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tv   Thou Shalt Not Kill  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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forty million so all of a sudden there are more than two million ballots cast by a seemingly mistry group of voters and the turnout lips significantly if we look at the numbers from sunday election day to that media conference on thursday an extra four and a half million voters were found so clearly many people are asking questions of the election commission why there are so many problems emerging emerging why there are so many discrepancies in these numbers the election commission is only really saying that it will investigate in the meantime the political parties are being left to try to form coalitions trying to do deals with like minded parties those agreements will really amount to nothing until the final official results are known on may the ninth police in the philippines have again arrested the chief executive of the news website rappler the government says maria ressa broke laws requiring all media be completely filipino and denies her site receives foreign funding
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supporters of ressa say the address is an attack on free speech to mean alynda and has more from manila. maria ressa was arrested this morning shortly after she landed from san francisco where it was met by police the warrant was issued yesterday it was one of the many cases that maria and several members of rappler of the local news outlets is facing in different courts across manila she is able to post bail and in a few hours she should be released already she has released a statement basically through her lawyers saying that she has no intention of invading a rests or moving to a different country to avoid prosecution she said that she will face these cases in court fairly and squarely in the hopes the truth will prevail in the end but there are critics media experts who believe that the cases filed against her and rappler has a stronger broader impact on how journalists operate in the field across the country more than ninety percent of journalists killed in the philippines are community
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journalists those who work in the provinces without enough legal and physical protection and this is what everybody wants to protect really the long term impact of heris meant against journalists however the philippine government say all the mario ressa has to do together with other members of rappler is to really face all these charges fairly and squarely in different courts the un security council is meeting to discuss the worsening situation in mali as a danger of a time some group scrolls some of the countries whose truce make up the un peacekeeping force in mali at considering reducing their contribution nicholas hock reports. we're in camp cast or in northern mali and this is a base where there are more than thirty nationalities you have canadian forces swedish el salvador bangladeshi forces just to name a few make no mistake this is an international effort to try to bring back peace in mali and beyond its borders but the situation is deteriorating on sunday more than
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one hundred villagers were killed in what appears to be a form of ethnic cleansing the international criminal court will investigate what is happening here but this is also the deadliest peacekeeping operation and for the united nations more blue helmets die here than in any other previous missions their lifeline are the canadian forces who are in charge of many backing front line troops now they are expected to leave in july their mission ends then in an unprecedented move the united nations have asked them to stay on bamako the government and the army there are unable to control the borders of this vast country and the region here that is as big as the european union and a lot is at stake it's to try to disrupt the migration routes to europe the drug trafficking and human trafficking troops as well as well as bringing back peace and
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security in this region the u.n. security council is meeting to try to get more troops on the ground but make no mistake the u.n. alone cannot fix this at stake is the lives of millions of people not just in mali but beyond its borders who are victim of an ending conflict. authorities in montana say they're back in control of a ship that was hijacked by asylum seekers off the coast of libya the migrants allegedly took over the ship after being told they would be returned to libya questioning five men who were on board italy's anti immigration deputy prime minister ahmed taylor salvini has welcomed intervention new zealand's prime minister has led. service in christ remember the fifty people killed in the mosque attacks here is andrew thomas. what words to the prime minister can adequately express the pain and suffering of new zealand's darkest day what words captured the anguish of muslim communities targeted by hatred and
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violence what words expressed the grief of the city of christchurch and then she found. peace be upon you they were words just done said she'd heard repeatedly over the last fourteen days but even the ugliest of viruses can exist in places they are not welcomed. racism exists but it is not welcome here this service exactly two weeks after the al gore and lin wood mosques were targeted by a white extremist gunman was broadcast on big screens around the country representatives from more than fifty countries came to hear islamic welcomes and prayers. and then the slow recital of the names of those killed all fifty of them. among them was her made her husband survived on stage he spoke of forgiveness
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i don't support in the wrong direction but at the same time i can not deny the fact that he is my human brother the daughter of another victim spoke to about her father he was a really nice man. thank you i work with of the work performance is to from a local singers i was and use of islam cat stevens who sung about peace. to you is gun free. twenty two people remain in hospital following the fifteen. of them recovery will be slow. this national remember. again and again. enough.
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people in a position of the program to look. we all want to. ask.
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thanks for says joe bonnie thank you three time champion roger federer is back in the miami open semifinals and there were some amazing volleys to get him there the
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number four seed won the first eight games of his match and eventually ousted thick seeded kevin anderson six six four it was fascinating to watch who is the just seven or eight nineteen year old dennis shapovalov in the final. knows a guy by the look is a true professional because of the score is going to keep going for it and keep believing. you know in tennis you got to cross the finish line you can't wait for the clock to run down. shapovalov is the twentieth seed from canada and reached the semifinals of to ousting francis t a photo six seven six four six two this is the third time and for much is this tournament that he rallied from a set down before winning canada now has two teams in the men's final four with. team going up against john isner in the other semi. i've been looking forward to this match up i think you know so it's going to be
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a dream come true to be you know play against roger over here and in the semi of the masters or those. in the women's draw simona halep had a chance to move up to the world number one ranking but lost states namely a soccer is the current incumbent but all hell it had to do to topple her japanese rival was reached the final in miami remaining as the number two seed but lost the opening set of her semifinal seven five to carry in a place from there she started to unravel in a stop start match because of the rain because of a battle to win one consecutive games to take this match after a brilliant rally on match point seven five six one was the final. list about will face ashley barty in the final on saturday barty is right twelve and shined even when the skies were poor she ousted twenty first seeded and come to vegas six three six three in this rain delayed semifinal victory also sees home to what its top ten . tiger woods may have slipped from golf's number one ranking after almost five
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years ago but the fourteen time major champion still has the magic touch this was tiger the tenth hole of the w.j.c. match play event in austin on his knees and playing left handed the american pulled off an incredible save to make paul unfortunately he lost the match against brandt snedeker to lead his hopes of progressing in the balance while the current world number one dustin johnson had some trouble with his posture on the eight his ball went all way around the cup without going in johnson lost to brandon grace but is still alive in the competition. and we're just two weeks away from the n.b.a. playoffs into the western conference alit went head to head on thursday he said rockets got a boost with a win over the denver nuggets james harden scored thirty eight points and the rockets had a huge second quarter one hundred eighty five the victory is houston's third in both games and puts pressure on the nuggets in the race the second seed. san antonio spurs interpose into a playoff berth with a narrow win over the cleveland cavaliers leading one hundred eleven to one hundred
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ten with fourteen seconds left on the clock patty mills scored a three pointer to sink the cavs as the spurs went on to win one hundred sixty two one hundred ten. examiners guaranteed another four years as the president asian football he'll stand unopposed in next saturday's election after the only remaining challenge account on so would a one hundred eighty with true on his e. has pledged his support to someone who's had the job since two thousand and thirteen. two of africa's top club teams will play for the continent super cup later here in doha is tunis who won the calf champions league title last season will take on roger casablanca winners of the caps confirmations cup russia will go into the game as underdogs having failed to qualify for this year's confederations cup quarter finals is the first time the game is being held outside africa. drivers are getting ready for friday practice ahead of the bahrain grand prix ms sadie's valtteri bottas us maybe feeling the pressure after winning the season opener in
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melbourne having failed to win a single race last season expectations will be high for bought us is showing he can be a serious contenders and teammate in defending champion lewis hamilton i can say that something in my mindset has changed for for your. preparation over the winter and just the way of how i feel and think about things have changed and. it's quite difficult to explain in detail but i feel different to yours before. whole thing is set to resume at california's centanni to track on friday three weeks after it was suspended because of the deaths of twenty two horses in three months and investigation launched in march forced the closure of the breeders cup venue now california's horseracing board says it will take steps to ban the use of whips jockeys argue they have nothing to do with the high number of deaths at the track. that is all useful for now we'll bring you more of that later fully joe thank you
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very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera do stay with us we've got plenty more news coming up very shortly with. the latest on the demonstrations in algeria where protesters are taking to the streets for the six week in a row demanding the resignation of president. in the entire political leadership to stay with us on our. in the country playing political cottonmouths games with europe and russia the people are trying to find their voice. but under the yawn free strew of the
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soon cool gloss dictator of europe voicing any opposition is risky. but the penalties can be severe. the better roost in emma the weakness documentary. on al-jazeera driven by outrage and spanning generations the rohinton demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like was so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back ten and the day after tomorrow they'll send back twenty idea if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho are among the most persecuted minorities in the world. the brazilian economy
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is booming but deep divisions still exist between the haves and the have nots in a country where smartphones have become a part of everyday life technology help bridge the gap. the series that challenges developers to design apps for a better world travels to rio de janeiro and meets the young people tasked with making a different life than. on al-jazeera. in algeria pressure on the president builds as thousands of people once again come out to protest live pictures here from the center of mountains. and i make like this is al jazeera life and also coming up to resume a purpose for
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a third it's and we have approval for how to plan the debate is taking place in the house of commons with. a gun battle an opposition leader arrested and i q's ations of a kid off the reelection of the president of the more time. saudi arabia freed some female activists but with conditions but explained. so and hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take part in ninety government protests across algeria for the sixth week at these live pictures now from the center of algiers where as you can see thousands of people have already gathered after initially calling for president abdul aziz beautifully could to resign demonstrators are now demanding the removal of the entire political leadership at least three hundred people have been arrested the international has
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called on authorities to stop prosecuting peaceful protesters let's speak to house robber who joins us now from neighboring tunisia as that capital tunis where the arab league is meaty and keeping a close eye on events in algeria and hashim is a crisis in nigeria going to be a burning issue at the summit. well officials here in the arab league summit said a few days ago that they would not discuss. and i think they just work carefully trying to. send the message that they are not doing anything that would be seen by the algerian government as interfering in their own internal affairs but this is something which is going to be closely monitored by the arab league given the fact that it has a wide range of delicate issues it faces yemen syria and also libya but also you have neighboring countries here in north africa closely monitoring the situation in
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algeria the said is really concerned about the situation in algeria and has called for genuine political reforms an inclusive political process that would be take into account the need to. develop the livelihood of the algerian so this is a situation which is not monitored by practically everyone all over the world and if we've got hundreds of thousands of people taking part or so expected to take part in the six week of protests there is clearly plenty of momentum with the protesters where ultimately do you think this could be heading. well the amount of seems to be really building up now as you can see the those live images now from the central zia's the headquarters of the post office which has become the focal point of the project ocracy movement if you get a crowd which is swelling now of that of course for mass protests across the country we've seen many human rights activists political parties opposition figures
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and also trade unions saying that they side with the protesters an indication that we might see. today compared to the last few fridays and people say that they are determined to continue the fight what is quite interesting about the slogans that we've heard so far particularly in the capital algiers you say you see people saying that. president has to go but they don't seem to be really impressed with the move by the army about article one or two they say this is just could be a letter by the army to decoy the pro-democracy sentiment from from from the perspective of the protesters in a jury or nick they say all the establishment has to go president government and the parliament and they are now floating the idea over the somberly that would take over for an interim period something similar to what happened. in two thousand and
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eleven when the established a constituent assembly and took over after presidency dr dean well it was evicted of. all i know you keep in close on events that will use things develop in tunis thanks very much indeed. and just like to say that if you are in algeria we'd like you to help us tell this story to get in touch with us on what's up or telegram especially if your attorney are planning to attend a protest or if you want to share a video conference the number is plus one seven four five zero one zero one four nine. ok british politicians jus to vote for a third time on the prime minister's deal paul newman's must approve to reason made agreements in order to ensure the departure is delayed until may the twenty second if no the u.k. will crash out of the e.u. . without a deal the only covers remain truly agreement. about future relations
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between the two as you can see there already to. this issue. let's go outside parliament where we can join. join us live from westminster. what's your sense of what's going on here is it treason mase proposal finally going to get the numbers. i think it's very difficult for her i mean everything is that maybe at this stage. the numbers are really the focus of everyone at this moment you have to bear in mind that the unionist parties of northern ireland said that they would not back this deal because it goes against the interests. opposition saying that they wouldn't. vote for this withdrawal agreement because it doesn't have the political declaration and that for them it feels that they get their blindfolded briggs's so you do have a lot still a lot of opposition to this withdrawal agreement the attorney general when he
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opened this session today has reminded everyone in the room that basically this was their last chance. to decide. otherwise it will have to be. otherwise it will have to be out. trying to find a new way by april eleventh but any other extension after that will be this question at. these the debate is going to go on for another. two and a half hours more or less and then we should hear from both terrorism a and. labor leader and after that they will be vote you know anyone you os will tell you they don't know it looks very tight the reason may and then of course you know today was supposed to be the day the u.k. was out of the e.u. that's not going to happen at this stage and nobody knows when or how or when it
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comes to the vote if the numbers don't add up to reason these proposals separation proposals. what will that mean. well on monday they will be a second session of these indicative votes which basically the first round happened chey days ago eight options were put forward to the m.p.'s by the speaker they were old turned down but some fared better than others it is thought that on monday the speaker will put forward again those eight options that could change again but at this stage what this is the thinking. is not binded by those votes i mean she can take them on board or she can completely refuse and that's up to her. she will have to however go back to the e.u. and figure out what's what's happening next they have been waiting for an answer
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ever since last week when they sent her off from brussels they said you have either april twelfth oh may twenty second. being if you don't have a significant meaningful vote which will not happen today so again the uncertainty of this country will continue well into next week all right well let's see how the us thanks very much for the time being one of one hundred. four days after the disputed election in the indian ocean nation of course at least three gunmen have been killed in a shootout with the military close to the capital morrone. reports say the men were a group of soldiers accused of attempting a coup separately presidential candidate so he lead he mohammed has been arrested but hamad who lost sunday's election accuses the government of rigging the results he and other opposition presidential candidates earlier announce their plan to unseat the president as early as to money. the head of the chinese take away has defended the company's commitment to security after facing further accusations
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of failing to repair flaws in technology the united states has accused the company of being a security threat and led a campaign to blacklist it despite that the company's profits rose by almost twenty five percent last year while sales exceeded one hundred billion dollars while away has denied its technology can be used by the chinese government for spying a jim brown has more now from beijing. well while away in many ways symbolizes all that china has achieved in the past thirty years in many ways it is the crown jewels of the corporate sector here in china and that success has certainly been borne out by these latest figures showing that sales surged to more than one hundred billion dollars in twenty eighteen this in spite of that campaign being led by the trump administration which has been demonizing weiwei for a number of years the century saying the firm is in the pocket of the chinese government something while away continues to deny it but while way is banned from
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being used by u.s. government employees for that reason why our way is now suing the u.s. government and official report from the british government has once again accused war way of poor software and saying that while away has also failed to repair flaws that might make it vulnerable to cyber attack now the reason why this is important is because the u.k. government has to rule shortly on whether while way will be able to provide five g. equipment to the company's next generation of networks but significantly this report made no mention no reference to while away making equipment that enables the chinese government to spy on individuals or companies. so ahead aaron al-jazeera a year in protests palestinians in gaza prepares most significant anniversary. and
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lots of uncertainty for thousands of ken rudin's taking shelter in nigeria to escape violence by him. hello again and welcome back to international weather forecasts well over the next few days we do expect to see the weather here across japan get stormy or windy and rainy or over the next few days so right now not looking too bad we do have high pressure there that is dominating keeping things mostly partly cloudy to clear up towards the north where we are going to be watching is a system that is coming out of china now that sort of the system is going to bring some very heavy rain across the korean peninsula here on saturday even for north korea we do expect to see some snow in your forecast particularly in the overnight hours but as you go from saturday to sunday that is where we expect to see quite a bit of rain across much of.


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