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tv   How To Sell A Massacre P1  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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they were both at a school for white children. but so yes i say commissioner it's funny because she actually lots of which we might more with longest long to select the singular dr said. imagine the next sentence lot of this is really on the egg. hunt for the food if it isn't a beef made from by the. who believe me. they're going to slap the law she ought to hear. this is a young footlocker should keep with the on see if. he see actually it and then face government goals over this report all they see by the
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scandal. didn't. shoot. and refracted are going down for a look at what has been done we demand that all of the shoe size by ok on scene and worry about that by a fanatic man dawns on her at the end vice versa to be as sky now coming out that are mad at this need out of man disorder ojt to be a to do the deal. in god the god that is now this only resolve to fight them or me and then assistant. working or other going up his book list itself and if there's a good mark. and if they belong to the means and. if it lack. did you say every day was. a. chain with firm friends at age seven and went to the same school in an area set aside for people of mixed race
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. day to go to church but they say. forty years farther runs a children's home in a rough part of transport. the area is one of gangsters and drugs and is left to balance that goes on in. a lot of gunshots. to the shop to make sure your doors are locked. you've got the feel being hijacked . and i mean it's not just. it's all over even people get. ok tell me if you want to get out of my a lot of what is going to do with me and buy me
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a. goddamn that's seven percent of the lot on. this. throughout the day on the gun but because of the way today's laugh is about now i believe that the guy next to you guys be. i hate the guy. i like the person that he's still the physicals i like him but he sees. that's. what do you think about his job. just like the play in the swing you cause some of these. some kids uncle things i don't like just kill one the man on the township with a gun in your hand shooting school county kill your own you know i think your police force was nice feet wide open discourse nice break but i personally
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think. they should have taken the n.t.s.b. and. to the really after that. things has been from that was. with a high crime it was not high. school in that when people you know in life boats can imprison them you get out. they just took things aboard news that are going crazy. when there were seven tessanne in a bun year were good friends living near each other in johannesburg and. why do you think people fight in this country and make frank ferdinand's think. people are looking to block off the roads looking to block of new ways looking to put security guards at the front of the road sticking to palisade open gardens i can put spikes electric fences on their walls i can make they will six foot what's
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electric fences but while i know you know what i think we've actually become paranoid. crowd and i want. this kind of justice in this not really believing that i think that again most people think it's black people do it and i think that's really wrong and ok i must admit. majority of people up that people but i think that's she to the party a street closer to the yacht because they don't have an education if you don't need to have an education you can't get a proper job just to survive him you going to crime you know was that was the. schools are changing slowly in south africa. at film school the language instruction is afrikaans an option few black parents choose for their children but.
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there are more black students at the longest government school in durban which teaches an english player. line of lunch a laptop pans monkeys kind of contour the kind of schools of the best. since i started school in may. when they were going to school with white people is like. never ever going to happen and i mean i've never been to unpick school and latin civil now and how do you find the white kids. fall in love or do you think about the black. five year old when i was full. i hate. that i'm not really like. you're not. quite. right and that is perhaps something which is really bent to our country and that is the issue of racism because if you did not belong to
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a certain race people want to believe didn't you basically were considered inferior because remember what the final solution was all about yes. here's a seat that you knew. says it killed you but did a good. fellow in one thousand nine hundred nine longest suburban school is better resourced than ever before but little. has changed in the township speeds since we were first there in one thousand nine hundred two there's one other i know this is for seven living and going to school and so we're to. eat. eat eat there. eat their.
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routes is it fair. that you get it. because we really see. until we can make it better to not go big to fit on our dining. mind if something is above you should continue to make killing me oh no only. now fourteen separate stores struggling for an education and somewhere to. quote to. take one piece. a cool. one my dick us. only. see. one hundred. is here for what you want to know.
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but like you we're nowhere but it's we've got a very. good if you plan to salute the local schools it blank. sport. day and i can see when. i don't get. to. commit to a team bus soon and make my turn she gets to. take him. in kuwait a tough one i know no one over the weekend in both a one night up with which i. can see something i only can to
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johore no control here or in the kitchen a feature. will. not . be under and i destroyed lived in cape town and there were seven. but they have both moved to the eastern cape yonder has his own way of dealing with conflict. ok when the moon. was a launch i've only been schooled. in the two one fled to. man up and. down and.
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was close to my son to. have. their land on p.c. landmark i'm happy as. well and i mean we don't buy guns. and are not allowed out and you. know you. have our own with. in one thousand nine hundred ten procedure lived in the remains of a squatter camp and so where to and it seen
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a lot of violence. so he plays so we met his wife so that when he stopped me until the right point he sat off in a way please. find another place muslims are using. the tactic of i'm getting what ends up being mean when i shall have a shrine to leave a mark. of my right back. i want to syrians i'll put a. ring in the warrior i mean you by. road will and when. you fall into the. no problem.
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at fourteen the violence is still part of timber sealers life. men are being really left no means possible to my therapist says mr guppy is i want to see no harm so it's hard to miss me now i'm fine i finally only again as we call them while the mess. it's going to keep her as a class would never want to miss mina will pass some clothes and. the last. take off it's everything. leading up to that for change at all which is a prefect at a school and i'm charter how. can she already had views about punishment of wrongdoers seven. and guys. and you fuckers
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on how much us. played. by now. and i think gave it to me zoom in zoom and get name gives him back i'm manly was it my back i was a dealer as it was a reason that somebody is playing games a big deal cause oh. yeah that was that like you think south africa's changed the things we said changed but it has changed in many ways that that things that have better and that things that our as you see i think at this it seems like. people are stealing now and things that are and this is surgery to just being just to have the word i stole something you see and it don't thing he said i think people should like work for
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them so spread don't blame them but i do blame them but i don't blame them that way cause the government should give some people like to eat. at seven a waiter was exceptionally houseproud. when returned we asked her what she would do if she was president of the country. than the things i would change first of all i would make sure that the towns in. the eye can see and i'm told it's dirty. you see so i hated to when you work you have to close your your nose so that you can catch the smell so i hate those things or i think every weekend people should clean is so they can be eating like a king place and no place that don't go places the by point a face and go up to space one eric who. are into never wasn't bush and all i want to speak english only is see whether or no closer and you go no where with class i
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see english is the main language you see and you may can you may go but he said i told you so when i gave you only the would. like to speak instructed and how the people in the state speak it you see the same a man puts up with you in everything and i just take it like that. thank you very much goes and i hope you win the competition as well i want to finish standing i want to go to a university or to south africa and i want to be old and i want to work for six years you see have my house have a car have a cellphone have a computer and. then i can get married but i don't think i'll get married. a prominent saudi journalist committed to freedom of expression silenced in turkey by his own government in the most horrific way. al-jazeera world investigates the
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death of jamal. which resonates to the highest levels of the saudi government with startling evidence about the disposal of his body. jamal khashoggi the silencing of a journalist on al-jazeera. this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capitol of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this default structure that meant there is the color project that's what we refuse it was one of the founders of the settlement
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with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is tied in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. i'm. a value. hello i'm the star doha with the headlines on al-jazeera three people have been killed and at least two hundred forty palestinians injured during saturday's protests at the gaza israel fence and a fourth man died from injuries sustained on friday israeli forces fired tear gas and live ammunition as tens of thousands gathered to mark the first anniversary of
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weekly protests algeria's army chief has repeated his call to apply asshole one hundred two of the constitution to remove president idolizes from office a day earlier millions took to the streets nationwide demanding political change. the position taken by the algerian military has always been within the legitimacy of the constitution and has always upheld the interest of the algerian people above all it is always seen that the solution to the crisis can't be anything other than the implementation of article one hundred two of the constitution voting has begun in turkey's local elections and opposition alliances hoping to put a dent in the dominance of the ruling ak party the economy is in recession which could prove to be a key issue for vote is and voting has also begun in ukraine's highly contested presidential election you're watching live pictures now from kiev thirty nine candidates are in the running including the incumbent petro poroshenko and former
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prime minister you get yulia timoshenko but it's comedian rodney is a lenski who is leading in the opinion polls and has elected a liberal lawyer as its next president zine a couple tova one fifty eight percent of the voters the forty five year old environmental activist will be slovakia's first female president. saudi arabia has been accused of hacking the phone of amazon chief executive jeff bezos an investigation by his personal security consultant found the kingdom obtained private information in january the national enquirer published leaked text messages between bezos and a woman he was dating saudi arabia has claims no involvement while the enquirer says it didn't break any laws the number of cholera cases in mozambique site turn hit city of beara has risen to two hundred seventy one the country is dealing with the aftermath of cyclonic die which hit more than two weeks ago. thousands of families in the room have lost their homes in severe flooding the area of june is
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the west affected well those are the headlines now back to fourteen up south africa . al-jazeera is very assertive we just tell the reality i said this i was for a hard work contract they call it modern slavery we cover in the nation every day not only one day as a breaking news story in the news or as a very fascinating country but very difficult to understand from the outside that because i've been living here for sixteen years i know very well what's going on and i go out there and cover the whole country and even if you don't hear i guess the opportunity for a journalist to be a real journalist. salah to tell us what i'm going to tell. you. to and i'll tell you is. this.
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for teens an age of exploration and the time for hanging out with friends is the toughest three suspects stuff they did was tied. to their first ability that i was one that you know one is young that's right it was done at the time to go and you know they were scared i was going to talk to my kids i was just with what did you do since i don't know would you don't know how to craft an executive and so the only time i like. this is. what's wrong you know life is not fun if you think that i just look at all includes me as he makes. a muslim in time the minded typically doesn't know they're going to mend a muslim against his skin still i tease time for. going against the you know you can damage men and women. back example if it is a con not about money and no money so much. and sounds.
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so the thing of sneaking of course. that's the most disgusting thing. personally i'm a virgin but i know lots of people that aren't and even younger than me. and i think most people today rushed too much into kids today don't know what they doing they just fall in love with a guy and in the into bed and mean blah blah blah and in the end up being pregnant and then they've got to drop school or drop work whatever they're doing in india is going to sit with a baby. not saying anything bad about sitting with the baby but when your whole life plans get ruined as well you know it's also not very cheap to maintain a baby as it's actually expensive.
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party at seven had a life of comfort and seem to understand how the world works. how does a person get rich like the plank if they live in a poor house plan to keep their money and by now they're mad when they buy to get a new house then when they get the new house that other people paid them can be rich rich rich making bobby. brown father tell me i must complete everybody in the money god can
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a car crash. or i should show you that she was your friend i think you're here for the connecting with the necklace ok because she gives me too much of food and then she tells my mother in her mind that i must. play too much on the current through to my work. and i can play it to my my thing you know go in the pool or from stealth my mother in her mind but i mustn't go too much now tommy's is your family a very strict hindu family group. not what is what with a straight what's the difference to your family i'm a strict and do things. i don't want is
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a strict in the family do. shout too much. but. see. you know the. the. i actually like praying because i know it helps me because i. well to be honest with you very very honest i used to only pray when it's exams. no i used to only pray when his exams a nice to tell god you know how to me and if i come out first i promise i will bring a whole i will go and buy a whole tray of fruits and so over to you i used to do that and i must admit i never used to come out first but i used to come out sick and in.
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he had. that world. at seven patrick went to a private boys' school in cape town. his best friend is robert. carr. the. person who believe in god but i mean anyone encourages psych written the bible and just published it made up stories you know and like dahlan theory of evolution like. if. there is a god right why would he keep it how serious about
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a ring i asked him to do is god important. it's really important i believe it's only person you can trust in this world in your parents in today's left god in your parents' own people you can trust i pray every night before i go to bed i believe that you can talk to god anytime of the days listen to you all the time even if you like about my life like. like you asking what i pass or just talk to most anything you like to even if your bathroom you're in the toilet any time. frame playing so when she. died it was. but now i think it's happened to. this last song just. to raise your breath. they always became more. we knew about culture and before we knew about the
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white man god knew getting something that should come first. so. i do speak my belief system but i also do believe in god we go to church do you believe in god. and what you think god. he does awful things. plus. doing. to his is no question the kind. of guys are chris and john. a kid who fan and c.f. and on t.v. now says history.
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deny team i feel competitive place is and is known as kids infant in my time going to tickle in a so someone inflammatory. when it says the daughter of a zoo the chief. on one of the ones i wouldn't. tell and. and then they hit a patch august august. so why should it be that they were shown to be the shining. chapter sham shining one where the new gun shows. how. the war. was. at fourteen she goes to a school that includes christian education and the curriculum she's wrestling with her cultural identity. if these nights when they used to call me mean to something for their answers does i am forced to coffee it's not because i
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want to it's because i am forced to do it if it was my way. my family believes in them strong. i have done. the same for. forty four little motion it it. will give us the will. welcome us federal family like my c.v. fourteen benita does help at a father's shop. we asked if there was any possibility of her becoming the chief oh . no not me my pravda woman. it's like it's the way women and i love to take over only main out the
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happy says he yeah but. it depends on what the father sees in with the literally people believe here that the whole generation believes that oh you mean i love to take over so no woman can take who do you think that's right no no don't give her love to be chief. i could be kind of have to decide we're going to be ok this is all. it's no good. could actually we do this but you see if this isn't fit you know you can lose it is having a party tonight at seven she and her best friend teenie were going steady but since then their relationship has been well from. i can't go out with the guy it's not been offering for a week that i mean not take to me we've been friends for either and i hope it stays
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that way but i don't know if. you might want to let your doesn't imply that i hold up well however you know i believe they should be no mistake you know i'm going to be right not when you have a ships and you're going to them all her boat ok with me with me on end except what you know about this is that he thinks he. needs to be able to see us be with you yet. because we had seen these trains together you know i think iraqis. now and that's just it just. now i don't know i don't know he he's mad at me i don't know why but he's mad at me. i don't know why actually i don't want to actually i do care about. that. they want us
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no. longer in the middle and upper we can never fling them up so i think this will cause. that's a lesson from the needs more mothers when they document everything. and then. life was a lot simpler back when they were seven. what
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you want to do when you're grown up that i know. that reassures cheney and number of thanks chad. i might do little sisters. do computer science. back up i knew i would say that. i paid past. my dad said there should be advocates why do you think. you've avoided. when you save them and i asked you what you want to first answer i'm going to be an advocate talking for. no i was first on a soccer player when our beer i'd press. with.
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this and. i want to start my own band but i don't my friend actually she sold it john's unfortunate time for them but i want to start my band when i want to get that off the ground. i went on he said meaning and depth them. i want them to be a message in the song you know the ones you can use they can see. girls. personally i like something i like the climates i like the beach friends i like i like we can do a like i like i like alex africa the anything about it is we don't win the koreans i want to have a choice and i don't have much future exactly do you think you know where this fits you at that is actually does if you're watching my own special no future for you do
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you think this kind of thing join us. maybe he might because now they give him women and african people they giving them they can they get access choice and jumps. and set of. summits like. you know when you worry about it if it is you know. if this is going to happen you know what he doing in this country say for my vote is he could with the. sick and they didn't kind of police who done it and the bush . i mean scott. there's a book came out. after the death of films father they left the farm
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and have settled on the outskirts of johannesburg. and look across by folks still to. be astonished got a few to stop on this to fix some wanted offical plan missed my. dish my e. i have both glossy if. i get. involved at a time consuming smy to a. haitian blossoms. beautician why do you want to do titian. i just. may be out there saying our guns. are things. down sorry. i'm going to go to hollywood because i want to piss yet acting crazy.
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i think the industry is really crappy i mean it's cause we're just starting out man i'll give you. i don't need all the materialistic i want garbage and everything i just want to act like to wake up and just say i'm happy yeah i just yeah be appear to be i'm living in a heart beat i'm living in a mansion i just like to i can say i'm sure you happy with who i am what i do exactly and this has. to tell one of them where they. can be. so none from my pay don't. if i'm alone. in a very tell me i will become
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a lawyer because they've noticed that i always fight for my rights and i've got a big mount and i'm not shy i'm not shy to do anything so i'd like to i'd like to fight for people i'd like the unheard to be hurt just because i'm a person of color i'm not going to go into a place and then this led to getting the job fine and finished with i don't think that's going to happen jobs are not going to get on the corner and i'm going to get it and i don't actually think i want to stay i don't. have children i don't want to bring my children up in a society with have to be scared of getting i just have to be scared of getting killed they have to have. security gates and everything to try protect themselves because of the country they're living in and i can't. right now i can't picture what the future is going to be like because the way it is now i
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don't think we're going in your head. i'm not sure but the way things are now i don't think. if i can go. to get out of school. i do it. in england and england and. every single day. off chalte chalte like this current stunning and toys that cold a hack it's just like the socialists.
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want to enjoy. going to movies. for your own cock. in your own salary for yourself given to feed babies i don't know i have children and it has been i just want to be alone in my house and i want to work that's all i want to make money and get rich that's all i wanted i don't want to get married because i hate it's. was a cost me of a concept a succesful. could do need my christmas is so many emoticons in and i bought it and eventually over to going to. buy it. memento my terminal with him. fell in leaving the woman to. my tower from the woods. they read some of
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that well you know where we illiteracy to and that when santa had to learn okies. kids if they could be preceded and then go to trial by their peers discard the whole planet into a go fearless giver to a social console linnet the title of his two or twelve words he was by cube or twenty two and him who. i knew not the.
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hour. the. time to come out. in seven years time we'll be returning to find out about our twenty one year old. well they have embraced the changing south africa. taking part in its growth. to live become impatient. it should. be kidding me but i think people just. thinking it's going to happen was simply not that i mean it's happened that way takes time. it's all about networking actually first two weeks i'd wake up and then want to open the door and scout good for wall good night and you park thank you for doesn't exactly plan as such just
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that. you swallow this or that i let him pull. twenty one the teenage years i left behind still trying to find my place trying to see where i fit in the whole picture and adult hood begins to take form i didn't cook occasionally but doesn't really want me he wants me to stay off my feet in two thousand and six south africa revisits the children. apartheid for the third time and money has changed over the past fourteen menas twenty one up south africa announces iraq. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of
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northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. hello again and welcome back to you know national weather forecasts are here across eleven we are watching one storm very carefully this storm is bringing a lot of rain across many areas there of low pressure is out here across the eastern mediterranean but the extent of the rain is all the way over here towards iran and more heavy rain is on top of the already saturated soil in the areas that we saw flooding earlier this week so that is going to be a problem for baghdad we do expect to see a rainy day at twenty five degrees and as we go towards monday the rain continues
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but the temperatures do come down a little bit we're going to be seeing those temperatures drop down to about eighteen degrees there down towards quite city you'll be seeing some rain as well but your temperatures about average for this time of year what's not going to be average is what is happening here in doha our temperatures are going to be well above average over the next few days normally this time of year it would be about twenty eight here on sunday we do expect to see about thirty two and on monday even reaching to about thirty seven but that will be the last day by the time we get to tuesday those temperatures will be coming back down then here across much of southern africa not looking too bad down here towards the south a little cooler for cape town at nineteen but we are seeing those temperatures quite warm here in durban at about twenty nine degrees up here towards johannesburg twenty seven and more rain in madagascar with a temperature of twenty nine there. amnesty international an organization focused on human rights around the world now amnesty
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itself is facing allegations of abuse and mistreatment by its own staff because honestly fall into the lowest point in its history do you think misty's secretary general. talks to al-jazeera. reopen following. also ahead.
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ukrainian president. hold on to power and the challenge. former prime minister. order of oil. hello israel has reopened the two main crossings into gaza as part of a cease fire negotiations between the two sides. protests along the fence dividing . four palestinian protesters were killed by israeli forces and two hundred forty others injured during the demonstrations. joining us from gaza to first tell us whether there's been any confirmation from hamas that cease fire negotiations or
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a deal is in the works has now been reached. that in there's not been any official confirmation yet but the thinking here in gaza is that a deal is all but complete it's been reported extensively in media outlets here especially media outlets close to how much you also have many outlets in the israeli media that are saying that a tentative deal has been reached this deal as we understand it would include the opening of the two main border crossings would also allow fishermen to fish off the coast here or anywhere between twelve to fifteen not a cool miles off the coast which would be a huge boost to fishermen in gaza it would also allow the entry of goods now with regard to the overnight hours there was an escalation of tensions you had some rockets that were launched from gaza that landed in israel no one was injured we are told also there was artillery fire from the israeli side of the border into
3:51 pm
gaza as a response but i must say that this was very much something that was a lot smaller in scale than you would have imagined would have happened in the past and i think when you're talking about the protests that happened yesterday the main word that kept coming up was restraint you saw a real effort by hamas by the other palestinian factions by the israelis to try to deescalate the situation to try to ensure that things did not get out of control we were there at the protest yesterday that was the first year anniversary of the great march of return here's our report. on the first anniversary of the great march of return palestinians came out committed to their cause continue on out of it and then we're here for the anniversary of nine days and then that has been stolen by israel we had to tell everyone that we had right and they've been taken by these three. for many here this is become
3:52 pm
a regular weekly routine a psych. all of bullets and tear gas all of it bringing death and injury to the protesters. as in protests past some demonstrators ran toward the border fence and others are old rocks toward israeli forces but today most stayed behind simply observing waiting to see what happens next but making a difference was the presence of hamas and islamic jihad volunteers who actively tried to keep things calm. despite the flare ups things have so far today been far less chaotic than many people feared they would be the big question now what exactly happens next. the great march of return protests began on march thirtieth two thousand and eighteen when civil society groups called for action against the twelve year blockade on gaza the original aim was to break through the fence and reclaim their ancestral land the protests were later organized by hamas saturday's
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anniversary was set against the backdrop of a bid by egypt to deescalate the latest round of tensions between israel and hamas negotiations are ongoing amass officials on the scene said they'd arrived at a crossroads you had that must not hold up without everything will depend on how israel deals with protesters will they stop attacking civilians and stop the aggression and airstrikes on gaza and also going to respect what's been a great upon with the egyptians last some were cautiously optimistic about the prospect of a deal others worry a deal won't ensure things will fundamentally change the mood over all the us this is a thought was that it had to get heated the economic situation in gaza has been very miserable for a long time but unless two years it's become more miserable and unemployment is very high there's no money in gaza the border is closed which means eighty percent of needed items come out and who goes and people aren't allowed to travel on their own scene of hospitals for treatment of
3:54 pm
a sentiment echoed by many here who vowed to continue to come out week after week year. you're here until they finally get the rights and opportunities they deserve that was also quite significant what we did not see at the scene of the protests yesterday we did not see tires being burned that's been a staple of protests in the past year we did not see incendiary balloons being launched words the fence with israel that's something else that is typically seen at these protests so again there was a real effort on the part of the volunteers that were there on the part of how mouse the other palestinian factions and the israelis to keep the situation as calm as possible so that some kind of peace deal can be reasoned in fact israeli security forces even came out with a statement phrasing house for the restraint that was demonstrated that's something that in the past would have seemed almost unheard of so today there is a renewed sense of cautious optimism that this despite what happened overnight despite the rockets being launched despite the response of artillery fire on the
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israeli side there is a renewed sense of cautious optimism that perhaps a deal can be reached and restrictions can be easing perhaps partially the siege on gaza can be lifted all right there in hama dumb june with an update from gaza thank you voting is underway in turkey is local elections which are being seen as a major test for president. party at least fifty seven million people are eligible to cast their ballots for more than a thousand may or is the act party has dominated turkish politics for nearly two decades but a weak currency and high inflation could see it lose control of keep mayoral seats the opposition parties have formed alliances to try to maximize their chance of victory shortly we'll get the latest from sin in kosovo a little bit first here is her reports. for the first time in turkey's political history reject a pair john the president holds local election rallies across the country the president's campaigning is an indication of how important these elections are to
3:56 pm
him and his party they are seen by many as a popularity test after that party's seventeen years at the helm and it's a state of economy that is presenting president add ons biggest challenge and could turn motors away from him. because the ruling party believes they can win by polarization avoiding real problems but packing it survival to the country's future may risk the president's credibility. the ruling party currently governs forty nine out of eighty one provincial minutes ballot he's the party formed people's alliance with the nationalist movement party in the last two elections and nominated joint candidates then they complain about high food prices so what if there are no onions in my cooking what i can't live without is our flag our country or the sound of the call to prayer turkey's main opposition party c.h.p. and the conservative group party have united under the nation's alliance sumber a la the people's alliance divides there are those with them and those against the
3:57 pm
even call terrorist. and i kist if i don't support your pro kurdish party h d p currently is the third largest faction in parliament it has a field of candidates and a stumble on car and there is mare instead is concentrating its efforts in a stronghold in the southeast of the country and it supports the opposition candidates in the west i believe kurdish votes in big cities like istanbul qur'an is near have the potential to be a game changer however it would still follow what the popular trend is. the people's alliance waged a severe campaign by accusing candidates of having links to the people taking kurdish fighters groups which truth can its western allies consider a terrorist organization prisons are dons are quite is facing perhaps the greatest challenge in seventeen years the economy the continuing recession threatens the
3:58 pm
support base especially in big cities like a stumble and sunday's local elections will or will the president's standing among fifty seven million kurds eligible to vote let's now bring in c.n.n. she's joining us from ankara so are we expecting to see a fierce contests in a. so then can you hear me. our apologies i think we're having connection problems with that but we'll try and bring her up a little later on we move on to news from ukraine because you are casting their votes in the first round of their presidential election thirty nine candidates are in the running including the incumbent petro poroshenko the former prime minister yulia timoshenko but its comedian. leading in opinion polls now if no candidate gets more than fifty percent of the vote then the top two will go into a second round of voting so to help. these unexpected
3:59 pm
front runner in the race to become ukraine's next president. is an actor and comedian he's campaign appearances are stand up comedy act what he lacks in actual policy or political experience he makes up for with these on screen persona in a popular television series he's a teacher blows the whistle on corruption suddenly finding himself yes president of ukraine that's. great. he's famous for one thing young people see him as an anti-establishment outsider figure which they like and. i like this personality but it seems even he isn't sure if you can be president or not we don't know we we just want to believe that he's a better option previous presidents with businessmen politicians and lawyers maybe
4:00 pm
a comedian can make a difference for ukraine many feel the political zelinsky could hardly do worse than the current president petro poroshenko he came to power after russia's annexation of crimea vowing to end the war in the east and sweep away corruption. the billionaire confectionery king here immortalized in bullet casings and his own sweet and chocolate wrappers has bowed to pressure from the international monetary fund raising utility prices that hurt the poor and he's in a circle he's implicated in allegedly corrupt weapons purchases if we see corruption i think we should talk about this that's why the reason all of these. painting this is a conversation of is president for us permission to first of all and if he will be elected for the second time i hope or that it will make him to.


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