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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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there's a deal on the table de paul is really in the court of parliamentarians in the u.k. you know what he was saying is that in a way they have offered from their point of view a sofa lifelines if the u.k. does want to reach a deal there were various possibilities today if this withdrawal approval if this withdrawal agreement was approved the e.u. had offered an extension until may twenty second to all of us who fifty out of the u.k. more time to organize itself now it's offering april twelfth and it's saying to britain there is no opportunity for you to still clarify to come up with a plan before that date if not april the twelfth is the date that we're offering and that means no deal scenario so i think that there's a real sense in the e.u. that some months ago no qualms they would have been more open to a few changes but as this process has gone although it's just such a sense of frustration and weariness in the sense that the business of brigs it is basically taking over all of the european union business rather too much and of course let's not forget it's the tear in europe we have parliamentary elections at
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the end of may and i think most european leaders want to make sure that the whole issue the whole process of bragg's that is perhaps wrapped up in one way or not the clarified before that natasha thank you very much for that for now that is the taj with the view from brussels thank you. now the rest of the day's news as to lead with looting. with just about to board a canadian air force medi vac exercise operation find out next why this has become one of the deadliest peacekeeping operation in the u.s. history. and as for even one who's on his knees tiger can still use the magic peter will have to do to help. we're going to move on to other news now in hundreds of thousands of algerians are protesting against president abdelaziz bouteflika for the sixth straight week well
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this was the same earlier in the capital algiers where protesters are now demanding an overhaul of the and top political establishment they accuse politicians of being corrupt and out of touch with the needs of the people. more now from bernard smith . a sixth week of peaceful protests in algeria though so far no change in government but many algerians feel they've never been closer. twenty years is enough so get out l.j. area has many candidates who are competent to take the job so why would the regime stifle them in their own country are you this there's a breath of fresh air algeria doesn't deserve this we deserve to live in peace you know and i know that i'm here to confront the people's demands they have to listen to us. earlier this week the army back to their calls for president abdelaziz bouteflika to step down. by the ruling party its coalition partner and i'll jarius biggest union have also now joined the calls for
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a beautifully good to go but the eighty two year old remains in office even if he does go that won't be enough for the protesters and then. we want to move to a real democratic country for a transitional period and to set a new algerian government which will be elected by the people and not by this government we are against this government the the protesters want an overhaul of a powerful establishment that has been entrenched in power since algerian independence from france in one thousand nine hundred sixty two they won the resignation of the ruling elite but a subtle longside beautifully of a twenty years or anything like about to happen the powerful military would have to agree and it's very sensitive to signs of instability that. everyone is waiting for the constitutional council to rule on beautifully his fitness for office based on health reasons it's given no indication when it will make a decision if it rules
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a president unfit for office parliament must endorse the decision by a two thirds majority even if that happens it will only just begin to will fill the demands of the hundreds of thousands of algerians who've spoken out in protest bernard smith al jazeera. now so who are algeria's ruling elites and what's their connection to president bush the flicka there's the military which holds a lot of power behind the scenes and in the past top officers were replaced if they posed any challenge to flee because rule protest is also not in favor of the opposition though and that's because they are all seen to be part of the same system and appear to have helped with the flick of remain in power for twenty years business leaders are closely aligned to those in power to many of or to any award of contracts of government loans for public and private projects in return for their campaign support and favorable media coverage well let's get more on this now
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we're joined by use of one the professor of political science and international relations at catholic university very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so the sixth week of massive protests in algeria and everyone now waiting on the constitutional council to see how they will rule on his fitness for office what will the constitutional council be considering here other than of course his ailing health and the pressure from the many hundreds of thousands of people who've seen out on the streets of the last six weeks basically do the constitutional council. should be the first one is to ignore the demands of the people of the called by the chief of staff which so far it has done the second one is basically to offer the president would have on the way given to. the one to declare him unfit so these are basically the three options available to the to the
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constitutional council this is due sixty in the low to the millions of jews are being taken to distribute. they didn't for the president not to run for his fifth in office that was secured and the second one which is the most difficult one is basically to ask for the whole system to go anybody who has been associated with beautifully and specially that was who have been. guilty of corruption over the last fifteen years or so. and how then do you see the military now asking the constitutional council to look at president with a flick of fitness for office given that the military has been part of the establishment that's kept with the flick and power. point of view and this is what. when he has no constitutional right to. the
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constitution. to do so because the constitution says. the constitutional council would meet its own accord what the d. . is basically advised. of this. two of the constitution. says to the other. the president no longer enjoys the support of the is a very very significant development and can. survive without the military support. days numbered because he is simply because of the on the in the streets for the last six weeks the numbers of allegiance have been growing demand in this obviously they have to listen and if we look at the history of the last. sixty years independence we have seen that the military has been
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a very very important political player all presidents. they had the support of the military. they helped him to change the constitution in two thousand and eight to extend his stake in. the body enjoys the support of the region he stays in so the decision by all the. over the last few days simply he pulled the plug. and everybody knows that he doesn't enjoy the support of the middle east of this went. on the. use of thank you thank you. he is joining us from neighboring capital. had. an interesting situation in algeria isn't expected to be on the agenda. indeed elizabeth this
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is not going to be on the agenda of the of the excited to be held on sunday here. because for a reason the other leaders don't want to be to give the impression of the interfering in to the domestic affairs of a country of this particular critical moment of the country however the president of the senate. is going to represent the other thing that would be an opportunity for him to brief particular neighboring countries. about the latest developments on the ground and they have been a number of major developments hashim over the last six weeks none of them keep the protesters those from continuing to come out on the streets in these huge numbers that we're seeing what are you hearing from tunis about what's happening next door in algeria and the capital algiers and other cities where protesters have come out . what if the same amount which is obviously building up across the country
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thousands hundreds of thousands of people are now on the streets of the capital and jeers of across the country waving the flags of the country brandishing some of the slogans and some of the pictures of the heroes of the war of independence it all saying united in one voice we want the ruling elite that has governed algeria for twenty years to step aside and pave the way for a new assembly an assembly made of independent politicians will who have huge respect among the other junior to take over for the time being also we were there was quite interesting today or see that from some of the slogans made today. seem to be really pressed with the approach made by the military by lifton and general gates which is to trigger article one zero two they say this is not going to solve the problem because the problem is not is no longer about which at least. is the turn chapter in our view of what we want the establishment the entire political
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elite to step aside the parliament and the government and the only way. for them to trust that it is a genuine political reform. is for a new establishment to be formed something similar to what's happened here it is it a thousand and eleven when a constituent assembly was established to take over when president zelaya with the with all the words deposed in a robbery so unless those demands. i think the momentum is going to continue the turn of the slogans be today about this seem to be quite do for you and determined to continue to. mount thank you very much for that for now that is. live from that neighboring tyrannous thank you now there have been some internet restrictions and algeria over the past few weeks particularly with live streaming on social media so high up has more on that area started partially blocking its
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internet when the protests began on february twenty second as a result of the demonstrations that were largely being mobilized through social media and if you take a look at this heat map now this is by next block and that tracks internet disruptions in real time and you'll see these green blobs changing across the screen and those are areas where the internet was instructed in and year from the twenty second of february when that march happened so the twenty six but it's happened a multiple number of times since this isn't the first time the authorities in algeria have disrupted that access they did it last year as well but for a very different reason to stop cheating in high school exams now that was after they discovered at the end of the year that papers were being leaked on social media and even back in twenty eleven during the arab spring in egypt algeria is internet was also destructive of course out of fear of protests spreading across the region as a whole now this year has already seen a number of countries pull the plug on the internet venezuela sudan and even
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zimbabwe just to name a few but how do they do it exact. well government orders telecommunication companies or internet service providers to cut off or simply just slow down the internet across the entire country or even in certain hotspots often they say it's because of national security and even misinformation now it could be a complete blackout or the destruction can happen to certain websites and even mobile apps like what's up now digital rights activists a warning that internet freedom continues to decline globally in fact chad's as of friday has now spent a full year without access to internet and social media platforms like facebook twitter whatsapp and even viber and this tweet just kind of gives you an idea because it says families and friends have been disconnected businesses have even struggle to market themselves and journalists have been restricted in their
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attempts to reports reports unnoticed by the way there's a hashtag just in the corner keep it on that's been used for internet blackouts and this is also a problem because internet destruction like these have widespread effects especially on economies and if you take a look at this also by net blogs if you put in the countries i'm going to put chand in here and it will give you an idea of how much they stand to lose per day every day for when internet is destructed or even blocked in here it's a little over a half a million dollars of course but if you actually look at somewhere like in the u.s. where people are so much more connected you've got seven been dollars there that could be lost in one single day that just gives you an idea of the impacts when a government shuts down the internet of course there are ways around it v.p.n. is one of those things but it doesn't always work. still ahead on the news out of gun battle an opposition leader arrested and accusations of a coach after a contentious election and come on the sidelines and spotlight a federal law advancing into the semifinal and the miami heat have
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a wrong coming up. hello again it's good to have you back while we are watching what is happening here in the eastern part of the med very carefully because this is going to play out to be a very messy situation for many locations in the next coming days here on saturday heavy rain is going to be a big problem as well as winds we're talking turkey we're talking syria lebanon as well as jordan as we go towards sunday the area really begins to expand out here towards the east and i'm really going to be focusing on iran because early in the week we saw some deadly flooding there and we are expecting to see more rain coming into play by the time we end the weekend well here in the gulf it is going to be the clouds in the heat for many locations and those temperatures are on the way up so here in doha we'll be seeing some cloudy conditions here on saturday sunday we
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expect to see a jump a temperature to thirty degrees riyadh at thirty three dhabi is going to be a thirty two and it is going to be clouds across much of the gulf scotto a beautiful day for you at about twenty eight degrees and then across southern parts of africa things are not looking too bad most of that tropical moisture is making its way towards the north madagascar you're still seeing some heavy showers particular up here towards the north but over torture here is very it is going to be a fair day for you at twenty eight degrees durban at about twenty seven and capetown well clouds in your forecast and little bit cooler with a temperature of twenty one. charlie this is real football for you don't think about. explaining when real madrid loves worth five hundred million euros expresses a position on something the world anti-doping agency has to take notice. in part
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two of this series continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports the endless chain on all jazeera. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of a script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means. as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most embarrassing a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera.
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the al-jazeera news out on things our top stories britain's parliament has rejected a slimmed down version of the tories amazed with the troll it is the third time their voices are down prompt and european leaders toward the u.k. is now likely to leave the bloc with no agreement on april twelfth they have called an extraordinary summit for ten. about a million algerians are rallying across the country against the government for the sixth straight week there's a live pictures from the capital l j is there calling for the resignation of president. and an overhaul of the entire political system. more now on our top story the latest parliamentary rejection of promise to teresa mayes e.u. devil steal she is warning of dire consequences and people who are both for and against breaks that agree that the whole process has been handled badly and the heywood has been speaking to some outside the houses of parliament. well several
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thousand people have gathered here outside the house of commons hoping that the politicians will hear their message that breaks it means bricks that a real cross-section of people here are a young and old i was talking to two eighteen year olds who said their parents were remain as they were too young to vote when that vote toughened back in twenty sixteen but they said to secure the future they want to force them to leave the e.u. remember this is the day the term reason may promise that the u.k. would leave the role concerns of course here that this could be hijacked by hijacked although by the far right we did see the far right activists tell me what arrived earlier but so far the how this has been a calm protest in good spirits but also a lot of disappointment i think it's fair to say though that the numbers are in no way as large as they were for the remainder ministration which happened at the weekend. the head of the arab league has rejected the u.s.
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decision to recognize israel's claim over the occupied golan heights and also called for political solutions to conflicts in syria libya and yemen his comments came at a meeting of regional foreign ministers ahead of sunday's thirtieth arab summit meeting. the arabs refuse the occupation to be given names other than occupation nor the occupation force to be given legitimacy we say it loud and clear the golan is an occupied arab syrian territory as per the international law and the un s.c. resolutions any unilateral declaration of sovereignty over the golan by any state is in conflict with this fact and will not change the true reality but we're joined now by al jazeera senior political analyst and surprisingly the arab league rejecting donald trump's recognition of the occupied golan heights as israeli territory but does that put any pressure on israel or the us will change the
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situation what we do have a precedent which is the arab league's position on the united states recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and we've heard from the arab league rejection of that decision today we hear from the foreign ministers a rejection of the american position on the israelis ation if you will of the syrian golan heights. but if last year's decisions by the arab league are anything to go by there's going to be a lot of rhetoric and very little follow up very little action last year they took the decision to call the arab summit the jerusalem summit they went to the united nations after the american decision and got a general assembly resolution rejecting the american position but beyond that we really haven't seen much in fact that a peace meant to the united states has continued after his vision of appeasement to
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israel has continued after those decisions and i think even today after the trump decision to bestow our if you will. american benediction over israel an extension of the golan heights the united arab emirates decided that it's time to normalize relations with israel yeah we have had you know member states either openly like the united arab emirates or more more covertly softening their stance to words israel but what about the arab league where does it stand now as a whole especially as we wait for you know the strength of ministrations great plan for the israeli palestinian conflict look the arab league has any regional or international organizations like the united nations like the european community or the european union union. when its members are committed to its charter when they are truly representative of the people and and truly loyal to this group and then
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the group it works the other obliques continues to fail because its member states continue to fail because out abrasions to day care only about one thing there survivals they don't care about anything they don't care about most i mean most of that up regimes cared about their survival they don't get it by their people's interest they don't care about the collective political and strategic work at the arab league quarters in cairo there are some magnificent documents about joint defense about. a roadmap to economic common market about cultural this and that and the other thing but none of them see the light why because there's so much division among that up so much weakness and of course so much chaos because of the way out abrasion teams have responded to popular uprisings in various countries so today just you know in short syria libya yemen
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completely paralyzed and mostly destroyed gulf countries are divided algeria as we we spoke earlier is of course preoccupied with its own issues iraq with its own reconstruction so really it's not a hopeful pecha and on and on and on the subject of you know what you called regimes that came most about their survival and again countries and the arab league softening this towns to woods syria do you see it being allowed back into the arab league but leave it or not there was a movement towards getting syria back to that oblique this summit it did not work and this is you know as much as a shock to me has anyone else it was under american pressure. that saudi arabia and others did not move forward with the decision to bring back bashar al assad basically a war criminal to the arab league because america felt it was too early america still you know imposes sanctions with the european union and other against the
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bashar assad regime so there was an attempt by the egyptian soldiers and others to do to do so but that did not work out so there is a bit of a tense relations if you will on the question of the goal of jerusalem and bashar al assad but all in all an old. like the one in egypt and saudi arabia and others especially after the catastrophe that the strong fick behavior of mohammad but some on saudi arabia the human rights violations in egypt those regimes are so fragile internally that they continuously seek american support for their own survival. up to fight the has the so egypt is going to washington to get more support for his next and the following tour because he's going to be changing the constitution mohammed and so man continues to seek american support or other prompts support i must add because everyone else is against him so i think the idea of appeasing washington and appeasing israel in order to appease washington remains to be the
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only game in town in the end was that a pretty common solomon has been given a hero's welcome and tyrannous might only have to leave it there for now but thank you as always for your analysis. now four days after the disputed election. at least three gunmen have been killed in a shootout with the military it happened near the capital moroni local reports said the men were a group of soldiers accused of attempting to separately presidential candidates has been arrested last sunday's election accuses the government of rigging the results he and other opposition presidential candidates earlier announced they plan to unseat president money. in the coming hours the u.n. security council is expected to get an update on the situation in mali where fighting has intensified over the past few weeks. pulling their soldiers out of the peacekeeping force while at the same time the un as asking for more troops and resources a correspondent nicholas hart reports from northern mali. the
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training mission to rescue. troops. french and west african forces are fighting. in the greater. grip. dr murray on her level and her team of medics flying aboard a chinook helicopter. this is a training exercise in hostile terrain. we don't know if there is still enemy of the area so by treating them here we're putting ourselves a target so there's a possibility that if i asked the chinook is a really big target so we don't there was an enemy. here yet so it would swim the back a step up make get out close to two hundred u.s. troops have been killed in mali and this has become the deadliest peacekeeping
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operation in the united nations history. while this is a training exercise the dangers are real these canadian forces play with live ammunition and have to helicopters hovering above us because the situation in mali is slowly deteriorating. this mobile phone footage captures the aftermath of the latest attack entire villages are burnt to the ground after local militia group armed with machetes and guns killed over one hundred full on the villagers dismembering even the youngest the attackers accused of supporting rebel groups. which started as a localized conflict is turning into ethnic cleansing moving beyond these border into neighboring for kenya faso in the share the theater of operation is as vast and wide as the european union. the fighting is intensifying making the medi vac operations essential to troops i often compare it to to the canadian arctic today
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to northern canada that looks very much the same it's a barren landscape you few replays the sand with ice and rock is that you'd be in northern canada. a thousand feet above ground level it turns this helicopter into a flying hospital while they have saved lives the french in charge and soldiers have also returned dead bodies faced with criticism for putting canadian lives at risk prime minister just introduced government is pulling back its troops overstretched the un want them to stay it's an operation they can't afford to lose . and that is now in the capital bamako he is joining us live from there so tell us more like about why many countries are pulling out of the un peacekeeping mission there. well actually lives were in northern gaza in northern mali in go on the un peacekeeping base here and this is where you have many countries here that are involved in the p.t.b.
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operations there bleeding canadians as we saw in the stories that are many backing people back and forth there's also the germans that are using drones to do some surveillance and the dutch as well that have their operations here the canadians are scheduled to leave asked by the end of july there's a lot of pressure from the united nations for them to stay on because this is a terrain as big as the european union it is vast and wide and frankly there's not enough troops for trolls and to guard this vast terrain but there's a lot of pressure for troops to stay on but there's also pressure from home it's an election year for justin trudeau this year there is mounting criticism on people from the opposition wondering why canadian troops to our and their lives are put at risk in that mission how is the security link to to counter that the dutch two are pulling out later on in the month of may there's been
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a series of myth that that resulted in the deaths of several such soldiers they've been here for a number of years officially there's think the troops here will be deployed in afghanistan to the efforts there but there is a feeling of really a wonder in europe of why so many european and western troops are involved in mali but of course at stake it's not just security somalian. government and the millions states it's also to do with the security of the european union where we are here we go it's the main transit hub for human trafficking for migrants wanting to get to europe and also for drug trafficking back in. earlier this month who were going to be where almost a ton of cocaine was the. by the authority that cocaine was headed towards mali. the european market that's where at least intelligence officers believe there's also the view that the migration routes and there's
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a lot going on here and the security of the borders of europe is also linked to the security in mali and it's not just affecting all these outlets trying to neighboring countries we've seen attacks in process so we've seen attacks in the green there as i mentioned you know wave of ethnic lines in central mali northern faso you covered these regions so how are the governments going to deal with this especially as various countries this plan to pull their troops out of the u.n. peacekeeping mission. well we're really at a turning point here especially with the recent attacks that we've seen this is to do with armed groups trying to overthrow the government of micro or. this is about . killing neighbors villagers against each other what we saw last sunday with the ritalin horrific attacks i mean these were villagers that turned on their
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neighbors using machetes and guns to create with it to kill their neighbors and it's really this conflict in the north that the thing is inside the design but really what's happening is that there's just more weapons available in most of the conflict that would have been that would be if you did it with machetes or already there would be kind of the violence now people have access to the guns they keep forty seven in some places because of a handgun is. easier to find them than a glass of water or or a loaf of bread that really has a big factor in the escalation of violence but. the international criminal court is investigating what happened earlier on last sunday where where the ethnic group was really targeted and many many groups villagers. backing these armed groups but the funnies are semi nomadic people they're herders and it's really more
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of an issue of of course if you have learned of resources people villagers that want to use the land for agriculture and nomadic herders and want to use that same land to feed their animals so it's it's a very complex situation and i'm afraid lee is that we're seeing a situation where the violence is going to escalate a scholar. says and. thank you very much for that. live and gal in north in mali thank you. now three prominent female activists in saudi arabia have been released from jail they spent ten months in prison and were freed after the second hearing of their trial which is still going on there among eleven female activists who said they've been abused behind bars for promoting human rights cause yellow face whole day on reports. a taste of freedom that may be short lived the saudi activist are among eleven women who were arrested in may for
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campaigning for human rights they've been temporarily released after their second court hearing but their trial is not over. the woman were arrested two months before the saudi government lifted its decades long ban on women driving it was part of a sweeping crackdown on activists who are promoting change the accusations are accusations of being in contact with diplomats with the media with international organizations and using this to international for conducting human rights work for calling for. greater women's rights. guardianship says that the women say they were tortured and sexually harassed in prison the accuse interrogators of subjecting them to electric shocks and whippings the saudi government denies the mistreatment human rights groups say the country's leadership is sending a dangerous message to dissidents these women have not been given access to lawyers they have not been able to see their families there has been
12:36 am
a chilling effect all around saudi arabia on activism and women's rights the provisional release of the activists comes amid international criticism over the country's human rights record adding to the scrutiny is a murderer saudi journalist. and high profile cases of young woman who fled to saudi arabia seeking asylum abroad while the saudi government is accused of using the court system to silence its critics the freedom of these activists and several others who's on the line katia lopez will yun al-jazeera. to thailand now where the election commission has whether drawn its unofficial vote count for the election as allegations of cheating and voting irregularities and creasing the preliminary results showed. that's a problem in the tree party allied what the ruling junta wanted just out of eight and a half million votes but some parties rejected that sunday's election in thailand was the first vote since the military seized power five years ago when haye has the
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latest from bangkok. there were many complaints of discrepancies on election day both from voters and election monitors as well and it seems some of those concerns are only growing now that the election commission is finalizing the results remembering these are still provisional results the final official results won't be known until the ninth of may so what we saw unfold on thursday was a surprise media conference called by the election commission to announce the final provisional results for the popular vote but it seems that there were some pretty major problems within the figures that they released and so once they found out about these discrepancies they withdrew those results to give you a couple of examples the voter turnout was just over thirty eight million people but the number of ballots cast was more than forty million so all of a sudden there are more than two million ballots cast by
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a seemingly mystery group of voters and the turnout lips significantly if we look at the numbers from sunday election day to that media conference on thursday an extra four and a half million voters were found so clearly many people are asking questions of the election commission why there are so many problems emerging emerging why there are so many discrepancies in these numbers the election commission is only really saying that it will investigate in the meantime the political parties are being left to try to form coalitions trying to do deals with like minded parties those agreements will really amount to nothing until the final official results are known on may the ninth. bangladesh is housing minister says the owner of a building where at least nineteen people died in a fire on thursday will be prosecuted more than one hundred were rescued from the tower block in the capital many were injured how to ministry officials could also face an investigation.
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it's time for sports now peta it is a thank you very much heavyweight boxer cobra full of has been suspended by california's athletic commission off to kissing a female reporter during an interview the bulgarian that was being interviewed by jennifer of all over following his win of a bob and the new last saturday and just after these giants would say can he kissed
12:41 am
her on the lips full of claim the to a friend's but rivaldo said she only met the books of the day before and is taking legal action against them he acted like nothing happened but later at the party he asked me to remove the kids from the interview. i did not remove it and instead i posted it because i wanted people to see what he had done to me i wanted him to be accountable i didn't want him to get away with it what he did to me was disgusting i felt humiliated no woman should be treated this way mr poole and i were not friends and were not in romantic relationship he had no right to kiss me. three time champion roger federer is back in the miami open semifinals and there were some amazing volleys to get states to the number four seed won the first eight games of his match and eventually ousted six seeded kevin anderson six six two and
12:42 am
was fastened to federer who is thirty seven to meet nineteen year old dennis shopper below the far. knows a great fighter look is a true professional regardless of the score is going to keep going for it and keep believing. you know in tennis and you've got to cross the finish line you can't wait for the clock to run down shop i love is the twentieth seed from canada and reached the semifinals of the ousting francis t.f. zero six seven six four six two this is the third time in four matches at this tournament getting ready for the set down before winning candidate now has two teams in the men's final four with felix always seen going up against john is an a in the other semi in the women's draw simona halep had a chance to move up to the world number one ranking but lost it sark is the incumbent but all had about to do was topple her japanese rival well she would have got to the final if she had done that instead the romanian who is the number two
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seed lost the opening set of a semifinal seven five to catalan the place covered from there she started to unravel in a stop start match because of the rain of a battle to win nine consecutive games to take this match off to a brilliant rally on match point seven five six one is the final score. let's go will face ashley barty in the final on saturday boss he is ranked twelve and shined even when the skies were poor ing she after twenty first seeded and it's consummate six three six three in the rain delayed same fun also things are moving to move to talk to. tiger woods may have slipped from golf's number one ranking almost five years ago but the fourteen time major champion still has the magic touch this was tiger at the tenth hole of the w.d.c. matchplay events in alston on his knees and playing left handed the american pulled off an incredible save to make par unfortunately he lost the match against brandt snedeker to levy's hopes of progressing in the balance the current world number one
12:44 am
dustin johnson had some trouble with these parts on the eight ball went all the way around the cup without going in johnson lost to brandon grace but is still alive in the competition which is two weeks away from the n.b.a. playoffs and two of the western conference eat went head to head on thursday the used the rockets got a boost with a win over today in the negatives james harden schooled thirty eight points and the rockets had a huge second quarter so when one hundred twelve eighty five. years the san antonio spurs inched closer to a playoff berth with a narrow win over the cleveland cavaliers leading one hundred eleven one hundred ten with fourteen seconds left patty molds school the three pointer to sink the cavs as the spurs went on to win one hundred sixty one hundred and. two of africa's top club teams will play for the continent's super cup here in doha kick off in just a few minutes time esperance who won the calf champions league title last season
12:45 am
will take on roger casablanca winners of the caf confederation cup roger will go into the game as underdogs having failed to qualify for this year's confederation cup quarter finals it's the first time the game is being held outside africa. english premier league club top finally trained in the new stadium after months of delays a one point three billion dollars home which seats sixty two thousand was meant to open last september it's the biggest club ground in london and second in size only to old trafford in the english premier league horseracing is set to resume at california's santa anita track on friday three weeks after the suspended because of the deaths of twenty two horses in three months an investigation launched in march forced the closure of the breeders cup venue now california's horse racing board says it will take steps to ban the use of whips jockeys argue they have nothing to do with the deaths that's all the sport will have another update again
12:46 am
a little bit later thank you very much and that does it for the news hour but do stay with us because i will be back with a full news of the ten and just a couple of minutes we'll have all the updates for you from london. april on al-jazeera nato leaders will gather to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the alliance in washington d.c. madam husain engages in rigorous debates cutting through the headlines on up front
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twenty five years on from the genocide that killed nearly a million people rwanda has rebuilt but how far of its people have been reconciled the emmy award winning show phone lines is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories israel is to hold an early election on the ninth of april but with a corruption scandal looming will benjamin netanyahu extend his ten years as prime minister april on al-jazeera. they say what you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it we should we should have people in power investigates the private companies and you will us towns and magically complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day. not a few are in the hands of the cia you can make the sunshine or not rendition you visited. on al-jazeera.
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swear every day. the implication is the house is decision. britain's parliament again votes down the prime minister's withdrawal day rejecting what tories a may said was the last chance to guarantee breaks it. alone welcome to. headquarters and the band of
12:49 am
a problem also ahead algeria pressure continues to build on the president and his backers as huge numbers of people come out to protest once again. the head of the arab league declares the occupied golan heights belong to survey ever ject and donald trump's decision to recognize it as part of israel and a life of uncertainty for thousands of cameroonians taken shelter in nigeria to escape violence back. it was the day when button was supposed to leave the european union but instead after a delay and more uncertainty british m.p.'s have again rejected prime minister trey's amazing e.u. with the troll agreement based on the right two hundred eighty six the nose to the left three hundred forty four well this time the marginal defeat was fifty eight votes length of the implications of grave adding that britain is fast running out
12:50 am
of options. the implications of the house's decision. the legal default now is that united kingdom is due to leave the european union on the twelfth of april in just fourteen days time that is not enough time to agree the just late fall and russia fire deal and yet the house has been clear it will not commit to leaving without a deal mr speaker i fear we are reaching the limits of this process in this house this house. this house has rejected no deal it has rejected no bricks it on wednesday it rejected all the variations of the deal on the table and today it has rejected approving the withdrawal agreement alone and continuing the process on the future meanwhile the main opposition labor leader jeremy coleman is again calling for may's resignation. the house has been clear this deal now has to change the has to be an alternative and if the prime minister card to
12:51 am
accept that then she must go not at an indeterminate date in the future but now so that we can decide the future of this country through a general election. so let's take a look at where things stand the e.u. said the withdrawal agreement had to be approved by friday in order for russian to delay its departure until may twenty second and now that it's been rejected the u.k. has until april twelfth to come up with a new plan any new plan and further delay will need approval from all of the other twenty seven e.u. states or russia could leave the block on april twelfth without a deal this crashing out scenario as it's described could have severe economic consequences. well the e.u. has called for crisis talks about cost. as in brussels and she'll tell us more about that shortly but first let's go to paul brennan he's outside the houses of parliament in london had gamble did not pay off paul but dulls the prime minister
12:52 am
may get to roll the dice another time what happens between now and april twelfth. it's possible it's slim the chance of a possible yes this this defeat today was not unexpected the numbers simply weren't there we knew it a couple of days ago when the irish party with no iron policy they do you see which has been propping up serious amaze minority governments for the last couple of years indicated that it would not vote in favor of her deal on the numbers of opposition labor m.p.'s are willing to cross the house votes against their policy in the with the prime minister simply weren't there i think it was only about five in the end that did that so it was a foregone conclusion in the majority of fifty eight really speaks volumes as to the fact that she was unable to persuade enough people simple as that but the question you ask is to what she does now as stern whether she has or is yet another
12:53 am
slice of the cherry well there's a briefing that's happened in the past hour by a government spokesperson behind closed doors who said they like quote were heading in the right direction i mean that mind boggling the optimism here to join the mates discussed that comment on more as i said that it to stop the bracks a commission got a tattoo of the daily telegraph newspaper which has been broadly supportive it was very supportive of the government in the past they set the right direction really well clearly theresa my spokesman has tried put a brave face after all if you look back to the meaningful to that was earlier this month when we got the child for the second time to us do through that margin of to . beat the majority against it was about one hundred fifty so it's basically all up with it by each of us to them out said by their logic if they get a four that will have a stop kick majority it's a process through and yet of course as much as we've i think about was like the
12:54 am
child went to have as you may think was to have a public of the coming few days well at peace are going to have another round of addictive books on monday in which they try to show what will turn to as they most like and if they call make up their minds they may have another round of wednesday i suppose the theory is the government is they could say some sell stuff all deal at least got more books but what i piece of it was decide on the alternatives so maybe have a fourth go to get one person up to sides that could be done john bercow the speaker the couple's going to say touching at those straws you have to think about banging your head against a brick wall but your sense of the difference is that it is still but ok for a lot of governments yes i'm not going to tell because it's already rules but if that's the deal since that's the change to the government's split it must be coupled with all agreements let's put that question i think they've run out of options like. it definitely seems to be hard to imagine how they do this because
12:55 am
they did by choice of the seat or trick of the attorney general to pulse a lot of you cough the deal to rough it round with some nice sweet words the door books of the e.u. leaders are giving us this today we have to start this the e.u. with this not the other so to speak but the lefty varia just stuck in the sense that maybe there would be suppressed seats will check again even now there's a six so a pay cut to fully appreciate so choose for many of us that you felt some of the protestant well if at peace help make up their minds what they want if they still think they don't like the deal as you call pussy that got them shot will think if the job be called with a hold of a policy leader's climate for general election why not and of course medical problems for every policy of another stop election but for her she can least try to find a whole explicit. strong demand they could do better and finally it looks like a long extension really i mean she said in the chamber that she wanted an orderly breck system that would try to rule out the idea of going out without a deal on april twelfth i will twelve others probably still mixed it does not want
12:56 am
to leave without still so seized with it do everything else to avoid done so you will respect selves up the trees may be to you lead is weaker so say extension i will do whatever it takes the trouble is they may want to go to that old election they may want to have some super friend at peace quite keen to look out for major africa so everything is up to the and that's why the prime minister is so to the weight they spent to thank you very much indeed for joining us well. i've got to throw straight back to you because i know that we have a correspondent in brussels can tell us what the european union is thinking that this whole thank you very much for that is paul brennan in london well european leaders say the possibility of britain leaving the e.u. without a deal now seems very real and the last hour the european commission released a statement saying the commission rejects the negative vote in the house of commons today and no deals on twelve april is now a likely scenario that is now fully prepared for an ideal scenario at midnight on
12:57 am
april twelfth well let's go to natasha butler she is joining us live from brussels where european council president donald tusk has called for an extraordinary summit a u. summit on april tenth the tosh. that's right april tenth the next big date to look out for here in brussels because as you said donald tusk the e.u. council president has said that is the day that e.u. leaders will now come together with to reserve may and she has an opportunity then to put forward any plan or any ideas that she has or any way forward if britain doesn't come up with something viable to ted that what will happen then is that the e.u. has made it quite clear that it will leave with no deal or no april twelfth so there isn't much time is just a few weeks away but i can say that in brussels the prevailing sense amongst e.u. officials is one of great disappointment they have been looking at this process
12:58 am
over the last days over the last weeks in the u.k. parliament with a real growing sense of frustration they will demand there was a hoot though earlier today that perhaps a breakthrough might be made but u.k. m.p.'s of course decided not to approve this withdrawal agreement we heard from the e.u. commission spokes person who said that on behalf of the blog he expend expressed a deep regret about that and i think that there's no doubt that the goodwill that has been felt in the european union in order to try and get some sort of deal of the table with the u.k. will that is being eroded day that passes and you know the e.u. has always said that this is the deal that they have negotiated so how open other twenty seven other e.u. member states to looking at a new deal is there a consensus on that natasha. well i think from the point of view of european leaders there is
12:59 am
a deal they've negotiated a deal they've made it very clear over the past few months that there is a there is a deal that they greet to the trees of may took back to britain and that's the deal on the table that they've not talking about renegotiating anything as far as they're concerned their job is done what they say now is it's really in the hands of the british parliament to come up with what it wants to do it's for britain to decide how it wants to go forward and as i said that sense of goodwill that sense of giving lifelines because that's how it's being seen a little bit in the european union well that is diminishing each day now the european union said last week at a summit look you've got until may the twenty second if you approve the withdrawal . that's now been thrown out as no longer on the table because parliamentarians decided not to do that they use now saying ok well we'll give you till april the tenth if you come up with a plan before their plan we can discuss at that meeting on april the tenth well look perhaps we'll have to see how we can go forward maybe there won't be another
1:00 am
deal but is what the saying is for them the most plausible outcome at this stage is a no deal although it will tell what i call the twelfth i should say and they are saying that they have ramped up preparations for that are they ready if that should be the case thank you very much for that for now that's natasha butler with all the latest live in brussels now for people who are both for and against breaks it breaks that are finding common ground on one thing which is the whole process has been handled badly and the hayward has been speaking to some in london. several thousand people have gathered here outside the house of commons hoping that the politicians will hear their message that.


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