local taxi driver who drove on my then he and his colleague he showed me the exact route he had to defend him. schiller the. negative direction is there for them now i think that i reach move on because i'm a big. or telling card to move out of the one run the bottom don't blow on non-peak yani. falafel you're going on all tell us and if you don't matter we myself go
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wash. it or you know bullshit killed or. a second the little man and salaamed here on the phone i do eat all the missionary to bang saw each give a. message. on it going to show them language which i was sure to. sock. jordi to duck you call it a call to liam your mama. there was a dumb one of the day in their lives moment pick what i look for they didn't get started and hold on hold on. but i would talk to me all about and i'll get it done get you. some other way with.
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a your truck. johnno a large portion. will you still do this. or do some want to go start of the color i'm going to go out and get. your. porsche to. turn up to look washed up truck ontario pulled me off the lot. on the afternoon of tuesday the second of october at the woman who was waiting anxiously for gemma hush outside the consulate. she was high. and she became famous overnight as the last bit of sun to see a life before he entered the consulate and reported him missing. and this will be visible. any minute now checking the
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fia help here to. junkies was widely discredited by the sue the media who caused those who had a relationship with. a mutual friend of. your mother. on the run. or two in the shade would enter the us of my people to my who are. being. mother my birthday or you'd ask to her health president the. call to duty. as a nurse or to another was not. as her shook his fiancee
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had these yankees has understandably avoided media attention since his death. she is heavily bruited to by the turkish authorities for new and leaked reports that she might also be a saudi targets. she agreed to speak to us in her first exclusive interview with arab media savvy jani and i'm saying young men unearth a corn field and then walk off fair we had it and i think as though i've been beside a hot young scion as this at the canal or yanni but again i'm on my hundred one arc in an inferno where i became a target a far better at a bane a cure the initial rush of. junk mail yet if you will think of all of the
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confidence to. call for full. candor flexibly conscious work out it is to the good of our well again and that all around. you and we are just too much accumulated and for me and i get stepped on this mr anderson and. made up the standoff only for each step. arcus not a formal effect are than you can with the one that gives only with regard language because they've been so let it go spare us a bit take out a film like alec the follow up on love for o'keefe rich the. yani father j. . simmons eleven i been talking back to the diff band again with me and i cannot them because today with them or not. or not for a. follicle footage that took a guy live i want it just the. other. is that it.
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almost sort of could finish the gallon that i thought an election under reaching and do help them with the of a problem or a as a first. now. not that bad then one that is that i am and one of the never would have been the emergency manager but me going to point to where the shit are in the shop was the no no i'm a firm. finesse suit with more than a cup of her the shape young king a corner cometh all is name see the can have a macand are hardly heavy mama hasa be a whole the sage a. veil or three a sort of the for stumble. others fall for a lot of below market what actually share a lot of care commenting in their local been made if about it getting a bunch of our load a missile or a couple that are made in your heart in
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a cut all spotted on it by your own with a q well if you know about gay here it can work if not almost a get together the course of the norm with a queue while the bundle call up. without the organ a lot of that because we think it's a rabbit fumbled. with that he by the idea of going to evelyn i thought i'd like one of those people the one with the fair bobby davis with me looks down to mom and get a good bit so let it be that the john when they can do things without it. such snow did him good ever allowed them to move the atlantic on the minimum the lame car that had a show in the car that weekend to be on time york to all the around him if we get on board let it go from a to z. are all a sagem a hush of the week and a fifth seminar shima september eleventh. only the might even think if they would vote on it they are told we should be given the we are in this league with a little money in this its not all the bonding that we did for them but our big
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stick open and the. low so move them to been shown with each village should all move the lot. arcus not in a formal no no doctor jani if you came from and then you have banged up on a nun which i will mother for the recount to do the start of all the following book you dump. on the thought is the thought only. your own discovery on each other could call the comment that they took the ecosystems that thought that shadow is the harder to shake of a crown the. michigander shit sean the third begin to get a good method the cause that i use for se what i can i'm sure forget it they got it you couldn't get it. after that first visit to the consulate on the twentieth of september twenty eighth . he returned to istanbul on the morning of the
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second of october. he went to his new apartment and the middle east for a break first before the fatal follow up appointment at the consulate. meaning no laughing. mr with polish to get him but our baggage in danger. that about four four am there on what i have already been fully. formable we aren't even the one i want to get a truck on the french to get the death if i got him started out of. out of the corps for four for a telephone the skunk shown up with some of it out on a given and then which. could the kicker fall of a lock off the lot telephone charlie and the owner thought with a good average and thought of the health of korina isthmus that if there's a lot less age of one hundred. mil often than not it's called having a shop like in hell who i'm in this morality time of the gravel or with out that
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lot of good. latina had to do a salad now. she must have known that his political views and his work for the washington post put him at considerable risk and he were in the middle east but he needed the comment to money. we now know that the meeting was a set up and that this was the last time you would see of hadfield's. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby you've been employing it was me going to really. reveal secret see what messaging out there i mean people outraged you know. and connection some don't want to expose stanny in legacy media. last. night al-jazeera
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investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. ironic like and how the top stories here on al-jazeera and three female activists have been temporarily released in saudi arabia after spending ten months in prison been freed during a second hearing of the trial which is still going on among eleven women arrested almost a year ago for their human rights work. you know united nations investigator is calling for the eleven suspects in the murder of saudi journalist american soldier to be tried in public the special rapporteur on extra judicial executions. says the
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closed door hearings in saudi arabia for short of international standards chinese telecommunications giant well way has reported a boost in profits despite a u.s. campaign to blacklist the company over security concerns while weighs two thousand and eighteen profits raised by twenty five percent with a total sales of more than one hundred billion dollars police in the philippines have arrested the chief executive of the news website rapper the government says some violated laws requiring all media to be completely filipinos rappel has been critical of president with regard to turkey from an island that has more now from manila. maria ressa was arrested this morning shortly after she landed from san francisco where it was met by police the warrant was issued yesterday it was one of the many cases that maria and several members of rappler in the local news outlet is facing in different courts across manila she is able to post bail and in
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a few hours she should be released already she has released a statement basically through her lawyers saying that she has no intention of invading iran or moving to a different country to avoid prosecution she said that she will face these cases in court fairly and squarely in the hopes the truth will prevail in the end the pressure on algeria as president to step down is increasing some members of the opposition say they want more than abilities beautiful because resignation they're demanding the removal of the entire regime. four days after the disputed election in the indian ocean island nation of course four gunmen have been killed in a shoot out with a military close to the capital moroni a local reports say the men were a group of soldiers accused of attempting a coup separately presidential candidate so leahy mohammed has been arrested accused as a government of rigging the results by the headlines we have more news coming up here right after al-jazeera well for a minute clarke is. enter
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the saudi consulate a two one fourteen b. am on a tuesday the second of october twenty eighth. he had gone to college to the commenting needed in order to marry his fiancee. who waited patiently for him outside before calling very much when a friend. to do for. you were just to her teacher to proceed because you were called to some of her tattoo mother had a color to one jamal that a lot of concern here. what you don't know unless courage to confront the matters have to matter java java island. our general console your grandfather. or go on that funky gen-y. on the state child i'm sure all john the guys that have used simulates the simone
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mish shit out of. your own with the all time moment. being an arm of the mystic thinking you have fallen mr obama the problem or at this time over all the one but after she has knocked out on third him step can. suggest to her that after sort of shatter. out of our. you don't have a bad bargain in the holy. in the dot. com session dot com is a member of the sort of the. what i lean forward more rock walk. and whether she. possibly. could of my own work were our daily one of the arts let me know. about any matter of our
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they were a. result of soto was. what i was well none of that was the joseph abboud so he had to say i have sat i think there sat so much if the son talisay this enough to be dated remember we haven't developed. a cure for the record if you say out of the corner they gotta come. in and then after that with the big league team in which is a bit like what she got with the only. child that she will be jennifer i. want to give very best to get her from mr. douglas has some are more than she used to but you know if she all the only child built. before it. could get in the iraq well mother how they thought their conversation there that
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are the iraq that are not only are they invalid never thought of she let you know who having done she did all the. somebody called. a lover a freak of hers as jamal and. i interviewed jamal why should jean december twenty seventh again about mohammed bin cell mass political and social changes in saudi arabia. i said i thought that the crown prince good very blizzard of media coverage of his reforms internally and internationally but wasn't he just trying to cover up a lot of the secrecy in society and the human rights abuses in saudi arabia over for the hades. well. we're going to get. over what with.
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colonel with. no no no. how do you know. we're. not much was widely known about before his matter. i asked his printer on to tell me more about him about why he was banned from writing and tweeting him to get a pm and why he had to travel to the u.s. to work. and if we can oh yeah another way is to know hell i'll dolly came in and i said i'm tired you must try to do whether it was up to us or
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distinction in which what they did that and somewhat that we look at that dudie dunne kind of mood today that kind of caught. up to me to read today then you connect them and you had to do need and what i can make an effort when other has i'm a kind of pity when i can connect when i'm asked which doug do and die fat now on the home state of the twin in the nag me tighter. than an apple on the title was the thought the tweet us or the weather is june and if you're so da then when i got out of the the news saudia and you can. yes go to. the sue the government was extremely slow to comment on the question for you case. but it was forced to bow to international pressure and five days after his disappearance the rotors news agency was invited into the consulate in istanbul in an attempt to show they had nothing to hide more than general severe.
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abuse for their. with some form of to drill down. into the arena. in the book i look. out there of the appropriate has denied this accomplice is not aware of this even the senior leadership of our intelligence service was not aware of this. but these initial so your responses did not have the effect they had hoped for a major development to crawl up between the two and soon the government's. evidence shows that the first contact between the two countries over the matter there was a phone conversation between the head of intelligence a confidante and so it would be counted prince mohammed bin someone in the evening of the second of october. intelligence was
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a clear that he had not left the consulate she done asked us to admit what had happened to her so that the case wouldn't damage to the peace or the additions. but mohamed bin said monday night any knowledge of events and thought that he was being threatened. that was the end of the form. arroyo doesn't that was that the oh no it was up to one of the judges yeah by the actually in the little added almost all that it's all the the men are the acme trio i remember a terrible hot car omegas a distant feed to open them with a little start of the medal to show they were male players have been used to see it get. that up to a level that was then the horse but that got rid. of him and. i just moved on. from the start and kind of demanded that the other respond to its many questions and name the members of the matter squad. at the
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same time there was an explosion off me distort his bill don't leak to the kitchen for. one day after another aimed at getting this these to come clean about what has happened. here if you had it's supporters came under increasing pressure. to have a say. i asked to hansal you the turkish t.v. channel why information was released bit by bit she couldn't believe it yeah yeah and then written indicate that the bill and. the little russian literature for. you did little to show that done for the listener part undermine them it's a mission the key us and we to him unique to me just to get it going you know media situation and. each do you run into you on how to do a long. drink or all the doing you know. you're committed.
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in the in the research kind of this trunk checked you out or bizarre that they did it will be little much german given dutch when the cabled now that wilma and of the twelve. the words yes you need then it would mean that as. well as above. certainly the her out to the washington post new york times would see and then the doctor could do you remember the kind of hit that the mother had that you did as well lakewood had the asthma been a took it was sort of the year. i live media were stored. in the judge who got the . the turks claim to have made a set of audio recordings of exactly what happened in the consulate. but as part of
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their strategy they didn't make these recordings public instead this send them to the intelligence agencies of other countries including the american cia. i went to the third capital ankara to meet a member of parliament. he is known for having a close relationship with turkish president. on. a saudi on a fee that. john was a comin and for so in order on the top job. done in the top kill the local reel off a month ago. his earlier a hundred eleven for. an assault. at the heart. of the earlier in a minute or a half of those i heard it as yes what
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a tough alicia had a lot of. hey i want to be a turkey at an event of. ms there's a person like that. without it all i can that god. spared the village idiot. those who heard of the turkish audio recordings however were convinced that the had been horrifically murdered inside the consulate. but the question remained as to what happened to his body. the consulate became a media and was under constant took a surveillance. then on the fifteenth of october fifteen days after the murder investigators were allowed into the saudi consulate for the first time. i visited the forensic security center where then first the gaiters had analyzed the samples that they had collected from the consulates and the saudi consuls house.
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the information i hope to answer just said that the saudi team had arrived at the consulate after the mather to hide the evidence. they had been to the walls of the counsel's office were hushed that he was cult and his body dismembered. in their nine hour search that the kitchen fisty gaiters removed the new paint and found some bills of hostages blood on the walls as well as fingerprints of this it would have disquiet. the turkish a criminal investigation continued for a further five months focused on identifying what had happened to hush up his body . this is the house of the saudi consul hamad letty. it's sierra that members of the saudi head of squad were caught on c.c.t.v.
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carrying suitcases soon after her disappearance. turkish investigators thought this provided the evidence as to how her should just body had been disposed. of there was more. than fifty gators made an extraordinary discovery. a huge of an which they believe was built especially to dispose of the body. we can now show exclusive pictures of this of and while it was being constructed in the period leading up to her ship disappearance. these pictures were taken secretly by the man who built the oven in april twenty eighth in the time one hundred first started visiting istanbul.
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i met this man who agreed to talk to me on condition that his complete identity was concealed. only will we hear an interview. when the initial who we are to. live with pollution issue and. all the water we are watered and who will. i will to normal all our moroccan member do. under whatever tool of rommel who are you hearing. of from war weary. me if. i'm a little too still read were on duty and heard well to know him to move with the. them a shift in the shifting gears it will clue an army of people
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have them over them in the year the finals are on for what we should be for the mini cooper still will probably when all to look over a hole is working with a whole lot of shock and when we hear you in a hurry are we dish to the orange on a sort of wanted us muscles or so we are to move forward. for the whole of our shield was it a little over the causal community or on what dish we hold to choose one of the very she does it's harder for you all we know it was a little bit of for me does it hurt or when a letter from now the attorney who does it had also said to me who are we to hold an installer from the. heart of where we do the little are we learning to read it
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for you is that it is part of it or does your car or your new media lead it will be in an interview with the analogy but if you know you have it it's a sort of our modern anyone who holds valladolid walk will you want at least a little to follow brought you see luke would. look for brazil to move a heart and her little boy is a time a little boy hopeful a lot of how we should the war would be for harvard or her members lou when you're on a while you're in a car with a majority of members on the tarp who would have been there only to progress you and you will. and no record not go or even for a solo illusion of war or look i don't want even jihad can manage or.
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well when i remember. the very good job of the york. board. almost certainly a new group. so. good. also acquired. and often this size would certainly have been powerful enough to dispose of his ship just body. that the authorities established it had been used for three days after the suit cases were acquitted into the consul's house. the also discover that an order had been placed for forty five kilos of fried meat from one of the two blister and in istanbul. the thought that this large quantity of meat was used to
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disguise the penning of hutch of just body and hide only traces of it and your middle aged. were left in that are not obvious from india. or the other. if it had a million to to diminish the cost of the water the water surely. they got a well it'll be a rather me about to lie about. you know what possibly you know but a lot of work for our whole lot. on the twentieth of october twenty eighth dean
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five days after took investigators had discovered the fish being and the blood on the walls of the council's office the saudi government finally admitted that a crime had been committed inside the consulate. but their story was still fake rather than referring to hostages mayor there the talked about a local could have been it or in turkey but with new details. saudi arabia said it would bring those involved to justice and demanded the execution of five of the english murderers. but the murder squads were a parts were still unknown and the consul had gift to stumble when he had to say the same matter. a saudi the more that it stumbled. no more than it would have on my can. to make and my room the one who had the
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general hotel know his own. santa. feed thinking had a cover who are who are living say that i don't model. count after that. the whole affair has fundamentally a fifty two kids relationship with saudi arabia as well as with you and has changed global if you will about the morality of very behavior. lee have had this. letter all i can and humbly learn let me and just all case. if you want the. theater to kill you or your stuff or john oh you're the be an island sod or the salute out to tokyo let the say and has us in the war.
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to kill mr daughter based on the disk image of it is it is the pot it is still in the truck it is a quarter of all the law i want. this body. so it is if this bill is going to be milked also him so that i be strong also. on the them is the pot head if it owns a little north of the. right it. says it all on the billet that's always a lizard it's the part of the organism. for the international community the question is whether the opposition have the approval of the crown prince mohammed bin. however says it has started court proceedings against those it believes were involved. at the u.n. human rights council in geneva in mid march of one thousand nine hundred the head
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of the saudi human rights commission made a brief statement about the three. of the. fall of the dome. kaffiyeh. but the saudi failure to provide any names or details agreed to argue and lead investigation into the matter didn't convince the human rights organizations. refuse the international independent investigation that's when they are hiding something and what they are hiding very hard being named for it appears on. all of this operation of the person who ordered this operation here is still safe and he is still leading the country and what we've seen from the outset since this whole whole saga became became public has a series of obfuscations and denials by saudi arabia some cases where their
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accounts simply do not fit the facts and so it's very difficult to have confidence in there and the narrative whatever the status of the pseudocode case crowned prince mohammed bin salmond still has tough questions to answer about his alleged role in the affair. and week before the geneva statement thirty six countries issued. joint statement condemning saudi arabia as a treatment of detained activists. but this by then the national outcry over hostages murder some countries continue to trade freely with saudi arabia. the can the mustard refuses to agree to a new unlit investigation and this by the volume of power for evidence we still don't know whether those ultimately responsible for hush up just this will ever be openly held to account.
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or. put in. there was told the slowly. slowly. and. be. a rich and diverse culture explored through its music istanbul songs of the city on al-jazeera april on al-jazeera nato leaders will gather to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the alliance in washington d.c. madam husain engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headlines on up front twenty five years on from the genocide that killed nearly a million people wonder has rebuilt but how far of its people been reconciled the emmy award winning show phone lines is back with more investigative journalism and
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in-depth stories israel is to hold an early election on the ninth of april but with a corruption scandal looming will benjamin netanyahu extend his ten years as prime minister april on al-jazeera. we've got something of a law in the weather across the middle east at the moment we have got some dry weather coming into iran but if it is iran of course but on friday there are more showers along the spoils of rain in the forecast is they have a bit of cloud over towards pakistan towards afghanistan this next every cloud just stand around at least the side of iraq than another weather system which will make its way into that eastern side of the med pushing across the levant as we go through friday snow with all the flank of that so paul says he still see some wintry weather is that clear weather there for much of around toronto sixteen celsius we go on into saturday the cloud will increase temperatures to pick up
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a tarantula eighteen celsius he says that it is generally dry but to the west of that we've got more heavy rain possibility of some localized flooding pushing into parts of lebanon easing across into syria that will gradually make its way into iran as we go into the early part of next week and it will bring further flooding i fear across the web in finnish air it's generally dry little bits and pieces of cloud around here that travel thicken up over towards the gulf as we go on through us as day for a few spots of right possible about it might even catch your show here and. in twenty sixty one a one east reveal that goes for me in march some as young as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work as means it's illegal and costing lives so why does it still continue when law abiding singapore one of. a
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separatist push in the east russians in crimea and major economic challenges now ukraine is getting ready to elect a new leader from thirty nine candidates what course will the country teak join us for special coverage of the ukrainian presidential election announces iraq. saudi arabia frees some female activists but with conditions. and i mean this is al jazeera life and also coming up in the program you know generations calls on saudi arabia to make public the trials held over the murder of saudi genista melkus l.g. . a gun battle in the opposition leader arrested and accusations of crude plots and
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followed the reelection of the president of morals. chinese technology john wiley reports a boost in profits to sponsor a u.s. campaign to blacklist the company. so than three prominent female activists in saudi arabia have been released from jail they spent ten months in prison and were freed after the second hearing of the trial which is still going on there among eleven women activists who say they've been abused behind bars for promoting human rights council lopez as his report. a taste of freedom that may be short lived the saudi activist are among eleven women who were arrested in may for campaigning for human rights they've been temporarily released after their second court hearing but their trial is not over. the woman were arrested two months before the saudi government lifted its decades long ban on women driving it was part of
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a sweeping crackdown on activists who are promoting change the accusations are accusations of being in contact with diplomats with the media with international organizations including honesty international for conducting human rights work for calling for. greater women's rights and the ends of the guardianship is that the women say they were tortured and sexually harassed in prison the accuse interrogators of subjecting them to electric shocks and whippings the saudi government denies the mistreatment human rights groups say the country's leadership is sending a dangerous message to dissidents these women have not been given access to lawyers they have not been able to see their families there has been a chilling effect all around saudi arabia on activism and women's rights the provisional release of the activists comes amid international criticism over the country's human rights record adding to the scrutiny is a murderer saudi journalist. and high profile cases of young woman who fled to
3:51 pm
saudi arabia seeking asylum abroad while the saudi government is accused of using the court system to silence its critics the freedom of these activists and several others who's on the line katia lopez will yun al-jazeera. un investigators says saudi arabia holding hearings in secret for suspects accused of being involved in the murder of genesis is a violation of international law the special report to our own extrajudicial executions likeness kalama is called on riyadh to try the eleven suspects in public and release their names she's denounced the kingdom for what she says is a lack of transparency well shereen touch rose says the u.n. representative for amnesty international and she says that saudi arabia is trying to treat the trial as an internal matter. this is a trial that they are you know that's taking place in saudi arabia they say they've invited various representatives from france from the u.k. from russia from china from the u.s.
3:52 pm
to observe this trial and they are following international standards here is the un special rapporteur coming out with this statement today saying that it is fully below international standards that this is not an internal affair when you decide to monitor a journalist on foreign territory in a foreign consulate and so it's a very strong statement by the u.n. and let's hope that it doesn't fall completely deaf is the saudi arabia saying that we've identified these eleven people and and this is a fair trial that we've invited some foreigners to even it so that if they have nothing to be afraid of then why not actually open it up why not allow for human rights observers for the u.n. themselves to come and to come in and observe for journalists the last time time again to the trial why don't they let them in as well so you know you can't have it both ways you can't stand there and say we are following our judicial process we
3:53 pm
have nothing to hide don't fight decent people who are to blame but then also not allow any sort of transparency you know the fact is that when this trial you know comes to its end saudi arabia will expect that this whole matter goes to bed because they you know how their trial and they and they have their proceedings there's no way that the international community will accept this and if indeed there has been no transparency in the trial and that's what we really have to remember here germany has extended about on arms exports to saudi arabia for another six months no new contracts will be approved between now and the end of september a temporary ban was put in place in november of two of the jamal khashoggi was murdered it was due to expire this month. germany accounts for less than two percent of the of total exports to saudi arabia the band will affect saudi defense deals with other e.u. countries among them is a thirteen billion dollars deal for the year of fights
3:54 pm
a typhoon german manufacturers are expected to supply nearly a third of the parts for the fighter jets france's criticize germany's response the french ambassador to berlin earlier warning that the decision could jeopardize defense cooperation in europe a senior official in the united arab emirates says arab countries should be more open to israel and the minister of state for foreign affairs said they were all when they decided not to take full relations with israel on the zero senior political analyst bush are as will on his comments a number of arab countries have been opening up publicly or clandestinely towards israel and we've been waiting for the saudi arabia not to cough it up as you know and just say now with the minister of state for foreign affairs and the united arab emirates have. done exactly that and why is he doing that now well because just a few weeks ago president trump's son and load question i was in the area in order
3:55 pm
to sell his date of a century or you know it's now we all know that this is the trap of the century rather than the deed of the century and yet a number of arab leaders feel they must appease the united states they must accept american dick that in order to. save their own regimes in order to empower their own and their likes in the region that's why now president sisi of egypt is going to the united states by the middle of april in order to discuss the defense the u.a.e. and saudi arabia are on board for the century and what is that deal of the century well we know it's more of the same so-called economics of peace no palestinian state no right of return no is jerusalem as capital of a protestant said that does not exist anyway no wonder it turned to the one thousand nine hundred seven borders not just mention of the settlements so basically the din of the century is. the occupation under
3:56 pm
a new name and the out of countries like the u.a.e. despite all of that want to normalize relations to bangladesh where the housing minister says criminal charges will be filed against the owner of a building or at least nine hundred people died in a fire on thursday more than one hundred were rescued from the block in the capital dhaka schools of people were injured housing ministry officials could also face investigations. the head of the chinese tech giant well way has defended the company's commitment to security after facing further accusations of failing to repair flaws in technology united states has accused the company of being a security threats and led a campaign to blacklist it despite that the company's profits rose by almost twenty five percent last year while sales exceeded one hundred billion dollars while way has denied its technology can be used by the chinese government for spying jim brown has more now from beijing. well while away in many ways symbolizes all that
3:57 pm
china has achieved in the past thirty years in many ways it is the crown jewels of the corporate sector here in china and that success has certainly been borne out by these latest figures showing that sales surged to more than one hundred billion dollars in twenty eighteen this in spite of that campaign being led by the trump administration which has been demonizing weiwei for a number of years the century saying the firm is in the pocket of the chinese government something while away continues to deny it but while way is banned from being used by u.s. government employees for that reason why our way is now suing the u.s. government and official report from the british government has once again accused war way of poor software and saying that while away has also failed to repair flaws that might make it vulnerable to cyber attack now the reason why this is important
3:58 pm
is because the u.k. government has to rule shortly on whether while way will be able to provide five g. equipment to the company's next generation of networks but significantly this report made no mention no reference to while away making equipment that enables the chinese government to spy on individuals or companies algeria's ruling party has backed calls from the army chief suggesting a constitutional measure could remove the president on medical grounds protesters are preparing for a sixth week of nationwide much as abdul aziz bootie flickered to resign they're also demanding the removal of the entire political regime field in algeria we'd like you to help us tell the story get in touch with us on whatsapp or on telegram especially if you're attending a protest or if you want to share a video comment the number is plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine. four days after the disputed election in the indian ocean the island nation
3:59 pm
of camorra said least three gunman had been killed in a shoot out with a military close to the capital murder and local reports say the men were a group of soldiers accused of attempting a coup certainly presidential candidate so leahy mohammed has been arrested and mohammed who lost sunday's election accuses the government of rigging the results he and other opposition presidential candidates earlier notes their plan to unseat president ali assumed money well of course want to know how to do it joins us now live on set and mohammed in the come or as you were ejected from the course we'll come to that in a second but what about the latest developments the shooting which you think is happening on the ground well tension is very high nic in morrone particularly the capital of course which as you know is sped up all three islands in the indian ocean and. now what is happening is president that this money has won the election as announced by the electoral commission the opposition are saying no he
4:00 pm
did not win but of books this was tough with great park full of people for him some of the. some of them seem mostly in an island where there was most of the clashes on election day now he started talking down on the position starting with mohamed say that he and supporters are monitored here up in arms and they do not want these tough especially after he's been announced the head of the transitional authority announced and formed by the opposition just about ten four hours ago so the been protests and we saw those soldiers were broken out of the prison led by. face all. taking up arms but now the interior minister is saying of the things under control and is it do you think.


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