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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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rebuild our country and invest in our communities too many of which have been neglected ignored and underfunded for years a bush and a half baked deal like the one before us today and would only deepen those problems and those divisions mr speaker this deal even the half of what we have before us today is bad for our democracy bad for our economy and bad for this country and i urge the house not to make it jolt on this third time lucky strategy and vote it down to the image. to it. mr. mr speaker this is been another impassioned debate on bret's it i've told you on
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many occasions over the past few months string questions and taking interventions from right honorable and honorable members what i want to do in the minutes remaining is to set out the serious choice that faces us here today should have been the day that the united kingdom that's the european union that we are not leaving today is a matter of deep personal regret to me but i remain committed to the united kingdom leaving the european union and that is why i brought this motion to the house today there are those who will say the houses rejected every option so far you'll probably do so why bother i bother because this is the last opportunity to guarantee. yeah and i say to all those who campaigned to leave who voted to leave who represent constituents is that to leave indeed all of us. we
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want to deliver on the vote to lean if we do not vote for this motion today people will ask why did you not vote for break. by voting for this motion today we can send a message to the public and to the european union that britain stands by its word and that we would leave the european union on the twenty second of may and this is the reason why we. should very carefully to her message to all those who were voted to leave the course of the past two years how she possibly say it to forty eight percent actually voted to me here yeah seriously i would gentleman the do you look we have agreed the arrangements in the proposals that we have put forward absolutely applying to the forty eight percent who voted for me because they recognize they recognize the necessary balance between delivering on the results of
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the referendum while doing that in a way that protects jobs protects livelihoods and. mr speaker last week the e.u. council agreed to that article fifty eight could be extended to the twenty second of may if the house approves the withdrawal agreement this week that would give us enough time to take the withdrawal agreement bills through parliament we would not have to hold european parliamentary elections and we would leave the european union but they also agreed that if we did not approve the withdrawal agreement by tonight the extension would only be to the twelfth of april not long enough to ratify a deal so anyone who wants to leave with a deal would have to support seeking a further extension any such extension would probably be a long one and that would certainly mean holding european elections so approving the withdrawal agreement to. day avoids
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a cliff edge in two weeks' time it avoids european elections it avoids a long extension which would at least delay and could destroy rex it. but mr speaker to secure this extension to give us a firm exit date we do not need to agree the whole deal today just the withdrawal agreement. i believe. i believe there's no overwhelming majority in this house for the withdrawal agreement three quarters of conservative m.p.'s backed it in the last meaningful vote. and opposition m.p.'s i've spoken to tell me their problem is not with the withdrawal agreement it's with a political declaration. so i want to address the central argument put forward by the leader of the opposition again tonight this afternoon but voting for the motion will enable a blind that it will not and for three reasons. first
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if you want to leave with a deal then most ever future relationship you want it needs to sit alongside this withdrawal agreement with drawl agreement is fixed it is part of any deal here second agreeing this motion today is not ratifying the whole deal that will only happen once withdrawal agreement bill has passed through all of its stages in this house and the other place and has received royal assent. what this motion today does is give us the time we need to pass the necessary legislation and complete the current debate which the house is considering about our future relationship now the government stands by the current political declaration but we're not asking the house to approve it today nor does today's vote prejudge or preempt the outcome of the process run by my right honorable friend the member for west dorset. in fact
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for those options being considered approval of this with draw agreement is a pre requisite. and third in the next phase of negotiations we've committed to give parliament a significant and ongoing role in our eyes. mr speaker. mr speaker if you had selected if you had selected the amendment in the name of the honorable member for so contrite central and others the government would have accepted it and. if this motion carries today we will bring forward a withdrawal agreement bill that will include commitments to implement that amendment i will discuss the specific drafting of that with those who supported the amendment . so by voting for this motion members are not closing any doors they will still have the ability through the withdrawal agreement bill to influence that future relationship. today's motion is not about a blind breck's it it is about
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a guaranteed access. to day we can give the public and businesses the search and see. today we can give the public and businesses the certainty they need today we can show we stand by our word today we can show that we can come together in the national interest. today. too much noise in the chamber the prime minister is addressing the house must be the prime minister. to day we can show we can come together in the national interest today we can take a step forward together. this is a difficult day for members right across the house. i'm asking members to take
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a hard decision and i know that. i'm asking some honorable members. came out hearts of hearts throwing shit sandwich to spring shirts who make britain poor weak more by more ice free and the dole she should not show do good to all of democracy she should allow the people to have the final say if they want this. because the leavers admiring are certainly joe. thank you mr speaker i say to the honorable gentleman as i've said to the house before he looks at the economic analysis and he looks at the different types of bricks it could take place he will see the cracks in the deal that delivers on the result of the referendum and has the best economic outcome for this country is the deal the government has. mr speaker as i said i
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know this is a difficult day for members right across the house i'm asking them to take a hard decision and i know that. i'm asking some of the members to vote for a bricks that is less than one hundred four and that's not easy. i'm asking all the honorable members on the opposition benches to help me deliver on the instruction of the british people and that's not easy i think. there are good labor members opposite to us to turn a desire to deliver the bricks in their constituents. as willing as i am to make a compromise in order to move our country forward and this historic moment. at this historic moment for our country it is right to put aside self and party right to expect. it is right to accept the responsibility given to us by the british people and that is what i have done is to
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speak up. i. think that is what i have done is to speak out and i have said i am prepared to leave this job earlier than i intended. i. otoh proceedings are being widely watched please let's treat each with respect the prime minister is winding up the debate must be heard the prime minister. i have said that i am prepared to leave this job earlier than i intended to secure the right outcome for our country yeah and when your division bell rings in a few moments time every one of us will have to look into our hearts and decide what is best for our constituents and our country i get way beyond the general. point
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for the i'm grateful to the prime minister giving way and she's right to say that she has sacrificed her own position to try and get a deal for a change but does she appreciate in doing so she is asking us to place our trust in who will follow i'm looking at the likely candidates i've got to say sincerely to her she may have sacrificed her career it's put the country first that but there are plenty of people who and to follow her always put themselves first about becoming a. and i say can i just say to the can i just say to the honorable gentleman. the numbers in this house will not change the numbers across this house will be the same the desire of this house the desire of this house to be able to have a greater role in the future will not change i've given i've made the commitment that i have in relation to the legislation in the withdrawal agreement bill in
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relation to the. amendment from the honorable member for stoke on trent central. this in the next stage it will be important that there is a greater involvement of parliament to be able to ensure that as we move forward to cancer. as we move forward together we get that right results for our country but this is about our country it is about our national interest. as i say everybody will have to buy one one one last time i get waiting on the lady. thank the prime minister for giving away the prime minister's st this hour and if you're joining us we're watching. coverage. of eight very passionate debate from the house of commons in britain the where and debate him ahead of a vote on prime minister to resign maine's breck said. and she's been
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talking and trying to make an appeal to m.p.'s to vote for part of her breakfast agreement today was supposed to be the day that he walked away from the european union but instead and he's are having a heated debate before voting again for a third time this this hour and a version of ominous amazed with dollars bring him out. all right i'm so sorry i forgot your cool so the scottish national party always have a different view on this because they want to stay in the news they want to stay in the common agricultural policy they want to stay and i want to assure. the scottish no good for scottish fisherman a scottish farm and i had. i had said i would get one last time with us i just referenced the s.n.p. i would give away to. college so we to build compromise mr speaker but why did she never come forward to the scottish government the scottish national party offer why did she think reforms of devolution for employment all on welfare for example in order to give scotland the code it needs to protect itself from the now. as you see
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in our deals that it doesn't like instead she stuck her head in the sun and that's why she's got nowhere with the scottish government or the scottish national was the only gentlemen the government has given the scottish government extra powers in the north. was so old thanks i. think sent to the polls the power to increase taxes in the o.e.c.d. to it so i say to members this. if you want to deliver bricks this is the moment if you were passionate about making sure that the united kingdom leaves the european union backed this motion if you care about the union and want to deal with her takes it by the motion if you want to honor the referendum but want to parliament to shape our future relationship by this motion this is the right thing for our country it's the right thing for our constituents and i will have my house
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i commenced this motion to the oic the question is are those only ordered as minors are going to be observed by i.e. . very narrow. group of them over three. so there you have it today was supposed to be the day the u.k. walked away from the european union but instead m.p.'s have been having a very heated debate before voting again for a third time on a version of prime minister may's withdrawal agreement they're leaving now to cast their vote if the deal passes today bracks it will happen on may twenty second if the vote fails then the u.k. crashes out of the e.u. on april twelfth with no deal which many have predicted would bring financial count chaos to britain making an appeal to m.p.'s prime minister may said approving the
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deal today avoids at. age breck said jeremy corbin labor leader who was speaking right before the race and may describe her agreement as a half baked bread deal which was bad for our democracy said bad for business and bad for a country so now and these voting on just one part of teresa mayes agreement will bring you the result of the vote as soon as we get it here on al-jazeera is teresa mayes proposal finally going to get the numbers in this said vote or just have to find out in just a few minutes in the meantime we are going to move on to other world news and hundreds of thousands of algerians are protesting against president of the disease but if for the six straight week this was the scene in the capital algiers where protesters are now demanding an overhaul of their entire political system there accusing politicians of being corrupt and out of touch with the needs of the people al-jazeera has been a smith has more on the nature developments. a sixth week of peaceful protests in
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algeria though so far no change in government but many algerians feel they've never been closer. for the twenty years is enough so get out of jury as many candidates who are competent to take the job so why would the regime stifle them in their own country are you this year's a breath of fresh air algeria doesn't deserve this we deserve to live in peace. i'm here to confront the people's demands they have to listen to us. earlier this week the army backed the calls for president abdelaziz bouteflika to step down as. the ruling party its coalition partner and all jerry's biggest union have also now joined the coals for beautifully could to go but the eighty two year old remains in office even if he does go but won't be enough for the protesters. we want to move to a real democratic country through a transitional period to set
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a new out. when government bush will be elected by the people and not by this government we are against this government the the protesters want an overhaul of a powerful start which meant that has been entrenched in power since algeria's independence from france in one thousand nine hundred eighty two they want the resignation of the ruling elite but a subtle longside beautifully could for twenty years or anything like that to happen the powerful military would have to agree and it's very sensitive to signs of instability and. everyone is waiting for the constitutional council to rule on beautifully because fitness for office based on health reasons it's given no indication when it will make a decision if it rules the president on fit for office parliament must endorse the decision by a two thirds majority even if that happens it will only just begin will fill the demands of the hundreds of thousands of our jury and who spoke out in protest the
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bernard smith al-jazeera. and mohammed karat is a professor of media studies and mass communication at qatar university he says constitutional measures put forward by the army chief and wedding party to remove president were to freak out don't go far enough for protests what did the government did you know its own you know to achieve a today article once you go to which is like you know devote yourself to the presidency but deported because if this and this happens it is that today the president of the but house of. the somebody the nation he will be presiding the country for forty five days and the people don't want that because you know he's from the old regime and what they want you to want to know did they want to decide all of the you know department the national assembly and the council of the nation and if we are
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a one zero two it doesn't you know it doesn't say that you have. the soul of this department and the. the council of nation you see saw it doesn't mean that commercial cue for the i mean this is a good move you know it's it's good to be showing you just. to lead the president which if you step out by the twentieth of april but for the part of this that is it doesn't mean anything because the old regime and the we've gotten organize you know the new elections you know go over the constitution it says that the united nations has appealed for calm ahead of the one year anniversary of palestinian protests along the border fence with israel egyptian mediators that continue in their efforts to calm tensions between israel and hamas as protesters prepare to mark the occasion the delegation the egyptian delegation will remain in gaza over the weekend but so far no breakthrough has been reached i foster has more
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from gaza city. a telephone has been involved in the weekly border protest since the beginning his right leg had to be amputated after he was shot by an israeli sniper last april as soon as he was able he started going back again every week but this weekend's first anniversary he says is different. i'm not going anywhere why should i go on saturday there are going to be a lot of people killed tensions have risen again this week after a rocket fired from gaza hit a family home north of tel aviv injuring seven israeli airstrikes to follow destroy the offices of hamas as political leader among dozens of targets israel has built up ground forces on the gaza border threatening further military action is all israeli should know that if a comprehensive campaign is required we were entered strongly and after we have exhausted all of the other options those options center on egyptian mediation towards a deal understood to involve calm on the border and an end to rocket fire in exchange for an easing of israeli economic restrictions in the expansion of the un job
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program the seeds of the tension and. still existed in gaza unless the bigger problem for gaza which is a political in the completion and in the siege that there will be a more rounds of confrontation the great march return protests began on the thirtieth of march last year after a call to action against the israeli siege by civil society groups in gaza since then gaza's health ministry says israeli snipers have shot and injured more than six and a half thousand protesters killing more than two hundred fifty people children journalists and medical workers among them a un investigation found that while some protesters used violence the vast majority were unarmed and peaceful it stated that israel had no justification for using live bullets and there were reasonable grounds to believe it had committed serious violations of human rights for twelve months now the protests in these border areas have been an expression of the sheer desperation felt so widely in gaza but increasingly in evidence has also been how much as
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a. realty to dial them up and dial them down now with the israeli army staging a major show of force on the other side of this fence gaza's ruling faction has to decide how to calibrate this weekend's events in order to get what they most want major concessions out of israel and hamas is under pressure to get results earlier this month protesters went to the streets instead of the border over price rises and tax hikes from a security put the demonstrations down with beatings and arrests but the core of those protests the same feelings of despair and frustration that for a year now and despite all the risks that brought thousands to the border week after week are a force that al-jazeera gaza three prominent email activists in saudi arabia have been released from jail they spent ten months in prison and were freed after the second hearing of that trial which is still going on they are among eleven women activists who say they've been abused behind bars for promoting human rights cuts here lopez had a on what's. a taste of freedom that may be short lived the saudi activist are
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among eleven women who were arrested in may for campaigning for human rights they've been temporarily released after their second court hearing but their trial is not over. the woman were arrested two months before the saudi government lifted its decades long ban on women driving it was part of a sweeping crackdown on activists who are promoting change the accusations are accusations of being in contact with diplomats with the media with international organizations including honesty international for conducting human rights work. for calling for. greater women's rights and the ends of the guardianship is that the women say they were tortured and sexually harassed in prison the accuse interrogators of subjecting them to electric shocks and whippings the saudi government denies the mistreatment human rights groups say the country's leadership is sending a dangerous message to dissidents these women have not been given access to lawyers
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they have not been able to see their families there has been a chilling effect all around saudi arabia on activism and women's rights but provisional release of the activists comes amid international criticism over the country's human rights record adding to the scrutiny is a murderer saudi journalist. and high profile cases of young woman who fled to saudi arabia seeking asylum abroad while the saudi government is accused of using the court system to silence its critics the freedom of these activists and several others who's on the line katia lopez will yun al-jazeera. meanwhile a u.n. investigators say saudi arabia secret hearings for suspects accused of involvement in the matter of journalists are a violation of international law the special romper tour an extrajudicial executions i've missed calamari is calling on riyadh to try the eleven suspects in public and release their names she's denounced the kingdom for what she says is
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a lack of transparency the head of the chinese tech giant flyway has defended the company's commitment to security after facing further accusations of failing to repair flaws in technology the u.s. has accused the company of being a security threat and led a campaign to back it blacklisted despite that the company's profits rose by almost twenty five percent last year while sales exceed one hundred billion dollars while we has denied his technology can be used by the chinese government for spying has more from beijing. well while away in many ways symbolizes all that china has achieved in the past thirty years in many ways it is the crown jewels of the corporate sector here in china and that success has certainly been borne out by these latest figures showing that sales surged to more than one hundred billion dollars in twenty eighteen this in spite of that campaign being led by the trump
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administration which has been demonizing weiwei for a number of years the century saying the firm is in the pocket of the chinese government something while away continues to deny it but while way is banned from being used by u.s. government employees for that reason why our way is now suing the u.s. government and official report from the british government has once again accused war way of poor software and saying that while away has also failed to repair flaws that might make it vulnerable to cyber attack now the reason why this is important is because the u.k. government has to rule shortly on whether while away will be able to provide five g. equipment to the companies next generation of networks but significantly this report made no mention no reference to while away making equipment that enables the
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chinese government to spy on individuals or companies. are taking you back now to the house of commons in london where m.p.'s are getting back inside the room after voting on prime minister teresa mayes breaks it deal a part of the agreement this is the third vote on the deal and the big question of course is whether the prime minister may has the numbers dysthymia around a reminder of course that her deal was defeated twice before by m.p.'s so now they voted again for a third time but only on part of the agreement this time today was supposed to be the day that the u.k. actually left the european union but instead and b.'s own afternoon have been having a heated debate before voting again for the third time now the expectations i mean nobody knows what's going to happen whether or not prime minister may is going to have those numbers but if the deal passes today then bracks it will happen on may twenty second if the deal doesn't pass if and b.'s vote against it then the u.k.
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will crash out of the e.u. on april twelfth with no deal which many have predicted would bring chaos to britain so we're expecting the vote announcement any moment now poll brennan is standing by for us in london oh the big question of course is whether prime minister may will finally get the numbers. it's not looking like she will i'm afraid the whip's office has tweeted and the indications are that she's going to force some thirty five votes short of the majority that she needs to pass this withdrawal agreement elements of the deal through parliament so the indications at this stage are not good now for the exact numbers of course going to wait until the tellers come back from the division lobbies having counted who was in each of the eyes on the nose and come back with official figures but the indications are at the moment that the prime minister has
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some thirty five votes short of the majority that she needs if the numbers don't add up for theresa may what happens then what would that mean. well. if you ask people here many people would say they simply don't know that's not to say that they're on top since there are but we don't know which of them the government the prime minister will actually choose if she does not get the majority as it appears that she rounds in the votes this afternoon she could of course for example revoke article fifty council breaks it all together the likelihood of that's negative i would say stand by people go back to the european union and ask for more and. bigger extension in fact i hear we can go to the chamber now and hear the results two hundred eighty six the nose to the left three hundred forty four.
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with the oh i still the rights to hundred and eighty six the nose to the left three hundred forty four so the nose have it the news have it i'm wrong. but. the prime minister all right break it down for us what do the numbers say should be a matter of fact yes maybe not but the number of the eyes i was in the ones who would support from a spill motion two hundred eighty six those who opposed it three hundred forty four that's fifty eight so we spoke about thirty five it was even bigger than that fifty eight is the vote as the majority by which it has been lost and you can hear a cheer over my shoulder from the pro rex its supporters who have arrived in numbers here outside parliament today shouting now i was i was out it would appear that they believe that the prime minister that the defeats of the province's bill actually makes breakfast close enough in effect it does for some of us to the prime
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minister the heads of the other twenty seven member states ahead of the twelfth a pro it is almost certain to involve the united kingdom being required to hold european parliamentary elections on monday. on monday this house will continue the process to see if there is a stable majority for a particular alternative version of our future relationship with the e.u. of course all of the options will require the withdrawal agreement mr speaker i fear we are reaching the limits of this process in this house this house. this house has rejected no deal it has rejected no breck's it on wednesday it rejected all the variations of the deal on the table and today it has rejected approving the withdrawal agreement alone and continuing a process on the future this government will continue to press the case for the orderly exit that the results of the referendum did mark. owen
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is jericho on a point of order mr speaker this is now the third time the prime minister's deal has been rejected what is the face of the first time the prime minister said it's clear this house does not support the deal does she now finally accept that the house does not support the deal because she seemed to indicate just now that she's going to return to this issue again on monday this house has the chance and i say to all members mr speaker the responsibility to find a majority for a better deal for all the people of this country but the speaker of the house has been clear this deal now has to change the has to be an alternative found and if the prime minister card to accept that then she must go not at an indeterminate date in the future but now so that we can decide the future of this country through a general election year. what is going to.
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thank you thank you mr speaker. thank you mr speaker we should all be over. right although german was a story about good ideas for speaker we should all be aware of the sponsibility is that we all have in this house the c.d.'s knows that the situation that we have it and i would say respectfully to the prime minister she now has to accept the her deal has been defeated and i applaud the members of parliament on all sides that voted against the government's proposition it is a bad deal and we have to find that we out of the crisis that we are in all of our constituents would expect that we meet we must give ourselves time and i suggest to the prime minister we know you must look seriously at the option of the vocation
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you need to apply the handbrake to this process. and quite simply mr speaker messed up the prime minister has failed to take this deal for what she does not have the confidence of the house the prime minister has indicated her departure she should now go and we should be having a general election. thank you. come to the honorable of the court appointed waters of instant cable. monday it is perfectly possible that the house may indicate a preference for one of the options such as very customs union or a conference revote which are of course compatible with the withdrawal agreement if that is the case is the prime minister then open to listening to the view of the house and considering how we might have a longer extension to explore the area but i think booth question was perhaps to some degree a rhetorical inquiry be read on the governor has made his point but further debate
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on these important matters will follow next week and we'll leave it there the point of order idea if the prime minister most now says there is iraq nice this deal is over and. this house has a responsibility a serious response of an eye to monday to find a solution to this impasse there are jobs and livelihoods right across this country estate was why i took this game was many of us have been saying for months and months that we must have a people's by now i am. going to hold you here so i will come to the other way first as i saw the first point of order carolina. thank you mr speaker i mean it does beg a belief that the prime minister still seems to not recognize a dead deal when there's one right in front of her it has now been defeated three times and that doesn't spite of the procedural games that have them play you can
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see realize just how grotesque it looked when frankly she was looking as if she was willing to sell out the country's future for the price of some tory m.p. careers and replies mccrory the idea that it was somehow sensible for i am peace on the other side to say that they would suddenly change their minds about the deal they've been against talking moments because they thought they might have some kind of advantage from it that is wrong that it is actually. yeah there is a degree of who actually chewed on these occasions but the honorable lady has stretched it excessively if you wanted to speak in the debate she might well have called by i but you did seek to do so at points of all the dogs speaker could i urge the prime minister knowledge to look seriously at what the right on the boat jump on the member for issue and was said earlier in the course of the debate the buck stop issue she knew was the premiums problem she
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know was that me showed barney a. crew this week have said that and not being shown audio there will be no hard border please prime minister. even knowing a see right on noble gentleman said earlier used to tying constructively together stopping mokhtar short i. was inviting the whip on duty to move their job makes me to this house to now i think you could use this house you know journey to the other and say oh my god you know i think the oh i deserve it the our eyes have it. right they have aids u.k.p. lawmakers have for the third time rejected prime minister to resign may's withdrawal agreement this was a vote on just spot of the agreement and it was rejected again by and these theresa may saying that we will have to agree to
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a now turnitin of way forward adding that any further extension needs clear that this now is going to have to paul brennan in and london for a spall promise to me talked about the process continuing on monday what happens on monday after the vote today. well on monday continues the process that began during this week and that is a process whereby the members of parliament who was so disillusioned with the way the the government and the prime minister were negotiating the exit arrangements but decided to grab hold of entry time essentially go against the will of the government and try to find a majority for an alternative course of action we put a proposals before the house none of which i actually thought a majority although the idea of a customs union came close was just eight votes short that process is going to continue on monday it always was but it looks as though monday now has
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a lot more invested in it because of today's defeat of the prime minister's deal this is the third time hope deal has been defeated by the fact that the first time it was defeated by two hundred thirty votes the second by one hundred forty nine now by fifty eight as opposed by the lower of her. off life she carries on going by twenty twenty she might just about get a majority but just not that much time on in fact because she's done it three times now parliament won't let up bring it back another time joining me now to talk about some of these issues on the wager from the think tank you can to change your album is this a mass or is this an opportunity well it's a mess in the sense that we don't know where it was not the next constitutionally in terms of conjuring the do back again probably not so we're now in a situation where m.p.'s have to find a route out of the mess that's an opportunity they they think they can find a different deal to the one teresa mayes the great integration with the european union and they going to try and find a route forward to come up come on support in the house of commons that's the next step that's the route out of the mess if you like as we have these days i mean
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we've had many days like this but once again with all the protests here with helicopters in the air it's a real pressure cooker environment here in the u.k. parliament talk to me about the pressure that the m.p.'s are now on the with the new shorter date of april the twelfth looming yes so they have until april that's well to come up with a different idea to resume a still or it's still possible we can end up in the details of the cliff edge situation and people in the e.u. are increasingly worried they don't think that m.p.'s have the ability to organize themselves and alternatives and in brussels people are increasingly talking about the talk of april as the central date of the no deal so there's a real pressure on m.p.'s right now that'll theresa may was able she could use she gave the she could say to them days look we're really out of options here the house and was pulled down to defeat by fifty eight and that's nowhere near enough the numbers were always against labor had said the all of the opposition labor party said it wouldn't votes in favor of the deal because it said it led to the blindest
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of blind grex it's if you agree the withdrawal agreement without full so agreeing the terms on which you're going to go for future trade arrangements then that was a blank check they said you can kind of understand that position however they were right it was a blank check that you reason may get it because everyone agrees that the need. to be a treaty on these things in the ritual agreement need to be sorted out so that was the logic behind series made this year was that actually the labor party said they pretty much agree with this withdrawal agreement i just write it down but they say they didn't have enough guarantees for watkins next and that's why it's so important when m.p.'s debate on monday what's next they come up with a very clear answers that question because otherwise as you say it's all the michael deadline gets place and place every day coming back from the money shy and looking at the big picture what is to resign may's future not she's already offered twice to resign her position where does she go from here i mean she played down the last card and you have the last roll of the dice here with this vote it's really difficult to see where she goes from here in terms of her leadership in the premiership she's really out of options now does she go along with this process
11:43 pm
them visa suggesting in the geisha whatever they come up with at the european union that it's really hot that she's ruled out all of those options time and time and time again to really read a situation where it's going to be big questions also over the weekend about countries it may be the end of this process for the other way to thank you very much indeed for joining us when they separated out the withdrawal agreement on the political declaration for the stroke when i said yesterday desperate times require desperate measures we really are now in desperate times and there are going to have to be some desperate measures over the weekend and into monday to try and resolve the situation not to thank you so much for that paul brennan live for us in london so what will the europeans the e.u. be making of all of this is made his rejection after recent days d.l. let's find out and speak to natasha headquarters in brussels and tasha any reactions at all to this latest defeat for to me. well look at you officials have been watching the past few days and weeks in the
11:44 pm
u.k. parliament with a sense of the will dominate and growing frustration and today is no different we've already heard from the e.u. commission spokes person saying that he expressed deep progress on behalf of the clock at this decision by u.k. parliamentarians not to approve the withdrawal agreement because earlier in the day here in breast brussels there was some hope that perhaps they could be a breakthrough here that perhaps his pregnant process might at last move forward because there's such a briggs it for t. care what happens now though that is of course the big question and we know we heard earlier from the e.u. main breaks it's a chief negotiator michel barnier who said that what britain needs to do now is come out with some sort of plan clarify what it wants to do by april twelfth or he said it's extremely plausible that a no deal could take place not is something that most people here of course in the european union want to avoid it's something they wanted to avoid but if it's inevitable then so be it that seems to be the feeling on april the tenth adonal
11:45 pm
toss the e.u. council president says there will be a special meeting your leaders will get together to try and discuss what next could they be natasha a renegotiation a complete renegotiation of the deal. well the leaders of always been very firm that that is not what they want to do that they do not let's wish to renegotiate the deal and the problem is of course the goodwill amongst many of them has really been referred to the way over the past few weeks they feel that they've given a person and the parliamentarians to reason they many opportunities to move forward they've offered extensions they offered an extension today if this withdrawal agreement was approved an extension so may the twenty second that snorts are going to be offered is no longer on the table now they are saying you have until april twelfth to come up with something it is something of a lifeline whether or not it is taken is another matter thank you so much for that
11:46 pm
natasha but the life forest in brussels we will continue of course to follow all the latest developments from london and brussels after british m.p.'s again rejected prime minister to resign may's breaks it my colleague elizabeth grantham is with you next on al-jazeera to stay with us. fly qatar airways experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. it is murder when you throw
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alone welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha with me the problem coming up in the next sixty minutes. the implications of the house's decision. britain's parliament again votes down the prime minister's withdrawal deal rejected what two reason may said it was the last chance to guarantee breck's it. and algeria pressure continues to build on the president and his backers as huge numbers of people come out to protest once again. and the head of the arab league declares that the occupied golan heights belong to syria rejecting donald trump's decision to recognize it as part of israel. the british parliament has just voted to reject a trimmed down version of the problem. just as in you devil steal the third time
11:50 pm
they've rejected it i used to the right two hundred eighty six the nose to the left three hundred forty four well this time the margin of defeat was fifty eight votes and speaking afterwards theresa may described the result as profoundly disappointing the implications of the house's decision grave the legal default now is that united kingdom is due to leave the european union on the twelfth of april in just fourteen days time that is not enough time to agree the just late fall and russia fire deal and yet the house has been clear it will not commit to leaving without a deal mr speaker i fear we are reaching the limits of this process in this house this house. this house has rejected no deal it has rejected no bricks it on wednesday it rejected all the variations of the deal on the table and today it has rejected approving the withdrawal agreement alone and continuing
11:51 pm
a process on the future. now the main opposition leader may belated jeremy coleman has again called for may to reside. the house has been clear this deal now has to change the has to be an alternative and if the prime minister can't except that then she must go not to as an indeterminate date in the future but now so that we can decide the future of this country through a general election. right so where do things stand now while the e.u. said the withdrawal agreement had to be approved by friday an order for brush and to delay its departure on two may twenty second now that's been rejected the u.k. has until april twelfth to come up with a new plan any new plan and further delay will need approval from all of the other twenty seven you states or russia could link the block on april twelfth with no deal this crashing out scenario as it's been described could have severe economic
11:52 pm
consequences. natasha but as and brussels she's going to be getting the reaction from the european union but first let's go to our correspondent in london paul bettany he's outside the houses of parliament the day that britain was supposed to leave the e.u. pool instead the day that the day of the prime minister the prime minister's demand was rejected for the third time in parliament. that he then there's a real public. pressure cooker type of atmosphere because. hundreds if not thousands of progress in support of descended on palm and whites whole the streets outside parliament to protest about the fact that it wasn't delivered as promised on march twenty ninth when the vote was announced the result there was a big cheer from those protesters behind me they clearly feel that this defeats of the prime minister still brings bret's a closer certainly brings that deadline closer for may twenty second april twelfth
11:53 pm
but to talk about the implications of what's just happened on joined by two guests this time first of all tom brake he's a liberal democrat m.p. and of course we know on wages from the last. from you can a change in europe now tom decipher for us how dead is the prime minister's deal but more importantly where do we go from here well it must be as dead as a dodo they says a third time is being defeated where'd we go from here well what happens on monday is that that process of parliament taking control of this continues so we have a day where what i expect to happen is that some of the options that were debated earlier in the week will be refined perhaps joining together complicit in that dreadful wood and then i think that we will see a majority potentially emerge around one of those options and then that will give the government if they respond positively something they can go to the european union with and say no problem that has agreed potentially to proceed with this will you give us a longer extension to enable us to get to do some work on
11:54 pm
a threesome a has always said she would not let her hands be tied by parliament she insisted that it's the executives job first of all to negotiate with europe and seven set rules now are you confident that she will accept whatever parliament comes up with if indeed parliament comes up with a majority for anything because they didn't last week or this week well i i'm not scum fidan however she does have a track record of adopting a very strong position such as i'm not going to call a general election and then she does or i'm not going to did labor exit she said that under one times and then she did so it she can change her mind on i think in the interest of the country she's got to do that because clearly people are angry and we can hear some of them who are angry about behind this and so she has to work in them in the national interest and the national interest does actually mean working with the opposition parties because she cannot come on a decent majority and she needs that because this is so controversial if she doesn't reach out to the opposition party she's not done it so far but she has the
11:55 pm
opportunity to do it next week thank you. for your think tanks point of view the options are very difficult now aren't they i mean revocation. highly unlikely that's not really an option is it i think revocation at the moment is unlikely that was tension a bit more appetite for in the house of commons and some people expected but it's nowhere near getting a majority so what we're looking at is a softer form of rex it i think thomas a once of a the the referent the confirmation referendum to be part of that soft of the brakes and they're going to let a negotiation going on between m.p.c. having come up with some sort of compromise they can get a. three hundred fifteen barrier that means they get a majority in the house of commons that's far from clear of them whether there is anything but we're going to find out on monday a potentially wednesday next week and that's the big crunch time now for beads i don't want to tread on the toes of my fellow correspondent tashi butler who's going to talk to us from the european perspective but i have to say that the europeans are playing tough and saying that that no deal preparations are well advanced and they're fully ready we don't appear to be all the u.k.
11:56 pm
does not appear to be ready right we're not yet so the u.k. for the last two years has been really worried about no deal that the e.u. is sort of thought well it's not going to happen now we're seeing the e.u. really worry them piece on going to get a grip on this by this wealth and in the u.k. m.p.'s every rule still think because they're ruling out no zeal they still think that they have the numbers to stop it and the e.u. and in the u.k. there's this just balance now actually no deal is so close it's a fortnight away you've got to do you can't discount as a real possibility from here just finally to tell the public are disillusioned with m.p.'s such as yourself of all persuasions of all policies you can see that point frankly can't you the way that the m.p.'s have been able to see a list after so long well i think unfortunately our sense this process was do you because of course people were offered something three years ago that was going to be unachievable. the prime minister then set some red lines which meant it she couldn't talk to the opposition parties and the only deal she was going to get was the one that she has goals what i can offer to get to the public is there is
11:57 pm
a willingness to work across party i do so very actively with members of all parties with the exception of the do you believe you don't play by all the other parties have members who are willing to work with other parties to try and find a way forward to try and reconcile which views which are frankly very very hard to reconcile between the demonstrators behind me and the million people who marched in london a couple weekends ago who are in favor of staying in the european union tom donilon thank you very much indeed for joining us also you back now the protesters over my shoulder are well triumphant they're shouting what sounds like angry but i think think that there's a combination of. the failure to deliver directed by today but also a certain degree of triumphalism that. looks like a step closer not poor thank you very much for that that was paul brennan let's go now to emma haywood she's live at the demonstrations outside the parliament the pros demonstrations emma so how have they been reacting to the vote being rejected
11:58 pm
for the third time. so these are live pictures from london there are a number of different demonstrations taking place around london these i believe the pro demonstrations we've lost our connection with our correspondent there so let's move on now to natasha butler who's joining us live from brussels where we've had european council president calling for an e.u. summit on april tenth that asha following that rejected vote. yes that's right so and i mean i think donald can probably most e.u. officials have been watching the past few days the events in the u.k. parliament in westminster with a real sense of frustration and growing weariness not only got a whole lot worse today with the u.k. parliamentarians rejecting this withdraw all agreement part of the briggs's deal
11:59 pm
once again there was a feeling in brussels but perhaps things my progress there might be some form of breakthrough but that's not to be so what happens next where we know the total task as you said has called this summit on april tenth that's an opportunity for leaders to get together and talk about the future and more to the e.u. main breaks it negotiator michel barnier i said earlier today was unless that with with all agreement was approved the u.k. is going to have to come to the you put forward to clarify exactly what it wants to do before april twelfth otherwise what looks likely now say many officials is that we're facing a no deal scenario that would mean that basically person leaves the european union crashes out without a deal and that is something that e.u. officials all along have been united in saying that they wanted to avoid but how open. twenty seven are the e.u. member states to approving
12:00 am
a new deal is there consensus on that. well in europe in union leaders have been very clear for a while now that they don't want to negotiate a new deal they said they've really done that the work has been done it's taken the years there's a deal on the table the board is really in the course of parliamentarians in the u.k. and what the who is saying is that in a way they have offered from their point you a sense the lifelines if the u.k. does want to reach a deal there were very. as possibilities today if this withdrawal approval if this withdrawal agreement was approved the had offered an extension until may twenty second of article fifty allowing the u.k. more time to organize itself now it's offering april twelfth and it's saying to britain there is an opportunity for you to still clarify to come up with a plan before that date if not april twelfth is the date that we're offering and that means no deal scenario so i think that there's a real sense in the e.u.
12:01 am
that some months ago. they would have been more open to a.


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