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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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others climb down anyway they can't but my daughter finally got the only army up because we noticed that in the beginning there was only one floor only and for six or seven it was possible to stop the fire on the floor if steps were taken quickly a guy jumping off maybe i like the seven of the eight or eight ninth floor there was like a lot of smoke and that was probably suffocating them so he literally just jumped off watching from the pack streets below crowds gathered desperate for news of those trapped inside a smoke rose to each of the towers nineteen close and connecting building. the bangladeshi navy and air force join the rescue efforts and lifting some who managed to make it to the rooftop present if it with. equipment we can gauge just when to do started building but. beyond that we kind of. more than eighteen million people live in dhaka it's one of the world's most
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densely populated cities the city has struggled to enforce fire safety codes especially in older buildings. last month more than seventy people were killed in a fire in an old neighborhood of dhaka and nine years ago another quiet killed more than one hundred people due to an illegal chemicals warehouse near a residential area now as emergency crews search the wreckage of the latest fire they say it's still a rescue operation until everyone is accounted for him hommage al-jazeera. the head of the chinese tech giant wild way has defended the company's commitment to security after facing further accusations of failing to replace repair flaws in technology united states has accused the company of being a security threat and led a campaign to blacklist it despite the company's profits rose by almost twenty five percent last year while sales exceeded one hundred billion dollars while away has denied its technology can be used by the chinese government spying. i think the us
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is the most powerful country in the world it's been the leader in many domains and the government has the attitude of a loser so i hope it can adjust its own attitude if we say that huawei would do something inappropriate such as spying that could put the survival of the company in jeopardy i don't think that should be allowed by the more than one thousand shareholders of. still ahead here on al-jazeera the battleground towards intensify ahead of a third votes on teresa mayes easier to deal. with the journalist critical of the philippines government is arrested for a second time. hello again and welcome back we're here across thailand we're looking at some more rain coming into play over the next few days and it is that time of year we're selsey a lot of this intertropical convergence zone moisture make its way towards the
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north so for bangkok the clouds are going to come into play we're going to be seeing a temperature there of about thirty five degrees out towards vietnam it's going to be rainy as well and some of that rain will slip over here towards vietnam and into cambodia over the next few days so for sunday we do expect to see more in terms of shari conditions there well speaking of showers and we're talking about severe weather we're talking a line of thunderstorms that is going to be pushing through parts of melbourne and then into sydney severe weather is expected with this front right here and that is going to happen as we go really from friday evening and into saturday morning as well let's take you at your forecast map as we go towards saturday that front is expected to lie here across sydney so active with a few there but look behind the front melbourne on saturday fifteen degrees on friday we saw temperatures reaching into the high twenty's even thirty across the region so a big drop in temperature for you there on saturday and as we go towards sunday that front makes its way over here past brisbane we do expect to see attempts to there of twenty nine degrees but still quite cool down here towards the south from
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melbourne and about seventy degrees in adelaide. fly cats are airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together.
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and again you're watching out there a reminder of our top stories this hour and saudi arabia has released three prominent female activists from jail as a trials are being held there among eleven women arrested last may for the human rights work and i think on touch with foreign journalist and diplomat. the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions is calling on saudi arabia to try the eleven suspects in the murder to mark the subject in public and release their names. is housing minister says criminal charges will be filed against the idea for building in dhaka where at least twenty five people died in a fire on thursday. british politicians are due to vote for the time when the prime minister's breaks a deal parliament must approve to resume aides agreement before midnight on friday to ensure britain's departure is delayed until may the twenty second if not it will leave the e.u.
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in two weeks if barker reports now from london. efforts to secure backing for teresa mayes deal are intensifying with senior government ministers urging m.p.'s to give the twice defeated divorce deal another. go this after may promise to resign if a proposal is passed those tipped to replace a say now is the time to back the deal in seventeen point four million people just leave the european union have a chance to make sure that we do that's what everyone can support the prime minister's deal with. the speaker of the house told the government that it could only put the deal before parliament again if it was fundamentally different but i do expect the government to meet the test of change so the government devised a plan to split the deal already agreed with the e.u. into its two constituent parts the withdrawal agreement and the political declaration the would draw agreement includes details about citizens' rights the fifty one billion dollars breaks that bill for leaving the e.u.
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and the northern irish border it's a legally binding document and has to be passed in parliament by friday to allow the u.k. to leave the e.u. on may the twenty second the political declaration on the other hand dictates the future relationship between the u.k. and e.u. and forms the basis of future trade talks it's a much shorter document it's also not legally binding by separating the two plan to vote only on the withdrawal agreement was given the green light by the speaker to go before parliament on friday and this was how it was presented this house notes the european council decision at the twenty second of march twenty nine thousand taken in agreement with the united kingdom but want to see it all mean in short the government is using the friday deadline set by the e.u. to secure backing for eighty percent of teresa mayes proposal resetting the bricks and clock to may the twenty second if the plan gets the required support it will allow the u.k. to leave the e.u.
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with a deal and title in the country to a two year transition period. it's been called the bare bones of brakes it is a big risk for the government considering hard line breaks a t isn't a reason mays own party and northern ireland's democratic unionist party that props up maine's government of repeatedly refused to back it. they'll have to rely on support from other sides of the house but the opposition labor party has said that it would be the blindest of blind bricks it that would mean leaving. with absolutely no idea where we're heading but except all. the more m.p.'s are continuing to look for an alternative to teresa mayes deal after seizing control of parliamentary proceedings on wednesday no single plan gained a majority m.p.'s will vote again on monday the big question both leaves and remain is asking now is whether to reserve made gamble will pay off the barca al-jazeera westminster. or let's get more from what i have no one who joins us live from
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london so what about that question will the gamble pay off. well that's i think what everybody is wondering at this precise moment now that the . session actually in parliament is supposed to start in about fifteen minutes the opening statements by idea trainee general in an about four hours debate where some amendments are going to be put forward i'm not clear on what these amendments are at this stage it will end with the reason jeremy cormier and the opposition labor leader both making statements and after that will be devoted to the big question really is find a reason they did this political maneuver try to stick to withdraw like reeling from a political declaration which she could do at the moment probably a day with question that she has the number well. we already know that unionists of northern ireland where
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a key political ally of treason may have said that they will not back to steel you have the labor opposition that also said that it will not sign for withdrawal agreement without a political declaration because basically they will be jumping in the nose so really the big question today may she have the numbers then will come the problems with the e.u. whether you will accept the separation of these two chapters of one same agreement negotiated determine as a bulk deal. would happen if the reason is deal does not have the numbers. well then you have another appointment say big day on monday which is basically this second round of indicative votes if you recall just two days ago the speaker had put forward eight options to the m.p.'s all of them were voted against but some got more support than others if it makes any sense on monday does
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a second round of these known indicative which would basically hopefully make the british people understand what their parliamentarians are preferring or where they're heading at the moment that question was supposed to be a few days ago it hasn't been answered so they still that option ahead and then they will also set a certain point well if they withdraw an agreement didn't come through you cannot get the may twenty second extension you have until april twelfth to tell us you want to know dede or you what was the way forward and probably they were at that point we're talking about a much longer extension well into next year which would oblige a u.k. also to take part in the european elections on hold and thanks very much lou's going to think what i will have had an egyptian delegation has been in israel and dogs are trying to negotiate a peace to the visit follows a major escalation this week between israel and hamas hard false reports now from
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gaza city. well after the latest escalation earlier in the week another relatively calm day in gaza but the next two days friday and particularly saturday could well be a lot more tense saturday is the first anniversary of the great march of return the massive border protests that have taken so much attention during the course of the last twelve months i have seen so much bloodshed more than six and a half thousand people injured by israeli sniper fire more than two hundred fifty palestinians killed during the course of those protests and hamas is calling on a major mobilization of people to go and protest again on saturdays and mark that anniversary at the same time as there's been a big mobilization of israeli forces on the other side the prime minister benjamin netanyahu was visiting those troops saying that he had mobilized extra forces to ensure that israel could carry out a broader military operation if so required but said that would only take place if
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or other options had been exhausted in those other options really center on the progress being made or otherwise of egyptian medias who are now mediators rather who are now back inside gaza having been inside israel earlier on thursday trying to come to some kind of long term truce between hamas and israel as they have been for many months now the speculation is about some kind of a deal involving easing of import restrictions into gaza easing of fishing restrictions job creation in alliance with the united nations but the israeli government the israeli prime minister in particular is under a good deal of pressure given that he's just a couple of weeks away from an election to project strength rather than give hamas too much already he's been criticized for not having done enough in response to a rocket launch earlier this week and so there is a big military presence on the israeli side and we're expecting a big protest on the gaza side on saturday so that does make for a very volatile mix. a leading egyptian activist has been released from prison
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after serving a five year sentence for inciting princess. was really arrested in two thousand and thirteen following a military takeover he rose to prominence as an anti-government blogger during the two thousand and eleven revolution will be on probation for the next five years and will remain under police surveillance. police in the philippines have the rest of the chief executive of the news website right below the government says maria urson a burglar was requiring all media to be completely filipino. denies has sought it receives foreign funding supporters of us and say the arrest isn't the topic of free speech. because more now from manila. maria ressa was arrested this morning shortly after she landed from san francisco where it was met by police the warrant was issued yesterday it was one of the many cases that maria and several members of rappler of the local news outlets is facing in different courts across manila she
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is able to post bail and in a few hours she should be released already she has released a statement basically through her lawyers saying that she has no intention of invading a rest or moving to a different country to avoid prosecution she said that she will face these cases in court fairly and squarely in the hopes the truth will prevail in the end but there are critics media experts who believe that the case is filed against her and rappler has a stronger broader impact on how journalists operate in the field across the country more than ninety percent of journalists killed in the philippines are community journalists those who work in the provinces without enough legal and physical protection and this is what everybody wants to protect really the long term impact of heris meant against journalists however the philippine government say all that mario ressa has to do together with other members of rappler is to really face all these charges fairly and squarely in different courts. new
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zealand's prime minister has led a service in christ church to remember the fifty people killed in the attacks on two mosques al-jazeera is and you tell us was there. what words to the prime minister can adequately express the pain and suffering of new zealand's darkest day what words capture the anguish of muslim communities targeted by hatred and violence what words expressed the grief of the city of christchurch and when she found them. peace be upon you they were words just done said she'd heard repeatedly over the last fourteen days but even the ugliest of viruses can exist in places they are not welcome. racism exists but it is not welcome here this service exactly two weeks after the al gore and lin wood mosques were targeted by a white extremist gunman was broadcast on big screens around the country representatives
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from more than fifty countries came to hear islamic welcomes and prayers. and then the slow recital of the names of those killed all fifty of them. among them was her made her husband survived on stage he spoke of forgiveness i don't support in the wrong action but at the same time i cannot deny the fact that he is my human. the daughter of another victim spoke to about her father he was a really nice man. thank you. with the work performance is to from local singers i was. and the use of islam cat stevens who sung about peace.
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is gone. jamie home will be twenty two people remain in hospital following march the fifteenth attack them recovery will be slow to new zealand. this national remembrance had a theme that came up again and again. and that was. the divide people rallied in opposition on the talk of the program and. we all one hundred thomas al-jazeera. this is these are the top stories saudi arabia has released three prominent female activists from jail as trials are being held there among eleven women arrested last may for the human rights work and having contacts with foreign journalists and diplomats the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions is calling on saudi
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arabia to try the eleven suspects in the murder of jamal khashoggi and public release their names. denounce the kingdom for what she says is a lack of transparency. housing minister criminal charges will be filed against the owner of a building in dhaka where at least twenty five people died in a fall thursday more than one hundred rescued from the top scores of people injured housing ministry officials could also face an investigation. thousands of algerians have gathered in the capital on the sixth week of anti-government protests hundreds of thousands are expected to take part in demonstrations across the country calling for the president. to resign they're also demanding the removal of the entire political leadership. the head of the chinese tech giant huawei has defended the company's commitment to security after facing further accusations of failing to
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repair flaws in technology the u.s. has accused the company of being a security threat and led a campaign to blacklist it. i think the us is the most powerful country in the world it's been the leader in many domains and the government has the attitude of a loser i hope it can adjust its own attitude if we say that while way would do something inappropriate such as spying that could put the survival of the company in jeopardy i don't think that should be allowed by the more than one thousand shareholders of. british politicians are due to vote for the first time while in the prime minister's brags that they'll have to resign maids agreement is approved his departure will be delayed until may the twenty second if you know it's the u.k. will crash out of the european union in two weeks time you zealand's prime minister just done his lead a service in christ chose to remember the fifty people killed in the attacks on two mosques the memorial was held exactly two weeks after the most targeted by a white extremist gunman the names of all the victims were read aloud survivors
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spoke of forgiveness. your own state with the headlines here and may stop we have one on one he's. africa's most populous nation a blah just economy has a youth unemployment problem in a bit to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital ion go through this folder we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on ounces era. they are young vulnerable girls from rural villages desperately poor they sold a vision of money and adventure all they have to do is sign up to become maids in singapore but for many the reality is badaracco. one o one east investigates why girls who are too young to work continue to be trafficked to asia's most prosperous nation.
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in may two thousand and seventeen a young domestic worker from miramar had a terrifying fall from the night floor of this block of flats in singapore. her employer whom we will call john can still remember that day. a bounce that hutchison oleson she told told us how low us some thoughts on to. sunlight a soul of what you call biscuit household she not touch a book i sing. one book i sing about how to how to tell why joseph c.i.c. our. home chilled out scene of. the girl who john knows as tintin was severely injured and is lucky to be alive. fool with broken by
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a covered walkway two stories down. john says he was initially very angry about what she'd done but then he found out something shocking from the myanmar embassy tintin was just fifteen years old or. you know it ins. unclearly and. school i see. no harm and this is what sensible sorry. when he fossum. john and his wife tintin through a singapore an employment agency called asset recruitment according to this information sheet prepared by the company she was twenty three years old. asset recruitment the client of repeated requests for comment. on the run.
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game on the human juice all unfolds good so i. see it's a read so. that you. don't hear. but tintin's is not an isolated case and three. in two thousand and sixteen in an exclusive investigation one on one east reveals that teenage girls were being trafficked from mid-market to singapore for domestic work you also think. this was despite laws in myanmar banning all female citizens from seeking such jobs overseas following reports of abuse. as well let's lewis in singapore stipulating that all foreign domestic workers have to be at least twenty three years old now we're discovering that the illegal trafficking of vulnerable young girls continues
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. to. be. quite between three. teenagers. and it. that's a conservative estimate. and reporting so there. might be mean to me and age old i don't. think. that this is what you're. looking. for any domestic worker who has been abused seeking help can be a daunting prospect many agents have to recruit in fees of up to eight months salary and would rather ensure ill treatment than risk being sent home and debt. and also be underage. who are trapped in households and do not know how to
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seek help so that's also net effect of reporting of such cases. some cases end in tragedy. just four weeks off the arriving here domestic worker white wine allegedly jumped out of the window of her employer's eighteenth floor flat. at a funeral we meet her oldest sister choctaw who also came to singapore as a domestic worker. of volunteer from a migrant workers ngo helps to translate. died. and. this is from. a new person. but we don't get to speak further as churchill is led away by officials from the myanmar embassy naomi oman.
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to find out the truth about wine wine we travel to the mandalay region in central min ma. it's a world away from singapore. down a duck track off the main road is in dorji village. this is where wine wine and her sister church all grew up and where their mother and family still live. their brother. has been unwell for months unable to work after a minor wound became infected because he couldn't afford to get it treated. he and his wife have just had a baby. but she only wants to talk about this sister. i don't. know what. the. near.
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warning i will leave it yet. you give me why nothing of. what we need to. keep wasn't home when our recruitment agent from a neighboring village showed up one day and it was their mother who agreed to let wine wine go. to night and i said there have you might have been you know when we had them. in the in the. game or was only a little late you know way out. here. as we suspected wine wine was under-age family records show she was only seventeen. we're told the same agent has recruited at least sixty goals from this village to
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go to singapore one of them has recently returned and come to visit family kinch or is twenty years old unable to cope with being away from home she quit only a month after leaving me and my. mother tells us another of her daughters is still working in singapore you know that even though the lab may even be an argument over them if you don't run out. and they're the rule. you'll get a loan i don't know if you know any of or not going around i mean. for the better part of the interview leaves the talking to her mother but she does try to interrupt once. one thousand women were. seen in the motherland you don't hire now who now might let you know i was all mine i know my big mama. for one whines grieving family these are clearly
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difficult words to hear but then maybe doesn't stop she wants us to know that she believes the agent is the villages benefactor. to my really. now miserable me bad yeah yeah. well yeah. the level would i give. as little mikey. a day's drive south takes us to the region. we're hoping to see momo. we lost better on this rooftop in singapore as part of our two thousand and sixteen investigation. she was just seventeen when she went there as a domestic worker she told us she didn't use months of sexual abuse by her employer
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and have yet want to be dolly and you know should not be at it should i be rushing out to be negative mean it near me too if you want to but i don and i was doubled up woman to be a woman and all and she said. she fled as soon as the eight months were up but had to remain at a shelter in singapore for another two years to assist police investigations. they finally allowed her to come home even though the case remains unresolved. other men are not gay at the baronet the rules honey that it damage will up almost daily will be a macaw they will go and read them yeah. she's now five months pregnant. her husband doesn't have a regular job. at all and he and his al goodman if of he do not be in awe of
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any of us that we are led to a car led the way and will quietly. edible ways. with so few opportunities it's no wonder girls from this village are still leaving for singapore. momo says despite what happened to her she doesn't try to stop them . they need. to be highly. the wily. tintin is one domestic worker who did not help. cheese the fifteen year old who accidentally fell from her employers apartment building she is still recovering
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from her injuries. she shows us the passport she used to get a job in singapore almost all the information in it is false at home she's no does ins in and she was born in two thousand and two not one thousand nine hundred ninety three she confirms what happened in singapore and me out. there in there. that i had that i sing a lot i mean. i want to. have heard i think women. did you know that. she'd gone to work in singapore hoping to help support her impoverished family but because of the money she owed to her recruitment agents she came home with nothing now her mother has to take care of her instead of. me out of them you.
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do it in. india turning up. zinzan fractured her spine when she fell but is now able to walk slowly after donors paid for her to have surgery. but she may need another operation soon. diana meant out on one hand and helping the ellabella now. rule. she shows us her scars. it's unlikely they'll ever go away. but how did a fifteen year old pass for twenty three. we've received a tip off about the person who allegedly helped to make this happen. to not be available in all but one noble and it or to nominate.
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the man in the picture is lewis song play tongue. he is a member of parliament from in mars' chin state. an online search tells us he's also the director of a company called me and mark global manpower link. the company name sounds awfully familiar. we've seen it before on a sign in a side the recruitment agency in yang gone that we discovered in two thousand and sixteen was illegally sending girls to singapore you also say. this was despite men must ban on women working overseas as domestic workers. the website for the company lists several phone numbers. when we cross check them against the contact list of the country's politicians we find
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a match one of the numbers belongs to louis song played tongue. we decide to give him a cool. well zero. zero zero. zero zero goes. we try the second number on the website. this time we have better luck. oh good. oh who did some research a says she's looking to send a nineteen year old domestic worker to singapore and a friend has recommended the agency. but the woman says she's no longer able to help. and i think i don't mean you know me. you know.
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i don't i don't want to donate i don't want to oh lose you know. you know. if what she says is true louis was managing director of a company involved in illegally sending domestic workers to singapore in contravention of the two thousand and fourteen pan. to find out more we travel to the outskirts of yang gone looking for the office of myanmar global manpower link. according to the address on the company's website this should be it.
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inside a man refuses to speak on camera but he tells us the house was leased by an employment agency which moved out recently even to the vicinity and the neighbors proved more approachable they ask us to hide their identities. we show them a picture of us is owned and ask if they've seen or recognize him something. to do something or to hump in a muddle below nothing to eat from the moment from the company. to a mom pollutant coming into. treatment. from. mrs fielden pub and over over. on the. mom see the movie on the little events with the. dad of the other six and have nothing.
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and nothing better to. do with. the people here not all hoping. when one no one east spoke to louis song he confirmed he was the managing director of me and monk global manpower link until two thousand and fifteen and remained a director until two thousand and sixteen. he tonight knowing the company was involved in illegal activities and rejected all of the ins ins allegations but he did admit to owning the house where the company had its office and that he had visited recently. agencies in the business of moving under-age girls overseas need one thing possible with fake dates. a street near the young go on passport office is host to a thriving industry. for
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a fee possible brokers can help clients circumvent all sorts of bureaucratic hassles and apparently even a few lawless illegal. we randomly choose one and tell her a couple stories we're trying to send a nineteen year old domestic worker to singapore last. someone. else. only. a second broker we approach is equally direct of the other lemon what. if it. wasn't.
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with so many people making money off this illegal trade it's hard to stem the tide and local labor activist marmar who says the blanket ban is doing more harm than good. corporal will only add to need which you. know they a so we are nearly. by monica carillon is allusion to not pay away. on a day when we've been we don't know and mean it she says the situation is also more nuanced than it appears child labor is not uncommon in myanmar and domestic workers here can be as young as eleven years old. even among the. child. that i will. make one of the young israel how will the
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any million generally in it was out in. the law. all. at me and ma's labor department we learn the government is acutely aware of the trafficking that's happening under its nose but spokes person kinda way who says her department can only track the one hundred thirty women who went legally to work in singapore before the ban. it's harder to help if an under-aged goal leaves me in ma illegally any family any interest and you ready. the end. of our of those not on the day another mia. is when thought appellate the same anita the mere thought to me on it at the way you will meet or not. you ahmed ali at the taoiseach. it appears that when there are cases of exploitation and abuse
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the labor department expects the traffickers to look after the goals they traffic. we ask if myanmar and singapore are working together to solve the problem and in or never on monday in atlanta who don't want all of the hour when the film is on or seem to be at home and him obama. back in singapore it's clear to see the band isn't working. every week hundreds of domestic workers from myanmar gather here to enjoy their day off. most if not all of them have managed to circumvent the ban. some of the like they are still in their teens. when we raise the issue with singapore's ministry of manpower they responded in writing saying the passport
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remains the primary document for identification and age verification it is thus important. in the source country to ensure the accuracy of the details in the passports. since a sister's death cho-cho is still grieving. when we first met at the funeral she told us why mine was twenty three or twenty four. but now she says she was too scared to reveal the truth. then agent had instructed her to lie to land the machine in order and then the room and. it's hard letting go. churchill still can't believe a sister killed herself and in them home. millions of.
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the new year and have a meal at the mishearing now buy me a line at a meat meat on friday and. the two sisters never got to be in singapore churchill had been trying for days to reach wine wine when she received news of her death. she still doesn't know what happened. we've come to the condominium where wine wine was walking and where she did legislate jumps eighteen fruitless to her death. cho-cho is hoping to meet her sister's employer but she's scared to go inside. so we offer to make the initial approach for her. but the employer doesn't want to meet. instead she tells security to throw us out there got here.
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certainly a film a domestic want to find out i'm sure that i would tell the students my interest and confrontation she just wants to know what happened to my younger sister. he's just a nice lady sorry yeah what happen if you can use up here with no. wine wine was only seventeen when she died. doesn't think she'll ever know why. even though that he got down in the backyard i'd go instead to do oh mom don't you know. you know maybe you meet the real me back
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when you see. she regrets not trying harder to reach whine whine. but most of all she regrets not telling her under-age sister to stay at home. business updates. going places to get.
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business updates. going places. in the next sixty minutes. pressure on the. people.
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to protests. for a third attempt to get approval. to the reelection of the president of the. us. sports ten a soma. had a new world number one. couldn't hang on at the miami herald. thank you very much for joining us hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take part in government protests across algeria for the sixth week these are live pictures right now from the center of algiers where thousands of people have already gathered after initially calling for president abdel aziz but if he could to resign demonstrators are now demanding the removal of the entire political
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leadership of the three hundred people have been arrested amnesty international has called on authorities to stop prosecuting peaceful protesters and speak to al-jazeera now joins us from neighboring tenacious capital tunis where the arab league is meeting is the crisis in algeria going to be a burning issue at the arab league summit in tunis. wealth and official of the arab league summit said a few days ago that this this issue is not going to be debated of the summit i think obviously they don't want to be seen sort of interfering into the domestic affairs of this very quick to kill moment but definitely many neighboring countries will definitely be or closely watching the situation as it further evolves in this particular of this critical moment so what are you hearing about the demonstrations in algeria and the people's expectations there.
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well funny the momentum continues to build up across the country as you see now hundreds of people are now converging on the main square of the capitol hours years and expecting hundreds of thousands of people across the country to put more pressure on the political establishment to step aside and pave the way for a replacement is quite oh it's quite interesting what is happening as we speak now in because although the army has been saying that it favors to go through constitutional procedures which is basically to trigger article one then the president of the upper ten but of the parliament to take over as it enters and president people are saying no they don't seem to be very much convinced that this could be the best way to algeria they say they want something similar to what happened the incentives in two thousand and eleven after presidents and i would immediately was ejected out of power and therefore something called a constituent assembly
6:52 pm
a gathering of independent technocrats who took over pave the way for drafting and you can situation and then calling for parliamentary and presidential election to thousands of people in algeria say we don't trust these to go through the institutions of the state because this is the constitutional council has been appointed by president of the government has been appointed by the president was a bit of it and therefore if they oversee in any manner or other the transitional period that could just undermine the chances for the protesters to have their own. vision implemented thank you for that hashem live for us in tunis now if you are in algeria would like you to tell the story help us tell the story get in touch with us on whatsapp or on telegram especially if you're attending the protests or if you want to share a video comment on amber is a class nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine and for more on the crisis in algeria let's speak to mohammed kirov who is
6:53 pm
a professor of media studies and mass communications at qatar university here in doha thank you so much for being with us on the news hour they are restrictions currently in place on the internet in algeria what impact is that having on the demonstrations. first of all i don't think this is the case yes yes i don't think they are distinctions maybe. you know some people are going to send some material. or saw but i think it's the quality of food for industry it's you know but in a way you know it's i don't think you know desist i'm for the time being spent putting some pressure on the media or the journalists except for us that do know the artist and that the director of a should or could go to but you know did it is it him so like there is an automated internet i mean because we've been hearing issues about the internet being limited in you know in a temper haps to stop people from going out on the streets and i think if they want
6:54 pm
to stop before this thing to distract them from the most anything you know so but even if it's in the case i don't think this is this going to harm the protests and the willingness of the people you know to get the system out of. the country how has algerian media been covering this crisis and the demonstrations were in the video beginning you know it was. you know it's a very slow and ok for the state's own do you know media outlets there was nothing . after you know defers to excel going to it you know like in the private. vision china's satellite channels and newspapers you know they were covering the events and even the national t.v. they had some talk shows about the what's going on and they invited some people from the opposition so the opposition is getting a voice is having a voice on the airwaves that yes that's interesting isn't it yeah yeah yeah yeah now we seem to have somewhat of
6:55 pm
a change in direction from the algerian army right now yeah what impact is that going to have on the protest movement is that a good thing or a bad thing for the protest movement or for the protests. what did the government did you know it's you know two x. you very sick of the ones you go to which is like you know division c. of. the presidency but to people because if this happens it to me is the president of the house of. the somebody the nation he will be presiding the country for forty five days and people don't want that because you know he's from the old that is right and what they want you to want to know did they want to do so all of the you know department the national assembly and the council of nation and if we are to it doesn't you know it doesn't say that you have to do sort of this the
6:56 pm
parliament and the. the council of the nation you see saw it doesn't mean that commercial cue for the i mean this is a good move you know it's it's good because you know they are showing you just to do it to lead the president which if you step out by the twentieth of april but for the protesters it doesn't mean anything to because the old regime only we've gotten organize you know the new elections you know go over the constitution it says that aren't very interesting to talk to you about this thank you so much for joining us wanted to hear out we'll continue of course to follow the demonstrations in algeria here on al-jazeera throughout the day let's turn our attention now to other world news and british politicians are due to vote for a third time on the prime minister's breck's it deal parliament must approve teresa mayes agreement in order to ensure their departure is delayed until may twenty second if not the u.k. will crash out of the e.u.
6:57 pm
in two weeks without a deal the vote only covers a main withdrawal agreement not the political decoration about future relations between the two speak to the heart out to meet who joins us live from london so this is a day the u.k. was due to leave the e.u. talk us through the timetable for today and the possible scenarios now for exit. yeah indeed today actually the u.k. was supposed to give the you had the moment it doesn't even know how it will leave the you know this session in parliament has started about more than half an hour ago with the opening statements of the attorney general and he reminded everyone that if this withdrawal agreement was not approved then the four brics it will expire on april eleventh he also said that after that basically any further delay would be at the discretion of the you because basically the u.k. would have lost its legal right to request
6:58 pm
a delay until may twenty second as was agreed with the e.u. last week in brussels now joining me is polly mackenzie from the think tank demos which is aimed at bringing the british society to get it out must be very difficult at this particular moment in time what to do what is the significance of this vote because you were telling me earlier is not meaningful vote so what are we what are we witnessing at the moment well it's i mean it is hard to understand exactly why the government is pressing ahead with this vote there's been you know last night on the b.b.c. there was a journalist quoting a cabinet ministers swearing in saying he hadn't a clue exactly what was going ahead but at the heart of it is a desire to just keep looking like they're moving forward but this isn't a meaningful vote even if and it's sort of it's a possibility that we're an unlikely possibility even if parliament says yes to the vote today that doesn't actually approve the withdrawal agreement because this
6:59 pm
isn't a meaningful vote it's just a vote and if that sounds complicated confusing to the listeners the watchers then they're right to be confused this is the most confusing political situation certainly of my lifetime it doesn't really make any sense and almost no one really know what's what's going on because the e.u. gave a deadline eleven pm tonight twenty three g.m.t. for a meaningful vote what they did that was the deadline we were supposed to have ratified this remember before christmas. and then it got postponed and it got postponed and postponed until finally the votes came before parliament and it became clear. what everybody's been saying which is the parliament wasn't going to approve the deal that theresa made to go she hated parliament sent her back to try and get a different deal became clear what she said there is no different deal certainly if you start with a reason may's red lines which is that she doesn't want freedom of movement she wants to be able to make free trade jails i mean this is kind of the best deal you can get with those red lines. it's a necessary thing to do if you want basically any kind of breaks in the future
7:00 pm
relationship between the britain and the e.u. is undecided but the problem is no one wants to compromise you've got the brick city is on one side to say they don't want a sort of soft bricks it they'd rather kind of go down in flames see no blacks at all they would quite say that but that's what they're doing the sabotaging backs it for the sake of an imaginary purebreds that of their dreams i mean while on the remain a side you've got people are still holding out for a people's vote or a way of stopping blacks altogether and as a result the compromise is the least popular thing in the world. you know does the e.u. and the other party in this whole thing what do you think they would accept this sort of separation of now the withdrawal agreement and a political victory i mean it's a clever political maneuvering do you have that put forward today here but india and well would require well i wouldn't go so far as to say but certainly it's a way of allowing parliament to debate again.


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