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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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just in the second round so this man zelinsky is a political unknown his policies are unknown but he does seem to represent for many people hope it was just five years ago that protesters were out of the square behind me in my down square the second revolution in this country in fifteen years they protested here against corruption for a different kind of ukraine a different future moving closer to european structures the e.u. nato and so on instead what do they see they have a frozen conflict in the east corruption is still right some say goes all the way to the top so we have this rejection of mainstream politics to the extent that people are prepared to be braced sort of blind faith is invalid to me is alinsky he's not there yet of course he's got to fight and win the second round yet of those policies of his such as they exist will come under far greater and closer closer scrutiny in the weeks ahead melinda herring is the editor of ukraine at the
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atlantic council she told me earlier that ukraine is struggling economy has been a key factor for voters in this election is a list may not have experience but he knows people who do have experience and he knows people who can get the economy going again in the economy is really the central issue in this election sure the war is important but the economy is really dragging foreign direct investment it is completely flat in two million ukrainians are working in the czech republic and poland so if the ones he can get the economy going if he could finally turn the tide on corruption people are going to take him really seriously so yes he doesn't have a defined team in foreign policy and i think that's one of his big weaknesses but in the next day or two he should begin to announce more of his team. so i have for you on the program arab league leaders condemned the u.s. decision to recognize israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan ites and we meet the migrants who travel through central america hoping for a new life in the u.s.
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but who are now considering recycling in mexico. however the weather's lousy set fire across australia now still got some showers just clicking on to the far north of the cape york peninsula elsewhere you can see large to clear skies you got a little bit of cloud having said that down towards the southwest perth could catch one or two showers particularly as we go through monday central areas settled and sunny twenty seven there for alice springs but only seventeen the for melbourne as we go on into tuesday melbourne does pick up we'll get up to around twenty three celsius that stays twenty seven for adelaide twenty eight the for brisbane a fair amount of class still way across an old house of queensland into the gulf of carpentaria faggot a cloud to making its way into new zealand the zilla seeing a pretty wet day as we go on through monday some heavy downpours picked the frosty
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western side of the country twenty three cells just across church just twenty one in oakland that will clear three brightens up the coals off the fresher weather with some sunshine as we go on into the middle part of the week then we've got some base places a cloud of right to making their way across japan at the moment it will cool that's a sunshine and shadow said to some showers around for monday going on in to choose they marry me across the western side of japan tokyo will see a top temperature of twelve degrees celsius. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided a glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned
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filmmakers at the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove. witness on al-jazeera. welcome back a look at our top stories this hour algerian state t.v. is reporting that the president. has named a new caretaker government off to six weeks of anti-government protests a new government will be headed by the prime minister but dolly. turkey's president. appears to have a defeat in local elections in the city all the full body has been
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speaking out and while he concedes defeat in some places he's also saying that they might challenge the results in all the places. and exit polls in ukraine assuring that comedian jimmy is a lenski has won the first round the country's presidential election selenski is a campaign against corruption. the two main border crossings into gaza are open again for the first time in six days israel lifted restrictions on sunday morning after a weekend of mass protest along the fence dividing gaza and israel palestinian protesters were killed and two hundred forty others injured during the demonstrations. from gaza. more indications that egypt mediated talks between hamas other palestinian factions and israel are on a positive track first came word on sunday that the government was salim and areas
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crossings had been reopened then came word that the fishermen in gaza will once again be able to resume fishing the fisherman's union tells us that they've been notified by israeli officials that north of the gaza strip they will be able to go six not a cool miles off the coast that in gaza city they will be able to go twelve nautical miles off the coast and that in south of the gaza strip they will be able to go fifteen not a call miles off the coast of gaza now all this happening at a time where there has been cautious optimism building in gaza because of efforts to try to deescalate the tensions that had really gone much higher in the past week now one of the reasons the tensions have been deescalate it is because on saturday which was the first year anniversary of the great march of return protests things remained far quieter far calmer than many feared they might be in fact it was extremely remarkable that there was actually
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a statement by the israeli army spokesman praising hamas for a showing restraint for trying to calm the situation down at those protests on saturday now on sunday even though people in gaza have expressed a sense of optimism and they believe that these negotiations will actually be successful at one point there were two rockets that were launched toward israel they did not land however in israel they landed in the gaza strip no injuries or casualties were reported at the moment folks in gaza hopeful that they will be able to see that these negotiations have been successful this all coming at a time when just days ago many here were convinced that gaza might be on the verge of all out war once again within israel right now though as i mentioned a sense of cautious optimism building in gaza signs indicating that these egyptian mediated talks are actually on a positive track. arab leaders meeting in tunisia have unify to renew their push
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for the creation one day of a palestinian state they also rejected u.s. president all trumps recognition of israeli sovereignty of the occupied golan heights but as has ripples from tunisia they couldn't hide them any other divisions at the thirtieth arab league summit. showing a united stance against u.s. recognition of israel's occupation of east jerusalem of the golan heights. the king of saudi arabia denounced donald trump's decision as a violation of international law. career the palestinian issue remains one of our top priorities until the palestinians get all their legitimate rights including the right to establish an independent state based on one hundred sixty seven borders with east jerusalem as the capital and we reject any attempt to undermine serious sovereignty over the golan heights they had of the united nations called and to the
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israeli palestinian conflict and based on the two state solution. delivered a sharp rebuke to the trump administration accusing it of encouraging israel to annex palestinian territory a bass warrant that jerusalem wasn't for sale and has i've had to say that for him what happened during the era of trump has never been heard or seen during the errors prior to him there might have been hiding the policies then came trump with all impoliteness to announce this policy that is categorically against the international legitimacy since one nine hundred forty seven it is a coup against international law and legitimacy this american administration has put in and to its role as a mediator in the peace process the u.s. is a biased mediator they are oblique was established more than seventy years ago and has always been beset by divisions and armed conflicts. it's almost two years
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since saudi arabia the u.a.e. and it imposed a land sea and blockade on. qatari leaders refute their neighbors accusations of promoting extremism. it's four years since the sandy led coalition launched its war against the who thiis in yemen killing thousands of civilians and creating the wells worse humanitarian crisis. and after eight years of war in syria arab league leaders remain divided over readmitting president bashar al assad who. is also eighty years since the revolution toppled one must get there early yet libya remains one of the most unstable countries in the world neighboring algeria is seeing an unprecedented protest movement demanding the resignation of the eighty two year old ailing president denies he's with of the
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political crisis raises concerns of a protracted power struggle in the oil rich country from environment who it's an example that our region continues to top the list of countries grappling with refugees crises terrorism and economic stagnation the arab league which was designed to unite arabs is widely considered weak and inefficient it's statements often mocked as a show of empty rhetoric to appeal to a disgruntled arab audience cinesias president said that arabs won't be able to tackle the ever growing challenges they face as long as they remain divided and that sums up to a great extent the problem that has always crippled the league its shies away from addressing problems such as poverty corruption on the talk focusing instead on denouncing those trying to destabilize the other weld. turnus. u.s.
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president donald trump has ordered cuts in direct aid for three central american countries of his campaign against illegal immigration trump accused out salvador guatemala and honduras of having set up migrant caravans after a set of asylum seekers try to enter the u.s. this week but democrats are saying the funding cuts will only increase the flow of migrants trump is also threatening to choose to close the country's border with mexico well of course many of the migrants who traveled through central america found themselves unable to enter the u.s. some find building a life in mexico is now the next best option minute reports now from the border town of tail wanna. at a boarding house in p. one in mexico twenty nine year old son p. one two is is starting his day he pays about twenty dollars a week for this modest space but it beats staying at one of the several migrant shelters scattered around town. simply arrived at the us mexico border with the
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migrant caravan that left honduras four months ago. today santo who works as a dishwasher at a popular seafood restaurant near downtown the one. where i'm established now i have a job where i'm happy the truth is i'm glad to be working and things have been going well for the eleven. cynthia who says he has no intention of returning to honduras and plans to stay in mexico at least for the time being it is not a salary but not all central american migrants have the same luck in finding work or a place to live in the city after more than a year in mexico a good quote this is also from honduras says she's no longer trying to cross into the united states. we followed her and her daughter julie around a neighborhood into one of her they're looking for a place to live she's asked us to hide her face out of fear of the same criminal group that drove them from their home might recognize her she had no book about
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where we're looking for a house i want to be stable and i don't want to keep stay in russia. here and there even if it's just so i want to be on my own with my daughter into tells us she's had a hard time settling into life in mexico with. a load of this a local social worker says that people from central america like ingrid and her daughter face many challenges like discrimination for renters in the one and i i was even talking right now with. his daughter and she was saying it's it's really been hard for us here and if we don't find a house. we're going to feel the pressure just to try and cross the border and maybe we will have more opportunities on the other side. after searching still no luck finding an apartment for rent indeed and julie will have to keep looking another day it's difficult to know how many central american migrants have made you want to their permanent home but the city is still a place where many could find work and the type of stability they may not have had
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in their home countries even if that means barely scraping by. but even those who have found steady jobs like sent the i one through the news so that their goal ultimately is to someday be able to reach the united states and achieve the american dream. the one of. president donald trump's executive order to allow offshore oil drilling in the arctic ocean has been overturned a federal judge called. an environmental protection policy from the obama era unlawful and invalid the ruling reinstates to drilling ban in much of the arctic ocean the lawsuit was brought by a coalition of environmental groups. it's the longest war in u.s. history and best still no end in sight for the combat in afghanistan but while talks between the u.s. and taliban in making progress a controversial new film is getting all the attention filmed by u.s. marines in afghanistan combative secure it gives of you as
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a more realistic look at life on the front line kristen salumi reports. it's billed as the documentary the us military did not want the public to see marines doing drugs making mistakes does the road building. and potentially making new enemies while deployed in afghanistan you know the film combat obscura offers little in the way of commentary or big picture analysis but provides a rarely seen look at the more from the perspective of american troops on the ground i just haven't seen our war like reflected. as brutally honest as as i had experienced it miles lego's each shot the footage as a u.s. marine working in a public affairs unit and decided to turn it into a film after returning home to new york here he's found americans quick to praise the military. doing
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a great service for the country yet uninformed about the eighteen year long war on a killing not anyone's really thinking about it but honestly the gritty realism of the film is not in line with the more sanitized image of the military that most americans are used to seeing nor is it an image that the military wants to promote the marine corps has condemned the behavior on display telling al-jazeera it is not in line with their high standards while the marine corps insists that at least some of the footage is the property of the military but chose not to pursue legal action to halt its release after defenders of the u.s. constitution's first amendment got involved this is not just miles as own free speech rights but the rights of the public to get this unique perspective of what it was like to be a soldier on the ground in afghanistan. corner right that perspective includes attempts to save a fellow marine mortally wounded in combat his mother permitted the footage to be
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used in the film we do want to have an honest discussion about the war that doesn't you know hero worship and kind of sugarcoat the whole experience goes he estimates twenty fellow marines died during his eight month tour of duty. he himself was wounded warrior combat duty good after this there's no discussion of the tens of thousands of afghan civilians killed in the war but the filmmaker hopes to give american viewers a better understanding of what they and the u.s. military are up against kristen salumi al jazeera new york. just want to recap the top stories this hour for you now in algeria state television has been reporting the president. cast a government off to six weeks of anti-government protests the country has seen
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widespread demonstrations calling for the to freak it to step down local media say the new government will be headed by the prime minister. imran khan has more from neighboring tunisia where the protest movement has been going on for six weeks the government has tried at various times to try and quell it and what's happened is this just got larger and larger and larger now remember the prime minister who remains prime minister was in his job three weeks ago after the old problem is to was forced out beautifully grow that point was hoping that that would appreciate the protests is it didn't he's now going to be hoping that this latest move of peace is the protesters it's unlikely to do so in fact one tweets of the we read was very telling is every time beautifully announces a change in government we say to each other we will see you on the streets on friday turkey's president appears to have conceded defeat in the city of istanbul in local elections. has been addressing supporters outside party headquarters in
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ankara says his party will appeal the election results where the needed the opposition c.h.b. party has declared victory in the cities of all ankara and. we never had a purpose other than serving our nation the do not recognize their power other than the will of the people every election that really attended since one thousand nine hundred. people have been with us next to us. ukrainian exit polls show comedian and political novice not a mere zelinsky has won the first round of the country's presidential election with about thirty percent of the vote the incumbent petro poroshenko took about nineteen percent the two candidates will now face a runoff vote against each other next month and that the two main border crossings into gaza are open again for the first time in six days israel it did restrictions
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on sunday morning after a weekend of mass protests along the fence dividing gaza and israel those are the headlines witnesses coming up next in twenty sixty one a one east revealed that girls from me in march some as young as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work as main it's illegal and costing lives so why does it still continue when law abiding singapore one the one east on all dizzy or.
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