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tv   14 Up South Africa P2  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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let us hotlink out with canadian troops operating out of the city and northern mali . this canadian task force is deep in mali's desert on a training mission to rescue frontline troops down below un soldiers french and west african forces are fighting twenty armed groups including the slum mixtape in the greater sahara and al qaeda in the slum make my grip doctor. and her team of medics flying aboard a chinook helicopter. this is a training exercise in hostile terrain. we don't know if there is still enemy the area so by truly never here we're putting ourselves a target so there's a possibility that if i just. has a really big target so we don't there is an enemy. here yes which swung the back a step up they get out close to two hundred un troops have been killed in mali and
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this has become the deadliest peacekeeping operation in the united nations history . well this is a training exercise the dangers are real these canadian forces play with life after helicopters hovering above us because the situation in mali is slowly deteriorating . this mobile phone footage captures the aftermath of the latest attack entire villages are burnt to the ground after a local militia group armed with machetes and guns killed over one hundred full on the villagers dismembering even the youngest the attackers accused of supporting rebel groups. what started as a localized conflict is turning into ethnic cleansing moving beyond these border into neighboring for kenya faso in the share the theater of operation is as vast and wide as the european union. the fighting is intensifying making the medi vac operations essential to troops i often compare it to to the canadian arctic today
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to northern canada that looks very much the same it's a barren landscape you few replays the sand with ice and rock is that you'd be in northern canada. a thousand feet above ground level i churns this helicopter into a flying hospital well they have saved lives the french in charge and soldiers have also returned dead bodies. faced with criticism for putting canadian lives at risk prime minister just introduced government is pulling back its troops overstretched the us i want them to stay it's an operation they can't afford to lose. nicholas hawke al-jazeera go northern mali. fled for you on the program a plea for help from residents of a sprawling refugee camp in nigeria home to thousands fleeing separatist violence in neighboring cameron. friends no more on joe in kiev where
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this soviet era statue still stands for the friendship between russia and ukraine even as russia now an occupying power is accused of meddling in ukraine's election . hello again and welcome back to international weather forecast what we're looking at a very nice weekend across much of europe particularly on saturday where we have a series of high pressure that's going to dominate you can notice on the satellite a lot of clear skies across much of the rigid clouds the north clouds down here across the southeast but across central and western europe particularly things are going to be quite nice for the next couple of days so vienna it seventeen here and saturday paris at nineteen degrees now as we go towards sunday things start to break down a little bit particular peer towards the north we do have a form of body that is making its way down that's going to bring in some winds and
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some clouds notice a drop in temperature here for berlin down to about ten london's going to cool off as well paris you can see some clouds which will keep that temperature of about one thousand degrees well here across the eastern part of mediterranean we are watching one area of low pressure now this is going to really bring some problems over the next few days that we are going to be watching this very carefully rainy conditions windy conditions for turkey as well as into much of the eastern countries here in the med down towards the south though egypt you will see some rain as well some clouds in your forecast getting to about twenty degrees there as we go towards sunday we're going to see the rains continue particular here along the coast and we are going to see some rain out here towards the west in morocco with a robot at twenty degrees. hardly is it for real football for you don't think about. the extreme when real madrid loves worth five hundred million euros or expresses
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a position on something where the world anti-doping agency has to take notice. in part two of this series to news to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports the endless chain on all jazeera. welcome back you with al-jazeera live from london our top stories the u.k. parliament has rejected the government's deal for leaving the european union for a third time hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting on the streets of algeria's capital in the biggest anti-government demonstration since on unrest
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erupted six weeks ago. and the united nations security council is meeting to discuss the deteriorating situation in mali they're also going for more troops and resources. now and other stories we're following u.s. president all trump has threatened to shut down the border with mexico he tweeted if mexico doesn't immediately stop all illegal immigration coming into the united states through our southern border i will be closing the border or large sections of the border next week embley halkett has more on this now from washington. u.s. president donald trump's threat to close portions of the southern border of the united states and mexico certainly is not without precedent we've seen this before president george w. bush did temporarily after the september eleventh attacks back in two thousand and one we also saw a republican president ronald reagan doing so in one thousand nine hundred eighty five his reasons for doing that in order to try and get mexico to cooperate when
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there were concerns that it was not being forthcoming with information that may be the motivations for donald trump this time around given the fact that the number of illegal immigrants trying to come into the united states is now at a thirteen year high according to the department of homeland security numbers given the fact that mexico has itself very strict immigration laws this u.s. president could be trying to force mexico to do more to curb the number of entries from honduras el salvador as well as guatemala. refugee camps in southeast in one thousand area a growing fastest fighting in neighboring cameroon forces thousands of people to flee across the border wild and so she thousand people have been officially registered but aid workers say the actual number is far higher i'm a dangerous travel to one of the permanent settlements built for refugees in nigeria's cross river state. a good number of fiji cambyses supporting
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community of tiles and it's growing every week as violence continues to force people across the border into nigeria. here then the family is preparing the evening meal. it's been a year now since they fled the fighting they may have a shelter and food for miles but only one thing preoccupies them. even the player. you're supposed to live where you. were praying that got her problems for that it will get through. but like many refugees beltre knows that day is a long way off more for competitors continue to arrive with stories of continuing violence by call. as all refugees move into permanent structures you ones are admitted to take over temporary tend shelters they have a catered separatism brasilia movement is fighting to break away from cameroon
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thousands have been internally displaced one more than thirty thousand of crossed into neighboring nigeria this is the i don't refugee camp home to some six thousand cameroonian refugees is one of the four permanent structures built to cope with a steady flow of people fleeing the violence between separatist and cameroonian forces thousands more are waiting outside to come in but facilities are overstretched. is the leader of the refugee community he says the past year has been most difficult in their lives it has not been easy for us we do our fathers' two medications. every doing. our. own fellows refrigerate are dying every day because of. that i think how old i think. transportation only thievin de mint calls
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apart from food education for refugee children is also a problem that if you just believe that only one organization can end their plight . to intervene into this problem to thirty how. obvious reach only limited to all these crises. unless that is done most of the if you do see here digging for a long wait in nigeria ahmed idrees al-jazeera a good nigeria. pope francis has an active legislation to protect children from sexual abuse the new law applies to vatican personnel and holy sea diplomats and requires the immediate reporting abuse allegations of vatican prosecutors is the first such policy for the roman catholic church there are fears russian hackers a targeting sunday's election in ukraine with cyber attacks they are familiar with ukrainian cyberspace after using it to test techniques which some say we used to influence the twenty sixteen u.s.
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election journey home at some public figures in the capital kiev who say they are now the targets of the troll farms. russian interference in ukraine's presidential election is less a concern than an expectation that's according to the s.p. use state security service it says cyber attacks have already occurred and has war games scenarios including attacks on government ministry websites and the central election commission media outlets are another obvious target the news channel a.t.r. broadcasts from kiev aimed at the mostly empty russian muslim tartar population of occupied crimea staff say there are frequent efforts to disrupt communications but it is the editor in chief a former russian journalist and popular blogger who seems to be a person of particular interest but the most. i knew kremlin troll sconce and there apart my posts on facebook and the book come on facebook. facebook is literally
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full of prayer russian accounts which get a decent formation of biology crain that the country is a fairly doubt that power should be changed avarice and should change it's not the first time that facebook stands accused critics say the social media network did not do enough to prevent manipulation of the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election this time in a statement on ukraine facebook said we recently removed a network of facebook and instagram accounts for engaging in coordinated inauthentic behavior as part of a network that originated in russia and operated in ukraine it's notoriously difficult to prove the hand of russian election interference in russia of course denies it but ukraine would seem to be particularly fertile ground for it this statue represents the friendship of the people of ukraine and russia where there's talk now with tearing it down as ukraine continues its attempts to move closer to
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nato and the european union not everyone agrees with the empty russian narrative some see the hand of the ukrainian state. to work instead. again. ninety percent of what people call russian influence is internal machinations of the ukrainian government cementing its position based on creating hysteria and paranoia and peace treaty. sits on the foreign affairs committee in ukraine's parliament i think that russia influence is still very big both in ukraine but also in the world here in ukraine we see that they're playing gas cards still also they are supporting with russian money one of the political forces one of the presidential candidates but also they are playing a big part in by simulating some of the country's. side the truth maybe a question of perspective but the results old friendship ties seem impossible to
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reverse jonah. thailand's election commission has withdrawn its unofficial vote count from sunday's election amid increasing allegations of cheating and voting irregularities the polemically results showed a party allied with the ruling military as winners with just under eight and a half million votes but some parties are rejecting that figure with several major discrepancies being discovered the first election in thailand since the military seized power five years ago the head of the chinese tech giant huawei has defended the company's commitment to security after facing further accusations of failing to repair flaws in technology the united states is leading a campaign to blacklist huawei after accusing them of being a security threat despite that the company's profits rose by almost twenty five percent last year while sales exceeded one hundred billion dollars while way has denied its technology can be used by the chinese government for spying.
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police in the philippines of arrested the chief executive of the news website rappler for a second time the government says maria ressa broke laws prohibiting any foreign ownership of the media ressa denies has site receives any foreign funding the website is a strong critic of the government of president reagan to terror today and ressa supporters say the arrest is an attack on free speech. bangladesh is housing minister says the owner of a building where at least twenty five people died in a fire on thursday will be prosecuted with a senior government official calling the incident mudda more than one hundred people rescued from the twenty two story tower block in the capital dhaka many of being treated in hospital the head of the fire service says there were insufficient fire exits and planners have revealed the owner built the top four stories illegally. now new zealand's prime minister has led a service in christ church to remember the fifty people killed in the mosque attacks two weeks ago the event was attended by more than twenty thousand people
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and screened all over the country there is andrew thomas was also there. what words to the prime minister can adequately express the pain and suffering of new zealand's darkest day what words captured the anguish of muslim communities targeted by hatred and violence what words expressed the grief of the city of christchurch and then she found the. peace be upon you they were words just said she'd heard repeatedly over the last fourteen days but even the ugliest of viruses can exist in places they are not welcome. racism exists but it is not welcome here this service exactly two weeks after the al gore and lin wood mosques were targeted by a white extremist gunman was broadcast on big screens around the country
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representatives for more than fifty countries came to hear islamic welcomes and prayers. and then the slow recital of the names of those killed all fifty of them. among them was met her husband survived on stage he spoke of forgiveness i don't support in the long actually but at the same time i can not deny the fact that he is my human. the daughter of another victim spoke to about her father he was a really nice man. thank you. with the work performances to from local singers i was and use of islam cat stevens who sung about peace. to these three.
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twenty two people remain in hospital following march the fifteenth attack for them rick. robbery will be slow for new zealand. this national remembrance is a theme that came up again and again in the speeches on stage and that theme was unity government plot to divide people in opposition from the top of the program to him out of total total we all one hundred thomason al-jazeera question. just a quick reminder of the top stories this hour now the u.k. parliament has rejected the government's deal for leaving the european union for a third time prime minister to resign may have promised to resign if it was passed but failed to win enough crucial support falling short by fifty eight votes.
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mr speaker rising should be a matter of profound regret to every member of this house the once again we have been unable to support the video. the implications of the house's decision. the legal default now is the united kingdom is due to leave the european union on the twelfth of april in just fourteen days time that is not enough time to agree that just late fall in russia fire deal and yet the house has been clear it will not commit to leaving without a deal. hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting on the streets of algeria's capital in the biggest anti-government demonstration since unrest erupted six weeks ago he's used tear gas and water cannon to break up the protest demonstrators are demanding an overhaul of the entire political system united nations security council is meeting to discuss the deteriorating situation in mali and asking for more troops and resources but fighting intensifies some countries
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are pulling their soldiers out of the un peacekeeping force. pope francis has an active new legislation to protect children from sexual abuse the new law requires the immediate reporting of abuse allegations to vatican prosecutors is the first such policy for the roman catholic church. thailand's election commission has withdrawn its unofficial vote count from sunday's election after increasing allegations of cheating and voting irregularities the preliminary results showed the party allied with the ruling military as the whenas but some parties are rejecting that result. and the head of the chinese tech giant always defended the company's commitment to security off the facing further accusations of failing to repair flaws in technology the u.s. is leading a campaign to blacklist after accusing them of being a security threat erupt right with the top stories this hour do stay with us for up front speaking to israel's ambassador to the united nations about the golan heights
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and gaza will be more news after that in twenty five minutes time i will see that bye for now. are we on the verge of another major war in gaza and as the us signs off on israel's illegal occupation of the golan heights is it time to declare the peace process dead and buried i'll ask israel's ambassador to the u.n. a longstanding opponent of a two state solution that he down. and
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buster danny danon thank you for joining me on up front there's an old saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results what different results do you think israel is achieving by bombing garza yet again this week apart from risking more innocent lives on both sides and bolstering support for hamas again when you have tax against civilian population you have to retaliate you have to send a clear message we try our best to focus that tax on military infrastructure in gaza and like hamas were doing exactly the opposite they are committing a double war crime because of this then the rockets also didn't population this time for mass targeted my community responsibility and population it is a double war crime and we have no intention and actually we are all of the bombs and all of that out of the our souls was only targeted on the military person are
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you saying how massa guilty of war crimes you say israel is retaliating for people who were killed how must palestinians in gaza would say the same they would say we're retaliating and you're guilty of war crimes the u.n. your israel's permanent representative to the u.n. last month a commission of inquiry formed by the un human rights council found that your country may have committed war crimes and even crimes against humanity in gaza last year killing one hundred eighty nine palestinians in protest of the girls offense including medics journalists people with disabilities and you injured nine thousand others. let's talk about the those facts first of all the u.n. so called the inquiry commission for the human rights council it is a joke so what happened there and what happened last year you have sixty thousand people marching to our fans what would have happened you think if you would have come to the sense of the will break the fence and then what they would say that it we want to go back to gaza no they would continue they would march into our
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communities in israel and their id card and there we were among them they said we want to kidnap israelis we want to kill israelis so that the law is the one is the solution then so let me ask you this question what is the solution to gaza because in the past your solution you personally called for quote the deletion you said every neighborhood in gaza from which a rocket is fired should be deleted you said electricity and fuel should be cut off to gaza all of that is a war crime you know that it's a war crime to do those things that you're proposing so let's look first of all what's happening in gaza today we pulled out of gaza i want to remind you it's still defined under international law though according to the u.n. it still occupied we pulled out completely from gaza prime minister sharon to count all the jewish settlements the communities in gaza the only ones occupying gaza today if you don't know what the united nations is here you let me ask for israel you're here representing the israeli government do you seriously expect us to
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believe that these israeli attacks in gaza this week have nothing to do with the upcoming elections of april the ninth that they have nothing to do with the fact that prime minister netanyahu has been accused by his opponents including by retired general benny gantz who is now leading in the polls of being too soft on hamas that this is a political body your question is political we didn't start anything in gaza what happened in the hamas sent a missile and destroyed a house with kids and that's what ignited the process the conflict so how can you even blame the prime minister was that you say you should be the man. maybe being the prime minister of israel as with the risk of going with respect over there you're asking me how could i question the private is that you yourself accuse benjamin netanyahu in the past of making quote fake rightwing noises in a quest for votes those are your words not mine you said he makes. a lot so you disagree with yourself. i mean for more than twenty five you can you can be as many
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as you want but he's not from twenty five it is from twenty fourteen you accuse prime minister netanyahu in gulzar of making fake right wing noises about wanting to destroy hamas in quote a quest for votes so forgive me if i ask you is this latest attack a quest for votes to quote yourself so i am giving you an answer we did not. want to launch a missile. on five am in the morning because that's the fact and the other thing you know is a hundred eighty nine palestinians last year let me ask about the peace process so-called on monday u.s. president donald trump signed an executive order recognizing the annex the golan heights as part of israeli territory in complete defiance of u.n. resolutions your prime minister reacted by saying quote everyone says you can't hold an occupied territory but this proves you can does that mean does that mean that the occupied west bank can now be annexed to doesn't apply to the occupied
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west bank as well. we wait for president lamp important decision and we are grateful for the leadership he showed the golan heights for nineteen years with the use by the syrians to attack our communities in the northern galilee and then when we took over the grand heights in nine hundred sixty seven it became stable became quiet and you one hundred ninety one the u.n. condemned you including the ronald reagan administration now as you say trump is backing you i'm wondering are you now going to annex the west bank as well because you have trump support you don't you're a supporter of annexation of you you personally i'm not i'm not familiar with the president i'm not asking about president trump i'm asking about the israeli government is the israeli government going to annex the west bank yes or no it's a very simple question so i'm answering you that i'm not familiar with the plan to do it now we are waiting to hear from by the round two peace initiative to discuss
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it and the palestinians who don't even want to look at it we respect the work that is being done in washington about that and respect any mission but if you're palestinian and you're at the u.n. ambassador danny danon comes to talk why would they want to talk with you when your own record on this travel in fact a few years ago there is place only for one state on the land of israel i do not believe in a two state solution turn it down on. first of the don't come to negotiate with me the negotiate over the top israeli diplomat at the u.n. your views don't matter and even then even the prime minister when he wants to meet with president abbas it's not happening and by the way prime minister netanyahu said he's willing to negotiate everything he said i would come to the room and willing to speak about everything and you should have the prime minister agree and you support the prime minister on the. so do you support a jewish state solution government do you support a two state solution. negotiation you want to do now is exactly what the palestinians none other than the israeli government's formal position is
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a two state solution they claim promise no claims to support a two state solution do you his ambassador to the united nations yes or no very some. negotiations are going around to go see just what do you support a two state solution at the end of those negotiations like the rest of the world like your prime minister claims to yes or no. i support the things that men tend to have their best but what i also studied i don't know. why it's so complicated to say i do support legislation because i don't support a two state solution i tell you why tell you why because the u.n. i'm used to countries mainly trying to come to the end of the conflict without having a dialogue without getting your judgment on its position i'll give it pretty well as anybody the israeli government claims to support a two state solution but you clearly don't because you won't say so on the show. that way if you want to have any progress in the middle east the palestinians
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should stop the incitement stop the payments for ten weeks five hundred million dollars a year and enter the room and without directly they can come to the un they should i go issue with a person who doesn't say he supports a palestinian state can palestinians really do a peace deal with a prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is facing indictment on multiple charges of bribery fraud breaches of trust he's as likely to end up in prison as he is to win the next election in our democracy you will innocent until it's proven that you are guilty and the prime minister like everybody else in the country has their rights to go and to prove that even so i'm not disputing his right and i'm not disputing any that i'm saying that he is facing indictments according to the attorney general of your country on multiple charges of bribery fraud breaches of trust that's pretty bad that's not a normal thing i know we've got used to political corruption in some parts of the world but that is not a normal thing to have a prime minister charged with so many crimes or about to be indicted for so many first. you have to wait because he's going down yet any general says they're coming
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your own country's attorney general says they're coming. you mean. you will do. ok another reason the palestinians might say they have no faith in you and why the why the international community is so worried about prime minister netanyahu aims is that you have a prime minister of israel who supports the arab racists and has even supported bringing them into his own government i'm referring here to the jewish power party or who did it whose leader calls himself a contest which is a terrorist group in the united states and who himself was bombed for running for office by israel's own supreme court just last week because of his anti racism. i'm amazed from your passion marty i haven't heard you or anyone else in your network speaking about the hamas leadership or about the article and that's not true without a doubt i've actually had a most people on the show know i'm going to interrupt you how much people have come
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on the show and i've challenged them on their intolerant language i'm asking you about the prime minister of israel you claim to be a liberal democracy allying with anti arab racists can you please deal with that point so. as a strong democracy we have rules and the rule of law is above all the do side decided to disqualify one of the members of the least want to become a member of the knesset used to be a middle knesset because he used the commons and by the way they disqualify and the jewish article none of the knesset and they did not disqualify their alexander were very radical as well fair enough you are not going to get into the last thing about iowa governor i'm asking you are you ok with the prime minister of israel allying with a party that backs the calmest a terrorist group that backs a part of wants to bring into government a party so extreme that has little time for money for the. let's stick to the facts the prime minister never said that he wants to bring them into the government is
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the prime minister when you look at the story the prime minister for the last thirteen years and you can see the government put together in the last thirty years . so he's not resigning several jewish women jewish power in cabinet as has been reported widely in these very press. i haven't heard that deals with all those right radical. mention but at the end members of congress are being elected in israel and we should let the public decide who they want to be in the knesset the american jewish committee the a.j.c. apac the lobbying group you spoke up this week your strongest allies in the us have called jewish power a racist and reprehensible party why is the prime minister dealing with this party why is he welcoming them why is he allowing them to do in union with the jewish home the prime minister said one thing. and one for the knesset like a divide equal our parties are allowed to run for the knesset and the supreme court is the one to decide whether you are allowed to run or not to allow to and you
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didn't say that they will be part of his government if you don't say more than that you want to respond up the ante whose leader has called for the expulsion of arabs another party whose leader said there should be segregated maternity wards between palestinian and jewish mothers you're not embarrassed linking it with simultaneous . our democracy allows radicals to be in the knesset in the parliament when i would have parliament you know. you heard. kerry's supporting hamas supporting the bill are supporting a one sided that it was uncomfortable for us but we allowed that this is trance of our democracy and it goes both ways if you can allow as we shall our our country to be in the knesset you can allow law to come from the right to be in the knesset but others who would limit the the line you keep talking about radicals right at apac this week you spoke of the apac policy conference in washington d.c.
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you were tracked us democratic congresswoman omar for a controversial criticism of apac some of which he's apologized for you said quote if you have people that use that kind of language eventually i think the public needs to remove them from office some would say turn it down on shouldn't the same apply to you you've called african asylum seekers in israel infiltrators you've called them a national plague you've called for them to be expelled nothing in how o'mara said it's come anywhere near to that kind of dehumanizing rhetoric that you've used so are some of the quotes you mention are not correct but that's. correct i think the . fact that you have in congress the public to decide whether they should continue or not i mean is if the public saw that i'm my views are not correct they wouldn't elect me again and again and again and i think today when we see what's happening in the u.s. when you have radicals is going to language and speaking about the jews he'll do
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our loyalty this is embarrassing i mean it's an embarrassing when you refer to african asylum seekers as infiltrators and a national plague. so i don't think i said what you just mentioned and then if you will find it i would be happy to everything you did you take today you started on a rally in twenty twelve in south tel aviv as are all the arabs the infiltrators are a national plague and we must deport them. i regret those comments and sure i'm sure if you have a two day technology i would be very happy if you can show that when i say that everything is taped today so you cannot deny it i don't recall saying what you just quoted yes it was reported you knowledge about everything which is reported is true but i think yes we should allow the public to decide about that when you have entered a semites in congress i think we should expect that the public will push them away isolate them and denounce them cutting down on thanks for joining me on that front . thank you very much marty.
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after a twenty two month long investigation into one of the most obsessive li covered stories in the us media the special counsel investigation into possible collusion between the trouble campaign and the russian government in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election is now over and according to trump's attorney general the president is in the clear no collusion no obstruction of justice but is that the full story don't we need to see the full robert muller report or was this just a massive failure by trump media joining me to debate this are journalist in russia a great critic or and maté who's call the collusion allegations a conspiracy theory and david cay johnston a pulitzer prize winning journalist and author of the book it's even worse than you think what the trumpet ministration is doing to america david aaron thanks for joining me in the arena david can i start with you it looks like it's all over apparently robert muller did not conclude that anyone in the trump campaign quote conspired or coordinated with the russians in interfering in the elections that was
4:38 am
supposed to be the main purpose of the investigation trump has been given the all clear you in the media the democrats you got it all wrong well actually bill bars latter. that trump is not exonerated on obstruction of justice and he blames the issue of collusion in terms of the russian government the russian government operates off and through all of darksome cut outs and other people who aren't directly the russian government so we need to see the mahler report you've repeatedly called the russia great story a conspiracy theory is it now all done and dusted for you or does david have a point. well i certainly agree with david that we should see the full report but the fact that we haven't seen it yet i don't think should be used to deflect from the fact that muller has just permanently debug the conspiracy theory his mandate was to uncover ties between trump and the russian government in a bid to influence the two thousand and sixteen election the bar report makes clear
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that he did not and i don't think that bar was macare was amiss characterizing robert mueller robert mueller who has the integrity. of a marine we've been hearing about for two years about how great he is i don't think robert mueller would sit by so i think his the fact that here's what i don't get out of it as you say we've been hearing about him being a marine in great integrity for a couple of years but i follow your twitter thread you and i tool called line you'd be one of the big critics of people who've been bigging up for two years until he suddenly says something you agree with and now you're saying well we don't need the full report to come to a conclusion that this is all done in what you said last july and i quote you. we should not just believe as claims now on faith without concrete evidence that's exactly what you've been doing since sunday isn't it. i've been believing that if robert muller had found evidence of a conspiracy he certainly would legit he would indict somebody for it and in
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a report in which he's investigating a trump russia conspiracy if he had found evidence of it he would say that there was a trump conspiracy but he says in his report that he found no that there was no collusion found and obviously i am waiting to see the full report i can't wait to see the underlying evidence i just don't think it's going to provide people with the with the fuel for the narrative that they're thinking i think that even if anything ok what do you credibility david if people on your side of the argument to put it crudely how did so over reg putting on us cable news and elsewhere you went on t.v. a few weeks ago i believe called donald trump a criminal an agent that was absurd even before the modern report came out to suggest that yes i'd like i corrected that i didn't realize i'd said agent i said asset and i do believe it is a little bit a lot of negative that even without reading i know wasn't even signed a contract for russian intelligence that's over again even though what we know. in the meaning in the intelligence world of the asset donald trump is an asset he is
4:41 am
what the old soviet called a useful idiot he has carried the water of the kremlin repeatedly on things like attacking nato and other positions now the world isn't black and white there's lots of grays in here but all these roads keep leading back to the kremlin and to russia but the underlying important point here is we only know what bill barber spin is on the facts bill barr without being dishonest can put a spin on this that helps the person who put him in office after he had addition for that point and that's what we need to focus on i am to miller or do you trust a man who was appointed attorney general specifically to undermine this whole investigation represents the most dishonest president probably in the history of the united states do you trust his full page summary of a several hundred page report i think he only quoted sixty full words from the mother report you trust him it's certainly not the final say and we have to see the full report i totally agree i have to respond to what david just said because i think it exemplifies
4:42 am
a dynamic that underscores how problematic russia gate has been so i david says that trump is a useful idiot of the kremlin and repeatedly does their bidding in this effort to to sustain our conspiracy theory that trump and russia are in cahoots we have ignored all the actual things that trump has done against russia all of which have seriously escalated tensions between these two nuclear powers pulling out of the i.n.f. treaty thereby setting off basically a new nuclear arms race trying right now is trying to overthrow ally in venezuela trump is trying to stop a vital german russian gas pipeline and he can go on and on and on that are you know what all those are all good at playing our air i'm david baron i agree with you the world is not black and white donald trump will do things that are contradictory all people do the world isn't black and white and keep in mind donald trump is totally incompetent. to be president so when you look at his actions what you were argument there again or if you know that all that let me add all of that
4:43 am
let me introduce an argument here that you mentioned you know donald trump is kind of the whole key stuff he's done in russia and you're right to raise that we've raised that on the show as well but on the other hand you also then have to knowledge the stuff he's done that doesn't make him look like a quote unquote useful idiot he stood next to vladimir putin in helsinki and said i trust president putin over my own intelligence agencies he says he didn't interfere in the election i agree with him surely our and by the way aren't you yourself spent the last couple of years pooh poohing the idea that the russians interfered in the election bubble of the manual now quoting to do a victory lap says that they did interfere so shouldn't you own the fact that david side got stuff wrong in collusion you got stuff wrong on russian interference in wiki leaks. look think about the merits of that argument just because a prosecutor might get it right on one thing doesn't mean that they've got it right on the other you can hear them and you basically cherry picking to the bits you know i'm not sure you know what he just said what because he got to write all the stuff i do agree with he doesn't mean he's going around the stuff i said do you disagree with the other conclusion let me just be clear for our viewers do you
4:44 am
disagree the conclusion mullah says specifically that they'd according to paul i do not think i do not disappear let me finish no determine that there were two main russian efforts to influence the twenty sixth election do you dispute that line from you know i don't dispute it so you are for the media suggesting that well no no a second minute first of all you're not characterizing my views of the last two years correctly and let me lay them out now my point is simply you have to assess each case on its merits i've assessed all the evidence to date for a trial conspiracy i've been arguing for two years that it's not there apparently felt the same ok all the available evidence i've seen undermines the case for it and now we have the conclusion from muller that it did not happen again i can't wait for the final report david briefly to respond to that i think there's a real simple issue here donald trump has the authority to make every word of this report public just the way the starr report was entirely made public why isn't he using his power to do so that's all we need to know the less we see every word of
4:45 am
that report. why are we seeing it when donald trump has the power to release a report that he claims exonerates you are in is not we have to define donald trump and i have a report that gives me complete and total exoneration as he tweeted earlier this week why they go into such desperate lengths to say it'll never be published you'll never see you'll just get a ball summary why it's way there but they're not saying that maybe they're not saying that trungpa said he wants the four report released and bara said they were going to release that they're going through was. intelligent you know very well right now republican senate is going out of their way round the pole just this week mitch mcconnell to block the publication of the full report you know that are. blocked democrats are going to drive now to make it public ok listen i would love for trump right now to make the fall for it why isn't what i don't want to listen to why you know the the official story is that they're going to get really don't you know are you i don't care about the official story why do you think he hasn't released a report because i think they're going through right now to redact parts that they
4:46 am
feel are sensitive we've heard about what a sensitive counterintelligence investigation this is so i'll tell you what they're saying about redacting sensitive parts is plausible i mean i can't prove we are going to add all faith in the trumpet ministration ira not say david cay johnston thank you both for joining me in the arena we'll have to leave it there this debate is certainly not over that's our show up front we'll be back next week. they said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it wishes to have an adequate cast we should have more people in power investigates
4:47 am
the private companies and moon us towns and logically complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day and then sets or not a few are in the hands of the cia who can make the sun shine or not rendition movies or ted caught on al-jazeera when the news breaks and the story build six million children in and outside syria have been affected by war when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told people are telling us that there's no medicine there are not enough their engine al-jazeera has teens on the ground u.s. air power alone is not enough to bring in more rewarding documentaries and live news on air and on. new cycle brings a series of breaking stories segment of course there's donald trump told through
4:48 am
the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the an aisle asian of israel that is not what that phrase means at all listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most embarrassing a free palestine they're listening post on al-jazeera. hello i'm maryanne demasi in london just a quick look at the top stories now. of reject the government's breaks it deal for a third time prime minister had promised to resign if it was passed but the withdrawal agreement failed to win enough crucial support falling short by fifty eight votes to resume a now has until april twelfth to come up with a new plan or face the prospect of crashing out of
4:49 am
a no deal scenario for the country needs barker reports. the our eyes to the right two hundred eighty six the nose to the left three hundred forty four. the breaks it breaks through the pritish prime minister had staked her political career on has been defeated the country remains in confusion for the speaker i think it should be a matter of profound regret to every member of this house that once again we have been unable to support leaving the euro period. the implications of the house's decision are great britain has only two weeks to find an alternative way forward otherwise it will crash out of the e.u. without a deal without a plan. gerry called the opposition labor leader said the defeat paved the way for a general election but the speaker of the house has been clear this deal now has to
4:50 am
change the has to be an alternative found and if the prime minister can't except that then she must go not at an indeterminate date in the future but now so that we can decide the future of this country through a general election treason may had promised to resign if a deal was passed but the gamble failed to win support from northern ireland's democratic unionist party that props up maine's government remember this brics it means bracks it and this we are very clear we will be leaving the e.u. on the trunks ninth of march two thousand and nineteen is eleven pm. the regional deadline date is hugely symbolic for the prime minister and for seventeen million people who voted for breaks it. to leave the european union all those. breaks that is they've gathered outside parliament on the day in which the u.k. was meant to be leaving the e.u. as well as that money right. out of the division inside parliament was echoed on
4:51 am
the streets around it the countries of odds with itself. so how come britain move forward from here well it may have missed the opportunity for an orderly exit or maybe the twenty second but to resume or you could still give her deal another go possibly even next week meanwhile in pisa hunting for a majority for an alternative to teresa mayes plan they fail to rally around a single idea so far they'll try again on monday a second referendum a general election another breaks of extension anything seems possible but british politics remains power lowest the barca al-jazeera westminster. and our other top stories hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting on the streets of algeria's capital in the biggest anti-government demonstrations since on restaurant that six weeks ago police used tear gas and water cannon to break up the protests demonstrators are demanding an overhaul of the entire political system.
4:52 am
the united nations security council has met to discuss the deteriorating situation in mali they're asking for more troops and resources but as fighting intensifies some countries are pulling their soldiers out of the un peacekeeping force. but francis has an active you know just lation to protect children from sexual abuse the new law requires the immediate reporting of abuse allegations to vatican prosecutors. thailand's election commission has withdrawn its unofficial vote count from sunday's election after increasing allegations of cheating and voting irregularities the results showed a party allied with the ruling military as winners but some parties are rejecting that result. and the head of chinese tech giant huawei has defended the company's commitment to security after facing further accusations of failing to repair flaws in technology the united states is leading
4:53 am
a campaign to but after accusing the company of being a security threat those were the headlines sports taping the endless chase is next . never in sport has cheating been so prevalent at the highest level never has the pharmacological range of performance enhancing drugs been so great something new and this is super sport to. cycling football power sports injury and sports technical schools doping is only present no discipline escapes unscathed but where
4:54 am
do these products come from how does this underground activity work where studying instigation of bad things parts could i talked. about that. you know yes the part of russia's eight hundred metres champion in two thousand and eleven unveiled to the wont how russia creates its champions. and the stars of high performance sports can spend up to one hundred thousand euros a year on state of the art treatments that are often still under development the extreme growth of the sports business has generated a lucrative black market in doping worth an estimated thirty billion euros a year so in whose interest is it to unmask the cheats and clean up sport on the. eve of water speak that. sponsors and sports federations a partly responsible for not that way with any that that that there was
4:55 am
a. lot of good. in a world that values performance and competition so highly other proponents of clean sports fighting at losing battle. i believe it's a food fight but i think initially. there was a good. eye popping yet franken. as a sport that relies on technique football would seem to be above doping scandals and yet it has been tainted by much raking and. and corruption is the last. case we had was during nine hundred ninety four when the united states but i don't. in berlin a journalist conducted a lengthy investigation into doping in football because i did a large number of testimonies. from us before. that stuff and much in august
4:56 am
balkan. was the middle of a lot of themselves and also the food water exacted out of food specially those million of them but you want to take this can only go to become one with the arch portlaw over at the human their connection with liquid if you cut it in a third come after it for the terms of the quote if you got to admit it will middlebrooks from someone still in class or talking with. duping in football has taken much longer to be exposed. it was found that the german team were taking and thirty means during the one thousand nine hundred six wellcome. you venters are known to give in their players blood transfusions and olympic demand say injections before matches were commonplace doping carried out under the supervision of the clubs yet for four quid for me to take the whole school come the thought that i mean clearly there hope to defeat the gangs and that's all and then fall fish to it and then asked if i work on
4:57 am
a ball or to where you can leave out how to me go get it. done stock and i'm done fund in full on often bargain with wooden of a cunt in for i in the third kind of hoping for answers you don't get is going to get indecent to sonali given the fine stoping commons are going on and i noticed in finality fun him a few another value of him removed that's of all info i will look at because britain is outside you ask him live now leads the german team and denies ever having doped the french coaches did he. also played for a club mentioned in a medical manipulation case. i. think when the mic. really. get out there. there must be a lot of about you to tell you a lot of support me if you think about the stuff.
4:58 am
on its own. these alternative methods are self era peas intended to allow tendon and ligament injuries to heal quickly. the treatments were forbidden by wada in two thousand and five as they can artificially enhance performance. and yet in mass alone a doctor got to practice is these therapies on the world's top football players. from the sort of the least how most into the mean dog. he. you know some muscular ass protein asked. me a specific asked debian and last like it be in their last. illuminati bucket. list of the name most in recess anger eat.
4:59 am
less than most yeah. any of us made them too and i think. that this place rich plasma is really injected into the wound to speed up healing. that she whom i know not about. oh the. valley or there's the ever see. the. media was having. found. this stem cell therapy has become indispensable to the clubs in healing their players to the extent that in two thousand and eleven they asked the world
5:00 am
anti-doping agency to lift the ban. the theme was that this is of the all. kids who say the quander see. an e-mail you know i mean this is where your kid got friends of you know. better. so football has used a band method and then still manages to get it validated by the world anti-doping agency the world's most popular sport has rewritten the rules on doping. helmet lead explaining we should keep a. duo since your career national sport energy to do point three let them bash shock you she could be the girl it will be you know to your court be such a vocal go toward the.


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