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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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just talk to me. is the way. to finish is just. sticking with the cuss is a bucket. with. a socket in the. homes that says it is executive the whole of the ship. but the place inside the. new to. anybody. in the guys if you don't move.
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you can sort of. fix would be more civil before that you just. look at. the hoods of lusty demeanor at the national doors opening up with a list of. the yeasts. that the. and you should tell in the form of. much. then you question at the but yeah that there was no gun to rule it there was no piece near the one you knew would apply new to the skies that's what with george good to us through and they should remember that they did that in the us style and scully but then as they should force that they say it's going to get so
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lost. it's into the petitioner to question. or if he needs it you only get a native. indian like his allusion the issue going out of school when you go to see it is that show in football you you want a new you know it's the will go where they're up to me when you book. joints and opens up. the courtroom. booth the democrats don't go we do mccutcheon but on your budget. i'm going to steal your new dick that i'm at the. center of thanks for the most of it the petition for sure since just.
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just to chill a bit of soup proofs of. alexander to question can watches over the bright future of his people. if is it military parades with his son korea who since the age of seven follows him on his journeys in federal countries and even at the un general assembly but colia took the seat of a minister in the official delegation. to another dog a little bit of a national leader the old. yes you just said they wanted. most is the only wooden majority of all it was. human who it. since he came to power to question care has been using the idea of defending the country of a siege fortress to justify a huge budget for the army. these are topics that are praised by the russian big
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brother with whom over the years whether as has signed treaties of economy can military cooperation. here. which was no need to straightest work but also so used to just go to them for going on and i was around. and i am the better russian president mixes populism and nationality often appearing as a sportsman he likes to show he is close to his people caring about the farmers in this country where collective farms of the soviet era still exist he also shows he cares about the fate of the workers back during this visit of a factory when he fired the manager live on state television. is just
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a regional. approach the british duplicate is up to you through this. whole lot else look at the level of shows that used to put the loose what put them to me in europe look at the. first bit destructo huge issue sion that a book is just. bad the police the police the are no like us who look at the did it appropriate to sneer at. the georgians to support their ship. in the us no shit but go. news poll here is just what doesn't this and this logic to the effect that it did come towards only the water war and you put it in. your book i don't know what chance you still it's possible. in minsk a pocket of resistance has survived for more than twenty years. the ngo vista the spring was founded by as did its king in one thousand nine hundred six to help the detainees and their families during the first
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demonstrations against a question get this the supports all those whose rights are violated and they the wrist and also plays an observer role during the elections. gradually the organization has become a haven for all those who dare to challenge the methods of the state. it is still widely proportionally to feel that. if a good buddhist or so that i think it could be worth. what it would for them to be . that might sit in the ocean came first take care of both are your. children sure but then you know with a new book that's a beautiful but. the truth of the predicable of the overall ability. to want. to feel something from all of your books not in the whole world of the writings of
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control but just because you are awfully good i just think. if years before this he said you know i never sound i'm going to go to say see i'm going to show you five you know they should look at the effort to get money for your food you're not thinking too much which they should you're getting wasted a divorce in a can with the new fuel for each of us thank you for this also give all of us to the source of course just because when it does lead to different people that are scheduled to meet you you just kinda wish to still be useful to people go along for the whole goal is to just build a pleasure which is what came over the want to see all the stuff there. kura patter on the outskirts of minsk is a grim execution site of staten purges. adice was one of the first in the eighty's to fight to make it
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a place of memory. with some seats to do with british computer when you start seeing if you don't push last or done anything done millard's ocean me out of means of i mean he starts he knew you well and chose to push the decision should leave you with and she said by proxy she's he's yelling at them yes they missed them and to go below me just last question if you could put up with stuff while you're preaching to the three weeks of saying it's going to be that he's mean it was the. democrats you're scared you should lose his approach might show you let the bushes see his kissing. but with them he still will let us put it in the president but short them. to just see the bulliest that the situation here. yes where i didn't you could go where the thing that we did in the civil list that's my d.d. the survivor from that all those that are you would think that must of exist could see. this. crash now that the mushroom the d.p.'s.
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and you look at that because. we did see snidely plane you were disillusioned with . the bloggers deal in the sky with them yes they could we see mueller i mean we are in there and cheney and of course of being there was to put off rights to us broke up with them instead when you know it's in the us come. abuse actually means gosh. you study when we see most of the we're going to do little social dos mobley's absolutely get in the mood largely cheat small dick. cheney course to get the few words with god because it's true. we would be off duty there yes and we put that in thirty years and. this memory that the state is trying to raise these deaths and crimes of the past
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that it would like people to forget find anneka in today's better or worse. in one thousand nine hundred nine the burners but mostly swallowed up by state through pressure. they are called the mystic of. a former minister of the interior a chairman of the electoral commission a businessman who financed the opposition and the form of personal cameraman of the question can we knew too much. of the name lives by the boy or the boy's gnashed as we invest for them so what if nothing it was the new thing like the old that i knew will tell us all off as the long known as the bluff it is that about all kind of publishing it was think ideal says this of the constitution which had all share with them up by listens a bit out of this with us and then as at this time with the mushroom you with
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oracle mushrooms they last will seal the truffles they have that awkward cut it for if still will your conditioning doesn't have been a bundle of their destruction when you continue. it was a good daughter the story of a miracle the bear with the villages and i mean in the highly snow or she was still here there is the. divine when you stumble to a new deal. go i believe that all of us with a bit of both must say but it is a d.n.c. a in the. gospel question could the civil war new both of them all i just i want to charity the prostitutes including the lady that don't store one new born in this bustle through the last year when you're screwed by fucking to get a post with no one can they argue about it is that the bladder you said warming and most political goal of this is a clip of a brain matadors see him
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a little girl preceded siebel shoot then each one in their lives but with dark wood or more the norm. the question of possible chemical methods to get them less to look at him and never see a couple of the. same wouldn't get autism but i do mean young we would see them where you but most would boy abunda sure where you live boy some will be to go to a vehicle. does all of those behind i need to see more dining now that some of us live in a bog. got religion gold. mine. i was. in two thousand and ten the regime knew the truth before to. many in the country hope for change in the presidential elections where the democratic opposition managed to have several candidates i but the highly contested
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outcome of the elections they who question the movement eighty percent of the votes . the european observers remain power this and that the people expected i think did everything i. asked. nicholas that kids in the position candidates the came one of the main figures of the protest movement. for their. own five zero zero zero zero in the fall of. paterno was i i i i i i i i i think the
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dream of freedom in better ways was brutally shot to. i. was. with other. women. the point is you. want people if you're particular to. go to. the museum with no pool. no no you shall start a loop when you build. to move only you knew that you were still has that but the most noble dog a spoiler. in the following months more than seven hundred people were arrested and many were sentenced to long prison terms among them and it's been that scheme but also making us that cave each and all opposition candidates.
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brussels imposed economic sanctions and together washington drew up a blacklist of people close to president who question can. better reduce became a pariah state. during winter two thousand and fourteen four years after the suppression of the better russian uprising a revolution started a few hundred kilometers from minsk in ukraine or shall in my. eyes. it's quickly turned into a civil war and shook up the entire region a turning point for alexander to question. the ages of which a police squad of the russian grannies or moshe couldn't live with us your own notion. is the burn when you see war just as
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a solution will question that grainy build up. another store does zealots they got both immoral those dealers. as the conflicts in ukraine dragged on and reached a heavy death toll of ten thousand the better russian president's position himself as a great peacemaker. he hosted the talks between europe and ready made putin in his presidential palace for what will be called the minsk agreements. the last dictatorship of europe suddenly became respectable and gave pledges to obtain the lifting of the european sanctions. by a major to every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through
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the eyes of the world's janin ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in battle use a free palestine their listening post on al-jazeera. and monday put it on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. and a time off change in discovery dead things that have begun and threaten to use the
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sea of time to forge an identity not saying anything bad about accident baby i mean your whole life plans get really nine hundred ninety nine some. if you come up with these it's the children of apartheid seventy years on as they grow and develop with their countries fourteen up south africa part two on al-jazeera. hello i'm. with the headlines on al-jazeera venezuela has been hit by another electricity blackout the third this week the power outage on friday nights left the capital caracas in the dark as well as several other major cities many regions are barely recovering from blackouts which forced the closure of schools businesses and
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the biggest airports britain's parliament has rejected a slimmed down version of tories amazing new withdrawal deal it's the that time it's been voted down. the implications of the house's decision. the legal force now is the united kingdom is due to leave the european union on the twelfth of april in just fourteen days time that is not enough time to agree that just late fall and russia fire deal and yet the house is being clear it will not commit to leaving without it do you mr speaker i fear we are reaching the limits of this process in this house this house. this house has rejected no to you it has rejected no bricks it on wednesday it rejected variations of the deal on the table and today it has rejected approving the withdrawal agreement alone and continuing the process on the future u.s. president donald trump is threatening to close the border with mexico or at least
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large parts of it he says that will happen next week if mexico doesn't stop people from crossing into the u.s. illegally. the reports into a possible russian interference in the twenty sixteen us election is set to be released to the public in mid april attorney general william ball has already summarized its findings in the letter to congress the report found no conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia but reached no judgement on obstruction of justice accusations against the president hundreds of thousands of algerians have been taking part in protests against the government friday saw the largest demonstrations in six weeks many are calling for the resignation of president to flee and a complete overhaul of the entire political system government and aid agencies are struggling to contain an outbreak of cholera in mozambique following the devastating sight it's been confirmed one hundred thirty nine people have the disease and more are expected about summation campaign will begin next week those
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are the headlines now back to witness april on al-jazeera leaders will gather just celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the in washington d.c. madam husain engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headlines on up front twenty five years on from the genocide that killed nearly a million people wonder has rebuilt but how far of its people been reconciled the emmy award winning show faultlines is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories israel is to hold an election on the ninth of april but with the corruption scandal looming will benjamin netanyahu extend his ten years as prime minister april on al-jazeera.
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in september two thousand and fifteen alexander new question can thirty's the last political prisoners have been a us. among them make us that kids who spent more than five years in solitary confinement. in the. field what was it the woods it was itself the birth of the yoke we should take a break the posts here close to the value of. the list the. questions that no such allowed us to do why do you think. you did not because it was pretty great really just incredible awesome because he was. headed north of you but there. is the fight for conduct of the it is a drug to put it off the world for political support the white house or whatever but up them up on love on those that you still are the. voice that's what you get
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the point you telling is that if they didn't that's just huge delay it for three years as though you just as there can only wish they spoke or that of the yard yes relativity got damage to the targets of the cars top stories for you by doing a story to us on a story that broke the sub or the dozen or so just over from capote you so used to . so you think that that egypt is up in the rest of us. or our new slavery we had our share of that they got to the data recorder should tell you because you got to be so many of you b.c. and your situation up which are nice you did said used a long missive july our new president still different opera don't you cool you so bored you have to develop you know that i just love the show of my look at your start then you go to the top of the set list of biggest are you sure because you're sort of the leaders of egypt because of it's so easy when you see the other so what
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they used to us to love was in. a few weeks later in warsaw a safe haven for better russian dissidents a critical moment because of the of a systemic. europe is about to recognize validity of the presidential elections in better or worse while no opposition candidates has been able to register they even talk about lifting the sanctions against minsk while the truth about the missing of better moves is still on. the repressive entity even power is confident. all the opinions came send a warning. and the families of the missing are attempting one last call for help i thought give a kid a loan i think that. you pay for your.
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indeed is it i'm a bit disappointed you were pulled by forgive my epic thought when you tell me that recently but i didn't but you are making up a shame i love losing this to get attacked because now on facebook question you could be more than receptive to the thought yes i thought the stupidest gives up the suzumiya on the page can make up what kind of obviously i see but. seeing a lot of research. to see. just. this is. very much less. linear that around i was relying on the idea. that i fear six that are.
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what is right if you will but if you mean. there's a line of play that out of you good or. the work better cut back a good move. but. go out of your daughters your good school course i've got to see you at the seven am with him up at the. remote end up a show of our yeah so i grew up. with if you go overseas over some case your doctors are part of your group with your. more or assisted dinner well then you are seeing more of the diving board. or put out a poll which is diverse. the five years of lloyd bush is for great diversity of all the future bush's vision for the younger guy you're fighting whom you have to reject god or are we going to work to find what a fucked up look up with up our previous. yes but why do you regard this rob but nash there were also one of the we don't know what you are but
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a lot of articles that are more were in your mouth the government more of your viewers of what brings them to weight loss of on your side than on whether the other party were. in october two thousand and fifteen without any real opinions and xander to question his triumph or be reelected with eighty nine percent of it and the world remains silent. for city askew disposable income and there ought to mcclatchy lesbians says just love bottled george brought serious suits but just been there all of them but at this season level castle dust the touring in those not the push to charles still border goes down school way me to. the better russian people who live in fear of
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a civil war like in ukraine have chosen the thinks. brussels will lift the sanctions against better or worse in the following months. economic agreements are imagine the masters minsk triumphs and seeks new time for. the club that will. be just sort this huge national girls the new years are just on the lookout only just. look look the shit that you actually do is that these are just the new words that. germany's only such a short unusual. but upper class should state that these deviants struck. what real solution is sure we should you put pushing the word that you. move. at the beginning of two thousand and seventeen the better russian government passes the decree number three it forces were so-called parasites meaning the
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unemployed the students the pensioners to pay the state the equivalent of one month's salary i. think i. am for a country hit hard by the economy crisis that russian aid can no longer of six this measure is too much to bear i. am going to have. the am. i going to have. tens of thousands of people protest in all the major cities of the country a belorussian spring that takes everyone by surprise. the social river quickly turns into a movement. those in power are frayed and many new protestors of those who had always voted for the question can. the repression against the rebels of the spring
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as in egypt and brutal. hundreds of people are arrested i. three hundred kilometers from minsk in the town of goma the protest movement has not stopped. maxime ship of which a former worker has become a key figure in the spring revolt he created his blog and his own you tube channel which has three hundred thousand. steve kordek of. it is far more just a nationalist cause it's just a place where that's some ways reasoning ability conway's reason is not because ocean of the park is with us because it's a nationalist problem and. should probably when i should is not i would say and as
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i was i will pull across the but i'm going to i was a ball once it's a lot of work for. ear off as i was the do also. so it was in the sway of war i wish you were using my thumb with a book and it was a popular study and i'm a good mention of it in a bun over the blues so while the records are willing to come far from it but i did . yeah my show used to it's. me and i said i'm going to see my friend little star losers but it's just we're just crossing routes to the place was it. was like nothing because the last person was up with us it was just like the fencing was little like the idea of the civil as months go by saxon becomes a real position for suitably those who didn't miss the desert seriousness of the news. who was just. one of the last possible moment c.d.'s the boards are saying about the things that actually went
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through all of that was successful to see it's never been the milieu do the music was there for me things was a bit like just a question of the for the sake of it yet but. i think that all you know. if. you want it that might you. know. who wants to go on oh yeah because. you know. who likes. this use of the theory of proust i'm going to really do the it's not super cool organ you know where you go they're not markets and you know your roots for. tonight you can really believe me just a little. clue. that you know that you're. going to know such nationally it was and out that the.
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studio was a such argument. that it's of the worst suffered from an audio book of most of my shoe. all of us are going to hear that these might seem. very nice for free yeah i found out during a period of life. but yet this is the way it was then we sit here and didn't hear. you learn from the content but the one thing is not with the one you don't think but i thought she needs. to know my honest opinion i think it's going to visit your values new fish thing is a. good thing it's been mostly thing going on not so cool not know what i'm going it's actually not my cup do can i was that you are not that good to you listening to it you cannot believe in the only cheers she has this. look of feel
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good about everything but above all it was presented with a white face that. you are going to show that she. is going to turn you. in your. straight to the grave yet march. on the eve of his last trial maxine receives a symbolic support it wasn't but as been it's conducted his first protest activities when he was a student is that. someone had. to score. when you sure do heard it will do most of us with the visited. you were brought to book was a coup this is. the syrian regime still to go small was a did. good will could do you much more the world cup was there was there were so
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it just makes him you'll be deception of him i just want to win your most likely answer you must. of the bush look when i was in the city gets me in a little she was the we're not so krishna problem but i'm still nice to speak to and i says go see a couple of girls you pollution and one woman you know goes you. by anybody else apart of the cross the property anybody got some good news we just got to stop you sixteen mission to the skies it's got to still produce words of coaxing a brush out so she normally keep. you can find you washing machine discusses weeps that she does visit him and i've drawn we'll see if the brother will open a citizen of the small shooting brothers to please if you decide to bring us that you know she has got to just to put us what it is she was good but simple want to talk to the police was the notion about the problem shuttle i says. in
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minsk the police forces may have been eyes to identify those who continue to express their ideas the secret service is often as numerous as a protest is not that i know. that's what i feel you have heard over the prairie. to be a good yes or good. thing i love it when it doesn't have the right thing to do but i mean i i i i do i give up i answer the last but rational so open source that i do know that it. now shows i just missed here should i just. go off ok oh i want to i've lost over a couple more. posting about how do you call it i want to feel sorry.
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for you we have a live. here oh yeah yeah right. over here what. they must. you know i took us. up our yard and got. a lot that summer and i still get some work to get so got my delight in this but it is the stuff you think is the bull's eye of a martian it would look like if it wasn't able to put it about i'd give it with my trouble a set of them about me i'm not with the old adage all out that you're not with the bike yet but mostly we're not lucrative because they got the bus. that day a small group of two hundred demonstrators that's a challenge of the police force by seizing the central avenue of misc. oh.
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oh oh the leaders will all be arrested and the funny days. as if nothing had happened as if the fury coming from the province's and the cry of despair of those whom the state has named parasites did not exist life goes on in the land of the soviets. the moon. grabs we get commission jumo home again well you go mom you know me young began to get bombed like me and i am gay she will be they. really gave you the audience you know. that he beat the street gave you a roof that can't be good. because
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they can review you might be a new t.v. show. d.v.d. did i get it you know my bill my leg. here we eat before night. it didn't feet. deep make. me shoot him maybe he will eat. after this last wave of repression europe banned it reacts. symbolically the european parliament organizes a day devoted to benares. and has been at ski and i've appends do not give up on finally being heard and. excessive it's nobel prize winner for
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literature of better russian origin speaks for the first time next to them. with. a news look at the remove the food out of the stew cook now cause i was cut i needed didn't last the word but she one was revealed. the bully at the war only. does that that unit that was dressed in the big nad the way he is above i wrote the story what that was all musketeer young he still was republican in the main by making deliverance from the qatari a good deal of his eyelids a mere one losing elysium but here one was just a hit on the drug i don't see who they put that. could them with and by deal that would split the split a budget he but you move down to get a bottle stag and was in the media and had thus but you move the second with eve
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stand in but you move national story that could be separate that's not pathetic. it's not about the book as well as the solution was the most is mean it's a gun is that good message to us and the second yes and it's in the media and yes newsroom is nationally elegantly but your amy amy issue was more than a said then you should abort and eve. discomfort alignment those floors would put those rights right in lieu he said we do with your school democracy should be just a little scope she's the with the most put him in the unloyal relates a bogus solution but goutam europe is going to say was a smart they are not doesn't it this that she's get the money until. she's in the show's billows of which it seems it would be a new visits again but it just suited the school she's what it used version of the solution but not specific. for the the
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family and wasn't aware that i cannot hear it in the corner by the sound of the front of. the while waiting for you of to react better and this is preparing to celebrate new ties with moscow was on july the first for the national holiday families ran at the resistance against the invasion and the large amusement park the decay to standing in the. field i was. told he was shouting that it was as good as i think that my day i was the boy. i. wish i was. in minsk the two armies are displayed side by side it is a foretaste to the great military exercises of the for when a hundred thousand russian soldiers assembles on better russian soil for the
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occasional pledge not putin gave him the name of stoppard's which means the west the sound of foods at the borders brings back the atmosphere of the cold war the eternal return of the great game between the east and the west. the. horse and all. i was saying the masses on here move mummies or the phone has no voice one hopes to hear your mind as you're going to. serve our own mother who should have known your resume what was on her mind so me i'm only going to say where she was holding those years of our home sumo. homeownership graham or who's going to tell your mom is or how much do you know she never. be a. part of them we used to get good years used was good but the books
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that were for hoots that was the story was used. to. think the no blood used to be a should also be sure all choked up about the goodies he should deal with of the of the book. british gifts a solution is the stimulus a gives me gania with a concrete the sway is that i knew yes or thinking yes the law or the fear of what the idea is to state his meaning yeah i knew the love. you please show me others of users don't usually they would gladly motorboats it then it is meaningless even then you get leave with the mocha. said bill also on the shas of the dishes the cup done us while them all down but this was the new good process with the city one
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year options thrown oprah's hordes of consciousness national former issues nashat up with him yet though she washed. against all odds the u.s.c. hosted its first ever annual conference in minsk. the ngos and opposition leaders said the same table as members of government for a conference on human rights. which was unthinkable until then. the west takes on the challenge of entering into a dialogue with the last dictator of europe. plays a double game of both moscow and brussels. but there is also real hope for those who resist those who pray that the trap of real politic will not close in on them. and an ancient land and one man's dream to transport to have billions from europe
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and fly them over his beloved country. in a nation reeling from decades of violence. five hundred meters of reform. can an international team of pilots get this man's dream off the ground. over babylon on al-jazeera. hello again and welcome back we're here across the levant we're picking up a lot of weather coming in off the eastern part of the med and we are going to be watching this very carefully because over the next few days the rain is going to start to expand across many areas so starting the day here on saturday you can see where that storm system is where that circulation is bring some very heavy rain across the coast we're going to be seeing some waves as well but up here towards the north into turkey it is going to be the snow going from saturday to sunday that
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is when we see the expansion of the rain across much of the area as well as over here towards ron we're going to be watching very carefully because of the flooding the deadly flooding they had early in the week ground is still saturated across areas that means any more rain could lead to more flooding across that region where here across the gulf the potential for thunderstorms is on the increase as well here in doha temperatures on saturday coming up to about twenty nine we do expect the possibility of rain thunderstorms in the overnight hours and as we go towards sunday thirty two degrees is going to be the high riyad at thirty five degrees there and then very quickly across parts of south africa we're going to be seeing down here towards johannesburg some clouds in your forecast up towards the north though up towards a parts of harare attempt if you have twenty eight across madagascar more showers and thunderstorms with attempts there twenty nine degrees. three year investigation into the program has been politically speaking really.
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revealed secret see you want to point. out there will be people outraged you know. connection some don't want to expose in legacy media for the mess she. meets with tonight al-jazeera investigation a massacre on al-jazeera. the u.n. calls for restraint on all sides as palestinians marked the one year anniversary of the march of return protests. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also ahead millions of algerians stand firm in their demand the
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country's leaders a must go stop illegal immigration or the border closes next week the u.s. president issues an ultimatum to mexico. this government will continue to press the case for the orderly exit that the results of the referendum. rejected again pressure grows ever greater on the u.k. government. hello palestinians are due to mark the one year anniversary of the great march of return protests at the fence that separates gaza from israel this year coincides with the annual commemoration of flann day when israel shot dead six palestinians who were protesting the confiscation of their land to build jewish communities in one nine hundred seventy six one thousand. the people have turned out every week for the march to return protests the spite the risk of being killed or maimed by
3:50 pm
israeli snipers palestinian demonstrators are demanding the right to return to lands from which their families were violently expelled during the founding of israel in one thousand nine hundred eighty they're also calling for an end to israel's twelve year blockade of the gaza strip it's left much of the population struggling to get by over the past year two hundred sixty six palestinians including fifty children have been killed in protests more than thirty thousand have been wounded and a palestinian died on saturday morning after being shot by israeli forces while protesting on the border the united nations is appealing for calm ahead of the protests. because for restraint on all sides we call for preventative action to children particularly harm's way people have the right to demonstrate for any bass to be peaceful nonviolent demonstrations and equally people on the other side have to recognise that nonviolent nature and treat those people accordingly and so
3:51 pm
what we hope for is that. the violence there will be there for people coming to the fence and people can demonstrate peacefully against the think a legitimate claims against you know the economic conditions the blockade and if he has to demonstrate for here that. now a newspaper link to hamas is reporting a deal has been reached with israel to reduce tension in gaza harry fawcett reports . for twelve months now gaza's border with israel has been the scene of mass protests and major bloodshed gaza's health ministry says more than two hundred sixty people have been killed by israeli sniper fire at least seven thousand shows in egypt the organizing committee which is calling for a million man march issued instructions to the demonstrators stay back from israeli guns follow commands of organizers on the ground make new aggressive actions don't burn time is a clear sign that a deal was in the. works. the left of the occupation have to make this test to
3:52 pm
implement the positive responses we heard from the egyptian delegation week the palestinian factions and our people struggling to achieve our fair and legitimate demands. the great march of return protests began on the thirtieth of march last year initially called by civil society groups in gaza as a call to action against the israeli blockade a un investigation found that while some protesters used violence the vast majority were unarmed and peaceful stating israel had had no justification for using live bullets for months and through repeated military escalations egyptian mediators have been trying to broker a truce on friday night or how my sophisticated newspaper reported that an agreement had been reached according to the report in the our newspaper among the concessions that hamas has won an increase from fifteen to forty million dollars a month in qatari funding an extension of the fishing zone from nine nautical miles to twelve nautical miles and increase in israeli electricity flowing into gaza and israeli approval of a major new desalination project. in return israel has been seeking an end to
3:53 pm
rocket fire such as that which destroyed a family home north of tel aviv on monday injuring seven and sparking a new round of escalation israel which has sent extra troops and tanks to the border also wants an end to in century balloon launches and a guarantee of karma at the fence as prime minister has been trying to balance projecting military strength with seeking deescalation before the general election on the ninth of april. all israelis had no there for a comprehensive campaign is required we will enter it strongly and safely and after we have exhausted all other options hamas is also on the domestic political pressure earlier this month protestors went to the streets instead of the border over price rises and tax hikes hamas security put the demonstrations down with beatings and arrests at the core of those protests the same feelings of despair and frustration that for a year now and despite all the risks have brought thousands to the border week after week kerry force at al-jazeera gaza. millions of algerians have taken part in
3:54 pm
the largest nationwide antigovernment protests so far they're demanding an overhaul of the entire political system victoria gate and the reports. was for the past six weeks they've been demanding changes every level of the political establishment . and that determined to keep up the pressure on president abdelaziz bouteflika and his back is. one of the routes for actually dran because they see governors have dropped us off everything we are tired and fed up with them they have to leave. all the protests have been almost entirely peaceful in at least one location police used water cannon to break up the crowd. the. earlier this week the army backed protests to schools will be to flicka to step down the ruling party its coalition partner and algeria its biggest union have also joined the
3:55 pm
cools the him to go the national law is union reemphasized its demand that the eighty two year old president must leave office. we reiterate our support for the peaceful popular movement which calls for a change in the system of governance the creation of a new republic that respects the southern tier of the people and the principle of the law of the union calls for a positive response to the demands of the people within whom sovereign power resides. local media reported millions of people came out to demonstrate in towns and cities across the country this is the town of g. jail in the east it was a similar scene in his ghonim in the west. oh we want to move to a real democratic country for a transitional period and to set a new algerian government which will be elected by the people and not by this government. we are against this government's the but even if beautifully does that
3:56 pm
will be enough for the protesters they want the resignation of the ruling elite that is that a long side beautifully kept the twenty years to anything like that to happen the powerful military would have to agree and it's very sensitive to signs of instability and the everyone is waiting for the constitutional council to rule beautifully his fitness for office based on health reasons it's given no indication when it will make a decision if it rules the president unfit for office parliament must induced the decision by a two thirds majority even if that happens it will only just begin to fulfill the demands of hundreds of thousands of algerians have spoken out in protest victoria gates and be there u.s. president donald trump has again threatened to close the border with mexico if mexican officials don't stop people from crossing illegally trump insists he is
3:57 pm
quote not playing games and war and that could affect all trade between the two nations mike hanna reports from washington d.c. . in recent weeks port officials have been repeatedly arguing that they simply do not have the facilities to cope with the influx of immigrants across the border they say there are not enough officers there and they simply do not have enough accommodation for the numbers that are coming across this obviously playing on president trump's mind eating to his angry outbursts in the course of the day. president trump arrives to view a rehabilitation project at a lake in florida but it's not the wind blowing water level or this dam wall that's our foremost on his mind rather his fury with what he describes as mexico's reluctance to prevent immigration across the southern border so mexico is tough they can stop them but they chose not to now they're going to stop them and if they
3:58 pm
don't stop them with closing the border they will close their work we'll keep a close for a long time i'm not playing games mexico has to stuff it this repeating what he said in earlier tweets if mexico doesn't immediately stop all illegal immigration coming into the united states through our southern border emitting the h. in his anger i will be closing the border or large sections of the border next week it's a threat the president made back in december but never carried it through however his latest comments follow warnings from the department of homeland security that its resources have become strained and border officials say more people are expected to be apprehended at the border this march than in any month in more than a decade. the consequences of closure would be severe impacting on two way trade that is worth more than six hundred billion dollars a year and fuelling president transfer his homeland secretary to nielsen issued
3:59 pm
a press statement later on in the day saying that the situation at the border was in freefall very strong words from the homeland secretary and words that the president is likely to seize on in the days ahead when mexico's president reacted to trump's threat but was reluctant to get into a war of words no war your. believe me sad story just i'm not going to start an argument over this i'm going to be very cautious due to a series of circumstances along them because we want to lead a very good relationship with the government of the united states and there's also been very reaction swift reaction that is from people on the mexican side of the border and in atlanta the queues are very large one has to trust to be able to work the migrants came to make things more difficult for us mexicans we. saw that statement by trump is very elemental we are
4:00 pm
a binational region and we depend on friendship family ties i don't think it will affect us but it's lamentable for the president of the united states to make those statements when you are up alone has more from tijuana in mexico close to the u.s. border. one of the first reactions that we heard to president trump's remarks here in mexico was from a bit out of the foreign minister of mexico who took to twitter to say that mexico does not react to threats adding that mexico is a good neighbor to the united states but for the most part people in mexico don't hang on every word or every tweet published by president trump in fact the mexican government has acted already politically on several directives by the united states' policy wise specific to the border in terms of containment of migrant containment of unaccompanied minors as well as the so-called remained in mexico program which requires central american asylum seekers to be sent back to mexico while their asylum cases are processed in the united states of course is
4:01 pm
a departure away from decades of asylum policy that would otherwise allow central american asylum seekers to wait in the united states until their court cases.


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