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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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that even that was an astonishingly high number so it has no support in parliament and that means that if we are getting to that new deal scenario parliament will do anything m.p.'s will consider things that were previously thought on thinkable in order to stop that no deals now or are not really i think is the only way the trees they can bring back deal but i do think is that if we get to that new deal points the revocation becomes an option if you have an option between no deal and just canceling the whole process that could happen or more likely a referendum based on theresa may still she wouldn't tolerate that but it might be there in the option so what's to play for there thank you very much indeed jonathan this joining us there from london yes president donald trump insists he's not playing games after being his threat to close the border with mexico he's voted to go ahead with it since mexico doesn't stop people from crossing into the u.s.
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illegally mike hanna reports. president trump arrives to view a rehabilitation project at a lake in florida but it's not the wind blowing water level or this dam wall that's of the most on his mind rather his fury with what he describes as mexico's reluctance to prevent immigration across the southern border patrol mexico's stuff they can stop them but they chose not to now they're going to stop them and if they don't stop them with closing the border they will close it and what will keep it closed for a long time i'm not playing games mexico has to stop it this repeating what he said in earlier tweets if mexico doesn't immediately stop all illegal immigration coming into the united states through our southern border and getting the h. in his anger i will be closing the border or large sections of the border next week . it's a threat the president made back in december but never carried it through however his latest comments follow warnings from the department of homeland security that
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its resources have become strained and border officials say more people are expected to be apprehended at the border this march than in any month in more than a decade the consequences of closure would be severe impacting on two way trade that is worth more than six hundred billion dollars a year well mike hanna is live for us in washington d.c. mike what's behind this announcement. well it has been coming for a while the president clearly angered at the situation on that southern border we remember his argument he had with congress over the bulling a wall he vetoed congressional legislation that rejected his emergency declaration on the border and so that situation is that emergency regulation is still in force but in recent days and indeed weeks porter had been insisting that they have a situation at the border that they simply cannot cope with they are not sufficient
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officers they say they are not sufficient facilities to cope with the numbers that they say are coming across the border and him the course of the day the homeland secretary nielson also issued a press statement and maybe coincidentally just off the president made his comments saying that the system was in freefall very strong words from the homeland security secretary so there are all these factors coming together president trump of this time it would appear is insistent that he could go ahead and close that border but the economic ramifications would be absolutely huge and then maybe some with the his ministration who like the last time he made this threat have argued very strongly against such a move and mike hanna in washington d.c. thanks very much for that let's get the view from mexico manuel republic joins us from tijuana city close to the u.s.
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boards are people reacting to this news for you on. one of the first reactions that we heard was from mexican foreign minister marcello butt out who took to twitter to say that mexico does not act on threats adding that mexico is a good neighbor to the united states where we are right now just outside the u.s. southern border again as mike mentioned a massively important border economically for both countries in the united states and in mexico. but for the most part people here in mexico do not hang on to every statement on every tweet that president and trump makes in fact the mexican government has already acted on several policy directives by the united states when it comes to containment when it comes to the policy of the so-called remain in mexico program that requires central american asylum seekers to return to mexico to wait for their case numbers to be called while there are asylum process is completed in courts in the united states this is the this is
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a departure from decades of asylum policy in the united states that would otherwise allow asylum seekers to to be able to wait in the united states until their cases are filed until their court dates are called so what president trump is calling for lacks specificity what we hear overwhelmingly from immigration experts is that without addressing the root causes of migration in central america and the northern triangle countries. and what they might where there's where there's high high tendencies of violence high levels of poverty and political corruption without addressing that how can mexico and how can the united states stem the flow of migrants so what's interesting to people here in mexico i think is is to understand what exactly it is that the united states is calling for what exactly it is that the trump administration wants mexico to do to stem the flow of migration and to stop the phenomenon of migrant caravans that we've been seeing over the course of the last year. and
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a repeat of the speaking from two want to thank you very much. and the miller reports n.c. possible russian interference in the twenty sixteen year selection is sent to be released to the public in mid april attorney general william barr has already summarized its findings in a letter to congress report's found no conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia but reached no judgments on obstruction of justice allegations against the president's democrats are demanding the phil reports be released but some parts are expected to remain classified. plenty more ahead on the news hour including. reports of a deal between hamas and israel as palestinians prepare to mark a year of gaza protests. the head of the arab league rejects donald trump's recognition of israel sovereignty over the occupied golan heights. and in sports
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spar saloon to prepare for a city don't being a star player leonor messi takes a match his critics in argentina. and hundreds of thousands of people have crowded into old jerry's capital in the biggest antigovernment protests so for demonstrators are demanding an overhaul of the entire political system or from charles stratford. the six week of peaceful protests in algeria of so far no change of government but many algerians feel they have never been closer look twenty years is enough so get out l.j. area has many candidates who are competent to take the job so why would the regime stifle them in their own country are you this year's a breath of fresh air algeria doesn't deserve this we deserve to live in peace. but
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i'm here to confirm the people's demands they have to listen to us. earlier this week the army backed the coolest a president abdulaziz with a flicker to step down. the ruling party its coalition partner and algeria's biggest union have joined the calls for beautifully could to go the national lawyers union reemphasize its demand that the eighty two year old president must leave office. he has been my wife and we reiterate our support for the peaceful popular movement which calls for a change in the system of governance the creation of a new republic that respects the southern tier of the people. and the principle of the law of the union calls for a positive response to the demands of the people within whom as sovereign power resides. local media reported millions of people came out to demonstrate in towns and cities across the country this is the town of g. jail in the east. and it was
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a similar scene in misc done in the west. we want to move to a real democratic country for a transitional period and to set a new algerian government which will be elected by the people and not by this government we are against this government oh but even if beautifully could does go that won't be enough for the protesters they want a complete overhaul of an establishment that has been entrenched in power since algeria's independence from france in one thousand nine hundred sixty two they want the resignation of the ruling elite it is such a long sign to flee for twenty years for anything like that to happen the powerful military would have to agree and it's very sensitive to signs of instability. everyone is waiting for the constitutional council to rule beautifully because fitness for office based on health reasons it's given no indication when it will
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make a decision if it rules the president on foot fall face parliament must indorsed a decision by a two thirds majority even if that happens it will only just begin to fulfill the demands of the hundreds of thousands of algerians who have spoken out and protest i shall stop but i'll just. sit on has freed a newspaper editor who spent weeks in jail for criticizing the president also on the gunny opposed omar al bashir is decision to declare a state of emergency during ongoing demonstrations rights groups say more than fifty people have been killed since protests began in december over the price of bread. they escalated into coals for the president to step down sparking a government crackdown on dissent and media freedom. during my detention which felt like a long time i was not able to know why i was detained this is because i did not face any questioning my only way to understand why i was detained is through
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guessing which count lead you to the facts until this moment i was detained without a clear reason i was relieved about knowing what i have committed. and this paper affiliated to hamas is reporting a deal has been reached with israel to reduce tensions in the gaza strip it comes as palestinians prepare to mark the one year anniversary of weekly protests along the border fence with israel are a force that reports. for twelve months now gaza's border with israel has been the scene of mass protests and major bloodshed gaza's health ministry says more than two hundred sixty people have been killed by israeli sniper fire at least seven thousand shot and injured but on the eve of the anniversary protest the organizing committee which is calling for a million man march issued instructions to the demonstrators stay back from israeli guns follow commands of organizers on the ground make no aggressive actions don't burn tires a clear sign that a deal was in the works that they looked into the occupation have to meet this test
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to implement the positive responses we heard from the egyptian delegation we the palestinian factions have our people struggling to achieve our fair and legitimate demands. the great march of return protests began on the thirtieth of march last year initially called by civil society groups in gaza as a call to action against the israeli blockade a un investigation found that while some protesters used violence the vast majority were unarmed and peaceful stating israel had had no justification for using live bullets for months and through repeated military escalations egyptian mediators have been trying to broker a truce on friday night or how my civilian aged newspaper reported that an agreement had been reached according to the report in the hours salah newspaper among the concessions that hamas has won an increase from fifteen to forty million dollars a month in qatari funding an extension of the fishing zone from nine nautical miles to twelve nautical miles and increase in israeli electricity flowing into gaza and
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israeli approval of a major new desalination project. in return israel has been seeking an end to rocket fire such as that which destroyed a family home north of tel aviv on monday injuring seven and sparking a new round of escalation israel which has sent extra troops and tanks to the border also wants an end to in century balloon launches and a guarantee of karma at the fence its prime minister has been trying to balance projecting military strength with seeking deescalation before the general election on the ninth of april. all is ready should know there for a comprehensive campaign is required we will enter it strongly and safely and after we have exhausted all other options hamas is also on the domestic political pressure earlier this month protestors went to the streets instead of the border over price rises and tax hikes hamas security put the demonstrations down with beatings and arrests at the core of those protests the same feelings of despair and frustration that for a year now and despite all the risks have brought thousands to the border week
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after week kerry forsett gaza the heads of the arab league has rejected the u.s. decision to recognize israel's claim over the golan heights akhmed a bull hate also called for political solutions to conflicts in syria libya and yemen he made the comments at a meeting of regional foreign ministers ahead of sunday's arab league summit. that the arabs refuse the occupation to be given names other than occupation nor the occupation force be given legitimacy we say it loud and clear that the golan is an occupied arab syrian territory as per the international law and the un s e resolutions any unilateral declaration of sovereignty over the golan by any state is in conflict with this fact and will not change the true reality omar on the sherif is al-jazeera senior political analysts he says lack of unity means the arab
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league will take little action on the many issues facing the middle east. the arab league has any regional or international organizations like the united nations like the european community or the european union union when its members are committed to its charter when they are truly representative of the people and and truly loyal to this group and then the group it works the arab league's continues to fail because its member states continue to fail because out abrasions today care only about one thing their survival's they don't get about anything they don't care about most i mean most of the arab regimes cared about their survival they don't get about their people's interest they don't care about the collective political and strategic work at the arab league headquarters in cairo there are some magnificent documents about joint defense about a road map to economic common market about cultural this and that and the other
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thing but none of them see the light why because there's so much division among that up so much weakness and of course so much chaos because of the way out of brazilians have responded to popular uprisings in various countries still ahead on al-jazeera. a long way from home the reports on the place of refugees in nigeria violence in southern cameroon. last point internet trolls are targeting public figures in the ukraine ahead on sunday's election. and in sports vettel shows his mettle to finish fastest in practice for the ground free to sprint spinning off the track.
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hello again and welcome back we're here cross united states we are watching a system that's now going to be pushing through the eastern part and states we're going to be seeing some severe weather down here towards the south but to the north we could even be seeing some snow in some of those northern locations but notice the big temperature contrast here on saturday washington at twenty four just to the west in kansas city at seven and right along the front that is where we're going to be seeing severe weather caused by that caused trusting temperature as we go towards sunday the frontal system continues to make its way towards the east and the south and up towards the north though it is going to be that cold air that does bring some snow across parts of the back as well as into ontario well across the caribbean we are picking up more showers this time of year and we're talking about here across parts of his been yola over here towards jamaica van is been looking quite nice for the last few days we expect to see some partly cloudy conditions there at about twenty seven and up towards a parts of the hama's at about twenty six degrees there and then down across parts
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of south america well not looking too bad as we start the week over here towards rio de janeiro twenty seven degrees for the weekend over here to a sense even at thirty three but down here towards one is that is it is going to be a rainy day on saturday things get a little bit better by the time we get to sunday at twenty eight in the sense you had rain for you at thirty three.
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al jazeera. where ever you are. in twenty sixty one the one east revealed that girls from me and some as young as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work as many it's illegal and costing lives so why does it still continue when law abiding singapore one the one east. you're watching al-jazeera a quick reminder all of the top stories this hour. britain's parliament turns rejected a slimmed down version of to resume a's e.u.
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withdrawal deal it's the third time they've voted in european leaders are warning the u.k. is now we're likely to leave the block with no agreement on april twelfth u.s. president donald trump is threatening to close the border with mexico or large parts of it he says it will happen next week if mexico doesn't stop people from crossing into the u.s. illegally. hundreds of thousands of algeria and been taking part in antigovernment protests across the country friday saw the largest demonstrations in six weeks many are calling for the resignation of president of the seas beautifully and an overhaul of the entire political system. well staying with algeria there have been incident restrictions in the country in the past few weeks particularly with live streaming on social media say to cut its explains sol jarius started partially blocking its internet when the protests began on february twenty
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second as a result of the demonstrations that were largely being mobilized through social media and if you take a look at this he not now this is by next block and that tracks and. disruptions in real time and you'll see these green blobs changing across the screen and those are areas where the internet was instructed in from the twenty second of february when that march happened so the twenty six that it's happened a multiple number of times since this isn't the first time the authorities in algeria have disrupted that access they did it last year as well but for a very different reason to stop cheating in high school exams that that was after they discovered at the end of the year that papers were being leaked on social media and even back in twenty eleven during the arab spring in egypt algiers internet was also disrupted of course out of fear of protests spreading across the region as a whole now this year has already seen a number of countries pull the plug on the internet venezuela sudan and even
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zimbabwe just to name a few but how do they do it exactly while a government orders telecommunication companies or internet service providers to cut off or simply just slow down the internet across the entire country or even in certain hotspots often they say it's because of national security and even misinformation now it could be a complete blackout all the destruction can happen to certain websites and even mobile apps like what's up now digital rights activists a warning that internet freedom continues to decline globally in fact chad's as of friday has now spent a full year without access to internet and social media platforms like facebook twitter whatsapp and even viber and this tweet just kind of gives you an idea because it says families and friends have been disconnected businesses have even struggle to market themselves and journalists have been restricted in their attempts to reports reports unnoticed by the way there's
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a hashtag just in the corner keep its own that's been used for internet blackouts and this is also a problem because internet destruction like these have widespread effects especially on the economy. and if you take a look at this also by net blocks if you put in the countries i'm going to put a chant in here and it will give you an idea of how much they stand to lose per day every day for when internet is destructed or even blocks and here it's a little over a half a million dollars of course but if you actually look at somewhere like in the u.s. where people are so much more connected you've got seven been dollars there that could be lost in one single day that just gives you an idea of the impacts when a government shuts down the internet of course there are ways around it v.p.n. is one of those things but it doesn't always work the united nations security council is meeting to discuss the deteriorating situation in mali they're asking for more troops and resources as fighting intensifies some countries are pulling
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their soldiers or three un peacekeeping force because hot clinton top with canadian troops in the city of go in northern mali. this canadian task force is deep in mali's desert on a training mission to rescue frontline troops down below un soldiers french and west african forces are fighting twenty or secluding the slow mix state in the greater sahara in al-qaeda in these low make my group. dr murray on her level and her team of medics flying aboard a chinook helicopter. this is a training exercise in hostile terrain. we don't know if there is still enemy the area so by treaty number here we're putting ourselves a target so there's a possibility that if i asked the chinook is a really big target so we don't there was an enemy. here yet so it would swim the
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back a step up make get out close to two hundred un troops have been killed in mali and this has become the deadliest peacekeeping operation in the united nation's history . while this is a training exercise the dangers are real these canadian forces there with live ammunition you have to helicopters hovering above us because the situation in mali is slowly deteriorating. this mobile phone footage captures the aftermath of the latest attack entire villages are burnt to the ground after a local militia group armed with machetes and guns killed over one hundred full on the villagers dismembering even the youngest the attackers accused of supporting rebel groups. what started as a localized conflict is turning into ethnic cleansing moving beyond these border into neighboring for kenya faso in the share the theater of operation is as vast and wide as the european union. the fighting is intensifying making the medivac
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operations essential to troops i often compare it to to the canadian arctic today to northern canada that looks very much the same it's a barren landscape if you replace the sand with ice and rock that you'd be in northern canada. a thousand feet above ground level i churns this helicopter into a flying hospital while they have saved lives the french in charge and soldiers have also returned dead bodies faced with criticism for putting canadian lives at risk prime minister just introduced government is pulling back its troops overstretched the un want them to stay it's an operation they can't afford to lose . nicholas hawk al jazeera northern mali. more people are being forced since the refugee camps in nigeria because of fighting between separatists and government troops in southern cameroon one of thirty
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thousand people have been officially registered but aid workers say the actual number is much higher interest reports from one of the for permanent settlements built for refugees in nigeria's cross river state. i get on refugee camp is a sprawling community of thousands and it's growing every week as violence continues to force more people across the border into nigeria. here then a family is preparing the evening meal. it's been a year now since they fled the fighting there may have a shelter and food for now but only one thing preoccupies there might. even a player have. you supposed to live where you. are praying that god will put her problem so that it will get finished for. but like many refugees beltre knows that day is
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a long way off more for competitors continue to arrive with stories of continuing violence by call. as old refugees move into permanent structures you ones are admitted to take over temporary tent shelters they were catered separatism was only a movement is fighting to break away from cameroon thousands have been internally displaced one more than thirty thousand of crossed into neighboring nigeria this is the i don't refugee camp home to some six thousand cameroonian refugees is one of the four permanent structures built to cope with a steady flow of people fleeing the violence between separatist and cameroonian forces thousands more are waiting outside to come in but facilities are overstretched. is the leader of the refugee community he says the past year has been most difficult in their lives it has not been easy for us we do our fathers' two medication. every day we did
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our own fellow refrigerate are dying every day because of i think. that i think how old i think. transportation only thievin de mint calls apart from food education for refugee children is also a problem that refugees believe that only one organization can end their plight. to intervene in today's problem toothy how. unless that is done most of the refugees here are digging for a long wait in nigeria. al jazeera. nigeria. now in south africa the opposition democratic alliance party has organized a protest march in the capital against a twenty percent rise in electricity tariffs the steel and mining industries as
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tomato two hundred thousand jobs to be lost for me to miller has more from pretoria . a few thousand people belonging to the opposition party the democratic alliance of gathered here at the seat of government the union buildings in pretoria to protest against rolling blackouts and now an increase in the price of electricity the price of electricity has more than tripled in the last decade this year it's going up by about thirteen percent many people here say they simply can't afford it and this is especially an issue in south africa where there's a high unemployment rate many people don't have jobs many people can't afford any further increases in daily commodities from food and petrol and also increase in value added tax that was implemented last year these rising costs people here say they have to stop when you have power outages and this current supply. which
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affects business. doesn't grow that's what we're seeing but it's really much hudson who's done they don't even care about anything in south africa about himself their story thieving or money around. well you. were going to tell the let's all see a small crime going on you know it is if we stay in the subpoena in the subway we have so much class. when the lights are off it's still firms was we have breaking news we don't see what's happening we don't get notified about it it just goes off there's a lot of concern around how the rolling blackouts as well as the increase in the cost of electricity will impact south africa's economy the mining industry says because production possible rise it could lose up to ninety thousand jobs over the next three years if you can trim fifty percent of the power and and if the mining
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companies are falling by the wayside it's getting a customer and there is a there's a vicious cycle to do you have to stop and that was actually a argument the rolling blackouts that south africans across the country are experiencing a little while was at a time of the worst since the two thousand and eight posts of affected small businesses will say they simply gone in full the loss of electricity now if the electricity provider is coming over might listen i don't buy i have a sense of power use of everything i'm full of has blamed a number of issues the cost of building new how was stations the cost to want to hold your supply as well as the supply of. people here say well they won't accept those excuses and something has to be done. venezuela's office says medical aid will arrive in the country in a matter of days but one has given no details on the logistics of the shipments or
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if he has reached an agreement with presidents nicolas maduro series a book reports. the venezuelan government may have barred opposition leader from holding office for fifteen years on thursday but one way though continues to challenge. meeting look every time i am here with you is a defeat for that regime do you know how long they have wanted to arrest me every day that i am in the street with you is a defeat and now i have them cornered because of their arrest me that will be the last defeat because the people will continue to be in the street because we would go to the streets with more strength to execute plan freedom to keep challenging until venezuela is free and. venezuelans have been struggling with a massive economic crisis constant power outages have become the norm in many cities around the country my daughter who is backed by russia says he is the target of a u.s. led corporate lot and has accused a washington and why those.


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