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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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forms quickly enough the new zealand shooting suspect is accused of uploading video off the rampage to facebook tramway it spread across the internet i have a responsibility when i put those platforms into public use to make sure this site and that i cannot be weaponized by terrorists. similarly i shouldn't be weaponized other forms of harm that can affect the youngest of. three to the most serious of criminal offenses and i have the technology to do this and i have the opportunity to do it and we're going to insist that i do it. the weather is next on al-jazeera and then what happened to this wonderful country with the u.k. dead long time have a more divided over breakfast it will look at the damage being done to brain damage and how these kids yet gravely creatures i evolved into being a contagious can't say that to wipe them out.
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again and welcome back we're here cross china we are picking up some scattered showers across much of the central and the southwestern part of china over the next few days not looking too bad down here towards the southeast we are going to be seeing a little bit cooler air coming into play for show only reaching to about seventy degrees and some rain here for shanghai but as we go towards the next couple days a lot of this rain begins to trail down here towards the southwest and even towards north vietnam so for him noir we do expect to see a rainy day for you with the temperature there of twenty six degrees where here across india we are picking up some very heavy showers that are making their way across the eastern part of india into parts of bangladesh and we are going to be watching that very carefully for the potential of flooding across the region but temperatures are going over forty degrees in some locations nine per forty one degrees for you i dare bad about thirty nine degrees and as we go towards monday
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those temperatures are really locked into place tonight it is going to be a warm day if you add thirty five degrees there and then very quickly across the gulf speaking of warm air we're talking at thirty two degrees here on sunday with some showers and some very gusty winds coming into play and then as we go towards monday it is going to rise to about thirty seven degrees the warmest of the year so far abu dhabi is going to be a cloudy and a warm day for you as well with a temperature of thirty three. a three year investigation into the program and been implementing those meetings are going to really. reveal secret scene you want to put messaging out there that even people out there eat you know. and connection some don't want to expose sneak in legacy media love mass shooting. documents with
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my al-jazeera investigations house is still a massacre on al-jazeera. a reminder of our top stories this hour on al-jazeera a teenager has died in at least two hundred four palestinians injured during border protests in gaza israeli forces fired tear gas and nation's us tens of thousands gathered to mark the first anniversary of weekly protests known as a great march of return al-jazeera has seen a draft of the communique that leaders will release after the thirtieth big summit in tunisia on sunday it mentions a unified response to what's described as the chant administration's unlawful recognition of israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights and britain's
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prime minister is considering a fourth attempt to get the e.u. deal through parliament as she faces a potentially catastrophic no deal breaks it in less than two weeks. and as politicians in the u.k. wrangle over britain's departure people are getting worried about how the hostile tone of the debate is tarnishing the u.k.'s image abroad may vodka has a story but exit the. even for a bit here dog after the fiasco food to reason made us lets the world is trying to file them bricks is. it's seen by many countries as a baffling act of economic self sabotage and financing in the u.k. appears to be a nation divided. wracked by political turmoil and all this uncertainty is doing damage to brand britain the land of winston churchill red buses the royal family shakespeare the list goes on six thousand kilometers away in the nigerian capital
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of breaks it is a source of bewilderment it has been a very serious damage to the image of a not guilty british government will britain nicely point it's a view shared in the french capital paris i want to i used to see person as a normal country part of europe now i find them quite individualistic and a little selfish. and washington d.c. what happened to this wonderful country her deal does not have the numbers from outside the u.k. the country's parliamentary democracy may sometimes look like it's about to implode . already. but this of a serial style of politics has worked quite well for hundreds of years even if parliament seems to be struggling now there are worries about the impact or breaks it on all aspects of life here in the u.k. from the cost of food to the availability of medicines and even toilet roll so how
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do brits keep calm and carry on. so great i go. how do they put the question to a leading brand experts who sells optimism for a living people will not keep calm and carry on for much they want certainty a clear sense of direction i leader and a team around him or her to convey a future with optimism and clarity. when he breaks it supporters believe it will breathe new life into a brand britain want to break six main players government minister michael gove called it a moment of empowering patriarchy. renewal britain has a rich history that it mild legal system a multicultural multifaith society and then there's the english language. breaks it's also unlikely to stop the tourists but does just be rated old line as the best travel destination in the world but as m.p.'s struggle to unite around a single bricks it vision brand britain faces only more publicity the parka
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al-jazeera london. he worst president donald trump is reported to have demanded north korea hand over its nuclear weapons at the failed to vietnam summit last month that's according to a report from the reuters news agency say to have presented came on with a document calling for the transfer of pyongyang nuclear weapons and bomb fuel to the us at eco hain has a detail some washington. this letter is significant because of what has happened in the past we know the national security advisor john bolton wants to pursue in north korea what he calls the libyan model that is where libya gave up its nuclear weapons or they believe they did give the nuclear weapons chemical biological weapons sent it to the united states in return for sanctions relief that is something that infuriated the north koreans they said that was a nonstarter and they were to cancel negotiations so president donald trump came out and said no we don't want the libyan model obviously north koreans are very
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aware of what eventually happened to moammar gadhafi the leader of libya who was killed by rebels and overthrown in his country so the letter basically spells out what the u.s. wants and that is sending all of the nuclear weapons and bomb fuel to the united states complete disarmament of the biological chemical weapons full inspections getting rid of all missile sites basically that is what the u.s. says is full the nuclearization that is a nonstarter for kim jong un he has said that he wants to negotiate directly with the u.s. president donald trump who often talks about the letters that sense him he calls them love letters says they're in love this is clearly the president's staff trying to make sure he doesn't give too much away because of that what he calls such a great relationship so they're laying out the terms that are obviously not favorable to him and could explain why the negotiations simply broke down. the number of cholera cases in the city of beirut in mozambique has risen to two hundred seventy one the country continues to deal with the aftermath of psycho and
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a dire which hits more than two weeks ago damage to water and sanitation facilities has raised fears about a potential epidemic cycle and killed more than seven hundred people in southern africa in kenya families of passengers who were killed when an ethiopian airlines plane crashed last month have begun holding funeral services with the remains of their relatives they were told it could take months for the remains to be identified catherine sawyer reports from the coral. the was a funeral service like no other. in kenya's rift valley. eight people from this area died in the field in airlines crash that killed a hundred and fifty seven people last month most of them kenyans here family neighbors and friends come to say goodbye to a wife had dota and three grandchildren it is a different location for all of us it is not normal it is different but
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today we are doing these mass and memorial service without. our family's. there have been several such services in different parts of the country investigators in ethiopia are working to find out exactly what caused the crash boeing has grounded the seven three seven mox eight aircraft after a similar cross in indonesia five months sylia the company's also updating its safety beaches. back you know the pain of relatives struggling to come to terms with the deaths is an imaginable i'm long way had gone to kind of a to visit and grandchildren they were travelling to kenya on holiday together when the plane fell off the sky if european airline officials say it may take up to six
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months to identify their remains. husband john cwindows tells us soil from the crash site given to them in ethiopia to represent his family gives him no peace. and those who came to moon with him are still holding onto hope that one day they may be able to hold a proper funeral for their relatives catherine. kenya. vary as well as government and the opposition are expected to hold rival marches across the country area this week the opposition leader called on his supporters to protest against nationwide power cuts on friday venezuela was hit by another large electricity outage referred this week twenty one out of twenty three states lost electricity much of the country still recovering from earlier power cuts which forced the closure of schools businesses and airports. in the story for for us from
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bogota in neighboring colombia. opposition supporters of taken to the streets in the capital caracas in a number of cities across the peninsula after another night of power outages across the country the leader of the opposition long white though is addressing the crowd in the second it's a city on exiles of the capital caracas asking people to continue to put pressure on president nicolas maduro asking them to turn what he called is their rightful anger and indignation into action praising the collapse my daughter also called on the supporters to to take to the streets in the capital caracas in downtown caracas and he will also address these people so this is a continuation of the power struggle in venezuela as the situation continues
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worsening for the majority of the people who are getting used to going without life without water without that money that those who support the opposition are hoping that all this will indeed helped topple my doodle but it's unclear if it is indeed changing anything the economy crisis has been going on for a long time now in venezuela but it's been one student and compounded by the lake the sanctions imposed by the united states also on fridays to try and help the situation for so many venezuelans the red cross says it will start in the next fifteen days a major relief efforts which in many ways means that the president he could ask mother to for the first time is recognizing they tacitly that there is a humanitarian crisis in the country hundreds essential american asylum seekers on the us mexico border in limbo under the trumpet ministrations hard line policies
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and regulations require migraines to remain in mexico for months under sometimes spike. hairiest conditions and dates money are up in all reports on the mexican border city of. it's another day at a migrant shelter on the us mexico border almost everyone here is from central america and they're seeking asylum in the united states. in the past migrants would be allowed to wait in the u.s. while their cases were considered but a change in policy by the trumpet ministration now requires them to be sent back to mexico until their case numbers are called yes back at the i arrived in tehran and applied for a number because they said that with the number everything would work out now i'm saying that's not case because. most of the people at this shelter have been here for several months many of them tell us they don't feel safe just. the americans asked me if i had somewhere to stay and. i said no we don't we don't have family
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here or anything they asked if it's dangerous for us in mexico and i said yes we run a risk there but they still send us back here i don't feel that's right. the city of the one who has seen an increase in violent crime in recent months there have been almost five hundred people killed so far in two thousand and thirteen adding to the more than twenty five hundred homicides reported last year. for central american asylum seekers like nineteen year old idea and being stuck in mexico seems just as dangerous as returning to his home in honduras by the. way here and here want to get kidnapped or something worse because of all the criminals as a migrant you get scared but no matter i suppose we have to stay here for some time . human rights advocate because of clarke says the change in policy by the u.s. is turning the mexico side of the border into a massive waiting room for asylum applicants look at it but what the united states is intending to do is dissuade migrants by making the asylum process in the united
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states more bureaucratic this year an estimated two. hundred forty individuals have been sent back to the one under the trump administration's remain in mexico program but is the policy expense to more cities along the border that number is expected to rise significantly u.s. officials have defended the policy of returning central american asylum seekers to mexico calling it a vital response to a crisis at the southern border but human rights groups warn that the program could have the opposite effect and push more desperate migrants to cross over illegally when it up. at the us mexico border there is new hope for the survival of an endangered australian marsupial that's only found in tasmania it had been threatened with extension by a transmissible form of cancer as scientists say the animals have developed any new response that's helping them to fight back around eighty five percent of tasmanian devils as they're known had been wiped out by the disease but now with special
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breeding programs it's hope they will return to healthy a number this or drink or how many days an ecologist and research fellow at the university of tasmania he says they are optimistic. this is very good news indeed means a lot because we have documented an increasing number of animals that have now canned the cancer vive now despite having shimmers for a long period of time and as a result that gives them the opportunity to breed and put another generation into the population and more importantly we have seen an increasing number of animals that have managed to cure themselves from this cancer which is absolutely fascinating years these are animals that developed immersed and then somehow the new system reacts and those tumors regress and disappear so we hope that this is a heritable response that will be passed on to future generations and that allows it just made in double to co-exist with these transmissible cancer what we hope to see is that this behaviors that are associated with reduced aggressivity will be
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selected because that would allow any most not to get infected anything goes on the only males that are surviving in the population those genes might also be passage of future generations so we're hoping that these adaptations to atlanta miscible tensors into just money and general will come not only from the minute immune perspective there from many other areas that are hopefully will allow them to fight back this disease we don't think that this will mean that there is this will be eradicated or that will disappear from just many or that we think that will mean that as many devils one go to extinction and somehow they will learn to live with cancer which is absolutely astonishing that considering the mortality of cancer in wireless. you know again i'm fully back to bo with the headlines on al-jazeera two teenagers have died and at least two hundred forty four palestinians are injured after the latest protest saying gaza israeli forces tear gas and live ammunition as tens of
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thousands gathered to mock the first anniversary of week a protest known as the great march of return the demonstrations have now in day. al-jazeera has seen a draft of the communique that leaders will release after the thirtieth arab league summit in tunisia on sunday it includes an emphasis on the palestinian cause it also mentions a unified response to what's described as a trump administration's unlawful recognition of israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights britain's prime minister is considering a fourth attempt to get her e.u. deal through parliament as she faces a potentially catastrophic no deal breaks it in less than two weeks every four from the reuters news agency says u.s. president donald trump demanded north korea hand over its nuclear weapons at the high noise summit last month before talks collapsed it's a first time charm would have explicitly defined what he meant by denuclearization
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to north korea's leader kim jong il but francis has arrived in morocco for a two day visit focusing on interfaith relations he was greeted by the king mohammed the sixth the head of the roman catholic church is hoping to improve dialogue between christians and muslims last month he became the first pope to set foot on the arabian peninsula when he visited the united arab emirates venezuela's government and the opposition are expected to hold rival rallies across the country l.a. this week the opposition leader called on his supporters to protest against nationwide power cuts on friday venezuela was hit by another large electricity outage the third this week twenty one out of twenty three states lost electricity much of the country is said recovering from power cuts. and the number of cholera cases in the city of beirut in mozambique has risen to two hundred seventy one the country continues to deal with the aftermath of psycho a die which hits more than two weeks ago the cycle and killed more than seven
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hundred people in southern africa those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next here it's people in power. america's president trump police told chadwick's he's pledged to keep the contaminated detention facility opens and this say to bring back will to pull the suspects so in the first of a special two proxy investigation into the u.s. state that was once the halls of america's illegal program offering dish and
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torture to ask whether the u.s. could be about to re enter a dog chapter in the nation's history. smithfield's north carolina. a quiet backwater in america's south. on the face of it an unremarkable bible belt town tug to meet rural wooded countryside. but thirteen years ago stories started to emerge suggesting something sinister was going on. mysterious flights leaving from the
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little airport. people were being seized from their homes in streets around the world transported to foreign prisons and secret cia interrogation camps known as black sites. who feel some sort of them would give off and. report it for. somebody for. the covert operation officially called extraordinary rendition took place in the years between two thousand and two to two thousand and nine. in north carolina locals began calling the flights from their local airports torture taxes this was a planned orchestrated program of kidnapping for torture i found that to be just intolerable we spoke to a woman whose husband was another victim of rendition. to
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this day the truth about the cia's rendition program and the role of north carolina's airports remains officially shrouded in secrecy. but are realistic what you think tonight from al-jazeera tell of. when making a programme about cia or indifferent. i and investigations aren't welcome. and three well you think. nor all questions i mean he's got a caucus to start with he's going to call the police yes yes and they are in the. nine eleven the deadliest attack ever on american soil the mass murder of nearly
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three thousand people a defining moment in american history which was to leave a toxic legacy in its wake the u.s. launched a global war on terror including a convert program of kidnap and torture the secretary of state at the time was general colin powell his chief of staff was colonel larry wilkerson today he says that operation was a terrible mistake and still doing irreparable damage to the united states moral position in the world as a leader of human rights and human dignity and rule of law and so forth we no longer are seen as a leader indeed by more than two billion people in the world according to polls were considered the number one threat to their future. and isn't case in lives near johnston regional airport one of the two north carolina airports used to say good rendition flights she took me there. so
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if you will look down there that's aero contractors. aero contractors are a local firm that supplied planes for the secret cia program. in the years following two thousand and five allison and her friends began to investigate air a contract is she realized that some of the people involved with the company would people she knew one was and the term. me too. had children the same age as my and it was shocking right because they were prominent members of the community so they put themselves out there as being you know. standard of morality. it took real courage for these local women and their supporters to investigate and to confront what was being done in their state.
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towards. the. city was moved to confront it they did you see that were contacting them here to ask them to come out and meet with us which they did not do the only thing. us senate intelligence committee think is suggest one hundred nineteen individuals held by the cia nearly a cool truth whom we later found to be improperly detained in much of the program and the possibly many hundreds more seized remains unnamed. but what's clear are a contract has played a central role transporting forty nine individuals for interrogation.
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on the other side of the world in london academics at westminster university have pieced together how the program worked aero contractors maintained and operated to their profit in particular which were central to the war on terror and the torture program the evidence is absolutely incontrovertibly the torture program took place but it violated domestic and international law many many points and the north carolina air contract was central to about program. we traveled to gratz nostra to meet el masry in late two thousand and three he was arrested on holiday at the macedonian border he was then taken to a small hotel room where an official accused him of being a member of al qaeda. circle which he missed from. his previous. he's in the. second see them fresh from. college was telling
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the truth he was not a member of al qaeda shockingly this was a case of mistaken identity but they came was he was handed over to u.s. agents and bundled onto an air a contract his plane. from. or see him. or him on a few. unnamed to him his destination was a site in afghanistan used to cia interrogation one of a network of foreign prisons and secret so-called cia black sites places where suspected terrorists many of whom turned out to be innocent was systematically tortured in a brutal bid to gain intelligence. this
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man was a career cia operative his name is glenn hall he vividly remembers his first impression of one cia interrogation camp in an unnamed country. inside it is immediately. pitch black. as black as any darkness you have ever experienced. you can. even you could not see your fingers here in front of absolute darkness. and disorienting and deafening. sounds a brutal regime designed to undermine prison his sense of self and induce helpless dependence we think unconsciously that. the sun will rise once a day and then sets into the day that's one of the defining unthought of realities
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of life not if you're in the hands of the cia we can make the sun shine or not. when he had been assigned to interrogate a captured prison and he didn't have to nature out what he was expected to do. so the instructions were you will do whatever it takes to get him to talk do you understand and then it was pressure him pressure him it was the word frequently used pressure him turn up the pressure on him. be creative and i was literally literally stunned i responded we don't do that. he said well we do not know my thought was pardon me for this and i thought these are this is very clear and i
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i thought was holding it this is clearly one of the critical moments in the history of the united states we're talking about torturing and that is illegal. and. i wouldn't do it. classified documents prison as accounts and reports outline a regime of the buz euphemistically night as enhanced interrogation subsequently denounced as torture techniques included waterboarding simulated drowning rule slamming sleep deprivation extreme stress positions and sexual and psychological abuse. that is as or best man get be me pick me up as or not it's all or them in their. own dimension or see the fact that some are done via their finish the necessary. to god b.s. . shut the nagas fights you as an old isaac ark among. the number was offset.
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and mark in the aggressiveness she. was held without any explanation the cia realized very soon that they got the wrong man but it took more than four months before he was released they put him on a plane to albania drove him to a remote location and then dumped him on the underfunded road. in the. north friendly and. he gave. us today he is free but still paying the price suffering severe psychological trauma and whilst macedonia has apologized for its road and his friend issued he's received no apology from the u.s.
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he's now mounting the latest in a series of legal cases against the u.s. administration sent an issue shouldn't she just kind of just come. under the. earth. back in north carolina campaigners are determined that no victim of rendition is for court and. italian citizen brittle was seized in pakistan in two thousand and two and rendered on an air a flight to morocco where he was subjected to her in disability before being freed a full nine years later. today his wife anna speaks on his behalf the trauma of his experience has left him unable to relive this ordeal.


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