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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 89  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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one of the critical moments in the history of the united states we're talking about torturing and that is illegal and. i wouldn't do it. classified documents prison as accounts and reports outline a regime of abuse euphemistically named as enhanced interrogation subsequently denounced as torture techniques included waterboarding simulated drowning rule slamming sleep deprivation extreme stress positions and sexual and psychological abuse. is as or best man did beat me pick me up i was all knocked off it's all in order me to be in the. dimensions or see the fact that it's almost done by where finish the necessary. it got to be a strong shot the numbers fights you as ignorant as it are among. the number was offset.
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and marg and again we're. going to. see a dismissal in the calendar was held without any explanation the cia realized very soon that they got the wrong man but it took more than four months before he was released they put him on a plane to albania drove him to a remote location and then dumped him on the underfunded mission and rode on to and . from lawson or friendly and. he gave. them the. good are those today he is free but still paying the price suffering severe psychological trauma and whilst macedonia has apologized for its road and his friend issued he's received no apology from the u.s. he's now mounting the latest in a series of legal cases against the u.s.
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administration since kachin ition she just kind of just come. under the. earth. can do with carolina campaigners are determined that no victim of rendition is forgotten. italian citizen custom britell was seized in pakistan in two thousand and two and rented on an average night to merrill cave where he was subjected to horrendous abuse before being freed a full nine years later. today his wife anna speaks on his behalf the trauma of his experience has left him unable to relive this ordeal. all the unpaid work. in the. e.u.
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. so. in twenty fourteen after years of investigation the us senate intelligence committee compiled a report into cia torture. but those who hate america was finally going to tell the full story about this period to be disappointed all that was made public this heavily redacted executive summary the entire report it was six thousand pages to this day remain secret. we ought to warn to see those six thousand pages of the full report because if the executive summaries any indication that report does to
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a standing things categorically it says torture not more and it says we tortured and we tortured extensively we even murdered people the ultimate torture that report should come out in the main reason it didn't come out as a north carolinian by the name of richard burr who is chairman of the senate select committee on intelligence prevented that report from being read by the american people and as far as i'm concerned that's complicit with war crimes. yes because what's reported in that report. war. senator byrd declined our request for a comment. earlier this year senator byrd a republican also chaired the confirmation hearing for president donald trump's controversial nominee as the new head of the cia or jena high school true.
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mccain has opposed confirmation hearings here back in may reignited controversy over the cia's pace nine eleven torture program not least her a record hitting a detention facility in thailand in two thousand and two where a detainee was water boarded. the. do you believe in hindsight that those techniques were immoral senator what i believe sitting here today is that i support the higher moral standard we have decided to hold ourselves to is answer the question. and i think i've answered the question if not as you know i'm strong supporter of your nomination to be director of the central intelligence agency you may in fact be the most qualified nominee ever nominated for this role here in our june thank you mr chairman. tina hospitals appointment was
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approved. colonel steve kleinman was a career military intelligence officer he's recognized as a leading expert on the interrogation of terror suspects the message we send in the world that some years of all the torture has been rewarded again with most arguably one of the most prestigious if not the most prestigious position in our intelligence community how can we sending our cia director who have all the torture to work with with a senior intelligence official from another part of the world where torture is common and for for her to ever tried to chastise them to try to get a different way that well they'll say well you did it. yes but she said she said she wouldn't she wouldn't let the cia do. well on i'm sorry i don't believe are the critics ask what would she do if donald trump was to go to the cia to reintroduce torture. they said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely
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need it we should have it and if we can't we should have worse. no doubt doll trump would get her out of the way posthaste if she objected and put someone in there who wouldn't do. the hard fact is that during his election campaign president trump faced down obama era opposition to torture torture works ok folks torture but you don't have these guys torture doesn't work believe me it works ok waterboarding is your minor form some people say it's not actually torture let's assume it is but they asked me the question what do you think waterboarding absolutely fine but we should go much stronger than waterboarding that's the way i feel not fallon has more than thirty years experience as a special agent with the n.c.a.a.'s the u.s. naval criminal investigative service he's investigated some of the made significant terrorist operations in u.s.
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history he's wrong and while torture does work. for what if you want propaganda if i want to tell if i want to get you to tell me something that i want to hear i can get are you torture you what it's in effect about is getting the truth torture as a tactic is not only ineffective it's counterproductive and it's dangerous it cost lives mr experts we spoke to agreed as a means of getting accurate intelligence torture simply doesn't work victims will say anything to stop the torture including full screen fashions and fabrications if you look through the history of torture it was used for one thing and what the only political or religious oppression to intimidate to threaten to keep people lying. the white house declined to comment on president trump's endorsement of torture the cia declined to respond to questions about gina hospital suitability for her cia role and referred us to her confirmation hearings where she said i would not
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support the use of enhanced interrogation techniques when asked what she do if the president gave her a direct order to waterboard a terrorist suspect she said i do not believe the president would ask me to do that . in september twenty eighth seen in north carolina's campaign as a major report on their state's role in facilitating the cia's torture program it was the culmination of eighteen months of detailed investigations public hearings and the contribution of dozens of expert witnesses including the former un rapporteurs on torture and a former guantanamo detainee mohammed who will slahi. the report was a devastating indictment calling on the state governor lingle thora to his and politicians to finally take
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a stand against torture with their demands loudly and clear under no. they are what we tolerate then you remain true. other human being. it also calls for an investigation into the north carolina company erit contract is . are they participating in the illegal kidnapping and disappearance of prisoners overseas we have no idea and they certainly could do it again if a future us administration introduced this program. we wanted to ask eric contract is about their business today offering what they call specialized past. and cargo transport haitian solutions to customers around the globe we rate to three for the planets and even called on them but no one would speak. i'm sorry is not. could we talk to him.
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not there. we also contacted every contract his management he didn't reply so we called on lawyer lamar armstrong listed for many years as a senior management representative of every contract is we wanted to get his reaction to the revelations in the north carolina report into torture and the stated role of eric. we sent an e-mail to mr armstrong mr lamar armstrong representative of eric tractors. thank you very much thanks a lot charlie was he not interested because he's just not there he's going to call the police. he doesn't want to talk about the aircraft operated by eric contractor that played a federal role in the cia torture program a seven three seven boeing business jet originally numbered literally one cleveland
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. oh here's the police. my name sarah stella from al-jazeera television the one who thought this. was. so mr armstrong threatened to call the police when we asked him for an interview as a representative of eric contractors' and indeed he has called the police not just one or two cars have a right here i may thank you good to meet you thank you but by that same day at the courthouse in smithfield north carolina campaigners distributed copies of their report to lay cool elected county commissioners over the years campaigners have improved these commissioners to investigate activities at the local airport. a respected local minister tried to ask a simple question about what companies say is north carolina's complicity in torture and we are here tonight to ask you smithfield county commissioners can
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you say with us we are wrong. a knife. think that. in the face of silence we put our questions when making a film about the secret cia rendition pay them do commission is believe that torture is morally acceptable i know you think that is misinformed and. i didn't say anything about torture be accepted was think there was anything illegal going on on that area so i asked the chairman of the benito job about seven year for question my answer is appealing to this your opinion i'm glad this hijacking that i'm not getting an opinion out about here question do you think the corporate naive question on the is there anything else anybody else respect her dresses for with
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her trying to just kill business. despite the deafening silence here the demands for the truth about the cia program about torture continue. in the next part of this investigation we visit one ton of obey cuba the new torrijos u.s. naval base u.s. president trump has vowed to keep open. we investigate claims that secrecy about past torture is impeding the quest for justice after nine eleven. and we traveled to morocco to meet the family of a gun totting no prisoner cleared for release but like others still incarcerated by the u.s. administration and we are asking what the future holds under president donald j. trump. president trump who is a man rode with torture who has
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a thirst for calorie i'm afraid that we're setting the conditions to return back to practice of brutality and state sponsored torture as we did done in the past. a notorious symbol of the u.s. war on terror one said for close guantanamo bay and its detainees going nowhere we have identified as a priority is the construction of a nail high value detention center i'm afraid that we're setting the conditions to return back to craft. and state sponsored torture as we passed rendition revisited to on al-jazeera.
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hello an associate with the headlines on al-jazeera three palestinian teenagers have been killed and more than two hundred forty people injured during a day of protests and gaza a fourth man died from injuries sustained on friday tens of thousands gathered at the fence that separates gaza from israel to market here since the start of week
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protests how does here is mohammed and jim has more from gaza. on the first anniversary of the great march of return palestinians came out committed to their cause because you know you on this is a crowd of if you have that we're here for the anniversary of land day and that has been stolen by israel we hate to tell everyone that we have rights and they've been taken by the israelis. for many here this is become a regular weekly routine a cycle of bullets and tear gas all of it bringing death and injury to the protesters. as in protest past some demonstrators ran toward the border fence and others are old rocks toward israeli forces but today most stayed behind simply observing waiting to see what happens next but making a difference was the presence of hamas and islamic jihad volunteers who actively tried to keep things calm. despite the flare ups things have so far today been far less chaotic than many people feared they would be the question now what exactly
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happens next. the great march of return protests began on march thirtieth two thousand and eighteen when civil society groups called for action against a twelve year blockade on gaza the original aim was to break through the fence and reclaim their ancestral land the protests were later organized by hamas saturday's anniversary was set against the backdrop of a bid by egypt to deescalate the latest round of tensions between israel and hamas negotiations are ongoing a massive issue is on the scene said they'd arrived at a crossroads head that must look without effort. will depend on how israel deals with protesters will they stop attacking civilians and stop the aggression and airstrikes on gaza and also are they going to respect what's been agreed upon with the egyptians the last some were cautiously optimistic about the prospect of a deal others worry a deal won't ensure things will fundamentally change the world over for your c.s.
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is a force that held the economic situation in gaza has been very miserable for a long time but in the last two years it's become more miserable and unemployment is very high there's no money in gaza the border is closed which means eighty percent of needed items come out and who goes to people who aren't allowed to travel on their own scene of hospitals for treatment a sentiment echoed by many here who vowed to continue to come out week after week year after year until they finally get the rights and opportunities they deserve. gaza algeria's army chief has repeated his call to apply article one hundred two of the constitution to remove president otherwise is preserved from office a day earlier millions took to the streets nationwide demanding political change. voting has begun and turkey's local elections and opposition alliance is hoping to president in the dominance of the ruling ak party the economy is in recession which could prove to be a key issue for voters and voting has also begun
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a new cranes highly contested presidential election these are live pictures from kiev thirty nine candidates are in the running including the incumbent petro poroshenko and former prime minister yulia timoshenko but it's comedian let me is alinsky who is leading in opinion polls and slovakia has elected a liberal lawyer as its next president zuzana coverage over one fifty eight percent of the votes the forty five year old environmental activist will be for vacuous first female president she campaigns to end corruption. saudi arabia has been accused of hacking the phone of amazon chief executive jeff bezos an investigation by his personal security consultant found the kingdom obtained private information in january the national enquirer published leaked text messages between bezos and a woman he was dating saudi arabia has claims no involvement while the enquirer says it didn't break any laws. the number of cholera cases a mozambique site can hit city of beirut has risen to two hundred seventy one it's
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dealing with the aftermath of saigon you die those are the headlines next up fourteen up south africa. south africa nine hundred ninety nine traveling across the country to meet fourteen year old learn about their lives i. mean. in one thousand nine hundred two you visited them over there was seventy two hours . to. partake was in its death throes
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and there was virtual civil war in the run up to the first free election. found. in one thousand nine hundred eleven lived in the north and transfer part of a very conservative community. dos what condition your school. you know sister. ms clinton but it fleshed. him and school they don't just oppose it so what it does not used to post those on next. well it was only for lenny the mocking those who had made sydney look proud as one
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i got to suffer drawn i draw it's been a nice only hunted puppy to adult when she wanted as i have it going to change her non stop a tree. by the field with the premium and set off to come and so i took this on some people and the good with the troop to be there lets see it is silent. in the ghetto q yeah. and the law is number of anthony lawn. i'm ok with i do just have. a good gift and good to sew for what i do need. to oxted money into cash to. hunt oxen and click next year's donkey malcolm so it's a good deal of sanity sure. well i was quickly can you tell me.
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that if you see. the seem. like oh miss a cue sneak around to al gadhafi for about stormy's would do it skewed toward mean to say monte visit of trickle to sean out on the lawn vent quickly didn't have a beauty to it it me. when we met long grade seven he lived in devon and went to school which had formerly been for whites only and he was one of just a few back children. and. he see if you all black and you're married to a white person he'll call on. you let her you lost girl wish roots.
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or she has a wife she'd like to live with like people you see. but why doesn't she do what you want to do. if i did that. i wonder where the black challenge like you and me and the stand alone which i speak when i meet home that's. so do you think that i think she was she would be the one. who tells me wish i was as cool as i know english that's so do you think you end up marrying a white person who may you be. would you not think. that that. that was the snow flakes. dr would. invent. of a slim chance. but
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we will be watching sinlessness not steven spielberg's example and we saw what terms of normalizing our society and the fact that we have a legacy of white privilege how do we get around the. left and it's time to take its course some of the black people in parliament at least trying to push push the system a too far lou trying to posses all of the past me like i said among the black people and the right beside in this one which i think is wrong. i think they should play for national team if they good enough to stand in the step from the. neck on the. force they step in because they'll do that in the knesset up you know start to live making l.b. getting nobody. i think this just need a good lead to happen. when we met resistance teenie at age seven
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they're both at a school for black children on. the test on the air right. about c.s.s. a second mission you're done it's been caught she he actually knew that so much nine more when you shot with longest long says slack a single doctor said. me and the next and it's a lot of this to me i mean. who could buy any funds for this. if might actually do not look like nasty. look believe me. they're going to slap the gloucestershire on cheer. this is really on for backers suki. miss the audience here will he say actually it that i'm for us government goals for this mcdonnell pizzey by the.


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