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present that the building belief systems need to tweak the systems a bit so that to make that the discussion more constructive but also is governments as well and so companies and governments need to talk to each other but also as a third constituent we've included the person that said assessors in the consumer and old person. we feel a need to be discussed because their rights are really important we see the web and if you should be more user centric users can have more control of their data and partly because at the end of the day if governments don't do what they've committed to and or companies don't do what they should do then it ends up having to be people protesting in the streets people voting by changing the products they use are people complain or complain to the government. was still ahead for you on the program but we're looking at the rise of poetry on social media and how it's
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resonating with young people searching for understanding. and install roger federer make short work of one of the tallest players on top to win yet another title i am . for have that story and more sports. april on al-jazeera nato leaders will gather to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the alliance in washington d.c. madam husain engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headlines on up front twenty five years on from the genocide that killed nearly a million people wonder has rebuilt but how far of its people have been reconciled the emmy award winning show phone lines is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories israel is to hold an early election on the ninth of april but with a corruption scandal looming will benjamin netanyahu extend his ten years as prime
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minister april on al-jazeera. to every week a news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. it's the longest war in u.s. history a mess still no end in sight for the combat in afghanistan but while talks between the u.s. and taliban in making progress a controversial new film is getting all the attention filmed by u.s.
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marines at marines in afghanistan combat obscura gives a view is a more realistic look at life on the frontline kristensen me with all its. it's billed as the documentary the u.s. military did not want the public to see marines doing drugs making mistakes does the road building. and potentially making new enemies while deployed in afghanistan you know the film combat obscura offers little in the way of commentary or big picture analysis but provides a rarely seen look at the more from the perspective of american troops on the ground i just haven't seen our war like reflected. as brutally honest as as i had experienced it miles lego's each shot the footage as a u.s. marine working in a public affairs unit and decided to turn it into a film after returning home to new york here he's found americans quick to praise
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the military. doing a great service for the country yet uninformed about the eighteen year long war on a killing not anyone really thinking about it but honestly the gritty realism of the film is not in line with the more sanitized image of the military that most americans are used to seeing nor is it an image that the military wants to promote the marine corps has condemned the behavior on display telling al-jazeera it is not in line with their high standards while the marine corps insists that at least some of the footage is the property of the military but chose not to pursue legal action to halt its release after defenders of the u.s. constitution's first amendment got involved this is not just miles as own free speech rights but the rights of the public to get this unique perspective of what it was like to be a soldier on the ground in afghanistan. corner right that perspective
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includes attempts to save a fellow marine mortally wounded in combat his mother permitted the footage to be used in the film we do want to have an honest discussion about the war that doesn't you know hero worship and kind of sugarcoat the whole experience goes he estimates twenty fellow marines died during his eight month tour of duty. he himself was wounded all before coming to the us there is no discussion of the tens of thousands of afghan civilians killed in the war but the filmmaker hopes to give american viewers a better understanding of what they and the u.s. military are up against kristen salumi al jazeera new york. out of four with all the sport. thanks a lot formula one world champion lewis hamilton has won the bahrain grand prix for his first victory of the season and the second for his mercedes team but it was
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a tale of misfortune for ferrari after a lot of early promise pay testament reports. the bahrain grand prix would be a race both to remember and for good for ferrari's twenty one year old sean mclaren . to remember for his career his first poll position but which also saw victory slipping from his grasp. the man from monaco was aiming to become the youngest winner of an f one grand prix. the clear was on course to do just that with these ferrari teammate sebastian vettel in second. reigning world champion lewis hamilton big battle with basal first the pinhead overtaken one another earlier in the race before hamilton overtook battle for a second time resulting in the german spinning. later vettel would lose his friend who as hamilton said he cites on leclaire ferrari's
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misfortune continued claire suffering engine problems and losing power with less than ten laps to go. hamilton profiting and taking the lead the person would not look back from day and went on to win the race it was a mercedes one too terry but ask came in second leg at a settle for. you know i'm sure is a devastating result for him of a sick as he had done the job to win the race so we were definitely lucky today but you have to take it as it comes and ultimately still gave it everything in the race and i pushed as hard as i could we have been lucky in a very unlucky situation because. hopefully we had a safety car the end otherwise would have finished even more real than also i don't think with the fuel will have been ok so yes. very hard one to take but thanks to the team for the amazing weekend and i'm pretty sure we'll come back stronger. to win makes it a win apiece from the opening two races of the season for them as eighty's drivers
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mixed up the chinese grand prix who want to be the one thousand breaks in formula one. peters david al-jazeera. roger federer not stop career title number one hundred one as he beats home favorite john isner in the miami open file the swiss was an imperious form as he became the first player this season to win more than one title on federal would go on to take it six one six four against the towering american he injured his foot late in the match this is federer's fourth victory in milan. the way he was moving was not well but at the same time you know i got to keep making him work hard i got to. keep doing my being there know the crowd is a bit of a letdown so i can let that affect my game and i did well at the end so i'm just really pleased and i am on the course for john i hope it's nothing serious into my hands gripping one of syria champions league places was weakened as they lost time to let's go on sunday surrogate milinkevich savage ghosted in out the back post to
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give the romans a one zero win at the san siro it moves what within three points of ac milan who walked by the fourth champions league spot and remain third ten points behind napoli. liverpool left it late against tottenham to scurry to one win and return to the top of the english premier league roberto for me no headed one hundred the reds the first half lead spurs levelled in the second half through lukas more than a ninetieth minute own goal from toby i'll divide old wanted for liverpool you're going cops men are two points out of manchester city in the standings butts have played a game more celtic have all but secured a eight straight scottish premiership title after defeating rangers in the old firm darby it was one one until just before full time. in glasgow when james forrest secured a two one win for celtic against their city rivals put some thirteen points ahead of rain just in the standings. five time world champion mark marquez is off the
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mark for the season after taking victory in the argentine moto g.p. the twenty six year old finished second in the season opener in qatar but on this occasion there was no stopping the spaniard to lead the race from start to finish ahead of valentino rossi and hundred zero. zero a lot sorrier sport for now i'll hunt you back tomorrow in london thanks very much paul well whether it's shakespeare wordsworth care playing or someone slightly more recent we all have our favorite it's we do and now instagram is based in the popularity of poetry reading in london as jessica baldwin explains. moments that in do was lonely wondrous which twelve lonely till it was wrapped in when open mike poetry night in trendy east london. is just is this. is that love is that what i think nowhere to be seen
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a tweed jacket or sheaf of paper that's tripped over shoulder which carried me well i carried us enough to carry an immigrant past twenty years but it's time to let go . so many poets not enough time to accommodate them all is a many a lot it's ok so far enjoy it isn't true many of the new fans have found poetry right here on their phones instagram poems designed to be read on a single screen canadian poet ruby core has three point six million followers millennial is trying to make sense of a mixed up fast paced world. one day they said she was old enough to learn some shame she found it came quite naturally but as a kind of safety the body finds a place to hide the cloth fans out against the skin much like the earth that falls on coffins after they put the dead men in m.t.r. starkers palms are required reading part of the curriculum for any british teenager
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studying english literature but i think in this world today there is so much confusion so much noise from the world that poetry is needed more than ever and people are turning in to it more than ever for that kind of still point in an absolutely chaotic world writer ben also believes we seek meaning from poets as distrust grows for political leaders to turn to people who use language to speak to our hearts to speak to our souls to speak to a greater sense of of the possibilities of the world and of humanity. was come peled to write a poem about the qur'an felt our fire it was like a matchbox in the sky. it was black. and bent in the sky sometimes it takes an image to wake up a nation from
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a secret shame. if you want to see how the poor die. see the tall alert world changing dream flower jessica baldwin al jazeera london. that wraps up the news hour but i will be back in just a moment with more of the day's news i'll see you very shortly bye for now. the brazilian economy is booming but deep divisions still exist between the haves and the have nots in a country where smartphones have become
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a part of everyday life could technology help bridge the gap. the series that challenges developers to design apps for a better world travels to rio de janeiro and needs the young people tasked with making a different life than for vela fastened on al-jazeera at. around ten million yemenis are on the edge of balance examining the headlines netanyahu is looking at charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust setting the discussions you're denying that he was beaten by the police i did not like sharing costs and all stories with a global audience explore an abundance of wealth class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire you and it's all good by the world is watching on al-jazeera across europe immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants at all zero immigration but this is the
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one political topic anybody and everybody is discussing the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudiced some fried in on great on al-jazeera. algerian state media reports president beautifully named a caretaker cabinets this follows weeks of protests demanding an end to his twenty year rule. no i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the
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program celebrations as turkey's main opposition party claims its won control of three major cities in local elections no laughing matter as exit polls show a comedienne with no political experience has won the first round of ukraine's presidential election. and the documentary the u.s. military didn't want the public to see filmed by a serving arena in afghanistan. we begin in algeria where state television is reporting president abdul aziz beautifully as named a new caretaker government after six weeks of anti-government protests the country has seen widespread demonstrations calling for beautifully to step down local media say the new government will be headed by the prime minister nuri dawi several government ministers have now been relieved of duty emraan kong is in neighboring
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tunisia with the latest force. this is being seen as a cabinet reshuffle plus now who remains in the cabinet well the very powerful army chief because now he's the woman is backing article what is article one and say well it's where the president can be removed on the grounds of ill health provided it's passed within the parliament with a two thirds majority now the army is backing that it's hoping that that will be enough to quell the protest movement on the streets the army is very worried about instability and the protests are growing larger and larger and larger over the last six weeks on friday we saw millions of people out on the streets not only in the capital but throughout the entire country itself however the protest movement is very clear it says that anything like this is not going to be enough they want ironical over the whole not just of the army but they also want
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a radical overhaul of the government and the opposition who they say overall in cahoots with each other and are keeping the money pretty much within themselves allegations of corruption are driving this protest movement is especially within the countryside so you have a situation now where this cabinet reshuffle has taken place now what does that mean well a lot of analysts is suggesting that this is a way to expedite article one or two and allow for a very quick way of removing president of the lizzie's beautifully there has been reaction on social media from some of the protestors perhaps one of the most telling tweets is this one is every time something like this happens we say to each other we will see you on the streets on friday. well you know we spoke to rania she has been taking part in the anti-government protests and i asked her about how this cabinet reshuffle might be received by the people and out on the streets. you know i would say there's two major point of views that are circulating one that says
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that. yes we should support gates suggestion and that he is a lesser of two evils if you say desperate times call for desperate measures and that perhaps he's the only one out of a powerful enough and credible enough to help us get rid of the plan however the other opposing side would say that having the military interfere is quite dangerous we could end up like egypt and gates how he's doing this just to appear as the savior and the year of the people in fact he has been a darling of this is diverse and years so it is assumed that he had some spirit spiritual awakening where he is against the corrupt clan which he is and the businessman and everybody surrounding them seems to be very night so i would say people have different opinions but the goal is still the same and the goal is we want to get rid of these people all together.
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thanks. doc is rolling out party and its main opposition of both claim victory and is sound boles local elections turkish ball calls to say almost ninety nine percent of the votes have now been counted the act party has dominated turkish politics for most two decades but the opposition says it's also won the cities of ankara and izmir. well this is the scene live in ankara now of course as president speaking addressing supporters but his main rivals are the c.h.p. in this election also known as the republican people's posse and our correspondents and i'm casting bad courses in ankara so some very interesting results emerging from this election but it looks as though there could be serious doubt cost over the governing policies grip on the country if if the opposition's claims
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prove to be correct. well there you match to the results of this local election today is the action it is not a big surprise because of holes up inside just to get a similar result but of course this was not this wasn't something that the ruling party and his ally nationalist party was wishing to face and right now there's a bit of a situation in istanbul where there are at least ten point five million of voters and the population is eighteen million and the stump is somebody who is known to be the hard to turkey because it carries its carries the burden of economy finance and everything so now we have witnessed that. the ruling party's candidates and former prime minister. already declared victory and then the main opposition party leader
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and their candidate and the other big three and we have been hearing claims that it or it has stopped counting the votes as far as we know. that. have been totally it counted there were just a few districts stuff that they were close to districts were mainly. dominated by the main opposition parties so now we're waiting for real actual results and those . results will be actually announced tomorrow. that it's either party's candidate or the opposition it seems that the difference is going to be very small difference people are talking about a few thousands of votes so everybody's waiting. three. court to use their art and there's the victory. to some very important because chris started began his political career as
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a stumble so this is the last place that he would ever like to actually. but they are proving to be very significant thank you very much senator. exit polls in ukraine share canadian voting is a landscape is one the first round of the country's presidential election the landscape is a political campaign against rampant corruption is taken just over thirty percent of the votes in cranial president petro poroshenko took less than eighteen percent a runoff vote one out be held next month jonah hull has the story from kiev. victories not unexpected the polls have been tipping it for weeks but it is a pretty unlikely political victory this man has no political background or experience he played the part of a president in a t.v. series but that's really all anybody knows about him they don't know what he stands
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for they don't know who backs him importantly they don't know who may influence him in the future and in what direction but above all of that this was a protest vote by a sizeable proportion of the population angry angry and frustrated with politics mainstream politics as they have been this has been a rejection of those politics of those leaders and the old ways in ukraine. election night at the zelinsky campaign headquarters it's a has a will for a long way from the stuffy formality of the more established parties which is little surprise a lot of. the near certain winner of the first round of ukraine's presidential election is a comedian turned actor whose only experience of politics is playing the part of president in a popular television series he may soon be playing the part for real that's. great . legs and always had a minus a. new life begins
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a normal life life without the option without bribes without anything like this life in a new country a country have my dreams. dillon's he will go into the second round runoff in april against incumbent president the confectionery business owner petro poroshenko who seems to have law. public trust over his broken promises to end the separatist war in the east and wipe away the stain of official corruption he says because you know before you for not returning to the soviet union you know the russian empire and verify it so it was for your trade the chocolate billionaire versus the comedy king we've been watching the second round closely as will the european union ukraine is stuck in the middle geographically divided by conflict its economy in the doldrums and anticorruption reforms failing to take hold neither candidate has ready answers
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. back at zelinsky h.q. and this man former finance minister alexander downer look could provide the experience the candidate lacks something like an act of blind faith though isn't it to support a man with no political background or experience culture of why should people do it . well that's a good question right and just maybe because they trust him more than the alternatives that's it. and they. blindly bluntly actually saying that we don't want. a continuation of foreign forces you know with what we don't want people don't trust running the country so this is the shiny new look i'll take that in your brain and younger voters in particular will surely love how many hard to like the five all of them is immense his promise to change everything even if he so far made only the vaguest suggestions about how he plans to do that will have to change fast as voters' minds become far more focused in the second
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round. so this man zelinsky is a political unknown his policies are unknown but he does seem to represent for many people hope it was just five years ago that protesters were out of the square behind me in my down square the second revolution in this country in fifteen years they protested here and. against corruption for a different kind of ukraine a different future moving closer to european structures the e.u. nato and so on instead what do they see they have a frozen conflict in the east corruption is still rife's some say it goes all the way to the top so we have this rejection of mainstream politics to the extent that people are prepared to embrace a sort of blind faith in volodymyr zelinsky he's not there yet of course he's got to fight and win the second round yet and those policies of his such as they exist will come under far greater and closer closer scrutiny in the weeks ahead linda herring is the editor of a.


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