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well actually what's happening today is not not so much a question of the people in the army so much as the army and the lad around the president himself and on. social media now a lot of people are talking about these accusations by the army chief of staff amid the guide sana and suggesting that it refers to a meeting in that i was. held between the president's brother is cited for defeat and the former head of the secret services general to speak as so this is actually more about the different elements within the regime itself within what it was known as look who are the power and which is a series of ones that held power collectively and that until now have worked side by side and which now seem to actually be coming apart and that's very interesting
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you mention because influential brother saeed and i know that you've spoken about the government's attempts to split the opposition but it seems as though the regime is more likely to splinter from in their attempts to resolve this. yes well there's definitely the question of. also of the opposition from the streets and there was definitely a quite a bit of opposition from the street yesterday to article one no two with a lot of a lot of. batters and slogans and directly targeting both article one zero two and the wider regime and there were some slogans even at a at targets in guided sana but all of these different parts of the regime are seen as as being part of a larger corrupt system so the view from the protests is that they all have to go
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where is yes at the same time you have the different elements within the regime are starting it seems to to actually fight between themselves and could those divisions from within the ruling establishment result in some sort of violence or are they likely to be able to contain it. well over just far what we've seen in terms of the sort of the the regime coming apart and. with the cheap this week already we've seen the chief of the. of the chief of give the largest business organization in the fall they shift on to please allie had resigned earlier this week and today there have been at me saying that the f.l.n. in the and they the two two governmental parties where it seems like the leadership
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of those parties is now under attack as is the case that they had the largest trade union and all of these were the institutions were part of the pool and were part of this kind of governing alliance. but when it comes down to the final elements to those to those closest to the president and to though to that the leadership of the army it's much harder to see you know who is what what will actually happen next but it does seem like there is an escalation starting to happen yes thank you very much stephanie uncertainty there but shedding some light on it for us joining us there from l.j. as. the news hour live from london more still ahead for you on the program under via weapons that amounts from donald trump to kim jong un that might have led to the collapse of last month's annoy some it. was.
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kenyans more relatives killed in the ethiopian airlines crash as the process of identifying the remains of the dead drags on. and then later in sport a nineteen year old makes the difference for you ventas as they get back to winning ways in italy peter will be here with that and much more. government aid agencies are working to contain an outbreak of cholera in mozambique after the devastation caused by a cycle and it died two weeks ago water and sanitation systems were severely damaged during the storm making it easier for the disease to spread are now more than two hundred seventy confirmed cases in the city of era in germany and has more . scenes of destruction left in the wake of catastrophic flooding with towns and villages submerged it's like loney diet killed hundreds of people in mozambique
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. now the government is desperately trying to save lives. we're trying to avoid an outbreak of cholera at the moment we're expecting this we're very prepared for the doctors in place so this is what we're doing at the moment many were trapped for more than a week with no access to clean water after cycling eat i hit the port city of bear . with tens of thousands of people displaced and living in temporary shelter a lack of sanitation has created the perfect conditions for cholera the vaccination is a very needed and it should start next wednesday next week the faster we go the most judges we have to go to transmission. of the of the coalition in the population then there is a big need for community engagement safe water distribution. for
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fall in this population of bare obert also for the districts are running bear out where there is a i risk for cases there are so cholera is not new to mozambique the country has experienced regular outbreaks over the past five years but aid agencies now warn there is little time to prevent a major outbreak and more should be done to stem the spread of the disease. e.g. al jazeera earlier i spoke to rob holden his the world health organizations and agency response manager in mozambique i asked him about the scale of the outbreak. i think at the moment what we're seeing is an increase in the number of people present a result we call acute watery diarrhea and we know all the color is present on rick on trying to confirm cases that government this week to come from the chair was not what's important to set the stage is that there is this is
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a color and demming region so the walls there have been previous caller breaks in this area so it wasn't surprising given the events and given the very difficult circumstances that people find themselves when they get that we're seeing the increase in acute watery diarrhea and we're seeing the emergence of cholera i think it'll be a little a few more days before we know the full extent of what we get the systems in place and also while we access some areas that have been inaccessible. we have seen the emergence of cholera you say huang's cholera starts to spread how difficult is it to control. all depends. on where it is. and what infrastructure required in place and what responses from is going to place you know what we're trying to do with the governments with the u.n. agencies when and deals with the local community to respond quickly we're trying to do is limit the spread of the disease by ensuring that we get fresh water in safe
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water when we get public messaging out we get the community from border to get people living in much better conditions so we're trying to present prevent the disease from spreading by a whole range of measures and then we'll comportment those about to become on well . what we call the case money for. the treatment facilities to be able to respond quickly so that if somebody gets sick they get the treatment very quickly. so there is a whole there's a whole range of infrastructure response mechanisms sapan the systems that we're putting into place that will hopefully allow i was to quickly control the spread for the moment but more importantly that we reduce the number of people getting sick in the first place this is more just than just a call or response i think it's really important to emphasize that your listeners will find i guess cholera has dominated the headlines and we most moved quickly to
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comment about you know you've seen the disaster i mean this is a huge a graphics area this twelve million people in the air in two million people need mind shaving the system trying not w. which old position with the government to mozambique our job is to help reestablish savings health services you know we don't do that alone we do it with the ministry of health we do it with all the government you know government departments and we do it with all the u.n. agencies in the community so it's all that by. being on the ground pushing to ensure that we get surveillance in place that is the things that we detect and we can respond to it quickly that we get clinics opened we get doctors back to where we get nurses back to where we get hospitals open and get the services running again for both the sick or those that were on medication before so it's about restarting the whole health care service is a monumental task in these conditions with two million people in need all
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lifesaving assistance can you tell us about the logistical difficulties and challenges in in getting a supplies to those who are most in need of it there is a huge logistic alteration now in full swing but these aster all this scale it does take time to reach all locations and there are indeed at this stage even to close on from the event there are. only just getting. u.s. president donald trump is reported to have demanded north korea hand over its nuclear weapons at the hanoi summit last month secluding to a report from the voices news agency said to have presented conjunction with a document calling for the transfer of nuclear weapons and bomb fuel to the united states is the first time john would have explicitly defined what he meant by can a lunch between the two latest leaders was canceled the same day for the summit was cut short. as more from washington this letter is significant because of
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what has happened in the past we know the national security advisor john bolton wants to pursue in north korea what he calls the libyan model that is where libya gave up its nuclear weapons or they believe they did give the nuclear weapons chemical biological weapons sent it to the united states in return for sanctions relief that is something that infuriated the north koreans they said that was a nonstarter and they were to cancel negotiations so president donald trump came out and said no we don't want the libyan model obviously north koreans are very aware of what eventually happened to moammar gadhafi the leader of libya who was killed by rebels and overthrown in his country so the letter basically spells out what the u.s. wants and that is sending all of the nuclear weapons and bomb fuel to the united states complete disarmament of the biological chemical weapons full inspections getting rid of all missile sites basically that is what the u.s. says is folded nuclearization that is
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a nonstarter for kim jong un he has said that he wants to negotiate directly with the u.s. president donald trump who often talks about the letters that. he calls them love letters says they're in love this is clearly the president's staff trying to make sure he doesn't give too much away because of that what he calls it such a great relationship so they're laying out the terms that are obviously not favorable to him and could explain why the negotiations simply broke down. venezuelan security forces a fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the capital caracas they gathered to hear one guy does speak and to voice their anger over continuing energy blackouts in the country president nicolas maduro says the situation is the result of what he calls terrorist attacks on the hydroelectric dam but the opposition blames government mismanagement for it. as he sent us this update from neighboring colombia. opposition supporters are taken to the streets in the capital caracas in a number of cities across the finish but after another night of power outages
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across the country the leader of the opposition. is addressing the crowd in the. city on exiles the capital caucus asking people to continue to put pressure on president nicolas maduro asking them to turn what he called it their rightful anger and indignation into action prison the collapse my daughter also called on these two porters to to take to the streets in the capital caracas in downtown caracas and he will also address these people so this is a continuation of the power struggle in venezuela as the situation continue worsening for the majority of the people who are getting used to going without lights without water without money those who support the opposition are hoping that all day will indeed helped topple my doodle but it's unclear if it is indeed
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changing anything the economic crisis has been going on for a long time now in venezuela but it's been worn student and compounded by the lake the sanctions imposed by the united states also friday days to try and help the situation for so many venezuelans the red cross says it will start in the next fifteen days a major relief efforts which in many ways means that the president he could ask mother to for the first time is recognizing tacitly that there is a humanitarian crisis in the country. hundreds of central american asylum seekers on the us mexico border are stuck in limbo under the trumpet ministrations hotline migration protection or schools regulations require migrants to remain in mexico for months on the sometimes precarious conditions until that court date so rife algis there is money it up on the reports now from teo wanna. it's another day at
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a migrant shelter on the us mexico border almost everyone here is from central america and they're seeking asylum in the united states. in the past migrants would be allowed to wait in the u.s. while their cases were considered but a change in policy by the trumpet ministration now requires them to be sent back to mexico until their case numbers are called yes back at the i arrived in tehran and applied for a number because they said that with the number everything would work out now i'm saying that's not the case in. most of the people at this shelter have been here for several months many of them tell us they don't feel safe. the americans asked me if i had somewhere to stay and. i said no we don't we don't have family here or anything they asked if it's dangerous for us in mexico and i said yes we run a risk there but they still send us back here i don't feel that's right. the city
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of the one who has seen an increase in violent crime in recent months there have been almost five hundred people killed so far in two thousand and eighteen adding to the more than twenty five hundred homicides reported last year. for central american asylum seekers like nineteen year old idea of being stuck in mexico seems just as dangerous as returning to his home in honduras. here and here want to get kidnapped or something worse because of all the criminals as a migrant you get scared but no matter i suppose we have to stay here for some time . human rights advocate because of clarke says the change in policy by the u.s. is turning the mexico side of the border into a massive waiting room for asylum applicants look at it but what the united states is intending to do is dissuade migrants by making the asylum process in the united states more bureaucratic this year an estimated two hundred forty individuals have been sent back to the one under the trump administration's remain in mexico for. it
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is the policy expands to more cities along the border that number is expected to rise significantly u.s. officials have defended the policy of returning central american asylum seekers to mexico calling it a vital response to a crisis at the southern border but human rights groups warn that the program could have the opposite effect and push more desperate migrants to cross over illegally mounted up. at the us mexico border. much more to tell you about on the program way going to be looking at the damage the bricks a crisis is inflicting on the u.k.'s reputation around the wilds also the community of women who are the hidden victims of almost half a century of conflict in the southern philippines and a big setting up on it stands between roger federer and a bull's eye. again
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and welcome back to international weather forecast well we are going to be seeing quite a change here across europe over the next few days sunday though is still going to be quite a nice day because we have been dominated by high pressure for the last several days keeping much of the region sunny as well as warm take a look what we do expect to see here on sunday paris are going to see more clouds but those temperatures about twenty degrees fuser at seventeen but this is where the change is happening we do have a front that slipping down from the north as a cold front and that is bringing some windy conditions not a lot of rain but some clouds and some cooler temperatures as well so for berlin we do expect to see a cloudy in a cooler date about eleven degrees there if you take over what's happening here on monday we get a lot more clouds coming in from the south so that means for the iberian peninsula you had been quite nice but more clouds more rain is going to be a problem there finally you're going to be seeing some clouds as well here across
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the eastern part of mediterranean we have been watching a storm system that is still churning notice the circulation right there brings very heavy rain so parts of egypt will still see some rain we're talking the coastal areas of egypt but also low looking at another section of weather that's coming in and now bring some rain across parts of morocco as well as algeria so for robot we are looking at a rain day for you at nineteen in algiers cloudy and nineteen. rewind continues to care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of all diseases documentaries the struggle continues but from did to now use distance revisiting the silver face we're going back to a poor south african neighborhood where music and tradition come together in an annual competition but looking forward to only a rewind on all jazeera across europe immigration is high on the agenda
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and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants' at all zero immigration but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody's discussing the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudiced some pride in hungary on al-jazeera. quick look at top stories now three palestinians have been killed and more than two
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hundred injured in protests of the gaza israel border it's been a year since we keep protests known as the great march of return began. algeria's army chief has repeated his call for the constitution to be used to remove president abdul aziz bischof from power on friday over a million protesters rallied across algeria demanding complete political change. in mozambique there are now two hundred seventy one confirmed cases of cholera in the city of paris which was devastated by sight and he died two weeks ago. the families of kenyan passengers who were killed when an ethiopian airlines plane crashed last month of started holding funeral services without the remains of their relatives they were told by officials that it could take months for the remains to be identified catherine sawyer has more from. the funeral service like no other. truth by the. eight people from
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this area died in the few lines crash that killed one hundred fifty seven people last month most of them kenyans here family neighbors and friends come to say goodbye to a wife. and three grandchildren it is a different location for all of us. it is not normal it is different but today we are doing. the memorial. without. our family's story. there have been several such services in different parts of the country investigators in ethiopia are walking to find out exactly what caused the crash boeing has grounded the seven three seven mox eight aircraft after a similar cross in indonesia five months sylia the company's also updating its safety features. back you know the pain of relatives struggling to come to terms
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with it that's is an imaginable imo way had gone to kind of a to visit and grandchildren they were travelling to kenya on holiday together when the plane fell off the sky if european airline officials say it may take up to six months to identify their remains. the. husband john cwindows tells us soil from the crash site given to them in ethiopia to represent his family gives him no peace in. the government. and those who came to moan with him are still holding on to hope that one day they may be able to hold a proper funeral for their relatives catherine sawyer all does iraq kenya. al jazeera has seen a draft of the communique that leaders will release after our league summit in
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tunis on sunday it includes emphasizing the palestinian cause and stressing now opposition to the us recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital it also mentions a unified response to what's described as the trump ministrations unlawful recognition of israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights. protest is a valid in southwest yemen calling on saudi backed government forces to take full control of the province of ties. the fighters have besieged city for more than four years an estimated two hundred thousand civilians have been caught up in the fighting most of the city has remained under the control of government forces and these regularly attack with artillery shells and sniper fire. pope francis is arrived in morocco for a two day visit focusing on relations between christians and muslims he was greeted in the city over but by king mohammed in a public address pope francis address the problems of migration and the world's
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economic inequalities ahead of the roman catholic church is hoping to improve dialogue between his faith and the muslim world last month he became the first catholic pope to set foot on the peninsula when he visited the united arab emirates a former comedian with no experience of political office is leading the opinion polls a day ahead of ukraine's presidential election. is one of thirty nine candidates vying to become the next leader a significant lead in all the polls ahead of current president petro poroshenko although not enough for an outright victory so a runoff is likely whoever wins the election will have to guide the country of forty two million people through economic stagnation as well as persistent corruption and an ongoing war against russian backed separatists in the east where counting is underway in slovakia what's expected to be a historic presidential runoff there a nation looks set to elect its first female president zine up the river and
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environmental activist and lawyer is ahead of may rival marcos sec of each who has the backing of the ruling party of a campaign to on a strong anti corruption slate and is a supporter of the european union. well as politicians wrangle over the country's departure from the european union there are growing concerns about the impact of brics it on the u.k.'s image abroad advertising experts say the hostile tone of the debate is doing damage to brand person the barker reports from london. but x.e. . even fabian his daughter to the true mind fiasco fit to reason made the world is trying to fathom break since it's seen by many countries as a baffling act of economic self sabotage financing in the u.k. appears to be a nation divided. wracked by political turmoil and all this uncertainty is doing damage to brand britain the land of winston churchill red buses the royal family
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shakespeare the list goes on six thousand kilometers away in the nigerian capital of breaks it is a source of bewilderment which is a very serious damage to the image of not totally british government well britain i say point it's a view shared in the french capital paris i want to i used to see person as a normal country part of europe now i find them quite individualistic and a little selfish. and washington d.c. what happened to this wonderful country her deal does not have the numbers from outside the u.k. the country's parliamentary democracy may sometimes look like it's about to implode . already. but this up a serial style of politics has worked quite well for hundreds of years even if parliament seems to be struggling now there are worries about the impact or breaks
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it on all aspects of life here in the u.k. from the cost of food to the availability of medicines and even toilet roll so how do brits keep calm and carry on. so great i go. out to do that i put the question to a leading brand expert who sells optimism for a living people will not keep calm and carry on from national they want certainty a clear sense of direction i leader and a team around him or her convey a future with optimism and clarity. any breaks of supporters believe it will breathe new life into brand britain water breaks it's main players government minister michael gove called it a moment of empowering patriotic renewal britain has a rich history that it mild legal system a multicultural multifaith society and then there's the english language. breaks it's also unlikely to stop the tourists under the just be rated old line is the best travel destination in the world but as m.p.'s struggle to unite around
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a single bricks it vision brand britain faces only more publicity the parka al-jazeera. well spain's far right vox staged a demonstration in barcelona a month ahead of the spanish general election rally against catalonian independence sparked a violent reaction in the city which is a center of caste and separatism protesters clashed with police and set fire to rubbish bins blocks on twelve seats in regional elections in southern spain last year is hoping to pick up seats in the spanish parliament australia is following new zealand's lead with plans to crack down on violent content on social media sites after the christ church mosque attacks a new nor proposed by the government would see social media bosses fined or even handed prison terms for failing to quickly remove violent material from the sites gerry's would decide where the content was removed fast enough from platforms including facebook and you tube the government plans to present the bill to pollen
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next week so i have a responsibility when i put those platforms into public use to make sure this site and that they cannot be weaponized by terrorists. similarly they shouldn't be weaponized for other forms of harm they can affect the youngest of those around us to die through to the most serious of criminal offenses and i have the technology to do this and i have the opportunity to do it and we're going to insist that by doing. for almost half a century hundreds of thousands of fighters have died in conflicts route the philippines as mindanao region many of the wives they behind suffer from the shame and stigma of being a war widow jamil island can travel to a small village and bustle on to hear their stories. more than four decades of continuous conflict has made mindanao region of war widows. they came from many areas of the hinterlands in basle and province
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but the share one theory in common grief. and they see that grief is made worse by the fact they're widows of abu sayyaf fighters a stigma they carry river they go. from going to life one by one they tell us their stories of how they've had no time to mourn by and they got my boys have joined the they are just like they're fired there because they were unable to finish school their most painful part to us when my nine year old boy came up to me and said mama i son want to carry a gun and join my brothers. i feel all alone in raising my thirteen children none of them were able to finish school we were raised with cannons bombs we were displaced every year we pray we hide it's the same thing for our children. many were widowed at
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a young age and were unable to finish their education and live in extreme poverty with their children. more than one hundred thousand people have been killed in the decades long rebellion in mindanao but there are no official records as to how many have been we do know that there are many things they are forgotten about the war exact the actual date on their husbands death that is because they say it marks a period of deeper suffering for their families they already had little before their husbands died and now they have even less four decades ago the jew munson dokken lost her husband in the war he was a member of the more national liberation front out of reach she says her children picked up the guns their father left behind to fight the philippine military and now she is on her own looking after her grandchildren who are now orphans there has to be a place for the needs of poorly or poorly. but this is. the
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most. concede this. must. lead this nation that organized to. them to feel that they have a new farm in many of the rebel fighters who died are honored by their communities as heroes are martyrs but three generations of women say for them the legacy of war is not of glory but pain. dogon al-jazeera province southern philippines. ok sounds prime minister imran khan promised to improve the economy when he came to office seven months ago but his government is still battling to control inflation and that's having a major impact on small businesses come on hydro ports from.


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