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tv   How To Sell A Massacre P1  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2019 9:00am-10:03am +03

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speech after the main is after the big cities results were announced and he sounded like he has accepted the laws in ankara and is near but he added that even though even if the ruling party loses a stumble the majority of the districts in istanbul still. are in favor of a party and he said he said that he will be making some major changes including some changes in the cabinet as well beginning from tomorrow because he will try to cover the loss and it seems presents are john and a ruling party were able to hear the master that the voters has have given it from the biggest cities of turkey prosecutors in to resume the hearing of a vietnamese national charged with the murder of north korean leader kim jong il brother. hong's trial is expected to last two days she's accused of poisoning can.
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put two years ago foreign minister has called on malaysia to provide with a fair trial earlier this month charges against the second suspect were dropped. herron alexander. back in the fishing is a signs of a foreign relations between israel and hamas. and a call for help from facebook's chief to stop the spread of hate on the internet. we've got a fair few showers into southern parts of china at the moment so i think for the southeast it should be lousy dry but think of clout there stop through it so the central air is a straight down towards northern parts of vietnam so you can see
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a little bit of wet weather here as we go on through monday on calling temp just drugging a little actually twenty one degrees celsius from monday off they picking up to around twenty five in the sunshine the clap will break as we go on through choose epicentral areas we'll see some rather heavy and longer spells of friday the middle part of this week sallust see you in sioux falls of india china the philippines could catch one of two shallows the usual rashness showers there across malaysia northern parts of indonesia still sings in the lobby downpours from time to time i think is malaysia that will see the heaviest of the shower was smart to send it looking a little to singapore kuala lumpur could all see some showers some showers to just slide in the way towards thailand some i just can't show it to just making its way towards. say some really heavy rain meanwhile into the fall north of india pushing across bangladesh heading into me and mouth with two showers always a possibility a least it's out of india but for the most part the big story remains the heat temp
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just touching the forty's. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. a prominent saudi journalist committed to freedom of expression silenced and tukey by his own government in the most horrific way. al-jazeera weald investigates the death of jamal. which resonates to the highest levels of the saudi government with startling evidence about the disposal of his body. jamal khashoggi the silencing of a journalist on al-jazeera. again
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of the top stories this hour and algeria's president announced a can take up to be headed by prime minister nouri. the decision comes after weeks of protests against a two year old let's he's getting the. exit polls in ukraine show comedian of low to mid selenski has won the first round of the presidential election the incumbent patrick put a change that is expected to finish second to make it to the runoff. and the results in texas local elections show the main opposition party candidate taking narrowly didn't encourage results to playschool in istanbul with both sides claiming victory in the city the misappropriations is seen as a test for the president precious time. the two main border crossings into gaza are open for the first time in six days israel lifted restrictions on sunday morning after a weekend of mass protests along the fence dividing gaza and israel for palestinian protesters were killed and two hundred forty others injured during the
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demonstrations june has more now from gaza. more indications that egypt's unmediated talks between hamas other palestinian factions and israel are on a positive track first came word on sunday that the sad them and heiress crossings had been reopened then came word that the fishermen in gaza will once again be able to resume fishing the fisherman's union tells us that they have been notified by israeli officials that north of the gaza strip they will be able to go six not a cool miles off the coast and that in gaza city they will be able. you go twelve nautical miles off the coast and that in south of the gaza strip they will be able to go fifteen not a call miles off the coast of gaza and now all this happening at a time where there has been cautious optimism building in gaza because of efforts to try to deescalate the tensions that had really gone much higher in the past week
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now one of the reasons that tensions have been deescalated is because on saturday which was the first year anniversary of the great march of return protests things remained far quieter far calmer than many feared they might be in fact it was extremely remarkable that there was actually a statement by the israeli army spokesman praising hamas for showing restraint for trying to calm the situation down at those protests on saturday now on sunday even though people in gaza have expressed a sense of optimism and they believe that these negotiations will actually be successful at one point there were two rockets that were launched toward israel they did not land however in israel they landed in the gaza strip no injuries or casualties were reported at the moment folks in gaza hopeful that they will be able to see that these negotiations have been successful this all coming at
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a time when just days ago many here were convinced that gaza might be on the verge of all out war once again within israel right now though as i mentioned a sense of cautious optimism building in gaza signs indicating that these egyptian mediated talks are actually on a positive track arab leaders have renewed the push for the creation of a palestinian state they've also rejected u.s. president told trumps recognition of israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights but as one reports now from they couldn't hide many of the divisions during the arab league summit. is showing a united stance against u.s. recognition of israel's occupation of east jerusalem and the golan heights. the king of saudi arabia denounced donald trump's decision as a violation of international law all. year the palestinian issue remains one of our top priorities until the palestinians get all their legitimate rights including the
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right to establish an independent state based on one nine hundred sixty seven borders with east jerusalem as the capital and we reject any attempt to undermine serious sovereignty over the golan heights they had of the united nations called and to the israeli palestinian conflict and based on the two state solution allison your leader mahmoud abbas delivered a sharp rebuke to the trump administration accusing it of encouraging israel to annex palestinian territory our bass warned that jerusalem wasn't for sale. as i know this american administration has put in and to its role as a mediator in the peace process the u.s. is a biased mediator. they're an oblique was established more than seventy years ago and has always been beset by divisions and armed conflicts. it's almost two years since saudi arabia the u.a.e.
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and it imposed a land sea and blockade on. qatari leaders refute their neighbors accusations of promoting extremism it's four years since the sandy led coalition launched its war against the who thiis in yemen killing thousands of civilians and creating the well's worst humanitarian crisis. and after eighty years of war in syria arab league leaders remain divided over readmitting president bashar assad . is also eighty years since the revolution toppled the yet libya remains one of the most unstable countries in the world neighboring algeria. is seeing an unprecedented protest movement demanding the resignation of the eighty two year old ailing president denies he's put of the political crisis raises concerns over a protracted power struggle in the oil rich country the arab league which was
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designed to unite arabs is widely considered we and inefficient it statements often mocked as a show of empty rhetoric to appeal to a disgruntled arab audience cinesias president said that arabs won't be able to tackle the ever growing challenges they face as long as they remain divided and that sums up to a great extent the problem that has always crippled the alibi it's shies away from addressing problems such as poverty corruption on the talk rossi focusing instead on denouncing those trying to destabilize the other weald al-jazeera turnus the us president has ordered reductions in direct aid to three central american countries saying they aren't doing enough to stop illegal immigration critics say the cuts to el salvador guatemala and honduras are entirely counterproductive and will only increase the flow of migrants towards the u.s.
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well some central americans who've made it as far as mexico are scraping together a living on shore fill make it to the united states. reports now from tijuana. at a boarding house in p one in mexico twenty nine year old son one two and is starting his day he pays about twenty dollars a week for this modest space but it beats staying at one of the several migrant shelters scattered around town. arrived at the us mexico border with the migrant caravan that left honduras four months ago. today santo who works as a dishwasher at a popular seafood restaurant near downtown want to. establish now i have a job where i'm happy the truth is i'm glad to be working and things have been going well for me. cynthia who says he has no intention of returning to honduras and plans to stay in mexico at least for the time being it is better but not all
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central american migrants have the same luck in finding work or a place to live in the city after more than a year in mexico and indeed it is also from honduras says she's no longer trying to cross into the united states. we followed her and her daughter julie around a neighborhood into one of where they're looking for a place to live she's asked us to hide her face out of fear of the same criminal group that drove them from their home might recognize her. i want to be stable and i don't want to keep stay in the shelters here and even if it's just so i want to be on my own with my daughter into tells us she's had a hard time settling into life in mexico so we. might be a lot of this a local social worker says that people from central america like ingrid and her daughter face many challenges like discrimination for renters. and i i was even talking right now with. her and she was saying if it's really being hard for us
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here and if we don't find a house. we're going to feel the pressure of just to try and cross the border and maybe we will have more opportunities on the other side. after hours of searching still no luck finding an apartment for rent and julie will have to keep looking another day it's difficult to know how many central american migrants have made their permanent home but the city is still a place where many could find work and the type of stability they may not have had in their home countries even if that means barely scraping by. but even those who have found steady jobs like sent the i want to win is say their goal ultimately is to someday be able to reach the united states and achieve the american dream. but i'll just be one of. facebook's chief executive is calling for new rules to govern the internet and once governments to share responsibility in policing what we click come in the newspaper. says it's not for companies alone to define and monitor
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harmful content he's pushing for a common global framework to monitor for and see in data as well as rules to stop the spread of hate speech facebook's facing a series of scandals including its failure to stop the live streaming of the new zealand mosque attacks in which fifty people were killed earlier this month well facebook has already signed up in principle at least to a contract for the web this is the brainchild of tim berners lee the man who invented the world wide web thirty years ago with a vision of open access for all speaking to al-jazeera earlier this month. it's a global set of principles to govern you solve the internet but it needs buy in from governments companies and individuals. it's called a contract because in fact part of it is companies can't you know partly the platforms parent company has sent. the builder belief systems need to tweak their systems a bit so that. the discussion more constructive but also is governments as well and
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so companies and governments need to talk to each other but also as a third constituent we've included the person the set assessors in that the consumer and old person they feel a need to be discussed because their rights are really important we see that the weapon if you should be more user centric. users can have more control of their data and partly because at the end of the day if governments don't do what they've committed to and or companies don't do what they should do then it ends up having to be people protesting in the streets people voting by changing the products they use are people complain or complain to the government whether it's shakespeare something far more hip there are plenty of great poets out there and instagram is boosting the popularity of persia reading in london just a couple. well it was lonely wanderers which.
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was wrapped in when open mike poetry night in trendy east london. is just this is this. is love is that. nowhere to be seen a tweed jacket or sheaf of paper. she wished her well i carried her. years but it's time to let go. so many poets not enough time to accommodate them all these are many. many of the new fans have found poetry right here on their phones instagram poems designed to be read on a single screen canadian poet rupie cor has three point six million followers millennialists trying to make sense of a mixed up fast paced world one day they said she was old enough to learn some shame she found it came quite naturally but there was
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a kind of safety the body finds a place to hide the cloth fans out against the skin much like the earth that follows on coffins after they put the dead men m.t.s. starkers poems are required reading part of the curriculum for any british teenager studying english literature but i think in this world today there is so much confusion so much noise from the world that poetry is needed more than ever and people are turning in to it more than ever for that kind of still point in an absolutely chaotic world writer ben also believes we seek meaning from poets as distrust grows for political leaders to turn to people who use language to speak to our hearts to speak. to speak to a greater sense of of the possibilities of the world and of humanity. he was come to write a poem about the quench our fire. it was like
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a matchbox in the sky. it was long. in the sky sometimes it takes an image to wake up a nation from its secret shame. if you want to see how the poor die. see the time and let the world change and dream fly. out. of the headlines here on al-jazeera and algeria as president has announced a caretaker government to be headed by prime minister gordon but dawi the decision comes after weeks of protests against eighty two year old flicka exit polls in ukraine show that the comedian brought to me as the lenski has won the first round
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of the presidential election incumbent reporter shankar is expected to finish second and make it to run a fight the results in turkey's local elections show the main opposition party candidate take in our lead in ankara results are too close to call in istanbul with both sides claiming victory at the municipal elections are seen as a test for the president. but it doesn't every victory and every loss is the will of our nation and we have to accept this fact as a necessity of democracy we will admit that we want people's hearts in cities we won but we were not successful enough in cities we lost and we will act accordingly prosecutors in malays here is set to resume the hearing of a vietnamese national charged with the murder of a north korean leader kim jong un's half brother. the trial is expected to last two days she's accused of poisoning kim jong nam and kuala lumpur airport two years ago
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vietnam's foreign minister has called on malaysia to provide one with a fair trial earlier this month charges against the second suspects were dropped to the two main border crossings into gaza are open for the first time in six days israel lifted destruction's off for a weekend of mass protests along the fence dividing gaza and israel for palestinian protesters were killed and two hundred forty others injured during the demonstrations. facebook's chief executive is calling for the new rules to govern the internet and once governments to share responsibility in policing what we click on in a newspaper article says it's not for companies alone to define and monitor home for content he's pushing for a common global framework to to monitor privity in data as well as rules to stop the spread of hate speech facebook is facing a series of scandals including its failure to stop the live streaming of the new zealand mosque attacks in which fifty people were killed earlier this month all
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right up to date with the headlines here on a desert you got more news coming up right after inside story. a president a comedian and a survivor ukraine votes for a new leader whoever wins it harris a conflict in the east and the elite khana me and a tense standoff with russia over crimea so who will ukrainians choose to leave them through the next five years this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm civic apollo and now ukrainians are voting for a new president thirty nine people are running as candidates but many see a choice between three main candidates there's the president petro poroshenko who's hoping to get another five year term he's seen the conflict with the separatists in the east of the country grind on despite a cease fire agreement he's failed to reverse russia's annexation of crimea and he's also been blamed for the corruption that persists the survivor is yulia timoshenko a former prime minister who is spectacular fall from grace but her to a prison sentence there's a comedian a lot of the lenski he's an actor with no political experience but he does play the president on a popular t.v. series john hall has this report. this is the unexpected from drama in the race to become ukraine's next president that will give me as
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a linsky is an actor and comedian whose campaign appearances are stand up comedy act. what he lacks in actual policy or political experience he makes up for with his on screen persona in a popular television series he's a teacher who blows the whistle on corruption suddenly finding himself yes president of the ukraine that's. great. he's famous for one thing young people see him as an anti establishment outsider figure which they like and this funny thing. and i think that this is a likeness personality but it seems even he isn't sure if he can be president or not we don't know we just want to believe that he's a better option previous presidents with businessmen politicians and lawyers maybe a comedian can make a difference. many feel the political unknown zelinsky could hardly do
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worse than the current president petro poroshenko he came to power after russia's annexation of crimea vowing to end the war in the east and sweep away corruption the billionaire confectionery king here immortalized in bullet casings and his own sweet and chocolate wrappers has bowed to pressure from the international monetary fund raising utility prices that hurt the poor and he's in a circle he's implicated in allegedly corrupt weapons purchases. if you see corruption i think we should talk about this that's why reason all of these. painting this is a conversation with president bush first of all and if he will be elected for the second time i hope that it will make him to sink of all what kind of place in the history he wants to to get. also in the running after two
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decades in politics and three years in prison is former prime minister yulia timoshenko many of her supporters at a final rally in central kiev were bussed in from the countryside drawn by a pledge to consume a gas prices the focus of this election is the economy. promises being made about the war that's the toxic question for all the candidates no one has also learned a lot has. no one wants to take responsibility for five years of war after a people's rebellion against russian influence and corruption and ukraine is a country that seems stuck unsure now which way to turn toward a hole in kiev for inside story. and we can bring in our panel joining us from kiev on skype this alexi her and he's a professor of comparative politics at care of the academy in moscow we have dmitri babich political analyst at racine. news agency and the london lit give oregon
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russian and eastern europe analyst at market welcome you all of you welcome to the program great to have you on this is going to be a very interesting and quite a dynamic discussion i hope let me start with you mr her we have quite a very defeat of candidates running in the selection and particularly our top three that we've outlined our our correspondent joe hotline just now what would you say is the main issue that is driving the voters here that will influence how they choose their president. well i can definitely tell about zat but it seems to me first of all when i read talking about presidential elections in ukraine we need to understand it we are not a presidential it but it's a mixed system and the presidential elections will have alimentary elections so we will have to listen to government was a prime minister and president is to go exist was
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a problem it insists sense the president cannot monopolized by our in ukraine as it happens in belarus or in russia when some other countries so presidential elections are definitely ordered but zan we are to wait for as a result overfull element to the elections to see what the final configuration of political will have in place second i would like to stress that in ukraine elections are always democratic so it's very difficult to predict who will win. my certain point in every single depends on the ball to full left or was the opinion of the ukrainian people and finally i would say as it resists campaign. orbital abrar us an agenda that has variable chances so all the main city candidates in favor or europe or moving closer to us if we analyze insists remain gendered it so for president but of centers the main success is that ukraine survive ukraine
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survive after it was ours and for people when their russian aggression started it started it was an obsession of grainy as it was anomic blockade ok was there and i didn't say i'm going to interrupt you there i i just wanted to quit a talk about the issue that is driving the voters we will go into the nitty gritty of these elections and speak about that event to our candidates yeah i think it's a been brave because i'd like to get every once and the first and then again if you go into ok ok if you're would like to generalize source the main topic. what an beast zecher dog is social economic situation and says a dog is fighting excellent ok thank you we will now move on to mr babbage can you tell us how moscow views these elections and do they have any preference on which direction it would go well. with more score the problem is that the whole
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spectrum all political thought that political life in ukraine that used to be sympathetic towards russia you know that by joe reagents the communist by their. all of these political groups were bache basically banned after their so both revolution of my is done in two thousand and fourteen so right now there is no candidate that would be absolutely acceptable that would be friendly towards russia during this election all three main candidates were just mentioned they all prickly their intention to move your brain towards nato and russia said very clearly a few years ago that this is a red line the russia will not allow your brain to join nato because that would mean ne to me silas will be three or two minute distance from moscow this is something that russia views the surete line as for the issues of this election i
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think the most important issue is war and peace but i don't think it's going to be decided at this election because mr poroshenko and his friends in the ukrainian parliament basically they introduced the so-called deal q patient law which proclaim saraj and aggressor and which makes it very difficult to feel that means agreements on peace in the east of ukraine because the means can dream and sprit supposed amnesty for the rebels and the special status for their russian speaking territories in the east of ukraine none of that just possible under this new ukrainian law and of course none of that it's possible under the changes to the constitution that. make or ukraine oriented towards nato and the second issue easy point to me here i think the legacy of mr parrish anchor is just tragic because ukraine was promised prosperity and the european ization in two
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thousand and fourteen the result is that now ukraine is officially the poorest nation in europe it went even further down you know that they gave all of the poorest nations in. europe oft at mr poroshenko introduce your so-called reforms with your soul quote younger and foremost most of the whom cracked up to be corrupt so i agree with alexy corruption is a very important issue but unfortunately if the situation with corruption in ukraine only worsened after victoriano quo which was violently almost up from boeing by them i don't revolutionaries ok thanks for that let me in the long term is give oregon the morgan first given first kelly talk about the view from europe and does see europe have any our will however when have any influence on how europe interacts with ukraine. from the european or western perspective it is
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is very important that the new ukrainian authorities both the president and the newly elected parliament which is anticipate its to take place by the end of this year to remain on the euro planty integration part economically speaking this means ukraine a tiering to the i.m.f. reform road map. regardless the populist rhetorical regardless to pledges of huffing household gas price tariffs this is simply no way that ukraine could deal with its challenges economic challenges by turning its back on that reform part it's simply not feasible at this stage so from the european perspective to ensure a political stability and economic stability it is important effectively to keep the status quo at worst but at best they're hoping for
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a candidate who will also deal with the corruption issues indeed and that's certainly something i want to look into a little later in this program including the qana me but let's talk about the candidates specifically mr her on we have two veteran candidates a comedian who has no defined policies no experience and yet is very popular what kind of a message does that send and why is that. yes first of all i am now in a very difficult situation because i think i need to hear what the russian call except who is representing grassroot today which is kremlin propaganda russia is aggressed russia is waging war against ukraine russia annexed crimea russia is not electoral democracy which is too cheap to teach us in the democratic rules of the games and how to conduct elections so first of all i would like to stress that we. we have free elections and there are different candidates including brought us all
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candidates but it's a problem was brushing again today it isn't because of russian aggression because russia violated beyond block status of ukraine because the national weather will it of the international treaties and by a little bit is that's why this support towards any indication to russia collapsed don't tell a collapse and that's why is it is a very deep jeopardy tical move in say bring on society durance you wouldn't and if we're talking about the what is it don't bust so it's very important to understand that unfortunately russia doesn't stick to point number one. ceasefire ukrainian civilians sell their sell by russian but russian soldiers by russian regular forces by russian weapons and unfortunately it's very difficult to move to the peace in the don't bust when the russia isn't if but awful
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of this conflict not an intermediate but an active if we're talking about now if we're talking about city main candidates as a cassette but accent as a main sings the main topic is to prisons and he's a leader who led the country towards economic difficulties and civil war and who is able to move. foreman in this difficult situation for the machine zimmy recitative is a position resident so he sees criticized but essential for not doing scenes and so she cannot exist years in the force fear sometimes this is book you is criticism sometimes is justified but this opposition nice is very for hill is very unnatural and actually comfortable but present as a part of a great intellect and they seize it he green is moving but not as
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a down position wanted to see after as an illusion of two thousand and forty and that's why is it would like to invite you faces and say pointed to mr zelinsky who to some east you face and as you rightly mentioned he's really a new face was daughter had no experience in political life so all deaths as a basic background was this city main candidates. mr bobbitt i must let you respond but before that i want to say you up by asking you is there a single candidate there that we that you see will be able to engage with russia effectively but i won't tell you what i think about alexey and he's opinions because i think this is very important during the debate to presume that to presume the integrity of your opponent to argue with her arguments not with that he's
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a place of war according i will go straight to your question i would say that until recently it looks like the west was totally supportive of for a schenkel you know been. imposed a martial law or in the hall for ukraine's to regions just you know five months before the election and that this martial law continued for several weeks the west didn't protest so. that the idea that the idea that mr selenski could win this vote it surface just a few weeks ago suddenly the tone of western publications about the landscape became very positive some business outside us who remember all of the government in the early years of poroshenko all of these foreign specialists from the. from i can see in company you know mr dunne you took the form of violence minister mr abramovich rose and he's doing in the form of economics
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minister that suddenly they joint. team and the mr selenski it has a go at some chances we would have seen their united states give actually given a blessing to his candidacy when zelinsky mad to weigh their u.s. negotiator or now on civil war in ukraine when he met. crime mr volcker you know could walk or the u.s. . bushido on ukraine and when he mad they ukrainian ambassador sort of the american ambassador in ukraine marriage of and of egypt meant that the united states kind of indorsed he spoke. you know mr selenski it's possible victory for russia maybe it will be easier to talk to mr zielinski because mr selenski is not a shame to speak russian in public please note that in your report that your shoulder tried before our discussion they ukrainian citizens who are on syrian your
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reporter's question you know when they didn't speak english they spoke russian you know russian is very widespread in ukraine so far shingles language polish it was a disaster here and tegan iced a lot of people in ukraine and that was reflected in an article for example by political magazine an american publication which criticized mr poroshenko for this kind of language policy so for russia he would be just a new face that we could talk to also probably yuri boyd the fourth cager date who is behind this war in their opinion polls since ukraine is not a free country i don't think we should believe all the polls he suddenly may or may become. you know the possibly even the second during the first round of the race boy core unfortunately participated he basically betrayed the former president john a college in two thousand and fourteen but boy core it's possible to talk to him he
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visited russia just recently had the negotiations with the russian prime minister dmitry medvedev form their gas issues but immediately a criminal case was opened to against the boy in ukraine when he returned from more score so for any a candidate that whoever wins this election it will be very difficult to talk to more school not because russia is not ready to talk but because in ukraine there will be tremendous pressure. from the nationalists and from their government agency yes they may accuse president all of our being a traitor being a stooge of moscow that's cokie let me bring in ms give or again as the how important it is is it for ukraine's survival or the economy itself which has been languishing to have closer relations with russia to move in at least have workable relations with russia. if we were having this discussion back in two thousand and
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fourteen i would have said that it is really important to ensure that the ukraine receives or negotiated cheaper russian gas and maintains its access to the russian market however since the ukrainian crisis ukraine has done incredible steps actually to balance its economy and also improve the energy efficiency just to give you an example for many years its state run energy company that augusta cry and it was a loss making company was actually a burden on ukraine and public finances ukraine is were paying only one fifth of gas household gas prices was heavily subsidized early unsustainable measures that no government wanted to address because these were extremely unpopular steps equality currency was pegged unrealistically strong against the
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dollar again no government revolution or not they didn't want to deal with this issues they didn't want to to let the currency float now coming back to your question directly now. by going through the painful reforms that really had an impact on ukrainian our ordinary craniums. in the long term gains are such that ukraine has managed to lessen its dependence on russian energy imports it has also managed to diversify its export market for example if in the past a few years ago russia was accounting for twenty five percent of the export destination now it's only nine percent european union is by far more important for ukraine and exporters than russia of course. having access to a large market next door is important but it's not where russia where ukraine's
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economic problems can be sold to creating economic problems can be sold domestically and if and to corruption and until it archey campaign is in earnest done and the reorientation continues i just want to highlight one aspect of this reforms or is in politics you can sometimes make quick u. turns in the economic world these adjustment can be painful and and longer lasting and sometimes a positive impact can come not in five years but perhaps in ten years and this is why we see that perhaps some politicians are being punished. ballot boxes for unpopular reforms that they have to do they have no other choice ok alexy are on so given all of that what we've heard how important is the russia factor in these elections and how important is the crimea factor in these elections or are people
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just going for more issues that hit them at home the economy the price of fuel corruption. no definitely people again as i have said war. and peace and so what was rational is when i was a mean top picks in zicam pain. as i have already explained i have provided they can give you a lot of force which showed that attitudes towards rational thought that when she wasn't for tea and there's no no belief is that. there is a believes that russia is a crips and russia is a good s. an exception creamy end up as interventions of don't and there's not talk about civil war that's what kremlin propaganda talking about civil war this language is not accepted not only by greens but also by by international community
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nobody to wells under century finally i would like i would like also to stress that very different it's very it's fun to hear represented the well russia which has one man. for. twenty years and who have four or five more so who would all of a century in ukraine and democracy we have and this is recognised by his will and elections are you green weyrich and nice as free and fair in two selves and forgiven and i am pretty sure as it will benefit the same this year zero all of the vest sylvester as a less than ever present it was a meeting was main political. political leaders or a complete says no surprises that it's not a blessing i would say sylvester is not supporting open any candidate does this
9:46 am
complaint definitely is a mess and seemed best as they would like to see predictability and some counted it some more but it took the bill and some pm again did the law. all right we're going to have to leave it there it's been good to speak to all of you a great to get your thoughts whatever the outcome interesting times ahead for ukraine i'd like to thank all of our guests alexia dimitri bobbitt and give oregon and thank you to you for watching you can see this program again any time by visiting our website that's on our dot com and for any further discussion why don't you go to our facebook page you'll find that on facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and remember you can always join the conversation on twitter or handle for that is i have to a.j. inside stories from the typical pollen and the whole team here it's been good to have you here good bye for now.
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i made a dish every week a new cycle going to see only simple breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the world's janel ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that meant there is because on a project that's what we diffuse it was one of the founders of
9:48 am
a settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is died in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a heart felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would guess that's what his job. ironic luchador how the top stories here on al-jazeera and algeria as the president of the non-state caretaker government to be headed by prime minister nouri. the decision comes after weeks of protests against eighty two year old of the lindsays beautifully not as she is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver and he says the protests one stop until those radical change
9:49 am
to his political leadership i think it's important to realize that the president a bill as these beautifully is in a comatose state no one has heard him speak for roughly the last six years he's clearly not the person in control of the old derian state and so claims that he's being prepared or is preparing himself to step down has to be taken with a grain of salt it's really the algerian military and the deep state in a coalition of corrupt politicians that are in charge of the political system in algeria and it's pretty clear from watching things over the last several weeks particularly in the last few days there's deep confusion and incoherence and. uncertainty among the ruling elite in algeria over how to respond to these ongoing
9:50 am
public protests i would dispute the claim that these are sweeping changes i mean this is really just a cabinet the recent announcement is just really a reshuffling of the ruling elites to make it seem like things are changing but as you indicated in your question it's pretty clear that the people on the street don't want to replace tweedle dee with tweedle dum they want a complete comprehensive radical transformation of algerian politics away from authoritarianism and toward a real democracy and how they'll be able to obtain that you know remains to be seen . exit polls in ukraine show that the comedian of low to ms lewinsky has won the first round of the presidential election incumbent petro poroshenko is expected to finish second to make it to a runoff. the results in turkey's local elections show the main opposition party candidate taking a narrow lead in ankara the results are too close to call in istanbul with both sides claiming victory the municipal elections are seen as
9:51 am
a test for president rest. but it doesn't every victory and every loss is the will of our nation and we have to accept this fact as a necessity of democracy we will admit that we want people's hearts in cities we won but we were not successful enough in cities we lost and we will act accordingly furious residents in venezuela have built a burning barricade in protest against constant power outages and the lack of clean drinking water protesters tires and tree trunks alight along congested streets throughout the capital of caracas weeks of power cuts of increased incidence instability in the country brazil is a pretty new trade mission to israel and west jerusalem per backing away from a previous pledge to move its embassy to city president job praise the united states when it shifted its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and indicated brazil may follow suit but senior officials have talked down the idea of over fears of
9:52 am
damaging trade with arab countries. fitzy main border crossings into gaza are open for the first time in six days israel lifted restrictions after a weekend of mass protests along the fence dividing gaza and israel for palestinian protesters were killed and two hundred forty others injured during the demonstrations. prosecutors in malaysia are set to resume the hearing of a vietnamese national charged with the murder of north korean leader kim jong un's half brother two and he hong's trial is expected to last two days she's expected she's accused of poisoning kim jong nam at kuala lumpur airport two years ago earlier this month charges against a second suspect was dropped facebook's chief executive is calling for new rules to govern the internet someone's governments to share responsibility in policing what we click on in a newspaper article says it's not for companies alone to define and monitor harmful content facebook is facing a series of scandals including its failure to stop the live streaming of the new
9:53 am
zealand mosque attack. you are today with headlines here and got more news coming up right after al-jazeera world. in the cold blooded twentieth d. in the days of the war they were fixed on the domestic events until it is biggest city istanbul. the saudis jordan
9:54 am
a list war in the us for the washington post jamal khashoggi walked into his country's consulate in istanbul but was never seen again. all the evidence points to his murder and said just his body was first dismembered and then disposed of. this horrific story has since been well documented above there are still bits missing and serious questions remain unanswered as to what had been through the body and who was ultimately responsible. i am terminal miss how. big and they have been to stumble several times to try and find answers to these questions. a fifteen man saw the hit a squad allegedly flew to a stumble on tuesday the second of october led by
9:55 am
a man called manhood abdul aziz in mcclim. newspaper in istanbul became the main source of leaked information to those of us following the story. moher up the losses. for us stumble in the uk the ship the day none the less been the is. the sub the good ear or jet what are the. bends in mali up the. big. india. they are. there among your me on the. third when this by the fire all are welcome at the fish oil if they can only imagine what
9:56 am
a warmonger and all more than. the saudi disquiet flew into stumbles attitude international airport on monday the first and tuesday the second of october twenty eighth. by six in the evening on the second intelligence already had suspicions that something had to have been to germany. inside the saudi consulate. zero a good excuse if access to these the comments they are the two authorities reports on their investigation at the airport. this see that are private. so digit took off without being searched another plane carrying members of the head to squad was searched. intelligence agents disguised as airport staff searched that second plane thoroughly before takeoff but found no traces of jamal
9:57 am
hushing who saw the it up honestly took modern method of head of the saudi to squad three hours to leave istanbul. but turkish security still doesn't know much of the detail of what happened in those three crucial hours. this is video showing the plane that big. from a target aboard. a black the blue much a gear belonging to the saudi consulate drives up to the plane. the security staff could not search this plane and it took of around six thirty pm on a tuesday the second of october only a few hours after her ship she was seen for the last time. what we don't know though is whether the plane was actually carrying kushat his body dismembered or otherwise.
9:58 am
why. our source is a former officer in the id the turkish national intelligence organization. he worked for the agency for more than two decades including a period in saudi arabia he's also had access to some findings in the case. scenario there is evidence that hotshot just body was cut into several pieces after his marriage or so why i ask the nurse was if this could have been smuggled out of the consulate or even out of the country in diplomatic bags if it had happened to them i say. so no couple. they do said. in this will not or can command the clear is a done. just that it is i and
9:59 am
a diplomatic career which got mr mallory so all of that you're normally good young is all diplomatic couldn't make one has a long history is it almost consoles. they calla eleven or are. young only a question most young men to. be honest most of the. although the to send the ball with us in the. us. the fifty man so demurred their squad arrived in istanbul in a three separate groups on the first and the second of october. very very form two groups. one a group checked into the move in because and live in district near the city consulate. the other group went to the nearby wyndham hotel.
10:00 am
that the leading members of the squad stayed in these rooms. matter of the as easily matter of the head of the head squads. and so had to buy a foreign six but believed to have been responsible for later this month but just but it also involved was the head of saudi intelligence in istanbul. that talked to cut isabella and or put us on the senator is up but only just check mr bushell's. citizen. the villages or elitism it always anxious shin the edge of the. pillar are numb a plant is to. stumble the good of your children or michelin the. met up to. the service and the kid ship.
10:01 am
him the stumble or sought on all to. do all of the plan for the bell get out or to do or the use the go to slay appear that or other. the. i want information is that. flew to the heart to receive the planet from saluda beauty intelligence chief. and musing even told the sioux the consul in istanbul mohammed merah to be of the band save mackinnon to me feel as if i threaten i asked my thousand or so as if he had come across operations like this while he was in saudi arabia many by the fickle. saudi oil as to what artists already here. so there is this spot out. you'll be in which hasn't talked. to me or that i live in your poem or. your miniatures in the middle east on
10:02 am
a cloud is still absolute the question where the fuck we've been so this. because after all aggressive fear that the un. so the scientists generally spot them washing the system on acid in the weather belongs cover was a car bomb they had been killed in cars that really were policy on each other than the. russians were all on a us. a middle one on stuff like the fifteen in the saudi tuesday the second the photographer the head squatted out of the hotels. at eleven am all fifteen of them met at the saudi consolidate. at one fourteen b. . he walked into the consulate in the now famous speech and was ambushed.


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