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eleven they asked the world anti-doping agency to lift the ban. the theme was that this is of the all. guess within the wonder scene up. north but they toss. an e-mail was cool that you know i mean there are cases where your care elling it affected him in the you know. the best of your most. so football has used the band method and then still manages to get it validated by the world anti-doping agency the world's most popular sport has rewritten the rules on doping. helmet lead explaining we sure it. will do all this your career national sport energy to do point three let them bash shots if you could meet again it will be you know to your cult be such a vocal plug go toward those here go off it. city get
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a quick. it could circular of well with what research what if you know series but. yet his book or your. formula. didn't succeed the our corporate model every year but it was on the boat races your points on duties were so you go and it's also a sin you got a job. but that's where most saw this you got me in the convoluted about don't. let it go you. don't let me know the point was initially lessons courses but i'm sure a lot as it says on the be i strongly about modern. reforms for monks them spotless record or. dark to miss bell dish were. a poor demonic severity this doesn't account for the depeche so called occiput of them all or just under lexi's and it could be used more easily to happy and all the
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bad less i saw it in the spend and then i thought still they said if you know laws that i make evil fave evil looking to feel it it's this book. players unions federations and sporting events balkanize as all have opposing interests to the success of anti doping the tour de france association and the one hundred television channels that cover the event do all they can to maintain the clean image of the sport the race claims and viewership of over three and a half billion p.g.a. year. it's the third largest global sports event after the olympics games and the football world cup. brought with it with you.
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thank you three thousand one hundred fifty nine kilometers nine mountain ranges four different altitudes of course with twenty one stages and any to rest days according to some this route could certainly encourage doping. was. i. was going to was. that he was going. for the head of the tour doping belongs in the past. on these i think. i've only. have i however some traces of the
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past are always present i respond surface stina and team kofi just remind everyone of significant doping cases and star athletes that used to don't have returned such as alexander vinokourov who's now the head of team a stana. others have gone on to become consultants on televisions like. in spite of the sixteen year in re tests that proved negative in the tour de france two thousand and fifteen edition christopher froome the winner of the tour could not escape a suspicious public. numerics wanted to do more to come to. the soviet system asking him. what
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we did we could do for the rising almost using only reason our boys will give you a cd you thought they. should on this autumn for boys is the reason why there's so many beautiful view. so how effective are the tests carried out for the tour de france. who. was a puppet. over. the korea delivers the samples to one of the french anti doping agencies analytical abara trees near paris the winner of each stage and where of the yellow jersey attested every day. in the sectors of. korea don't. have a comment is it on any of that about that box on topic as the supply goes to know
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on their bodies and your basic optical either and then you do either all see it all or see if they all said you're not getting the net is good there is another. fuck up about just manual look at it all and if it a thought. out of three hundred sixty five you're in tests there was only one positive in two thousand and fifteen cyclists are doping less than they used to or better so favorite put. the sick list on took up on top of boston. and to see. the sun. doesn't cost. a penny stock to. miami in. the dope the athletes are far ahead of the game the bara trees have never uncovered
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significant doping cases labs look for products that the athletes do not take anymore. meanwhile athletes take products that the labs do not know about so for ten years cyclists footballers and other athletes have used doping mechanisms without being detected. a simple customs check caused a scandal in one thousand nine hundred eighty in the car of the medical agent for team festina two hundred thirty five vials of doping substances and dozens of other products were found the no athletes had tested positive. while in one nine hundred eighty eight christophe persona was a part of team festina when it was disqualified from the tour. at the time he was the only one to denounce doping in cycling and early whistleblower. when. he left the professional the main still continues to contest the v t t frontally
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championship at the age of forty. christopher song has not forgotten the race for substances between the tour de france competitors. there are still puzzles that i want to point it will last us in the all out. of place as it. was. shopkeeper because he loved me the same way you know a couple to raise it up with will put you only still young to see one of us for those who now believe this but you are the availability you know it's in the to sell you it is you keep committed when you look if it's you know when you do nearly came your way in when your own or your media bridgenorth even your own core that you came up ain't he only computer isn't for the robot he will thieving i exude even your own say is all you could give them for their own see even you can avoid
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compare it to any one particular these are the keep of you meet him where you want to put yuki who can answer got everything you've given in to keeping me all in one unit when you sent it to the who want it in a system no longer and one more quick to move and i said. i i. owe it to the owner of the valley poker let diversity do the normal or normative ing idea line almost this will be the deviants that possibly don't go well it will but not multi shoes with a pot i'm up before you do can cry to me don't you know scar on you mongers up on the beyond the course it is was a one post gave how to put them into the fun straight up way because you know with how did you feel please the choice of you was in a poor. city. can mean of quite hard for me to file
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a pocket on. you know by this wave it's as if i wore. one nine hundred ninety nine because of the song denounced his first tour de france a year after the festina scandal he was the only one to maintain doping was still prevalent. to poor old event thank god i did he did do but he didn't would you he don't. need to bodily harm or the loss of form of so in my view what they should be ended up on mountain dew to don't. continually make and just declare . the press calls him mr clean but in reality he's perceived as the black sheep of the cycling world he carries on thanks to the help of his wife. so you like long preamble since you don't bash satyr say take us leave your. country if you're simply really and i mean to stick around your radio. for
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the cock down a false or that i will stick at christmas but what will tell the don't know have it simply that i have with. this option here to do it on people for. that year lance armstrong was preparing to win his first tour de france the start of a long series of wins this would never have been possible if the international cyclists union u.c.i. had acquired the proper tools for dope testing. biologists general diem had proposed that the cyclists be given an enhanced biological passport. because your id for any playground will demean of struggle i deserve a laugh what do you think your mortgage see keep our welfare is it pretty easy to
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set up or so little the fortunes of those social group lives are going to talk to the dollar falls who crain year group are no toy cars i will meet you obviously that if you did all the false see that we do jews able to get over these we do mean other storm or at the immediate more suspect the doctors during a mountain stage because staff challenged the american. i thought. that the us or. kill method i. supported a few anything jessica is about here choking us up about here one on one was in this recess one luckless i was. immature to skew my dear we feel you model sakina chris appreciate it probably because you see him a sympathize with you seek him. on our presence you mean you and i mean our.
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bicycle and cooper family poker. rejected by the group could have been sown brings down but the twelve stage he quits the tool he understood that there would be no change lance armstrong would take thirteen years to admit the truth. did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance yes and then we do the guys some form of we're off it's a dopey believe. that one or some think there is a. fetus on one fuse that walks it is i'm puzzled i'm on syria has only had tickets for the. back on what he described as a last week not some artistic democracy someone getting. money the kuroki street our the contour put it. up with his when the country put it if you are to visit a part one you want to meet people quote there is some of us in
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a system which it is tough and appear in you to is one trillion sham upon us over those exit when in i mean as anthony by some of the opposition as a paki on the new question and one or two more than. their programs wrong on those who probably was passed about we have got some good will. for our casket mozzie exit they are being. sick up with i am going to tell you. what was prosecuted by mc quicker on. a person the image wash all they. sure. she does objective she is indeed what. they were miss all of what to do. to support ship in ones of army appearing near shore. but. you know what.
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if you don't want it is not their hope with this it is complete who told that or so pro media take a supporting me to do cash you can supply very to promote no sure you pointed it exploitive certain costs in form of the things he was and calls on the panels on the seat is a concern the law community dispositive looks at the very just in a voice it communities and their power back to santa fe histo see put it her loose book sell the liberal arts who are are in poverty kicky else it was her this was a book city the in a society that boasts of. competition and continuous need to itself more and more people are interested in dumping techniques. how much is mimicking athletes boost to performance an effort to market in constant growth the sports nutrition center has become very competitive. and i think it pushes forward for group there's no on
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vulcan father did it you just spoke to you but i was busy time enough for you but i was just i mean anybody i was just so dumb to put the show that was you know would be silly to film with us it's each of us says film which you had a good dead people but going to school just to find a subject. but you should know travolta is going to put food you know what was it like to think of this so tell me this don't mean you are going to move off the. top to dawlish out most of the out there was a when the public wanted to see what people must be don't want to see you colby says to see do all the stuff and if it's good to. isn't the problem for your town that they really don't have a health question program but he does have
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a corruption question mark or really doesn't look good for the image to get a ticket has not going to do any will probably not knowing about it or deciding the rich you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the un across the globe to support of the it's called fall of the brakes doesn't build confidence a great spoke to join me mad the hot sun on up front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and take issues here on al-jazeera. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just different places but it's one that gives us that gives us the ability to identify the people who landed on the side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. across europe immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as
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a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants at all zero immigration but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody's discussing the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudiced some pride in hungary on al-jazeera. alarmism brannaman dot harbor the headlines on al-jazeera is very troops have opened fire on palestinians gathering at the fence that separates gaza from israel they're marking the first anniversary of the weekly protests alone as the great march of return several palestinians have been injured.
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leaders are gathering into his ears capital tunis for the thirtieth arab league summit they'll discuss several issues including the u.s. decision to recognize israel's claim over the occupied golan heights u.n. secretary general antonio good tears will chair a meeting on the political crisis in libya the wars in syria and yemen not also on the agenda now millions of algerians have taken part of the largest nationwide anti-government protest so far they're calling for the resignation of president. and an overhaul of the entire political system. protesters have been rallying in southwest yemen calling on saudi backed government forces to take full control of his province the fighters have the siege the city of thise for more than four years an estimated two hundred thousand civilians have been caught up in the fighting most of the city has remained under the control of government forces. regularly attacked with are totally shells and sniper fire. and so this is on his way to
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morocco the head of the roman catholic church is hoping to improve dialogue between christians and muslims he'll be meeting with king muhammad and other muslim leaders last month he became the first pope to set foot in the arabian peninsula when he visited the united arab emirates. britain remains deadlocked over the future of brics it after politicians voted against the prime minister's deal for a third time to resume a has just under two weeks to come up with a new plan or the u.k. faces crashing out of the e.u. without a deal. that his way has been heard by another other tricity blackout this week the power outage on friday nights left the capital markets in the dark as well as several other major cities. u.s. president has threatened to close the country's southern border next week stops people from crossing in the going to be one that could affect all trade between the two nations. those are the headlines on al-jazeera i'll have the news hour coming
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up for you in just under thirty minutes continues next. every. series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the world's gentlemen that's right out of the script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase. as we turn the cameras on the media focused on how they were on the stories that matter the most embarrassing if . they're listening on al-jazeera. generation after generation men work under the merciless sun of northeastern state. in this slum there's no sewerage running water or other basic services sixty percent of the people here are not living in poverty their needs are so great and their pockets so
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empty that they are easy prey during election time for politicians they can come here and buy their votes for as little as ten dollars of course if i'm a politician and i give culture and education to people i'm impairing them and if i'm impairing them they may not vote for me so that's why it's in their interest to keep. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and governmental stared that's left thirteen million brazilians unemployed and even if the next government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit. after having fought for clean cycling former cyclist christophe muscle hopes to encourage decent practices and much damage has become an interest in an anti doping
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advisor in the southwest of france supported by the police and customs officers this is the tests. on. the. dispy. this year are some additional one walled city that would be punished and the bunch of them leave this year though. france's bodybuilding championship an amateur and allegedly aesthetic sport which consists of developing muscle mass. oh. somebody builders use banned products. but. she devoted an hour assessing your teeth good as he leads me to. the sunset for me to come along. on a sudden thrust or something like you were born in. the first article
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a pimple you shills will help us all it's going to be done. some to destroy a force on your. t.v. take control is not. only on most of the. year but. it works a lot easier than last week. result nearly a quarter a positive. if you have it it's also known this as on that would result come to me thank you no one knows the law. there are. never. so you get along do a few was any. good actor one that. told it all to do some on the sun i know. that that's for you doing.
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your thing going to. the police and customs officers regularly sees banned products from the homes of sellers it's a flourishing black market estimated to be worth over thirty billion euros a year worldwide. less risky than prostitution and narcotics this illegal trade is in the hands of large criminal organizations. who should be your get to quickly show. yes it is. going to show you don't have to see all of mint and all we already the. rebel the mushy. body the rest of this thing it's obvious on this is the opposite of that. so where are these don't bring products manufactured.
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the republic of moldova near ukraine. right in the center of the capital is balkan pharmaceuticals. a laboratory employing a staff of eighty into pollock uses it of illegally selling dope and products all over the world. when your public. may be coming to you to disperse them with cardiovascular fortuna still is for a. whole lot of it was it to put ourselves in the county if that is your thought. just for thought for that's what this allows for but if i think. the manufacture of such products is perfectly legal in moldova sportsmen though use many of them for purposes other than those intended. clomid or clomid a drug usually prescribed to sterile women is used by bodybuilders after testosterone treatment. likewise side to made or low
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thirty nine sodium a thyroid hormone used to supplement steroids and pyrrus a town psychostimulant that works on the central nervous system is used by athletes to in. proved their ability to concentrate. to me to get me into a couple of publishable call for much of the something a bit of good idea is much much co-publisher lot of money coming to. this medication falls into public domain and many major pharmaceutical laboratories have stopped manufacturing it some of them have been banned from being sold in europe such as claimed buter of the drug intended for race horses what is it just i just might think the top dogs. in reality it is mostly used by athletes to melt away excess fat. they something. you don't want to chill. much with.
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not licensed yet their products are sold on various specialist websites in a range of languages. these illegal sales financed the construction of this new law bar a treat if cost of which was twenty six million euros far higher than water's annual budget. doping products sometimes cause irreversible damage so there trivialization is worrying for doctors. zoe to inland is a five time weightlifting champion for china for the forty eight kilos category she retired from the sport in one thousand nine hundred three.
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and there was your view that there are no knowledge of. what. is your son there now is what you get when you. to achieve this she took masculine hormones. they killed another woman the maid can make a she and this was out in someone's yard and years ago my son got. this medication consisted of steroids used for in home sick muscle mass many of the other athletes in her team suffered side effects. so horrifying and. i believe the others and. this is. what you do when you hope you have never provided any.
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in the eyes of. the. heart of any. of us i said the way so i have heard are so and they always are they say they are high this year not only are there are women dollars. dollars for hillary are. also available online on state of the art undetectible doping products these products are unavailable on the market and are very dangerous products such as the growth hormone d.m.p. dinny trophy no extremely toxic. it was identified by interpol who raised the alarm after several people using it died of hypothermia the orders
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a delivered by mail often escaping customs checks. growth hormones and t.v. five hundred a miracle molecule used by cyclists once paid for into an account in thailand then dispatch from china via hong kong. these thought really hormones were paid for by bank transfer to an account in slovakia and dispatched from poland. even demitra phenol used for rapid weight loss and fatal at four times the recommended dose ordered from a website based in panama it was dispatched from the u k. even more amazing is this molecule sent from china known as f g four five one two pharmaceutical abar trees are still testing its effectiveness against certain forms of anemia so does around four hundred euros a gram one month course of treatment for elite athletes would cost almost three thousand euro news.
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these products a proof of worldwide trafficking a parallel market with its laboratories websites and dealers spread out all over the world a global market which athletes willingly use. anybody twork new depreciation or your mobile to do it all or similar all of it an admitted you nessa narrative of who are you to baz that to me you know the popular or soon you would do best remote when you don't show me a species on time when you don't need order was there it is almost sophisticated yet because of the pull you must go to p.b.s. you're going up an on to be me some you know all city sit ups in my own drum stool and some song rubs that we don't really if you thoughtfully produce what is to keep the record to reporters john must be yes only economy that is going their people because it's not going to force them on open your presence in iraq i'm strong think
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it created a good use to us ned he just wouldn't do it as the people seem to the better be go with him go on an image was on your ball rocking it again even when you want to. learn sounds through a matter going to look at it with yourselves though but hip with an attitude that was a friend of the of the old oscar you know this does the son of a man all something so sad that if he has to actually tell him that i still stock i debate economic decision or latitude but to start trucking. i at least it's also all to aid in a committee can i let you more sophisticated given his idiot wish it. suki. needed support real a facility uneasy with little needle always asked to operate it because it's who forgot. because it emits saki swampy gig e.q. what's that going to sounds like yet the. sheik doesn't get covered demand you are free to do what you are lead or evil show from the courtroom you sure don't go i am believing the i need to do that far but i think that because short look at who
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showed a movie of the prophet my version and quirky free buescher preacher of a voodoo pushing me with the beauty of those you with them but delusion. among the accomplices implicated is michele ferrari lance armstrong's dope a physician who helped him secretly for one million dollars given a life banned by the italian cycling federation in two thousand and two he continues to work discreetly with athletes. athletes such as alex watson the two thousand and eight fifty kilometers walk a limp dick champion who tested positive for e.p.o. four years later. lead to feed on saturday carol in a cost that they are off peak you know. it was also the last well that only goes by the. digit comp unit they look at shooting along so you're good at picking.
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john mckay the winter olympians on the prima play on him since he wallboard import a lot. i mean they me or sponsor there or. just at one of us or not of each at least look at the failure some or some lost on missing contact all little fella can i mean this up they have ok stop the. in a for child head back a. they were my enemy not only call me sore and i thought the ball know this but there are a quintile. your bike got dog or cash if you are. in. you know has been so. long but we. are not done to solve the. long of
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a chore or catch up dog or at least for that song when they were done. you but they will. pay. denounces the impunity of those who cover up doping the coaches and the officials who are really punished interviewed by the prosecutors once a declared that his national federation knew full well that he was using performance enhancing drugs and allowed him to do so the key being keep a far dollar. funny and they want to say they will not bug out a comment by the by we'll. look in on the ritual domicile school and they will program carol none of them unis or ok. we need a paid job in quick hazily of what a bad job but they were all of
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a down kill over last. four years after his suspension alex has returned to competition to put a stop to suspicions he now trains with some drug on r.t. one of the things most celebrated opponents. who got us the brigantine. year for this year sitting forgot our favorite o.t. don't look at it b.b. they are the guy. she's young you can't r.d. it when you're the. studies system are you going to. case yet you got to see that larry you got to see a bit me they aren't good you got to go get a victory than a decent odds between your job don't mean to me commiserating all told he got to me in talking about. your father onyx now undergoes strict and doping tests.
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he's been tested more than forty times in one year compared to an average of two to five times for other athletes his blood parameters are scrutinized more than is usual for the regular biological passport. and that all of the. in the days of the kid only five full bore on the line came along all in the same. day. at all and they were found in the course and you. can see i mean on day one i got an employee and you. know. many athletes are now demanding increased drug testing independent of athletics associations. confronted by repeated doping scandals the world anti-doping agency tried to clean
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house they conducted an investigation on the cheating done in russia water delivered its conclusions in the presence of hio suppose the german journalist who was the first to report on the russian don't bring scandal. ladies and gentlemen members of the media welcome to geneva for this special one to independent commission press conference we've coverups we've destruction of samples in the border troops we've payments of money in order to conceal up interest among others so it's. it's worse than we thought all of this could not have happened and continue to happen without the knowledge of and either actual or implied consent of the state authorities so i mean their lab has gone there and they're there national anti doping variation is gone we've recommended that the russian athletics federation be suspended they're gone. in banning russia from the
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global sport soon the agency revealed that they'd come to the same conclusions as the german journalist one year after his initial revelations. here avoiding talk is just guns of the state pushed off for the truly awful and for the here and from the president of a can see is this a clutch or is this off i go for it it's because i'm too which is what history doesn't come in the that is all those wrongs committed always common had let's at least you know shot from the ones it went over the object when we tell you to step on off switch that. they all were just in the world going to do extra good achilles think it had no right to classify as it will keep going on as the theories they are what you had to call the mr good to see just but sure now. give you a business class all but a better class your case was that several local sectors are by the concern is the flies out to sustain all systematical let them each
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a find you or me cheeta yes of the ways there were lots of flux i mean cheater and we didn't know was there for those in his gondola got that out of the ideals of a crisis complete got rid of us meant a bit when you list upon the way you just i don't think i see it go on to look and go against the president when he teaches gov all be a chef. and committee that was the point that is portable is that an ounce get but wanting it done then if i must say sure does that cause a listless thought in the chaps a sense of pride being is supposed to get bought out with boys when you're asking spots and the pressure on the part of the new stoner cooks when you don't there is what it is let us subject even them but who do you see need another book and go against. rush's sanction is a bittersweet victory for whistleblower the part of us who was suspended from all competition along with two thousand russian athletes.
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to suggest that i. it's literally i don't like new things i put it to my god see but i would still. get there was to be over time to call it it only said that. having taken refuge in the usa thousands of miles from moscow out of work and unable to compete whistleblowers yulia and vitali feel abandoned by the world sporting institutions in return for doing all of that. she got sanctioned and neither i.o.c. wider or either boy is. ready to address this issue as of now because i guess they have bigger issues to deal with they have to reinstate russia and they can't worry about a small athlete from russia the kind of political. i call it.
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i don't call it politics. who really has it in their interest to end cheating in sports athletes doctors and sports federations enrich themselves through doping countries circumvent the international convention against doping in sport the world anti-doping agency's efforts to protect the integrity of sports competitions if doping is unstoppable what will the world of sports look like tomorrow. according to sports experts most records will no longer be able to be beaten starting in two thousand and thirty humankind will reach their physiological limit but some are already dreaming up ways that athletes can improve further through biotechnology and prostheses restorer do it that bad example you want to do that cul de sac. go to medical science at the preview of the magic.
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while we're there which will be shorter all said your pleasure there was it take skill for that would you ship our boiler from korea or revision if at the tours it is used today are because it is. for his their shock gen sippers help us with it while it's called missions devalue ve chrysotile strategically they are busy diverting your every given order all the way up of the hood as president of the us. a more false though this is one should be made obvious i called as with us of course he they could we do best father oliver was sure it didn't associate the salsa.
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hello again a welcome back to international weather forecast we're here across united states in washington d.c. we are looking at the end you will cherry blossom festival that is going to be hitting people formants on monday but as you can see in this video we are almost there already a lot of visitors are going around the title basin and taking a lot of pictures at those famous cherry trees that were planted many many many years ago we're talking back into the eighteenth hundreds but we're looking at a good day here on saturday twenty four degrees in washington d.c. as a high we do expect to see some rain coming through in the overnight hours but once this front pushes through washing is going to drop down to about eighteen degrees a lot of cool air coming in as you can see back here across the midwest chicago on sunday all the reaching for degrees minneapolis only reaching six where here across much of the caribbean we are looking at a normal average season right now as a springtime progress is going to be picking up more moisture as the weeks go on but for santa domingo it is going to be a cloudy day there thirty degrees up towards savannah more sun in your forecast
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where the temps there of about eighty and then very quickly across parts of south america now he to good for parts of the amazon but down here across the south but as ours is going to be a little bit warmer we do expect to see partly cloudy skies with a temperature of twenty seven degrees. the weather sponsored by countdown in. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depĂ´t structure that maintains the can only project does what we diffuse it was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is appetite in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. well
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there on live. to be able to. express exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs. of the palestinian people is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you. and i welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha with me and as a purana i'm coming up in the next sixty minutes a protest. the. return protests
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demonstrations. millions of algerian stand firm and their demand that the country's leaders must go. and. piece of paper. between the u.s. korea. for its. miami. big serving rival in. a palestinian teenager has been killed in gaza after being hit in the face by a tear gas canister fired by israeli forces tens of thousands of palestinians have gathered at the fence that separates gaza from israel they're marking the first anniversary of the weekly protest known as the great march of return when israeli forces have also fired live ammunition into the. on the golf inside the engine have
9:50 pm
been taken away by ambulance meanwhile hundreds of people turned out for the funeral of mohamed found the twenty one year old palestinian died early on saturday after he was shot by israeli forces while protesting near the fence on friday the palestinians are demanding the right to return to lands from which their families were violent the expelled during the founding of israel in one thousand nine hundred forty eight they are also quoting for an end to israel's twelve year blockade of gaza that's going to talk hosp on don't have a force and he's joining us live from the gaza israel fans we're hearing how that one person has been killed what more can you tell us about this. yes we saw actually the the young man being taken by a stretcher indeed the his friends came and showed us a video showing is face and a very bloodied face what apparently happened and this is being confirmed by the
9:51 pm
pharmacy and health ministry was that he was struck direct in the face by a tear gas canister seventeen year old. mara so he is the only death that we have heard of. during the course of these protests there has been a good deal less live fire used than previous such protests certainly of this kind of scale so that does suggest that there is an intention only israeli side would be that it's a bit more judicious with the use of bullets that we've seen over the course of the last twelve months and it was so roundly condemned by the u.n. investigation that reported earlier this month and on the palestinian side as well there have been instructions given by the organizing committee not to burn tires not to set in century devices across the border that does seem largely to be respected so far at this location at least although we have seen people entering far closer to the border. and the israelis were telling him to wear it about three
9:52 pm
hundred meters here from the fence all of the fence does curve away from a site you can see the people in the background there are a good deal closer to the fence that not three hundred meters and indeed in the last few minutes just as we were coming to where we saw a blast at the border fence near where people who had approached the border fence very closely that does suggest that they might might have been an i.e.d. that was set off there and there was more live fire from the israeli side that followed that so far though the levels of injuries are relatively speaking on the low side and that does indicate that perhaps both sides are trying to get a longer term cease fire deal through which we understand is very much in the works at the moment harry we have heard take gas canisters being fired as we've been talking to you of the last few allies and we've been seeing pictures as you said there are also reports of live fire being used are you able to tell when israeli
9:53 pm
forces are using tear gas or using live fire is it when the protest is a coming. what the israelis consider to be too close to the fence. i mean certainly tear gas has been the main option that's been used but the gaza health health ministry reported live fire injuries quite early in the protest here and i was a say just in the last few minutes we've heard what sounds very much like life being used again but having covered quite a few of these protests when you just heard the crack of life fire every few minutes this does seem to be somewhat different so as i said i think both sides are trying their best to ensure that this does not escalate into a very bloody day the kind of day that we saw for instance on may the fourteenth last year. the day that the u.s. embassy opened in jerusalem and we saw some sixty people killed by israeli i meet
9:54 pm
live ammunition on that day i think the reason for that is because of the efforts that have been going on in recent days with the egyptian mediation. at its core to try to get some kind of agreement between israel and hamas those a report in the hamas affiliated use paper a reseller last night saying that significant concessions had been won for hamas. increasing the amount of monthly money coming in from the guitar is fifteen million to forty million every month u.s. dollars and that extending to the end of the year support for desalination project support for an increased israeli electricity capacity coming into gaza of course the israelis want to see calm on the border they want to see an end to rocket fire what we're hearing is that the factions will meet tonight's to assess exactly how this is gone and and then hamas will ask for
9:55 pm
a timetable for implementation of those apparent israeli pledges because they are worried that they may not eventuate unless there is. some kind of a guarantor some kind of a timetable coming with with those promises of an easing of the restrictions in gaza perry thank you very much for the finale that is hairy for that live from the gaza israel border fence i believe that we are looking at pictures now of a mass as political leader ismail haniya who is attending those demonstrations to mark the one year anniversary of the protests known as the great march of return well let's stay with us for a little bit longer we are joined by a half an associate professor and conflict resolution at the institute for graduate studies the stuff they had always good to have you with us on al-jazeera so as we've been reporting unfortunately one person has been killed in the protests so
9:56 pm
far there is a lot at stake today isn't there because israel and hamas are reported to have reached a deal. the conditions of which harry talked about which will greatly improve the lives of people in gaza but how much of that depends on whether the protests today can stay relatively peaceful well i'm. actually concerned about the theatre of significant concessions or. improvement in the situations i don't think this is of your description of the situation because when we talk about these great improvements it is being referred to. this city give us a think is and get out about food about toward these basic needs of not negotiable in my view and should not be on the table as part of the negotiations food water
9:57 pm
electricity loose our visit but they have it's absolutely but they have to start with somewhere right they have starting actually with the wrong thing because if you are devoting your time to the negotiating basic needs so what's left to the causes of what's causing all of. because that's where the major problem is because there are two major problems in my view one is that there's the blockade itself that's causing the which are which is the cause and all the other things are the effects of the results of this but also it's not also forget you know him a small in this because also hamas is trying to reach you know to secure some. improvements or some gains as a result of the negotiations. and even if these guinn's of not sustainable not rio in my view because hamas also is having a crisis the past. two weeks we saw a protest inside gaza against the hamas leadership these protests were going on the
9:58 pm
slogan that was is that we want to live as you know so hamas is having a crisis inside gaza as well and so is trying to reach you know these some sort of concessions even if they're not. significant in order to show that there are some easing in the sections and in order to quiet the tension inside as well so it's but hamas is in a difficult position what are they supposed to do i mean should they say it's all or nothing it's either end the blockade or don't do anything at all and israel has shown no intention to end the blockade well i think it's the you know the problem is much much bigger than the sets about the overall israeli policy in the. gaza but in the region the entire occupation exactly as it's about jews and it's about the west bank it's about the golan heights that that has been actually on the table what's called the what's called the deal of the century and let's not forget
9:59 pm
that it is the arab league that's meeting today in tunisia the trying which is number one issue on the table is the policy in an issue so. that's where the issue is and that's where video caused that should be because it's not if we look at gaza and we'll forget that agents like we are focusing on the tree and forgetting that there are forests it's about the third region the cause yes you are actually the solution is not in the hands of hamas or only but also in the overall region but hamas also has all because if hamas wants to stay in power and wants to control does then they have to deliver which is not what they're doing you know so it's also been you know the biggest part of the responsibility and that's why as a result they find themselves in this situation negotiating about you know the. city and about food and about the area of. six kilometers or
10:00 pm
at the home of those this is these automobile issues and let's not kid ourselves that's not what i want to solve because the the problem is much bigger it's about two million people living under very strict inhuman siege book id that's been there for it will be years and that's where your problem is that everyone should be aware of how mouse israel and the arab league that's meeting in tunisia that they had thank you very much for your analysis as always a bit of him for he had things well let's move on to other news for now and millions of algerians have taken part in the largest nationwide anti-government protest so far that among an overhaul of the entire political system but toyah gate and even pause. for the past six weeks they've been demanding change it every level of the political establishment. and they're determined to keep up the.


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