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to him to. the national louis union reemphasized is demand that the eighty two year old president must leave office. we reiterate our support for the peaceful popular movement which calls for a change in the system of governance the creation of a new republic that respects the southern tier of the people and the principle of the law of the union calls for a positive response to the demands of the people within whom sovereign power resides. local media reported millions of people came out to demonstrate in towns and cities across the country this is the town of g. jail in the east it was a similar scene in risk on him in the west. we want to move to a real democratic country for a transitional period and to set a new government which will be elected by the people and not by this government we are against this government the but even if it does that will be enough for the
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protesters they want the resignation of the ruling elite that is settling side beautifully the twenty years to anything like that to happen the powerful military would have to agree and it's very sensitive to signs of instability. everyone is waiting for the constitutional council to rule beautifully his fitness for office based on health reasons it's given no indication when it will make a decision if it rules the president unfit for office polman must induced the decision by a two thirds majority even if that happens it will only just begin to fulfill the demands of hundreds of thousands of algerians who've spoken out in protest victoria gates and al-jazeera still ahead on al-jazeera back in the dark widespread power outages hit as well as capital and other cities. was.
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on kenyans more in relative terms in the ethiopian airlines crash as the identification process drags on. hello again it will come back to you national weather forecast well as promised here across europe we are looking at some very very nice weather particularly across central and western parts of europe and that's all because we have some high pressure here that is keeping most of the area free of rain there's a few clouds but a lot of those clouds are very very thin temperatures have been coming up across much of the area take a look at the expect here on saturday london eighteen now we do expect to see a few clouds across that area but paris nineteen degrees fuser at seventeen degrees there now as we go from saturday to sunday we do expect a little bit of
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a change particularly up here towards the north you notice we do pick up some clouds here this band of clouds as well as some windy conditions across northern poland germany as well as into the u.k. but in terms of clouds are really still not going to be that thick we're going to be seeing a drop in temperature across that area but for paris you may see an increase of clouds here on sunday but the temperature is going to stay at about one thousand bees there were here across the northwestern and the northeastern part of africa both locations we are picking up some clouds first of all out here across the eastern mediterranean we have this area of low pressure we are going to see some windy conditions across parts of egypt but gussie clearly conditions for you as well with the temperature there of about sixty degrees. that was a sponsor. i mean every new cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump. it's a well it's janet that's right out of the script that calls for the and i allays of
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israel that is not what that phrase. as we turn the cameras on the media focused on how they were brought on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. hello again you're with just the right as a reminder of the top stories the un is appealing for calm as palestinians prepare to mark one year since the start of weekly protest at the gaza israel friends meanwhile a twenty one year old palestinian was shot by israeli forces on friday as dai millions of algerians were taking part in the largest nationwide anti-government
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protest so far they're calling for the resignation of president. and an overhaul of the entire political system. the u.s. president donald trump has threatened to close the southern border next week unless mexico stops people from crossing over illegally trump insists his quote not playing games and war and that could affect all trade between the two nations by kind of reports washington d.c. . in recent weeks port officials have been repeatedly arguing that they simply do not have the facilities to cope with the influx of immigrants across the border they say there are not enough officers there and they simply do not have enough accommodation for the numbers that are coming across this obviously playing on president trump's mind eating to his angry outbursts in the course of the day. president trump arrives to view a rehabilitation project at a lake in florida but it's not the dwindling water level or this dam wall that's
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after most on his mind rather his fury with what he describes as mexico's reluctance to prevent immigration across the southern border so mexico is tough they can stop them but they chose not to now they're going to stop them and if they don't stop them with closing the border they will close their work we'll keep a close for a long time i'm not playing games mexico has to stuff it this repeating what he said in earlier tweets if mexico doesn't immediately stop all illegal immigration coming into the united states through our southern border emitting the h. in his anger i will be closing the border or large sections of the border next week it's a threat the president made back in december but never carried it through however his latest comments follow warnings from the department of homeland security that its resources have become strained and border officials say more people are expected to be apprehended at the border this march than in any month in more than
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a decade. the consequences of closure would be severe impacting on two way trade that is worth more than six hundred billion dollars a year and fuelling president his homeland secretary kirsten nielsen issued a press statement later on in the day saying that the situation at the border was in freefall very strong words from the homeland secretary and words that the president is likely to seize on in the days ahead. president has responded to trump's threat but was reluctant to get into a war of words normal your. believe essentially just i'm not going to start an argument over this i'm going to be very cautious due to a series of circumstances along them because we want to lead a very good relationship with the government of the united states there's also been swift reaction from people on the mexican side of the border. and with the queues
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are very large one has to trust to be able to work the migrants came to make things more difficult for us mexicans. that statement by trump is very elemental we are a binational region and we depend on friendship family ties i don't think it will affect us but it's lamentable for the president of the united states to make those statements. venezuela has been hit by another electricity blackout the third this week the power outage on friday night left the capital caracas in the dark as well as several other major cities many regions are barely recovering from earlier power cuts would force the closer of schools businesses and the biggest airports and as those power cuts are going on venezuela's opposition leader says medical aid will arrive in a few days but why though has given no details about the shipments nor whether he has reached an agreement with president nicolas maduro meanwhile the red cross in caracas says it's ready to deliver aid so risible reports. the venezuelan
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government may have barred opposition leader from holding office for fifteen years on thursday but one way though continues to challenge. meeting look every time i am here with you is a defeat for that regime do you know how long they have wanted to arrest me every day that i am in the street with you is a defeat and now i have them cornered because of their arrest me that will be the last defeat because the people will continue to be in the street because we would go to the streets with more strength to execute plan freedom to keep challenging until venezuela is free and. venezuelans have been struggling with a massive economic crisis constant power outages have become the norm in many cities around the country my daughter who is backed by russia says he is the target of a u.s. led corporate lot and has accused washington and why though of sabotaging venice way less power grid donald trump said on wednesday that all options were open to
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make russia pull troops out of venezuela after two russian air force planes landed outside caracas on saturday carrying nearly one hundred russian troops now they also warned potential buyers of venezuelan oil. you should be supporting interim president you should not be supporting this regime you should not be. buying oil from this regime and giving them cash but the kremlin says the u.s. should not interfere in venezuelan affairs. as for the united states they are present all over the world and no one tells them where to be aware not to be that is why we would like to count on mutual respect humanitarian assistance has become one of the ways the opposition has had to pressure. in january trucks loaded with aid try to enter into the country but failed. on friday
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a plane carrying medicines arrived from china. and the international committee of the red cross said they're ready to bring some assistance is going to let you go then you see i can announce that the international federation of the red cross and red crescent of which it's an honor to preside over will have the legal and technical conditions to work in the country so that much needed humanitarian aid can arrive obviously this doesn't resolve the problems in venezuela and no one should assume this is a complete solution. a political and economic crisis that has been exacerbated by the interference of russia and the united states in the middle are the millions who continue to struggle to survive every day that is how. britain remains that locked over the future of bracks after politicians voted against the prime minister is a deal for a third time to resume had promised to resign if it was passed but she now has just under two weeks to come up with a new plan if not britain faces the prospect of crushing out without
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a deal for reports from westminster. the our eyes to the right two hundred eighty six the nose to the left three hundred forty four. the breaks it breaks through the pritish prime minister had staked her political career on has been defeated the country remains in confusion for the speaker i think it should be a matter of profound regret to every member of this house that once again we have been unable to support leaving the european. the implications of the house's decision. britain has only two weeks to find an alternative way forward otherwise it will crash out of the e.u. without a deal without a plan. gerry called the opposition labor leader said the defeat paved the way for a general election. and the house has been clear this deal now has to change the
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has to be an alternative found and if the prime minister can't accept that then she must go not at an indeterminate date in the future but now so that we can decide the future of this country through a general election treason may have promised to resign if a deal was passed but the gamble failed to win support from northern ireland's democratic unionist party the man's government remember this brics it breaks it and this we are very clear we will be leaving the e.u. on the twenty ninth of march two thousand and nineteen is eleven pm what. the original deadline date is hugely symbolic for the prime minister and for seventeen million people who voted for breaks it. to leave the european union all those. breaks it is they've gathered outside parliament on the day in which the u.k. was meant to be leaving being asked where's that money do you think the division
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inside parliament was echoed on the streets around it the countries that olds with itself. these are hard line breaks or tears this is what they think of the e.u. . so how can britain move forward from here but it may have missed the opportunity for an orderly exit or may the twenty second but to resume a could still give her deal another go possibly even next week meanwhile in pisa hunting for a majority for an alternative to teresa mayes plan they fail to rally around a single idea so far they'll try again on monday a second referendum a general election another breaks extension anything now seems possible but british politics remains powerline the. westminster australia is following new zealand's lead with plans to crack down on violent content on social media sites after the crisis. a new law proposed by the government would see social
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media bosses fined or even handed prison terms for failing to quickly remove violent material from their sites juries would decide whether content was removed fast enough from platforms including facebook and youtube the government plans to present the bill to parliament next week. i have a responsibility when i put these platforms in the public. eye and that they cannot be weaponized by terrorists. similarly they shouldn't be weaponized other forms of they can affect the youngest of. three to the most serious of criminal offenses and i have the technology to do this and i have the opportunity to do it and we're going to do it for the families of kenyan passenger. plane crash last month that began holding special funeral services without their relatives remains they were told by airline officials that it could take months for the remains to be identified catherine has more from the core.
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a funeral service like no other. thinking is rift valley. eight people from this area die in the few airlines crash that killed a hundred and fifty seven people last month most of them kenyans here family neighbors and friends come to say goodbye to a wife. and three grandchildren it is a different location for all of us it is not normal it is different but today we are doing these mass and memorial. without our families. there have been several such services in different parts of the country investigators in ethiopia are walking to find out exactly what caused the crash boeing has grounded the seven
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three seven mox eight aircraft after a similar cross in indonesia five months sylia the camp is also updating its safety features back you know the pain of relatives struggling to come to terms with the deaths is an imaginable imo way had gone to kind of a to visit had dota and grandchildren they were travelling to kenya on holiday together when the plane fell off the sky if european airline officials say it may take up to six months to identify their remains. husband john cwindows tells us soil from the crash site given to them in ethiopia to represent his family gives him no peace. and those who came to moan with him are still holding onto hope that one day they may be able to hold a proper funeral for their relatives catherine sawyer. kenya.
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all eyes were on the move museum's glass pyramid in paris is the city mark thirty years since it was built the friend street artist jr created an optical illusion for the anniversary the glass structure designed by the architects i am surrounded by a giant collage for the installation it's the second time he's worked with the monuments in twenty sixteen he made a disappear using another optical illusion. you can find much more news on our website al-jazeera dot com. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour the u.n. is appealing for calm as palestinians mark one year since the start of week the protests at the gaza israel fence these are the latest pictures of crowds gathering for the demonstration earlier
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a twenty one year old palestinian who was shot by israeli forces on friday died. because for restraint on all sides we call for preventative action to children particularly. people have the right to demonstrate for the mass to be peaceful nonviolent demonstrations and equally people on the other side have to recognize that nonviolence and treat people accordingly and so far as the. violence there. are people coming to the fence and people could peacefully against the think of the typically against you know the economic conditions the blockade of the you know as the demonstration for you know. millions of algerians have taken part in the largest nationwide anti-government protest so far they're calling for the resignation of president. an overhaul of the entire political system. the u.s. president donald trump has threatened to close the country's southern border next
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week unless mexico stops people from crossing over illegally and that could affect all trade between the two nations. venezuela has been hit by another electricity blackout the third this week the power outage on friday night left the capital caracas in the dark as well as several other major cities many regions are barely recovering from earlier blackouts britain's parliament has rejected a slimmed down version of a reason. it's the third time it's been voted down european leaders are warning the u.k. is now likely to leave the block with no agreement on april the twelve australia is following new zealand's lead with plans to crack down on violent content on social media sites following the christ church mosque attacks a new law proposed by the government would see social media bosses fined or even handed prison terms for failing to quickly remove violent material from there.
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those are the latest headlines on the listening post is coming up next to stay with us. amnesty international an organization focused on human rights around the world now amnesty itself is facing allegations of abuse and mistreatment by its own staff has honesty fall into the lowest point in its history do you think. secretary general. talks to al-jazeera. on the way to the. destination did not establish that members of the campaign fired or the russian president having. gone too far to prague and i after arriving all around me from the case help or. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week the aftermath of the mother report the stain it leaves on the reporting of news outlets who went all
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in on the story of the truck campaign and russian collusion julian assange and the ecuadorian government at odds at the london embassy once again ethiopia one year after the arrival of a new government what has it meant for the media there and take a deep breath yoga as a collective therapy for a united kingdom divided by breck's before moving up into a. rising nationalist. russia gate the theory that donald trump colluded with lot of mere putin to hijack the two thousand and sixteen us presidential elections was a story that was too big to fail but that's what happened and certain american news outlets now have some questions to answer the official summary of the muller report about alleged collusion says there's no clear evidence of it trumps people had many questionable contacts with influential russian nationals but not directly with the government having sold americans the seductive and conspiratorial notion that the
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man in the oval office might be a compromised foreign agent now comes a moment of reckoning for the u.s. media that includes the networks who gave short shrift to skep. challenged the prevailing collusion narrative the one that boosted ratings and brought on the clicks a golden goose of a story for those skeptics it's vindication time as for trump himself after two years of accusing the media of a witch hunt calling them the enemy of the people this story has handed him a two thousand and twenty election gift like no other our starting point this week is washington. when it came out that the mother report had found there was no trump russian special counsel by the strong understandable shock throughout the political establishment we are going to get a print out feels like. the place for a tough russia conspiracy which is not there i mean when you do journalism you
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don't follow what your education wants to believe this is an international war fare against our country you follow what the facts are and the facts undermine this notion of a top russian speakers. five voices on the mother report three who were skeptical of the russia collusion narrative all along and two who argue the journalists were right to focus on the story and no network anchor invested more air time more of her own credibility on the case for collusion then m s n b season and rachel maddow as if the worst is true. if the presidency is effectively a russian op if you had to pick one person who promoted the hysteria then. she would be that person her ratings were going down until trump was elected in until russia gate became a possibility and she seized on it immediately well before trump's inauguration are about to find out if the new president of our country is going to do what russia
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wants with this story she she started playing a character where she sort of became this patriotic. sort of front actor there been tons of reactions there was a very powerful element of really fear there ran through her shows that mean the most attention this broadcast was the one during a cold front earlier this year russia can just shut off the electricity they have that ability now where she suggests that the russians have the capability to turn off the heat across the united states at any moment what would happen if russia killed the power in fargo today you know that would be an act of war there was this implied subtext that the russians were this sort of reasoning with evil that was everywhere and we had to have vigilance and watch out for it everyone is going to accuse others of doing poor reporting i would point to margaret sullivan piece in the washington post where she said the solid reporting done by
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a lot of people should be celebrated because it's a hard story to tell and then there's cable t.v. and we need to make a distinction between now commentary television is not nude in its commentary given all that's happened since and rachel maddow in particular she has certainly pushed the smaller matter but she's done so in a way that was supported by the facts we knew at the time so i'm not prepared to go with any of the folks who say this was hysterical this was wrong certainly was driven by the commercial interests of television in terms of what they covered. that angle commercial considerations tends to get over the focus is usually on ideology since madhouse network m s n b c leans to the left politico however since marketing itself as america's anti trump news channel m s n b c has seen record ratings at times maddow has drawn more viewers in her nine pm slot then her
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competition at fox news just a few years ago that would have been unheard of the publication of them. report had an instant effect on that i was numbers ratings for her first two shows after the report's release were down by more than twenty percent as telling as the voices n.b.c. puts on the air to discuss russia gate is who it does not journalists like matt tayyiba and erin who have never bought into the collusion narrative in the case of a missing d.c. it's certainly a case of a network prioritizing profit and partisanship over actual journalism partisanship in the sense that this narrative of trumped russia it was the preferred one of democratic party elites that m. ascendancy is the one with and profit in the sense that this story helped drive and this n.b.c. upwards in the ratings but now they have to think about what has done to their credibility we were all ostracized none of us were invited on television other
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reporters and other people in the media they saw that there were a line that sent a message to everybody else that if you stick your head up you know you're going to get the same treatment what is donald trump trying to hide m.s.n. b.c. he was not alone in investing in the russia gate story. the russians and collusion something that looks and smells a whole lot like collusion c.n.n. other networks and some of america's more prestigious papers the new york times and washington post included also found it hard to resist and they reverted to some bad journalistic habits american saw in the aftermath of nine eleven. according to u.s. intelligence senior when teligent sources said that the bush administration's fictional stories of iraqi weapons of mass destruction his point we're looking at the same kinds of problems that we saw in the run up to the iraq war and the failure to track down sources to check for actual evidence and for corroborating
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evidence and in a real abandonment of professional standards the embrace ultimately in both. basis of a kind of stenographers rule rather than establishing an independent perspective some of the same intelligence officials who were involved in the initial trump russian best a geisha and also were involved in the iraqi the scam were put on cable news as experts former cia director john brennan he is our senior national security and intelligence analyst for amazon b c john brennan head of the cia and james clapper the director of national intelligence and for two years they took part in promoting the notion that trump was possibly compromised by russia john brennan also predicted that miller was going to hand down indictments for the trump russia conspiracy and he is going to be delivering what i think are going to be his indictments the fact that never came and the lesson we should draw from that which we should have drawn after iraq is that we do not trust intelligence officials or
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anyone without concrete evidence but we got today is a summary. findings now after years of being told to expect an indictment even a possible impeachment american news audiences have to reassess the entire russia gate story and they lack the evidence they need to do that. the muller investigation a reported three hundred pages long has not been made public all the media have to go on is a four page summary from the attorney general bill barr who was appointed by the president that's a key argument and voices in the media are holding on to. we don't know what's in the mall or report that is the most important fact to keep in mind we only know what attorney general barr in a very brief letter says about the muller report russian interference is and was real people around this president did things they should not have done they knew it because they lied about it so those people who are claiming this is wild hysteria
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nonsense there is lots of smoke here there are financial transactions with all of the way the world works under vladimir putin all of us are just as important than the russian government. the bar memo says that donald trump was helped to win by a hostile foreign government and he chaired it every step of the way russia if you're listening i hope you are able to find the thirty thousand e-mails that are missing if it's not fair to criticize him for having done that whatever his criminal liability for doing so that i think we're in a bad place for democracy is that why he won no not by itself but does donald trump deserve some criticism for cheering on a hostile foreign government yes it's going to be only america
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first and it's not as if there's been a shortage of domestic trump related scandals stories for reporters to check the multiple indictments of his campaign and administration officials his former lawyer the payoffs to trump's former lovers his courtship of neo nazis however those stories lack the foreign bogeyman the idea that the kremlin had somehow help decide the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election it's as though the american media along with the opposition democratic party must look overseas for someone to blame for putting donald trump in the white house when they should be looking closer to home much closer. part of the reason we have russia is because we have a political and media culture that is dominated by people who do not want to take responsibility for their own failures their own actions the media gave trump and listen tension billions of dollars worth of free advertising during his election
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campaign and he was capitalizing on the very real anger towards the policies of the democratic party elite their neo liberal economic policies brought misery to large parts of the country instead of reckoning with their own failures in two thousand and sixteen democrats turned to a scapegoat which was there. russia is all of isis collusion a product of collusion and collusion and unfortunately our media enabled them every step of the way. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers minox you razzi nina julian assange the founder of wiki leaks has been in that ecuadorian embassy in london for seven years now over the past year the conditions of his asylum there have been tightened considerably and you've got the latest as you said richard we've seen a progressive squeeze on. and this latest story re hearing gives us a sense of just how tense things have become at the embassy on march twenty fifth cassandra fair bang.


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