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of bare. with tens of thousands of people displaced and living in temporary shelter a lack of sanitation has created the perfect conditions for cholera the vaccination is a very needed and it should start next wednesday next week as the faster we go the most judges we have to come to transmission. of the corner in the book edition then there is a big need for community engagement safe water distribution. for fall in this population of berrabah to also for the district surrounding bear out where there is an iris for cases there are so. cholera is not new to mozambique the country has experienced regular outbreaks over the past five years but aid agencies now warn there is little time to prevent a major outbreak and more should be done to stem the spread of the disease.
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al-jazeera. but of all still ahead on the news hour including living in limbo how a new u.s. immigration policies have left hundreds of asylum seekers on the u.s. mexican border. plus the economic fallout from breaks it may take years to judge but the blow to the u.k.'s reputation is already very real. not spoken out to call some eighteen or nineteen year old it makes a difference for you then to see if they get back to winning ways in which you don't have that. the group that calls itself the libya quartet has been meeting on the sidelines of the arab league summit and choose if they'll to reach any major breakthrough but pledge to continue working to reconcile libya's warring factions the quarter that includes representatives of the united nations the african union the arab league and the european union. has more now from jews. this isn't the first time the
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international quartet has convened to try to and chaos and instability in libya but peace may still be a long way of the united nations secretary general the e.u. foreign policy chief the african union commission chairman and the arab league chief were all present at the meeting held in neighboring tunisia. but the meeting was snubbed by libya's prime minister phases. the authorities in tripoli have recently ramped up the rhetoric against the u.n. accusing it of failing to rein in general hell even hotter a rival to surat has launch a military campaign to expand his influence in the south accusations dismissed by the international community which hopes a national conference during april my chart a new road map for
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a political settlement. there is a new energy and a growing interest among libyans which shows a desire to build a state based on institutions to serve the people and bring things back to normal we have to remember that libya is a rich country and has a lot of resources. in the eighty years since the revolt that toppled the libya has been marred by violence and political instability there are two competing powers in libya the government of general accord based into a pulley and backed by the u.n. but general is effectively running a rival government in the east backed by the u.a.e. and egypt he has repeated devoured to send troops to invade tripoli. i asked mr good terrorists if it was still possible to narrow differences between us . despite failed attempts in the past. and there's.
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exactly. the usual phrase so for us of the five because of the millions of illegals themselves in five of the resize region of the solution. the united nations special envoy. told libyans the april beating him how did i miss near the border with algeria could be a crucial part unity for libyans to end the eighty year transitional period and hold parliamentary and presidential elections. they did national community wants libya's rival factions to set aside their differences and build a unified government there are also growing calls for a strong army that could defeat human trafficking armed groups and put an end to instability but that's going to be a distant goal with a deepening political divides between the authorities in the east and west of the country has about al-jazeera. at least fifty seven million people in turkey
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eligible to vote in sunday's local election opponents of the president reza topper when i was reading party could take power in the capital ankara and commercial istanbul for the first time since one thousand nine hundred four or let's take a look at the main contenders are ones that party is allied with the nationalist movement party or h.p. in a bloc known as the people's alliance as it has done in the two previous polls the nation alliance in their hand is made up of the center left the main opposition republican people's party or c.h.p. and the right wing party all good party the main challenger two are the ones blog the pro kurdish opposition party h.t.t.p. . supporters to vote against the ruling party in major western cities where kurdish voters could make a difference it won six million votes in last year's legislative election so then because he only has more now from istanbul. for the first time in turkey's
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political history reject a pair john the president holds local election rallies across the country the president's campaigning is an indication of how important these elections are to him and his party they are seen by many as a popularity test after zach porkies seventeen years at the helm and it's a state of economy that is presenting president add on's biggest challenge and could turn voters away from him also. the ruling party believes they can win by polarization and avoiding real problems but packing it survival to the country's future may risk the president's credibility the ruling party currently governs forty nine out of eighty one provincial misspell a t's the party formed people's alliance with the nationalist movement party in the last two elections and nominated joined candidates then they complain about high food prices so what if there are no onions in my cooking what i can't live without is our flag our country
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or the sound of the call to prayer turkeys main opposition party c.h.p. and the conservative good party have united under the nation's alliance some. the people alliance divides there are those with them and those against the even call opponents terrorist. and i kist if i don't support your pro kurdish party h.d. currently is the third largest faction in parliament it has an affair look candidates in a stumble on car and there is mayor instead is concentrating its efforts in a stronghold in the southeast of the country and it supports the opposition candidates in the west i believe kurdish votes in big cities like istanbul and ankara in is near have the potential to be a game changer however would still follow what the popular trend is. the people's alliance how waged a severe campaign by accusing candidates of having wings to the. kurdish fire.
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through which truth can its western allies consider a terrorist organization prison tired ons are quiet is facing perhaps the greatest challenge in seventeen years the economy the continuing recession threatens his support base especially in big cities like a stumble and uncorrupt sunday's local elections will go we'll the president's standing among fifty seven million turks eligible to vote. else's era stumble. security forces. to disperse demonstrators in the capital caracas opposition protests have been voicing their continued blackouts with the country's economic problems. this report was after another. opposition supporters across took to the streets demanding hardship the leader of the opposition in the city. ask people to turn their
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anger into action. protests every time there's a blackout to step up pressure on the government. that will look a little bit until they can make fun of people. enough. was of the. response to the opposition in defense they say. they want other countries to invade us well we will not allow it we will not allow it because we are patient and we will continue to be patient who will tell the president president you're not alone you have people who defend you for that reason we're with your president nicolas maduro. small groups of protesters were confronted by the police tear gas to disperse them the rallies came after another
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week of nationwide power outages leaving millions without electricity and running water businesses and schools have been closed for most of the week the economic crisis has been compounded by american sanctions. sector pushing the country even closer to total economic collapse. many among the opposition hope that the worsening conditions will topple president yes i'm just going to face their way into the situation and the country has already become unbearable we have reached a high level of anneke of despair and we don't know what to do to go down there and . the struggle for control of venezuela has reached a stalemate president might do it all backed by russia and the country's armed forces remains in power while my dog continues to claim he's the country's legitimate leader and i do this so far denied the existence of
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a humanitarian crisis but on friday he tacitly acknowledged that authorizing the red cross to undertake a massive emergency relief campaign many hope it will bring a level of respect to the millions who struggle to survive while the fight for political control of the country carries on i understand that i'm. thousands of families in central peru have lost their homes in severe flooding thanks to the area where many of the worst affected many people cut off by rising floodwaters had to leave their homes the government has declared a state of emergency injunction to province and surrounding areas at least fifty one people have died since the rainy season began last month. hundreds of central american asylum seekers on the u.s. mexican border are living in limbo under the trumpet ministrations hard line policies the regulations require migrants to remain in mexico for months under sometimes precarious conditions until their court dates and will wrap up the
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reports from the mexican border city of tijuana. i it's another day at a migrant shelter on the us mexico border almost everyone here is from central america and they're seeking asylum in the united states. in the past migrants would be allowed to wait in the u.s. while the cases were considered but a change in policy by the trump administrator. now requires them to be sent back to mexico until their case numbers are called yes back at the i arrived in tehran and applied for a number because they said that with the number everything would work out now i'm saying that's not the case in. most of the people at this shelter have been here for several months many of them tell us they don't feel safe. the americans asked me if i had somewhere to stay and. i said no we don't we don't have family here or anything they asked if it's dangerous for us in mexico and i said yes we run
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a risk there but they still send us back here i don't feel that's right. the city of the one who has seen an increase in violent crime in recent months there have been almost five hundred people killed so far in two thousand and eighteen adding to the more than twenty five hundred homicides reported last year. for central american asylum seekers like nineteen year old idea and being stuck in mexico seems just as dangerous as returning to his home in honduras. here and here want to get kidnapped or something worse because of all the criminals as a migrant you get scared but no matter i suppose we have to stay here for some time . human rights advocate because of clarke says the change in policy by the u.s. is turning the mexico side of the border into a massive waiting room for asylum applicants look at it but what the united states is intending to do is dissuade migrants by making the asylum process in the united states more bureaucratic this year an estimated two hundred forty individuals have
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been sent back to the one under the trumpet ministrations remain in mexico program but as the policy expands to more cities along the border that number is expected to rise significantly u.s. officials have defended the policy of returning central american asylum seekers to mexico calling it a vital response to a crisis at the southern border but human rights groups warn that the program could have the opposite effect and push more desperate migrants to cross over illegally went up. at the us mexico border there are still ahead here on al-jazeera. that's. the great. the popular comedian who could be ukraine's next president. the housing crisis in the fastest growing economy in southeast asia we look at those who've been left behind. and there's a new man on poland formula one is twenty one year old in shot on the planet qualifies for us for the bahrain.
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hello again and welcome back to international weather forecast well here across china we are looking at some rain that's coming into play over the next few days some of it will be heavy at times but out here towards the eastern part of china still holding on to some nice weather so for for show we are looking at partly cloudy conditions a little bit cooler at about sixteen degrees there hong kong you will be seeing the rain but notice right here across the interior this is the air of low pressure that is developing but it is going to be making its way down here towards the south and the southwest and for noid that means some very heavy rains expected across northern vietnam well as we make our way down here across parts of south asia it's now here too bad for the philippines but what we are seeing the rain is across
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parts of the southern area of vietnam as well notice the sun the storms they build up in the afternoon that's going to continue maybe even cambodia will be seeing some rain as well tempers across the region into the low thirty's bangkok the rain has ended for you you have seen quite a few days of rain but your temperatures are going up we think on monday to about thirty four degrees there and speaking of those temperatures going up in india they're well above average right now we are talking about a heat wave in certain locations temperatures across the interior are actually going over forty degrees so for now per we are looking at about forty one degrees there in hyderabad about thirty nine. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. the brazilian economy is booming but deep divisions still exist between the haves and the have nots in a country where smartphones have become a part of everyday life could technology help bridge the gap. the series that challenges developers to design apps for a better world travels to rio de janeiro and meets the young people tasked with
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making a different life than for vela farm on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the story build six million children in and outside syria have been affected by war when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told people are telling us that there's no medicine that they're not enough their engine al-jazeera has teens on the ground u.s. air power alone is not enough to bring in more war taking documentaries and lightnings on air and online.
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are going about yards are a reminder of all top stories this hour and three people are being killed at least two hundred forty palestinians injured during saturday's protests at the gods of israel fence and a fourth man died from injuries sustained on friday israeli forces fired tear gas and live ammunition this tens of thousands gathered to mark the first anniversary of week encourage. algeria zomi chief has repeated his call to remove the president of the lindsays beauty flicker from offers a day earlier millions took to the streets and. why demanding political change. the number of cholera cases in mozambique cycling city of paris has risen to two hundred seventy one country continues to deal with the aftermath of cycling the day which hits more than two weeks ago damage to water and sanitation infrastructure has raised fears about containing a potential epidemic or rob holden is the world health organization's emergency
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response manager in mozambique and he explains the scale of the outbreak. i think at the moment what we're seeing is an increase in the number of people presented with what we call acute watery diarrhea and we know all the color is present on rick on trying to confirm cases that government this week come from the chair was not what's important to set the stage is that there is this is a color and then a region so there was there have been previous colorado breaks in this area so it wasn't surprising given the events and given the very difficult circumstances that people find themselves when they get that we're seeing the increase in acute watery diarrhea and we're seeing the emergence of cholera i think it'll be a little a few more days before we know the full extent of what we get the systems in place and also while we access some areas that have been previously in accessible you know what we're trying to do with the governments with the u.n. agencies when n.g.o.s i'm with the local community to respond quickly and what
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we're trying to do is limit the spread of the disease by ensuring that we get fresh water in safe water when we get public messaging out we get the community from border to get people living in much better conditions so we're trying to present to prevent the disease from spreading by a whole range of measures and then we'll to important those about to become on well we've got what we call the case money from. the treatment facilities to be able to respond quickly so that if somebody gets sick they get the treatment very quickly so there's a whole there's a whole range of infrastructure response mechanisms sapan the systems that we're putting into place that will hopefully allow i was to quickly control the spread for the moment but more importantly that we reduce the number of people getting sick in the first place this is more than just a call or response i think it's really important to emphasize that yes cholera has
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dominated the headlines and we most critics account about you know you've seen the disaster position. geographic area this twelve million people in the air in two million people need blind faith in the system try not w. which old position with the government to mozambique our job is to help reestablish life saving health services you know we don't do that alone we do it with the ministry of health or do it with all the government you know government departments and we do it with all the un agencies on the community so it's all that by. being on the ground pushing a guy out to ensure that we get surveillance in place that. we detect and we can respond to it quickly that we get clinics open to get doctors back to where we get nurses back to where we get hospitals opened and we get services running again for both. those that were on medication before so it's about restarting a whole health care service and that is a monumental task in these conditions there is
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a huge logistical operation now in full swing but the vast scale it does take time to reach all locations and there are at this stage even to close on from the event there are. only just getting to the u.s. president's decision to allow offshore oil drilling in the to goshen has been overruled the district court judge called donald trump's reversal of an environmental protection policy from the obama era unlawful and invalid means the drilling ban in much of the arctic ocean will be back into effect the ruling is the result of the lawsuits brought by coalition of environmental groups following trump's executive order let's join rob reynolds in washington and. tell us more about what is routing says and how much of a setback is it for for trucks really. well the judge in this case nick sharon gleason ruled that the president exceeded his constitutional authority when
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he issued an executive order back in april of two thousand and seventeen that essentially stripped away protected status from oil exploration and oil drilling from about five hundred thousand square kilometers of arctic and north atlantic waters trump has been trying repeatedly since he came into office to roll back the some environmental protections that were made during the obama administration but he's had little success so far because environmentalists as in this case keep taking him to court and they keep winning so far the trumpet ministration has lost about forty of these environmental related lawsuits in court now the ruling most immediately means that the government will not be able to auction off leases for certain areas in these protected waters that it had planned to give
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to companies for exploration and it could potentially also impact some very controversial decisions that were made early in the trumpet ministration involving two national monuments the trump administration decided to reduce the size of these two monuments which are in scenic desert areas of the western united states reducing them bow by about eight hundred thousand hectares and then opening up that land to mining and oil exploration the judge in this case judge gleason has ruled that once a president has designated a protected area or a national monument under laws that date in some cases back well over a hundred years that only an act of congress can change that designation so it's not possible for any later president to come along and simply. change it by executive order as the president trump did in this case these protected areas
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largely around and off the coast of alaska are pristine areas mostly unspoiled and they are home to several endangered species including bowhead whales and polar bears you can imagine that donald trump would let his guard quietly hasn't been any reaction yet not yet the white house says referred a comment to the interior department which has declined to respond but you know the president has a law it himself with the extractive industries with the oil industry the coal industry he has boasted that the united states has recently become the world's top energy producer which actually occurred back in two thousand and thirteen and most recently in a campaign style speech in michigan or last thursday he strongly derided the democrats for their so-called green new deal and indicated
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that he wants to go full steam ahead on fossil fuels. rob thanks very much indeed rob reynolds reporting from washington d.c. ukrainians are gehring out for polls on sunday where they will choose a president from a field of thirty nine kind of it's one kind of it stands out that's a lot of means and ski is a charismatic comedian who's never help and it's good office and he's ahead in the opinion polls trying to him a current president petro poroshenko and former prime minister hugo to machine come to a neck and neck in the race to make it to a runoff china has more now from q. one. hundred from ground zero in the race to become ukraine's next president but will give me a zillion ski he's an actor and comedian he's campaign appearances a stand up comedy act. what he lacks in actual policy or political experience he makes up for with his on screen persona in a popular television series as
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a teacher blows the whistle on corruption suddenly finding himself yes president of ukraine that's the. great. zelinsky well he's famous for one thing young people see him as an anti-establishment outsider figure which they like and this probably is a certain thing. and i'd say this is a likeness personality but it seems even he isn't sure if you can be president or not we don't know if we just want to believe that he's a better option previous presidents with businessmen politicians and lawyers maybe a comedian can make a difference for ukraine many feel the political zelinsky could hardly do worse than the current president petro poroshenko he came to power after russia's annexation of crimea vowing to end the war in the east and sweep away corruption the billionaire confectionery king here immortalized in bullet casings and his own
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sweet and chocolate wrappers has bowed to pressure from the international monetary fund raising utility prices that hurt the poor and he's in a circle he's implicated in allegedly corrupt weapons purchases. corruption i think we should talk about this that's why reason all of these. painting this is a conversation president. first of all and if he will be elected for the second time i. think of all what kind of place in the history of wants to get. also in the running after two decades in politics and three years in prison is former prime minister yulia timoshenko many of her supporters at a final rally in central kiev were bussed in from the countryside drawn by a pledge to consume a gas prices the focus of this election is the economy with few promises being made
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about the war that's the toxic question for all the candidates no one has the answer no one has. no one wants to take responsibility for five years of war after a people's rebellion against russian influence and corruption and ukraine is a country that seems stuck unsure now which way to turn jonah how al-jazeera. there are reports that series a man could put her brakes deal to a full third of the british prime minister's laid his bid to get her e.u. withdrawal agreement through parliament was rejected by fifty eight votes in central london pretty bright said protestors of riley for a second day and a new wrist demonstrations by both sides in the british capital on friday the day the u.k. was meant to leave your union and i mean baba has more. they're calling this the great great state betrayal rally smaller numbers than on friday outside parliament but the same anger the protestors say that they were promised the u.k.
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would leave the european union on the twenty ninth of march the date speed and go on and now with parliament due to consider indicative votes on other options for practice it and no one really knowing what's going to happen they're extremely worried that either they'll be a big delay to breaks it or that it might not happen a toll now to reason may has hinted that she might go for a general election to get out of the past and of course breaks it will feature heavily in campaigning. that could also be a participation by britain in the upcoming european parliament elections all that remains to be seen but for these activists they say that they're going to keep on the pressure so that the issue is front and center not just for parliament but around the country but as the break said wrangling continues there's growing concern about how it's affecting the u.k.'s image advertising experts say the hostile tone of the debate is damaging brand britain need baka has this.
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the there fabian here dr the breakthrough fiasco fit to reason made the world is trying to fathom break seems it's seen by many countries as a baffling act of economic self sabotage financing in the u.k. appears to be a nation divided. wracked by political turmoil and all this uncertainty is doing damage to brand britain the land of winston churchill red buses the royal family shakespeare the list goes on six thousand kilometers away in the nigerian capital of breaks it is a source of bewilderment it has been a very serious damage to the image of a not guilty british government will britain nicely point it's a view shared in the french capital paris i want to get i used to see person as a normal country part of europe now i find them quite individualistic and
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a little selfish. and washington d.c. what happened to this wonderful country her deal does not have the numbers from outside the u.k. the country's parliamentary democracy may sometimes look like it's about to implode . already. but this up a serial style of politics has worked quite well for hundreds of years even if parliament seems to be struggling now there are worries about the impact or breaks it on all aspects of life here in the u.k. from the cost of food to the availability of medicines and even toilet roll so how do brits keep calm and carry on. so great i go. how do they put the question to a leading brand experts who sells optimism for a living people will not keep calm and carry on from the they want certainty a clear sense of direction leader and a team around him or her convey a future with optimism and clarity. many breaks it supporters believe it will
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breathe new life into a brand britain want to brag six main players government minister michael gove called it a moment of empowering patriotic renewal britain has a rich history and it mild legal system a multicultural multifaith society and then there's the english language. breaks it's also unlikely to stop the tourist under the just be rated online as the best travel destination in the world but as m.p. struggle to unite around a single vision brand britain faces only more publicists. breathing new life fresh hope for the survival of an animal unique to one instinct. as we have scored the penalty brady had to suffer for it speedo will be here with action from the. school.


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