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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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they're both a school for white children. yes. but so yes i say so i'm going to spank hard she actually did that so much to my nor would longest long to slight the singular dr said to. me and measure the next and slot of this elite and the egg. by any chance for the few. if might actually. who believe me i have never been there to slam the law she ought to know. this is a young for back. with the on scene. he see actually a man that i'm face government goals over this record all they see by the scandal.
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didn't. shoot. and refracted are going down for a look at what has been done we demand that all. shoot size by ok on scene and worry about that by a fanatic man dawson hot and vice versa to be as sky now commie are they're mad at this need out of man disorder ojt to be a did the deal. in god the god that it not only resolve to fight the more me necessary. work near other going to others but west itself and it's a good luck. if you belong to the means and set off. it lack. did you say every day was. a. chain with firm friends at age seven and went to the same school in an area under hannah's parents set aside
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for people of mixed race. day to go to church for the. forty years father runs a children's home in a rough part and transfer to. the area is one of gangsters and drugs and as luck to balance that goes on in. a lot of gunshots. when you drive to the shop to make sure your doors are locked. you've got the feel of being hijacked and human ever being right and i mean it's not just. it's all over even people get. ok tell me if you are not of one a lot of what is going to do with me and buy me
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a. goddamn that's seven percent of the lot on. this. throughout the day on the gun but because of the way today's life is about now i believe that the gun actually guys be. i hate the gun. i like the person that he is george is the people's. i like him but he sees. that's. what do you think about his job. just like the play in the swing looks at some of these. some kids uncle things i don't like just kill one the man on the township with a gun in your hand shooting school tiny kid no no no i think your police force was nice feet wide open discourse nice lake but i personally
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think. they should have taken the n.t.s.b. and. to the really after that. things has been from bad to worse. with the high crime rate but it was not high. so in that when people you know in life boats can imprison and get out. they just took things aboard and stood looking crazed. when there were seven tessanne in a bun year were good friends living near each other in johannesburg. why do you think people fight in this country that frank for their rights i think. people are looking to block off the roads but into buckets anyways looking to put security guards at the front of roads looking to palisade open garden so i can put spikes electric fences on their walls or can make their will six foot twits
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electric fences but while i know that you know what i think we've actually become paranoid. crowd and i want. this kind of justice in this not really believing that i think that again most people think it's black people do it and i think that's really wrong and ok i must admit. majority of people up people but i think that's she to the public street closer to the yacht because they don't have an education if you don't need to have an education you can't get a proper job just to survive him you going to crime you know god that was the. schools are changing slowly in south africa. and film school the language instruction is afrikaans an option few black parents choose for their children but.
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there are more black students at the longest government school in durban which teaches an english way where. the line of lunch ally pans monkeys kind of quantum the kind of schools of the best. since i started school in may. when they were going to school with white people as they. never ever going to happen and i mean i've never been to unpick school and i tend civil now and how do you find the white kids. found or do you think about the by. five year old when i was told. i hate. that i'm not really like. you not. quite. right and that is perhaps something which is really meant to our country and that is the issue of racism because if you did not belong to
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a certain race people want to believe didn't you basically were considered inferior because remember what the final solution was all about yes. here's a seat that you knew. says children here. but did a good. fellow in one thousand nine hundred nine longest suburban school is better resourced than ever before but little. has changed in the township speeds since we were first there in one thousand nine hundred two there's yes i know this is for seven living and going to school and so where to. eat. eat eat there. eat there.
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that's it fair. that you get it. because we will. see. until we can make it better to now go big to fit on our dining kilmainham obviously you have nothing from the city to live in one way or no way. now fourteen separate stores struggling for an education and somewhere to. better. coordinate. the one the peace. corps. got when my dick us. early. by no. one understood so i got interested in politics here before
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you want to know. but like you we're nowhere but it's we've got a very. good if you plan to salute the local schools in playing. am sure when a dangerous. sport schuman a debut and i just. don't get. him into a team bus or neck and neck my turns to get is sure. they can call it issue in kuwait a tough one nine zero nine over the weekend in both a one night up with which i. can see something only begin to go
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when i have control here on the. feet to get into issues should. not. be under and i destroyed lived in cape town when there were seven. but they have both moved to the eastern cape yonder has his own way of dealing with conflict. ok when i'm not. also i been in school. in the two one who fled to. mama and had. no money and.
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the war. alph. they're land on the ceiling for his. life and i mean we are human. and are not. and you. know you. want to. start over with. in one thousand nine hundred ten proceed a live to madrid mains of a sport
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a camp and see waiter and it seen a lot of violence. to a police as a last as a way to be when you are not compiled could mean doing the right point he sat well for a way please. find another place muslims are pushing. the topic of i'm getting what ends up being when i shall have a shine to me how i would much rather live up my life back. one of the syrians i'll put a. ring of. them in your bag no. that's not the will of. god will and when she and. her family don't. know probably.
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at fourteen violence is still part of timber sellers life. men are being really left almost impossible to. messed up is how much the tsunami zone operates on a mr powell move on i finally get to call up your powers them while our mess was going to keep her it was. that i want to miss mina will pass it on cause i'm. going to last. and. take off the javelin. leading up to that for change which is a prefect at a school with some charter how. can she already have views about thomas mucha wrongdoers seventy six. and guys. and you fuckwit well
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i am i guess. having. played. by now. and i don't game to miss him in some tag team gives him back i manly use my back as a dealer has already risen that somebody springs a big jump because oh. yeah that was that like you think south africa's changed the things he said changed but it has changed in many ways that that things that have better and that things that are as you see i think at this it. people are stealing now and things that i am necessary to just being just to have the word i stole something you see and i don't think he's right i think people should like work for
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them so spread i don't blame them but i do blame them but i don't blame them that way cause the government should give some people like to it. at seven a waiter was exceptionally houseproud. when we returned we asked her what she would do if she was president of the country. than the things i would change first of all i would make sure that the towns. i can see and i'm told it's dirty you see so i hated to wouldn't work you have to close. your nose so that you can catch the smell so i had those things or i think every weekend people should clean so they can be king and like a king place and no place that job a place where the by point a face and a well placed face went to eric who are those dreaded oh it's a never wasn't bush and all i want to speak english only is see no closer and you
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go nowhere with class i see english is the main language you see and you may can you may go but he said i told you so when i gave you a book only the would you like to speak in stick that and how the people in the state speak it you see a man puts up when you win anything and i just take it like that all who like a lot thank you very much goes and i hope you win the competition as well i want to finish studying i want to go to me in university or to south africa and i learn to be old and i want to work for six years you see have my house have a car have a cellphone had a computer and them. then i can get married but i don't think get married. it is murder when you throw a firebomb into someone's home and mishit they are actually you know. not
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insignificant and i'm bers that insignificant ideologically that a significant event is a crime against that very significant by dictating the government's. if they fucked up policy down shall not kim concert the radicalized series on al-jazeera. it's the fos day of school in bubble elementary school in mosul. this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades and mortars at nearby i doubt if falsus. most helpful goten what it is like to be in school up to three years what war. six year old does has of survived as like his home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the partly destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace while the prepares his son for the first day in school is hopeful new friends will help is that a company. a prominent saudi journalist committed to freedom of expression
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silenced entirely by his own government and the most horrific way. al-jazeera weld investigates the death of jamal. which resonates to the highest levels of the saudi government with startling evidence about the disposal of his body. jamal khashoggi the silencing of a journalist on al-jazeera. i'm how he's seen in doha the top stories on al-jazeera britain's parliament house rejected a slimmed down version of the series maizie you withdrawal deal it's the third time it's been voted down in the european leaders are warning the u.k. is most likely to leave the bloke with no agreements on april the twelfth. u.s.
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president donald trump is threatening to close the border with mexico or large parts of it he says it will happen next week if mexico doesn't stop people from crossing into the u.s. illegally and we have the weak is the most pathetic laws number one congress has to act and number two mexico and make so much money from the united states and so many other things so many other as that they have to grab it and they have to stop it we have right now two big caravans coming up from guatemala massive caravans walking right through mexico so mexico is tough they can stop them but they chose not to and now they're going to stop them and if they don't stop them with closing the border they will close if they were looking to close for a long time i'm not playing games mexico has to stop it the miller reports in supposable russian interference in the twenty sixteen us election is sent spira
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least in public in mid april attorney general william barr has already summarized its findings in unless it's a congress that reports finds no conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia but reached no judgments on obstruction of justice accusations against the president hundreds of thousands of algerians have been taken part in anti-government protests across the country friday saw the largest demonstrations in six weeks many are calling for the resignation of president of the seas beautifully and an overhaul of the political system. sudan has freed a newspaper editor who spent weeks in jail for criticizing the president's also mcgann e appalls omar al bashir is decision to declare a state of emergency during ongoing demonstrations whites groups say more than fifty people have been killed since protests began in december over the price of bread and protesters have renewed calls for haiti's president to step down opposition groups have demonstrated in the capital port au prince accusing juvenile
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mores of corruption and economic mismanagement well those are the headlines now it's back to fourteen upset africa. well.
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that's what i'm going to. tell the. four teens of age of exploration and the time for hanging out with friends. of some races special they did this time. their first movie that was one that you know one is your first one to go and take. somebody like me. i don't know you don't know how to craft an executive.
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what's wrong with the spine if you do that i just want to add a link to the. same game in time. minded to play close in her going amanda mother in law against his skin. it is time for. imogen yes you know i condemn in my room no. i actually think i wanted his new card number. so my. answer as. to think of sleeping with boys. that's a most disgusting thing. personally i'm a virgin but i know lots of people that aren't even younger than me aren't you know and i think most people today rushed too much into it you know kids today don't know what they doing they just fall in love with a guy in the into bed and mean blah blah blah and in the end up being pregnant and
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then they've got to drop school or drop work whatever they're doing in india i've got a situation where the baby. not saying anything bad about sitting with the baby but i mean your whole life plans get ruined as well you know. it's also not very cheap to maintain a baby. it's actually expensive. yet seven had life of comfort and seem to understand how the world works. how does a person or group. like to fly if they live in a plot house plan to keep their money and by now they're mad when they buy
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to get a new house payment to get the new house that other people paid them can be rich rich rich in making thanks. frank myla tell me i must go to every city in the month thank god can the car. wash. go further to get here for the connected with a necklace ok because she gave me too much or forward and then she tells
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her mind that i must. play to treat her. and the like and pay too much money you know go in the pool of friends. tells my mother in her mind that i mustn't go too much. now tommy's is your family a very strict. rule. not what is what would a strict what's the difference to your family in a strict and do things. like. what is a strict in the family do. shout too much. but. the. i actually like praying because i know it helps me because i. well to be honest with you very very honest
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i used to only pray when it's exams and i used to only pray when is exams a nice it's how god you know how to me and if i come out first i promise i will bring a whole i will go and buy a whole tray of fruits and so over to you i used to do that and i must admit i never used to come out first but i used to come out sick and in. the way or. at seven patrick went to a private boys' school in cape town. the. best friend is robert. carr. the.
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person who believe in god but i mean anyone could have just like written the bible . and just published it made up of the stories you know and like dahlan theory of evolution and like if saying. if. there is a god right why would he should keep it how serious a letter really asked him to do is god important. is really important i believe it's only person you can trust in this world and your parents in today's life god in your parents own people you can trust i pray every night before i go to bed i believe that you can talk to god anytime of the day's lesson to you all the time even if you like about my life like like you asking when i pass you just talk to anything you like to even if you knew in the toilet any time.
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my brain said when she died. than it was. but now i think it happened to. this must seem. to raise your breath. a blaze became more. we knew about our culture and before we bought the white man god knew be something that should come first. so. i do speak my belief system but i also do believe in god we go to church do you believe in god. and what you think god. he does feel things.
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please. to me is his name no question he can. of course and john. lake is a fan and is a f n n t now says history. denied to michael patil is and is known as kids who fit in a much younger to tickle in a so someone who feels. the need says the daughter of a zoo chief. i want to put that on women. and then they hit a patch on a cyclist. so why should it be that they were shallow movie. shiny. chaps shy and shy or want to be.
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out. at fourteen she goes to a school that includes christian education in the curriculum she's wrestling with her cultural identity. if these nights when they used to call me when i do something for the answers does i am forced to coffee it's not because i want to cause it's because i'm forced to do it if it was my way i wasn't going to hold. my family believes in them strong. but who don't. eat things up for a week. or two. should let it. go in the studio give us the world would i he said no more loudly no more violent
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no i must feed your family like my three fourteen benita does help at a father's shop. he asked if there was any possibility of her becoming the chief oh . no not me my pravda woman. it's like it's the way women are allowed to take over only main out the happy cases yeah but. it depends on what the father say in what they literally people believe here that the whole generation believes that oh you mean i love to take over so no woman can take or do you think that's right no no don't believe how love to be chief. i guess we kind of have to decide we're going to wait ok
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this is all. it's no good. could actually read this but you see if this isn't fit you know you can lose it is having a party to mark at seven she and her best friend teenie were going steady but since then their relationship has been off and on. i can't go out with the guy it's not been offering for i believe that i mean not take we have been friends for you and i hope it stays that way but i don't know if i. am i just want to look still doesn't imply that i hold up well you know i believe he should be no mistake you know i'm a little bit but i'm not we have a nation ships that. are both ok with me with me are and except one you know this is he thinking.


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