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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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back in december but never carried it through however his latest comments follow warnings from the department of homeland security that its resources have become strained and border officials say more people are expected to be apprehended at the border this march than in any month in more than a decade the consequences of closure would be severe impacting on two way trade that is worth more than six hundred billion dollars a year and fueling president trumps fire his homeland secretary kirsten nielsen issued a press statement later on in the day saying that the situation at the border was in freefall very strong words from the homeland secretary and words that the president is likely to seize on in the days ahead well none of our republic joins us live from tijuana a city in mexico close to the u.s. border manuel just how are people reacting to this news in mexico.
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one of the first reactions that we heard was from he's the foreign minister from mexico who took to twitter saying that mexico does not act on threats he added that mexico is a good neighbor to the united states and for the most part people in mexico don't tend to hang on to every statement or to every tweet published by president trump what we can say is that mexico has been proactive has been acting at the directive of the united states on several policies related to the border including policies that contradict mexico's own policies that are designed to protect and guarantee rights for migrants policies that include containment of migrants and migrant children and another policy the so-called remain in mexico program that requires central american asylum seekers to remain in mexico to come back to mexico and wait for their asylum process to be to be completed in the united states this of course is a departure from decades of asylum policy in the united states that would otherwise
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allow central american asylum seekers to wait in the united states while their court cases are called upon so when we're hearing this rhetoric from the president of the united states calling on mexico to stop the flow of migrants with this is lacking is specificity because what we're hearing overwhelmingly from immigration experts is that without addressing the root cause of migration in the northern triangle of central america honduras and guatemala which are you know levels of poverty that are extreme levels of violence that are extreme as well as instability and political corruption without addressing those issues there is no stemming the flow of migrants there is no curbing back the phenomenon of migrant caravans that we've seen played out over the last year so it would be interesting to hear what exactly the trumpet ministration is proposing for mexico to do to truly stem the flow of migration through mexico and in the united states might about apologizing us there from tijuana thanks very much for bringing us up to date
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. now the miller reports and see possible russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election is set to be released to the public in mid april attorney general william barr has already summarized his findings in a letter to congress the report found no conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia but reached no judgment on obstruction of justice allegations against the president's democrats are demands in the full reports be released but some parts are expected to remain classifieds. that's plenty more still to come on the news hour including. reports of a deal between hamas and israel as allison is prepared to mark a year of gaza protests. but for thoughts i might pakistan's governments tackle the rising cost of inflation. and in sports barcelona
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prepare for a city darby a star player lean on messi takes aim at his critics in argentina. where hundreds of thousands of people have crowded into all jarius capital in the biggest antigovernment protests so far demonstrators are demanding an overhaul of the entire political system more from charles stratford. the six week of peaceful protests in algeria of so far no change in government but many algerians feel they have never been closer look twenty years is enough so get out oh dearie as many candidates who are competent to take the job so why would the regime stifle them in their own country are you this there's a breath of fresh air algeria doesn't deserve this we deserve to live in peace. i'm
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here to confirm the people's demands they have to listen to us. earlier this week the army back to the coolest the president abdulaziz with a flicker to step down. the ruling party its coalition partner and algeria's biggest union have joined the calls for beautifully could to go the national lawyers union reemphasize its demand that the eighty two year old president must leave office. he has been my wife and we reiterate our support for the peaceful popular movement which calls for a change in the system of governance the creation of a new republic the. respect to supper and to the people and the principle of the law the union calls for a positive response to the demands of the people within whom as sovereign power resides. local media reported millions of people came out to demonstrate in towns and cities across the country this is the town of g. jail in the east. and it was
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a similar scene in misc running in the west. we want to move to a real democratic country a transitional created to set a new algerian government which will be elected by the people and not by this government we are against this government oh but even if beautifully could does go that won't be enough for the protesters they want a complete overhaul of an establishment that has been entrenched in power since algeria's independence from france in one thousand nine hundred sixty two they want the resignation of the ruling elite it is such a long sign to flee for twenty years for anything like that to happen the powerful military would have to agree and it's very sensitive to signs of instability. everyone is waiting for the constitutional council to rule beautifully because fitness for office based on health reasons it's given no indication when it will make a decision if it rules the president on foot fall face parliament must indorsed the
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decision by a two thirds majority even if that happens it will only just begin to fulfill the demands of the hundreds of thousands of algerians who have spoken out and protest. al-jazeera. so let's look out soldier is reeling elites and their connection to president specifically first the military rituals a loss of power behind the scenes and the postes top officers will replace if they posed any challenge to boots if the protesters are also not in favor of the. position that's because they're seen to be part of the same system that's helped pacifica stay in power for twenty years business leaders are closely aligned to the people in power as well many are routinely awards at large contracts and government loans for public am private projects in return the government gets campaign donations on favorable media coverage well cloyd stephen is
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a research chair of the european council on foreign relations she says the protesters are still figuring out what they want for old syria after which if they could goes it's clear that the protesters week after week as they've come out have felt that they've they've they've felt a sense of unity in a power that they've never felt before and it is this has led to increasingly ambitious demands as the weeks passed but it isn't yet clear that they can achieve the knee and the demands that are no on the table in terms of really oversight over training the whole system than just president putin. so it seems increasingly likely the president would typically will go whether there will be a real transition and
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a real change in terms of the power structures in the country is much more questionable i think that whilst not everybody who is that protesting has a strong idea of what the institutional framework would look like there are there are certainly people who are who are organizing meetings and conferences in universities in public. in issues across the country to discuss walk the future should look like. cyd urn hers freed a newspaper editor who spent weeks in jail for criticizing the president also on a gun in the polls tomorrow bashir is decision to declare a state of emergency during ongoing demonstrations rights groups say more than fifty people have been killed since protests began in december over the price of bread they escalated into calls for the president to step down sparking
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a government crackdown on dissent and media freedom. during my detention which felt like a long time i was not able to know why i was detained and this is because i did not face any questioning my only way to understand why i was detained is to guessing which cult leader to the fact until this moment i was detained without a clear reason i was relieved about knowing what i had committed. a news paper affiliated to her mass is reporting a deal has been breached with israel to reduce tensions in the gaza strip it comes as palestinians prepare to mark the one year anniversary of weekly process along the border fence for the israel herefore sets reports. for twelve months now gaza's border with israel has been the scene of mass protests and major bloodshed gaza's health ministry says more than two hundred sixty people have been killed by israeli sniper fire seven thousand shot and injured but on the eve of the anniversary protest the organizing committee which is calling for
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a million man march issued instructions to the demonstrators stay back from israeli guns follow commands of organizers on the ground make no aggressive actions don't burn tires a clear sign that a deal was in the works that they looked into the occupation have to meet this test to implement the positive response as we heard from the egyptian delegation we the palestinian factions have our people struggling to achieve our fair and legitimate demands. the great march of return protests began on the thirtieth of march last year initially called by civil society groups in gaza as a call to action against the israeli blockade a un investigation found that while some protesters used violence the vast majority were unarmed and peaceful stating israel had had no justification for using live bullets for months and through repeated military escalations egyptian mediators have been trying to broker a truce on friday night or how my civilian aged newspaper reported that an agreement had been reached according to the report in the hours salah newspaper
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among the concessions that hamas has won an increase from fifteen to forty million dollars a month in qatari funding an extension of the fishing zone from nine nautical miles to twelve nautical miles and increase in israeli electricity flowing into gaza and israeli approval of a major new desalination project. in return israel has been seeking an end to rocket fire such as that which destroyed a family home north of tel aviv on monday injuring seven and sparking a new round of escalation israel which has sent extra troops and tanks to the border also wants an end to in century balloon launches and a guarantee of karma at the fence its prime minister has been trying to balance projecting military strength with seeking deescalation before the general election on the ninth of april. all israelis had no there for a comprehensive campaign is required we will enter it strongly and safely and after we have exhausted all other options hamas is also on the domestic political pressure earlier this month protestors went to the streets instead of the border
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over price rises and tax hikes how much security put the demonstrations down with beatings and arrests at the core of those protests the same feelings of despair and frustration that for a year now and despite all the risks have brought thousands to the border week after week sorry for said gaza. thousands of people in jordan have protested against the u.s. president's decision to recognize the occupied golan heights as israeli territory demonstrators chanted slogans to supports hamas following an escalation in hostilities with israel in gaza they called on their government to know jordan's peace treaty with israel which they described as a zionist entity. the heads of the arab league has rejected the u.s. decision to back ignite israel's claim over the occupied golan heights. told so-called for political solutions to conflicts in syria libya and yemen he made the comments as a meeting with regional foreign ministers ahead of sunday's our obliques summit.
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that the arabs refuse the occupation to be given names other than occupation nor the occupation force be given legitimacy we say it loud and clear that the golan is an occupied arab syrian territory as per the international law and the un s.c. resolutions any unilateral declaration of sovereignty over the golan by any state is in conflict with this fact and will not change the true reality well is al-jazeera senior political analyst he says lack of unity means the arab league will take little action on the many issues facing the middle east the arab league any original or international organizations like the united nations like the european community or the european union union. when its members are committed to its charter when they are truly representative of the people and and truly loyal to
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this group being then the group it works the arab league's continues to fail because its member states continue to fail because out of regimes today care only about one thing their survival's they don't get about anything they don't care about most i mean most of the arab regimes cared about their survival they don't get it by their people's interest they don't care about the collective political and strategic work at the arab league headquarters in cairo there are some magnificent documents about joint defense about a road map to economic common market about cultural this and that and the other thing but none of them see the light why because there's so much division among that up so much weakness and of course so much chaos because of the way out abrasion teams have responded to popular uprisings in various countries still to come on al-jazeera. suffering from the legacy of war we'll have more on the war
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widows in mindanao. plus a long way from home the place of refugees in nigeria fleeing violence inside cameroon. and in sports vettel shows his mettle to finish fastest in practice for the bahrain grand prix despite spinning off the track. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast all across china things are going to change as we end the weekend in terms of more rain and some colder air we're going to be seeing some clouds and in the week and into the weekend though for fuzhou although things are going to look quite nice for you starting on saturday twenty seven degrees as your high and probably sunny skies
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there that will definitely change as we go toward sunday we're going to be seeing more clouds and more rain coming into play but not just there for many regions across the central area over here towards hong kong though you're going to be seeing and picking up some more rain as well with a temperature of twenty five degrees where across much of south asia clouds and rain will be a factor actually they are going to the north this time of year and that means for vietnam and cambodia we do expect to see an increase of rain over the next few days holtzman city a very warm day for you at thirty five degrees and then as we go towards sunday that rain starts to get a little bit stronger temp has come down in cambodia you will be seeing some rain as well and then very quickly over here towards india it's those temperatures coming up well actually reaching forty and above in some locations above average for this time of year pretty monsoonal but take a look what we expect to see here on saturday tempers in the interior forty two down towards chennai at thirty four in kolkata with attempt a few of the pretty good weather sponsored by countdown.
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in the country playing political catamounts games with europe and russia the people are trying to find their voice. but under the un faced rule of the super cool last dictator of europe voicing any opposition is risky. the penalties can be simply. the better rules dilemma weakness documentary. defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capitol of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains because only project does what we refuse it was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the twenty first century
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jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a quick reminder of our top stories this hour britain's parliament has rejected a slimmed down version of to resume a's if he withdrew all deal it's the third time they voted it down with european leaders and i warning the u.k. is likely to leave the blog with no agreements on april twelfth. u.s. president donald trump is threatening to close the border with mexico or large parts of it he says it will happen next week if mexico doesn't stop people from crossing into the u.s. illegally. hundreds of thousands of algerians have been taking part in
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antigovernment protests across the country friday so the largest demonstrations in six weeks. the united nations secretary general antonio terraces called for supports to tackle the deteriorating situation in mali members of the security council have asked for more troops and resources but as fighting intensifies some countries are pulling their soldiers off the un peacekeeping force . links up where the canadian troops in the city of go in northern mali. this canadian task force is deep in mali's desert on a training mission to rescue frontline troops down below un soldiers french and west african forces are fighting twenty armed groups including the slum mixtape in the greater sahara and al qaeda in the slum make my grip doctor. and her team of
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medics flying aboard a chinook helicopter. this is a training exercise in hostile terrain. we don't know if there is still a to me the area so by truly never here we're putting ourselves a target so there's a possibility that if i asked the snake is a really big target so we don't there is an enemy. in the area so which one the back is about make get out close to two hundred u.s. troops have been killed in mali and this has become the deadliest peacekeeping operation in the united nations' history. well this is a training exercise the dangers are real these canadian forces are with life after helicopters hovering above us because the situation in mali is slowly deteriorating . this mobile phone footage captures the aftermath of the latest attack entire
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villages are burnt to the ground after a local militia group armed with machetes and guns killed over one hundred full on the villagers dismembering even the youngest. the attackers accuse felonies of supporting rebel groups. what started as a localized conflict is turning into ethnic cleansing moving beyond molly's border into neighboring for kenya faso in the share the theater of operation is as vast and wide as the european union. the fighting is intensifying making the medivac operations essential to troops i often compare it to to the canadian arctic today to northern canada that looks very much the same it's a barren landscape if you replaced the sand with ice and rock that you'd be in northern canada. a thousand feet above ground level it turns this helicopter into a flying hospital while they have saved lives the french in charge and soldiers
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have also returned dead bodies faced with criticism for putting canadian lives at risk prime minister just introduced government is pulling back its troops overstretched the un want them to stay it's an operation they can't afford to lose . nicholas hawk al jazeera go northern mali. more people are being forced into refugee camps in nigeria because of fighting between separatists and government troops in southern cameroon more than thirty thousand people have been officially registered but aid workers say the actual number is much higher interest reports from one of the four parent settlements built for refugees in nigeria's a cross river state. i get on refugee camp is a sprawling community of thousands and it's growing every week as violence continues to force more people across the border into nigeria. here there are no
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families preparing the evening meal. it's been a year now since they fled the fighting they may have a shelter and food for now but only one thing preoccupies there might. even a player have. you supposed to live where you. were praying that god will put her problems that it will get. but like many refugees beltre knows that day is a long way off more for competitors continue to arrive with stories of continuing violence by call. as old refugees move into permanent structures you ones i admitted to take over temporary tent shelters they were catered separatism was only a movement is fighting to break away from cameroon thousands have been internally displaced one more than thirty thousand of crossed into neighboring nigeria this is the i don't refugee camp home to some six thousand cameroonian refugees is one of
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the four permanent structures built to cope with a steady flow of people fleeing the violence between separatist and cameroonian forces thousands more are waiting outside to come in but facilities are overstretched. is the leader of the refugee community he says the past year has been most difficult in their lives it has not been easy for us we do our fathers' two medications. every day we did our own fellow refrigerate are dying every day because of. that i think i think. transportation only thievin de mint calls apart from food education for refugee children is also a problem that if you just believe that only one organization can end their plight . to intervene into this problem to thirty how. obvious
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reach only limited to world. unless that is done most of the refugees here are digging for a long wait in nigeria to greece al-jazeera a good home nigeria. since taking office seven months ago pakistan's prime minister iran ton has promised to improve the economy but his government is still battling to control inflation has come a hotter reports. dollar holder mungle bazaar are proud of their reputation for offering a ballgame but business even here it's getting tougher wal-mart farm on their writing prices of fresh produce means. used to make two target repeater day a little less than going to go away but no. sorry i'm an homage after imran khan took over everything it's become very expensive it wasn't this bad before now it's
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very expensive. tackling the writing cost of living falls on prime minister emraan on seven month old government for now he appears to have the country's support i mean i don't have a model albeit there is a price hike but we should understand that imran khan is trying his best to get us out of the situation we are hopeful that we will see better days in the future for us and our children the government blames the previous administration don't know why surely for pushing the country to the brink of economic collapse but because we had only fifteen days foreign deserves love that was something that we could not have been relieved at that because if we would have said that there would have been a panic and the market and the currency would have had. a fan so frankly we have actually tried drool you know man in those days. with the help of friendly countries one former prime minister now why should he was jailed
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for corruption and many other senior political figures faced dry falling rupee against the us dollar i had had a knock on effect on commodity prices the government had taken some. popular decision by fate is necessary in order to stabilize the economy however folk can do much larger days it means paying far more for less but the opposition say the government is incompetent and richt amazing members of the former government it's very clear to us that it is it is political victimization because accountability to be legitimate has to be across the board they're making pakistan authoritarian they are unable to work any economic miracles that they promise pakistan's tax to g.d.p. ratio is growing very fast the utility bills are unbearable for the common man and
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his government has gone through. saudi arabia the u.a.e. and china have promised great raised tens of billions of dollars in pakistan and improve security situation as a lot pakistan towards the rains including the recent cricket donor mint in karachi to help boost tourism but many pakistanis want an end of poverty and decent homes more than seven months a goal everyone can promise that and an improved economy many here are waiting for him to deliver. islamabad in south africa the opposition democratic alliance party has organized a protest march in the capital against a twenty percent rise in electricity tariffs the steel and mining industries estimate up to one hundred cyzon jobs could be lost for me to miller has more from pretoria. a few thousand people belonging to the opposition party the democratic
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alliance have gathered here at the seats of government union buildings in pretoria to protest against rolling blackouts and now an increase in the price of electricity the price of electricity has more than tripled in the last decade this year it's going up by about thirteen percent many people here say they simply can't afford it and this is especially an issue in south africa where there's a high unemployment rate many people don't have jobs many people can't afford any increases in daily commodities from food and petrol peloso will increase in value added tax that was implemented last year these rising costs people here say they have to stop when you have alternatives and this current supply. to fix the economy doesn't grow that's what you seem arbitrary.
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standards they don't even care about anything in south africa they are care about themselves they're still receiving more money around. right. where it. was all thing is more crime going on you know it is if we stay in the subpoena in a suburb we have so much planned that. when the lights are off it's been firms was we have breaking news we don't see what's happening we don't get notified about it it just goes off there's a lot of concern around how the rolling blackouts as well as the increase in the cost of electricity will impact south that reason i want to meet the mining industry says because production possible rise it could lose up to ninety thousand jobs over the next three our country and thirty percent of the. and and if the mining companies are falling by the wayside it's getting our customers and their ears i mean it's a vicious cycle of do you have to stop and there was actually a argument the rolling blackouts that south africans across the country are
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experiencing a little while was at a time of the worst since two thousand and eight. more businesses these little savings simply didn't fully last and have electricity now if the electricity provider is coming over might listen i don't buy i have a sense of power you know and everything i'm full of has blamed a number of issues the cost of building new how was stations the cost of the whole region supply as well as the apply a lot of people here say well they won't except those excuses something. venezuela's been hit by a new electricity blackouts the third one this week the parrot's asian phrase evening with the capital caracas in the dark along with several other major cities many regions have been slowly recovering from previous blackouts which for schools businesses and the country's biggest airports to cause. well all of this comes as
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venezuela's opposition leader is promising medical aid will arrive in the country in just a matter of days but one quite so has given no details on the logistics of the shipments or if he has reached an agreement with presidents nicolas maduro traceable reports. the venezuelan government may have barred opposition leader from holding office for fifteen years on thursday but one way though continues to challenge. meeting look every time i am here with you is a defeat for that regime do you know how long they have wanted to arrest me every day that i am in the street with you is a defeat and now i have them cornered because of their arrest me that will be the last defeat because the people will continue to be in the street because we would go to the streets with more strength to execute plan freedom to keep challenging until venezuela is free and. venezuelans have been.


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