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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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technic today to northern canada that looks very much the same it's a barren landscape if you replace the sand with ice and rock is that you'd be in northern canada. a thousand feet above ground level it turns this helicopter into a flying hospital while they have saved lives the french in charge and soldiers have also returned dead bodies faced with criticism for putting canadian lives at risk prime minister just introduced government is pulling back its troops overstretched the us i want them to stay it's an operation they can't afford to lose. because hawke al-jazeera go northern mali. a newspaper affiliated to amass as reporting that a deal has been reached with israel to reduce tensions in the gaza strip it comes as palestinians prepare to mark the one year anniversary of weekly protest along the border fence with israel how force it reports. for twelve months
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now gaza's border with israel has been the scene of mass protests and major bloodshed gaza's health ministry says more than two hundred sixty people have been killed by israeli sniper fire seven thousand shot and injured but on the eve of the anniversary protest the organizing committee which is calling for a million man march issued instructions to the demonstrators stay back from israeli guns follow commands of organizers on the ground make no aggressive actions don't burn tires a clear sign that a deal was in the works that they looked into the occupation have to meet this test to implement the positive response as we heard from the egyptian delegation we the palestinian factions have our people struggling to achieve our fair and legitimate demands. the great much of return protests began on the thirtieth of march last year initially called by civil society groups in gaza as a call to action against the israeli blockade a un investigation found that while some protesters used violence the vast majority were unarmed and peaceful stating israel had had no justification for using live
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bullets for months and through repeated military escalations egyptian mediators have been trying to broker a truce on friday night or how my sophisticated newspaper reported that an agreement had been reached according to the report in the newspaper among the concessions that hamas has won an increase from fifteen to forty million dollars a month in qatari funding an extension of the fishing zone from nine nautical miles to twelve nautical miles and increase in israeli electricity flowing into gaza and israeli approval of a major new desalination project. in return israel has been seeking an end to rocket fire such as that which destroyed a family home north of tel aviv on monday injuring seven and sparking a new round of escalation israel which has sent extra troops and tanks to the border also wants an end to in century balloon launches and a guarantee of karma the fence its prime minister has been trying to balance projecting military strength with seeking deescalation before the general election
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on the ninth of april. all is ready should know there for a comprehensive campaign is required we will enter it strongly and safely and after we have exhausted all other options hamas is also on the domestic political pressure earlier this month protestors went to the streets instead of the border over price rises and tax hikes hamas security put the demonstrations down with beatings and arrests at the core of those protests the same feelings of despair and frustration that for a year now and despite all the risks have brought thousands to the border week after week sorry for said gaza still have for you on the program a plea for help from residents of a sprawling refugee camp in nigeria to thousands fleeing separatist violence in neighboring cameroon. for the. and new zealand remembers him and the morea interim oriel service which is held for those killed in the last attacks two weeks ago.
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hello again it's good to have you back this are going to start here in australia where we're watching one friend you can see right here pushing across the southeast and with that we're seeing a lot of severe weather so we're talking thunderstorms hail as well as gusty winds behind the system we're talking about some cooler air coming in so here from melbourne well on friday we saw a temperature reaching to about thirty degrees dropping down now to about forty degrees or so high on saturday now once that front pushes through the temperatures will drop as well so for sydney you're not going to drop as low but you will see a change in your air as well for about twenty one degrees there up towards president it is going to be rain for you on sunday thunderstorms with the terms of the of twenty seven degrees well here across the north in the south island things are looking to bed now the north island is picking up some clouds that are coming into play but it's really going to be the south island over the next few days that
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same front about is going to cause a problem as it moves across the tasman sea so as we go towards sunday night particularly in the overnight hours here across the south island you will see thunderstorms and some of them could be quite severe well across japan things are going to get worse over the next few days in terms of weather no he too bad right now on saturday but as we go towards sunday it is going to be more rain across the region tokyo it's going to be arraigned if you with a temperature of one thousand. bomb counselor course we look at what's holding him for becoming a two trillion dollar economy as the world's biggest democracy gets ready to vote who's financing politics it india mexico's government is axing social programs for the country's poorest. country because both are older zero.
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i'll come back a look at the top stories this hour now the u.k. parliament has rejected the government's deal for leaving the european union for a time hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting on the streets of algerian capital in the biggest anti-government demonstration since unrest erupted six weeks ago and the un security council is meeting to discuss the deteriorating situation in mali i asking for more troops and more resources. the stories are following closely refugee camps in southeastern nigeria are growing
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fast as fighting in neighboring cameroon forces thousands to flee across the border more than thirty thousand people have been officially registered but aid workers say the actual number is much higher i'm going to address travel to one of the permanent settlements built for refugees in nigeria's cross river state. i get over a fiji cambyses sprawling community of thousands and it's growing every week as violence continues to force more people across the border into nigeria. here there are no families preparing the evening meal. it's been a year now since they fled the fighting they may have a shelter and food for now but only one thing preoccupies their main. player. you're supposed to live where you. are praying that god put her problems that we will get through.
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but like many refugees beltre knows that day is long way off more for comparators continue to arrive with stories of continuing violence by call. as all refugees move into permanent structures you ones i admitted to take over temporary tent shelters they were catered separatism brasilia movement is fighting to break away from cameroon thousands have been internally displaced one more than thirty thousand of crossed into neighboring nigeria this is the i got on refugee camp home to some six thousand cameroonian refugees is one of the four permanent structures built to cope with a steady flow of people fleeing the violence between separatist and cameroonian forces thousands more are waiting outside to come in but facilities are overstretched. is the leader of the refugee community he says the past year has been most difficult in their lives it has not been easy for us we do our fathers' two medications. every day we did
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our. own fellows refrigerate are dying every day because of. that i think how old i think. transportation only thievin de mint calls. apart from food education for refugee children is also a problem that refugees believe that only one organization can end their plight. to intervene into this problem to think how. unless that is done most of the refugees here are digging for a long wait in nigeria. greece al-jazeera. nigeria u.s. president ronald trump a sponsor and now the rally with mexico by threatening to shut the border mexico's foreign minister responded on twitter saying they don't act on the basis of threats
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trump made the comments on a visit to a dam repair project close to his florida eritreans and we have the week is the most pathetic laws number one congress has to act and number two mexico and make so much money from the united states and so many other things so many other assets they have to grab it and they have to stop it we have right now two big caravans coming up from guatemala massive care of events walking right through mexico so mexico is tough they can stop them but they chose not to now they're going to stop them and if they don't stop them with closing the border they will close it and what will keep it closed for a long time i'm not playing games mexico has the stuff that announces there is can really help that has worn the story now from washington. u.s. president donald trump's threat to close portions of the southern border of the united states and mexico certainly is not without precedent we've seen this before president george w.
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bush did temporarily after the september eleventh attacks back in two thousand and one we also saw a republican president ronald reagan doing so in one thousand nine hundred eighty five his reasons for doing that in order to try and get mexico to cooperate when there were concerns that it was not being forthcoming with information that may be the motivations for donald trump this time around given the fact that the number of illegal immigrants trying to come into the united states is now at a thirteen year high according to the department of homeland security numbers given the fact that mexico has itself very strict immigration laws this u.s. president could be trying to force mexico to do more to curb the number of entries from honduras el salvador as well as guatemala pope francis has enacted a new legislation to protect children from sexual abuse a new law applies to vatican personnel and holy sea diplomats and requires the
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immediate reporting of abuse allegations to vatican prosecutors is the first such policy for the roman catholic church and it comes just weeks off the pope at a summit addressing cases of sexual abuse by clergy over many decades and there are fears that russian hackers a targeting sunday's election in ukraine with cyber attacks a familiar with ukrainian cyberspace often using it to test techniques which some say we use to influence the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election some public figures in the capital kiev say they are now the targets all the troll farms nora frick reports. russian interference in ukraine's presidential election is less a concern than an expectation according to the s.b.u. state security service it says cyber attacks have already occurred and has war gamed scenarios including attacks on government ministry websites and the central election commission media outlets are another obvious target the news channel broadcasts from kiev aimed at the mostly anti russian muslim ta-ta population of
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occupied crimea staff say there are frequent efforts to disrupt communications but it is the editor in chief himself a former russian journalist and popular blogger who seems to be a person of particular interest but the most ridiculous. i knew kremlin troll sconce and there apart my posts on facebook on the book my account for his book. facebook is literally full of pro russian accounts which guarantees information about ukraine that the country is afraid that should be changed is that avarice should change it's not the first time that facebook stands accused critics say the social media network did not do enough to prevent manipulation of the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election in a statement on ukraine facebook said we recently removed a network of facebook and instagram accounts for engaging and coordinated in
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authentic behavior as part of a network that originated in russia and operated in ukraine. not everyone agrees with the anti russian narrative some see the hand of the ukrainian state at work instead. again. ninety percent of what people call russian influence is internal machinations of the ukrainian government cementing its position based on creating hysteria and paranoia and peace fiddlin a sunny choke sits on the foreign affairs committee in ukraine's parliament i think that russia influence is still very big both in ukraine but also in the world here in ukraine we ceded their plain gas card still also they are supporting with russian money one of the political forces one of the presidential candidates but also they are playing it be part in the e.u. by simulating some of the countries to be on this side the truth may be a question of perspective but the results old friendship ties severed seem
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impossible to reverse laura frick berg al-jazeera police in the philippines arrested the chief executive of the news website rappler for second time the government says maria ressa broke rules prohibiting any foreign ownership of the media recip denies her site receives foreign funding wrap the website is a strong critic of the government of president ordering a deterrent say and rest his supporters say the arrest is an attack on free speech well now to thailand where the election commission has withdrawn its unofficial vote count from sunday's election itself during creasing allegations of cheating in voting irregularities the results showed. the posse allied with the ruling military is the winners some parties are rejecting that result. bangladesh's housing minister saying the owner of a building where at least twenty five people died in a fire on thursday will be prosecuted with a senior government official calling the incident more than one hundred people were rescued from the twenty two story tower block in the capital dhaka many of being
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treated in hospital. he has prime minister has led a service in christchurch to remember the fifty people killed in the mosque attacks two weeks ago the event was attended by more than twenty thousand people and screened all over new zealand algiers there is andrew thomas reports. what words after the prime minister can adequately express the pain and suffering of new zealand's darkest day what words captured the anguish of muslim communities targeted by hatred and violence what words expressed the grief of the city of christchurch and then she found a salaam aleikum he said be upon you they were words just said she'd heard repeatedly over the last fourteen days but even the ugliest of viruses can exist in places they are not welcome. racism exists but it is not welcome here
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this service exactly two weeks off to be al gore and linwood mosques were targeted by a white extremist gunman was broadcast on big screens around the country representatives from more than fifty countries came to hear islamic welcomes and prayers. and then the slow recital of the names of those killed all fifty of them. among them was her mate her husband survived on stage he spoke of forgiveness i don't support in the wrong direction but at the same time i can not deny the fact that he is my human brother the daughter of another victim spoke to about her father he was a really nice man. thank you. i there were performances to from local singers side i was the owner
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and use of islam cat stevens who sung about peace. to the. twenty two people remain in hospital following march the fifteenth attack for them recovery will be slow for new zealand who this national remembrance has had a feeling that came up again and again in the speech on stage and that theme was unity. to divide people in opposition from the top of the program to the. we all one hundred thomas al-jazeera christchurch. just a quick roundup of the top stories this hour the u.k. parliament has rejected the government's tail for leaving the european union for
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a time prime minister to resign may had promised to resign if it was passed. but withdrawal agreement failed to win enough crucial support falling short by fifty eight votes. to speak arising should be a matter of profound regret to every member of this house the once again we have been unable to support leaving the europe. the implications of the house's decision. the legal to fourteen hours the united kingdom is due to leave the european union on the twelfth of april in just fourteen days time that is not enough time to agree that just late forward ratify a deal and yet the house has been clear it will not commit to leaving without a deal hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting on the streets of algerian capital in the biggest anti-government demonstrations since on restive up to six weeks ago demonstrators are demanding an overhaul of the entire political system. the united nations security council has met to discuss the deteriorating
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situation in mali they're asking for more troops and more resources but as fighting intensifies some countries are pulling their soldiers out of the un peacekeeping force. us president donald trump has threatened to shut the southern border if mexico does not stop immigrants from reaching the united states the move could disrupt millions of illegal border crossings and billions of dollars in trade mexico's foreign minister responded on twitter saying his government did not act on the basis of threats. but francis has enacted a landmark new legislation to protect children from sexual abuse the new law requires the immediate reporting of abuse allegations to vatican prosecutors. thailand's election commission has it withdrawn its unofficial vote count from sunday's election the parliamentary results show the. party allied with the ruling military is the winners but some parties are rejecting that result after allegations of voting irregularities well those are the top stories this hour
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that's it from myself and the team here and on that will be more news from doha in half an hour's time off to counting the cost it's basically a separatist push the east russians in crimea and major economic challenges now ukraine is getting ready to elect a new leader from thirty nine candidates what course will the country t. join us for special coverage of the ukrainian presidential election on al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian finnigan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week indonesia's on the road to becoming one of the world's biggest economies we find out what's holding it back and how that could damage the president's hopes for reelection. also this week as the world's biggest democracy gets ready to vote who's financing political parties
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there. and mexico's leftist president swept to power on a promise to help the country's poorest but now he's axing social programs we'll look at why. indonesia is economy isn't growing as fast as the president promised when he was elected five years ago joko widodo is spending huge sums to try to get reelected for a second term he's giving regional governments billions in giving handouts to the country's poorest while indonesia is well on its way to becoming a two trillion dollar economy in the next five years a population of more than two hundred fifty million people strong across more than seventeen thousand islands is being held back by among other things poor infrastructure while economic growth on the main island of java expanded at five point seven percent last year bali than nusa tenggara grew just two point seven percent unemployment in jakarta is running at around five point three percent but
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it's more than eight percent in the neighboring state of west java the world bank estimates that indonesia has an infrastructure gap of one point five trillion dollars compared to other emerging markets president joko widodo is halfway through a ten year three hundred twenty seven billion dollar program to construct new airports highways and ports or congestion in the capital jakarta costs the country billions in lost revenue al-jazeera florence louis reports now on how the city's newly opened mass rapid transport system is proving to be highly popular. jakarta's long awaited mass rapid train system is finally here was and it's proving a hit more than ten million people work and live in the indonesian capital and the m r t goes a long way in easing the city's notorious traffic congestion. this is a massive in the nation finally has
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a name marty just like other country that has been having it for years it is also i am very proud moment i usually take an old bus to office but no i'm provided with these very comfortable public transportation i hope people who take car still office will use this. there's only one line at the moment running from south jakarta to the city center covering a distance of sixteen kilometers the plan is to expand this to eventually cover one hundred twelve kilometers with more than sixty stations by twenty twenty five since coming to power in two thousand and fourteen president joe kudo's administration has prioritized infrastructure development like this one as one of the ways to unlock the country's economic potential other projects include the construction of ports roads power plants and oil refineries since the country is moving from the commodity base to the manufacturing base to producing more high. products it
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needs quite calm but the. system exporting goods from indonesia or just sending them around the country is expensive logistics costs make up around twenty four percent of g.d.p. much higher than the regional average but the infrastructure projects also come at a price there are estimated to cost four hundred billion dollars over five years adding to government debt levels but the government says that the debt is manageable by law we are allowed to go to sixty percent but remember the main percent. g.d.p. number all the loan that we got to be looking at the productive projects or they can be from the project. so i don't see that much problem but the economic growth that was supposed to happen on the back of infrastructure development hasn't yet materialized g.d.p.
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growth has hovered around five percent in the last five years while that can be considered a pretty solid number for some countries it's below the government's target of seven per cent and it's not enough for indonesia's development needs and ambition. condiments generally agree indonesia has to keep spending and not just on building roads railways and other facilities but we also need the infrastructure what i mean about this stuff infrastructure is for instance capital human capital development which i think. one of the up by at the of the government education in health care for instance have been given bigger allocations in the state budget physical infrastructure but jakarta's newly opened m.r.i. is only part of what indonesia needs to boost its economy. joining us now from london. is emerging markets columnist at capital economics good to have you with us gareth. but forecast seven percent growth at the time of his election the economy
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has been delivering what around five percent that's not too bad when you look around but what's holding the economy back. i think there's a number of factors that certainly commodity prices haven't helped they've been quite subdued for most of gerry's. and i think also more fundamentally it's just been a failure to revitalize the manufacturing sector which when he set out five years ago was one of his key aims now there's a number of reasons why he's failed to do that he has admitted he's done some kind of useful tinkering around the edges so he's made it more easy for foreign manufacturers to set up in he's pushed ahead with some improvements the infrastructure but the one thing that he's really failed to do is to press ahead and make any progress with them with labor market reform so in indonesia it's incredibly expensive to hire and fire workers and what that means is that people are reluctant to share set up manufacturing facilities in indonesia when they could do so much more cheaply in neighboring say vietnam for example and i think that's
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been the key reason why growth is to fail to come really anywhere near the government's target so what needs to be done what does he need to do i mean people are arguing that the kind of infrastructure investment that we're seeing get into these here at the moment isn't creating the right kind of work and i think he's made some reasonable progress in infrastructure spending so over the past five years he's increased an annual average about twenty percent which is pretty decent and given the constraints of the fiscal position and so on it's unlikely he could have done much more but i think as i mentioned the key thing that he really needs to do is press ahead with these labor market reforms and i think without that then that indonesia is really going to struggle to attract the kind of manufacturing sector that it needs to really kind of raise growth above the five percent that we've put that we seem to be stuck at the moment now this is something that we were talking about growth on last week's program china became indonesia's second biggest source of foreign direct investment in twenty seventeen jakarta says it expects
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chinese inflows will only continue to swell should. be concerned about failing to keep up with repayments to china. i think it's a very difficult position that it's a problem facing not just indonesia but other countries in asia as well it's that china has clearly got a lot of money to spend as part of its belt and rode in shit if given the infrastructure deficit that indonesia has at the moment there's a clear role for chinese investment to pay i think the concern that indonesia has but also places such as pakistan and malaysia where there's been quite a big push back on chinese investment recently is that that these investments come with say that you hear stories about interest rates and double digits in his stories that china wants to control the us even after it's been built and i think that's the reason why indonesia is going to tread very carefully with this over the next few years and why you're already seeing some pushback at the election over the prospect of a big increase in chinese investment growth like many developing nations you look
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at the statistics and wonder what on earth the problem is but i mean you have this massive what sixty percent informal economy what needs to done to be done to make that more inclusive. i think that the key point that i've mentioned is that if you look at the most successful asian economies since the second world war countries such as taiwan hong kong korea what they all had in common was a very competitive export orientated manufacturing sector now this is something that the indonesians really struggle to create and generate and i think if it's if it's going to meet its potential and raise growth to the seven percent or so that you kerry's been targeting it really needs to do something about that now he has made some useful progress on infrastructure so there are improvements in place there but i think until you see the big changes in the labor market also land reform is another area that hasn't really to show until you see changes that and i
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think indonesia is really going to struggle for it so whoever wins the election what should the main priorities be as they take office and looking ahead to the next five years i think if you look at the economic proposals of both candidates neither of them really have the economic policies if you look at pro bono of of all he's got a very kind of population nationalist agenda he wants to cut taxes which may provide a short boost the economy but would also raise borrowing and probably borrowing costs as well he's also been very circumspect about chinese investment and also very nationalistic about kind of promoting a more a more self-sufficient economy and i think investors are very wary of a prayer when but he's still a long way behind in the opinion polls that doesn't know very likely on jacoby i think you get more of the same so you get kind of tinkering around the edges you get some further improvements to the business environment you probably get more spending on infrastructure but he doesn't look as if he's going to be this kind of second transformative figure he's not going to push ahead with these big changes to
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infrastructure i mean changes to the labor market the indonesian needs now a lot of the problem with that within the nature of the problem with the policy mind say is if you think back kind of twenty years or so where indonesia was hit very. by the asian financial crisis and all that is pretty is a deep distrust of foreign markets and also open markets and so they're likely to be very cautious in their approach to policy making regard to torture gareth many thanks indeed for being with us ok thank you now around one in five of the philippines one hundred six million people live in extreme poverty getting by on less than two dollars a day many including children were blown out as a street vendors or laborers to make enough to feed themselves hunger occurs most in the agriculture and fishing sectors where seventy percent of workers a pool of zeroes gentle and dog and meet some of those struggling to earn a living in the capital manila when war broke out in malawi in the southern
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philippines almost two years ago. and her children fled the violence they made their way here to downtown manila since then her eldest son to her man has been providing for the family but life in manila is also violence and like many others they are harassed because they are homeless and they're classified as illegal vendors later it is hard when you see them how do we entire what is even more difficult is when the children are sick but what can i do. experts say iran to have a filipina children go to bed hungry and the young are most at risk of money meant more than twenty percent of them are underweight the philippines ranks ninth in the world among countries with the highest number of children with stunted growth hunger occurs the most in agriculture and fishing sectors where more than seven.


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