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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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as like the you counsel present don't say that maybe a longer extension is simply going to be the best way forward it gives the case a breathing space it gives the u.k. some time to come up with perhaps some new ideas behind the second referendum perhaps new elections you know thought it's going to offer a possible break in this i'm pos and allow more time for the u.k. to sort itself out instead of trying to rush it if you will if you want to see it that way but there are all the leaders within the european union who are simply getting quite fed up you sort of say look this process needs to end at some point european union has other business to get on with no the french president was very against a long extension but of course that could all change that that e.u. summit it depends whether or not to resume a comes to that summit with anything new to offer something the european leaders feel might be worth pursuing and might save europe a from a new deal situation because i said before you leaders certainly do not want
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a no deal scenario that is the worst case scenario for them thank you very much from out from brussels natasha. meanwhile here in the u.k. the prime minister warned of grave consequences following the rejection of the withdrawal agreement and the heywood is outside the british parliament where there is growing frustration among people who voted to leave the e.u. . many of them told us there are more than five thousand people at this protest. right under the noses of an inside the house of commons ready to press the case that cranks means right to preserve my promise to the breakfast on the twenty ninth of march not quite simply how things happen in the us left many people feeling very frustrated indeed really trying to press the case that when they went back in to try to sixteen they were given a choice yes or no stand or leave the european union this is this impasse which party seems to preach to the moment
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a lot of people have been going to say this is really about democracy the people decided we set a message twenty sixty take it out of the european union it's those people that are messing up it's not a messy process they've messed up i voted a because i want a sovereign nation i want to be able to trade freely in the big wide open. i want for my grandchildren to be able to be out there not tied to a thought we don't have any problem with the european people it's just the organization that was talking with this country is on the outer banks it just needs to happen no we waited long enough and i think all of this got here today is reinforce the point that leave means leave the suddenly up cross-section of people taking part in this rally in terms of age and where they've come from the prosecutor. the different marches organized by different groups some with the right kind of a lot of people have spoken to say that. the message being taken
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to by the far right they don't want to be seen as racist it's very clear. yes thousands of people here but not the hundreds of thousands. at the group remain mark. all have more news from london a bit later on in the program now let's get to elizabeth in doha and i am. thank you very much now also coming up in the news hour reports of a deal between hamas and israel as palestinians prepare to market a year of major protests we will be live in gaza. and it's a record breaking opening day major league baseball pitcher we have all the details . now algerians have been back out on the streets in their millions trying to remove their ailing president from power and bring down and the political system seen as
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corrupt and out of touch this is the sixth straight week of protests and for the first time all three state t.v. channels showed the demonstrations live when they first began news blackouts were ordered more now from birds. a sixth week of peaceful protests in algeria though so far no change in government but many algerians feel they've never been closer. for the twenty years is enough so get out l.j. area has many candidates who are competent to take the job so why would the regime stifle them in their own country are you this there's a breath of fresh air algeria doesn't deserve this we deserve to live in peace you know and i know that i'm here to confront the people's demands they have to listen to us. earlier this week the army back to their calls for president abdelaziz bouteflika to step down. by the ruling party its coalition partner and i'll jarius
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biggest union have also now joined the calls for beautifully cut to go but the eighty two year old remains in office even if he does go that won't be enough for the protesters and then. we want to move to a real democratic country for a transitional period and to set a new algerian government which will be elected by the people and not by this government we are against this government the the protesters want an overhaul of a powerful establishment that has been entrenched in power since algerian independence from france in one thousand nine hundred sixty two they want the resignation of the ruling elite but a subtle longside beautifully cut the twenty years or anything like about to happen the powerful military would have to agree and it's very sensitive to signs of instability that. everyone is waiting for the constitutional council to rule on beautifully because fitness for office based on health reasons it's given no
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indication when it will make a decision if it rules a president unfit for office parliament must endorse the decision by a two thirds majority even if that happens it will only just begin to all fill the demands of the hundreds of thousands of algerians who've spoken out in protest. well let's get more on this we're joined by mark. studies lecturer at catholic university very good to have you with us on al-jazeera again we have spoken over the last six weeks and today we're hearing that it is millions of people an extraordinary number out on the streets of algeria at least a million in the capital g. is many more in other cities is this how much pressure is this putting on the constitutional council as it looks at whether to rule on whether president with africa is unfit for office it should be a huge huge pressure on them. i can see that is making his stories something exceptional the number of people. the number she's grown up in
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the street protesting and diffusing everything every deal but democracy and full democracy and also those kind of resistance from the people who are in power they are not letting it go easily so it's here the deadlock between the people. who are in power who seem to be. refusing resisting they want to see more and trustingly no resistance so far from the military who haven't intervened to stop the protests the head of the military in fact invoking this article in the constitution one or two for the constitutional council to rule on both the flickers fitness for office is. are we any closer to that complete political overhaul that the people are calling for the military saying that it is on the side of protesters so far the military is showing that it's not
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siding towards the party it's actually side in two words the people democratic legitimate the mount but article one or two in the constitution is not enough according to those who are in the street because if we remove the president today the people who are going to take over are not accepted by the protesters they have to be changed because they've been part of the establishment they have been part of the establishment they've been close to the president himself who is going to be removed for unfitness so who are going to replace them replacing them need a process at the carotid process that the existing one there's not something that. will apply to the people's demand so if the problem is here how can we come to a solution where the people who accept the those who are in power will also
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tolerate i'll let you go is there so far and how do you see it playing out now over the next you know days and weeks we have had so many major developments in the story and the last six weeks you know with with africa saying he will step down but then delaying elections the military calling for his removal they've been there's been a lot of movement and yet nothing has really changed i think the people demand is the momentum is growing up and people are insisting and i think it will go on and on until they can get something that is acceptable. and i can see that the those who are in power they will come to kind of. bow down to the people to the people the man how far it will go. it's not clear but i think it will not go too far because they've got the twenty eighth of april that is the deadline and i
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think all the parties they would like to a solution by that that's about it thank you very much for your time and your expertise on this we appreciate it as always thank you. let's go to the u.s. now with president donald trump says he isn't playing games of who are news his threats to close the border with mexico he's vowed to go ahead with it of mexico doesn't stop people from crossing into the u.s. in the committee and we have the week is the most but that it was number one congress. and number two mexico and make so much money from the united states and so many other things so many other as they have to grab it and they have to stop it we have right now two big caravans coming up from guatemala massive care of events walking right through mexico so much because they can stop them but they chose not to and now they're going to stop them and if they don't stop them with closing the border they will close their work will keep it closed for a long time i'm not playing games mexico has to stop it let's go now to our
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correspondent kimberly hellcat she's in washington d.c. not playing games he said the kinds of things that he had in the tweet before but not playing games and giving deadlines what is behind this announcement company. i think with some clarification now from the president in addition to his tweet it seems that his motivation is really to try and get mexico to cooperate and what he has labeled a crisis which something that has been debated here in the united states but the ongoing influx of undocumented migrants into the united states the latest numbers from the department of homeland security do show that there is a thirteen year high in the last six weeks alone of those coming from central a mare. to the united states namely. the door honduras guatemala but they are coming through mexico so the feeling of the u.s.
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president appears is that he is using this threat to close the border in order to try and get mexico to stop the ongoing caravans that we have seen approaching the border for some time now for many months to try and get some cooperation with regard to that it is an enormous cost to the united states in the last ten years one hundred twenty billion dollars has been spent across multiple administrations in order to try and bring those that are not allowed to stay in the united states back to their home countries so it's an enormous expense and donald trump is physically minded president so this is certainly perhaps one of the drivers at the same time this is something that could be challenged in the eyes of the u.s. congress well there has been precedent for other presidents closing the border and there will be an enormous economic impact not just to mexico but also to the united states so this is certainly something the president will have to factor as he continues to make those threats committee thank you very much for that for now that's complete health get with the latest live in washington d.c.
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thank you. now three prominent female activists in saudi arabia have been released from jail they spent ten months in prison they were freed after the second hearing of their trial which is still going on there among eleven female activists who say they've been abused behind bars for promotion human rights lopez hotel and reports . a taste of freedom that may be short lived the saudi activist are among eleven women who were arrested in may for campaigning for human rights they've been temporarily released after their second court hearing but their trial is not over. the woman were arrested two months before the saudi government lifted its decades long ban on women driving it was part of a sweeping crackdown on activists who are promoting change the accusations are accusations of being in contact with diplomats with the media with international organizations using honesty international for conducting human rights work for
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calling for. greater women's rights. guardianship says that the women say they were tortured and sexually harassed in prison the accuse interrogators of subjecting them to electric shocks and whippings the saudi government denies the mistreatment human rights groups say the country's leadership is sending a dangerous message to dissidents these women have not been given access to lawyers they have not been able to see their families there has been a chilling effect all around saudi arabia on activism and women's rights the provisional release of the activists comes amid international criticism over the country's human rights record adding to the scrutiny is a murderer saudi journalist. and high profile cases of young woman who fled to saudi arabia seeking asylum abroad while the saudi government is accused of using the court system to silence its critics the freedom of these activists and several others who's on the line katia lopez civilian al-jazeera now leading
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egyptian activists has been released from prison after serving a five year sentence for inciting protests at the fact i was arrested and twenty thirteen following military takeover he rose to prominence as an anti-government blogger during the twenty eleven revolution he will be on probation for the next five years and will remain on the police surveillance. still ahead on the news our . friends no more on joel in kiev with his soviet era spat to still stands for the friendship between russia and ukraine even as russia now an occupying power is accused of meddling ukraine's election. and sports projects that are on fire advancing to the semifinals of the miami open interval have walked about fifteen minutes.
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hello again it's good to have you back while we are watching what is happening here in the eastern part of the med very carefully because this is going to play out to be a very messy situation for many locations in the next coming days here on saturday heavy rain is going to be a big problem as well as winds we're talking turkey we're talking syria lebanon as well as jordan as we go towards sunday the area really begins to expand out here towards the east and i'm really going to be focusing on iran because earlier that week we saw some deadly flooding there and we are expecting to see more rain coming into play by the time we end the weekend well here in the gulf it is going to be the clouds in the heat for many locations and those temperatures are on the way up so here in doha we'll be seeing some cloudy conditions here on saturday sunday we expect to see a jump a temperature to thirty degrees riyadh at thirty three albert dhabi is going to be a thirty two and it is going to be clouds across much of the gulf scotto a beautiful day for you at about twenty eight degrees and then across southern
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parts of africa things are not looking too bad most of that tropical moisture is making its way towards the north madagascar you're still seeing some heavy showers particular up here towards the north but over torture history it is going to be a fair day for you at twenty eight degrees durban at about twenty seven and capetown well clouds in your forecast and little bit cooler with a temperature of twenty one. a prominent saudi journalist committed to freedom of expression silenced in turkey by his own government in the most horrific way. al-jazeera world investigates the death of jamal. which resonates to the highest levels of the saudi government with startling evidence about the disposal of his body. jamal khashoggi the silencing of a journalist on al-jazeera. and the. u.s.
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and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been trying to escape. it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news soundings our top story is britain's parliament has rejected a slimmed down version of tory's amazing stroll d.-o.
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it is the third time the voice of the down prompting european leaders to warn that the u.k. is likely to leave the block without an agreement on a pile of court an extraordinary summit ten. millions of algerian surrounding across the country against the government for the next week they're calling for the resignation of president. of the entire political system. and u.s. president obama trump is threatening to close the border with mexico or large parts of it he says it will happen next week if mexico doesn't stop people from crossing into the u.s. in the. now the u.n. security council is getting an update on the situation in mali where there has been a surge in violence the u.n. has sent a team to investigate the killing of one hundred fifty seven people for nonnie community and central mali on sunday it's raised questions about the u.n. peacekeeping mission live now to our diplomatic editor james bays he's monitoring that meeting at the united nations how worried are they james about the situation
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in mali. well we've just been hearing in fact from the french foreign minister on his way into the meeting he's now in the security council chamber you can see the live pictures of the security council chamber and the secretary general of the united nations antonio terrace about to speak to the assembled ministers and ambassadors when this meeting gets underway in a moment as you are right in saying the backdrop from this is that awful attack in central mali and the fact that the violence or mali has been spreading particularly to bikini but also to other countries in the region in the sun hail as well so this is causing concern here at the united nations where in addition to this meeting this high level meeting on mali they've been having a meeting on u.n. peacekeeping across the world and one of the biggest needs for u.n. peacekeeping across the world is extra resources for mali they've been asking
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member states to come up with more resources i can give you some breaking news that there are more resources that have been pledged sweden has said it will send a specialized infantry company in twenty twenty also a mobile training team egypt to send an intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance company to mali and also anti mine vehicles the u.k. in the last few minutes saying it will be locating little extra resources to mali i'm hearing that norway is likely to not yet announced to send a specialized police team indonesia a long range reconnaissance patrol unit el salvador an aviation unit and sierra leone another long range reconnaissance task force to mali and one other final bit of news as i say that they're concerned about the wider region and particularly bicheno fire so that is being troubled by the over spill of violence from mali and has said it's going to do counter improvised explosive device of training to deal
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with those are e.d.s. in bicheno fast so in conjunction with the united nations. so it seems that countries around the world are stepping up trying to support the beleaguered u.n. mission in mali chance thank you very much for that for now that's a diplomatic editor james base at the united nations in new york monitoring that security council briefing for us as well let's take a closer look now at the situation inside. reports from. this canadian task force is deep in mali's desert on a training mission to rescue frontline troops down below u.n. soldiers french and west african forces are fighting twenty armed groups including the slavic state in the greater sahara and al qaeda in the slum make my grip. doctor. and her team of medics flying aboard a chinook helicopter. this is
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a training exercise in hostile terrain. we don't know if there is still a to me the area so by treating them here we're putting ourselves a target so there's a possibility that if i just. has a really big target so we don't there is an enemy. here yet so it would seem the back make get out close to two hundred u.s. troops have been killed in mali and this has become the deadliest peacekeeping operation in the united nations' history. well this is a training exercise the dangers are real these canadian forces there with live ammunition you have to helicopters hovering above us because the situation in mali is slowly deteriorating. this mobile phone footage captures the aftermath of the latest attack entire villages are burnt to the ground after a local militia group armed with machetes and guns killed over one hundred full on the villagers dismembering even the youngest. the attackers accused of supporting
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rebel groups. what started as a localized conflict is turning into ethnic cleansing moving beyond these border into neighboring brick enough are so in the share the theater of operation is as vast and wide as the european union the fighting is intensifying making the medivac operations essential to troops i often compare it to to the canadian arctic today to northern canada that looks very much the same it's a barren landscape you few replaces the sand with ice and rock is that you'd be in northern canada. a thousand feet above ground level i turns this helicopter into a flying hospital while they have saved lives the french in charge and soldiers have also returned dead bodies faced with criticism for putting canadian lives at risk prime minister just introduced government is pulling back its troops overstretched the un want them to stay it's an operation they can't afford to lose
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. and that is joining us live now i believe you were at a un military base there next so what's the situation around. that's right liz we're in galway northern mali on a u.n. peacekeeping base we just heard several helicopters take off and land this is an ongoing operation where they're day or night you've got several nations here on this base just to name a few el salvador you have dutch canadian and just outside the base bangladeshi it's an international effort to try to bring peace in mali and beyond its border because that mylan is just intensifying just to give you a sense of that here and go the government is building a trench around the city of go not only to protect the soldiers that are within but also the population here because of the time that certain troops that are on this
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base are planning to leave now the dutch forces are planning to leave in just a month's time which will create a gap in terms of the peacekeeping operation and then the canadians are scheduled to leave in july the united nations and then unprecedented move have made a formal request pleading for the canadians to stay on now then they're in charge of the medivac operations here. and they have a huge territory to cover the man in charge of this operation is the canadian task force commander travis moore and colonel allen with the dutch forces leaving how does that lead your operations to go forward. thank you for having me on tonight for the dutch leaving it doesn't necessarily affect us directly. what we do to provide them to be able to recall or do reconnaissance religious that they're going to go to and then will transport them to those villages so that they can
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interact interface with the population determine the security situation so with them leaving really doesn't affect us except who will be looking to support other ministry troops and sort of just the dutch you are leaving. people and the united nations want you to stay on do you think there is going to be a gap with your departure oh there will be a gap if we leave thirty one july before romania comes and i believe their interest to come in starting around the middle of september to reach an initial operating capability fifteen october. this united nations nation peacekeeping operation it is the deadliest and it's what makes this mission so dangerous for u.n. peacekeepers well i can talk specifically what it means for us canadians. so the threats that we would face would be from rocket propelled grenades or man portable air defense missiles or heavy machine gunfire and i've got most confidence
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in our training ability and are quite meant to deal with the those threats so that i'm a mixture really. we take all those factors into consideration but i think our training and equipment will mitigate the most of the risk that will face in this operating environment and one last question give us an example of an operation looks like for the canadian forces we run into lines of operations the first line of operation that we have here our primary one is for medical evacuation so we have one chinook into griffins that are on thirty minutes notice to move twenty four hours a day and they are ready to respond to him a news my request to go to what will call the point of injury and there will be a nine line which is a military jargon that gives a list of the incident site how many people are wounded and then we were spawning that and push out our griffins as soon as we can to get to the point of injury to be able to assess the situation and interact with the troops on the ground. communications the will then be cleared to come into the injury site we have the an
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acute care physician on board the helicopter on board the chinook as well as a critical care nurse and two medics that medical team is supported by four infantry which provide the force protection once they get. groom the chinook is specifically configured for unable to rule out three letters in it or or for me and for walking wounded so it's a new capability the can is never yielded before but it is a been used to great effect your inmost over i was going to enter the canadian task force thank you very much for this now the canadians want to see the united nations security council a lot of peacekeeping countries that are involved and are putting their soldiers are at risk we want to have a say in how these operations take place and want to sit at that table to take those decision that's what kind of wants not only counted but a lot of other countries has more than two thousand troops is that biggest contributor to the u.n.
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peacekeeping operation there in its own country is facing the threat of a certain insurgency this is a conflict that's turning from an insurgent insurgency as you asked after last sunday's attack to something that that looks like a form of ethnic cleansing in the international criminal court is investigating that this. targeting specifically the flow any community that you see across the model t. but also in neighboring countries so it's really a complex situation and it is and it's at stake is really the lives of millions of people in mali and across this region back to you and that thank you very much for that and now that is nicholas hot live and gal now for the rest of the day's news out of europe let's take you back to london and. thanks elizabeth yes we have some news from the vatican now pope francis has enacted a landmark new legislation to protect children from sexual abuse the new law
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applies to vatican personnel and holy sea diplomats and requires the immediate reporting of abuse allegations to vatican prosecutors it's the first such policy for the roman catholic church and it comes just weeks after the pope led a summit addressing cases of sexual abuse by the clergy over many decades. a libyan official says migrants who hijacked an oil tanker earlier this week used metal tools to threaten the crew forcing them to direct the ship towards europe a multi special operations unit guided the vessel to a port in valetta on thursday five men suspected of leading the hijacking operation were arrested at least one hundred migrants were on the ship including women and many children a civil lawyer who campaigns for gay and transgender rights could become the country's first female president zine won the first round of the presidential runoff so voters will go to the polls on saturday in the second round during the
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campaign capita of voice support for civil partnerships and adoption by gay couples activists hope the vote will mark a turning point and one of yours most socially conservative countries there a fear is russia is targeting sunday's election in ukraine with cyber attacks at familiar with ukrainian cyberspace after using it to test techniques that would use that would potentially be used to influence the twenty sixteen u.s. election jonah hol met some public figures in the capital kiev is a then now the targets of the troll farms. russian interference in ukraine's presidential election is less a concern than an expectation that's according to the s.p. use state security service it says cyber attacks have already occurred and has war games scenarios including attacks on government ministry websites and the central election commission media outlets are another obvious target the news channel
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a.t.r. broadcasts from kiev aimed at the mostly empty russian muslim tartar population of occupied crimea staff say there are frequent efforts to disrupt communications but it is the editor in chief a former russian journalist and popular blogger who seems to be a person of particular interest. any kremlin troll sconce and there apart my posts on facebook and come on facebook. facebook is literally full of corruption accounts which get a decent formation of biology a crank that the country is a fairly doubt that power should be changed avarice and should change it's not the first time that facebook stands accused critics say the social media network did not do enough to prevent manipulation of the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election this time in a statement on ukraine facebook said we recently removed a network of facebook and instagram accounts for engaging in coordinated
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inauthentic behavior as part of a network that originated in russia and operated in ukraine it's notoriously difficult to prove the hand of russia.


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