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tv   Jerusalem A Rock and a Hard Place 2019 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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well the protests have been going on for seven weeks in france and i'm currently in algiers where it's been going on for six weeks in a row. the protests are not have not depend diminished over time and the message in the diocese or as well as in algeria is the same we are sovereign we want radical change we want the corrupt regime out and we do not want the same corrupt figures to lead the transition and you can see that it's a new democratic way of expression that the people are using to make themselves heard the protests have a certain limitation they are very efficient at mentone in ink pressure and accelerating time however the limit is that they're still confusion about the means by which to achieve that effectively that democratic transition that is claimed. let us give context the algerian government is nonexistent prime minister has failed to constitute one there is no faith in the constitutional council which is
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violent and it has always been a tool to seek legitimacy and it has said nothing in the face of constitutional violation still ahead on al-jazeera mox says he wants to start a global conversation about regulating hate speech on social media grass no drilling for oil in the och take a u.s. judge ruled trump executive order on lawful and invalidate. hello again and welcome back we're here cross china we are still speaking of those spots of heavy rain across much of the area particularly here on monday we're going to be seeing the very heavy rain across parts of the southern and southwestern part of china as well into the northern vietnam so annoy it is going to be a rainy day for you there clouds out here towards the southeast but getting better
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as we go towards tuesday clearing conditions there plenty of sun with hong kong see a temperature of about twenty three degrees well cross india we're still seeing some problems out here towards the east that's been affecting parts of the hall as well as into bangladesh with very heavy rain across the region things are slowly getting better there tempers are rising going to be single cut at about thirty five degrees there nagpur at forty and as we go towards tuesday well new delhi is going to be a warm day as well with a temperature of thirty five degrees and then here in the gulf we are seeing a temptress rise as well ahead of a frontal boundary that is pushing through on monday we do expect to see temperatures here in doha reaching to maybe thirty five to thirty six degrees but by the time we get to tuesday that front starts to push through tempers come back to about normal but we're not to be seen too much in terms of sun it's going to be about twenty nine degrees there over here towards dobby it is going to be a cloudy day for you with a temperature of twenty eight but a nice day in the sky with a temperature of thirty. i
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mean every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most embarrassing a free palestine listening post on al-jazeera. our top stories on al-jazeera the first polls have closed in turkey local elections
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that are being seen as a major test for president typewriter won and already the economic recession could see the party lose control of influential mayor old sleeps the two main border crossings into gaza open again for the first time in six days israel lifted restrictions on sunday morning after a weekend of mass protests along the fence dividing gaza and israel and arab leaders say stability in the middle east hainje is on the creation of a palestinian state there attending the thirtieth arab league summit intonations capital tunis. ukrainians are voting for the next president from a field of thirty nine candidates but only three have a realistic chance of winning while known comedian wrote to me as a lenski who's never held political office is ahead in the opinion polls but current president petro poroshenko and former prime minister yulia timoshenko are neck and neck behind him join a whole has more from kiev. is the unexpected for. runner in the race to become
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ukraine's next president but lauded me as alinsky is an actor and comedian his campaign appearances are stand up comedy act what he lacks in actual policy or political experience he makes up for with his on screen persona in a popular television series he's a teacher who blows the whistle on corruption suddenly finding himself yes president of the ukraine that's the territory great. well he's famous for one thing young people see him as an anti establishment outsider figure which they like and just funny. and i think that they have a likeness personality but it seems even he isn't sure if he can be president or not we don't know either we just want to believe that he's a better option previous presidents with businessmen politicians and lawyers maybe
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a comedian can make a difference for ukraine. many feel the political unknown zelinsky could hardly do worse than the current president petro poroshenko he came to power after russia's annexation of crimea vowing to end the war in the east and sweep away corruption the billionaire confectionery king here immortalized in bullet casings and his own sweet and chocolate wrappers has bowed to pressure from the international monetary fund raising utility prices that hurt the poor and he's in a circle he's implicated in allegedly corrupt weapons purchases. if you see corruption i think we should talk about this let's why reason all of these. painting this is a conversation with president bush and first of all and if he will be elected for the second time i hold food that it will make him to sink a vote what kind of place in the history he wants to to get. also in the running of
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the two decades in politics and three years in prison is former prime minister yulia timoshenko many of her supporters at the final rally in central kiev were bussed in from the countryside drawn by a pledge to have consumer gas prices the focus of this election is the economy. promises being made about the war that's the toxic question for all the candidates no one has also learned a lot has been. the no one wants to take responsibility for five years of war after a people's rebellion against russian influence and corruption and ukraine is a country that seems stuck unsure now which way to turn jonah. anti-corruption candidates put to has won slovakia's presidential election making her the country's first female leader. of. the liberal lawyer
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who has no previous political experience be the governing party candidate in a second runoff a second runoff vote. is pro europe and told supporters she saw her victory as a signal for change so we saw him in june to the largely ceremonial post. i accept this result with great humbleness and sense of great responsibility i think all of you for being here with me and i promise you that i will be with you let's look for things to connect us let's place to work for a better slovakia above all the fights fought for personal gains let's invite other people in pursuit of ideas and values that connected us through the election. in bangladesh to owners of a tower block that caught fire earlier this week have been arrested and charged with negligence twenty six people died in the blaze in dhaka some jumped to their deaths from the twenty two story highrise hundreds were treated for the facts so small can the nation safety inspectors say the building didn't have extension
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permits or enough fire exits the boss of facebook is calling for new rules to govern the internet and wants governments to share responsibility for policing what we click on in a newspaper article mogs like a brick said it's not for companies alone to define and monitor harmful content his pushing for a common global framework to police privacy and data as well as rules to stop the spread of hate speech facebook's facing a series of scandals including its failure to stop the live streaming of the new zealand mosque attacks which killed fifty people earlier this month now facebook has already signed up in principle at least to a contract for the web it's the brainchild of team berners lee the man who invented the world wide web thirty years ago with a vision of open access for all speaking to al-jazeera earlier this month berners lee said it's a global set of principles to govern use of the internet but it needs buy in from governments companies and individuals. it's called contract because in fact part of
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it is companies is currently not poly the platform was very complaisant the building building systems need to tweak the systems a bit so that they could the discussion look instructive but also those governments as well and so companies and governments need to talk to each other and also as a third constituent we've included the person the assess as a consumer and old person they feel a to be discussed because their rights are really important we see that the weapon that we should be more user centric. users can have more control of their data and partly because at the end of the day if governments don't do what they committed to and or companies don't do what they should do then it ends up having to be people protesting in the streets people voting by changing the products they use or people
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complain or complaining to the government of saudi arabia has been accused of hacking the phone of jeff bezos the owner of the shopping website amazon and the washington post bezos hide private investigators after his phone messages were leaked to the national enquirer newspaper detectives said he was targeted by the saudis as they've prodded the killing of washington post writer jamal khashoggi saudi mrs afraid asli denied any link to the national enquirer is reporting mark owen jones is assistant professor of middle east studies at hammond's been a university here in qatar he says the hacking of mobile phones is widespread. this tactic is become the norm so we hear saudi doing it a lot but we know for example that the united arab emirates of use this time similar technologies against human rights activists like up in months or you know the bahamian government back in two thousand and twelve were using european spy ware in fish it's a target activist not just living in behind but living in the u.k.
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so we know that even smaller countries countries that do not have as much power or clout to saudi arabia have been using these types of technologies to target activists living abroad and this to me is really crucial because what we're seeing now is not necessary just state centric efforts to control dissent we're seeing these kind of assemblages of authority in structures often western companies or third turn governments coming together to target people who might be living in canada or the u.k. so much of the expertise that is then sold to authoritarian governments comes from countries like america u.k. it's no different from the arms trade if you look at most countries in the gulf where they buy the weapons from it's usually the u.s. or the u.k. so it's these people who have the expertise with selling it to these countries so they can't wash their hands of this when it was mentioned in the clip that pegasus was considered a weapon actually all of this technology should be considered a weapon it depends how it's been used security forces in venezuela have fired tear gas at demonstrators complaining about power cuts protesters say the widespread
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electricity blackouts are making their lives even worse on top of food and medicine shortages and hyperinflation arrival rally was held by supporters of president nicolas maduro he blames the power cuts on terrorist attacks as hydroelectric dam. the president of brazil to reinstate commemorations of a military coup fifty five years ago is causing controversy. is honoring history will unite the country survivors of the killing and torture campaign say what happened during military rule should be condemned not celebrated that has our report. president has never hidden his admiration for the military that he served in as a young army captain before entering politics while still a congressman he said it's mistake while in power from one thousand nine hundred forty nine hundred eighty five was not to kill more he sins moderated his language is not about celebrating remembering or looking back to see what went wrong or
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right it's about how we can use this for the good of brazil in the future. however some of his supporters have been more direct. i think it's fantastic i think brazil has to celebrate march thirty first it's a day when brazil almost became a communist country we could have become a venezuela or north korea this museum in the only place in brazil dedicated to victims of the military government that building a form of peace headquarters where opponents of the regime what detained you thought the sickest on this place preserves memories through the testimonies of survivors and a collection of documents that all combined with the importance of this building all together they helped to recreate a period of our history. was twenty one years old when he was detained in one nine hundred seventy and spent four years in prison. and there was this uproar created by the president has reopened the debate we have two opposing forces one is the
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force of resistance those who resist during those days but also researchers and historians that understand history on the other hand we have retrograde forces who want to celebrate a past that in fact should be abhorred previous commemorations were ended by former president jimmy to say these governments in two thousand and thirteen ordered a truth commission into abuses carried out during military rule she has self as a one time marxist rebel was imprisoned and tortured. brazil never prosecuted members of its military who enjoyed an amnesty implemented before they left office that's a marked contrast to neighboring countries such as argentina where last sunday hundreds of thousands took to the streets on the anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy six military coup to cry never again. also know that he will lead individual commanders to carry out what he called appropriate commemorations to mark sunday's anniversary opponents will hold their own protests including
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a silent march in our law while the debate still rages in brazil of with to celebrate or to condemn its military past. al-jazeera. donald trump has ordered cuts in direct aid to three countries in central america as part of his campaign against illegal immigration democrats say the cuts to our salvador guatemala and honduras are quote entirely counterproductive and will only increase the flow of migrants towards the u.s. trump accuses the nations of having set up migrant caravans and has threatened to close the border with mexico. now president trump's executive order to allow offshore oil drilling in the arctic ocean has been overturned a federal judge called trump's reversal of an environmental protection policy from the obama era unlawful and invalid the ruling reinstates the drilling ban in much of the arctic ocean rob reynolds has more from washington. federal judge sharon
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gleason says president donald trump exceeded his constitutional authority when he issued an executive order back in april of two thousand and seventeen that essentially stripped away all protections against explore ation and oil drilling from above five hundred thousand square kilometers of waters all in the arctic and north atlantic oceans trump has tried repeatedly to roll back environmental protections that were made during the emboss obama administration but he has been unsuccessful in large part because environmentalists as in this case keep taking the administration to court and they keep winning the judge in this case said that once a president applies the designation of a national monument or a protected area under laws that date in some cases back well over a hundred years no future president can reverse those decisions by themselves it
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has to be done by an act of congress not simply by an executive order as the president did in this case so the affected areas which are principally off the coast of alaska which will now be protected at least for several years as this case works its way through the court system our home to a number of endangered species including bowhead whales and polar bears. and again i'm funny back to prover the headlines on the first polls that goes in techies local elections that are being seen as a major test for president bush type at iran and he's ruining. the economic recession could see the party new skin troll of influential mayoral seats. the two main border crossings into gaza open again for the first time in six days israel
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lifted restrictions on sunday morning after a weekend of mass protests along the fence dividing gaza and israel meanwhile arab leaders say stability in the middle east hinges on the creation of a palestinian state there attending the thirtieth arab league summit in tunisia capital tunis tunisia president ok to sepsis said arab leaders must ensure the global community understands the importance of the palestinian cause. we reiterate that this arab land is occupied land in palestine with the ridiculousness of the international community we need to consecrate the policy and we are against the violation of the land therefore we need to do everything we can to put into the occupation and reach peace and stability regional and international levels one of algeria is richest men and a close backer of president abdelaziz bouteflika has been arrested at the tunisian
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border he had died resigned as head of the algerian business leaders for a month thursday has been awarded large public works contracts by the government and help fund beautifully as election campaigns and algerians living in france are gathering for a seventh week of anti-government protests against president bush if mika they're rallying in support of the millions of algerian is demanding regime change the voting is underway in ukraine in the first round of the presidential election thirty nine candidates are in the running including the incumbent federal for schenkel and former prime minister yulia timoshenko but it's comedian bloody mary selenski who's leaving in opinion polls if no candidate gets more than fifty percent of a vote the top two will go into a second round of voting. and finally it's a second and final day of the pope's trip to morocco aimed at boosting interfaith ties pope francis is delivering a homily and celebrating mass right now in morocco capital ribot to mark the end of
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his visit to head along the roman catholic church hope to promote dialogue between christians and muslims listening post starts now. amnesty international an organization focused on human rights around the world now amnesty itself is facing allegations of abuse and mistreatment by its own staff has honesty fall into the lowest point in its history do you think. secretary general. talks to al-jazeera. on the way to the testing did not establish that members of the campaign fired or the russian government has. gone too far wrong and i after i remember how the media reputation helped or. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week the aftermath of the mother report the stain it leaves on the reporting of news outlets
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who went all in on the story of the trump campaign and russian collusion julian assange and the ecuadorian government at odds at the london embassy once again ethiopia one year after the arrival of a new government what has it meant for the media there and take a deep breath yoga as a collective therapy for a united kingdom divided by breck's before moving up into a. rising nationalist. russia gate the theory that donald trump colluded with lot of mere putin to hijack the two thousand and sixteen us presidential elections was a story that was too big to fail but that's what happened and certain american news outlets now have some questions to answer the official summary of the muller report about alleged collusion says there's no clear evidence of it trumps people had many questionable contacts with influential russian nationals but not directly with the government having sold americans the seductive and conspiratorial notion that the
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man in the oval office might be a compromised foreign agent now comes a moment of reckoning for the u.s. media that includes the networks who gave short shrift to skep. challenge the prevailing collusion narrative the one that boosted ratings and brought on the clicks a golden goose of a story for those skeptics it's vindication as for trump himself after two years of accusing the media of a witch hunt calling them the enemy of the people this story has handed him a two thousand and twenty election gift like no other our starting point this week is washington. when it came out that the mother report had found there was no trump russian special counsel by the stronger understandable shock throughout the political establishment we are going to get a print out feels like. the place for a tough russia conspiracy which is not there i mean when you do journalism you
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don't follow what you imagine nation wants to believe this is an international war fare against our country you follow what the facts are and the facts undermine this notion of a top russian speakers. five voices on the mall or report three who were skeptical of the russia collusion narrative all along and two who argue the journalists were right to focus on the story and no network anchor invested more air time more of her own credibility on the case for collusion then m s n b season and rachel maddow as if the worst is true. if the the presidency is effectively a russian op if you had to pick one person who promoted the hysteria then. she would be that person her ratings were going down until trump was elected in until russia gate became a possibility and she seized on it immediately well before trump's inauguration are about to find out if the new president of our country is going to do what russia
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wants with this story she she started playing a character where she sort of became this patriotic. sort of front actor there been tons of russians there was a very powerful element of really fear there ran through her shows that mean the most infamous broadcast was the one during a cold front earlier this year russia can just shut off the electricity they have that ability now where she suggests that the russians have the capability to turn off the heat across the united states at any moment what would happen if russia killed the power in fargo today you know that would be an act of war there was this implied subtext that the russians were this sort of reasoning with evil that was everywhere and we had to have vigilance and watch out for it everyone has been accuse others of doing poor reporting i would point to margaret sullivan piece in the washington post where she said the solid reporting done by
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a lot of people should be celebrated because it's a hard story to tell and then there's cable t.v. and we need to make a distinction between now commentary television is not nude in its commentary given all that's happened since and rachel maddow in particular she has certainly pushed the mauler matter but she's done so in a way that was supported by the facts we knew at the time so i'm not prepared to go with many of the folks who say this was hysterical this was wrong certainly was driven by the commercial interests of television in terms of what they covered. that angle commercial considerations tends to get over the focus is usually on ideology since matthaus network m s n b c leans to the left politico however since marketing itself as america's anti trump news channel m s n b c has seen record ratings at times maddow has drawn more viewers in her nine pm slot than her
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competition at fox news just a few years ago that would have been unheard of the publication of them. report had an instant effect on that i was numbers ratings for her first two shows after the report's release were down by more than twenty percent as telling as the voices n.b.c. puts on the air to discuss russia gate is who it does not journalists like matt tayyiba and erin who have never bought into the collusion narrative in the case of a missing d.c. it's certainly a case of a network prioritizing profit and partisanship over actual journalism partisanship in the sense that this narrative trumped russia it was the preferred one of democratic party elites that emma said you see is the one with and profit in the sense that this story helped drive and this n.b.c. upward in the ratings but now they have to think about what this has done to their credibility we were all ostracized none of us were invited on television other
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reporters and other people in the media they saw that there were a line that sent a message to everybody else that if you stick your head up you know you're going to get the same treatment what is donald trump trying to hide m.s.n. b.c. he was not alone in investing in the russia gate story. the russians and collusion something that looks and smells a whole lot like collusion c.n.n. other networks and some of america's more prestigious papers the new york times and washington post included also found it hard to resist and they reverted to some bad journalistic habits american saw in the aftermath of nine eleven. according to u.s. intelligence senior when intelligence sources said that the bush administration's fictional stories of iraqi weapons of mass destruction point we're looking at the same kinds of problems that we saw in the run up to the iraq war and the failure to track down sources to check for actual evidence and for corroborated evidence and
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a real abandonment of professional standards the embrace all to mentally in both. cases of a kind of stenographers rule rather than establishing an independent perspective some of the same intelligence officials who were involved in the initial russian best a geisha and also were involved in the iraqi the scam were put on cable news as experts former cia director john brennan he is our senior national security and intelligence analyst for m s n b c john brennan head of the cia and james clapper the director of national intelligence and for two years they took part in promoting the notion that trump was possibly compromised by russia john brennan also predicted that miller was going to hand down indictments for the trump russia conspiracy and he is going to be delivering what i think are going to be his indictments the fact that never came and the lesson we should draw from that which we should have drawn after iraq is that we do not trust intelligence officials or
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anyone without concrete evidence but we got today as a summary. findings now after years of being told to expect an indictment even a possible impeachment american news audiences have to reassess the entire russia gates story and they lack the evidence they need to do that. the muller investigation a reported three hundred pages long has not been made public all the media have to go on is a four page summary from the attorney general bill barr who was appointed by the president that's a key argument and voices in the media are holding on to. we don't know what's in the mahler report that is the most important fact to keep in mind we only know what attorney general barr in a very brief letter says about the muller report russian interference is and was real people around this president did things they should not have done they knew it because they lied about it so those people who are claiming this is wild hysteria
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nonsense there is lots of smoke here there are financial transactions with all of the way the world works under vladimir putin all of us are just as important if the russian government. the bar memo says that donald trump was helped to win by a hostile foreign government and he cheered every step of the way russia if you're listening i hope you are able to find the thirty thousand e-mails that are missing if it's not fair to criticize him for having done that whatever his criminal liability for doing so that i think we're in a bad place for democracy is that why he won now not by itself but does donald trump deserve some criticism for cheering on a hostile foreign government yes it's going to be only america
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first and it's not as if there's been a shortage of domestic trump related scandals stories for reporters to change the multiple indictments of his campaign and administration officials his former lawyer the payoffs to trump's former lovers his courtship of neo nazis however those stories lack the foreign bogeyman the idea that the kremlin had somehow help decide the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election it's as though the american media along with the opposition democratic party must look overseas for someone to blame for putting donald trump in the white house when they should be looking closer to home much closer. part of the reason we have is because we have a political and media culture that is dominated by people who do not want to take responsibility for their own failures their own actions because the media gave trump and listen tension billions of dollars worth of free advertising during his
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election campaign and he was capitalizing on the very real anger towards the policies of the democratic party elite their neo liberal economic policies brought misery to large parts of the country instead of reckoning with their own failures in two thousand and sixteen democrats turned to a scapegoat which was there. russia has all of eyes exclusion a product of collusion and collusion and unfortunately our media enabled them every step of the way. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers minox you razzi nina julian assange the founder of wiki leaks has been in that ecuadorian embassy in london for seven years now over the past year the conditions of his asylum there have been tightened considerably and you've got the latest as you said richard we've seen a progressive squeeze on julian a songe and this latest story we're hearing gives us a sense of just how tense things have become at the embassy on march twenty fifth cassandra fairbanks a reporter with an american rightwing online outlet called the gateway pundit went
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to meet with the sun she says that her meeting had been pre-approved by the ecuadorian embassy but when she got there the situation became hostile fairbanks says she was locked in a room with cameras and surveillance equipment and she overheard an argument between a songe his lawyer and embassy staff including the ambassador she reports a sundress told he could not enter the room unless he submitted to a body scan now the suspicion was that he was taking in a radio device with him to interfere with any surveillance recordings the argument was loud heated and prolonged and eventually a two hour long meeting was just eight minutes we're going to consider the source here though don't we i mean gateway pundit is a horrid right news outlet right alongside outfits like breitbart of course and that alone mandates some skepticism of their deporting just like we're skeptical of some of the reporting by the u.k.'s guardian now of course that newspaper has a much wider and more mainstream audience but some of the deporting on bikie leaks
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in a songe has ranged from inaccurate to just outright malicious what's changed in the relationship between a sanch and the ecuadorian government that government granted him asylum back in two thousand and twelve in a sense that he feared being extradited to the u.s. is this just the result of the arrival of a new government. in quito well that's a significant factor certainly now in two thousand and twelve the president of ecuador was a file korea leftist deeply critical of the united states in two thousand and seven he was succeeded by lenin moreno who described himself as a centrist and has publicly called julian a songe his inherited problems now what seems to have triggered the crackdown on a songes internet connection and the frequency of his visitors are comments he made last year on social media about ecuador's allies including spain it is an explicit condition of a songes asylum that he won't make any comment on ecuador's foreign policy and in addition to all of this we also have reports that the u.s. state department is putting pressure on the aquarium government to lift the asylum
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to lift its protection of julian a search ok thanks nick. it's now been one year since east africa's most populous country ethiopia experienced a political transformation a change in leadership after years of social unrest and demonstrations prime minister haile mariam deselect unexpectedly quit leading to the appointment of i met a representative of the country's largest ethnic group the are almost the reforms came swiftly be packed his cabinet with a record number of women he promised to address the social tensions among ethiopia's multiple ethnic groups and he forged an historic agreement to end the twenty year standoff with neighboring eritrea changes came quickly to the media realm as well dozens of new news websites have appeared more than twenty new media publications are now in business and numerous journalists jailed and stifled under deselect he and his predecessor have been freed last year we spoke with four journalists of different media backgrounds about the role that social media has
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played in the political transition now about nine months later we've gone back to those voices to see how the new space is developing the listening posts flow phillips now on the ethiopian media one year into the. april the second twenty eight. ethiopia's new prime minister at the moment is rushing into power on the coattails of national. one year on the bold agenda of africa's youngest leader has attracted praise from around the why well if any of your peers the prime minister has made in the job since i. think i got you there i haven't read i'm afraid i don't think i don't think i know one of them really really exciting about going to that i managed to give them something to release political journalist behind the headlines however a much more complex tense transition is taking place we are dealing with
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a country. that is in its own twilight zone the transition is in many ways very fragile. this is to dalai lama the editor in chief of ad a standard a prominent newspaper that led coverage of the series of protests that have taken place in the country it's a very delicate sense the. highly emotional kind of conversation awaiting this country. tamar says managing editor of the adice food chain newspaper a media mainstay there reported throughout the twenty eight thousand revolution and transition. to politics and the promise of the possibilities of complicated. the pictures were more complete about the. journalist and blogger askin the nagra after years in prison he was released on a presidential pardon he set up shop again and rekindled his career there is still doubt whether the country could make it to democracy where was
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a little. fall back with the football whether it's actually get worse i'm going to war and joe or mohammed the influential and controversial head of the iranian media now when he returned from exile to a hero's welcome. for journalists all with a part to play in this new phase of their country's history this is not the first time they're speaking with the listening post in twenty eighteen we interviewed them on their media expectations of the new prime minister we've come back to them now to get their thoughts on key media aspects of abbey ahmed ethiopia. if you are ready to be held accountable he has to start talking to the media. but they have not been accessible not been as open as they promised to be they.
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promised the press office with the whole been promised don't hold this weekly or biweekly press conferences they had just one thing they did not do the he has also not made the media so far to face our questions so that makes me worry of whether he is joining white or not if you wanted to have a request for interview you don't get that opportunity we see more and more government officials using assistant media which makes them directly accessible to people however i'm very disappointed that the distribution of this information is highly choreographed so it's very frustrating that we're limited into. the kind of information government authorities want to hear. social media as you know that's where the game is that's where it's going to be
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even in the future will be the medium through which there will be gauging political discourse and it will be the medium through which we mobilize. i can't imagine the word without a good book at this point it's great to live in a world in which you know millions of people are open to talk to each other. the kind of fast change that we've seen over the last three years without the social media would have been impossible. the value of official media has been realized to the extent that. you can you can find every color or shade of views in the social media but the message that churned out substance of pipe from the recession which is part and parcel of the political process that is taking place you know there are more. every site they have demands political interest they are trying to assert that. i
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think moving forward particularly media like go on i don't myself where want to move. one ethnic line and more into it inclusiveness because we have a responsibility to do that it's quite difficult to be as aggressive. as i used to be today we are not dealing with full grown up to the t.v. and government. today we're dealing with this kind of leadership that has allowed the same for the protest of the headlines and for the population so you know of course i'm an activist that has moved from open aggressive criticism of the government to a more critical supporter of the government so my only as an activist but was. morris was one of the. democracy does not realize that we're still fighting the wars and so we need actors in this transition is over there's no democracy particularly in the back to square one to have democracy it or
11:43 pm
a british to fight and to be active and promoting democracy some would say we have to remain activist as democracy dawned on us and i don't have any problem with somebody standing saying i would have to continue like that but it becomes problematic when stories are being corrupt by. activists including journalists who are doubling as activists and it's very unfortunate that we are in that in that circumstance and i do hope that we would come to our sense when you are a professional journalist there are things that you need to observe and more than anything else you have to observe your own code of conduct which requires you to be factual accurate fair balanced objective reasonable. all this other things that you need to observe that are completely alien to the world of activism. ethiopia's political transition is balanced on the edge of hope
11:44 pm
and fear. for political transformation and fear of slipping back into a depression. for the first time in thirteen years there are no journalists in the country's jails hundreds of websites have been um blocked and licenses have been granted to twenty three new media publications but there's still a long way to go. ethiopian media have years of control and censorship to break free from and outlets that are still working on forming professional bonds to strengthen their industry media houses need to come together to discuss what should be how can we help the transition without compromise in order to go the precipice if we do that because. but expecting the media to is not take side not to live by such an interest is just nothing to stick with once you have a democratic framework if you have a democratic system if you're a democratic country by the way but not natural outcome or got about the personal
11:45 pm
a good horse but i'm sure your first question about the first bike but doctored the separate protected i do hope would have a press council most importantly where we come together and and and hammer out on our own court of conduct we have to the strain ourselves into professionalism. and don't put in a talking and pitting one community we set another that's not helpful for journalists and the media has continued to be an instrument of power. and off the media continues a lot of so many things are in the balance what do people want from the media. and wonder media to be a force of verification a force a place a platform for rational discourse. and finally back in two thousand and sixteen when britain voted to leave the european union the question on the referendum ballot seemed simple enough do you
11:46 pm
want out of the e.u. or not but the longer this braxton story goes on the harder it is to understand the negotiations and the issues freedom of movement customs unions the irish backstop were complex enough and that was before m.p.'s got involved with their parliamentary procedures their votes amendments britain is in a state of confusion which is where sammy j. thompson he's an astray and comedian who suggests the best way to deal with bracks that and to explain it is through something he calls bricks at yoga now that may be a bit of a stretch but this video first seen on the australian broadcasting corporations comedy channel has millions of views online we'll leave you now with an excerpt and we'll see next time here at the listening post. ok let's warm up first by you nodding out. and when you're ready to face the world we're going to move up into a way of repaying union. nice and. fearless tariffs falling
11:47 pm
away enjoy your freedom of movement in the south the friends. and holding this position for several decades before moving up into a. rising nationalism were also in a sense out of life. and from he will head slowly down into. referendum. going to bring. now some of you might want to remain in this position some of you might want to leave just listen to your body being clued. into the right. and leave it is. supposedly to strike into a way instant regret. so does feel you try to diminish as the process of coming there increases. in twenty sixty one the one used to reveal that girls from me and some as young as fifteen were trafficked to
11:48 pm
singapore to work as mate it's illegal and costing lives so why does it still continue when law abiding singapore one the one east. where every. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth fran i'm coming up in the next sixty minutes a test of strength for turkey's presidential local elections give regicide everyone
11:49 pm
a sign of his national standing. a renewed push for a palestinian state by leaders of the arab league summit as israel reopens to the gaza border crossings. and ukraine a fictional t.v. president is attempting to be elected for real in a three horse race with the current president and a former prime minister plus. there's the road building. the film america's military doesn't want you to see made by the reins of serving in afghanistan on paul reese with the sports tiger woods swings from high to low at golf's world match play championship in texas. turkey has voted in local elections that i. shaping up to have national implications president the want and his ruling ak party risks defeat in the capital
11:50 pm
ankara and other big cities like bull as an economic slowdown takes hold while seeking to capitalize on the president's perceived vulnerability opposition parties formed alliances to try to capture as many male seats as possible for the act party has build its own alliances these elections are the first since everyone assumed sweeping new powers last year on the constitutional reforms approved in a referendum let's go now to our correspondent. is inside the ak party headquarters in istanbul and as we've been reporting jamal not national elections aren't president of the on and the act party facing one of the biggest challenges so far and that is because of the economy. well as with yes i mean this is as you mentioned there are the parts to one i've been in power now for close to true decades and whenever there is a vote of any skill it is always seen as is the case in any democracy as
11:51 pm
a reflection of the popularity of the incumbents in here maybe what's more significance as far as these elections are concerned is the fact that it comes off the back of a proto long period of economic slowdown or is shrinking that maybe it was unprecedented under the act party's governance of turkey and the fact that that period has gone on for several times in which during that period we've seen other votes taking place and during the campaign trail of those other elections the party ended one of those promise that the light at the end of the tunnel was could be seen and that if they were to win those elections that would help them bring about economic growth that was essentially the underpinning of the electoral success of iran well that's hasn't really happened the ak party will say that's because of global market slowdown and other things their opponents will say it's because the party is really lost its ability to govern the same way it did before in terms of achieving that economic growth will point to make up projects that have been put on
11:52 pm
hold as well as obviously the weakening of the lira and all of those other issues as well so that's essentially one of the big concerns of voters when we're talking about the economics of things but obviously on the one hand with all the let's say inability of the party to overcome those challenges there has been a failure on the part of the opposition parties to actually present individually an economic program that would entice large sections of the electoral blocks and therefore what they've viewed is that maybe the best way in order for them as you mentioned. least on the chums is by coming together to put aside all the differences they have in a bid to try and maybe win some sort of victories here and there in terms of some of the larger cities and what the opposition's chances with this new alliance to mom. well on
11:53 pm
a national scale it's very unlikely close to impossible that they're going to win in the sense that the largest party still will be the party where they do stand chances are in either swing areas or in winning. big victories in specific locations so if we take for example anchor anchor there is a lot of expectation maybe that's probably where they're pinning most of their hope in terms of dealing the biggest votes of the party if they were indeed to win the cup it's always in the capital is more symbolic here in turkey than it is in other places because in reality the true capital of turkey is istanbul in terms of the nature of the population size of cosmopolitan nature of it and so forth over the administrative political capital of the city is i'm sure and if that was to. be lost that would be a significant blow at least symbolically that would show that the armor or the electoral kind of ability of the party to maintain that dominance it has is
11:54 pm
faltering in other places you're talking about is merely even if they were in a stumble are unlikely to win as an opposition but if they were maybe to reduce the margin between them and the act party that would also be seen as again but really to crystallize where we many people believe that the opposition still don't stand a chance to win as a whole it is because up until now nobody has been able to match the charisma of the political in this the electoral sadness or two on a man who has never won lost an election that he has contested and until now there is still a figure from the opposition to present somebody even close enough to compete with him head to head to miles thank you very much for that for now that is jim and child with the very latest live from the ak party headquarters and with of course be going back to john for all the developments this story thank you jamal but let's move on to other news for now the two main border crossings into gaza. open again
11:55 pm
for the first time in six days israel lifted restrictions on sunday morning after a weekend of mass protests along the fence dividing and israel before palestinian protesters were killed and two hundred forty others injured in the demonstrations let's get more on those we're joined by correspondent mohammed jhoom he's live for us in gaza and as we've been reporting the home of four killed two hundred forty injured but the crossings being opened that is a sign of improvement after heightened tensions over the past week. that's right elizabeth let me first mention those some news that we've just gotten in the past ten minutes or so two rockets were launched in the past hour from gaza headed toward israel we're told that those rockets landed inside of gaza that they exploded once they landed possibly damaging the perimeter fence here in gaza on the border with israel but there have been no casualties no injuries now certainly that
11:56 pm
adds a little bit more attention to a day that has been up until now relatively calm where there has been this cautious sense of optimism because as you mentioned both the border crossings now reopened also we've just learned from the fishermen's union here in gaza that indeed as was expected they have been notified by israeli officials that they will once again be allowed to start fishing off the coast of gaza now they cannot go out yet today because it has been rainy there has been bad weather it's quite cloudy we're told they expect to be able to start going out fishing again in the morning in some parts of gaza they'll be able to go ten ten nautical miles off the coast other parts of gaza twelve nautical miles off the coast certainly that is a huge boost to the fishermen here who suffer quite a bit when there are these restrictions as i mentioned a cautious sense of optimism throughout the day because not just the borders being reopened not just on the go she asians continuing between hamas other factions and his route and israel but also because yesterday you had the first anniversary of
11:57 pm
the of the great march of return protests and it was far less chaotic far more calm than people had expected and so that really was seen as a good sign of everybody trying to deescalate the tensions of the past week now of course with this latest news that two rockets were fired toward israel that certainly well that causes some problems tonight and many people here worried if this is once again going to be something that creates more tension that escalates the situ. it's not a time when really it seems like most people here want to avoid that and they want to maintain this kind of relative calm that's been here the past few days elizabeth thank you very much for that for now that is mohamed with the very latest live in gaza thank you well as news about the gaza crossings emerged leaders at the arab league summit into nazir will making a new unified push for the creation of a palestinian state the summit took place against a backdrop of division war and unrest across the region with conflicts in yemen
11:58 pm
syria and libya also on the agenda today as he is president of the sepsis said arab leaders must ensure the global community understands the importance of the palestinian cause. we reiterate that this arab land is occupied land in palestine with the rich ignition of the international community we need to consecrate the policy and we are against the violation of the land therefore we need to do everything we can to put into the occupation and reach peace and stability a regional and international level. let's go to our correspondent and he's joining us live from tunis or palestine top of the agenda at the summit today on sunday in iran were already seen a draft communique so what is the message. well the message is that there won't be peace in the region without the issue of palestine being
11:59 pm
solved it wasn't just said by all of the keynote speeches speakers it was reiterated throughout the entire arab league summit in fact that king abdullah of jordan king solomon of saudi arabia sisi of egypt also mentioned crucially that it was palestine that needed to be taken a very hard look at if that didn't happen there was going to be real issues but it was the palestinian president who actually took things one step forward he actually blamed the u.s. for palestine's current predicament he said that the u.s. was an obstacle to peace let's take a look what he had to say. has one of. them what happened during the era of trump has never been heard or seen during the errors prior to him they might have been hiding the policies then came trump with all impoliteness to announce this policy that is categorically against the international legitimacy since one nine hundred forty seven it is
12:00 am
a coup against international law and legitimacy this american administration has put an end to its rule as a mediator in the peace process the us is a biased mediator strong was there from the palestinian president but that's not the end of the message coming out from the arab league summit they've also going to issue a draw a communique a final communique that will involve iran as well there's very strong words to iran saying that they need to stop meddling in the affairs of the arab world they need to remove the militias from arab countries also there will be a mention of syria separate statement actually when it comes to the occupied golan heights now that's unusual for the arab summit to issue a separate statement on something like this but clearly it's something that they feel very strongly about and then not going to change their language they do not recognize the fact that the u.s. does recognize the golan heights is be.


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