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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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among fifty seven million kurds eligible to vote. al jazeera stumble still ahead on al-jazeera algeria's army chief says there's a campaign against the military afterward calls for the removal of president. shows brazil commemorates a nineteen sixty four military coup why president believes it will reunite the country. hello again it's good to have you back where across parts of south asia we are seeing the increase of rain coming up here towards the north particularly over parts of northern philippines and across much of vietnam parts of laos as well as cambodia notice the forecast map how much to the north that rain does extending over here towards luzon it is going to be
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a rainy day across much of that area it is going to continue as we go also into parts of tuesday down towards the south though the rain continues as well for parts of thailand it's going to be the clouds in bangkok we do expect to see those afternoon showers with attempt there of about thirty three degrees where across australia things are in quite nice weather that frontal boundary that because the severe weather is being pushed out here across the tasman sea in the coral sea the rest of australia is looking fine and dry we are getting some cool air down here towards the south melbourne only reaching to about seventeen degrees as we go towards monday really staying about the same maybe coming up a degree or two as we go towards tuesday but up towards sydney it is going to be a nice day twenty four degrees as your high not such a nice day for the north island of new zealand know that same frontal boundary is going to cause a big problem as we go towards monday probably some severe thunderstorms pushing through parts of auckland down here towards christchurch it is going to be the clouds in the wind we do expect to see a term for there of about twenty three degrees for you.
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i am. fly cats our airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera the two main border crossings into gaza
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are open again for the first time in six days israel lifted restrictions on sunday morning after a weekend of mass protests along the fence dividing gaza and israel and talks between israel and the palestinians are set to dominate the thirtieth arab league summit which is getting underway in the capital tunis regional leaders are gathering against a backdrop of division war and unrest in libya syria and yemen people in turkey are voting in local elections which are being seen as a major test of president early ones ruling party the party is at risk of losing control of mayoral seats in ankara and istanbul because of the struggling economy. the political upheaval in algeria is also likely to be discussed by the arab league algeria as army chief has been holding emergency meetings as he pushes for president. to be declared unfit for office millions of people have joined nationwide protests demanding political change victoria the reports.
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days after the army backed protesters cools the president abdelaziz bouteflika to step down algeria is army chief reiterated his view that the eighty two year old president must leave office. the position taken by the algerian military has always been within the legitimacy of the constitution and has always upheld the interest of the algerian people above all it is always seen that the solution to the crisis count be anything other than the implementation of article one hundred two of the constitution. but he acknowledged there is resistance to his plan a mood opponents not to seek to undermine the military some think he was referring to a meeting between influential brother and the former head of algeria secret service . this is actually more about the different elements within the regime itself within what it was known as. or the power and which is
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a series of needs that held power collectively and that until now have worked side by side and which now seem to actually be coming apart. bt flicker he's ruled algeria for twenty years suffered a stroke in twenty thirteen and is ready been seen in public since by triggering article one or two the constitutional council would declare the president unfit to lead the country a step that would pave the way for the chairman of the upper chamber in parliament to take over as interim president until elections are held the earth but many algerians want much more than a change of leadership there calling for an overhaul of the entire political system that plans include a national unity government that would lead the country for a transitional period draft a new constitution and reinvigorate an economy in tatters. the government attempted to split the opposition but now there are signs the government
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itself may be splintering as it tries to resolve this crisis big tory gayton be. ukrainians are casting their votes in the first round of their presidential election comedian of all the demos alinsky is leading opinion polls just cast his vote in the capital kiev there are thirty eight other candidates in the running including the incumbent petro poroshenko and former prime minister yulia timoshenko if not of the candidates gets more than fifty percent of the vote then there will be a runoff between the top two on april the twenty first so how has more from kiev. this is the unexpected front runner in the race to become ukraine's next president followed him is elin ski is an actor and comedian his campaign appearances are stand up comedy act what he lacks in actual policy or political experience he makes up for with his on screen persona in a popular television series he's a teacher blows the whistle on corruption suddenly finding himself yes president of
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ukraine that's territory where a. little doing it. is famous for one thing. young people see him as an anti establishment outsider figure which they like and respond. and i think that's why i like there's a personality but it seems even he isn't sure if he can be president or not we don't know if we just want to believe that he's a better option previous presidents with businessmen politicians and lawyers maybe a comedian can make a difference. many feel the political unknown zelinsky could hardly do worse than the current president petro poroshenko he came to power after russia's annexation of crimea vowing to end the war in the east and sweep away corruption the billionaire confectionery king here immortalized in bullet casings and his own
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sweet and chocolate wrappers has bowed to pressure from the international monetary fund raising utility prices that hurt the poor and he's in a circle he's implicated in allegedly corrupt weapons purchases. if you see corruption i think we should talk about this that's why reason all of these. painting this is a conversation with president bush and first of all and if he will be elected for the second time i hope that it will make him to sink of all what kind of place in the history he wants to to get. also in the running after two decades in politics and three years in prison is former prime minister yulia timoshenko many of her supporters at the final rally in central kiev were bussed in from the countryside drawn by a pledge to consume a gas prices the focus of this election is the economy. promises being made about
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the war that's the toxic question for all the candidates no one has also no one has . no one wants to take responsibility for five years of war after a people's rebellion against russian influence and corruption and ukraine is a country that seems stuck and sure now which way to turn jonah. and the current president petro poroshenko right now is voting in a polling station is one of thirty eight other candidates running in the presidential election in ukraine. saudi arabia is being accused of hacking the phone of jeff bezos the owner of the shopping website amazon and the washington post there is a hired private investigators after his phone messages were leaked to the national enquirer newspaper his detective said he was targeted by the saudis following the killing of washington post reporter. so he ministers have previously denied any
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links of the national enquirer reporting. the number of cholera cases in the city of barrow in mozambique has increased to more than two hundred and seventy eight and health workers are struggling with the aftermath of cycler in die which hit more than two weeks ago damage to water and sanitation facilities has raised fears about a potential epidemic enjoyment duquan reports. scenes of destruction left in the wake of catastrophic flooding with towns and villages submerged cycling killed hundreds of people in mozambique. now the government is desperately trying to save lives. we're trying to void an outbreak of cholera at the moment we're expecting this we're very prepared for the doctors in place so this is what we're doing at the moment many were trapped for more than a week with no access to clean water after cycling eat i hit the port city of bear
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. with tens of thousands of people displaced and living in temporary shelter a lack of sanitation has created the perfect conditions for cholera the vaccination is a very needed and it should start next wednesday next week as the faster we go the most judges we have to come to transmission. of the collision in the book relation then there is a big need for community engagement safe water distribution food for all of this population of berrabah to also for the district surrounding bear out where there is a i risk for cases there are so. cholera is not new to mozambique the country has experienced regular outbreaks over the past five years but aid agencies now warn there is little time to prevent a major outbreak and more should be done to stem the spread of the disease.
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al jazeera it's the second and final day of the pope's trip to morocco aimed at boosting interfaith ties of francis visited a social center near the capital robots before meeting religious leaders in the city the catholic church leaders expected to hold mass at the main stadium to mark the end of his visits on saturday the pope and the moroccan king called for the preservation of jerusalem as a common patrimony for muslims jews and christians. security forces in venezuela have fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the capital caracas opposition protesters have been voicing their anger over continuing energy blackouts in the country which are aggravating economic problems it was also held by supporters of president nicolas maduro who blames the power outages on terrorist attacks on a hydroelectric dam donald trump has ordered cuts and direct aid to three countries in central america as part of his campaign against illegal immigration democrats
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say the cuts to el salvador guatemala and honduras are entirely counterproductive and will only increase the flow of migrants toward the u.s. accuses the nations of having set up migrant caravans and has threatened to close the border with mexico. and the president of brazil as the says to reinstate commemorations of a military coup fifty five years ago is causing controversy. honoring history it will unite the country survivors of the killing on torture campaign say what happened during military rule should be condemned not celebrated on the reports. has never hidden his admiration for the military that he served in as a young army captain before entering politics while still a congressman he said it's mistake one in power from one nine hundred sixty four to one thousand nine hundred five was not to kill more he since moderated his language it's not about celebrating remembering or looking back to see what went wrong or
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right it's about how we can use this for the good of brazil in the future. however some of his supporters have been more direct. i think it's fantastic i think brazil has to celebrate march thirty first it's a day when brazil almost became a communist country we could have become a venezuela or north korea this museum is the only place in brazil dedicated to victims of the military government that building a form of peace headquarters where opponents of the regime like detained always thought the sickest this place preserves memories through the testimonies of survivors and a collection of documents that all combined with the importance of this building all together they helped to recreate a period of our history. was twenty one years old when he was detained in one nine hundred seventy and spent four years in prison. and there was this uproar created by the president has reopened the debate we have two opposing forces one is the
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force of resistance those who resist during those days but also researchers and historians that understand history on the other hand we have retrograde forces who want to celebrate a past that in fact should be abhorred previous commemorations were ended by former president dilma rousseff these governments in two thousand and thirteen ordered the truth commission into abuses carried out during military rule she has self as a onetime marxist rebel was imprisoned until it should. brazil never prosecuted members of its military who enjoyed an amnesty implemented before they left office that's a contrast to neighboring countries such as argentina where last sunday hundreds of thousands took to the streets on the anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy six military coup to cry never again. to carry out what he called appropriate commemorations to mark sunday's anniversary opponents will hold their own protests including
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a silent march in. the debate still rages in brazil of the with the to celebrate or to condemn its military past. al-jazeera to owners of a high rise building that caught fire bangladesh earlier this week have been arrested and charged with negligence twenty six people were killed in a blaze in the twenty's. and hundreds of others were treated for smoke inhalation safety inspectors say the building didn't have enough fire exits and was extended illegally president donald trump's executive order to allow offshore oil drilling in the arctic ocean has been overturned a federal judge called reversal of an environmental protection policy from the obama era unlawful invalid's the ruling reinstates the drilling ban in much of the arctic ocean rob reynolds has more from washington. federal judge sharon gleason says president donald trump exceeded his constitutional authority when he issued an
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executive order back in april of two thousand and seventeen that essentially stripped away all protections against explore ation and oil drilling from above five hundred thousand square kilometers of waters all in the arctic and north atlantic oceans trump has tried repeatedly to roll back environmental protections that were made during the emboss obama administration but he has been unsuccessful in large part because environmentalists as in this case keep taking the administration to court and they keep winning the judge in this case said that once a president applies the designation of a national monument or a protected area under laws that date in some cases back well over one hundred years no future president can reverse those decisions by themselves it has to be done by an act of congress not simply by an executive order as the president did in
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this case so the affected areas which are principally off the coast of alaska which will now be protected at least for several years as this case works its way through the court system our home to a number of endangered species including bowhead whales and polar bears and the lights have been switched off more than two hundred landmarks worldwide to raise awareness of climate change brazil observed earth hour as the famous statue overlooking rio de janeiro when dark so did the eiffel tower and paris the colosseum in rome and the brandenburg gate. berlin. the headlines on al-jazeera this hour the two main border crossings into gaza are
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open again for the first time in six days israel lifted restrictions on sunday morning after a weekend of mass protests along the fence dividing gaza and israel mohammad has the latest the thinking here in gaza is that a deal is all but complete it's been reported extensively in the media outlets here especially media outlets close to how much you also have many outlets in the israeli media that are saying that a tentative deal has been reached this deal as we understand it would include the opening of the two main border crossings would also allow fishermen to fish off the coast here or anywhere between twelve to fifteen not a call miles off the coast which would be a huge boost to fishermen in gaza it would also allow the entry of goods and talks a between israel and the palestinians are set to dominate the thirtieth arab league summit which is getting underway right now in the capital in the tennis and capital
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that is tunis regional leaders are gathering against the backdrop off a division war and unrest in libya syria and yemen you're looking at live pictures right now from tunis where the emir of qatar has just landed. people in turkey are voting in local elections which are being seen as a major test of president. ruling party the act party is that risk of losing control of mayoral seats in ankara and istanbul because of the struggling economy ukrainians casting their votes in the first round of their presidential election comedian of all the demos alinsky is leading opinion polls he's just cast his vote in the capital kiev there are thirty eight other candidates in the running including the incumbent press reports shank zero the former prime minister yulia timoshenko saudi arabia is being accused of hacking the phone of jeff bezos the owner of the shopping website amazon and the washington post detective said he was targeted by the saudis following the killing of washington post writer. those are
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the headlines on al-jazeera rewinds is coming up next. in twenty sixty one the one east revealed that girls from me in march some as young as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work as main it's illegal and costing lives so why does it still continue when law abiding singapore one the one east onal dizzier isn't the problem for your town that they really don't have a health question mark over him but he does have a corruption question occurred really doesn't look good for the needs to live up to let go i'm going to do and they will tell you not knowing the sort of the second degree you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the un across the globe a cease fire that is called for and then breaks doesn't build confidence a great skill to join me made the arsenal up front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here and i'll just say.
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hello and welcome again to rewind and fully back to. since the launch of al-jazeera english back in two thousand and six we've built up a library of award winning documentary and here on rewind we've been delving into the vault to put out some of the best of them today we're going back to two thousand and seven to a poor south african neighborhood just outside cape town when using honor and tradition come together in an unusual annual competition. in recent years south africa has seen huge political upheaval and corruption scandals and cape town south
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africa second largest city has been feeling the impact of climate change and struggling with drastic water shortages a decade ago south africa seemed to be moving towards a more inclusive post apartheid world yet in the poorest suburbs of cape town local communities still maintain their distinctive identities based in the cape flats the muslim community holds an annual singing competition for the sale of affairs jovi and in two thousand and seven the witness series was there to film this contest which sheds a unique light on the diversity and inequalities of modern soph africa here is the silva phase. this is the story of a man with a dream but it plays out on the dark side. till
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nine hundred sixty five or thereabouts most of the town's muslims lived in the city proper this book of accounts a language they helped create and many had roots that went back centuries but when a part of derived they were forced to move our church to the parents that's outside the city it's a tough world too little money too many drugs and one of the highest murder rates on the planet but not as we shall see the place of hopelessness. this is a place called. it's in the middle of the cape flats and i'm staying here for the past thirty years everybody knows and it goes with c. because of one thing only because of the use of. if it had gone but they basically said yes in two thousand and five touchy and two
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friends decided to enter and try to win the annual capital a quiet competition an extravaganza that involves fifty rival teams to custom changes five different song forms and massive amounts of money it was an insanely optimistic move considering the competition they were facing. this is haji bugs israel name is mohammed same benjamin but he owns several businesses and visits mecca regularly some of the bucks of his. seven. six. six six six feet. he calls his team the starlights and as far as he's concerned nobody can touch them yes there's a lot that doesn't like me in the come but he said he quoth because i'm both from the media is knows a good life only first place. was
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the box has been organizing choirs since he made his first fortune his funds are inexhaustible his dominance of type with a culture almost complete so it was a david and goliath situation really an underdog versus the establishment a house painter versus haji bucks. are you interest for us in the five in school. music but i'm a person that can lead something very quickly this new in music is good. but always knew that i had something in me that i could actually do which incineration it can benefit other people to the touch you couldn't do it alone of course mr muhammad stoffel it's from a torn brother homage to his friends you see the deaf and they're the place and they settle for me looking at the life with you know is it unknown. these are the we friends who know. the truth of it and we can they will stay away from me said i
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need somebody that i can to this. you. and i just continue with leading. you. to the quiet woody goes to the meeting see the. place. i put up with. really know exactly what the chances are you can sing so good that he said to ask if you seen something that i missed that means look from the end of the tin you got their meaning. and. we different. the new team was called continentals and this is the third member of the trio that founded it one he does he plays guitar bass and banjo sings like an angel and dresses flash when he's in the money which wasn't the case until today i'm happy as a citizen this started. but my wife was the only but it was everybody was with them
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. on the events and every day this close just for food because even come on depp's of it on the. in case you're wondering i'm the watcher with the guitar i'm actually a writer but touch needed help and i was on it to be honest. we were always playing with different poison he said to me told. him to eat it we are going to. put on the school to do some tonight. and hope by of what was ricky was it. when or what i was away in a mean. as if. no one had. to endure for five o'clock it was a show. they got me at the what i was told if you only.
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the businessman left the show but are brought in on the a tiny fraction of what the continentals need in months to come there will be more fundraising events karaoke from the like the progress is slower and some continental is a better limb just a few of them so. i did this in the dead. like you see that they put out there to see their attic cover that pulls us up to get up and you know they cover in a cell of the it's just so you one o'clock one day. donald up through and lives in a caravan whose parents guard him with his family he's just come out of prison and he's struggling to make ends meet sinjar says if so i think it is letting go of it
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in a salable of it in the it's so it's just sort of you know you can see only for truth it's nothing. in my heart must. know. meanwhile on the far side of the tracks the starlets of burden are brighter than ever. you know i was called eat like the the c.e.o. before god you know me being me just go smoke will be asleep i can never feel good and. i i i i the champion think everybody is that i have to come and see what they see. or. know. now nasa.
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approach just don't open your mouth and sing the first thing the simplest if you have the support of the states you're one that will be all for your duty and have the skill of the conscious neighborhood on the other hand drugs are everywhere and discipline can be a problem but what i saw tonight it was pretty disappointing so. we don't tell you guys no to do whatever you want to do that is up to you but those who would win the teams and we don't need people to know how to fight in with them and their money now how did mine know what county club if you speak any clubs or not. so if for half a day when the canola that you for non no he laughed at you he said. and the constitution but see pussies i think no he had it so that goes if you send will take its course
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no mental with us that is fine live we don't talk about it in a. lot of them is coming out of jail from infinity so it is known for which kind of thing that stuxnet what we trying to do is get given away from the get into the fictitious since it didn't teach him disciplines so that it doesn't go into that only one thing to seem to live as though the wiki confines would. only be dangerous we didn't share with one another just keep doing we'll keep finding that. in the five dollars. into the box and the practice the book to give that up to him out of the fantasy if you. like that sunday distance he. says. sometimes he complains he does actually. well that's not the
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sports but see that's what i love and that's what's really good. because i'm employed but i think that if you're in the. past if you got it. that i don't see any theme and what they seem to. me. and i mean. i love the scene and i enjoy you seem. like i'm. going. to. tell.
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you let's. close. my neighbors they could but then we have just two muslim families among the other families but. we did speak with the sculptor and we need to and we've been playing that music he's actually that inspired a film for this. entire summer and kept on the competition season is drawing near this is the silver says the hooded grail the way things are going the continentals aren't going to get anywhere near it's a missing knight in shining armor comes to their wrist i believe a thing. i just adored is a prosperous businessman as was dreamed of has and so this is what you do yes. the
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whole discipline to get up enough. to use my brain doesn't interfere in the sec but we grew up in the many clients and to decide i'm going to stock up on things so you can get in there and we just do it they can. hold it together every day and everybody that working on the site as well saying that. oh. we needed some money to depose a seat school the competition so i mean gave me a ticket it eases brings people to think you did what it takes to give it one yesterday or did like these that are on the fourteenth. and i took about twenty directions to the new city their way to places with when i ended the take says to them i felt so good yesterday. these guys will be dancing while we played there's still a kill feeling more lively you know at least. it's new year's eve and
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big things are brewing on the clay it's not something. one should just to think what all this is costing mr dog the truck suits are just the start of it he's also hired a string section a brass band and enough buses to transport hundreds of people. the festivities begin with a tour of the tough neighborhoods where most continentals lived before moving to middle class after the witness to dog his wife and her friends have prepared a feast for the multitude. johnson from the continentals and the supporters piled back into the buses and head for the city proper. according to legend all discos back to the opposition of slavery and it's unfair to fall on the stroke of midnight to those in bondage were set free and they flooded into the streets to celebrate ever since muslims are march through tripped on that same night. that they do no matter. to let people know.
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that was the fun part of the proceedings in the new year the struggle for the self defense begins in deadly earnest this this is the distribution i got the new from today on with and what you just seen the is coming up on my pocket nobody else's pocket they must come on wind us they might as we'll as you back here at the end if i'm successful i can both go yeah. no really going both is and then loving. clinton silver fizzes complicated you get points for singing points for dressing smart and then you hire an army sergeant to drill your team and you get judged on precision much of.
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the finely you get judged for your performance of a sacred song a form that is unique to this culture. these sad old songs are haunted by a song that arrived on the case once with a ship's sauna for instance often so much merit to elements of questioning is the core of them the little answer some of. the. or her. there are. a little kid it's called a two hundred songs off of them i don't know because no records will skip to the old people that actually knows the songs the nigger lands leak well never ever say
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it's not a from the late the will never that will stay or the forever war the mother was was. fish they sold with it in under ten fifty two hundred years it will need look a lot to tease him and said some of us don't even understand it but as you know more and more and more then you come to see that old school you know those look for fuzz lived before the now they were slaves and. they came to enjoy the shells buy c.d.'s and learn songs they could into so they sang. god. budget bucks and party claim to like each other but you'd never guess it from the way the talk about one another most of those members with the stylus they will never be able to leave the style it's what evil bucks tells him to do if he tells
6:40 pm
him to load to jump in the fire i am sure they will jump in the by if this is a sport but this isn't the dumb game this is their first year we've got absolutely nothing to lose. e's got something to lose but we couldn't endure milk wooden nothing to lose to or the wood is on the rope they were to stop like they want to keep us they want to win if we think them come if only one for life almost cut closeness that of seven and i can petition. all those off with getting. offended in the movies again beat to it by seeing that other side i think. it's of. course i'll be the lover but the plan will be known all that and i'm going to make all those other guys nervous too and i know what these guys get and what i think they don't those suits say you'll see
6:41 pm
a different lens a day. i saw much of the dress rehearsal and shells what could be a bad omen the tendering isn't exactly up to scratch the plots you like to get across make them know that by someone who doesn't want to do you think somebody bad alchemy monday the month you have ten points for the job i just move on to put it to sleep that's not because it doesn't give. us. a competition day day of destiny for the continental. this event is run and run very strictly by the quiet board they have a rule that says on side has come out from the competition we spent many a year begging for an exemption but no luck. in the end the continentals decided to
6:42 pm
perform for us outside the venue. will suit up your claim we were wrong about. according to the board you know the commission to do a video sale but i thought it was on the bottom of the to get it and we got it did we see it. was not i don't know what you're going to do with this no ideological but you are going to mexico we go outside made us fight it be walking we can it's a night at the. club. and if. i call the
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record the continentals one i'm not a trophy for dressing up of all things for the wrists they were crushed maybe they were doomed from the outset and maybe it didn't matter. we wanted to do it what do you do with. lived in before. you. be disappointed if it's not but at the same level go. just to see that this is a. good thing. and just for the as it went once again two hundred bucks and his infant starlight's was. the stuff we all different kinds of people played together it's just like the plug into the sky and sand and. does that moment the music takes you away.
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for. a. a. a a. a one to keep lots they want to do with everything. if only one. in the. way but absolutely nothing to lose. e's got something to lose but we continue to move that into the. i am. i.
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the silver phase from the witness series in two thousand and seven do check out the rewind page at al-jazeera dot com for more films from the series that's it from us and so watch. i. i.
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hello gated welcome back to your international weather forecast we're here across europe we have seen plenty of nice weather across much of the area now things are going to change basically down here towards the south as well as up here towards the north let's start with the north first we do have a front about you right there across northern germany as well as poland coming through parts of dallas scandinavia that is going to bring some winds with it as we go towards the next couple of days we're not going to see a lot in terms of clouds here or rain but we are going to be seeing some windy conditions as well as a drop in temperature so for berlin we do expect to see here ten degrees over towards london at twenty paris though you're going to stay about twenty degrees and that is going to continue as we go towards monday and windy conditions will continue across much of the area and that down here across the a bit of peninsula it is going to be wet cloudy and cooler with madrid seeing attempted there of about seventeen degrees well over the next few days it is also going to be the northwestern part of africa that sees plenty of whether that weather is going to extend into the central portions of algeria as well we do think
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there is a possibility of flooding across this area if you notice as we go through the rest of day and into monday heavy rain across the region so potential for flash flooding in the area up towards tunis it is going to be a cloudy and what day with attempted their seventeen degrees. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby we've been employing it was moving to god it really. reveal secrets. sitting out there are people out there you know. and connections some don't want to expose many in legacy media. last. night al-jazeera investigations houses sell a massacre on al-jazeera. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to
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ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the town put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it many brittany's happiness is what we ensure it if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has. zero. zero zero am fully back to go this is a news hour live from the headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes israel reopened to main crossings into gaza following the killing of four
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palestinians during mass protests. arab leaders arrive into nation's capital for the thirtieth arab league summit with events in israel and palestine at the top a very. old story this hour ukraine's president hopes to retain power in sunday's election by fighting off challenges from a former prime minister and a comedian and i'm really hard in here with all of your sport there's no fourth match play title for tiger this year as woods is knocked out of the w.j.c. event in texas. thank you for joining as the two main border crossings into gaza open again for the first time in six days israel rifted restrictions on sunday morning after a weekend of mass protests along the fence dividing gaza and israel for palestinian protesters were killed and two hundred forty others injured during the demonstrations let's speak to john june in gaza for us mohammed they had been
6:50 pm
concerns that saturday's demonstrations would escalate tensions tell us first about the mood in gaza today after yesterday's protests. folley the one here today is really cautiously optimistic and one of the reasons for that is basically what you just said yesterday this was the first year anniversary of the great march of return protests and there had been a huge amount of concern in the past several days that things couldn't really get out of control and get very very chaotic now at the end of the day yes there were five deaths that had occurred in the last two days and the gaza ministry of health said that three of those deaths were because of live rounds fired by israeli soldiers there were also hundreds of people injured but let's talk about what we did not see yesterday we did not see incendiary balloons being launched from gaza heading toward israel we did not see tires being burned and yes there were flare ups there were times when demonstrators did run toward the fence didn't get close
6:51 pm
to the fence the israelis would have like yes there was a lot of tear gas that was being launched into gaza but it was far less chaotic than people thought it would be in fact it was space so much so that there was an extraordinary statement that was made by the spokesman for israel's army in which he actually praised how mouse for the restraint that was shown yesterday because you had a mouse and you had a stomach you had and other palestinian factions that had volunteers on the ground that were trying to keep protesters at a safe distance not allowing them to get as close to the fence as they usually would in the past so it really was a much calmer day and this at a time when tensions had escalated and people were really worried that yesterday might have been far bloodier than it into being ali mohamed for the last couple of days they have been reports of an imminent deal between hamas and israel what more are you hearing about that and what would it mean for the people of gaza what would
6:52 pm
it change. the thinking here what we're hearing from sources on the ground is that there will be a deal reached but it is not been confirmed yes it is extremely significant that kerem shalom terrorist crossing have been reopened really a very clear indication that things are on a positive track right now those egyptian mediators that have been on the ground in gaza the past few days we are told that they are now on route back to tell a view that they are taking of the demands of have been expressed by hamas and other palestinian factions two israeli officials so we expect to hear more in the coming hours if a deal is reached that would be hugely significant in time when you know just last week fully people here were convinced that gaza might be on the verge of another all out war with israel people were very very worried about what that would mean but it was also clear that there was a lot of behind the scenes negotiations going on and some in front of the scenes the last few days when you have these egyptian mediators here it was clear that
6:53 pm
talks were going on even though there not been a lot of official statements people here do believe that in the coming hours gaza fishermen will be allowed once more to enter the sea that they will be allowed to fish. either twelve nautical miles or fifty nautical miles from the coast they believe that goods will be able to come into gaza that restrictions will be eased if that happens that will be a good sign for things going forward but i must also mention that a mouse has been steadfast in saying that even if israel does agree to these demands they want to see a timetable set for when this will all be done to you for that thank you very much money for us saying gaza when talks between israel and the palestinians is set to dominate the arab league summit which is getting underway into nation's capital tunis the region's leaders are gathering against a backdrop of division war and unrest in the middle east a high level meeting to resolve the problems in libya has already taken place chaired by the u.n. secretary general antonio terrorists iran khan is in tunis for us where the summit
6:54 pm
is taking place emraan arab league summit nearly always maad by no shows satisfy us about who is attending this summit and what we're expecting as far as the agenda. well what we're expecting in terms of the agenda is very much the israeli palestinian talks dominating the conflict imput a dominating that's all. and what we're hearing is that they going to emphasize the palestinian cause the arab identity of occupied east jerusalem the capital of the state of palestine we're also hearing that they're going to stress that the unilateral and this is their language u.s. decision recognizing jerusalem as the capital israel is unlawful illegal and void and they are going to continue to work towards palestinian the resumption of genuine palestinian israeli negotiations are also going to reject all unilaterally israeli measures changing realities on the ground and they're also going to be
6:55 pm
talking about the occupied golan heights as well condemning the u.s. decisions or recognize that as israeli territory calling it once again no and void they're also going to be talking about iran saying that iran needs to stop meddling in any arab states domestic affairs and demanding iran pull out all of its militias and then from the arab states in terms of who he who is here and who isn't what we are seeing a number of leaders that we weren't expecting to come who have arrived in the last few hours most crucially the egyptian leader. as actually arrived here in the last hour now he's come just as the egyptian that mediation efforts seem to be moving to a different phase within israel palestine itself you were talking to all my colleague jeanne about exactly that why he has actually turned up there's a number of speculation speculative talks going on about why he might be here is he
6:56 pm
here because he wants to announce that there has been a deal done with the israelis and hamas thank you for that imran khan not for us in tunis where the arab league summit is getting under way and speak some more about this now to my. alan sorry who's a professor of political sociology at cattaro university and is here with us on the news hour thank you so much for coming in and let's start off with who is there and who is not there at this hour break some of the thirtieth in tunis we've seen the america tadi gyptian president the saudi king also expected to speak how much of a unified position are you expecting these leaders to present today on the main issues that are affecting the region currently well to pick up on your first point we see twelve leaders coming into tunis know for this summit. mainly we can cited the missing person there and the leadership figure from the u.a.e. as even behind sent in the prime minister being a very key figure within within the state while for the u.a.e.
6:57 pm
we see the little for jr who is not within you know the power circle if you will and it's a very clear show that either the united arab emirates is in not in in greenman too with its partners including saudi arabia over some issues that will be raised in the summit or there are. issues between tunisia and. bickley would not agree with. we have two things to discuss here first is the the idea of come back in the deal of the century we've seen the americans pushing more and more toward supporting that in the hour in the election through giving him freebies such as the golan heights declaration and i'm sure that most of the arab states would like to see a very strong language against this in the summit while the u.a.e. who has a different position on that and we've seen the minister of state for foreign affairs go gosh say just two days ago that. between flights between the arab world
6:58 pm
and israel was a mistake and therefore the totally different discourse coming out of the u.a.e. another issue of course is the fact that this is the first time that in one room the king of saudi arabia and the emir of qatar will. since the start of the mary might have some indications especially that we have seen one of their figures that were used in the tribal game between got out of saudi arabia come to qatar and of his apologies to the ruling family here and to the to the state and the return to saudi arabia without being harmed might suggest that he was sent by do you think of saudi at a turning point if you know not perhaps a shift in the the crisis between qatar and saudi arabia it's my belief that the saudis no are attempting to come down from the tree which they climb so high up on by the beginning when this crisis started but very skeptical that there will be any real breakthrough however we might see some easing of the tensions between qatar
6:59 pm
and saudi arabia especially with absolutely nothing happening between qatar and the u.a.e. we have seen that the saudis have. done a couple of things in the past couple of month that might know to that but certainly there is nothing concrete to know many arabs what might happen another issue of course is syria and many arab states have softened their position to bashar assad recently. think syria is to gratian into into the arab league something foreseeable in the near future i don't believe that in this summit agreement on what should happen with the syrian regime right now and then the integration of syria into the arab league i'm quite sure that this summit will begin and end without a discussion of the integration of syria or at least without the declaration on that front however it is very likely that within the coming year we'll see some development in syria which will. link to rethink this i know that qatar for example
7:00 pm
has a very clear position against the integration of the syrian regime's with all of the crime that's committed into the arab league framework while other states such as the u.a.e. for example has a very different position on this but there is no agreement and unless there is complete agreement on this. nothing can move forward the arab league just looking at the bigger picture now the arab league over the years has been criticized as being ineffective does this organization still matter today especially given the divisions that exist within and the different camps those who support iran those who support the trumpet ministration what is its relevance today i don't think the arab league is is in a much different state than it was two three five or ten years ago it is quite ineffective the regimes in the region do not believe in the arab league. as a concept all together we have not seen ever any summit of the arab league to come out with a very real actionable declaration however.


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