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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 13  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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on two way trade that is worth more than six hundred billion dollars a year and fueling president trumps fire his homeland secretary nielsen issued a press statement later on in the day saying that the situation at the border was in freefall very strong words from the homeland secretary and words that the president is likely to seize on in the days ahead now mexico's president has reacted to trans threats but he was reluctant to get into a war of words. no well your. believe me sad so we just i'm not going to start an argument over this i'm going to be very cautious due to a series of circumstances along them because we want to lead a very good relationship with the government of the united states. now hundreds of central american asylum seekers are on the us mexico border are in limbo under the trump of ministrations hardline policies the regulations require migrants to remain
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in mexico for moms on the sometimes carious conditions until their court dates. reports from the mexican border city of tijuana. it's another day at a migrant shelter on the us mexico border almost everyone here is from central america and they're seeking asylum in the united states. in the past migrants would be allowed to wait in the u.s. while the cases were considered but a change in policy by the trumpet ministration now requires them to be sent back to mexico until their case numbers are called yes back at the i arrived in tehran and applied for a number because they said that with the number everything would work out now i'm saying that's not the case with. most of the people at this shelter have been here for several months many of them tell us they don't feel safe because. the americans asked me if i had somewhere to stay and. i said no we don't we don't have family here or anything they asked if it's dangerous for us in mexico and i said yes we
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run a risk there but they still send us back here i don't feel that's right. the city of the one who has seen an increase in violent crime in recent months there have been almost five hundred people killed so far in two thousand and eighteen adding to the more than twenty five hundred homicides reported last year. for central american asylum seekers like nineteen year old idea of being stuck in mexico seems just as dangerous as returning to his home in honduras. i think. when you're into your one and you get kidnapped or something worse because of all the criminals as a migrant you can scare them but no matter i suppose we have to stay here for some time. human rights advocate because of clarke says the change in policy by the u.s. is turning the mexico side of the border into a massive waiting room for asylum applicants look at it but what the united states is intending to do is dissuade migrants by making the asylum process in the united
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states more bureaucratic. an estimated two hundred forty individuals have been sent back to the one under the trumpet ministrations remain in mexico program but as the policy expands to more cities along the border that number is expected to rise significantly u.s. officials have defended the policy of returning central american asylum seekers to mexico calling it a vital response to a crisis at the southern border but human rights groups warn that the program could have the opposite effect and push more desperate migrants to cross over illegally mounted up. at the us mexico border. when israel has been hit by another electricity blackout the third of this week the power outage on friday night left the capital caracas in the dark as well as several other major cities many regions are very of a covering from earlier blackouts which forced the closure of schools businesses and the biggest airport well the opposition that has medical aid will arrive in a few days but why there has given no details about the shipment the red cross in
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caracas says it is ready to deliver aid if there's no interference choi is a boy reports. the venezuelan government may have barred opposition leader from holding office for fifteen years on thursday but. continues to challenge. me to. look every time i am here with you is a defeat for that regime you know how long they have wanted to arrest me every day that i'm in the street with you is a defeat and now i have them cornered because of their arrest me that will be the last defeat because the people will continue to be in the street because we would go to the streets with more strength to execute plan freedom to keep challenging until venezuela is free and. venezuelans have been struggling with a massive economic crisis constant power outages have become the norm in many cities around the country my daughter who is backed by russia says he is the target of a u.s. led corporate lot and has accused
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a washington and why the will of sabotaging venice way less power grid donald trump said on wednesday that all options were open to make russia pull troops out of venezuela after two russian air force planes landed outside got back on saturday carrying nearly one hundred russian troops now they also warned potential buyers of venezuelan oil. you should be supporting interim president you should not be supporting this regime you should not to be. buying oil from this regime and giving them cash but the kremlin. says the u.s. should not interfere in venezuelan affairs. as for the united states they are present all over the world and no one tells them where to be aware or not to be that is why we would like to count on mutual respect humanitarian assistance has become one of the ways the opposition has had to pressure. in january trucks loaded
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with aid tried to enter into the country but failed. on friday a plane carrying medicines arrived from china and the international committee of the red cross said they're ready to bring some assistance is going to let you go then i can announce that the international federation of the red cross and red crescent of which it's an honor to preside over will have the legal and technical conditions to work in the country so that much needed humanitarian aid can arrive obviously this doesn't resolve the problems in venezuela no one should assume this is a complete solution. at political and economic crisis that has been exacerbated by the interference of russia and the united states in the middle are the millions who continue to struggle to survive every day. that's truly as following new zealand's lead have plans to crack down on violent content on social media sites after the christchurch mosque attacks and you know proposed by the government would see social media bosses fined or even given prison terms for
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failing to remove violent material from their sites joeys would decide for the content was removed fast enough for platforms including facebook and you tube the government plans to present the bill to parliament next week. now to the french capital where all eyes are on the loose museum's glass permit on friday night as the city march first he hears that was built french street artist j. r. created an optical illusion for the anniversary the glass structure designed by the architect i am pay was surrounded by a giant collage of the installation. well the sports news still ahead on the news hour and a record breaking performance from a pocket home was it enough. sport. they said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it
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we should have it out of which we should have people in power investigates the private companies in lieu of us towns allegedly complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day and then sets not if you're in the hands of the cia you can make the sunshine or not rendition you visited. i want our story breaks the exclusive to see what happens next we should. get fired by the barriers for a model barricade of the seven streets that lead to here the middle east now is we will about change people have going to be a barrier in the mission of the national army is to search the entire one complex and i'll just your stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture.
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based on the force that he has joe elizabeth thank you premier league is back off to an international break and titleholders man city looks like they've retaken the top spot at least for now they're up against the limit it took silva just five minutes to city in front before the break. doubled their advantage with just minutes left at craven cottage city need to know which puts them a point ahead of a poll. later. well roger federer has his eyes on a fourth miami open title as the world number four heads into the final federer dominated the match between the twentieth c. nineteen year old danny shapovalov header he was thirty seven came out on top sixty
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six but. i told my daughters before i walked out tonight that it was even born yet when i actually played in the pro choice. so they're like well hold on a second they did the calculation in the likes of these guys really young i was like yeah i'm really old but it's all good and it definitely is in accept that yeah no doubt about it well federal face to bending miami open champion john the big serving america won this match against feliks. seems seven six and seven six he said twenty one i says along the way this picture extends is this typewrite record in the tournament to an impressive nine wins for mine. tiger woods will play rory mcilroy in the last sixteen showdown at the w g c match play in texas later woods came back from two down against can't help by the sioux purp second shots only thirteen. three time champion winning his match foreign
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to michael ware continued his one hundred percent start with full birdies on the front lines be a matthew fitzpatrick for him too as well and he will now play tiger in the knockout round. and look like. you know like it's exciting it's exciting for succeeding for both of us it's exciting for the tournament especially you know i think i read somewhere else is that you know tiger doesn't play in texas and thirteen years fourteen years so. you know like it's going to create for the tournaments. you know we're looking forward to it . we've played tournaments together battle each other down the stretch and events but never in a magical situation ferrari will look to turn their practice pace into pole position for the bahrain grand prix shortly sebastian vettel was fastest on friday and teammate charlotte clerk topped the time sheets in a final practice a little earlier ferrari had set the pace in pre-season testing but struggled in australia two weeks ago finishing fourth and fifth. while rally championship leader
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has retaken the top spot at the tour of corsica he's just point two point two point three seconds ahead of rival elfin evans after saturday's say just nine time champion sebastian love remains eight posse mistake in the final stage put him into a spin on a narrow road. australia's cricketers beaten pakistan in the fourth one day international despite a stunning effort from one of the and players open abbott early hit a record breaking century in dubai he finished up with one hundred twelve which is the highest score by pakistan batsman in an o.d.i. debut damage was one century also went in vain though as australia took the wicket of stand in captain imagine a scene to clinch victory by just six runs. david one is trying to force his way back into australia's team for the world cup after a year long ban for ball tampering he smashed a match winning sixty nine first sunrisers hyderabad against the register on royals in the i.p.l. following up the eighty five he scored in his first game back warner and fellow
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cheat steve smith are hoping to be recalled to australia's fifteen man squad for the world cup. major league baseball champions the boston red sox produced an impressive comeback to get their first win of the season they were six one down to the mariners in seattle with a four heart in the turnaround is completed by this pinch hit three run homer for mitch moreland in the top of the night the red sox taking the game seven six. in the n.b.a. king james had a stellar night to the l.a. lakers le bron had twenty seven points and nine assists and in the shallow hornets four game winning streak of braun also sunk several three pointers to help bring the score to one hundred twenty nine to one hundred fifteen victory. and we will finish with some football from germany's been does legal hoffenheim play was on track for his first hat trick in the early one for his team might to spoil the party both photos strike was already going in but andre crumb ridge rushed forward to his foot grazed the ball before it crossed the line so crime rates was credited
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with the goal instead in any case hoffenheim be led by a labor case and for one. all right that is all you sport for now will have will feel a bit later a little back you very much for that and that does it for themselves their news hour but do stay with us i'm back in just a couple of minutes with another full of news bulletins with all the updates from gaza thank you for watching.
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with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions and if you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on being seen pinned to realize even witnessed history in the making. and ancient land and one man's dream to transport have billions from europe and fly them over his beloved country. in a nation reeling from decades of violence. miseries of. callon international team of pilots get this man's dream off the ground good news over babylon on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every. one protester was killed as palestinians marked the first anniversary of the march of return protests. hello welcome to al-jazeera on live from my headquarters in doha but the mayor is about. purana also ahead millions of algerian stand firm in their demand that the
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country's leaders must go. how a piece of paper so close at least shattered last month summit between the u.s. and north korea and its troubles from palestine to algeria arab leaders prepare to meet in tunis. a palestinian teenager has been killed in gaza after being hit in the face by a tear gas canister fired by israeli forces tens of thousands of palestinians have gathered at the fence that separates gaza from israel they're marking the first anniversary of the weekly protests known as the great march of return well israeli forces have also fied live ammunition and to the crowd on the gazan side at least one hundred twelve people have been injured during today's demonstrations meanwhile hundreds of people turned out for the funeral of mohamed salah the twenty one year
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old palestinian died early on saturday after being shot by israeli forces while protesting near the border fence on friday or palestinians are demanding the right to return to the lands from which their families were violently expelled during the founding of israel in one nine hundred forty eight they are also calling for an end to israel's twelve year blockade of gaza let's go now to our correspondent harry force that he's joining us from the border fence harry there was a lot of hope and also a lot of precautions taken to make sure that today's demonstrations the one year anniversary would be as peaceful as possible but we are hearing unfortunately that one protester has been killed. that's right this was this this young teenager seventeen year old. he was injured here at this site. east of gaza city a little earlier we actually spoke to some of the people that were around him and
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they showed is a video of of how severe the injuries were to his face and we then got confirmation from the gaza health ministry which was the same as the story that they gave us that he'd been struck directly in the face by it see a gas canister as tragic as that one losses of course that does seem to be at least so far the only confirmed death since the beginning of these protests this afternoon and from what we've been hearing and seeing through the day it does seem that the a number of uses of live ammunition are less than than what we've seen in previous such occasions and indeed there have been those instructions given to protest is to stay back from the fence to not burn tires not to launch incendiary devices largely we've seen most people observing that although we have seen people run to the fence through objects we've seen blasts at the fence as well which suggests that at least one occasion maybe i.d.f. could have been used and we have seen life i used to in some of those instances now
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i'm joined here by our move mohammad who's an english teacher here in gaza. we understand that there is a deal in the works that that is why there are these restrictions being imposed on both sides in terms of trying to keep this relatively peaceful and that there may be things like an increase in qatari money and increase and it should see an increase in the range of fishing rights up to twelve nautical miles are those sorts of things enough after your protest to satisfy people who come here every week ok actually i don't think they're i think they're i don't think so and that is that is in a cause we thought one of them told me early on his side and that is it saw you here is that so is said so little for us as a young people in gaza strip actually it doesn't have a survival of a strike. with the many crisis inside gaza strip there are many catastrophe here or there the much of the of the human state here is it's so bad it's got us to be so
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needs more than this requirements actually so we will not agree about this actually i think this is so little and so weak for us we will not submit for that we need more because we want our freedom actually we want to where we want to have many spirits there are many there are many things that we require it actually our human life it's so miserable we need where we need job where we need medicine we need electricity we need to grow seeing all of that is not not there that is not to even go the service nor anything see it so we will go on our resistance for this cubicin it peacefully and we will try it we will go on shore but i will most thought we would like to stop short of that i think that's so so so what would be sufficient do you think to bring these protests to an end i mean a complete lifting of the blockade yes we need to break the siege this is it the
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siege is on a human the seizure more than say since more than twelve years ago and that is on a human we are asking from international community from the security council or from all their wards around us to help us to save gaza gaza under the seas most of the twelve years ago and that is not acceptable for us as a human here we are a lot of need to smoke so much that is not enough for us to give us a sauce example than a little but we are not the animals we are human we we we need to where we need to live peacefully if there if. it's really like course when to want to talk. to live it with cites us inside the gaza they must big they must fit for us. give our human rights salary and grossing god exists on ok thank you a moment thank you so much so that is the situation here we understand there's a press conference about to get underway from the organizing committee of the march
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we're also expecting them to have a meeting tonight and we're expecting some kind of announcement potentially tomorrow about the prospects of this deal and whether what's happened today so far which seems to be relatively on the low side when it comes to injuries when it comes to violence whether that means that this nascent deal will indeed go through this weekend gerri thank you very much for that for now that is how i feel that with the latest live at the gaza israel fence thank you. we're going to move on to other news now friday for the largest anti-government protests in algeria with ninian's taking part in demonstrations across the country where rallies were held in at least forty four of the country's forty eight provinces people are demanding the resignation of president happen as it is with a flicker and a change the entire political system and mankind is monitoring events from neighboring tunisia he sent us this update from the capital. the protests is a made their demands very clear they won't stop protesting until there is
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a complete change within the governance of algeria itself now there is a polls of the protests we're not seeing the kinds of numbers of people out on the streets as we did on friday and the reason for that poses is that there is traditionally been over the last six weeks on a saturday but there is now a political development and that is the in the expense of article one zero two of the. constitution now that article suggests that the constitutional council can call for the removal of the president on health grounds as long as it's passed in parliament by a two thirds majority now the army. hoping that might take some of the steam out of the protest movement of the protesters say it's not good enough that leaves office they need to be an entire change and all have his loyalists and everybody who is connected to the beautifully government needs to leave and there needs to be
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a radical overhaul of the algerian political system. need of the gathering and capital tunis for the thirtieth arab summit twenty two member states and several contentious issues. on the political crisis in libya the wars in syria and yemen are also on the agenda has the latest from tunis. arab leaders are hitting back at the trump administration's decision to recognize israel's occupation of the golan heights saying that this is a move that is void and violates international legality and the international law the draft community also says that the decision by the trump administration to recognize israel jerusalem as israel's capital is a wrong move which could further destabilize the region insisting that the only initiative that the arabs have presented to the israelis in two thousand and two is
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still on the table which says that the others are ready to recognize the state of israel but the israelis have to recognize the presence of an independent palestinian state with eastern jerusalem as its capital. they're also asking the iranians to pull out their proxy fighters particularly in syria and yemen but they're not talking about the humanitarian crisis in the in yemen because of the presence of saudi arabia which is one of the key players in the arab league the most important or the highlight of the event could be this afternoon when the quarter meets on libya and this is a problem they want to bring that to narrow the differences between the two key players phases of ours reimers a base in tripoli read a good general khalid behalf that based in the east despite attempts in the past to bring about a permanent solution to the crisis in libya but the government base in tripoli is lashing out of the international community and the u.n. in particular saying that they are trying just to further advance the agenda of
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khalifa haftar hold many say is being used by countries like the u.a.e. and saudi arabia to advance their political agendas ilithyia. protesters have been rallying in southwest yemen calling on saudi backed government forces to take full control of the province. or what they find as have the sage the city of fires for more than four years an estimated two hundred thousand civilians have been caught up in the fighting most of the city has remained under the control of government forces but what is regularly attacked with artillery shells and sleipner fire. u.s. president donald trump is reported to have demanded north korea hand over its nuclear weapons that they had our summit last month that's according to a report from the russia's news agency trump said to have presented kim jong un with a document calling for the transfer of pyongyang's nuclear weapons and bomb fuel to the us it is the first time trump would have explicitly defined what he meant by denuclearization to kim a launch between the two leaders was canceled the same day before the summit was
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cut short had to call hayne has more from washington. this letter is significant because of what has happened in the past we know the national security advisor john bolton wants to pursue in north korea what he calls the libyan model that is where libya gave up its nuclear weapons or they believe they did give the nuclear weapons chemical biological weapons sent it to the united states in return for sanctions relief that is something that infuriated the north koreans they said that was a nonstarter and they were to cancel negotiations so president donald trump came out and said no we don't want the libyan model obviously north koreans are very aware of what eventually happened to moammar gadhafi the leader of libya who was killed by rebels and overthrown in his country so the letter basically spells out what the u.s. wants and that is sending all of the nuclear weapons and bomb fuel to the united states complete disarmament of the biological chemical weapons full inspections getting rid of all missile sites.


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