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tv   Rendition Revisited P1  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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very strong words from the homeland secretary and words that the president is likely to seize on in the days ahead well mexico's president has reacted to trump's threat but he was reluctant to get into a war of words not well you're. full of essentialist i'm not going to start an argument over this i'm going to be very cautious due to a series of circumstances along them because we want to lead a very good relationship with the government of the united states. not all trump is reported to have demanded north korea hand over its nuclear weapons at the hanoi summit last month that's according to a report from the reuters news agency trump said to have presented kim jong il one of the document calling for the transfer of pyongyang nuclear weapons and bomb fuel to the u.s. it is the first time trump would have explicitly defined what he meant by denuclearization to kim a lunch between the two leaders was canceled the same day before the summit was cut short. that pakistan's prime minster and iran can promise to improve the economy
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when he came to office seven months ago but his government are still battling to control inflation and that is having a major impact on small businesses come are high the reports from islamabad. dollar holder mungle bazaar are proud of their reputation for offering a ballgame but business even here is getting tougher. writing price legal fresh produce means fewer customers to make to target repeat your day a little less than twenty dollars but no. sorry i'm an homage after imran khan took over everything it's become very expensive it wasn't this bad before now it's very expensive. tackling the writing cost of living. prime minister imran khan seven month old government for known here appears to have the country's support i mean i don't have a model of me if there is
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a price hike but we should understand that imran khan is trying his best to get us out of the situation we are hopeful that we will see better days in the future for us and our children the government blames the previous administration don't know why i should leave for pushing the country to the brink of economic collapse the biggest challenge was that we had only fifteen days for deserves love that was something that we could not have been relieved at that time because if we would have said that there would have been a panic and the market and the currency would have. fanned so frankly we have actually tried to rule you know man in those days. for friendly countries one former prime minister now why should he was jailed for corruption and many other senior political. falling rupee against the us dollar i had had a knock on effect on commodity prices the government had taken some unpopular
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decision but say it is necessary in order to stabilize the economy however folk can do much such as it means paying far more for less but the. the opposition say the government is incompetent and rick demoting members of the former government it's very clear to us that it is it is political victimization because accountability in the real legitimate has to be across the board they're making pakistan authoritarian they are unable to work any economic miracles that they promise pakistan's tax to g.d.p. ratio is growing very fast the utility bills are able for the common man and his government has the answers. saudi arabia the u.a.e. and china have promised great raised tens of billions of dollars in pakistan and improve security situation pakistan towards the rains including the recent cricket
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dorna meant in karachi to help boost tourism but many pakistanis want or need of poverty and decent homes more than seven months a goal everyone can promise that and an improved economy many here are waiting for him to deliver. islamabad. protesters have a new calls for haiti's president to step down opposition groups have demonstrated in the capital port au prince accusing german armani's of corruption and economic mismanagement dozens have died in previous protests he has been struggling with high inflation and fuel shortages. now for years russian internet trolls used ukrainian side of space to test the techniques that they would use to influence the twenty sixteen presidential vote in the united states now they appear to be turning their attention to ukraine's our election which takes place on sunday
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floor for reports. russian interference in ukraine's presidential election is less a concern than an expectation according to the s.b.u. state security service it says cyber attacks have already occurred and has a war game scenarios including attacks on government ministry websites and the central election commission media outlets are another obvious target the news channel broadcasts from kiev aimed at the mostly anti russian muslim ta-ta population of occupied crimea staff say there are frequent efforts to disrupt communications but it is the editor in chief himself a former russian journalist and popular blogger who seems to be a person of particular interest but the most. kremlin trolls concert there apart my posts on facebook and the book my account for his book. facebook is literally full of russian accounts which guarantees information about ukraine that
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the country is afraid of that power should be changed is that avarice should change it's not the first time that facebook stands accused critics say the social media network did not do enough to prevent manipulation of the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election in a statement on ukraine facebook said we recently removed a network of facebook and instagram accounts for engaging and coordinated in authentic behavior as part of a network that originated in russia and operated in ukraine. not everyone agrees with the anti russian narrative some see the hand of the ukrainian state at work instead he used it on your opinion again to make ninety percent of what people call russian influence is internal machinations of the ukrainian government cementing its position based on creating hysteria and paranoia and. sits on the foreign affairs committee in ukraine's parliament i think that russia influence is still
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very big both in ukraine but also in the world here in ukraine we see that they're playing guess cards still also they're supporting with russian money one of the political forces one of the presidential candidate but also they are playing a big part in the e.u. by simulating some of the countries to be on their side the truth may be a question of perspective but the results old friendship ties severed seem impossible to reverse laura frick berg al-jazeera. still ahead on the news hour a record breaking performance from a pakistan debutant bought wasn't enough from tell us for. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby we've been employing it was making sure it's got a really. reveal secret see what messaging out there will be people
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outraged you know. and connections some don't want exponents many in legacy media pull. mass shooting. back next week night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. and under pointed world on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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it is time for sports now he is joe thank you roger federer has his eyes on a fourth miami open title as the world number four heads into the final federer dominated the match between the twentieth seed nineteen year old dennis shapovalov federer who is thirty seven came out on top six team six four thanks i told my daughters before i walked out tonight that it was even born yet when i actually played in the pro choice. so they're like well hold on a second they did the calculation and they're like so this guy's really young i was like yeah i'm really old but the it's all good and it def it gives it accept yeah no doubt about it. well federal face defending miami open champion jonas now a big serving american one his match against fellow. team seven six and seven six
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twenty one ice is along the way this picture extends isness typewrite record in the tournament to an impressive nine wins from nine. tiger woods will play rory mcilroy in a last sixteen showdown at the w g c match play in texas later woods came down came back from two down against cantle a helps by the sea pope second scheldt on the thirteenth. the three time champion winning his match for into a continued his one hundred percent start with but he's on the front line to beat matthew fitzpatrick four two as well and will now play tiger in the knockout round . ok. you know like it's exciting it's exciting for so exciting for both of us it's exciting for the tournament especially you know i think i read somewhere this is the you know tiger has been played in texas and thirteen years fourteen years so. you know like it's going to create for the tournaments. you know we're looking forward to it. we've
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played tournaments together battle each other down the stretch and events but never in a marginal situation former world number one lee westwood showed he still has what it takes the englishman was up against her will happen when he made this hole in one on the eleventh. was enough though he won the match and west with words and imitated. now for ari will look to turn their practice pace into pole position for the bahrain grand prix later sebastian vettel was fastest on friday despite this early spin as the team bounced back from their slow start to the season clerk was just a shade slower than him overall ferrari had set the pace in pre-season testing but struggled in australia two weeks ago finishing fourth and fifth french rugby bosses are holding a referendum to decide whether or not to appoint a foreign coach the current wells boss new zealand warren gatland is favorite to take over after this year's world cup but as there's never been
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a non frenchman in charge all amateur clubs in the country will vote on it the result will be announced on april the twelfth australians who does have beaten pakistan in the fourth one day international despite a stunning effort from one of pakistan's young players open a bit early hit a record breaking century in dubai he finished up with one hundred twelve which is the highest score by a pakistan batsman in an o.d.i. debut mohammad rifan century also went in vain though as a straight it took the wicket of standing captain imad what seemed to clinch victory by just six rounds. they were warners trying to force his way back into australia's team for the world cup after a year long ban for ball tampering he smashed a match winning sixty nine for sunrisers hyderabad against the run just on royals in the i.p.l. following up the eighty five he scored his first game back warner and fellow cheat steve smith hoping to be recalled to a straight as fifteen man squad for the world cup. major league baseball champions the boston red sox produced an impressive comeback to get their first win of the
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season they were a six one down to the mariners in seattle but they fought hard and the turnaround was complete by this pinch hit three run homer from each mall and in the top of the ninth the red sox taking the game seven six. in the n.b.a. king james had a stellar night's with the l.a. lakers le bron had twenty seven points nine assists and in the shallowness four game winning streak kyle because men at a twenty for the lakers of won three straight at home braun also sunless three pointer to help bring the school to one hundred twenty nine to one hundred fifteen victory. jamal mario also scored twenty seven points as the denver nuggets beat oklahoma city thunder one hundred fifteen to one hundred and five. and we will finish with some football from germany's bundesliga hoffenheim player was on track for his first hattrick in the life i me face teammate disprove the party effect both total strike was already going in but a crime rich sweet rushed forward and his foot grazed the ball before it crossed
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the line sorry crime which was credited with a goal instead in a case hoffenheim beat by leverkusen four one to move up to eight and that is all the sport for now is back to loose joe thank you very much for that and that does it for this al-jazeera news alba do stay with us diary navigate it is back with a full news bulletin this accomplish it.
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nothing. displaced children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence ten year olds his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is a least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home isn't
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the problem for your town that they may not have a health question mark over him but he does have a corruption question mark over it doesn't look good for the image thing that a picture has made very i'm going to do it we will have known about it what are you saying really you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.n. across the globe to follow that it's called for and then breaks doesn't build confidence it breaks up to join me mad the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and think issues here on al-jazeera. live pictures from the fence separating gaza from israel as palestinians mark the one year anniversary of their great march off return. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also ahead millions of algerian stand firm and their demand
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that the country's leaders must go. this government will continue to press the case for the orderly grex it that the result of the referendum did mock terrorism is brecht's the deal is rejected again as pressure. rose on the u.k. government. and back in the dark widespread power outages venezuela's capital and other cities. hello israeli troops have opened fire on palestinians gathering at the fence that separates gaza from israel they're marking the first anniversary of the weekly protest known as the great march of return saturday is also a land day that's the annual commemoration of the deaths in one nine hundred seventy six of six palestinians protesting against the confiscation of their land to build jewish communities so israeli forces have fired large amounts of tear gas
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into the crowd that is gathered on the gaza side of the injured as you can see have been taken away by ambulance and on friday a twenty one year old palestinian man mohammad saad was shot in their heads by israeli forces while protesting near the border fence he died on saturday morning well palestinians are demanding the right to return to lands from which their families were violently expelled during the founding of israel in one nine hundred forty eight and they're also calling for an end to israel's twelve year blockade off. harry fawcett is joining us now from. israel's border fence harry what's the situation right now what are you seeing. well the numbers here are swelling the instructions from the organizing committee remain in place not to burn tires which most people are observing to stay back and away from israeli fire not to do anything which could be viewed as aggressive now we're about three hundred meters
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away from the fence here which is where the israeli army says that it wants people to stay you can see behind me that the main body of protesters is much closer to the border and occasionally we're seeing people running in small groups even right up to the border fence itself so far we're hearing that eight people have been injured by light live fire up and down the border at the five separate sites of protests and we've seen people injured quite close to us one with a rubber bullet a rubber coated steel bullets and as you're seeing now tear gas continues to be used now the it come us interior ministry here in gaza is saying it's deployed eight thousand security staff to the various protest sites in order to try and rein them in we've seen military intelligence in uniforms with their red caps we've seen plainclothes security as well picking up tires and taking them back away we've seen
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very few tires being lit on fire which is one of the the signatures of these events usually so that people can use that the smoke as cover so there are efforts underway to try and minimize the scale in the outcome of these protests while still marking this year of protests with a significant number of people it's a fine balancing act that they're trying to achieve here and occasionally people are running to the fence does the what's happening right now in gaza risk in any way unraveling this a reporter deal that's been reached by hamas and israel for the. well i think as things stand no it's a substantial protest but it isn't anything of the kind of scale that we've seen on sundays i mean if you remember what happened on may the fourteenth last year when the u.s. embassy was opened in jerusalem we saw about sixty people killed in just one day however the armed factions here hamas is because some military brigade
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the policy and islamic jihad are saying that if there is significant palestinian bloodshed and then bloodshed then they will respond and as you say the outcome of this deal is pretty much contingent on what is going to happen here today there was a report by the hamas affiliated newspaper al reseller last night which talked about the kind of concessions that were on the table from israel as far as hamas was concerned increasing the monthly qatari funding from fifteen million to forty million dollars a month all the way through till december increasing the electricity capacity coming from israel into gaza approval for a desalination plant so there are real achievable that are up for grabs here as far as hamas is concerned it does seem that they want to get this mason deal through with the egyptian mediation and they are doing it seems what they can to try and ensure the turf things aren't derailed on the border here while at the same time
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they don't totally downgrade this protest this is obviously a very important anniversary for hamas for the committee for the thousands of people coming here every week very fast that for the time being thank you everyone for a hot is an associate professor and conflict resolution at the high institute for graduate studies is joining us here in the studio thanks for speaking to us so you have the one year anniversary of the great martha return process you also have round very significant events for the palestinians how do you assess the situation well actually. you know both an investor has. the same. time happening actually this makes it more significant for the palestinians to join the supporters actually before all this happened then and they historically since nineteen seventy six when it was first commemorated was a very significant day for palestinians everywhere in gaza in the west bank and outside but it's fine. because it you know it talks about the you know the land
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when was confess gaited the you know from the policy and. so now i think this that the jews and i'm sure when donald trump move the. american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem a you know goal which which is what that triggered all this you know so you have been to get events now and the and jerusalem they are happening at the same time which you have that you know with explains to us why we are seeing all these numbers of people. you know marching to the to the to the borders where there's a in addition of course to the deed is suffering of their will live in gaza after that will be years of book. but it's the brocade that's you know monitoring the goods and services and food and everything going into gaza and as you see actually as we have done that report you know the discussion and the negotiation about electricity kept best city that's allowed to gaza this is outrageous you know that
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you should never be negotiating basic services water and that in the city and food this is what's being negotiated this would be in this in these negotiations so when it comes down to the basic services to the basic needs of the people you shouldn't be surprised you know when those one hundred of them you know thousands or tens of thousands are marching to the borders how does that make the events of their life ok so has this caught israel by surprise i mean a lot of the people that have coming out specially in gaza now are probably not even born during the events of land they they come out every week. so how much pressure is all of this putting on israel well this puts cedars of pressure because it keeps reminding. you know about the of what happened in nineteen forty eight because those yes they were born in gaza and the kids some of them but old you know all these people they came from one thousand nine hundred forty it time when they
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were exposed from their land in what's known now as israel so they're inhibited the trauma they inhabited the suffering of the policy and people so they were born into if you g.'s counts you know and the only way to explain to reduce camps as about what happened in one thousand nine hundred eight so they are not but that happened in one thousand for the end for the policy and people which the catastrophe means you know it's not something that happened in one thousand and forty eight then ended it's continuing you know they're living it every day in these refugees camps when you talk about hundreds of thousands of people living in a refugee camp on a database is that's that's then i can. live with them today right and that's why they're going you know to the borders demanding that their way out of land that by the way again was attributed by the charm but been a station and their decision to move the embassy from tel aviv juju was on him eight of all. you know all this to this volatile with more pressure to
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ok i have thank you thank you andy. now friday saw the largest anti-government protests in algeria with millions they are taking part in demonstrations right across the country rallies were held in at least forty four of the country's forty eight provinces and they're demanding the resignation of president. and change to the entire political system let's bring in iran khan he's monitoring events from neighboring town as you know he's joining us from the capital tunis so what is the government's response to the protesters who are demanding the resignation of the entire ruling elites and not just the president's. well that hasn't been an official government response to the protesters demands however one of the key institutions within the country is the army and they have backed the protesters calls for the removal of president.
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however that's not enough for the protesters there's really two things going on here that are crucial to understand firstly that there is a popular protest movement as you said millions of people came out onto the streets across the country not just in the capital for the very first time the army allowed the state t.v. broadcaster to broadcast those protests live now what the army were hoping is that by doing that they would be able to take some of the steam out of the protest movement instead it seems to have backfired slightly and given the protesters much more momentum much more impetus the second thing that's happening here is the constitutional council need to meet and they need to and act article one hundred four which allows the removal of the president on medical grounds as long as it's passed by a two thirds majority in the parliament however algerian politics is very interesting in that it doesn't have a traditional opposition and government structure
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a lot of the what the protesters are saying is it doesn't matter who's in power what is the opposition whether it's the government they are actually all working together so there needs to be a real change now the other thing that's quite interesting is some of the slogans that are being bandied about by the protesters one of the key ones i've noticed is something that goes we don't want article one i four we want article two thousand and nineteen saying that this is the year for change within algeria and so the protesters feel that they have momentum on their side that they have the numbers on their side now however the army very concerned about political instability within the country itself so they are taking a carrot and stick approach almost saying ok fine. and we'll get the constitutional council to look at article four but that's the protesters say isn't enough so there's now an impasse going on and the longer that impasse goes on the more powerful it's likely to be that the protests.


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