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tv   Kumi Naidoo  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2019 11:32am-12:02pm +03

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individualistic and a little selfish. and washington d.c. what happened to this wonderful country her deal does not have the numbers from outside the u.k. the country's parliamentary democracy may sometimes look like it's about to implode . order. the but this up a serial style of politics has worked quite well for hundreds of years even if parliament seems to be struggling now there are worries about the impact or breaks in all aspects of life here in the u.k. from the cost of food to the availability of medicines and even toilet roll so how do brits keep calm and carry on. so great i go. how do they put the question to a leading brand experts who sells optimism for a living people will not keep calm and carry on for much longer they want certainty a clear sense of direction leader and a team around him or her to convey a future with optimism and clarity. many breaks its supporters believe it will
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breathe new life into a brand britain want to break six main players government minister michael gove called it a moment of in our patriotic renewal britain has a rich history and it mild legal system a multicultural multifaith society and then there's the english language. breaks it's also unlikely to stop the tourist under the just be rated online as the best travel destination in the world but as m.p.'s struggle to unite around a single bricks it vision brand britain faces only more publicity. still ahead here at al-jazeera breathing new life fresh for the survival of an animal unique to one australians think. that alex thomas may have scored the penalty but he had to suffer for it speedo will be here with action from the excuse me in school.
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rewind continues i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of all diseases documentaries the struggle continues from the till now is distance revisiting the silver phase when going back to a poor south african neighborhood where music and tradition come together in an annual competition but the people who are the only reward. and monday put it on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians
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still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape the lure. of the philippines is forecast to become the falses growing economy in southeast asia but tens of millions of filipinos are at risk of being left behind the curious shortage of affordable housing is proving to be the core of the problem as well and they're going to reports from another. married oh say paso has been living here with her husband and four children this small room serves as their kitchen living room dining area and bathroom at night they all sleep in this less than ten square
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meter bedroom upstairs and made out of their cars house us really small and we can barely stretch our legs here it's hot and crompton but that's better than nothing. according to the philippine government almost six million homes need to be built for impoverished filipinos and that backlog is expected to reach almost eight million by twenty twenty two which means thousands of homes need to be built every day in order to meet that demand but that's not happening because government says it hasn't enough money we are producing less than the need for housing since this is also a budget exam when there are calamities of course we fall short of the target to meet the housing backlog because the priorities and education on health we compete with the basic sectors every year this lack of housing is made worse by thousands
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of families being displaced by typhoons and earthquakes and the decades long conflict in many places like the mindanao region displaces thousands more experts say the poor are most likely to be homeless and that's worsened by a growing population more than twenty two million filipinos are now living in extreme poverty the government says it's taking action we hope the programs projects. of all government agencies local government units contribute to really eradicate poverty in the country. as most of the unemployed to have no proof of home ownership the government has classify them as illegal settlers people like their. mary rose's mother she moved here in one thousand nine hundred eighty three after her husband died and raised her children on her own more
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than thirty five years later she is still classed as an illegal settler. what you would like is to be relocated to an affordable housing so we can finally own a home so we can pay for it little by little there are many shanties like this one in the capital manila people who live in small areas without adequate sanitation yet filipinos continue to come here looking for jobs and many like there is a you say living without a permanent home makes them feel they're lost and drifting. dugan al-jazeera manila now the new home for the survival of endangered most certainly from the state the tasmanian devil has faced extinction because of a transmissible form of cancer about eighty five percent of tonnes billion devils were wiped out by the disease but scientists say the animals have developed an immune response that's helping them fight back with special breeding programs it's
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hopes that he will return to. made is an ecologist a research university of tasmania and he says the disease hasn't been eradicated but the animals have found a way to live with it. this is very good news indeed means a lot because we have documented an increasing number of animals that have now ten accounts of i've now despite having chimeras for a long period of time and as a result that gave them different unity to brace and put another generation into the population and more importantly we have seen an increasing number of animals that have managed to queue themselves from this concept which is absolutely fascinating is these are animals of developed tumours and then somehow the new system reacts and those tumors regress and disappear so we hope that this is a heritable response that will be passed on to future generations and that allows it dismantle to co-exist with the stress miscible cancer what we hope to see is
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that these behaviors that are associated with reduced aggressivity will be selected because that would allow animals not to get infected any sows are the only males that are surviving in the population those genes might also be passed into future generations so we're hoping that this adaptations to a transmissible cancer into just money and devil will come not only from the minute immune perspective there from many other areas that hopefully will allow them to fight back this is east we don't think that this will mean that the disease will be eradicated or that will disappear from just many that we think that will mean that just men and devils one go to extinction and somehow they will learn to live with cancer which is absolutely astonishing considering the mortality of cancer as well as all right as we sort of support his pizza. thank you very much for ariz showing the clear has secured the first formula one pole position of his career as the perfect teammate sebastian vettel two top spots on the grid at the bahrain grand
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prix yet. football got this in the twenty one year old from monaco becomes the youngest man to take bolton's vettel burst onto the scene in two thousand and eight claire said bahrain record of one minute twenty seven point eight six six seconds on saturday sunday's race will see the ferrari pace start ahead of reigning move champion lewis hamilton. far as i've been incredibly quick. in an incredible goal to congratulations to him it's very close between me and sebastian in the last lap there's a little bit time now but that's the fun of this whole you know the whole game so tomorrow as the most important day in every intricacy i would do but i'm going to have a good fight. early on saturday michael schumacher son mick on the left here had a good start to his career in formula to the german finished eighth in bahrain thirty five seconds behind winner nicolas schumacher won the if three championships last year. uganda's are back on the winning trail in city after going down to genoa
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last time out some blame that defeat on the absence of their star striker cristiana renault the portuguese was again absent for the first match against emboli on saturday but already it was a can so outing away the games only go one no you may leave the standings by eighteen points. it's been an eventful saturday in the english premier league manchester city where to point clear of liverpool at the top after beating fullam to know how does field the first team to be relegated from the premier league this season after losing to crystal palace and manchester united one two one against waterford to give only gonna solve he's first win since going from caretaker its a permanent manager at old trafford they go above arsenal into the fourth champions league spot it's so tight this four very good teams challenging for two places now we're in. we're almost in the driving seat i think we've given us a fantastic chance. but top is looking for you know chelsea also chasing one of
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those champions league spots they play cardiff on sunday while liverpool will host tottenham hotspur now boss alone and come out on top two no in a city darby against catalan rivals espanyol in the spanish league after a goalless first off on saturday the n.l. messi finally broke the deadlock with a free kick messi netted a second goal before the final whistle to help and next of ed there's men maintain a ten point lead in the standings over athletico madrid beat elevates four will if supporters fight to defend they portuguese pre-match league title was boosted when they beat braga in a five goal thriller on saturday this is a taking your equalizing for the man in blue and white so after falling behind to an early wilson eduardo goal this penalty again levelled matters supporter but it was not ideal for alex to waste injuring himself in the process of taking the penalty resilient was taken off the field. the comeback was completed with
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another penalty. this time to kenya stepping up to stop her from the spot through to the five school of tiger woods came out on top of each showdown with ruwi mcelroy at the world match play championship in austin texas on saturday the american closed out a two and one victory over the thirteenth of march seventeenth with an irishman mcelroy had fought back off and going to down at the turn but didn't have quite enough to catch the fourteen time major winner. australia's ashley barty has won the biggest title of her career beating world number five catalina fisk of a in the miami open final the twelve seeded australian overwhelmed her czech opponent seven six six three on saturday this for her fourth w.e.t.a. title body will break into the world's top to. and for the first time when the rankings come out. and roger federer has he's eyes on
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a fourth title in miami as the world number four heads into the men's final federer dominated the semifinal beating the twentieth seed nineteen year old dennis scheib total of the thirty seven year old ph├Ędre coming out on top six two six who will play john is not for the trophy and so. teamwork is obviously important in football but taking a penalty is usually something players can manage to do on their own not so these two strikers in qatar who may regret this bit of collaboration mediterraneans highly on the whole for the x. pass to all get off a teammate abdulaziz how to fail to fall the goalkeeper forty for them and went on to beat their opponents already on full two and that's all the sport for now more coming up again later peter thanks very much a day now more than two hundred landmarks around the world went dark for an hour to raise awareness of climate change the eiffel tower and brought about gates in
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sydney opera house where just a few of the monuments switched off for the annual lights out a vent is in its thirteenth year and organizers hope it will inspire people to campaign to protect the planet. that's it from a for this news the stars will be here with all the whole for news just gets. i am a fish every week a new cycle going to see the simple breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's janel ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel but that is not what that phrase because i've been listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most embarrassing a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. it
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is cold war where on live t.v. . is to be able to be concise expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it means for the future or if you joined us on sat israel is an apartheid state in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join the colobus conversation. three palestinians are killed and hundreds injured as israeli forces used live fire against protesters marking a year of gaza demonstrations. hello i missed and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming out. of the algerian
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military has always been within the legitimacy of the constitution algeria's army chief says there's a campaign against the military backed calls for the removal of president abdul aziz person frica. epidemic fears and mozambique as the number of cholera cases in the wake of cycling doubles in alan's. great. and he's acted the part of the popular comedian who could be ukraine's next president. three palestinian teenagers have been killed and more than two hundred forty people injured during a day of protests in gaza it happened as tens of thousands gathered at the fence that separates gaza from israel to mark a year since the start of weekly protests known as the great launch of return and
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hundreds of people turned out for the funeral of mohammed saad a twenty one year old palestinian who died on saturday after being shot while protesting near the barrier fence a day palestinians are demanding the right to return to the lands from which their families were violently expelled during the founding of israel in one nine hundred forty eight they also want an end to israel's twelve year blockade of gaza mohammad jan dream has more from that. on the first anniversary of the great march of return palestinians came out committed to their cause. of it we're here for the anniversary of nine and that has been stolen by. israel we hate to tell everyone that we have rights and they've been taken by the israelis. for many here this is become a regular weekly routine a cycle of bullets and tear gas all of it bringing death and injury to the protesters. as in protest past some demonstrators ran toward the border fence and
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others hurled rocks toward israeli forces but today most stayed behind simply observing waiting to see what happens next making a difference was the presence of hamas and islamic jihad volunteers who actively tried to keep things calm. despite the flare ups things have so far today been far less chaotic than many people feared they would be the question now what exactly happens next. the great march of return protests began on march thirtieth two thousand and eighteen when civil society groups called for action against the twelve year blockade on gaza the original aim was to break through the fence and reclaim their ancestral land the protests were later organized by hamas saturday's anniversary was set against the backdrop of a bid by egypt to deescalate the latest round of tensions between israel and hamas negotiations are ongoing. a massive visuals on the scene said they'd arrived at a crossroads. everything will depend on how israel deals with
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protesters will they stop attacking civilians and stop the aggression and airstrikes on gaza and also are they going to respect what's been agreed upon with the egyptians last some were cautiously optimistic about the prospect of a deal others worry a deal won't ensure things will fundamentally change the mood over the phone as it has the economic situation in gaza has been very miserable for a long time but in the last two years it's become more miserable and unemployment is very high there's no money in gaza the border is closed which means eighty percent of needed items cannot and who goes to the people aren't allowed to travel and there aren't enough hospitals for treatment a sentiment echoed by many here who vowed to continue to come out week after week year after year until they finally get the rights and opportunities they deserve. gaza while israel has launched another round of artillery strikes on gaza they
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targeted hamas positions near the border fence separating gaza and israel the israeli army said five rockets were fired into israeli territory from gaza there were no casualties hamas evacuated some of its positions in anticipation of an israeli response. well algeria's on the chief has renewed his call for the constitution to be used to remove president of the specific a from power millions of algerians have been taking part in nationwide anti-government protests demanding political change. reports. who days after the army backed protestors cools the president abdelaziz bouteflika to step down algeria is amici reiterated his be that the eighty two year old president must leave office the minute there is the position taken by the algerian military has always been within the legitimacy of the constitution and has always upheld the interest of the algerian people above all it is always seen that
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pollution to the crisis count be anything other than the implementation of article one hundred two of the constitution but acknowledge there is resistance to his plan a moon deponents not to seek to undermine the military some think he was referring to a meeting between proof employer brother saeed and the former head of algeria secret service this is actually more about the different elements within the regime itself within what it was known as you look to what are the power and which is a series of patterns that held power collectively and that until now have worked side by side and which now seemed to actually be coming apart. bt flicker has ruled algeria for twenty years suffered a stroke in twenty thirteen and is ready been seen in public since by triggering article one or two the constitutional council would declare the president unfit to lead the country a step that would pave the way for the chairman of the upper chamber in parliament
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to take over as interim president until elections are held. but many algerians want much more than a change of leadership they're calling for an overhaul of the entire political system that plans include a national unity government that would lead the country for a transitional period draft a new constitution and reinvigorate an economy in tatters. the government attempted to split the opposition but now there are signs the government itself may be splintering as it tries to resolve this crisis victoria gate and be. the number of cholera cases in the city of barren mozambique has increased to more than two hundred seventy eight and health workers a struggling with the aftermath of site trying to die but yet more than two weeks ago damage to water and sanitation facilities has raised fears about a potential at the demick. reports. scenes of destruction left in the wake of
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catastrophic flooding with towns and villages submerged cycling hundreds of people in mozambique. now the government is desperately trying to save lives. we're trying for void an outbreak of cholera the moment we're expecting this we're very prepared for there's no doctors in place so this is what we're doing at the moment many were trapped for more than a week with no access to clean water after cycling eat i hit the port city of bear . with tens of thousands of people displaced and living in temporary shelter a lack of sanitation has created the perfect conditions for cholera the vaccination is a very needed and it should start next wednesday next week the faster we go the most generous we have to come to transmission. of the coalition in the population then
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there is a big need for community engagement safe water distribution for fall in this population of berrabah to also for the districts are running bera where there is a i risk for cases there are so. cholera is not new to mozambique the country has experienced regular outbreaks over the past five years but aid agencies now warn there is little time to prevent a major outbreak and more should be done to stem the spread of the disease. in duke way al-jazeera. at least fifty seven million people in turkey are eligible to vote in sunday's local election opponents of president. and his ruling party could take power in the capital ankara and commercial hub istanbul for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety four other ones a.k. party has allied with the nationalist movement party or m h p n a bloc known as the
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people's alliance the nation alliance on the other hand is made up of the center left main opposition republican people's party or c.h.p. and the right wing party or good party it's the main challenger to other ones bloc the procurators opposition party h d p has urged its supporters to vote against the ruling party in major western cities where kurdish voters could make a difference scene and has more from istanbul. for the first time in turkey's political history. the president holds local election rallies across the country the president's campaigning is an indication of how important these elections are to him and his party they are seen by many as a popularity past after seventeen years to home and the state don't recall a real good is presenting president biggest challenge and could turn voters away from him. because the ruling party believes they can win by polarization and
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avoiding real problems but picking it survival to the country's future may risk the president's credibility. the ruling party currently governs forty nine out of eighty one provincial minutes ballot he's the party formed people's alliance with the nationalist movement party in the last two elections and nominated joint candidates then they complain about high food prices so what if there are no onions in my cooking what i can't live without is our flag our country or the sound of the call to prayer turkey's main opposition party c.h.p. and the conservative good party have united under the nation's alliance somewhere along the peoples alliance divides there are those with them and those against the even called opponents terrorist m i n and i kist if i don't support your pro kurdish party h d p currently is the third largest faction in parliament it has a field of candidates and a stumble on corrupt and there is merit instead is concentrating its efforts in
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a stronghold in the southeast up to country and it supports the opposition candidates in the west i believe kurdish votes in big cities like istanbul and qur'an is near have the potential to be a game changer however it would still follow what the popular trend is the people's alliance how waged a severe campaign by accusing candidates of having links to the p.k. came kurdish fighters group which truth can its western allies consider a terrorist organization prisons are dons are quite is facing perhaps the greatest challenge in seventeen years the economy the continuing recession threatens the support base especially in big cities like a stumble and sunday's local elections will or will the president's standing among fifty seven million turks eligible to vote see now because so what else is there a stumble. well the weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera. i'd imagine from the gloom venezuela's opposition leader rallies support
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and get back out. and the housing crisis the fastest growing economy in southeast asia. has been left behind. hello again and welcome back we're crossing eight states we're seeing a weather system pushing through we're seeing some colder air up to the north and some warmer air down here towards the south in the north that means temperatures that are going to be in the single digits so we are looking at those freetime temptress but they feel more like winter time with minneapolis high fuel for chicago at four in kansas city at nine but down here towards the south we are still seeing a lot of warmer air for atlanta it's going to be a cloudy day at eighty but as a system.


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